The Daily Word of Righteousness

To Evangelize or To Make Proselytes? continued

For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ. (I Corinthians 12:12)

As we were in bed that night after the elders' meeting, in the process of falling unconscious it seemed the sweet Presence of Jesus was there. You know what I mean? He seemed to say the following. You be the judge whether it is in accordance with the Scriptures.

While we make no claim that these were the precise words used, this was the burden. And I am checking it out in prayer as I am writing and it seems to be the general idea.

The evangelist is a gift given from the ascended Christ.

All members of the Body of Christ have not been given the gift of evangelism.

Some members have been given the gift of intercession; others, leading worship; others, serving; others, working miracles; others, teaching; others giving and so forth.

Every ministry without exception is to operate according to the will of the Holy Spirit just as the parts of the human body operate according to the brain. (This was stressed.)

Every member of the Body can, as the Spirit directs, act as an evangelist, or intercessor, or can serve, or give, or work miracles, or teach. We can "see" with our fingers when in the dark, but this is not the customary use of the fingers.

It is true also that some members of the Body of Christ exercise more than one function, as Paul was an apostle, a teacher, and an evangelist.

No member of the Body is more important than another just as no member of the human body is more important than another. The importance of any particular function derives from the present need. When you need to run away from trouble your feet are more important than your hands.

Each Christian is to let his or her light shine. This does not mean he or she is obligated to "tell others about Jesus." It means he or she is to live righteously. (The emphasis was on the need for Christians to live righteously, that this is the light of the testimony.)

There is no verse of the New Testament that directs the believers to act as evangelists to everyone they meet. The New Testament directs us rather to bear witness by doing the works of righteousness. Then, if anyone asks us concerning our great hope we are to meekly answer their questions. (I wonder what would be true in the United States if the Christians bore witness by living righteously rather than by trying to make converts to their religion!)

Only the Father can draw people to Jesus. When we set out in our own strength to "save" people we are as blind leading the blind.

To be continued.