He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” (Psalms 91:1,2)

I am writing this on May 2nd, 2002. You can be the judge whether I am hearing from the Lord.

For the last two months (at least), every time I engage in my morning prayer I hear “War! War! War! Famine! Drought! Earthquakes! This has never been true before of my prayers—anywhere near this extent!

It is true that for the last thirty years I have been saying that God is going to send revival to America, but it will be in the midst of great trouble.

Sexual lust is absolutely out of hand in the United States at the present time. And there is talk of legalizing pedophilia and incest. Never before in history has a nation survived that has abandoned itself to the lusts of the flesh.

Little children are being violated, fetuses are slain, and murder abounds. Innocent blood is crying to God from the ground. The Lord is hearing.

I think judgment has been delayed because of the praying people in America; but if I am hearing correctly we have gone too far in our sin.

As the Lord is speaking to me of calamity, He also is saying that those who will obey God in all matters (not those who merely have professed Christ and are waiting for the unscriptural “rapture”) will be protected, along with their loved ones. Do you remember how God singled out Jeremiah and protected that one man during the Babylonian invasion?

Eleven thousand will fall around you, but it shall not come near you.

I have been warning our congregation to toughen up, to get ready to endure hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ.

The San Onofre nuclear reactor is fairly close to us. If it is blown up we will be affected by the radiation.

I have told the people to put their loved ones on the altar, and to learn to listen to Jesus. If San Onofre blows us, we will be of no use as witnesses of God if we are as terrified as the people of the world. We can survive and we can be a help to other people, but only if we have learned to hear and trust the voice of Jesus.

The time to prepare ourselves and our families (as much as possible) is now. If we do not, and our water supplies are poisoned, or a deadly disease is released into the atmosphere, or some other catastrophe occurs, we will panic and run about, not knowing what we are doing. We very well might place ourselves and our loved ones in the place of greatest danger, because we were not able to hear what the Lord was saying to us.

The news in today’s paper seems to indicate that our president, Mr. Bush, is doing an excellent job of bringing us through the problems in the world. I am thankful for that.

But when I go to prayer, the Lord says War! War! Famine! Drought! Earthquakes!

I have been following the Lord for fifty-seven years. I have learned to fly by instrument: this is to say, to trust what I am hearing from the Lord instead of what my natural reasoning and observations tell me.

I am preparing myself and those who will listen to me to the best of my ability. I hope I am mistaken, but it might be best to be prepared just in case it is the Lord I am hearing.

(“Safety During Calamity”, 3643-1)

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