The Daily Word of Righteousness

The Work of Restoration, #66

And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. (Luke 9:23)

The world never will accept the way of the cross nor will it accept Jesus' right to rule the peoples of the earth. Miracles? Yes! Obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ? Never!

Perhaps one of the major temptations of the last days will be brought into being when the gifts and miracles are restored to the believers and the world perceives the possibilities, the advantages, that are present in the wisdom and power of the gifts of God. Here we have the basis for the entrance of the False Prophet who has horns (power) like the Lamb of God but who speaks the words of the dragon (Revelation 13:11).

To cooperate with the desires of the world in using the gifts of God will mean success, fame, security, popularity, acceptance. To refuse to cooperate will mean rejection, reproach, shame, harassment, torture, death. What will you do when these alternatives are placed before you? Will you use the gifts of Christ to better your position in the world? What will you do when you have the opportunity through the things of Christ to become a "king"? Will you choose instead to carry your cross behind the Lord Jesus?

The true saint, the true Christian, the true prophet of God, the true witness, the true member of the remnant, does not waste time in hesitation. He is dead already. He knows that the cross is the only source of resurrection life. The true saint is content only when his Master is being pleased. The saint realizes that the world hates Jesus and always hates all true servants of Jesus.

The peoples of the world always will crucify the Lord Jesus wherever they find Him. Yet, they will be willing to be healed in His name provided they do not have to accept His lordship. The unsaved and the unconverted "Christians" are willing to use Jesus in order to make money or to get whatever else they desire.

Many attenders of Christian churches are willing to use the name of Jesus in any manner that will bring about their own improvement. But they have no intention of coming under the discipline of the Holy Spirit or becoming a bondslave of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Such is the way of cross-less Christianity.

The issue is being joined every day. Many are teaching and preaching that we are to use the Scriptures in order to better our position in this life so we can prosper in our own cross-less ambitions. Such will bear their judgment unless they repent and turn away from this ungodliness.

It is true that the person who adheres to the admonitions of Scripture, such as the advice given in the Book of Proverbs, will be wise and will avoid many pitfalls and tragedies—the disasters that fall inevitably on the foolish, the lazy, the wicked.

But the true saints of God understand the holy Scriptures are not a handbook for health, wealth, and happiness in this world but are the testimony of God's holy prophets and apostles.

To be continued.