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The purpose of this booklet is to explain the Divine purposes in redemption and to describe the Kingdom of God. We are stating that there are two classes of saved people, the Church and the nations of the saved, and that God has a specific plan for each group.

We are defining the elect, including Jews and Gentiles, as those who have received Christ and have been born again of the Spirit of God.

The nations of the saved are not part of the Church, the elect of God, but people whom Christ has chosen to be ruled by His Kingdom and who will receive eternal life at the hands of the saints.

Table of Contents

The Elect and the Nations of the Saved
God’s Purpose for the Nations of the Saved
Who Are the Elect?
God’s Immediate Objectives for His Elect
To be in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ
To be in union with Christ and with one another as Christ is one with the Father
God’s Purposes for His Elect
The Bride of the Lamb
The Temple of God
The Body of Christ
The light of the world
The vehicle for the end-time revival
The restorers of Paradise to the earth
A source of eternal life and healing for the nations
The royal priesthood
The witnesses of God
The salt of the earth
The sons of God
The brothers of Christ
The overcomers of the accuser
The governors of the nations
A soldier in the army of the Lord
The judges of men and angels
The wall of defense around the Glory of God