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The Christian Gospel has been preached for two thousand years. Inconceivably great good has resulted. One wonders, however, if most of the believers most of the time have understood what the Gospel is.

The Gospel is viewed as a proclamation stating whoever will believe in the Lord Jesus and be baptized in water will go to Heaven when he or she dies and live there forever in a luxurious house. The truth is, the Gospel (Good News) is a proclamation stating justice will come to the nations of the earth when the Kingdom of God has come down from Heaven. Whoever believes in the Lord Jesus and is baptized will be saved from destruction at that time.

Table of Contents

The Announcement of the Coming to Earth of the Kingdom of God
The Appearance of the Savior-King of the Kingdom
The Calling Out and Re-creating of the Nobility of the Kingdom
Re-creating our moral nature
Re-creating our union