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Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers.

Here are a few reflections after a long pilgrimage as a Christian. Hopefully they will help the young reader grow in wisdom and discernment. It is good to seek the wisdom and understanding that come from the Holy Spirit. God always is glad to reward us with wisdom and provides us generously with that which we ask for.


Jewels of brilliant color and luster are formed by a process of time, pressure and heat. Precious metals such as gold and silver are made under similar circumstances.

Symbolic of virtue and character, these natural elements reflect the manner in which believers are transformed into obedient disciples, and over time into witnesses of the resurrection life of Jesus Christ.

The making of a saint is no small matter. As we respond correctly to the daily pressures of life, Christ is formed in us. If we choose to pick up our cross, lay down our life and follow the Master's will, He transforms us into His image.

When we resist, forcing our own will and way, misinterpreting things meant for our good, we corrupt God's purposes.

Edward J. Reiter

November 2013

Escondido, California


This world will never be a decent place for righteous people until the spiritual adversary has been overcome.

The chains the Lord places on us bring us to perfect freedom.

We have made belief in doctrine the basis of redemption. Belief in doctrine is not the basis of redemption. Daily interaction with the living Jesus is the basis of redemption.

How often it is true when we are yelling and screaming, that if we would just quiet down and listen to the voice of the Lord we might be surprised at the opinions He is holding concerning our uproar.

Self-seeking, self-centered selfishness is the most hideous of all bondages. Such an individual is completely without integrity and absolutely cannot be trusted; for he will lie, steal, kill betray, and do anything and everything to make sure he is exalted and benefitted.

Jesus Christ is filled with God and lives for the glory of God. He does only those things that exalt and benefit God and the creatures of God. He does nothing of Himself. His joy and food are to do God's will. This is the way people are supposed to be and live.

Satan will do nothing except that which exalts or benefits him directly. This is Antichrist.

Antichrist is the human expression of Satan just as Christ is the human expression of the Father.

All creatures of God, including man, are formed so as to worship God. When we have no principle, no ideal, no person that we love sacrificially, no one or nothing for which we will exert ourselves except as it benefits us directly, we are as Satan; we are as Antichrist.

God puts us in many different situations and shakes us repeatedly to make sure He has uncovered every possible source of disobedience in us. God has made certain we fear Him when we hold the knife over Isaac.

If we could be made perfect in a moment in the spirit realm, as is currently taught, there would have been no need for Jesus Christ to suffer in the crucible of the earth in order to learn obedience.

The love of money is the root of all evil because it reveals a love and concern for one's self rather than for the needs of God and other people.

Satan always is trying to get Heaven to consent to marry Hell.

Jesus Christ did not come to prevent the selfish rich man from going to Hell. Jesus Christ came to make the rich man unselfish so he is not sent to Hell.

It began around the Throne of God as "I wonder how it would feel to be like the most High" A thousand years later it was "I will be like the most High" Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow.

God does not divide the darkness from the light but the light from the darkness. There never has been darkness in the light but light often is imprisoned in the darkness.

A desire to worship ourselves prevents the expression of God in us and our being a blessing to other people.

The love of money is the root of all evil because it continually seeks to protect and aggrandize us without due concern for the welfare of God and other people.

The Ten Commandments are a judgment on the self-love of Satan.

Sin is a bondage, a symptom of the worship of self.

The democratic stress on the rights and freedom of the individual, while it appears at first as an expression of Christianity, or at least a friend of Christianity, is by far the deadliest enemy of God and man. This is because it nourishes the worship of self.

God has given us the cross to cure our worship of self. As we are willing to suffer in order to do God's will, our worship of self is converted to the worship of God.

Do not avenge yourself. Redemption does not come by adding sin to sin.

God is so incomprehensibly great that it is impossible to flatter Him.

Rejoice! Evil is a dark cloud that soon will pass. God and His sons then will have all eternity to play. For this He created the worlds.

The sons of God, the angels, children, and animals were created to play. The wicked, the self-centered, cannot play. They can be uninhibited, immoral, drunken, destructive, covetous, vile in imagination, sordid, faithless, and cruel. But they cannot play.

Until we overcome evil through Christ we cannot play. We can practice unrestrained behavior but we cannot truly play. When play isn't holy it is not true play, just heedless activity.

As in the beginning, holy language is poetry. Nature is a dance. All the heavens are singing the eternal praise to God and the Lamb. The darkness is passing. The future is bright indeed for those who can truly play!

True play is never selfish, heedless, or slothful. It is the highest expression of faith. When Satan stopped playing and started to scheme, destruction entered the creation.

We are a fallen race. We have to earn the right and develop the ability to play. Where there is no sin, work is play—as in Eden.

To play is to do what we want to do. However, we cannot follow our desires without destroying those around us and ourselves, until we have been transformed morally and are at rest in Christ in the center of God's Person and will.

Having to do that for which we have no heart is part of the curse. If we avoid doing that which we are required to do because it is unpleasant, we never will be permitted to play with the children of God.

There are those who teach that once we have taken the "four steps of salvation" there are no further experiences in Christ. It is like the little boy seated on the airplane before takeoff, asking his mother, "Are we there yet?"

Faithfulness is the opposite of self-centeredness.

Satan is totally miserable and he wants you to be totally miserable along with him. This is why he tempts you to sin against God. He succeeded with Adam and Eve!

Personal freedom of action is not the splendid god we Americans think it is. To worship our personal freedom is to adore our chains. The only truly free individual is the slave of Jesus Christ.

Instead of a rapture there is going to be a rupture, a breaking open of the prisons of unclean spirits that refer to themselves as the Christian churches.

A lion does not mate with a rabbit. So the Lion of Judah does not mate with a weak, fearful bride. "Lord, make us as terrible as an army with banners!"

The spirit of democracy is not the same as that of the Kingdom of God. The highest good of democracy is the human being who is free to do as he pleases. The highest good of the Kingdom of God is the human being who is totally obedient to Jesus Christ. It will be seen eventually that democracy is the mortal enemy of the Kingdom.

God gives the song. It is our part to sing it—A. Thompson.

The reward for obedience is to be delivered from sin and to enjoy the consequences thereof. The penalty for disobedience is to be bound with sin and to suffer the consequences thereof.

When God created Satan and the angels who later fell, He loved them. Nevertheless they will be in the Lake of Fire for eternity. Take this into consideration when you use the unscriptural phrase "God's unconditional love."

I think there are two reasons why many American people have chosen the hypothesis of evolution over the biblical account of creation. The first reason is they wish to believe they will not be held accountable for their actions. The second is they are repulsed by the character and actions of Christian people. Nevertheless every person shall reap what he or she sows.

God loves every person born into the world. Yet some shall spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. What is this about unconditional love?

We have made a ticket out of the "four steps of salvation." The truth is, every person will suffer until he or she does God's will with a glad heart. I am not saying every individual eventually will be received of God, for repentance is a gift.

To be "saved as by fire" means the individual will suffer until all worldliness, lust, and disobedience have been destroyed from his or her personality.

If the "hound of Heaven" is following us it may be someone is praying for us. The chase will continue and we will suffer until we are ready to do God's will.

There are not "four steps of salvation" and we should not preach them as such because they convey the idea that to be saved is to be given a ticket. The truth is, to receive Christ is to actually receive Him and to keep His commandments. We have to receive Christ every day of our life from now to eternity.

There is a difference between belief and faith. The demons believe there is a God but they do not trust His faithfulness. Belief that there is a God or that Jesus is His Son saves neither us nor the demons. To not perish but enter eternal life requires that we believe in Jesus at all times.

A gospel that does not require turning away from sin and obeying the commandments of Christ is not the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

The proof that we love Christ is that we keep His commandments. If we keep Christ's commandments, God will love us. Love is not a sentiment, it has to do with obedience to God. Love and obedience to Christ's teaching are inseparable.

It is Satan who believes we can disobey Christ and still be delivered from the Lake of Fire. He preaches in the Christian churches every Sunday morning.

The greatest lie ever to be cast up from the realms of darkness is the idea that a human being can be saved "by faith alone," can have lasting fellowship with God apart from a radical change in his or her behavior and personality. It is the change that itself is salvation.

Many believers are willing to follow the Lord wherever they want to go.

There is a time to gently lead the Lord's sheep and lambs into green pastures that they may feed. There is a time to throw meat to the Lord's lions.

We worship God with our mouth, then with our hands, finally with our whole personality. Worship is not sentiment, it is devotion.

We work to get the unsaved to become a Christian; then we have to work to get the Christian saved.

Worship is devotion. Whatever we give our time and attention to is our God. We Americans worship money and pleasure. For this reason God will send calamities upon us—that the fear of God might return to the land.

Witnessing is not primarily telling others about Jesus. Witnessing is showing others the Nature of Jesus in our conduct.

When we are seeking to be filled with Christ, to dwell in Christ at every moment, it is not initially a case of man seeking to be part of God. Rather it is God seeking to be part of man. Every aspect of salvation originates in God. We cannot run after Him except as He draws us.

It is required of every person that he or she behave righteously. Holiness, however, is a calling. God's elect are called to varying levels of holiness, as we see in the Israelites, the Levites, the sons of Aaron, and then the High Priest.

Too much grace dissolves our grit!

If you have itching ears there always is someone at hand to scratch them for you.

If we cannot exercise patience and perseverance we cannot enter the Kingdom of God.

The Lord will guide us safely through the minefield of life if we ask directions for every step.

The person without integrity is a lost soul, chained in a dungeon by evil spirits. If he follows Jesus carefully each day the Lord will break the chains and restore his soul.

Tremendous fruitfulness requires tremendous pruning.

Our error as Gentiles has been to interpret Paul to mean we are saved by faith in Christ apart from a change in our behavior. This error will go down in history as one of the greatest misunderstandings of all time.

The blood of the Lamb is not our robe of righteousness. Our robe is cleansed by the blood, just as clothes are cleansed by soap, but the soap is not our clothing. It is the righteous nature of Jesus Christ expressed in our person and behavior that is our white robe.

We are not without law, we have passed from the Law of Moses to the law of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our law under the new covenant.

Christ takes the wood of our personality and transfigures it into the gold of His Personality.

There never will be a Divine covenant given to man that is superior to that of Christ formed in us.

When our desires run ahead of our strength to choose to do God's will, this signals a breach in our wall against sin. Then it is time to ask God to help us put in plenty of mortar and set our stone in the wall.

The angels have been removed from their places of authority. They now are servants for those destined to govern the works of God's hands.

The wall that surrounds the new Jerusalem is the will to choose not to sin; the will to choose to do God's will.

The height and thickness of the wall surrounding the new Jerusalem is measured by man's unit of measurement, because the wall against sin is produced by God and man working together.

Righteousness is obedience to God's will. Sin is disobedience to God's will, the willingness to choose to disobey God's will.

God does not force His will on people. He could, but this would prevent His relating to people in love. Any dictator can force people to do his will, but he does not have their heart and so he has nothing of real value.

You have been forgiven your sins through the blood atonement. You have been filled with God's Holy Spirit. But you still are a spiritual baby until you choose to do God's will in every detail of your life. Until you do this you have not solved God's problem of the rebellion of the angels and mankind.

If you don't make your body your slave your body will make you its slave.

Faith is unswerving confidence in God's faithfulness.

Soap does not cover the dirt on our skin, it cleanses our skin. So it is with the blood of Christ. It does not cover our sins, it cleanses us. The blood does keep on forgiving our sins provided we are following the Spirit; but its purpose is not to conceal our sins but to enable us to overcome them.

Christ did all the fighting for us when He died on the cross. But for us to enter our land of promise we ourselves will have to fight, and God will help us.

Every aspect of the adamic nature is not sinful, but every aspect must go to the cross: some to be resurrected in Christ; some to be destroyed in the fire.

It never is God's will for a Christian to walk in known sin.

Faith is a personal relationship between man and God.

Righteousness is not an arbitrary standard. It is the Divine decision to be pleased with an individual's attitude and behavior regardless of what covenant he or she is under.

Faith has a lot to do with our opinion of God's Character!

We must mine the gold of God's will from the rock of circumstances with the pick and shovel of persistent prayer, consistent Scripture meditation, and diligent attention to successfully overcoming the testing and circumstances set before us.

We are not marching from the earth to Heaven, we are marching from eternal death to eternal life.

It is important we choose to delight ourselves in the Lord in every circumstance, just as much as possible. Then God gives us the desires of our heart.

All things were made for God's pleasure. The only significant actions of our life are those that bring pleasure to God, whether or not we enjoy the results or profit from them.

Present-day Christian teaching often is too superficial and giddy to serve as a sculptor of saints.

Few forces on earth are as effective in destroying integrity, conscience, and common sense as is true of religion.

The victorious saints are too busy jumping the hurdles God is placing before them to spend time imagining how great they are.

The question is not whether you and I are going to be a slave, the question is whose slave we are going to be. The only way we can escape being the slave of sin is to be the slave of Jesus Christ.

Until we are joyously willing to sweep up behind the horses in the royal parade we have no business riding in the head chariot.

When belief in the things of Christ begins to seek Christ with all its heart it changes into faith. Until this happens, belief remains mental assent. Mental assent results neither in eternal life nor in salvation.

When the righteous are not righteous enough the wicked shall prevail.

God has not made provision for quitting. Press forward to total victory.

Salvation from worldliness, the lust and passions of the flesh and soul, and self-will does not come through our many religious activities but by calling continually on the Name of the Lord.

It is not believing that produces results, it is God who does the thing.

Every true Christian is a priest of God, ministering eternal life to those of less spiritual attainment.

To be in the rest of God is to be free from the need to act outside of God's will; to be free to live in resurrection life; to be free to trust God for our life, our destiny, our role in His Kingdom.

It is a testing of our faith, and a demonstration of God's power, when a table is set before us in the presence of our enemies.

"God used to require righteousness but now we are saved by grace," we exclaim. I do not think it possible a more successful method of destroying the purpose of the new covenant could be devised.

Fundamentalism is strong when it reminds us that the Scriptures are holy and eternally unchanging. Fundamentalism is weak when it teaches us to substitute a profession of belief in the text for a living experience with God.

The assertion that we possess something because the "Bible says so," can produce a "salvation" void of the Lord's rich Presence. The Scriptures lead us to the living Jesus. Eternal life is in Him, not in the text of the Bible.

Nothing is truly desirable to you unless God makes it desirable to you. You do not know your own heart. Ask God to deliver you from idolatry.

The most intense human love is but the faintest, flickering shadow of God's love.

Your personal cross is not an obstacle you are to try to go around; it is an engine of destruction whose purpose is to destroy your self-will.

The unity of the faith is a unity of the heart in Christ, not mental agreement about doctrine.

The Lord is not coming to take His Church to Heaven. The Lord is coming with His Church to establish His Kingdom on the earth. We are going to appear with Him.

We place much emphasis today on getting people into Heaven! According to the New Testament, God places a greater emphasis on getting Heaven into people!

In Christ there is endless, incorruptible strength.

In Christ, nothing is too good to be true. A little patience is required.

God's timing is always perfect.

No individual can rule with God when God is not ruling the individual.

What we do to others in this world may be done to us in the resurrection, unless we have cleared it up with God beforehand.

The Lord Jesus Christ is not coming from Heaven to remove the Christians from the earth but to remove sin from the earth. This is what the Bible says.

If you wish to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem, let Christ take the sin out of your life.

A leader with integrity is a rock. A leader without integrity is a snare to all who trust him. Eventually he will be revealed for what he truly is.

A leader must pray about everything. He must take nothing for granted. As far as possible, he must cover every possibility, every detail. Carelessness has no place in a leader. Remember Joshua and the Gibeonites!

A leader must continually listen carefully to all advice and consider the consequences of his actions. Then he must prayerfully do what he believes to be right.

A leader must go before his troops into battle. He must not ask anyone to do something he would not do himself

A leader must open up doors for people instead of trying to control them. He must assess the strength of others and guide them into positions where they are effective. Then he must get out of their way. He must not try to do everything himself.

A leader should spend no time blaming others. Instead he should pray about problems and failures.

A leader must never talk about others behind their back. This is a sign of weakness of character. If he criticizes other people in order to promote himself, his deviousness will be made public some day.

A leader must always be prepared to "go for broke," to risk everything when it becomes necessary. He should never gamble unnecessarily, for this is not wise. But he should be willing to gamble when there is no other way to proceed.

A leader must have patience. Sometimes the vision isn't fulfilled for many years.

A leader must not be afraid to change when the Lord so directs.

A leader must be forthright and truthful. He who spins lies and deceits will one day be caught in his own web.

A leader must be careful with "girls, gold, and glory (monuments to himself)." Lack of self-control in these three areas has brought many leaders to defeat.

The reason the Lord advised us to do to others as we would have them do to us, is that in the Day of Judgment it will be done to us as we have done to others.

God's problem is an angelic and human creation in which sin is rampant. God's problem is not solved when humans are forgiven, only when they have been set free from the presence of sin. Only then can they judge angels and govern the creation.

God sent Christ so that through His virtue, wisdom, and power, we can escape from the person and works of Satan and become completely immersed in the person and works of God. Christ will not save us apart from our active response, and we cannot save ourselves apart from Christ.

God is not nearly as interested in religion as He is in people and their behavior.

The persons, facts, and dynamics of the spirit realm are real and operate as they will, whether our religion describes them correctly or not.

There is nothing "too good to be true" for God's sons and heirs.

Never expect righteous, sensible reasoning or behavior from a wicked person. If you do you will be fretful, disappointed, and frustrated because of his perversity.

Imputed righteousness is righteousness apart from change into the image of Christ. If we have been predestined to be changed into the image of Christ, then we are not saying we have been predestined to be righteous by imputation.

The adamic nature can do little more than gaze mournfully at the directive to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. But the Spirit of God can bring this to pass.

Imputation without deliverance fulfills the needs of man without fulfilling the needs of God.

How wonderful it is to abide humbly with the Lord, out of the spotlight.

Satan is the wrong way, the lie, and the death. Jesus Christ is the true way, the truth, and the life.

God's army is made up of volunteers called from the beginning of the world. God calls but we must volunteer.

To overcome Satan by the word of our testimony is to always proclaim, in thought, in word, and in deed, what God is like; the will of God; the way of God; and the eternal purpose of God in Christ. The eternal testimony always is created in us by the Holy Spirit.

A sovereignly imposed salvation that operates independently of our behavior is a convenient religion for the individual who desires to be saved without having to change his way of living.

To maintain that we are saved even though we still are living in our sinful nature is to insist that we have been healed even though we still are sick. This attitude can rapidly pass from a healthy faith in God to an unprofitable fantasy.

The grace of God did not appear to only forgive the drunkard, it appeared to make him sober. It is the change from drunkenness to sobriety that is salvation.

The Lamb of God takes away the sin of the world. His name is Jesus because He saves His people from their sins, not in their sins.

When the Holy Spirit is dwelling in you He always is preparing the way so the Father and the Son may settle down into Their rest.

The False Prophet is self-will in the spirit realm. Antichrist is self-will in the political realm. Babylon is self-will in the ecclesiastical-institutional realm. Laodicea is self-will in the local-church realm.

There are only two kingdoms, the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. When we are not in the rest of God, giving every decision to Christ, in all our ways acknowledging the Lord, we automatically are part of Satan's kingdom—the kingdom of self-will.

Human attempts to produce oneness among the believers a babylon (man-controlled religion).

When two people attain the same level of union in Christ in God, each being with Jesus where the Lord is, then they also are one with each other. This is how we attain the unity of the faith.

Compromise your integrity; acquire wealth; live in opulence; die in wretchedness; spend eternity in torment.

Raise your hopes to the stars. There absolutely is nothing in God's great Kingdom that is too good to be true!

You and I are only dust and have no eternal significance except as we are part of Jesus Christ.

There are all the workings of the Christian religion, and then there is the Kingdom of God. Persecution may prevent many of our religious efforts and posturings but often makes the Kingdom shine ever brighter.

Self-will brings torturous complexity and a need for endless reasoning. Walking in God's light maintains simplicity and occasions few explanations.

Preparing the way of the Lord may mean that our way is denied.

"I go to prepare a place for you." Jesus went to the cross, and then into Heaven to sprinkle His atoning blood before the Father. In this manner the way is prepared for us to be a part of the Father's House, who is Jesus Christ Himself.

Today people are praying to the Holy Spirit. This would be like Rebecca being content to stay with Eliezer because of all the treasures he brought on the camels.

The Omega of salvation has arrived when we are filled with the fullness of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, our flesh and bones have been resurrected, and the whole have been clothed with a body like that of the Lord Jesus. Such is our goal and requires faith and stern obedience to God if it is to be attained by us.

All the physical creation is dust and ashes. Only what God wants you to desire is truly desirable. To desire a relationship, thing, or circumstance that God does not want you to desire is idolatry and will reveal itself to be dust and ashes. Let God work in you both to will and to do His good pleasure."

When we have been filled with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, we possess eternal obedience, righteousness, holiness, wisdom, peace, and every other good and perfect characteristic. Meanwhile we must keep the commandments of Christ by praying constantly if we hope to attain such fullness.

Deliverance from worldliness and the lusts of the flesh is entirely possible once you make up your mind this is what you truly desire. Deliverance from self-will requires prolonged imprisonment and severe wrenching as God frees us from idolatry. But one cannot pass from the Pentecostal to the Tabernacles experience apart from deliverance from self-will.

When we assent to deliverance from self-will the Father and the Son are then able to take Their place on the throne of our personality.

Do not spend your time and strength chasing the devil. Fix your attention eternally on Jesus Christ and He will deal with Satan.

If you do not know how a Christian should think, act, and look, ask an unsaved person. A believer is liable to talk to you about how you should not concern yourself because you are saved by grace. You do not need to hear this!

As soon as Babylon is destroyed, the Bride of the Lamb is presented. As soon as self-will is removed from our heart, the Bride of the Lamb appears.

Leave Judas alone, unless God directs you to do otherwise. He eventually will hang himself. No one will harm you if you practice what is good.

Christ died that we may live. Now we must die that He may live—in us.

There are four sources of eternal life: the Word of Christ; the body and blood of Christ; the Holy Spirit; the crucified personality of the disciple.

The age-old conflict is between comfort and honor.

To do God's will perfectly and completely at every moment is the greatest possible joy. Any deviation brings misery and destruction.

To be saved means God has judged you worthy to be part of His Kingdom. If you have been called to be of high rank in the Kingdom, a ruler of some sort, you will be tested rigorously, particularly concerning obedience.

The purpose of the Church Age has been to create a ruling priesthood A ruling priesthood is necessary because God intends to restore His Presence to the earth as it was in the beginning. People living in Paradise on the earth will need to be governed.

The Scripture is clear that the saints will govern the nations during the thousand-year Kingdom age, and then the nations of saved people on the new earth.

The first resurrection, that which will occur when the Lord Jesus returns, is not the general resurrection from the dead. It is reserved for those who lived victoriously in Christ and thus are qualified and competent to serve as a governing priesthood over the nations of the earth during the thousand year Kingdom Age.

It seems likely from the very few passages that treat of life after death that it is a waiting period until Christ returns and raises the dead. What we will do during that waiting period is not clear. Our existence at that time, what we will be doing, where we will be placed, no doubt will be governed by our obedience to the Gospel in the present hour.

If we are to rule with Christ we will have to learn obedience through suffering, as just our Lord Jesus did.

We cannot choose our place in the Kingdom. Our place in the Kingdom is according to the Father's will, and has been determined from the beginning of the world. Our task is to lay hold on that for which we have been laid hold, whether of high rank or a more lowly role. In any case, if we do not lay hold on that for which been laid hold, we will be treated as a lazy, disobedient servant. The penalties are severe!

As far as the Kingdom of God is concerned, first came Christ. Christ will be followed by the victorious saints. Then the balance of the Church. Finally will come the nations of those whom God has found worthy for citizenship in the new age.

If you permit someone take your crown you will be governed by others in the Kingdom of God who have been more diligent.

If you would govern in the Kingdom of God you must remain in the prison where you have been placed, being faithful to the point of death.

When we speak under the anointing of the Holy Spirit our word cleanses our listeners.

Zebah and Zalmunna told Gideon that each of the Israelites who attacked them had the bearing of a prince. So it is true that when the Lord returns to install His Kingdom on the earth, each of the sons of God will have the bearing of a prince in the sight of the nations remaining on the earth at that time.

Jesus said many who are last shall be first, meaning, I believe, that many people who come to Christ in the last days will be of highest rank in the Kingdom (although there no doubt have been saints before us who have attained the highest role). The present opportunities would exist because today we have so much to build on that will enable us to advance to the summit. In our day the knowledge we have, and the forces we must fight against, combine to form kings

The victorious saints shall govern all the works of God's hands, and the meek shall inherit the earth.

Dread and fear are not gifts from the Father, so do not accept them.

As we ourselves gain higher ground in the Lord, it is well that we reach out and pull others up with us, as God grants us the opportunity.

Who would want to live in Heaven forever when God has determined to fill the whole earth with the Glory of His Presence?

You can remain in Heaven if you wish, but I want to be here on the earth when the Lord Jesus is ruling from the city of Jerusalem.

Our inheritance is people. I will trade my mansion and diamonds for your people.

We come to maturity in Christ as little by little our sinful nature is destroyed and replaced with Christ. If God were suddenly to remove our sinful nature instead of slowly removing it and replacing it with Christ, we would become as a little child.

For some of us it takes a long time before we are able to slow down our frantic pursuit of one thing or another and just be content to listen to Jesus and do what He says.

The Lord Jesus Christ Himself is the source of all health and life.

The wicked have no sense of humor. God has a sense of humor. So do the righteous.

I would not be surprised if it is true that numerous people who attend Christian churches were never brought to Jesus by the Father. They are children of the churches but not children of God.

It appears that churches can gain members by minimizing the demands of Christ. What will be the end of such members; and what will be the end of those preachers who did not present clearly the actual demands of Christ concerning discipleship?

When any part of our thoughts, words, of actions, are not pure, we are defacing the image of God.

We are to be where Christ is at all times and in all places. Christ is in the center of God's Person and will. He dwells there in untroubled rest. This is where we always are to be. "Grant it, O Lord!"

If we are to avoid being deceived, we must not rely entirely on our rational thought or on our inner sense of God's will. If we rely too much on rational thought, we may miss God's will for us. If we rely too much on our inner sense of God's will, we may be led astray. Both areas of guidance must be respected while continual prayer is made for God's wisdom as we make decisions.

Allowing one's self to become angry can lead to a departure from God's will.

Iron righteousness, fiery holiness, and stern obedience to the Father are essential components of a godly character. A weakness in any of these areas can cause a loss of inheritance for those who are seeking the crown of life.

It requires a great deal of bitterly contested experience before we are able to be led by the Spirit of God in every aspect of life.

There is the victorious saint, and then there is the defeated believer who is not living in victory in Christ. The glorious promises found in the New Testament are reserved for the victorious Christian. The destiny of the defeated believer is not clear, except that he or she will not receive the rewards designated for the conqueror.

Some are teaching that believing in Jesus is all that is necessary if we are to be counted as an overcomer. This is not scriptural. The truth is, an intense, continual belief in Christ causes us to press forward until we have overcome every enemy that would prevent our doing what Christ has commanded.

One of the greatest declarations we ever will make in all of eternity is: "I have finished the work You gave me to do."

It was not the Lord Jesus' idea to come to the earth. The Father sent Him. So it must be true of you and me that we do not follow our inclinations but do what Christ commands.

The best protection against Satan is to be totally filled with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

If we consent to be wholly filled with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we provide a place through which God can communicate with all the creatures He has created.

There may be a multitude of believing Christians who desire to live their own life and then go to Heaven to live in a mansion. As for me, I prefer to be the dwelling place of God and Christ.

The Lord Jesus prayed that we might be one with Him and the Father, and with one another, as He and the Father are one. There is no greater inheritance, no more glorious destiny, than to be one with the almighty God and with others who also are one with God.

We can see the Person of the Father in the Lord Jesus Christ. Now it is God's will that people see the Person of Christ, and consequently of God, in us.

When a Christian refuses to die in the Lord, to permit God and Christ to make him their eternal dwelling place, then that individual loses an inheritance of incalculable worth. God and Christ also are the losers, as are all of God's creatures.

If we were caught up to Heaven to live forever, and our personalities remained unchanged, it would not be pleasant, would it? The Lord said that at the end of the age the messengers of God would remove all that offends from His Kingdom. Perhaps that program has begun, and some are going in to the marriage, so to speak.

We always are saved by works, that is, the works of obedience. When we first come to Christ, the works are to turn away from the Law of Moses, to put our faith in Christ, to turn from the spirit of the world, and to be baptized. Then we must obey Christ every day of our life if we are to be saved.

There is no faith that saves that does not consist of moment by moment obedience to Christ.

Identifying with Christ does not save us or give us victory over the world and sin. It is continual interaction with Jesus Christ that saves us from the world and sin.

When the Bible says Christ is our righteousness, it does not mean that if we believe the facts about Christ we are righteous. This is the horrendous error of current thinking. It means rather that we are righteous apart from the Law of Moses and are being transformed in behavior as Christ, who is the Righteousness of God, is formed in us.

The Apostle John wrote that if we keep on sinning we do not know Christ. How is it, then, that we preach today that a Christian may keep on sinning and yet be considered to be righteous if he "believes" in Christ?

Christ said that the work of God is to believe in Him whom God has sent. Christ assuredly did not mean that our acceptance of theological facts is a substitute for godly behavior.

The most reliable proof we are being saved is that our behavior is changing.

The man who says I am saved only by believing in Christ and is continuing in known sin is deceived.

It is one matter to talk about how wonderful Christ is and what He has done; and another matter to do what He has commanded. It is the latter that saves us and keeps on saving us.

How can we say once we are saved we cannot be lost no matter what we do, when the Bible commands us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling?

Without delay, tell the Lord Jesus to do anything to you that is necessary to keep you from sinning. Until you can pray this prayer with a glad, confident heart, you are not truly sincere with God.

America is the head of the nations, not because of democracy but because of the God-fearing strength of the early Christian settlers. But America soon is to become the tail because of moral decay.

We must learn from Joshua and the Gibeonites never to take anything, good or bad, for granted.

His name is Jesus because He will save His people from their sins. We have interpreted that to mean Jesus will save them from the guilt of their sins. But it seems to me that saving them from their sins would be like saving them from a wild animal. You would be saved from being eaten by the animal, not just forgiven.

"He will save His people from their sins." "The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." Do "save from" and "take away" mean only forgive? If the Lamb takes away the sin of the world, does that mean He keeps on forgiving us while we continue in murder, rape, lying, stealing, unforgiveness, and envy? If this is what these two expressions mean, we have a pretty weak redemption!

Adultery and murder are sins. What does it mean to be saved from adultery and murder? Does it mean that if we continue to commit murder and adultery God will keep forgiving us? Does the term "save" mean forgive or does it mean forgive and deliver? If it means forgive and deliver, then God's people of today have not been saved. There is no Kingdom of God where there is drunkenness, lying, stealing, murder, and adultery.

The Presence of the Lord is so close to us today that Christian workers may spiritualize the nature of the Lord's coming as though it is happening now as we make good choices. However, the return of Christ with His victorious saints will install with violence the Kingdom of God upon the earth.

The thought of being caught up to Paradise to avoid Antichrist and the great tribulation, there to frolic about doing what we do not as yet know, is a happy thought. But even more wonderful is the truth—that the tribulations we are experiencing now, and shall experience in the future, are preparing us to rule with Christ over the nations of the earth.

For two thousand years, it appears, Christian people for the most part have regarded the salvation of Christ as primarily forgiveness of the guilt of sin. The truth is, forgiveness is included in the Divine salvation; but the central feature of the new covenant is the breaking of the chains of sin and the formation of a new creation that behaves righteously.

When the Lord said, referring to slavery to sin, if the Son sets us free we shall be free indeed, did He mean free from the guilt of sin, or free from slavery to sin, or both? If Christ meant free from slavery to sin, as well as free from the guilt of sin, then we are preaching only half a gospel today.

Faith clings to the truth that God is good; that He knows the details of our life; that He is bringing us to perfect joy; that He has the power to do this; that He never abandons us to the enemy.

The present life is short at best—a few years, and then it is over. The individual who does not prepare himself for the eternal world of righteousness that is just over the horizon is foolish indeed.

The settlers of a new land must fight many battles, overcome many hurdles. But they and their heirs have a rich inheritance indeed.

Those who were distressed, in debt, or discontented went out to David while he was in the wilderness. When David returned from the wilderness he was made king of Judah, and finally of all Israel. Those who had suffered with him during his ordeal were in a very favorable position when David came into his God-ordained destiny.

Today the Lord Jesus Christ, the rightful King of the universe, has needs. Blessed are those who prepare His way in the present hour, for they will govern with Him in authority and majesty that cannot be pictured in the present hour.

We are pioneers now, hewing out homes in the Kingdom, felling great trees, gathering out stones, creating a highway of holiness. Multitudes shall come after us, and our reward in the Kingdom, when the King receives His inheritance from the Father, will indeed be unimaginably great.

The Apostles left all to follow the carpenter's Son, because they believed in Him. Now their names are inscribed for eternity in the foundations of the wall of the new Jerusalem. Their names will be new and fresh a billion years from now. They shall shine as stars, serving as lights that will guide God's creatures of the future.

In all of eternity there never again may be the opportunity to establish our position in the eternal Kingdom of God—and more importantly, to show our love for God. Let us have the wisdom to live our life as servants of the greatest of all Kings. God has given all power in Heaven and upon the earth to the Lord Jesus Christ.

If only we had had the wisdom to buy real property in California fifty years ago, we would be wealthy today. If only we have the wisdom to buy property in the Kingdom of God today, we will be wealthy for eternity. But we have to have faith if we are to grasp that which in the present hour is invisible to us.

We do not realize how closely we are being watched by those who have died and entered the spirit world. The two worlds actually are one. Those in the spirit world are learning eternal lessons from our actions and their consequences upon the earth. For nothing is hidden that shall not be revealed.

If we not going to serve Christ with all our heart, we are wise when we make friends with unsaved people so that when we die they will receive us into the eternal homes.

The eternal spirit world cannot be seen by us in the present hour. But it surrounds us at all times, and we are known to its inhabitants. Let us act, therefore, with the awareness that we who are in the great amphitheater are being watched carefully by both the wicked and the righteous.

We give the wicked in the spirit world opportunity to rejoice when we rebel against God's will. We give the righteous citizens of the spirit world opportunity to rejoice when we choose to obey God and behave righteously. This especially is true when we have to sacrifice our comfort and desires in order to do so.

We must never boast of our place in the Kingdom, or of our salvation, or of the fact that we behave more righteously than other people. Our desire to do God's will is a gift given to us by our Creator. There are others whose hearts He hardens. The truth is not made known to them.

From our perception there is little that is fair about the fact that God has opened our eyes so we might receive Christ and do His will, while others remain in spiritual darkness and rebellion. God is the Potter and we are the clay. He does with us as He will. No one can withstand His purposes. This indeed is a great mystery.

Holiness proceeds from God's Person in concentric circles, as it were. There are people who are chosen to be very close to God and Christ. They enter their inheritance through much tribulation. Do not envy them. Be content with your place in life and in the Kingdom of God, and you will find favor with the most High. "Godliness with contentment is great gain."

May God in His great love for us give us the wisdom to see that the lust for power or riches is foolish. The valuable treasures are love, joy, and peace. God gives these heavenly gifts to those who of whom He approves.

A man can receive nothing unless it is given to him from Heaven. Let us consider this and be humble, thankful, and content with our role in life.

To the members of the Body of Christ have been given all things in Heaven and upon the earth. The great works of art, music, architecture, and so forth that God has given to sinners to perform shall be inherited by the righteous. God is making all things new in Christ.

If in the present hour our personality is not being formed in the image of God, we are not becoming man. In this instance we will not be in God's likeness in the Day of Resurrection.

To be saved means infinitely more than being spared from destruction in the Day of Wrath. Salvation includes our being made in the image of God now, and in the outer likeness of God in the Day of Resurrection. Included also in our salvation is the fullness of the inheritance God has assigned to man from the beginning.

God has to remove everything from us in order that He may give it back to us in an eternal form in Christ.

We have to be given everything twice. First, as an unappreciated gift. Then, as a treasure we have lost and must regain through much hardship and pain. It is the story of the prodigal son, of Samson, of the Christian Church, of mankind, of each of us.

It often is true that political leaders use for their own ends those whom they govern. They do not bring the people to love, joy, or peace but to bondage and destruction.

The flesh profits nothing. Love, joy, peace, and life are found only in that which is of the Spirit and of truth.

It seems to me that most religions have some good ideas. The difference between other religions and the Divine salvation is that the true disciple of Christ experiences not only words but also the presence of God in Jesus Christ. He and those around him can feel this Presence. The Kingdom of God is not in word but in power.

I don't think God favors one religion over another. What God esteems is a close, personal interaction with an individual through Christ.

I have read in books of Christian history that a good deal of the time over the last two thousand years, one set of Christian believers was fighting against another set of Christian believers. This suggests to me that being a religious Christian is one matter; while knowing the Lord Jesus is another matter. Perhaps the two experiences are hardly related. Jesus commanded us to love one another.

Paul said that his goal was to know Christ. Even toward the end of his life he was seeking to know Christ. Are you and I seeking to know Christ with that same intensity and singleness of purpose?

Paul listed his supreme goal as being that of attaining to the out-resurrection (eksanastisin). Why is it that the Christian preachers of today speak of goals other than that of attaining to the out-resurrection?

The out-resurrection (eksanastisin) of which Paul spoke in the third chapter of the Book of Philippians is termed, in the nineteenth chapter of the Book of Revelation, the first resurrection. The first resurrection will take place when Christ appears. Participation is limited to those who through Christ have overcome the world.

Paul groaned for the redemption of his body, that is, that it might be made immortal by being clothed upon with a spiritual body from Heaven. Why do we Christians not experience the same groaning?

It appears to me that Paul did not seek a redeemed body so he would be happier, but so he could experience release from the sinful nature and be able to behave righteously.

We have made going to Heaven our goal because of the pain and dread we experience in the world. Such a goal is understandable. But it is not the goal expressed by the Apostle Paul. As a result we do not understand his writings.

Salvation includes the total removal the sinful nature from us and rest in the center of the Person and will of God.

Since our life throughout eternity is so much more certain than our present life, and will last so much longer, the individual who does not prepare himself or herself for the endless eons of eternity, the life which begins at physical death, is the most careless and foolish of all human beings.

We are not seeking the righteousness that comes from seeking the Law of Moses but the righteousness that results from pressing into the Person of Jesus Christ each moment of each day and night.

Romans, Chapter Eight, Verse four, tells us that to receive the righteousness of the Law of Moses, we must live in obedience to the Holy Spirit. Why is this fact not emphasized in today's preaching?

The preacher who emphasizes grace, Heaven, and the pre-tribulation "rapture" may gain a large following. But his followers will remain spiritually dead. Life and salvation come from hearing the Word of God as the man or woman of God expounds the Scriptures.

We are not called to "save" people but to disciple them—to teach them to obey the commands of Jesus Christ and His Apostles.

Christ's task is to build His Church. Our task is to hold forth the Word of Life.

The Great Commission is to go into all the world and make disciples from the nations. Why, then, do we go forth to gain proselytes and build churches to house them? Making disciples and "saving souls" may be somewhat different efforts.

If we love Christ we will feed His sheep.

If we love Christ we will keep His commandments.

It appears that much Christian preaching tells us how great Christ is and the wonderful things about His Person and deeds. But you don't hear too much about our obeying His commandments and those of His Apostles.

It is one matter to call Jesus "Lord, Lord" and speak of His greatness. It is another matter to do what He commanded in Person and through His Apostles.

Where did the doctrine originate that claims from the time Christ died and rose again we now are saved by grace and no longer are required to obey His commandments and those of His Apostles?

The kind of body we will receive in the Day of Resurrection depends upon how we are behaving today. Our heavenly body is being fashioned as we follow the Lord Jesus and obey Him moment by moment.

It is necessary that we worship God in spirit and in truth. If we worship Him in spirit but not in truth, we will live in error. If we worship Him in truth and not in spirit, we will be living in dead religion.

The man who permits his activities or possessions to become more important than God or his family is not wise. One day bitter remorse will pierce his soul.

To love something or someone more than one loves God is to be an idolater. This is the most destructive bondage of all.

If God forgave us and then did not change us, nothing of lasting value would have occurred, would it?

Those who esteem growth in the number of those who attend their programs, rather than their growth in the personal knowledge of Christ, do not know the Lord. Sometimes Christ gathers. Sometimes Christ scatters. Those who are following Christ are not moved by either situation.

Both the Old Testament and the New Testament speak of the coming of the Kingdom of God from Heaven, which, with tremendous force, will establish righteousness on the earth. The parables of the Lord Jesus often set forth the kingdom that is being formed in us rather than the coming Kingdom. The announcement of the inner kingdom is in parables because it is a mystery.

When one considers the wickedness of the world spirit, the unrighteous thinking, speaking, acting that take place, the perversity of it all, one can become irritated. This is not a righteous response. The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and those who dwell in it." We always must give glory to God for His unfathomable love and wisdom.

No matter how dark the world appears, the truth is, all things are working together to bring God's elect into the fullness of the image of Christ—that He might be the firstborn among many brothers.

The worst thing that could ever be true would be that God did not have integrity. The second worst thing that could ever be true, especially for the righteous, would be that there was no life after death.

The body ages, decays, finally ceases to support our spiritual nature. Have we truly died with our physical death? No, consciousness continues in another world.

Though we possessed all the world, and did not possess God, we would have nothing at all of true worth. And since Christ is the only way to God, if we do not possess Christ, nothing else is worth anything. I do not want anything in my life that is not shared with Christ.

I asked the Lord this morning if it is possible that one of His elect could be thrown into the Lake of Fire. The question arose in my mind, because twice in thirty years the Lord spoke to me that He was disappointed in a certain Christian believer. In the first instance, the person had just died. The second instance occurred recently.

I could not understand this, because God knows everything and has all power. Yet I felt I truly had heard from the Lord. Apparently live bullets are being used during our struggle with sin. The sense of inevitability that often pervades Christian thinking ignores the reality of the eternal significance of our decisions.

The consideration of the fact that God could be disappointed in one of His elect gave rise to the following dialogue.

God answered my question as follows: "The Lake of Fire has authority over eight types of behavior. This is the Word of the Father and it never shall be nullified."

I said, "Don't You have the power to change the heart of one of Your elect so he or she would consent to be delivered from the forbidden behaviors?"

God answered: "I do not force anyone against his will. His response determines his salvation. He has to make his calling and election sure by doing what has been commanded by Christ and His Apostles."

I have learned in life that God does not have pets, favorites. God chooses people, but He deals with them severely as well as lovingly. We may think we are especially favored; but if we do not do what has been commanded, we will suffer great loss of inheritance.

There is a spirit of inevitability that pervades Christian thinking. We feel that all will come out fine for us. But it may not! Every useless word that a person, believer or not, shall speak, he shall account for in the Day of Judgment. This sense of inevitability may arise from an unscriptural application of the grace of forgiveness.

It seems to happen a great deal with people that during the closing moments of their life they endure painful episodes of one sort or another. I believe it is to prepare them for their new life in the spirit world.

We Christians often divide the world into two groups: those who are members of our religious faith and those who are not. God also divides the world into two groups: the wheat and the tares; the sheep and the goats; the righteous and the wicked; not those who are Christians and those who are not.

There may come a day when you lose everything you ever have possessed, including your health. But if you have Christ you are fabulously wealthy.

No one ever will lay a hand on the land or people of Israel without Christ's express permission. The elect Jews still are the apple of His eye, along with the elect Gentiles.

You and I know nothing at all. We are wise when we acknowledge this and lean completely on the Lord Jesus for every decision and choice we make.

If our eyes were opened we would see that each one of us is on a stage for all the creation to observe, and from us to learn God's lessons.

The university professors who teach young minds the hypothesis of evolution cannot comprehend what is in front of their face. God has removed wisdom from them. The blind lead the blind. The individual who claims there is no God lacks common sense.

Many are called but few are chosen. Called to what? Called to the marriage of the Lamb. Chosen for what? Chosen to actually become the wife of the Lamb, the body of the Anointed One.

There is a Jewish elect and there is a Gentile elect. But the Wife of the Lamb always will have a Jewish nature. The Wife of the Lamb is destined for eternity to be a new Jerusalem. This is the Kingdom of God.

There is a firstfruits to God and the Lamb, a first reaping from the earth. They follow the Lamb wherever He goes. They stand with Him on Mount Zion. They have His name and His Father's name written on their forehead.

We can have the mark of the world spirit on our forehead, or the name of the Lamb and His Father written on our forehead. The mark, or name, declares whose will we have chosen to do.

Blessed indeed are those who have been beheaded for Christ. This means they no longer are directed according to their own mind but have chosen to have the mind of Christ.

There are few who attain to eternal life, as the Lord said: "Narrow is the gate and compressed and difficult is the way that leads to eternal life. Few find it."

There are numerous people who are members of the Christian religion. But there are not many who choose to lay hold on eternal life; to grow each day in the Spirit of God.

To attain to the resurrection which is out from the dead we must do as Paul: we must count everything as rubbish that we may gain Christ.

There is a wealth of eternal life that can be gained while we are living in this present world. But it is as hidden manna, given only to those who care enough to lay aside everything else in order to gain it.

It is generally accepted that at some point God will change us from what we are. Otherwise our life in the new world would be as miserable as it is here on earth on the present hour. Also we would not be a suitable wife for the Lamb, with all our imperfections of personality. What is not clear is how, when, and where such complete healing will take place, or how long it will take to accomplish.

Salvation often is preached as a ticket which, when possessed, grants admittance to Heaven when one dies. This concept is not Scriptural. Salvation is a process of changing a personality corrupted by sin into a spiritually pure and beautiful member of God's Kingdom. Such salvation with fear and trembling—fear that in our sinful, rebellious state we will turn aside from the path that leads to eternal life.

All that can be of eternal worth, that we have denied ourselves for the Lord's sake, will be given to us one day in a pure and perfect form. He will add no sorrow with it.

The believer who is not willing to deny himself what he desires intensely, as the Lord directs, will never inherit the treasures of the Kingdom of God that could have been his.

Sometimes God does not move on our behalf until we have done the very best of which we are able.

To be saved we must: receive forgiveness by faith in the blood atonement; accept the rulership of Christ over our life; be baptized in water, dying to the world spirit and coming alive in the Kingdom of God; and then follow the Holy Spirit carefully each day as He give us victory over sin and forms Christ in us.

Where there is no demonstrable change into godly behavior, the Divine salvation is not operating.

Worship is delicious to the soul. Dancing, pageantry, mime, tambourines, sensual choruses, and other forms of worship, if not accompanied by the two-edged sword of the word of righteousness, will lead into immorality and other departures from cross-carrying obedience to God.

When the high praises of God and the two-edged sword of the Spirit are in balance in our life, we then are able to carry out the Divine judgment against the peoples of the world.

I notice as I grow older that I have a tendency to forgive and let things go. But God never does this until an atonement has been made and sin has been confessed and turned away from resolutely. God does not just overlook sin. God wants us to forgive freely, because vengeance belongs to Him.

Since God wishes to give us the keys of the Kingdom, the authority to close off or open the Kingdom of God to people, we must learn to never act according our own sentiments toward individuals, either for good or evil. We must judge only as we hear from the Lord Jesus.

We may not realize it but the ability to confess and turn away from sin is a gift from God to us when we are living in obedience to Him. God will never grant that gift to Satan. Satan never shall be forgiven.

God is the Potter and we are the clay. The full implications of this fact scarcely are comprehensible to us in the present hour.

God remembers every wicked act that ever has taken place, until God has permitted that sin to be acknowledged and turned away from. God remembers every righteous act and every wicked act that ever has taken place

The reason God will not remember the wickedness of the wicked man who turns from his wickedness, or the righteousness of the righteous man who turns from his righteousness, is that God is the God of now.

God is not asking of us that we be ambitious or fanatically zealous, only that we be diligent in performing His will. Godliness with contentment is great gain. Contentment does not come from relationships or circumstances; only from God above to those who are obedient to Him.

Until the Holy Spirit wields His sword, which is the Word of God, we cannot distinguish between what is of the soul and what is of the Spirit. The sword of the Spirit penetrates the very deepest parts of the human personality.

Peter said to the large gathering in the house of Cornelius, "I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but accepts men from every nation who fear Him and do what is right." Why then do we teach that God does not accept people who do not know Christ but who fear God and "do what is right." Have we misunderstood Paul?

Love is not so much we feel but how we behave.

Lust has to do with how we feel. Love has to do with how the other person feels.

The world, not understanding the difference, refers to glandular excitement as love.

Adamic love is faulty, temporary, and self-centered. God's love is perfect, eternal, and others-centered.

The factor that distinguishes man from animals is man's ability to recognize and serve God. The most primitive of people respond to spirits and often worship them. This does not appear to be true of any animal.

The hope of the individual who rejects God is that he will find peace or nothingness when he dies. The truth is, there are prisons and fires in the spirit world just as there are on the earth.

It appears our nation is losing its sense of moral values. Numerous businesses pad their bills. The Christians churches are of little help because they believe Divine grace is God's substitute for their lack of integrity. Their light is not shining.

What does it mean to be saved? It means to be brought from the image and will of Satan the image and will of God. Why must we be saved? So we can have fellowship with God, and so we can inherit with Christ the nations and the farthest reaches of the earth.

The sword of the Spirit has two edges. It cuts the person preaching the Word, and also those who are hearing the Word.

The error of many religions is to make a belief system more important than godly behavior.

Witnessing for Christ may include telling others the Gospel story. But the witness consists mainly in living a godly life so people can learn about God through our behavior.

The gathering together of believers is scriptural and important. The purpose of the gathering is to build us up in Christ so we portray the Person of God in our behavior.

The most important behavior in all the world is that of doing God's will. Apart from doing God's will there is no salvation, no Kingdom of God.

God has implanted in us the reproductive urge, and expressed in a godly manner it is holy. But the reproductive urge is a fraud. It conceals itself in romantic, poetic thoughts and emotions, or descends into bestial, perverted expression. It is not genuine, lasting love.

The problems that a Christian encounters are for the purpose of bringing him ever closer to the Lord so that at all times he may be with the Lord where the Lord is.

We are never to attempt to use faith to get what we want. Faith is given to us by the Lord so we can obey Him.

The firstfruits to God and to the Lamb are not defiled by "women." This means they have wrestled with Christ until every bit of defilement of their personality has been removed, and they are plunging ahead in the Lord to keep free from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit.

There is a firstfruits to God and to the Lamb. Let every believer to whom this thought is attractive get ready to persevere with Christ until he is without spot or wrinkle. No lie is to be found in his mouth.

Those who are teaching that we become spotless merely by making a statement of belief in Jesus Christ know nothing about the operation of the work of redemption, about deliverance from the chains of Satan.

There is no greater goal for man than that of being in God's image. This goal is realized only after a protracted, bitter pilgrimage through the wilderness of pain, confusion, and frustration.

There are many who talk the talk of victory in Christ, but few who struggle upward day after day, night after night of boredom and difficulties.

Do you have hope of ruling with Jesus Christ, then be prepared to endure the rigorous training that all the heirs apparent are called upon to experience.

If we have been called to the Throne, God will permit Satan to probe for every possible spiritual weakness in our personality.

Do not be surprised when fiery, painful testings come upon you, and God seems far away. Your ordeal signifies that God is preparing you for fellowship with Him. This is true unless you are being punished for disobedience, or are reaping the consequences of sinful behavior.

Stand upright and walk joyfully before your King. Fear and dread are evidences of a lack of faith and confidence in God. Ask Christ and He will give you of His courage.

It is not pleasing to Jesus Christ when we live in fear and dread. We must learn to overcome fear and dread in His name, at all times and in every circumstance.

We are preaching the message of salvation incorrectly. We are stating that if we believe in Christ we are saved regardless of our behavior. The Apostle Paul declared to both Jews and Greeks that they must turn to God in repentance and have faith in our Lord Jesus. Turning to God in repentance means we change our behavior!

There is no sin in observing Christmas, Easter, or the Passover, or being circumcised, or looking for Noah's Ark or the Ark of the Covenant. The problem occurs when such activities interfere with our following Christ and interacting with Him.

According to the Book of Acts we are supposed to be baptized in water, washing away our sins. Then we are to refrain from sinning and seek Christ every day. The modern concept that we are to believe only and then live as please is totally unscriptural and destructive of God's intention under the new covenant.

The only truly free person, the person who can enjoy the new heaven and earth reign of Christ, is the one whose inner and outer nature, whose whole personality, seeks to do the things that are pleasing to God.

Our fixed goal in life must be to overcome, through Christ's grace, every enemy that would prevent us from resting with God as He brings His vision into existence in the physical realm.

We must cease from our own works and enter God's completed work, resting with Him as the authority and power of His Word bring all persons, things, and events into total conformity to His will.

The world waits in vain to see the good works of Christians—works that would portray God to them. The Christians have been taught that good works are not a necessary part of the Gospel, and so they don't do them.

Peter spoke of distorting the words of Paul to our own destruction. This precisely is what has happened to Christians in America. We have turned the grace of God into an excuse for immorality. How long will it be before the Christian churches become aware that they have been deceived?

The False Prophet who will assist Antichrist consists of Christians working miracles in Jesus' name, but who never have learned to follow Jesus Christ in cross-carrying obedience.

We may be expecting sin and self-seeking to be removed from us suddenly by death or some action of God, apart from any effort on our part. But if this were to happen, we would be without the conquering character that God wants in every one of His sons.

We must serve the Lord with total consecration, diligence, and integrity. Nothing else is acceptable.

To pursue the way of self-denial, of cross-carrying obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ, may include years of boring, sometimes painful or frustrating circumstances. However, it is the only path that leads home

It is amazing that the Gospel of the Kingdom, which is intended to make better people who will reveal God's personality in their conduct, has become a means of gaining eternal life in Heaven with the least possible effort and little change of behavior.

If we are faithful unto death we shall one day exchange our cross for a crown.

The written Word of God is as a great mountain of iron. Throughout eternity the smallest part cannot be altered.

It would be correct to say we are being redeemed; we are working out our salvation. It is not accurate to say we were saved at some previous time, because salvation, or redemption, is a process that leads to God's image.

As the Lord Jesus prayed, the object is not to take us out of the world but to protect us from the evil one.

Sometimes American Christians want their children to be successful in the world, to be highly thought of, to pursue an important vocation. But this is a false goal. It will not lead the child to the love, joy, and peace that are found only in a close relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The spiritual fulfillment of the Day of Atonement shall continue until there is no sin left in the Kingdom of God. All sin shall be confined in the Lake of Fire.

Perhaps many doctors and surgeons do not realize they are seeking to heal the temple of God. God will help them and give them wisdom if they will ask Him to in the name of the Lord Jesus.

No one can come to the Father except through the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. But all people are invited to come to the Father through Christ.

If we want God to answer our prayers we must do His will at all times.

Sometimes we may find it difficult or unpleasant to do God's will. But God always makes it possible for us to do His will if we ask for help in Jesus' name. The end of doing God's will is sweet indeed!

Life on earth is not easy for the saint or the sinner. However, life on earth is manageable if we keep looking to Jesus for wisdom and strength.

There were three crosses on the hill. God was crucified. The saved man was crucified. The sinner was crucified. All are crucified. But God and the saved man are were raised and brought into Paradise.

When we become a Christian our troubles do not cease. Rather they become pressures that, if responded to in prayer and obedience, press us ever closer into Jesus Christ.

I have been young and now am old. I have experienced for myself the truth that the Bible is God's Word, and that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and is alive today.

There is a mistaken idea arising from the overemphasis on Divine grace that Heaven will be filled with people whose sins have been forgiven but not removed from them. If this misunderstanding were accurate, The Kingdom of God would be no different from the present world.

Always set joy before you, in your thinking and in your prayers. If you do not, you may not be able to continue carrying your cross.

The Lord Jesus works with people on a "need to know" basis. He reveals to each individual only that which the person needs to know in order to fulfill God's purpose in his or her life.

The end of all the working of God in us is that we may be in His image and perform our assigned role in His Kingdom.

Satan has been condemned to eat dust. Therefore, as the restraints of righteousness are removed from the peoples of the earth we can expect a rise in cannibalism, as the demons crave the flesh, the dust of the earth.

Because of the preaching of grace-rapture-Heaven, in place of the Word of God, the restraints of righteousness are being removed from mankind. The end will be the outpouring of the seven bowls of the wrath of God upon the undisciplined flesh of man.

It appears that sin and self-seeking could not become worse than they are in the world of today. But sin and self-seeking will become increasingly foul until the world is as Hell itself.

Blessed are those who die in the Lord from the present hour. They alone shall be able to stand before Christ during the age of moral and physical horrors that is on the horizon.

We are not to fret ourselves as evil increases. God has made the wicked for the day of disaster. The righteous shall shine as the stars forever

To fret about the worsening wickedness in the world is to complain against God. God is in control of all matters. He is bringing forth from the dung a bride for the Lamb without spot or wrinkle.

Evil men and seducers shall grow increasingly wicked, deceiving and being deceived, as Paul said. But God shall remove all guile from those He loves.

To attain to the resurrection from the dead, which is the goal of the Apostle Paul, we must permit Christ to remove every aspect of our adamic nature and replace it with Himself.

It will be wonderful to die and enter the spirit world, to be at home with Jesus. It will be even more wonderful to be raised from the dead and to be at home with Jesus when He enters and remains in the physical world.

Homosexual behavior is wickedness. Though it fills the whole world, it is wickedness. God shall destroy the flesh of those who yield to the lusts of Satan and his demons.

The wicked flourish for a season, but they shall come to an agonizing end. The righteous shall inherit all the good things God has prepared for those who love Him.

The wicked boast of the great things they are going to do. The righteous shall trample upon them in the morning.

A soon as the obedience of the righteous has been made perfect, God will avenge Himself of all injustice.

He who wins souls to the way of righteousness shall have a great harvest of rejoicing in the Day of the Lord Indeed, he shall shine as a star, guiding people in the right way for eternity.

In the early chapters of the Book of Romans, the Apostle Paul appears to be saying that if we have faith in Christ we are not obligated to live righteously. Paul actually is teaching that if we have faith in Christ we are not obligated to keep the Law of Moses.

Where there is no revelation of God's will there is no guilt of sin. Nevertheless, all sin has consequences. The unlearned individual might not realize smoking cigarettes defiles the temple of God. Nevertheless he may die from lung cancer.

The third chapter of the Book of First John was written to combat the doctrine—so prevalent today—that Divine grace is a substitute for obeying the commandments of our Lord and of His Apostles.

The Book of First John informs us that through faith in Christ we can overcome the sins that abound in the world.

The sixth chapter of the Book of Romans tells us that Christians have a choice to make. They can choose righteous, holy behavior and gain eternal life. Or they can choose to behave sinfully, and thus die spiritually.

No Christian can continue to walk according to his sinful nature and inherit the Kingdom of God. This is because there is no sinful behavior in the Kingdom of God.

The Christian who neglects to lay hold of Christ each day, who neglect his or her salvation, will not escape the judgment of God. This is what the Book of Hebrews teaches us.

The believer who ceases to press forward in Christ will not inherit Christ.

I have been told that Wesleyan preaching was the same as mine—that character transformation and salvation are synonymous. It may be true that in our day this understanding will become critical in Christian thinking; or it may be true that only a warlike remnant will escape being part of Laodicea, Babylon, and the False Prophet.

Computers have to be guarded constantly against viruses. So it is true that we Christians have to be guarded constantly against the deceptions that attack us day and night.

It is proper to make Heaven your goal, as long as you make Heaven and God synonymous. Our heart's cry is not to go to Heaven as a place, but to be in the center of the Person, will, and righteousness of Christ, and of the Father through Him.

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. This is our final attainment to God and eternal righteousness—the redemption of our body.

The Apostle Paul said we have been sealed to the Day of Redemption. We will be saved, redeemed, if we endure to the end. It is up to us to lay hold on Christ so we may inherit Him.

I think if Christian people understood they are not actually "saved" until the they complete the course, their attitude would be one of working out their salvation with fear and trembling.

By leaving people with the impression that making a profession of belief in Christ is a ticket that admits them to everlasting bliss, we have not made them aware that salvation is a process that requires continual interaction with the Lord Jesus Christ every moment of our life.

We are preaching "another gospel" today, one that does away with the need to be changed into the image of Christ.

In the last days, most professing Christians will be seduced into participation in Babylon, or in the Laodicean church, or in the False Prophet. Only a godly remnant will be ready to stand before the Lord Jesus Christ when He returns.

Only God knows what will bring us to love, joy, and peace. We know nothing at all. We are wise when we look to Christ for every detail of life.

Redemption has to do with possession; salvation, with preservation. We are redeemed from the possession of Satan, which results in preservation in the Presence of the Lord.

There is a righteousness that is ascribed to us when we choose to believe that an "impossible promise" God has made to us shall be fulfilled gloriously. This is related to, but perhaps a bit different from, our customary understanding of imputed righteousness.

The wicked seek continually to make other people wicked like themselves. Misery loves company.

Putting a wicked person among righteous people will not make the wicked person righteous. But putting a righteous person among wicked people may make the righteous person wicked.

In order for us to be in God's image, the wickedness that is in us must be judged and removed.

To not commit everything to God, leaving everything and everyone in God's hands, is to be in rebellion against God.

It is God's plan to remove all sin from the creation, beginning with the members of His churches.

In His Word God has promised us complete victory over every sinful behavior. We have been taught for so many years that we must sin while we are in the world, in our present body, that we have to summon faith to believe God's promise.

What you practice you will present on the stage in the Day of the Lord. There is nothing hidden that shall not be disclosed.

You may stumble during your discipleship, but there is no need to fall. The stumbling may make you wiser and more capable of resisting temptation and deception. Confess your sin to God, make restitution if God directs you to, and carry on.

Imputed righteousness is a necessary first step in the program of redemption. But when there is no actual change in behavior in the individual, after a period of time, there is no Kingdom of God.

Today Divine grace is perceived as a mystique. It is as though God cannot see what we actually are, what we actually do. In truth, it is an illusion. It is not Divine righteousness at all.

To be saved by grace does not mean we are forgiven and then carried to Heaven. To be saved by grace means the power of God through Jesus Christ has made us a new creation that shows in itself the Person and behavior of God.

It is necessary that the compulsions of sin be broken both in this world and the next. Otherwise the Bride could not come to perfection. However, the conquering personality is formed in the fires of earth's trials.

If we are pure of heart, if we are like a child in heart, we shall see the Father.

We must pray that we be like our Father in our thoughts, in our words, and in our actions. We must pray in Jesus' name that we be fully in the image of God in all that we are and do.

Who wouldn't want to be removed from this world? But godly character is not formed in Paradise, and godly character is God's goal for us.

American Christians in the main are altogether too frivolous, too self-assured. Because of an overemphasis on mercy and grace, they are not working out their salvation with fear and trembling. The Lord plans on correcting this.

The Christian who understands God's will and does not do it is in serious spiritual trouble. If he refuses to obey God, there is no more sacrifice for his sin. He has removed himself from God's Presence. Rebellion is the original sin.

There is a difference between sins of ignorance, and deliberate sin. Sins of ignorance can be forgiven. Deliberate sin is rebellion and cuts off the sinner from Divine mercy. However, all sin has consequences.

Sin is the breaking of God's laws, whether the Ten Commandments, or the laws set down by Christ and His Apostles, or the laws of conscience. Whatever is not of faith is sin.

The only certain event of mortal life is that we die. The wise individual always is preparing himself for what he will face when he dies. The fool makes no provision for life in the spirit world, trusting to fate or luck to provide for his welfare.

If you are not going to be faithful to Christ, it would be a good idea to make friends with worldly people. It would not be pleasant to die and enter the spirit world, and have no one who would receive you.

There are two facts that make life on earth so difficult and painful. One is that the multitude of demons harass us continually. The other is that God is striving to make us in His image.

In the next life we are going to meet people whom we have known on earth. Will they cry out against us, if we have wronged them? Or will they bless us if we have helped them on their way—especially if we have encouraged them to behave righteously?

In order for resurrection life to come forth, someone has to be willing to experience the sufferings of the cross.

There is no greater deception operating among fundamentalists than the concept that because we have spoken our assent to the facts of the atonement we shall be received joyfully into the Presence of the Lord Jesus, even though we have not obeyed Christ's commandments.

God created Eve to help Adam, not to be an idol for Adam to worship.

Satan and the demons believe God exists, but they do not seek His approval. Therefore belief that the facts of theology are accurate is not faith and our "Statements of Faith" are not faith at all and do not bring salvation.

Love is sown as we behave so as to improve the welfare of other people. Love grows over the years. It is based in the memory of shared, often painful, experiences. There is no such thing as "love at first sight," only attraction.

There is a church within the churches. To this point in the progress of the Divine redemption of mankind, this church is the only true Body of Christ, the only true Bride of the Lamb.

God hardened Pharaoh's heart, which means He prevented Pharaoh from being compassionate, merciful, or even reasonable. This tells us the attitude of the human heart can be directed by the Lord.

God makes one person for honor and glory and another person for shame and disgrace. The choosing of people for one destiny or another is fair and righteous because God is the potter and therefore has the right to make people however He chooses.

There are people who have been appointed to high places in the Kingdom of God. There are others who are as unreasoning animals, creatures of instinct, born only to be caught and destroyed. But God welcomes the individual who chooses to behave righteously.

It is not true that there never has been a righteous person on the earth. The Bible speaks of several righteous people. However, the adamic nature of man is inherently rebellious.

Why do some people of today imagine that man is inherently good? The truth is, man is born with a rebellious nature that drinks sin like water.

The work of redemption can remove our inherently wicked nature and replace it with the Nature of Christ.

God can do anything He chooses. He can give the wicked person a righteous heart, if we pray to that end.

We need to remain sensitive to God's will while we are praying, so we can emphasize what God desires and is emphasizing.

Why do you keep on complaining? Speak words of faith and confidence in God. In so doing you will overcome the accuser of the brothers.

Day after day pours forth speech. Night after night reveals knowledge. There is much talk when things are going well, but it is during the dark times that we learn of God.

The ruler's heart is as a river that flows however God wishes. God controls the desires and attitudes of man.

When God speaks to us concerning good or evil, pain or joy, it applies to us personally and specifically. It also may apply to other people.

Jesus said if we hear His Word and believe God, we have eternal life. This means we already are living in eternity.

God has given us a soul. It appears that angels are spirits without souls. We are cautioned to not lose our soul, our ability to make moral judgments. This may mean if we abuse the ability to make moral judgments, we will lose our soul and become nothing more than a body.

To be in the rest of God is to be free from all strife and anxiety, continually looking to Christ, the Author of Life.

There is a lot of selfishness and meanness in the world. All matters shall be taken care of at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

There is no need for us to avenge injustice that is directed against us. The Lord will avenge all unjust behavior in His time and in His way.

As long as we seek to avenge ourselves of an injustice done to us, God is hindered from working. We harm ourselves when we act vengefully.

If you are a conscientious, duty bound person, you may find that it requires much prayer before you are able to live without strife and anxiety. The same is true if you are a perfectionist.

Behold the perfectionist! He gives the people around him no rest until everything is set in order—as he, not the Lord necessarily, believes they should be

If God is able to control the attitudes and desires of people, then He can do as He pleases in the affairs of men. Since this is true, there is no need for us to worry about anything.

We do God's people a grave disservice when we do not warn them clearly of God's fiery nature, of the absolute need for repentance and godly behavior if we are to survive in His Presence.

Grace never was intended to be a permanent manner in which God relates to man. Grace is a temporary suspension of the authority of the Lake of Fire until God through Christ has a chance to guide believers in replacing the condemned behaviors with the moral virtue of Christ.

First Christ came physically to prepare a place for us in God. Now Christ has come in the Spirit to prepare a place for God in us.

People who are moved by self-will and sin can usually find a way to make simple problems complicated and difficult.

During a revival many souls come to Christ; many are filled with the Spirit of God; many are healed physically and morally. But the revival of today begins where the previous revival left off, and brings believers to the stature of the fullness of Christ.

We may have received Christ as our Savior, and then been filled with the Spirit of God. This is the required first step, but God's purpose in redemption is to create people who behave righteously as Christ does, and who are at rest in God's Person and will.

To be redeemed is to be changed from the possession and image of Satan to the possession and image of God, in every aspect of our personality. To be saved is to be preserved in love, joy, and peace in the Presence of God, through the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is only one Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ. He has many folds. The rest of us are helpers of His joy.

Christ places each of His sheep and lambs where it will grow and prosper spiritually.

To attain something is to arrive at a level of accomplishment. To attain to something is to reach that which is structured in advance. We are to attain to the first resurrection from the dead. We attain a level of excellence in a Beethoven sonata.

The teaching that the fleshly churches of today will be caught up to meet the Commander in Chief when He comes is neither scriptural nor sensible. It is the army that will be called up, and the army of Christ is made up of disciplined warriors from every century.

We can deny the existence of God, but God exists nevertheless and affects our life. We can have firm beliefs concerning theology, but now matter what we believe or how fervently we believe it, we do not change God or spiritual realities by our desires or understanding.

When the Bible says Christ is our righteousness, it does not mean merely that God views us as righteous because we are identified with His Son. The true righteousness of Christ occurs as Christ is dwelling in us and changing the way we behave.

Christ is with me. Whom shall I fear? No one! What shall I dread? Nothing whatever!

There is more to a gift than the package it comes in. There is more to life than eating, sleeping, working, playing, and reproducing—except for animals.

Taking what does not belong to us does not truly benefit us and sometimes results in anguish and tragedy.

God through Jesus Christ is well able to bring us to the place where Satan has no part in us. This always is true of the Lord Jesus and is to be true of us.

We do well when we teach our children never to avoid trouble by lying. We must be an example to them of absolute truthfulness.

The lukewarm believers of today would be out of place in the Lord's army. They would be of no use in the Battle of Armageddon, having neither the experience nor the faith nor the courage to stand in spiritual combat.

Christians who walk in the appetites of their flesh and soul in the present hour will experience corruption in the day of resurrection. By living in the flesh they are slaying their own resurrection unto eternal life.

The knowledgeable Christian is not looking toward a flight to Heaven but toward assisting in the great travail that will result in bringing the spiritual Life of God into the earth, beginning with the bodies of the saints.

The Kingdom and salvation are associated with overcoming the accuser by the "brothers." Our diligence in living a victorious life in Christ will result finally in the casting down of Satan and his wicked lords from their thrones in the heaven.

We have eternal life now, in our inner man. If we serve God faithfully we will receive the crown of life when the Lord Jesus appears. The eternal life in our spiritual nature today will extend into our physical body. Then our redemption will be complete.

We have changed the original Gospel of the Kingdom to the notion that the Lord is returning to carry us away to make our eternal home in Heaven. We seem to be determined to be unscriptural, unreasonable, and self-centered.

God has never failed anyone to bring love, joy, and peace to those who trust Him. He certainly is not going to fail to bring love, joy, and peace to you if you continue to trust Him.

In order to have our sins forgiven we must receive by faith by the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. Then, in order to have fellowship with God, we must come out from the unclean practices of the world and cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit.

The Apostle Paul is very clear in his epistles that a Christian will not inherit the Kingdom of God if he continues in known sin. Yet, we seem to have cast aside this part of New Testament teaching.

It seems as though God today is giving us the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil to eat. We have been naked and did not realize it. Now we are growing in the ability to distinguish between good and evil, and in the strength to embrace the good and utterly renounce the evil.

A person can't really be concerned about the needs of others until he is mentally and emotionally healthy himself.

An individual must be mentally and emotionally whole before he is able to deny himself, take up his cross, and follow the Lord Jesus.

There are some people who are moved emotionally rather easily, and this is how the Lord guides them. There are other believers who are not nearly as emotional, and the Lord works with them accordingly.

What will move one person to worship and obey God is not as effective with another person.

The Divine fiat is that man be in the image of God, that he be male and female, that he be fruitful, and have dominion (which results from fruitfulness). The Divine fiat cannot be obeyed with the union of a man with a man, no matter how honorable their intentions may be.

God uses the union of a man and a woman to bring forth children who have the potential of becoming eternal servants of the Lord. This is not possible with a homosexual union. Such is against the Divine plan.

Grace is not an alternative to righteous behavior. It is an enablement of righteous behavior.

When you are rejected by men, consider it an invitation from the Lord to come closer to Him—R. Kellum.

As I was meditating on Ephesians 4:17-5:21 it came to me forcefully that the current overemphasis on grace (as unmerited forgiveness) has rendered Paul's several exhortations to righteous behavior irrelevant, incompetent, and immaterial.

It seems that today in America people fear man more than they do God. This is why they make unjust, unrighteous decisions.

The cross and the blood of the cross mean nothing to Satan. They cannot be used as fetishes.

It is God who passed over Egypt, not Satan. Our dealings are with God, not with Satan.

What does it mean to be saved "by faith"? Does it mean that even though we do not obey Christ and His Apostles we still will go to Heaven when we die? Or does it mean that we must press forward each day, looking in faith to Christ to complete our deliverance from the person and behavior of Satan?

When Paul teaches that we are saved by grace through faith he means instead of by obeying the commandments of the Law of Moses. This was the issue in Paul's day. Paul does not mean instead of by obeying the commandments of Christ and His Apostles.

It is appointed to man once to die, and after this the judgment. When we die we will be brought to further instruction in the Lord, or beaten with lashes, or left to wander about as part of the great sea of people, or thrown into Hell. Saying we believe in Christ does not change this, it is what we have done in this life that determines our destiny.

Saints are made in difficult circumstances.

Any circumstance of your life, any problem, any difficulty, any decision, you are not bringing to Christ is loss for him, loss for you, loss for the world.

Never give up. Keep hope alive Your problems have not been solved . . . yet!

To not look to Jesus for all that we are, think, do, and say, is to deny the Lordship of Christ.

To "fall in love" with someone means we feel good about him or her. Our emotion could turn into actual love over a period of time if we are willing to deny ourselves in order to advance the welfare of this person.

Christ is manifest in the world whenever someone denies himself in order that Christ may live through him or her. There will come a day when the Lord Jesus Himself descends through the sky the clouds of glory.

If Jesus Christ is not who He says He is, it would be best we never had been born.

Our hope is that we may become an integral part of the Lord Jesus Christ.

God shall permit moral darkness to increase, so when He shines the light of truth in our day the light will be noticeable.

There are vessels of wrath prepared for destruction so those whom God has chosen to experience the riches of His glory and mercy can learn the nature and consequences of disobedience to God.

God permits wickedness to exist in the world so His sons can learn to behave righteously. It is necessary things come that cause people to sin; but woe to the man through whom they come!

God makes man in His image, the image of God's Character. Then He makes man after His likeness, after His outer form.

The first chapter of the Book of Ezekiel sets forth the outer likeness of Christ. We shall be created after that likeness. Then the remainder of Ezekiel describes the Character of Christ. We shall be created in that image.

Those who rule with Christ over the nations of the earth shall do so in Christ's love. However, the fierce determination to enforce God's will is as a rod of iron being developed in them through the temptations of life, and it shall brook no interference.

Merely identifying with Jesus Christ, taking His name, will not save anybody. It is continual interaction with the living Jesus that works redemption in us.

How many "Christians" call Jesus, Lord, but do not do what He says. They are taking the Lord's name in vain.

The universe, physical as well as spiritual, is nothing more than environment. What truly is important is God, those formed in His image, and all other creatures, in that order.

We enter the Kingdom, the doing of God's will, through suffering. This is because we learn obedience through suffering.

We must be willing to travail in pain if the Kingdom is to be born in us. It is Jesus Christ Himself who is the Kingdom.

The forces of evil are going to increase in the earth, seeking to compel people to destroy themselves with sin. If you do not have Christ to help you, you are going to lose the battle.

Jesus Christ Himself is eternal Life. When we receive Him into our personality, the Substance of God is introduced into the perishing animal of the adamic creation. All else is temporary and leading toward corruption.

If you are an unfaithful minister of the Gospel you can make friends with worldly people by diminishing the demands of discipleship, so that when you die they may receive you into the eternal dwelling places.

We tend to assign people either to the deepest Hell or the highest Heaven. But the Bible teaches that there are many and few stripes, and thirty, sixty, and a hundredfold reaping of Christ.

God wounds before He heals. It is a necessary action on His part that we will understand later.

Jesus is a Person, like you and me. We have made Him a religion like the other religions of the world. We gain eternal life by receiving Him and allowing Him to fill us with Himself.

The image of Christ is faithfulness and truth. It appears that in many instances the Christian ministry is preaching grace, when it ought to be preaching faithfulness and truth.

It sometimes is true that the Christian ministry is characterized by political skill rather than by faithfulness and truth.

It is certain that no individual who is not faithful and true will ever eat with Christ at His table.

To be faithful is to do what is right when it causes pain. To be true is to be filled and motivated by Jesus Christ, who Himself is the Truth.

To lie is to say what is not factual with the intention of gaining an advantage over another person.

It may be true that many people of Noah's day repented when they saw the water began to rise. Christ brought the good news of forgiveness to them after He made the atonement.

If you would be in the image of Christ, wait patiently in the prison in which you have been placed, and pray continually.

I am older now and can see the benefit I have derived from the various frustrations and pains I have experienced.

After sixty-one years of serving the Lord I can state that I have found the Bible to be true in all that it declares.

Keep short accounts with God. Don't delay confessing and repenting of your sins, making restitution when necessary, forgiving those who have sinned you.

If you would be in the image of Christ, be gentle, slow to anger, quick to forgive, filled with mercy and compassion.

God could have made the world so that it was difficult to sin. Instead the world is a giant "sting" operation, designed to reveal the sin that is in us.

The body of very individual who has lived on the earth will be raised from the dead. What will happen to the body at that time depends on what we have done with our body during our lifetime.

The Bible says that the wicked shall be wandering stars. Does that mean they shall be bodiless spirits, forever, lost in the endless reaches of the spirit universe?

The Bible says that if we defile our body we shall be destroyed. Does that mean our body will be destroyed in the Day of Resurrection and we will be left a bodiless spirit?

To be confined to Hell is a fearful prospect. To be confined in the Lake of Fire with Satan and his angels is a destiny so frightful as to be incomprehensible at this time.

The Lord Jesus Christ is compassionate, kind, courageous, merciful; but perhaps His most important characteristics are faithfulness and truth. Apart from these the other attributes are worthless. The same is true of us who are being formed in His image.

We learn obedience one step at a time. As we are obedient in what God gives us, He shows us a new step. At any point of disobedience the path ends.

We have to walk in the light given to us. Any time we turn away from the light, our growth in Christ ceases.

When we reject truth, we run the scriptural danger that God will delude us and we will live in deception.

Many "believers" live in deception. The only way we can protect ourselves against deception is by carrying our personal cross; by remaining patiently in the prison in which we have been placed.

Any time you begin to believe you are in deception, explain your doubts to a strong Christian. Very often an objective disciple, it may be your wife or husband, will be able to detect an area of deception in your life.

As we grow older in the Lord, Christ entrusts us with personal secrets. A young Christian ordinarily is not given secrets and needs someone to whom he can explain a doubtful area in his life.

Sometimes it is better to take one small step, meanwhile asking God for guidance, than to wait for God to speak before doing anything.

Ordinarily God does not approve of being forced to speak. He prefers to guide the individual who continually looks to the Lord continually for direction.

It has been conjectured what when we die we just go to sleep, lose consciousness, and that is the end. It isn't so. When we die we awaken to reality and face the consequences of how we lived.

Jesus Christ is the Truth about God, man, and the universe. Satan is the lie about God, man, and the universe.

The wicked shall receive the reward of the wicked. The righteous shall receive the reward of the righteous. Using "accepting Christ" as a device to alter the eternal law of sowing and reaping is the abomination of modern evangelical teaching.

We put our faith for forgiveness in the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. Then we receive Him as our personal Lord. From then, with His help, we are supposed to live righteously, keeping the commandments found in the New Testament.

The modern Christian makes a profession of belief in Christ. However, he practices the works of Satan. Then he says, "I cannot be lost. I am saved by grace." What a delusion!

God today through many painful, frustrating circumstances, is preparing strong Christians who will be able to help themselves, their loved ones, and other people, during the chaos that is coming to the United States and other formerly Christian nations.

"Many who are last in time shall be first in the Kingdom of God," the Lord said. Today some of the mightiest thrones are waiting for whoever will give himself totally to Christ that he may be prepared for service as a governing priest.

The fool says, "I am enjoying myself. This is pleasurable. Tomorrow will take care of itself." The wise individual asks, "What are the consequences of what I am doing? Where is this leading me?"

A prophet is not merely someone who can predict the future. There are demons that can predict the future. A prophet is someone who represents God.

As people become increasingly concerned with their "rights," they shall enter increasingly cruel bondage. The only truly free individual is the one who has yielded his own life that Christ may live in him.

Making a profession of belief in Jesus Christ does not change the fact that what we sow as a Christian we shall reap in the Day of Resurrection.

We Christians are under a false impression of the Gospel. We wish to behave like Satan, and then use the name of Christ as an amnesty. God will not accept this!

The expression soul-winner is taken from Proverbs 11:30. It has nothing to do with "personal evangelism." It means that people who live righteously influence other people to do the same, and find favor with God.

When the righteous are not thoroughly righteous, they are ineffective and are scorned by the wicked. This is why the Lord Jesus prefers us to be thoroughly wicked or thoroughly righteous.

It often is true, in the Christian churches, that the voice is that of Jacob, but the hands are those of Esau.

We ought to ask God, from time to time, to judge us; to see if there is any wicked way in us; to lead us in the way everlasting.

By confusing the languages, at the Tower of Babel, God created conflict. God did this so people could not achieve peace and success apart from Him, and thus defeat His plan to make Christ Lord of all.

It is Satan's desire that people be well-fed, contented, and at ease. Then he can remove their need to call upon the Lord Jesus for help and eternal life.

Wicked angels and wicked people share a stupidity of thought. God takes away their wisdom, and they do not realize it.

Every plan that Satan and wicked people carry out works for God for those who look to the Lord continually.

Satan actually believes that he can be like God and he should be worshiped. This is stupidity and brings absolute disaster to everyone who accepts Satan's way.

When someone says we should be tolerant of homosexual behavior, or that the right of the mother so surpasses the right of the child that she should be free to murder it, we know we are hearing from someone who has been deprived of wisdom.

There are people who claim we should not go to war to defend our country. Rather we should love everybody and be peaceful. They do not understand the nature of the world Other people have to fight and die so those who believe love is the solution may not be tortured or killed.

We hear people saying Israel is wrong in defending herself against attack. When the rockets are raining on Israel, Israel is condemned for responding appropriately. This is because Satan is determined to destroy everyone whom God has chosen for Himself.

It seems to me that the people of Israel will suffer continually until God raises up a prophet in their midst who calls them back to repentance; who warns them to stop trusting other nations of the world and look only to their God for wisdom and protection.

Have you ever thought about the contention between Leah and Rachel as the twelve sons of Jacob were born? What an inauspicious beginning for the tribes whose names are inscribed for eternity on the gates of the new Jerusalem, the glorified Church!

Any desire I have which is not of the Lord Jesus is a huge waste of time, and produces absolutely nothing that is worthwhile.

I do not want anything except what the Lord Jesus wants me to have. I have enough problems and do not wish to increase them.

When you are living in Jesus, he who touches your loved ones touches you. He who touches you touches Christ. He who touches Christ touches the Father.

"O Lord, Grant that when the prince of this world comes he can find nothing in me. Grant that, as Jesus said concerning himself, I no longer am in this world."

Every true witness of God. Abraham, Job, Daniel, are bearing witness in our time and shall continue to bear witness for eternity.

Today we are guided by the testimonies of the heroes of faith of long ago. Now they are being guided by what they see God doing in us.

We must be careful to redeem the time and waste nothing. Gather up the fragments. Remember Joseph!

God's people, those who are called by His name, are one family in Heaven and on the earth.

We must learn to judge only as we hear from Christ. Only then will our judgment be righteous.

If we seek not our own will, but the will of Christ, our judgment will be just.

There are people who aggravate us sorely. We are to pray until we have perfect peace and are able to view them and judge them as God views and judges them. Nothing less than this is acceptable.

The wise believer prays that he may go about his business with tranquillity, being free from haste, anger, and dread.

As we grow in Christ the spirit of truth that is in us overcomes the lie that fills the antichrist world spirit.

When we are doing the Lord's will constantly and carefully, God will honor and bless those who honor and bless us.

God wants you and me to become His word, His image, the expression of His Person. We must pray to this end always.

We always must be pressing forward into the place where we gain Him and know Him, and consider all else as garbage.

We must press into resurrection life each day if we expect to experience bodily resurrection when the Lord appears. Life inherits more life. Corruption inherits more corruption.

If we choose to live in the prophetic realm, we shall experience rejection by God's people. This always has been true, because we become a reproof to the way they choose to live.

"Lord, help me to become irritated by nothing, but with Your help to turn everything to good."

Christ did not come to proclaim an amnesty such that we can sin without fear of punishment. Christ came so that people who want to escape from Satan can do so.

What if we don't obey the commands of Christ? The answer today is, there is no problem. We will be brought into glory by Divine grace. Could there be any teaching more destructive of God's purpose in saving man?

The importance of the blood atonement cannot be overestimated. But if after having been forgiven our sins through the blood, we then do not begin to practice righteous behavior, the purpose of the atonement has been aborted.

We are wise when we cast all our burdens on the Lord. He solves them immediately or later, but meanwhile gives us peace about the matter.

If there are things more important to us than truth, we are not wise.

The Lord Jesus Christ is infinitely more than the Divine amnesty. He is the Way to eternal life for those who embrace Him and live in Him at all times.

Christ must be pursued diligently if we are to attain to the resurrection that is from among the dead (Philippians 3:11).

If we wish to be different throughout eternity, from what we are now, we had better get busy and seek Christ. Dying will not change us.

Whoever does not help My anointed servants in their hour of need will themselves not be helped in their hour of need.

Whoever helps My anointed servants in their hour of need, will themselves be helped in their hour of need.

When I first came to Christ I was taught that if any person is in Christ he is a new creation. I thought this became true immediately. Now, after sixty-one years of interacting with Christ, I am finding that becoming a new creation is process.

We must not let ourselves be satisfied until our Father's integrity has become an integral aspect of our personality.

When Christ looks at us He should see the image of Himself.

We will be being made in God's image for eternity. However, if we make strides to this end in the present life, our reward will be great in the Kingdom of Heaven.

What peace we have when we die to our ambitions, including our ministerial ambitions!

We must be clear before God in our desire to live by the Life of Christ, as part of Christ, if we expect God to make this a reality.

How terrible it would be to be alone in the universe without Christ! How lonely! How dismal! We were created to live in close fellowship with God.

It would be terrible to die and then realize we had not fulfilled God's desire for us during our sojourn in the world!

We need to be careful concerning what we desire intensely; for our intense desires either will be changed or else given to us, for good or for bad.

The wise person puts his life in God's hands. The fool insists on his own way, and then rushes forward to destruction.

Power, money, and sexual activity—such is the kingdom Satan offered Jesus. Men kill for this!

How will God give the people of the world everlasting life? By preparing a priesthood from whom the Life of God will flow.

The saints are being built up in Christ so they may return with Christ and bring life and healing to dead mankind. Out from their inner being shall flow rivers of living water.

The Gospel does more than forgive the elect. It prepares them to be trees of healing and sources of eternal life for the nations of the earth.

The reason we talk about how wonderful Jesus is, but do not teach what He taught, such as in the Sermon on the Mount, is that we believe grace is an alternative to what Christ commanded.

The Apostle Paul presented grace as an alternative to the works of the Law of Moses. We are presenting grace as an alternative to keeping the commands of Christ and His Apostles.

Nothing whatever happens by chance to the believer who is looking to Jesus for every aspect of life.

Anyone who does not fear God is foolish indeed. God has the power to throw us into unbearable torment. To not fear Him is not wise.

It is God's will that every human be in His image, walk in His Spirit, and have a portion of Christ in Him. To be saved, is to be permitted to enter this program.

For every human being to be fashioned in God's image, to be able to live in God's Spirit, and to have a portion of Christ in Him, will require thousands of years, as we count time.

Those who love and follow Jesus are given all good things to enjoy; but they are not in bondage to anything.

To be saved means to be permitted to enter and remain in the program of redemption.

The program of redemption forgives our sins totally for all time, provided that we obey Christ in all matters.

The program of redemption is designed to remove from us every trace of the sinful nature.

The program of redemption forms our character in the image of Christ.

The program of redemption brings us into untroubled rest in the Center of God's Person and will.

The program of Redemption teaches us how to live move, and have our being in the Spirit of God.

The program of redemption fills us with the Fullness of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The program of redemption gives us a desire in our body, soul, and spirit for iron righteousness, fiery holiness, and stern obedience to the Father.

The program of redemption clothes us with an immortal body from Heaven that is free from all sinful motivations.

Included in the rewards for allowing Christ to redeem us is a position in Christ at the right hand of God for eternity.

Included in the rewards for allowing Christ to redeem us is eternal placement as a pillar in the Tabernacle of God

Included in the rewards for allowing Christ to redeem us is participation in the first resurrection.

Included in the rewards for allowing Christ to redeem us is the salvation of our loved ones.

Included in the rewards for allowing Christ to redeem us is people for our inheritance.

Included in the rewards for allowing Christ to redeem us is rulership over the works of God's hands.

Included in the rewards for allowing Christ to redeem us is the farthest reaches of the earth for our inheritance.

Included in the rewards for allowing Christ to redeem us is a role in the Kingdom of God.

Included in the rewards for allowing Christ to redeem us is the environment of Paradise.

Included in the rewards for allowing Christ to redeem us is invulnerability to the Lake of Fire.

Included in the rewards for allowing Christ to redeem us is eternal love, joy, and peace.

Included in the rewards for allowing Christ to redeem us is the removal of all painful memories.

Man was created to live, move, and have his being for eternity. With this in mind we can understand that what we do, what happens to us, in this world is important only as to how it affects our eternal existence.

In order to avoid the possibility that there is a God and a coming Day of Judgment, people have conjectured that mankind evolved, or came from outer space. Yet it remains obvious that the physical world began at some point.

When the Book of Genesis and the Gospel of John use the expression, "in the beginning," it means in the beginning of the creation of the physical universe.

Power, money, sexual activity—people give their souls to obtain these. Yet, none of them brings love, joy, or peace, which are the true goals of the human personality,

Numerous injustices have occurred in the earth throughout history, as people seek power, money, and sexual adventures. We are not to fret ourselves. All shall be brought to the light in due time.

We may think of being lost as affecting human beings primarily. I wonder if it is not true that the One who loses most is God!

In the Kingdom of God there is no male or female distinction. But there is a multitude of loving relationships of all kinds. All serve one another with their gifts.

We never have owned ourselves. God owned us from the beginning, and He is redeeming us from the bondage of the enemy that He through us might fulfill His own needs and desires.

God has needs and desires. He owned us originally. Satan stole us by trickery. God has redeemed us for His own use, to fulfill His own needs and desires.

God did not redeem us so we could go to Heaven and do nothing forever. God redeemed us so we might experience love, joy, and peace as we pursue His interests on the earth in His Kingdom.

When injustice abounds we then there is opportunity to grow in the Lord.

We don't want only ascribed righteousness, peace, and joy, we desire actual righteousness, peace, and joy. Isn't that so?

The unity that exists between the Father and the Son is a marvel beyond all marvels. To think that we have been called into that same unity with God and with each other!

God always answers the prayers of Christ because Christ always does what is pleasing to the Father. In the same manner, Christ will hear and answer our prayers if we always do what pleases Him.

I suppose most of us know intuitively that our brief episode in this present world is but a fragment of our eternal existence. Many clutch their little satisfactions without recognizing they are being watched by those in charge of them.

The God of Heaven knows how difficult this present life is. Every little bit of good we can do will be paid back many times over. The same is true of the bad.

John the Baptist declared that a man can receive nothing except it be given him from Heaven. Therefore we should give glory to God for human accomplishments, rather than to the individual.

I suppose it would be acceptable to thank someone for being faithful in using the gift God gave him. But even that diligence is a gift from God.

If our existence on the earth were to be the only existence we ever will know, it would be best we never had been born.

Step along with your head held high. You have this one chance in all of eternity to show God the faithfulness of your heart.

I enjoy practicing Chopin's Preludes on the piano. I believe I will be practicing the piano in the next life.

Nature tends to move from the complex to the simple and clear. Our life is a parable. As it plays out, that which is hidden is revealed for everyone to read.

You may think what you are doing will never be known. The truth is, it shall be brought up in the Day of Judgment for God and the world to see.

Perhaps we believe our actions will never be known. However, they may be displayed like a moving picture in the time to come. This will be an unparalleled blessing for some, a horrible nightmare for others.

Perhaps we would not fall in love so readily if we could see past the outer form to the inner personality.

All forms of life on the earth are moving toward decay and corruption. Why then do we imagine that this or that relationship is to be clutched so fiercely?

Would you behave differently if you knew that your secret actions will be made visible in time to come? If you would, then pray and be faithful to those who trust you.

I rushed about, filled with burning desires, when I was younger. Now I am 81 years old. Why couldn't I have had a more tranquil spirit in time past?

For years I have been prophesying that war and trouble are coming to America. Now they are here. What I see in the future is an age of moral and physical horrors. Also, a nationwide revival of repentance among God's people.

The face of some people tells us what they are like. In other instances, the appearance of a person is misleading and we must pray for discernment.

The blindness of all religious organizations, it appears, is to not be able to distinguish between their activities and the work of Christ as He builds His eternal Kingdom.

Perhaps because of excesses of the past, we are not paying enough attention to the Scriptures that emphasize God has an elect ("as many as the Lord our God shall call"). Salvation is not a random operation depending on human caprice.

The most important aspect of any person's life is his diligent cooperation with the Holy Spirit as the Spirit changes him into the image of Christ and brings him into untroubled rest in God's will for him.

If you are wise, you will not fall in love with someone's "tent." First you will find out about the person living in the tent.

Homosexual behavior is not godly, wholesome, or constructive. It disobeys the Divine fiat that we be fruitful and multiply. It simply is not an acceptable way to conduct one's self!

When an individual begins to practice that which violates his sense of what is morally right, he opens the door to a slippery downward slope to character destruction. He quickly must regain his strength or he soon will be unable to recover his moral poise.

Once you begin to violate your own moral standards, you will start downward to destruction. Ever increasing guilt shall drive you to increased violations until your life is in ruins.

We suffer for our sins of ignorance, but that suffering is redemptive. The suffering that comes because of willful, knowing sin is not redemptive but destructive.

The last negative act of redemption will take place at the coming of Christ as the body of sin is destroyed. After that we have all eternity to grow in Christ.

A culture which is so foolish as to ask children in their schools what their sexual preference is, thus inviting Satan to enter them, shall receive the destiny it deserves.

God redeemed our physical body for His purposes. We shall be rewarded or punished in the Day of Resurrection in terms of how we took care of God's purchased possession.

If we misuse our body, we will suffer for it in this world. In the Day of Resurrection we will be placed in our body in an environment that causes suffering.

In the Day of Judgment we will be punished in our body or rewarded in our body according to what we have done in our body during our lifetime on the earth.

God makes everything the wicked do turn out for good for the righteous. When the wicked have enough rope, they hang themselves.

In spite of what one would conclude from today's Christian preaching, unrighteous behavior is not an option. Righteous behavior is the only behavior God will accept.

When our faith in Jesus Christ does not lead us to righteous behavior, it is worthless. In fact, it is worse than worthless because it presents the illusion that God is accepting sinful behavior.

I believe a prophet is someone who thinks as God is thinking; speaks as God is speaking; acts as God is acting. This always is true of our Lord Jesus, the greatest of all prophets.

What we think we want is not always what we really want. Therefore we are wise when we let go and let God have His wonderful way.

The scientists are more accurate than they realize when they say man is part of the animal kingdom. The best of us wither and die, like an animal. Only a few, it seems, grasp this and press forward to the eternal life that is in Jesus Christ.

How often human beings mistake glandular appetites for true love, and behave foolishly as a result.

God has put the world in our heart so we do not really understand what is taking place in the world. If we will walk in obedience to Jesus Christ, He will begin to give us understanding and wisdom.

Today it is believed commonly that God loves every person regardless of his or her behavior. While this may be true, the fact remains that disobedience to God results in dreadful consequences.

How long will it be before people recognize that the behavior of Sodom results in the destination of Sodom?

Christians are mistaken when they believe they will not be here when God responds to the aborting of children and perverse sexual behavior.

It is the first duty of government to enforce God's laws of righteous behavior on all its people. The government that does not do this shall be replaced.

There are two stages in making man in the image of God. The first stage is the change in his character. The second stage has to do with giving him a body like that of Christ.

A human being is an intelligent animal. He shall wither and die unless he partakes of the Divine Life Jesus Christ is.

Keep yourself free from soul ties with another person, whether male or female. Such ties may seem desirable, but they always will prove to be chains.

As well as you can, keep wholesome relationships with all people. Do not get too involved with anyone, else He whose name is Jealous will have to intervene to save you from idolatrous bondage.

"I can't stand this for one more minute," we cry. Yet forty years roll by, and we are the better for having denied ourselves what we thought we wanted. We have been set free from what we desired so intensely.

To die in the Lord is to abide faithfully and patiently in Christ while our most fervent desires are withheld from us. This is the route to eternal love, joy, and peace.

Have you accepted God's terms for your life. If not, why not? Do you just enjoy being miserable?

Do you choose to be filled with yourself and your own will and ways, or with Christ's will and ways. If you choose the former, you will regret it fiercely some day.

Much patience and faith are required if the Christian finally is able to press forward into the fullness of eternal life.

Oftentimes when religion plays the notes, there is no music. Then there are people who do not know the notes but they have the music. God does not care much about notes, but He is concerned about the music.

After you pray, accept God's will for your life. Go with the Divine flow. Forget your "rights."

There are people who know a great deal about their religion but who do not know the Lord.

This world is the valley of the shadow of death. God is preparing sons. Through them the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of God.

Satan is deathly afraid of righteous behavior. Insist on righteous behavior and Satan will flee from you.

Resist the devil and he will flee from you. This means, refuse to yield to his persuasions.

If Eve had resisted Satan, it is possible there never would have been a plan of redemption. It is necessary that offenses come; but woe unto those through whom they come.

We are not to blame people for abilities they do not have, nor are we to praise people for the abilities they do have. It is God who works in us to will and to do His good pleasure.

Our citizenship is in Heaven and our life comes from there. But the earth is our home.

After living in the world for eighty-one years, I have noticed that where Satan governs there is hatred, misery, and confusion.

God had put in Eve everything Adam needed fulfill God's will. But Eve was not experienced in spiritual warfare.

There is nothing else in the universe as important as God's spoken Words. It is God's will live that people live by them.

The New Testament promises rulership in the new world to those who overcome sin in the present world system. God needs rulers, so attaining to the crown of rulership benefits us and God as well.

Everyone wants to determine his own circumstances. We gain this ability only by learning to look to Christ to determine our circumstances.

To be "saved" is to be forgiven, and then delivered from the character and activities of Satan.

When God forgives us it is with the intention of delivering us from all the influence of Satan.

We are to continue to cooperate with the working of the Holy Spirit in our life until we can say truthfully, "The prince of this world comes and has no hold on me."

We are qualified and able to rule in the Kingdom of God to the extent we possess the Spirit of God; the Spirit of eternal life.

The writing of the New Testament is balanced between the supernatural enablement of God through Christ, and our efforts. Both God's supernatural grace and our efforts are needed to bring forth the new creation of righteous behavior.

The basic premise of Christian teaching that God saves us by forgiveness (grace) because we are unable keep His commandments, is false. It is true rather that the Kingdom of God comes to us with Divine wisdom and power, enabling us to behave righteously; to lead a holy life.

To maintain that the new covenant consists of God bringing us to Heaven in an untransformed moral state, not writing His law in our mind and heart, may be the most destructive lie ever to enter the thinking of man.

Christ is frustrated and disappointed when we keep remarking how marvelous He is, and then do not keep His commandments.

The Holy Spirit is ready to lead us in confessing our sins specifically, and to strengthen us so we can turn from them. He will help us put them to death.

The expression "inherit the Kingdom of God" means that when the Lord comes the righteousness, peace, and joy we have attained to now will be our possession for eternity.

If in the present hour we do not cease our sinning, we shall be put out of the Kingdom when the Lord appears. We shall not inherit the righteousness, peace, and joy of the Kingdom of God.

The whole purpose of the new covenant is to enable people to behave righteously. This is accomplished as the eternal moral law of God is written in their heart and mind. But we have made the new covenant an excuse for sinful behavior.

The poisonous premise at the heart of Christian theology is that God has issued a covenant that waives the requirements of the eternal moral law for those who make a profession of faith in Christ.

The Christian salvation is not a plan by which people can evade the moral requirements of God, but a means of transforming a person so he can take great delight in pleasing God in every aspect of his personality and behavior.

God will honor anyone who obeys the laws of righteousness. But eternal life, the Life of God, is found only in the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you are faithful to God, you can be certain one day you will come forth into the light. Then you will be satisfied when you see what God has done through your faithful obedience.

We think of Sarah, of Hannah, of Elizabeth. When God is ready to do a great work He first causes barrenness. He tears apart and then binds up.

If we would serve the Lord we must accept the fact that God often brings us low before He raises us up. This is the way the Lord works.

The purpose of Divine grace is to make it possible for the Jew to be righteous apart from observing the Law of Moses. It is not God's way of excusing the behavior of Gentiles when they act like the Devil.

We Christians are as self-centered, spoiled children, seeking to use Christ's love for us to get whatever we want. Oftentimes Christ's desires are not even considered.

The Lord Jesus works with wildcats until they become tame cats. Pretty soon He has some cats who truly want Him to rule over them.

No matter what happens to you in life, give thanks to God, and look to Him for the next step.

If you would profit spiritually from pain, do not blame anyone for your problems. Look always to Jesus for deliverance, not to people.

If we will pray diligently, God will deliver us from the evil one and guard us against temptation.

When you find yourself in confusion, go back to your previous altar and wait until you hear from God.

The memory of a righteous man echoes throughout eternity. But the wicked are soon cut off.

The language of Heaven may have an infinite number of expressions, so that each individual may have his own unique name.

I do not know how it can be possible, but I think new people will be coming into existence forever.

After we die, it all will become clear. Every motive, every secret matter, will be revealed for everyone to evaluate.

When we die and pass into the spirit world, we will look what we are in character. The pure will appear to be pure. The filthy will appear filthy.

Making a profession of belief in the Lord Jesus Christ does not result in a new creation, unless we follow Christ and obey Him at all times.

If only the eyes of our spirit were opened we would see that we are surrounded by people who understand what kind of person we are. We are well known to all.

There are several plans for spiritual success. Some may help for a while. But the ultimate goal is the possession of Christ Himself.

In Gethsemane, Jesus trusted the Father's Word, and God raised Him from the dead. In our troubles, we too can trust the Father's Word.

Any preaching that does not have righteous behavior as its goal is not of the Lord.

We have made eternal residence in Paradise the goal of salvation. It is not. The goal of salvation is the righteous conduct that is produced as Christ is formed in us.

Righteousness has two dimensions. One dimension is obedience to the revealed directions of the Lord to the individual. The other dimension of righteousness is obedience to the eternal moral law of God, found in the commandments we read in the New Testament..

To be righteous means merely to be pleasing to God.

It isn't the fact that we have professed belief in Christ that makes us righteous. The righteousness results from our obeying God by believing in Christ. Obedience, not belief, brings righteousness.

Jesus told us that the work of God is to believe in Him whom God has sent. Belief thus is seen to be a "work." We always are saved by the work God is requiring at any given moment.

Abraham believed God and it was counted to Him as righteousness. It was not the belief itself that brought righteousness, it was obedience to what God required at that instance. This is a most important distinction!

It is doing what God requires that constitutes righteousness.

We may suppose that by believing spiritual facts we please God and gain entrance to Paradise. This is Gnosticism. It is not the way of the Christian redemption. The way of the Christian redemption is stern obedience to God.

A Christian is a disciple. A disciple is a person who denies himself, takes up his or her cross, and follows Jesus. Whoever does not do this is not a genuine Christian.

Hebrews 12:22-24 describes the "Heaven" in which each of God's elect is to live forever. We won't "go there" when we die. We already are here.

"Lord, burn me with fire until there is nothing left but eternal life."

Everything except eternal life in the Presence of God is relatively worthless.

There is grace that forgives and there is grace that transforms. Forgiving grace has been overemphasized at the expense of transforming grace; but it is transforming grace that results in the Kingdom of God.

It seems to me that righteous behavior is the language that all races and religions respect. Why, then, are we promoting democracy instead of righteous behavior?

The "haves" of the world become undisciplined, and that leads to their destruction.

An undisciplined human being is Satan's playground.

The baptism with fire is taking place now. The sons of Levi, so to speak, the members of the royal priesthood, are being washed with fire.

It is difficult to overestimate the value of patience in attaining to the Kingdom of God.

Less thinking, more praying, gets better results.

The conventional, traditional, universal overemphasis on forgiving grace to the virtual exclusion of transforming grace, is in large part the reason behind the moral destruction of the United States of America.

The reason for forgiving grace is that we may be able to pray and receive help from God. The reason for transforming grace is that we may have eternal fellowship with God.

By far, the New Testament emphasis is on transforming rather than forgiving grace.

Both forgiveness and moral transformation result from our providing the required response to Divine grace.

Both forgiveness and moral transformation come to us as gifts from God. Neither can be earned by our efforts.

We are required to respond to forgiving grace by believing in the atonement; by receiving forgiveness; by repenting of our life in the world; and by being baptized in water as a sign of the first three.

We are required to respond to transforming grace by denying ourselves, taking up our cross, and following Jesus at all times and in all circumstances.

One arm of the personal cross is to be required in circumstances we do not enjoy. The other arm of our personal cross is to have our most fervent desires withheld from us.

No believer will grow spiritually in Christ until he is willing to deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Jesus at all times.

The true Christian must deny himself. This means he must place Christ above his own desires.

To be fully reconciled to God we must have our sins forgiven and our character transformed such that our behavior resembles that of the Lord Jesus.

To grow in Christ is to grow in the power of Divine Life and also in the knowledge of good and evil. Both trees are Christ.

The crown of life, also called the crown of righteousness, is an unusual amount of eternal life, by the power of which the saint can bring to himself and others around him, righteousness, love, joy, and peace.

The most important behavior in our existence is to obey God accurately and completely. Compared with this, all other behavior pales into insignificance.

The Christian who acts from his beliefs and principles without taking the time to hear from God may end up causing great harm.

The difference between religion and genuine salvation and eternal life is that religion tends to act from its beliefs and principles without hearing from God.

No religious person, including the Christian, is walking in truth and eternal life, unless he is continually looking to God for guidance.

Statements of faith may have their place, but salvation and eternal life enter as the believer is continually interacting with the Lord Jesus.

The purpose of the Bible is to keep us from error while we are learning to be guided by the Spirit of God.

Any individual who would live in God's Presence must receive Jesus Christ as his or her personal Lord and Master.

It is a terrible tragedy to know Christ and then to turn away.

Those who have shown no mercy shall be shown no mercy.

The power of eternal life empowers us to do God's will. Our intelligence enables us to understand God's will, and also our environment. Christ formed within us causes us to embrace what is righteous, holy, and obedient to God; and to utterly renounce and reject that which is unrighteous, unclean spiritually, and in rebellion against God's will. Our emotions enable us to enjoy love, joy, and peace.

Our soul is our unique identity as an individual. Our spirit reflects our soul. When our soul is transformed by Christ, our spirit becomes one with the Holy Spirit.

God loves those who are meek, childlike, gentle. It is the Lamb who shall prevail.

There is irresistible power in being meek and teachable. The meek shall inherit the earth, not the violent.

In the Bible, the final revelation of Christ is the Lamb, because this is the nature God loves and prefers throughout His creation.

Being born again by the Word of God is the only manner by which our distorted soul can be transformed into a new creation in the image of God.

Being highly esteemed in this world is a matter of little or no importance. Being highly esteemed by the Lord is a matter of supreme importance.

People who mourn for the "good old days" of past time must have little concept of the glory of the spirit world and of the ages to come.

Nostalgia is a powerful enemy of rational thought. A period of grief is normal and acceptable.

If your behavior causes someone to stumble, don't spend time justifying yourself. Do what you can to assist the other person, and pray.

It is not always pleasant to be old and still attempt to serve God actively. But it certainly is worth the effort.

If you turn off your cell phone, no one can send you a message. If you do not look to the Lord continually, He can't get through to you.

As the Lord Jesus brings us through one challenge after another, we always can say: "You have kept the best wine until now."

God has given some people limited abilities. To others he has given superior abilities. They are to assist the weaker with their gifts.

What a wonderful thing to put our treasures, particularly our treasured relationships, in Heaven where they cannot be harmed. Sometimes the Lord helps us do that.

We should be looking to the Lord Jesus continually until He is involved in every aspect of our life.

It is good to resist our sinful desires, but that is not deliverance. Only Christ can deliver us from the powerful urges of sin.

"She shall be saved through childbearing" means she shall be brought into God's Kingdom as she carefully brings up her children in the ways of the Lord.

One of the differences between walking with Jesus and religion is that religion often supposes that God will act in the same way on every occasion.

Did you ever know of God doing the same thing in the same way twice? It doesn't happen often, does it?

What an adventure this is! We will have all of eternity to think about how we behaved during the fiery trials we have experienced on the earth.

Some people teach that after we die we come back and live another life. This tells me they never have denied themselves, taken up their cross, and followed Jesus. If they had, they never again would want to go through such a time of testing.

God is not a humanist. He puts His own interests above those of people.

God extends the hand of mercy and grace to the repenting sinner. The believers in our day are seeking to use that same mercy and grace as an excuse for not living a godly life.

We cannot really understand the feelings of someone who has experienced a severe tragedy until we ourselves experience a severe tragedy.

The Lord Jesus will return to the earth that He may govern all mankind as Lord. In the hour in which we are living, the Lord is coming in the Spirit so that we Christians can make Him Lord now.

Man is made up of memory, desires, and moral conviction. Of these three, moral conviction is the most important. The other two will follow.

It is no small undertaking to bring the entire human personality into the place where every aspect of it lives by the Life of Jesus Christ.

The American believer wants a religious plan he can operate that will bring Him what he desires. Jesus becomes a means to his ends.. God desires that we wait on Him for all that we are, do, and desire.

When we seek to make the Lord Jesus the means to our ends we have not made Jesus our Lord.

Until the Lord Jesus Christ has total control of our memories, our desires, and our moral convictions, we are not living as we should in the rest of God. Let each of us pray to this end.

The end of the striving of the Christian religionist is self-aggrandizement. The end of the striving of the Christian saint is untroubled rest in the Persons of Christ and the Father.

God opens His hand and satisfies the desires of every living thing. Therefore it is of the greatest importance that our desires originate in Christ.

The wise saints is occupied with the future, not the past. His treasures are in Heaven.

The Lord does not want us to enter intense conflict with Satan. God's power and wisdom are so much greater than those of Satan that we can rest in God in every area of our life.

The humanist puts people first and God second. The saint puts God first and people second.

The greatest treasure we will ever put in Heaven is enduring relationships.

Let us be kind to people. When someone has been dependent on us passes away, what piercing remorse will be ours if we have been cruel and selfish.

People who do not serve the Lord Jesus Christ forsake their own mercy. It is beyond me how they get through life at all!

Whether or not the murderer is found guilty and punished on earth, his victim will accuse him before the Court of Heaven when he passes into the spirit world.

Unless we make things right, as the Lord enables us, those whom we have injured will bring us before the Court of Heaven when we enter the spirit world.

Sin is a shortcut to the fulfillment of our desires.

All sons of God are tempted in the same way: with material survival, with the temptation to worship Satan in order to gain our desires, and with self-will and presumption.

The most terrifying of all sins is self-will, because it separates us from the Presence of God.

The Lake of Fire was prepared for Satan and his angels. People who are placed there have chosen to be like Satan, that is, to do their own will instead of God's.

The truly horrible aspect of the Lake of Fire is that it separates us from God and His program of redemption.

No person can serve God and his own will.

The problem with a religious code or program devised by humans, is that it invites us to look to its requirements instead of to the Lord Jesus at each moment.

A statement of faith is a theological position. True faith is a matter of walking with God and trusting Him for all things in all areas of our life.

It appears to me that organized religion often is a cage of demons. True salvation is found in individuals who walk humbly with the Lord Jesus.

It is easy to limit the Holy One of Israel. We have to keep stretching our mind if we are to grasp that all things are possible with God.

Being a member or leader of a Christian institution is not always evidence that the individual is known to Jesus.

Life really is so simple! Each person on earth has been redeemed by the blood of Jesus. It remains only for the individual to let go and let God have His wonderful way.

Why are people so afraid or unwilling to let God control their lives as He will? Surely this fear and rebellion comes from Satan. Given the goodness of God such resistance is unreasonable.

The baby gods are peeping and chirping today. But in the future they will be placed on the highest thrones, but only if Jesus is totally Lord of their lives.

Remorse can result in agony for the conscientious person. He is wise when he guards his behavior so that some point in time he is not subjected to intense remorse.

We have two purposes for being on the earth. One is to perform God's will, to accomplish His goals. The other is to be changed in character into the image of God. When neither of these is being accomplished, we might as well die.

After thinking about the events of history, plus the condition of the world today, if we cannot conclude that Satan's ways are totally destructive of love, joy, and peace we certainly are lacking in intelligence.

Whoever looks about him and says, there is no God, is a fool—whatever else may be said of him.

If every American Christian had conducted his or her life in the Presence of Christ, numerous Arabs would be Christians and there would be no terrorism.

When Israel forsook the Lord, God raised up enemies against them. This is what is happening in America today, and no amount of political maneuvering will save us.

America, England, and other Western nations have forsaken the Lord. Therefore, the power of the world will be transferred to the countries of the East.

The United States, once the strongest nation on earth, will soon be brought down to weakness because of the prevailing immorality.

We Americans have failed to bring the testimony of Christ-filled righteous behavior to the Arab people. Having thus been deprived of eternal life, they are rising up against us.

We American Christian have not borne the fruit of righteous behavior. Therefore, men shall burn us as the dead branches we are.

Many of our governmental leaders of both parties are corrupt because we Christians have not borne the fruit of righteous conduct.

We are looking for a "rapture" out of trouble when God is looking for righteous behavior.

We may wish to escape trouble by fleeing in a "rapture," but it is God's intention to set a table before us, and for us to govern, in the midst of our enemies.

Many "love affairs" are little more than an attraction between physical bodies. Genuine, lasting love for another person must come from God.

The marvelous aspect of eternal life is that it is "life"—the Life of Jesus! Living forever in our adamic nature might not be desirable!

We Christians desire revival. God has no problem with granting revival. His problem is that we don't listen to Christ. We are determined to build the Kingdom of God but don't really know what Christ wants. We should be seeking Christ rather than revival.

The righteous always are with God. The wicked always go to their own place. This is true whether or not the individual has made a profession of Christ. However, each person must accept the lordship of Christ when Christ is presented to him.

The emphasis today is on Christ as Savior. There is not nearly enough emphasis on Christ as Lord.

What shall we teach the people of the saved nations? That Christ redeemed them with His blood; that they are to live righteously, be merciful, and walk humbly with God; that they are invited to come up to Zion to receive Divine Life as often as they wish.

Throughout eternity the Spirit of God and the members of the Church will cry to the saved people of the nations: "Come and drink of the Life of God without charge."

The members of the Church, the royal priesthood, will for eternity govern and bring the blessings of God to the peoples of the earth whom God has brought into His Kingdom.

The Kingdom of God includes the rulers, the members of the royal priesthood, and also those whom God has given to them for their inheritance.

The Father has given Christ the nations and the farthest reaches of the earth for His possession. We are coheirs with Him.

God can do something wonderful with a faithful person. But what can God or anyone else do with someone who is not faithful?

I think God has given us the weaknesses and afflictions of old age in order to wean us from the life of flesh and blood, so we are prepared to enter the true life of the next world.

Even after we receive Christ we still are in the image of Satan, until we walk with Jesus long enough for Him to begin to make us into the image of God.

The image of God is love, joy, and peace. How wonderful it is as we through Christ are made into a new creation in the image of God!

The fruit of abiding in Christ is a new creation, a personality formed in the image of God and rest in the center of God's Person and will.

"Put me to sleep in your will. Then wake me at the place and time of Your choosing to a day completely choreographed in detail according to Your will and desires."

There can be attractions at first sight. However, love is formed as two people together experience the various pains and joys of life.

Various roles in the Kingdom are being designated in the present hour; but the primary emphasis is on the teaching and testing of those who are to be the eternal rulers.

Two special events have been reserved for the end-time. One is the full development of Christ in the saints. The other is bearing of the greatest witness of the Kingdom of God ever given on the earth.

I have asked the Lord to take all lies out of my personality for eternity.

King David's life after the episode of Bathsheba shows how punishment continues after the sin has been removed, and also how completely God restores the testimony of His servants.

An example of the Lord leading a man into temptation may be found in Second Samuel, 24:1. "The anger of the Lord burned against Israel and He incited David against them."

One fully committed, experienced saint exercises more power in driving back the enemy than ten thousand believers of less commitment. The reason is, spiritual battles are fought by righteousness, holiness, and obedience to God rather than by numbers of people.

To have the righteousness of God is first, to have Christ's own righteousness assigned to us; second, to have Christ conceived and formed in us until our behavior is righteous because the righteousness of His personality has been created in us. It is the second aspect that is the Kingdom of God.

Forgiveness make possible the work of redemption. Redemption is the program of producing a new creation by forming Christ in the human personality.

The temptation to put bread before the Word of God is placed before every child of God.

The temptation to revel in the excesses of the world, thus to worship Satan, is placed before every child of God.

The temptation to presumption, to "step out in faith" in God's Word without hearing from the Lord, is placed before every child of God.

Christ builds His Kingdom through wholly obedient believers. The efforts of religious people to build for Christ result in disobedience and hostility toward Christ.

Only one life. It will be soon be past. Only what is wrought by Christ Himself working through us will last.

The self-willed believer will always seek to destroy the Christian who waits on the Lord continually.

I think I am hearing from the Lord that the casual Christians in America are facing a dreadful future.

God always answers prayer issued in Jesus' name. Sometimes the answer does not come for a while, or in a better form than we asked.

Two thousand years ago the Apostle Paul said the Gospel is a mystery, and that it is in Christ in us. Yet we still are talking about Christ coming and being with us.

There are two aspects of Christ being in us. One is the forming of Christ in us. The other is the coming of Christ Himself to dwell in that which has been formed in us.

There is a righteousness by identification with Christ, and righteous behavior created in us as Christ is formed in our personality.

Self-willed believers will always attack those who are waiting on the Lord.

We now are in the days of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound. When he does sound, Christ will return as King of all kings.

It is not God's will that an individual come to God for forgiveness, and then not press forward into the lordship of Christ.

The real world is not the present life, the world into which we will pass when we die. The significance of the present life is that our decisions and conduct here affect the condition in which we will find ourselves in the next world.

The strongest most heavily muscled man who ever walked the earth is as a fragile butterfly, compared with the strength of creatures in the spirit world.

God is not requiring of us that we save the world. He asks only that we live righteously, be merciful, and walk humbly with Him. "Be still and know that I am God!"

The people who have seen the spirit world say it is a marvelous environment, beautiful beyond description. But if our conscience is not clear toward God, and those we love are not with us, the splendor of the spirit world will not satisfy.

Many times what we thought was God's will for us, actually was the product of romanticism, eroticism, or other unclean desires or pressures that dwell in our personality. It was not God at all!

We can observe the devoutness of the adherents of the Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and other religions. If these people die, never having "heard" the Gospel, they will be given a chance in the spirit world to receive Christ as their Lord, and thus be given to eat of Him, of the only Tree of Life. When the arrogant, self-centered Christian dies, he will discover that the Lord Jesus has no fellowship with his personality even though his doctrines may be theologically sound.

In Evangelical thinking, a righteous, humble personality is of little significance. What matters is theological correctness. This viewpoint is not of God!

The screams of the fetuses being aborted are not heard by anyone except God.

If all the money spent for implements of warfare by the nations of the earth was used to produce food and shelter, would there be any needy people in the world?

It dishonors God when Christian ministers beg for money. There may be occasions when the Lord Jesus directs a minister to make known the financial needs of his work.

Words always are coming from God's mouth. Can you hear what He is saying to you right now?

Nature does not seem to care whether or not we have a happy marriage. Nature is desirous that children be born so the race may be perpetuated.

It is common in America today to refer to sexual activity as love. It is not love. It is a response to glandular urges to proceed from nature's desire to perpetuate the human race.

The true issue in the abortion debate is whether the developing fetus is or is not a human being. If it is a human being, then it should be murdered only in the most dire circumstance.

When we begin to trust money for our security and survival we no longer can hear the words that are coming to us from God's mouth.

The more acquainted we become with the objective God, instead of the subjective god of our desires, the better equipped we are to handle pain, disappointment, and trouble.

One of the indications of the presence of Satan in American thinking is the lessening of the severity of sentences handed down by the criminal justice system.

I have learned during my lifetime on the earth to look to Christ for every matter, great and small. I have made mistakes when I assumed something was true and did not ask the Lord.

If you hope to be in the army that returns with Christ to install the Kingdom on the earth, then learn to pray about every step you take.

The most important thing in the universe is to do God's will diligently and promptly. No other aspect of our behavior is as important.

It may be noted that Adam and Eve, when they found out they were naked, repented, and sought to cover themselves.

It appears that when we eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is Christ Himself, we receive the knowledge of what is right and wrong, and also the desire and power to do what is right.

To inherit the Kingdom of God is to be given the desire and power to do God's will; to be given eternal life; and to inherit all the things God is making new in Christ.

We have to be born again if we are to inherit the Kingdom of God, because the only way in which we can be given the righteousness and life of the Kingdom of God is as Christ is formed in us.

The Lord Jesus Christ Himself is the Kingdom of God. To inherit the Kingdom is to have Christ formed in us.

We may think God is nice, and may want God to be nice. But God is not always nice, as we view niceness.

It is likely that most American Christians do not have the faith that will be required to be changed from mortality into immortality at the appearing of Christ. This is why the admonition to "remember Lot's wife," and not look back in fear.

Like Adam and Eve, each of us comes into the world in a shameful condition. Like Adam and Eve, this was not our choice. God brings us to Christ, forgives our sins, gives us eternal life, and shows us where we are naked spiritually. He then provides the body and blood of Christ so we can develop a righteous personality.

As we grow in Christ, we become very cautious about accepting any new spiritual understanding or experience. However, we do not close our mind and spirit to additional grace, we are just cautious. Otherwise we could not reach a new level in the Lord.

Adam and Eve were in a shameful condition, but were without condemnation because we do not become responsible for our sins until they are made known to us.

The reason Christian people are led astray so easily is that they are lambs. The mature sheep know the Shepherd's voice.

To preserve our adamic nature is to continue in the miseries of life on earth. Far better to pay attention to the development of Christ in us, thus to enter love, joy, and peace.

King Solomon received 666 talents of gold. The statue made by King Nebuchadnezzar was fashioned from gold. The Antichrist spirit is that of the world system and its money. The love of money can destroy your fellowship with God!

God has a choice. He can lead us into temptation, or He can deliver us from Satan. We always must pray for the latter, if this is what we truly desire.

Some believers are perfected as they continue preaching the Gospel. Other believers are prepared for the Kingdom throughout their life, although they have no public ministry.

God always remains in control of the world. He permits wickedness to run its course because God is using it to accomplish His own purposes in His elect.

Accept Christ, be saved by grace, go to Heaven—it does not really matter how you live. What a travesty of a covenant that was given to us so we might be more righteous in behavior than were the Israelites!

I don't know what kind of trouble you have had in your life. But I do know one thing: God is good. He is righteous, faithful, loving, and merciful.

Here is my testimony: Wherever I am, there Jesus is Lord and always is welcome.

To not always be rejoicing and doing God's will diligently is unthinkable.

This life is given to us so we can make our mistakes and learn from them. There is no problem with making a mistake, provided we make things right and learn from it.

God makes one person unto honor and another unto dishonor. From the human perspective, this is not fair. However, it is righteous because God is the Potter. Can a potter do as he pleases with the clay?

The human emphasis on fairness does not take into account the fact that God, who has created us, can do with us as He will. His ways are past finding out, so we are unable to judge whether God is being fair.

God is not bound by our judgment of what is fair. God gives to those who already have, and removes from those who have not even what they have. This is God's doing, and it should be marvelous in our eyes.

When human beings attempt to judge whether or not God is acting fairly, they are holding Him to a standard which they themselves have created. However, God Himself is the only valid standard of fairness.

An action is not righteous because we judge it to be righteous but because God judges it to be righteous. Our rebellious nature may have a difficult time accepting this!

If you believe God has treated you unfairly, humble yourself. Ask God to forgive your rebellion. Tell Him you choose to live cheerfully in His will.

"Fair" occurs when every human being is given the same opportunity and the same gifts. The Kingdom of God is righteous, but it is not "fair" in the human sense.

If we rebel against the truth that God is righteous no matter how we are treated, we are rebellious in our heart.

If we insist on holding God to our standard of fairness, we are rebellious in our heart. We need to get used to living in a kingdom governed by a Monarch with absolute authority and power. The Kingdom of God is not a democracy!

Whatever God does is righteous. It is righteous because God does it. He alone determines what is righteous.

We cannot obtain spiritual rest until we cooperate with God in the beginning, working out, and completing of our redemption. We have to pray to Christ continually for such to occur.

If we keep looking to Christ, God not only begins our redemption, He completes and perfects every aspect of it.

In order to properly obey the many commands given to us in the New Testament writings, we have to pray that the Spirit of God will give us the necessary wisdom and strength to do what is written.

Worldly, casual believers imagine they are going to be with Christ and His saints, when they die, because they profess faith in Christ. I believe they are mistaken.

The fate of those who profess faith in Jesus Christ but do not live a godly life is horrible—terrifying beyond description!

Life on earth is mostly a time of sowing. Make sure you are sowing what you want to reap in the ages to come.

The only manner by which a person can imitate the life of Jesus Christ is by living as close to Christ as Christ always lives to the Father.

Get used to the crowd you enjoy being with now. You are going to be with them for a long, long time, whether or not you profess faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

What is so difficult about doing God's perfect will? It is a lie that says we cannot do God's will!

Why don't you stop planning your own life and ask Christ what He wants you to do?

The only thing that matters in this world or in any other world is to obey Christ in every detail of what we are and what we do.

Don't hold anything too tightly lest it be an idol and cause you to disobey Christ.

We are drawn to Christ by the Father in order that we may learn to do the will of Christ at every moment.

Until we learn total obedience to Christ, we are not fit to be part of the Kingdom of God in this world, or in the spirit world, or on the new earth.

Many people are busy laboring to build the Kingdom of God. Christ desires that we cease our own works and listen to Him.

We do not have to flirt with Christ in order to please Him. We need just to do what He says.

The Christian churches are not social agencies. They are places where God is to be worshiped; where the believers can grow to maturity, and where people can find God.

I am looking forward to dying physically and awakening in Happyland, where my treasures are. Are you?

The Christian plan of salvation is not designed to save our life. It is designed to crucify our life so we may be born again in the Life of Jesus Christ.

The Christian redemption is neither a philosophy nor a religion. It is the supplanting of the first human personality with a second personality, which is of Christ and from the God of Heaven.

Do you need wisdom for any decision? Why don't you ask God? He loves to give us wisdom!

If you are not being forced to act, and you are not sure what to do, then do not decide to gamble and then act blindly.

Do not gamble unless you have to. If you are forced to gamble, then pray that God will guide you.

It appears we are at the beginning of a very lengthy process of creating man in the image of Jesus Christ. The eternal rulers are the first to be thus developed.

The terrific struggle to overcome sin and self-rule that exists in the present hour is temporary. When the eternal rulers have been created, the remainder of the creation. will be released into its normal state of play.

The current overemphasis on grace prevents the forming of overcomers, whose destiny is to govern the works of God's hands for eternity.

The darker spiritually the world becomes, the more brightly will shine those who are walking with Jesus.

Christian parents need to understand that cell phones and Internet sites are being used by Satan to teach young people the ways of the world spirit.

Being totally involved in all the practices of one's religion is not the same as walking humbly with Jesus.

For sixty-one years I have found the Bible to be true to life and the world spirit to be one colossal lie.

In many instances high-school proms in America are sinful mating dances. Christian young people should not be participants in these.

Holiness has to do with how we relate to God. Righteousness has to do with how we relate to people.

Holiness is the absence of unclean spirits. God is holy because there is no spiritual uncleanness in Him.

All Christians are termed "saints," that is, "holy ones." They are to follow the Holy Spirit as the Spirit helps them purify themselves from that which is unclean spiritually.

Without holiness no person shall see the Lord. It is only the pure in heart who can see the Lord.

Every Christian is to follow Christ until his or her thoughts, words, and actions are pure in God's sight.

Holiness is our attitude and actions toward God. Righteousness is our attitude and actions toward people.

The difference between the saints of God and the world is not in the realm of righteous behavior, because the world believes in righteousness. It is in the realm of spiritual cleanliness.

Righteous behavior has to do with our character: honesty, truthfulness, faithfulness. Holiness has to do with what kind of spirits drive us and that we entertain.

Christian character is formed by the development of Christ in us.

Holiness results from the Holy Spirit removing unholy spirits from us.

God does not forgive unholy spirits. He forgives people, but wages war against the unholy spirits.

Our righteous behavior is for the world to see. Our holy personality and behavior are for God to see.

The relationship between righteousness and holiness is that uncleanness in our personality can cause us to behave unrighteously.

God demands more of His saints in the way of righteousness, holiness, and obedience to Himself, than He does of those who are not of His elect. God will go so far as to take the life of one of His elect if He is not pleased with the individual.

To be holy is to be set apart to God for fellowship with Him, and for His purposes in our life.

Adam and Eve were holy in their conscience, but not in their circumstances, for they were in a shameful condition of nakedness.

As long as we are receiving and obeying Christ, our conscience is pure and holy. Meanwhile, our personality and behavior are being made holy by the removal of spiritual darkness.

God wants us holy in our conscience, our circumstances, our personality, and our moral behavior. Our personality is our will and attitudes and the choices we make. Our conscience is our sense of innocence or guilt. Our circumstances are the situation in which we find ourselves, including the people we choose to be involved with. Our moral behavior has to do with the spiritual cleanliness of our actions, including the care we take of our body.

If we follow Christ diligently at all times He will keep on perfecting us in our will and attitudes, conscience, circumstances and moral behavior.

God says, "Be holy for I am holy." God does not adhere to an external standard of holiness. Holiness is what God Himself is.

The actions of Rahab and the Egyptian midwives were holy when they were lying, because what they were doing was approved of God.

The fact that Jesus Christ is our holiness does not mean we are holy because we profess belief in Him, but because He Himself is what holiness is. The more we possess of Him, the more holiness we possess.

Holiness exists in degrees. There are that which is holy, more holy, and most holy. Holiness may be thought of as concentric circles radiating from God's Person.

When the believer who misapplies "grace" is convicted of sin, he says to himself, "I am saved by grace and God does not see my sin." Therefore he does not ask help from the Lord in gaining victory over sin.

The believer who misapplies "grace" does not grow in the ability to judge between good and evil, because his belief is that Divine grace does not require that he grow in this knowledge. He remain a spiritual infant.

The believer who misapplies "grace" does not obey the Scripture in putting to death the sinful deeds of his body, because he believes that since he is saved by grace, sin no longer is an issue in his life. Thus he is in deception.

The believer who misapplies "grace" does not grow in the strength needed to embrace what is good and reject what is evil. Yet it is growth in this strength that is true growth in Christ.

The Kingdom of God is a state of being one inherits when he cooperates with the Spirit of God as Christ is formed in him and sin is driven from his personality.

There is no sin in the Kingdom of God, because the Kingdom of God is the rule of God.

Our goal as Christian believers is not to go to Heaven to live forever, but to inherit the Kingdom of God, the rule of God over our total personality.

Who will be called great in the Kingdom of God? Whoever practices and teaches the commands of Christ.

The Amalekites cut off the stragglers as Israel went through the wilderness. So it is today that Satan cuts off those who are straggling behind Christ—the casual believers.

When things or money become more important than people, to a country or to an individual, the culture of that nation or person has been destroyed.

God made the human body with all of its parts, therefore it is holy. But there are unholy spirits that live in our flesh.

God has left us in our flesh, having unholy bondages. It is God's hope that through Christ we may be able to purify ourselves from these bondages.

When we receive Christ it is as though someone gave us a grand piano. There are believers who immediately learn to play spiritual chopsticks, so to speak, and at the end of their life are still playing chopsticks.

The righteousness Christ gained by keeping the Law He ascribes to us who receive and obey Him continually. It is as though we have kept the Ten Commandments perfectly.

We do not "accept" Christ. It is Christ who "accepts" us as we receive and obey Him continually.

Understanding the truth about the Lordship of Jesus Christ will not save you. It doesn't save the demons!

One time God told David to attack the Philistines frontally. On another occasion, God told David to circle around them. It is the custom of religious organizations to hear God once and then forever do the same thing.

It appears that forever religious organizations are attempting to bring the Glory of God by some device, plan, or institution. However, the only manner in which the Glory of God can be transported is on the shoulders of prepared, holy people.

It seems that religious organizations always have their hands on the Glory of God, attempting to steady and direct it. The result of not letting God do His wonderful works in His own wonderful ways is spiritual death.

People believe they can enter and remain in the Kingdom of God by "accepting" Christ, even they do not obey Him in every detail of life. They are mistaken!

No individual, whether Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, can remain in the Kingdom of God if he or she doe not obey Jesus Christ in every detail of life.

The greatest gift God can give any person is a spirit of obedience to God. It is worth asking for.

Throughout eternity we must think first of Christ's needs and desires. Only then are we related correctly to our Creator.

Two aspects of the Kingdom of God have been lost to the Christian churches: the doctrine of the bodily resurrection of the saints; and the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Today we teach that the Lord Jesus saves us so we can go to Heaven, not so we can obey Him on the earth.

To be in the image of God is to have the same moral character as God; but also to reflect in our thinking, speaking, and doing, the present activities of God.

The dead in Christ will rise at His coming. To be "in Christ" is infinitely more than "accepting Christ. It is that level of consecration described by the Apostle Paul in the third chapter of Philippians.

When a Christian sins knowingly, such as by lying or not forgiving someone, he or she is not "in Christ" at that point.

If we will receive Christ, God will forgive our sins and enable us through Christ to live a new life of victory over sin.

The soul that sins shall die. This is true even for a Christian, except as he, through Jesus Christ, confesses his sin and turn away from it.

God desires that each one of us, after having been forgiven our sins and filled with the Spirit, spend. the rest of our days pressing forward that we might gain the Fullness of God in Christ.

When a Christian choose to continue to sin, not confessing and turning from his sin, he is choosing to remove himself from the Vine. He no longer is "in Christ."

We ought always to be thanking and praising the Lord in the worst as well as in the best of circumstances. There always are so many things to be thankful for!

Righteous behavior will be enforced in the new world, the eternal world that is coming, by people who have been trained, trained, trained continually by the Spirit of God.

Many a righteous person would be drawn to Christ if it were not for the behavior of immature members of God's royal priesthood.

Each of us is walking in a minefield. We are well advised to look to the Lord every time we put our foot down.

I don't know how the Lord Jesus got down from the pinnacle of the Temple of Herod. But I do know He would be sitting there yet if God had not directed Him to get down.

You might as well, when you have been brought to the pinnacle of the temple, make yourself as comfortable as you can. It may be some while before Christ opens the door of your prison.

God delights in righteous behavior. People delight in religion. Sometimes righteous behavior and religion are not related.

There does come an end of suffering, turmoil, and hard service and bondage. There does come a beginning of a wonderful new world of love, joy, and peace governed with the scepter of righteousness.

Large numbers of believers may gather together in order to bring about revival. But lasting revival comes when one person chooses to build up the wall and stand before God in the gap on behalf of the land.

Do not wait until you are old before you consecrate your life to Christ. He does not like to eat leftovers.

There are two phases of the image of God. One is God's Character, revealed by His righteous decisions. The other is God's Presence, as the saint reveals God's thoughts, words, and actions at the current moment.

God's goal for us as individuals is that we might become the ark of the covenant, bearing upon ourselves the Glory of God.

Because we are being made the ark of the covenant, we must live in continual dependence on God; we must occupy the place in the royal priesthood God has chosen for us; and we must live in iron righteousness of character.

It is better to inherit one person than ten thousand heavens. This is the love of Christ that passes understanding.

It is God's will that every saved person be, as the Lord Jesus is, the exact representation of God's being, that God may be All and in all. This requires that all spiritual darkness be driven from the creation.

Before God is finished working, all spiritual darkness will be removed from the Presence of God and His people and confined for eternity. There is no authority or power that can prevent the eternal confining of wickedness.

The song says, "It's a Wonderful World." It is not. It is a cesspool. But there is a wonderful world coming for those who fear God and behave righteously.

The time has arrived when all spiritual darkness is to be driven from the creation. This removal is beginning with those who are living close to the Lord.

The purpose of the wall of the new Jerusalem is to prevent spiritual darkness from coming into the Presence of God and His saints.

Wherever a member of the royal priesthood goes in the creation, in the ages to come, the wall of the new Jerusalem will surround him and prevent spiritual darkness from harming him.

Accepting Christ should be the receiving of a Person with whom we should be interacting continually; not the taking of a theological position.

The incident concerning Aaron's rod that budded teaches us that rank and position in the royal priesthood is determined by the Lord and not our ambition.

The memorial jar of manna placed in the Ark of the Covenant teaches us that those in the image of Christ live by continual dependence on every word that comes from the mouth of God.

The Ten Commandments placed in the Ark of the Covenant teach us that those who are in the image of Christ have had formed in them the iron righteousness of God's eternal moral law.

God looks for faithfulness, truth, and justice. What does religion offer Him in their place? Religious activities and incantations, or doctrines that put theological professions ahead of righteous behavior.

It is better to obey God than to be doctrinally correct

An honest and good heart is more acceptable to God than any religious profession or activity.

God would prefer the company of an atheist with integrity than a Christian who is deceitful and a conniver. God can reveal Himself to the atheist; but what can He with the treacherous Christian, of whom there is a multitude?

There are many non-Christians who are honorable and have integrity. There are many Christians who are treacherous connivers and liars. God prefers the former. He has no fellowship with dishonest people.

We cannot enter the Kingdom of God by behaving righteously and resisting Christ. We cannot enter the Kingdom of God by professing faith in Christ and behaving wickedly.

God saves stupid people as well as the brilliant; poor people as well as the rich; ugly people as well as the beautiful; ill-mannered people as well as the gracious.

Try not to judge people before you know them well.

The Lord Jesus says, "Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Me. I will give you love, joy, and peace." The world says, "take whatever you want, betray those who depend on you, and resist Christ. I will give you hatred, misery, and confusion."

My discipline. Any form of government that has integrity, justice, and mercy, is acceptable. Any form of government, including democracy, that lacks integrity, justice, and compassion, is unacceptable.

"O God, grant that today I do Your perfect will, and that you remove the blemishes in my personality. In Jesus name, amen."

The only certain proof that we are being saved is that our behavior is changing wickedness to righteousness.

It must be true that the process of changing our behavior from wickedness to righteousness continues after we die. Otherwise, who could the Bride of the Lamb come to perfection?

If the Bride of the Lamb is to be spotless only by imputed righteousness, the Lamb will have a bride who is not desirable to Him.

If Christians are to be changed in character by some sudden Divine act, what does the expression mean, "work out your salvation with fear and trembling"?

We always must keep in mind that God continually is evaluating our responses. What He finds in our heart will determine our place and role in the world to come.

It is God's desire to make man in His image. It is man's desire to make God in man's image.

From the little I know of the history of Christianity, it appears—and it is true today—that. professing faith in Christ has not improved the character of people. There are exceptions.

I have met Christian ministers who are treacherous, self-serving, having little integrity. How can this be?

In the Kingdom of God that is coming to the earth, the rulers will not be treacherous, self-serving, dishonest people. Rather, they will be those who have been trained by the Lord Jesus to have a servant's heart.

Since no sinful behavior of any kind is permitted in the Kingdom of God, it will be a long time before the Kingdom is established fully.

The current Evangelical doctrine that any effort we make to please God, other than believing the facts about Jesus Christ, is legalism, an attempt to earn salvation, is a destructive doctrine worthy of the cunning of Satan.

If the current Evangelical doctrine is correct in claiming that any effort we make to please God is filthy rags, why, then, are the New Testament writings filled with exhortations to godly living?

The good works Christians must do are not an attempt to earn salvation; they are the necessary fruit of salvation.

The reason the various formulas for Christian success being advanced today are not of eternal value in the Kingdom of God is that they do not depend on the guidance of the Spirit of God for their implementation.

An assembly of Christian believers, in which there is a considerable amount of bitterness and division, is lost to the Kingdom purposes of God. It probably should be disbanded, unless God shows the prayer warriors differently.

The purpose of putting to death the actions of our sinful nature is that we may do God's will in every circumstance; that we may reveal God's image; that we may have fellowship with God, and that we may enter eternal love, joy, and peace.

A gentle and quiet spirit is of great value in the sight of the Lord. How many of God's people are boisterous and self-driven?

The Jews were promised that in Canaan the rocks were iron and they could dig copper from the hills. So it is true that in Christ we can gain all the material we need to build the Kingdom of God.

It increasingly is clear to me that we are entering a new phase of redemption, in which the promise of the image of God will be fulfilled in us.

The outpourings of God's Spirit of the past have brought repentance, salvation, healing, the gifts of the Spirit. The revival that has commenced will eternally transform people into the image of Christ, and bring them into untroubled rest in the center of God's Person and will.

Individuals in times past have entered the fullness of God. Now it appears it is time for a large number of God's people to enter His image and His perfect will.

In the early days of my ministry I emphasized reckoning oneself dead. It is seems that today we are entering something larger and deeper, that includes counting ourselves dead and alive in Christ, and also the attaining to the fullness of God's image and will.

There are times when God moves in specific areas of redemption. There are seasons of opportunity during which we can press into the fullness of God's image and will. Today is one such period.

Money is the power of the Antichrist world system. People believe if they have enough money they can control their circumstances. They are horribly mistaken.

In the present world, money is worshiped as god in the belief that if one has enough money he can buy health, security, and pleasure. The truth is, only Christ can provide an individual with money, security, and pleasure.

God is making every member of His royal priesthood in His image, so they can bring His Presence and His way to mankind. Thus they are a covenant between God and people.

The Christian Church has the awesome role and responsibility of being the firstfruits of mankind unto God, the place of His Presence with all people.

Whoever will receive and assist the servants of Christ will enter God's Kingdom and receive eternal life. These helpers are the Lord's sheep.

The Lord's servants are His brothers. Whoever helps them as they pursue their discipleship and ministry will be rewarded by the Lord and enter eternal life in the Kingdom of God.

The Lord Jesus wants us always to be with Him where He is. This cannot be the case as long as we persist in our own ways.

When God sees a man who has a good, honest heart, He keeps him from temptation. He gives him peace. He delivers him from the enemy.

When God sees a man who chooses evil, who desires evil, He sends an abundance of evil on him.

When God sees a person who enjoys evil, desires evil, God sends delusion upon him and an abundance of evil. He refused to love the truth and thus be saved.

"Let him who does wrong continue to do wrong. Let him who does right continue to do right." Make straight the way of the Lord!

The shaking that has begun will continue until it spreads to the highest heaven. God wants to know who has a righteous and obedient heart.

God does not harden an honest and good heart. Those who do not love righteousness and hate wickedness, God sometimes hardens. He regards them unworthy of His Kingdom and of truth.

The current teaching is that no one is worthy except Christ. But in many passages in the New Testament we find that we must prove ourselves worthy of the Kingdom of God.

Perhaps the greatest error made by religions, and it certainly is true of the Christian religion, that God cares more for doctrinal correctness and religious activities than He does for integrity.

Christ looks here and there for a believer who has a faithful heart; who loves and practices sincerity and truth. When He finds one, He is exceedingly joyous.

It is true that we do not earn salvation by behaving righteously. It is true also that we save ourselves and our loved ones by our faithfulness and obedience to God.

It is a horrible, destructive doctrine that teaches our behavior and the decisions we make are not related to our redemption or our rewards. This evil concept has perverted the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Satan says "Believe only and you will go to Heaven." Jesus Christ says "Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Me." Are you able to perceive clearly the lie the first statement is?

God sends strong delusion upon people who choose to believe that genuine salvation does not require a change in our behavior.

Have you noticed the incongruity of Christian belief when we say that Christ taught us if we keep His commandments we show our love for Him; and then we say, if we believe in Jesus Christ we do not need to keep His commandments?

I think that after we die we will find that evil leaders as well as the righteous leaders will have their followings. Physical death may not bring truth. It may be a long time before matters are straightened out.

The world we enter when we die may not be much different from what is true now. The righteous may continue in their righteousness and the wicked may continue in their wickedness, until the Day of Resurrection.

If we follow Christ afar off now, we will continue to do so after we die physically. Physical death will not change what we are, or our relationship with Jesus or other people.

The casual, lukewarm believers in Christ abound. It appears that intensely consecrated believers are few in number.

It may be true that after death we will be able to view the impact of our life on other people. Herein may lie a great part of our joy or our torment.

After we die, life and relationships may continue much as they are now, although many mysteries may be resolved. This is not to say that the righteous will not be in a more pleasing environment and the wicked in a painful, troublesome environment.

Christ may be close to most of us. But we may not aware of His Presence nor be able to hear His voice because we are so filled with our own motives and activities.

If you are not pleased with the relationships and the circumstances your have chosen, you might give thought to changing them now. Otherwise after you die they may be with you for a very long time.

Eventually God opens His hand and gives us what we desire fervently. Those who are wise will recognize this and guard their desires carefully.

The pressures of life may increase but surveillance and grace will increase proportionately. The Lord Jesus will go before us throughout every detail if we are faithful to Him and sternly obedient to God.

It appears that the current overemphasis on grace has to a great extent obliterated the truth that whether or not we are a Christian, we certainly shall reap what we are sowing.

If we desire to be righteous, we should tell God so. If we desire to be wicked, we should tell God so. It is time to make straight the way of the Lord.

The robe with which we shall be clothed in the Day of Resurrection will contain the increments of personality we have developed during the present lifetime.

The great Day of Atonement, of Reconciliation, has commenced. When it is over, all who love sin will be incarcerated. There will be a new heaven and a new earth wherein dwells righteousness.

The sin of the world has been forgiven by the atonement made on the cross of Calvary. Now it is time to begin the removal of all sources of sin from the creation.

People go from being attractive looking and strong to being helpless, feeble, wizened, sometimes, toothless, sometimes incontinent individuals. Their inner nature may be like this, or be a shining, young son of God.

In the Day of Resurrection people will be clothed with a body that looks like what they are in character. The Lord Jesus appeared in His new body to John as the Divine Lord, not as the bruised Person that hung on the cross of Calvary.

In the Day of Resurrection it will not be true that a beautiful or handsome body will clothe a bitter, deceitful inner personality. The individual will be clothed with a body that resembles what he or she is on the inside.

If we believe that in the Day of Resurrection we will appear on the outside the way we appear on the inside, we ought to do all in our power each day to grow in the image of God.

The first chapter of the Book of Ezekiel portrays a Man in the image of God. If we hope to look like that we better start becoming the image of God in our inward nature now; for it is certain in the Day of Resurrection our outer form will reveal our inner character.

I expect that the purpose of the period of time between the return of Christ in the near future and the coming down of the new Jerusalem to earth in the distant future is for the purpose of transforming immature believers into the image of Christ, as revealed in the new Jerusalem.

The pressure of sexual lust is becoming so great that ministers, teachers, and politicians are throwing away their careers in order to satisfy it. Only in Christ is there sufficient power to overcome this satanic delusion, to resist this pressure.

So powerful are the spirits that lust for unrestrained sexual behavior that people are willing to relinquish their health in order to satisfy these spirits.

A believer who permits himself or herself to be occupied with unrestricted sexual activity is unlikely to be able to experience the Presence or hear the voice of Jesus Christ.

The motivation to sin comes from wicked spirits, also from the self-will of man. Sinful behavior can occur in the physical or the spirit world.

Everyone who sins is a participant with Satan. "He who sins is of the devil."

The physical creation is God's response to the rebellion of the angels. By placing Christ in the dust of the earth, God is judging wickedness and teaching righteousness to all of His creatures.

When a nation's ways displease the Lord, He places women and children in charge over them. Is this happening in America.

The real world is waiting for us as we endure our probationary trials on the earth.

People in the real world are watching us as we confront our trials in the earth. Are we setting a good example for them?

"Listen, O heavens, and I will speak; hear, O earth, the words of my mouth." The revelation of God's eternal plan in Christ comes forth in the earth and is heard also in Heaven.

The work of redemption in an individual continues and does not cease with his "accepting Christ." It is he who endures to the end who shall be saved.

Are you and I becoming the word of God? God is forming Christ in us so that we, the dust of the ground, will become His Word.

If you are practicing known sin, you have bowed the knee to Baal; you are participating with Satan in his rebellion against God.

"O Lord, help me this day. I cannot do anything right unless You direct me."

"O Lord, remove from me every trace of desire that is not coming from You."

We continually are under the surveillance of unclean spirits. We must have the protection and guidance of Christ at all times.

We never are to drink alcohol, or abandon ourselves to revelry, or do anything else that prevents our keeping up our guard against evil. Otherwise we surely will be deceived.

It is likely that our nation, because of the prevalence of sin, soon will fall to a more disciplined culture. The American who is wise will establish himself and his loved ones in the center of Christ's Person and will.

If we do not give all that we are, have, and do, to Jesus Christ, we indeed are very foolish and shortsighted.

It may be a time for the United States of America to be pruned down to the ground and then start over. There simply is too much wickedness taking place in our nation.

When our country has been brought low, will we be among those who are able to stand in Christ and help our neighbors survive and then restore some of what has been destroyed?

"In my heart there rings a melody love." What we have now in Christ is but the merest taste of the banquet that is to come.

Adam and Eve were placed on an earth that was incredibly beautiful in every way. It was all one could desire. They lost it through disobedience.

If we were placed in a perfect paradise, we likely would lose it through disobedience.

It would not do God or us any good to bring us to Paradise until our sinful nature and self-centeredness have been healed.

Though we were placed in Paradise, if we have not learned perfect obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ, Paradise soon would be removed from us.

The source of our frustrations and pain is not our environment, it is our sinful, self-willed nature.

The purpose of the program of redemption is not primarily to restore Paradise to us, it is to reconcile us to God in our character and behavior.

We are reconciled to God legally through the blood of the cross. But to reconcile us to God in actuality requires a long, arduous struggle in which faith in God's Character plays a central role.

Christ is close to me now, but I want Him to be closer yet. Is this true of you?

My greatest desire is that Christ be in every detail of my life. Is this true of you?

As members of the royal priesthood, anything we can do apart from Christ is loss for Christ, for us, and for mankind.

God was with Adam and Eve but He was not in them. God desires to be not only with us but also in us.

If we serve the Lord faithfully we will live forever in Heaven; but it will be on the earth!

My body is getting ready for the big sleep; but my inner nature is alive with the glorious expectation of entering the real world.

It is faith in the Character of God, not belief in a theological position, that is the true faith of the Bible.

Sooner or later we must learn to live by every word that comes from the mouth of God to us.

When we have the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, on the throne of our life, we have the best of Heaven in us. Heaven has come to earth, and God's will is being done here.

To be a victorious saint is to have overcome, through Christ, all that would threaten our abiding in the center of God's Person and will, and being in His image in our character.

The government that does not enforce morality, but yields to the public clamor for unrestricted sexual activity, will be brought low. The handwriting is on the wall for America!

My understanding is that when God begins to avenge Himself concerning the treatment of His people by the Germans, it is possible Germany no longer will be counted among the nations.

According to my understanding, England is no more. She has despised her Christian heritage.

Israel will continue to be harassed until God raises up a prophet and turns the Israelis toward dependence on their Lord and away from dependence on the Gentile nations.

It is hoped that God will pour out His Spirit on the Arab people and they will recognize their true Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

When we obey God our actions bring us love, joy, and peace. When we disobey God, our actions bring us hatred, misery, and unrest. God is seeking our good!

There were many wicked people in Job's day, but God picked the righteous Job to afflict with boils, and make an example of coming to know God through suffering.

If you embrace righteousness and renounce wickedness firmly, your reward will be to be afflicted like Job. But if you persevere with God, your end will be quite nice.

Religion is man's attempt to please God, and sometimes to use God for man's purposes or to accomplish something man feels God should do.

Salvation is God reaching down to make man in His image, and to teach him obedience to God.

Can we ever grasp the thought that God has a plan and knows what He is doing with each individual?

Anyone who chooses to do so may use up to twenty-five of the proverbs in the Gold Tried volumes without notifying me. It is not necessary to attribute them to me.