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There are two aspects to be considered when thinking about the destiny of the Christian after his death: what he will experience when he dies, and what he will experience in the Day of Christ. What happens to us when we die is important to us, but little is stated in the Scriptures about this aspect of our future life. The Scriptures emphasize what will take place when Christ returns.

Table of Contents

What Happens to the Christian When He Dies?
What Happens to the Careless Christian in the Day of Christ?
What Happens to the Diligent Christian in the Day of Christ?
Six Concepts of Salvation
Nine Aspects of Salvation
To have access to the Presence and Face of God, to know as we are known
To be in Christ in God with all members of the Body of Christ
To be changed into the image of Jesus in spirit, soul, and body
To be filled with the power of eternal, incorruptible resurrection life
To be filled with love, joy, peace, and every other desirable attitude, trait, and emotion