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The Gospel of Christ belongs to the Jews. There is no such thing as a “Gentile Church.” Over the two thousand years of the Church Era the Divine salvation has been associated with non-Jews until the term Gentile has come to mean “a Christian as distinguished from a Jew.” The Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven originated with Jews, will end with Jews, and is the possession of Jews. It is the “children’s bread.” Let every elect Gentile now recognize his debt to the Jewish Apostles and treat Jews according to the truth of God—as the race to whom the Gospel, by Divine right, is given first.


The Christian Church should have been the Jews’ greatest friend and ally. Instead we have often turned out to be their greatest enemy, either through initiation of persecution aimed at Jews in the name of Christ, or else Christian indifference when history’s Hamans and Hitlers have come to hate and to kill.

It’s still happening. In my fight against today’s rising tide of anti-Semitism I find many fellow-Christians on the sidelines—unaware of the debt the Church owes the Jewish people and the nation of Israel. A growing number of Christians are even accepting the false teaching of “replacement theology”—doing away with the Jews altogether in favor of a so-called “Gentile Church.”

Thus, in failing to heed Paul’s warning against being “wise in your own conceits,” much of today’s Church has lost sight of the Jewish roots of Christianity and God’s covenanted love with the physical offspring of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And at what a cost, as the Holy Spirit grieves over the Church’s blindness to the precious heritage of our Hebraic foundation—and Jews again suffer anti-Semitic attacks with little Christian concern.

That’s why I’m delighted that my colleague and brother, Robert Thompson, has written “You Are My People.” This latest fruit from Bob’s busy computer ought to be “must reading” by pulpit and pew, including those who teach in Bible schools and seminaries. The book will also be refreshing reading to Jews who have witnessed for too long Christians’ “creed without deed”—“talk without walk.”

My wife and I love Robert and Audrey Thompson and their willingness to face and embrace tough truth. If you hang around Bob for even a short time you’ll find a lover of Scripture who takes The Book—and only The Book—for his bottom line. Let the message of “You Are My People” reach your heart—and it will change your life.

—Frank Eiklor, Shalom International

Table of Contents

The Gospel of Christ Belongs Primarily to the Jews
The coming of the Divine salvation was announced by the Hebrew Prophets
The forerunner, John the Baptist, proclaimed the Jewish salvation
Mary announced the Jewish salvation
The Lord Jesus was raised in a Jewish family
The twelve were all Jews
The Holy Spirit fell on 120 Jews, and the Church of Christ was born
The first Church, the Body of Christ, consisted only of Jews
Jews wrote the New Testament