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Judaism and Christianity, at least from the Lord’s standpoint, are not two different religions. It is true that men have made a religion of Judaism and other men have made a religion of Christianity. But neither Judaism nor Christianity are religions. Both of them constitute one progressive revelation of the Lord to mankind. Neither one came about as man sought God. Both of them originated as aspects of one Divine revelation.

The unfortunate cleavage between Judaism and Christianity has occurred because of human frailty. Christianity actually is nothing more nor less than the unfolding of true Judaism, that is, of the revelation given to Moses and the Prophets.

The purpose of the Judaic-Christian salvation is to solve the original problem of disobedience to God.

Table of Contents

Introductory Comments

Eternal residence in Heaven is not the goal of salvation
The relationship of Christianity to Judaism
The new covenant
The true nature of salvation
The Divine Salvation Solves the Problem of Disobedience to God
The Kingdom of God shall enforce obedience to God
Misunderstanding the purpose of Divine grace
Imputed righteousness is a temporary device
Two kinds of obedience
The Plan for Solving the Problem of Disobedience
Salvation comes to the Jew
The Lord Jesus redeems us through His blood
The army of the Lord
The First Resurrection From the Dead