I suppose most of us saw on television the little boy who was killed on Boylston Street in Boston, at the end of the marathon.

He is the sort of child you would like to reach out and hug. He must have wonderful parents to bring up such a lovable youngster.

But where do we go from here? Is Martin history? In a black hole somewhere? Gone from us forever? Is a memory all we are to have?

About six years ago the spirit world (Heaven) became more real to me than previously. I have been a follower of Jesus for 67 years. The Lord always has been real to me since I became a Christian. But now it is different. I have a sense of angels, Heaven, and so forth. I do not see them clearly. It is like when you go into a dark room. You can’t see an individual, and yet you know someone is there.

I looked to the Lord to see if He would tell me the reason for the change in my perception. He said to the effect that there is going to be much blood spilled in America in the days ahead. He wants me, and no doubt many others, to make clear to people that there is no reason for a decent person to fear death or the death of his loved ones. By a decent person He means someone who lives according to a healthy moral conscience.

I have no doubt whatever that Martin is with thousands of boys and girls, playing, enjoying the little animals that are there, having a glorious time.

I remember one time when I was principal of an elementary school in California. There was construction going on near a third-grade classroom. (These were eight-year-olds, like Martin.)

I left my office and went to the classroom and suggested to the teacher that we move the class to the multipurpose room, away from the noise of the construction.

I was in the lead, followed by the teacher. Then came the little darlings, carrying their books and pencils.

Suddenly the love of God for these little ones enveloped me. As far as I know, many of these children had never been taught about Jesus. God’s love for these girls and boys caused me to do some thinking “out of the box,” as they say.

The New Testament tells us about children coming to Jesus. He did not say to His disciples, “Take these kids away until they learn the Torah.” Jesus just received them gladly and loved them.

The Lord said to His disciples, “Boys, you are looking at the Kingdom of Heaven. If you plan on being part of the Kingdom you will have to have the same attitude as these little ones.”

Martin would have been right at home with these children, wouldn’t he!

His parents will be reunited with him some day in the land that always is like Christmas morning. What a happy time that will be for them.

This brings to mind the two young ladies and the young man that committed suicide in the last couple of weeks. Can you imagine the mental anguish that caused them to do this?

The two girls hung themselves, as I remember, and the boy shot himself.

Christians often proclaim that if an individual commits suicide, he or she can never go to Heaven. That is not in the Bible, so they must have read it in the Book of Hezekiah.

When the three entered the spirit world, I imagine the Lord Jesus said something like this: “Well, people, I know by experience how cruel the world can be. Why don’t we do this. Let’s give this another try. I will place you in a school where you will learn the ways of Heaven. Then we will take it from there. Is it a deal?”

This scenario would not be the case for deeply wicked people, or for someone who killed himself to get even with a loved one, or for some other unacceptable reason. That individual will enter the spirit world without the protection of the Lord Jesus, the most horrifying experience possible for a human being.

When we learn the reasons for the mental turmoil of the three young people, their action is understandable to us—and no one is more understanding than our Lord!

As to the reality of the spirit world, a few years ago my grandson, Troy, was thrown from his motorcycle when he was riding over bumpy terrain.

When the news came to his mother that Troy was dead, she went into hysterics. Troy spoke to her from the spirit world: “Mom, stop it. I’m okay.”

During the memorial service, Catherine was able to speak calmly to the thousand-or-so young people who were present. Troy was a strong Christian and a leader.

So we will see Martin again, and the three young people also, now stalwart servants of Christ.

What a marvelous change dying is, from the days of our probation on earth! I always looked forward to the summer vacation, when a boy could go out and forget about school—just go swimming or run through the woods. Death is like that.

Let’s all of us do what we know to be right. Then we can look forward to a smiling Lord and enter the true, eternal world, not like the valley of the shadow of death, which is our present environment. Think about our reunion with loved ones who, although invisible to us at this time, are waiting for us with arms outstretched for a long hug.

So it is not “Goodbye, my son or daughter”; but “We will be together again soon.”

Being 87 years of age, I am looking forward with the greatest joy to the next figure in the dance, as C. S. Lewis would say.

See you there!


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