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Here are a few reflections after a long pilgrimage as a Christian. Hopefully they will help the young reader grow in wisdom and discernment. It is good to seek the wisdom and understanding that come from the Holy Spirit. God always is glad to reward us with wisdom and provides us generously with that which we ask for.


Jewels of brilliant color and luster are formed by a process of time, pressure and heat. Precious metals such as gold and silver are made under similar circumstances.

Symbolic of virtue and character, these natural elements reflect the manner in which believers are transformed into obedient disciples, and over time into witnesses of the resurrection life of Jesus Christ.

The making of a saint is no small matter. As we respond correctly to the daily pressures of life, Christ is formed in us. If we choose to pick up our cross, lay down our life and follow the Master's will, He transforms us into His image.

When we resist, forcing our own will and way, misinterpreting things meant for our good, we corrupt God's purposes.

Edward J. Reiter

November 2013

Escondido, California


Religion attempts to coerce God to do what man believes God ought to do.

It appears the historic problem of religious people throughout the Christian Era is they do not believe God is able to speak to us and direct us.

It is better for a person to be right in his heart and wrong in his doctrine than to be right in his doctrine and wrong in his heart. It is helpful if we can be right in both areas.

We are entering the period spoken of by the Father when He said to Christ, "I will make Your enemies Your footstool." At last!

Each saint is an enlargement of Christ. Christ fights against Satan with the sword of the Word of His mouth through the saints.

The Lord Jesus is not impressed with how great, famous, rich, or talented we are or what we have accomplished. God can accomplish everything without us. Christ just wants to know what kind of person we are.

To be great in the sight of men is of little worth. To be great in the sight of God is of supreme worth.

There has been in the past, and shall continue to be eternally, an opportunity for God's creatures to rebel. Therefore the Bride of the Lamb is a walled city, and God's tested saints will govern the world in righteousness.

Those who say there is no God are destroying their own hope, like an animal fouling its own nest.

If God acted in irritation every time we acted in unbelief, we would be in a fine mess!

What is this self-righteousness that Evangelicals scorn? Does God despise a person's effort to be honest, truthful, and faithful? It is no wonder our nation is in such a moral mess!

The current misapplication of the grace of forgiveness has confused, and sometimes destroyed, the basic struggle of the Kingdom of God, which is that of righteousness against wickedness.

In America, at least, it is unwise for one who would be a victorious saint to drink alcohol. Keen judgment is required at all times because of the enemy.

What is it about religion that Satan finds such fertile ground there?

One does not always find common sense and integrity in the ministry. Why is this, when a Christian ought to have sterling character?

Striving to be important or preeminent brings trouble and vexation of sprit. Why should one pursue this?

In humility there is peace and quietness of spirit. These are of great value.

How can the proponents of evolution accuse religious teachers of dogma, when they themselves seek to hinder the teaching of intelligent design in the public schools?

Until God plucks from people self-seeking and the desire for preeminence, there can be no acceptable, satisfying social order.

If you are wondering who to blame for your problems, the first place to look is in the mirror.

The gap between those who waiting to hear from Jesus, and those who are attempting to use their gifts "to save a lost and dying world," is that between the new Jerusalem and Babylon.

Heaven is not the house of God. The House of God is the Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal Temple of God, and those who are an integral part of Him.

If our body is the Temple of the Spirit of God, then our soul and spirit are also being made the Temple of God. Thus we are living stones in the eternal Tabernacle of God.

To behave righteously, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God, is our supreme goal. But we cannot do any of those correctly except as Christ is formed in us.

If God's ministers had preached less about the rapture and how to get rich, and more about integrity, the judgment that is about to fall on the United States possibly could have been avoided.

Christian leaders may have great plans for revival. But the Lord Jesus Christ is looking for one person who will listen to Him and do what He says.

I am betting my life that there is a God and the Bible is true. I think a person is a fool to gamble that there is no God and the Bible is not true. What if he is wrong?

Every day of my life I become more convinced that there is a God and that the Bible is His Word to us.

There is grace that enables us to live righteously and to work in the Lord's vineyard. Why, then, do we hear only of the grace of forgiveness?

I want God's Presence to be on me so heavy at all times that I cannot so much as think apart from God.

If the Bible is God's Word, homosexual behavior is sin. If the Bible is not God's Word, then whatever pleases people is acceptable.

Everything in your life and mine that is not of God causes pain and confusion. Let us pray earnestly that all such be removed immediately.

The error with the religious concept of heaven, as I see it, is that the emphasis is on a transformed environment rather than transformed people.

Heavenly surroundings are worse than useless if they are not inhabited by heavenly people. This is why the Bible emphasizes righteous behavior rather than going to Heaven.

Mankind always is striving to make a better environment. God always is striving to make better people.

Mankind is only too willing and ready to raise its fist against God!

Wars are problems with relationships. When the Lord Jesus returns He will straighten out the problems with relationships and there won't be any more wars.

Satan desires to be loved. Therefore love for God and for our neighbor will not be possible worldwide until Satan has been chained.

Here I am, eighty-two years old, and I am just now learning that I have no life except Christ. For me to live is Christ.

The highest good is to love God with all of our heart, soul, strength, and mind, and our neighbor as ourselves. This is not possible to the adamic nature, but shall be true of every individual in the world to come.

We have to be redeemed from the hand of the enemy before we can love God with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind, and our neighbor as ourselves.

Man is bound by circumstances, and at any given time has but a few choices. Yet those few choices determine his eternal destiny.

Three factors cause people to sin: outside influences, including Satan; the sin that dwells in their flesh; and their desire to act independently of God's will.

There is only one thing more important than loving God, and that is obeying God.

It is well if we feel affection toward God, but it is absolutely essential that we obey Him.

God does more than save us. He Himself is our salvation.

The righteous are chastened and afflicted many times. This is not true of the wicked. They are left to pursue their own destruction.

I am thankful that the Lord has afflicted me throughout my life. It has resulted in a discipline that has produced love, joy, and peace.

Until we have set aside our own life that Christ might live in us, we have not fulfilled God's will concerning us. We are not a child of God.

The purpose of salvation is to change us so that it is not we who are living according to our original personality, but it is Christ who is living in us.

Satan has little to fear from Christian leaders getting together and drawing up their plans. But when a believer kneels down and asks Christ to use him as He will, Hell trembles.

When you care for your child more than for yourself, you are growing up. When you care for someone else's child more than for yourself, you really are growing up!

You are thankful that your sins have been forgiven. But have you accepted the rulership of Christ over your life?

The rule of the rod of iron means God is going to make everyone, even Christians, obey His laws.

The world is like a school. A few people make great strides toward God. Most make a little progress and will have to be taught about God and His ways after they die.

Our Christian leaders act as though Christ has no plans. It appears they are scheming instead of listening and obeying.

I think most people, including Christians, would prefer that God remain in Heaven so they can pursue their own life without any Divine meddling.

The "grace" message tells us that being saved by grace means we do not have to obey our King, the Lord Jesus Christ. It may prove to be the most sophisticated of all rebellions against God.

Does our Creator have the right to interfere personally in our life and tell us what we must do and what we cannot do. If not, why not?

Through His death, the Lord Jesus Christ saved us from spiritual death. Does He have the right to be our King and tell us what we must do and what we cannot do. If not, why not?

We show our love for Christ by keeping His commandments.

The love God requires is for us to choose to keep His commandments and to treat others as we would have them treat us.

The only thing that really matters in life is how we treat God and other people.

We American Christians view God as a kindly grandfather, instead of as the dread Spirit who requires the shedding of blood in order to be appeased.

If you blame yourself for your problems you will be right more than half the time.

If we do not obey Christ and His Apostles, we do not actually believe in Christ. Obedience and faith cannot be separated.

When you say you are saved "by faith" do you mean you can disobey Christ and His Apostles and still have fellowship with God? If so, you have been deceived!

To be saved is to be prepared for citizenship in the new world of righteousness which is to come.

What good does it do for us to be forgiven through the blood, and then not be changed so we don't sin again?

Matthew tells us that the day will come when God removes sin and sinners from His Kingdom. That day has begun!

We have focused too much on being forgiven by the Lord, and not nearly enough on obeying the Lord as our rightful King.

If we receive Christ as our Savior, but then do not receive Him as our King, we have not been saved.

Forgiveness alone does not save us. We have to learn to be sternly obedient to the King, Jesus Christ.

There are three imperatives in the Kingdom of God: iron righteousness, fiery holiness, stern obedience to God.

There are not several paths to God, only one: Jesus Christ.

There are not several paths to eternal life, only one: Jesus Christ.

You can call it works, or Pharasaism, or legalism; but if you do not do what Christ and His Apostles commanded you don't love Him and you don't believe in Him.

The question is never one of power. God has all power. The issue is that of truth, of righteousness, of obedience.

In the new world of righteousness, the Spirit of God will compel righteous behavior. If an individual resists, he or she will be removed from society. If the resistance is permanent, the removal will be permanent.

Homosexual behavior is the ultimate form of selfishness. Instead of bringing new people into the world the focus is on our glandular lusts.

Under the Old Covenant we keep the commandments of God without the help of the Holy Spirit. Under the New Covenant we keep the commandments of Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit.

If Paradise is to be regained and maintained there can be no compromise whatever with sin and self-will.

The greatest blessing any human being can receive is to be formed in the image of the behavior and appearance of God, and then filled with the fullness of God's Person.

The ultimate expression of the Law of God occurs when the Father and the Son through the Holy Spirit rule in the heart of the saint.

The difference between religion and God is that between school and life. Mankind tends to defend and preserve the school and not learn to live the life.

The Greeks did not try to understand Philip's religion. They wanted to see Jesus.

Religion can be a seductive trap that leads us away from a life lived in close fellowship with Jesus.

You could read a commentary in which you examined every word in the Bible, but you still might not find Jesus. Jesus is a Man, not a doctrine.

Jesus is the Word of God. The Bible is the Word of God. Jesus does not lead us to the Bible, the Bible leads us to Jesus.

Mary did not say, "Where have you laid my Bible?" Mary asked, "Where did you lay my Lord?"

You could memorize every word in the Bible and still not have one drop of eternal life. Eternal Life is the body and blood of Christ.

We are given to eat pf the body and blood of Christ every time we choose to behave righteously and turn away from to sin.

Being raised from the dead is the overcoming of the last enemy. Being caught up to meet Jesus in the air is not an act of redemption, only a demonstration of Kingdom power.

Meditate in the Scriptures every day. Then look up from the printed page until you see the Lord Jesus.

Parties are for children. Fellowship is for believers to enjoy the Presence of Christ together.

It appears that many people regard the ways of their religion as being more important than the ways of God.

We have to be in God's moral image in personality and behavior before we can be fashioned in His outer likeness.

We have made the blood atonement the focus of redemption. It is not. It is our means of having fellowship with God and obeying Christ as our King.

Salvation does not come as we keep on believing in the blood atonement. Salvation comes as we learn to walk with the Lord Jesus Christ and obey Him in every aspect of life.

Belief in the blood atonement is a means to an end. The end is to be part of the eternal Temple of God.

When we believe in the blood atonement we are freed from the Law of Moses , but only as we follow the Spirit of God at all times.

Our membership in a Christian denomination does not have Kingdom significance. But stern obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ is totally significant.

A person who kills another person in the name of religion will be judged as a murderer in the Day of Judgment. God does not accept this form of worship or service.

Homosexual behavior may be accepted in the Western democracies; but it always will bring Divine judgment on the participants.

If when you die you find yourself in a mansion, with no responsibilities, and all you have to do is to "sing and shout and dance about," you have not gone to Heaven.

Life begins when we die. The present world is nothing more than a place of testing and training.

Given that our present life than nothing more than preparation for true life, we can see how terribly important it is that we are rightly related to God through Christ, if at all possible.

We either will choose to live victoriously in Christ, or, if we are admitted to the new world of righteousness, we will be governed by those who did!

Each superior prophet rebukes the prophet inferior to him, and the Lord rebukes them all.

"Watch in prayer. Watch in prayer." Again I say to you, "Watch carefully in prayer!"

America is sliding down into a dungeon of moral chains. We are going to have to live very close to Jesus if we are to survive spiritually.

People "accept Christ" so they won't go to Hell. This hardly is what the Scripture means by "eternal life.

Give all of yourself to Christ, and Christ will give all of Himself to you.

If you would go to Heaven, ask Christ to make you heavenly.

The two biggest questions of life are: "Is there a God?"; and, "Will I have to answer for my behavior?" The answers are: "Yes"; and "Yes."

We Americans have made an idol of the right of people to do as they please. This is why God is raising up enemies who are determined to destroy our way of life.

Christ already had died to make an atonement for your sins. The issue is, will you accept Him as your Lord?

Practical jokes and senseless vandalism are the domain of demons. You will not find these in Heaven. There is an abundance of humor, but no joking or foolish behavior.

Placing one's treasures in Heaven puts the individual in a position of great strength. He or she now is invulnerable.

God does not choose the best people, rather He chooses whom He wishes and then makes them the best people, for His own glory.

Divine grace is preached today as institutionalized disobedience to the commandments of Christ and His Apostles.

If you enjoy Satan's ways, such as sexual perversions and unnecessary abortions, you may find yourself in Satan's embrace for eternity.

The best form of government is a just, wise, compassionate king. Democratic government is deeply flawed.

The saint does not use the scientific method for guiding his steps. Rather he looks to the Lord Jesus for every decision.

Why are so many American people in love with Sodom? Are we hoping that the fate of Sodom will be our fate also?

The romantic spirit in people is that of idolatry, looking for someone to worship. There is a Divine romance.

Our new spiritual nature has not just been adopted by Jesus. It actually has been born of God.

If you behave like Satan, you are satanic. If you behave like the demons, you are demonic. If you behave in a heavenly manner, you are heavenly. This all is true whether or not you have "accepted Christ."

It is not a religious profession that determines whether you are a child of God. It is your behavior.

Those who are born of God behave as God does. Those who are born of Satan behave as Satan does.

There is no way anyone can come to the Father except through the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Door whom God has chosen.

He who is walking with Jesus is walking with the Father. He who is not walking with Jesus is not walking with the Father, whether or not he refers to himself as a Christian.

In America the interaction of amassing money, sexual enticement, and the lust for power produce frenzied activity. Our government is unwilling and unable to do anything about it.

There are three activities, yes four, that never can be mastered: pastoring a church; the practice of medicine; playing the piano; teaching the fifth grade.

The best of us come short of God's Glory. We limit the Holy One of Israel!

From the first verse in Genesis to the last verse in Revelation, the Bible is the inspired Word of God. It is the one institution we can trust completely.

The only way we can be saved is by practicing righteousness, loving mercy, and walking humbly with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The only way we can gain eternal life is to eat Christ. He shows us how to do this when we ask Him.

People are confused, but they want to be like God and control their own lives. The result is chaos.

God reveals Himself in the cherubim, in the angels, in all of nature; but most completely in Jesus Christ and those who are part of Christ.

When we place material gain above loving relationships we are out of Divine order.

When Christ is in town the righteous become more righteous and the wicked become more wicked.

When we observe the reaction (sometimes violent) of public educational institutions against the examination of intelligent design as a hypothesis we can see how thin a veneer civilization is over the raging forces of the spirit world.

People in the Western nations have become so accustomed to doing as they please that they may have difficulty when the Kingdom of God comes to the earth and everyone has to obey Christ.

If we have been living a wicked life, and then choose to turn and behave righteously, the Bible says our previous wickedness will not be mentioned.

If we are behaving righteously, and then choose to turn and behave wickedly, the Bible says our previous righteousness will not be mentioned.

It is a good idea to check yourself every once in a while and ask the Lord Jesus to remove all false ideas from your mind.

The United States is a textbook example of what happens when a culture places the acquisition of material wealth ahead of moral training.

Moral training apart from the acknowledgment of Jesus Christ as our Lord, is always ineffective, because righteous behavior is possible only as we lay hold on Divine wisdom and power.

It never is true that all is lost, when we turn to the Lord for help.

The goal of salvation is not to have our sins forgiven, it is to be a mature son of God who can have fellowship with his Father.

When we look around us it is easy to believe there is a God. However, it is really difficult to believe that human beings with all their characteristics were formed from chance occurrences!

It is an eternal Gospel. It is not divided into dispensations. The song of Moses and the Lamb is one song.

God is looking today for men and women who will preach the eternal Gospel while living fully on the earth and fully in Heaven at the same time.

Faithfulness and truth are in short supply in America. The removal of these characteristics shows us that the Lord Jesus Christ is not prominent in our land.

For those who desire to enter God's land of promise, His rest, please learn from the incident concerning the Gibeonites not to take anything for granted!

Why "dining with Him"? Because dining with Jesus includes friendship, knowledge, nourishment, joy, strength, peace, wisdom, joy, fellowship.

Because the days ahead will be so chaotic, the Lord will do new and surprising things for those who listen carefully to Him and obey Him in every detail of their life.

The Lord wants to be our Global Positioning Navigator. He will guide us at every point of decision if we will listen to Him carefully.

The power of wickedness will increase in the days ahead. But the power of righteousness will overcome the power of wickedness if we continually will look to the Lord Jesus.

The Lord Jesus will lead us in paths of righteousness if we keep looking to Him.

The more immediate our contact is with Jesus, the more successful we will be in surviving spiritually and helping others to survive spiritually in the coming days.

If we will bring every decision to Jesus, we may hear a Voice saying: "This is the way. Walk in it."

God wants people to keep the rules. Don't try to skirt the rules that are laid down, without God's advice. You will only harm yourself in some manner.

I do not want my own mind. I want the mind of Christ, and nothing less!

We have been imprisoned in a physical body Therefore we are tempted to do all sorts of foolish, destructive things.

God has imprisoned us in a physical body in order to teach us many things. Once we have been released from this body we will understand this clearly.

Once the Lord returns, if we have been established in His Kingdom, we will understand clearly what an insane asylum the world has been throughout its history.

"Eternal life" does not refer to duration of consciousness. Eternal life is the Presence of God.

Whoever has the Presence of God with Him is spiritually alive. Whoever does not have the Presence of God with Him is spiritually dead, even though he professes belief in Christ.

Eternal life, the Presence of God, results from daily obedience to God, not from our profession of belief in a Statement of Faith.

If you would have more of the Holy Spirit, more eternal life, obey Jesus Christ diligently at every moment.

Specific, direct prayer will result in specific, direct answers. Haphazard prayer will result in haphazard answers.

Neglected prayer results in neglected answers.

"Lord, help me to live in continual prayer that I may live in continual answers."

Because of Your faithfulness, I will lie down and sleep in peace and safety.

God is not vague. He is very specific, very "human" in what He does.

The way we treat God is often the way God treats us, although you would not know this from the current preaching.

God will keep that individual in perfect peace whose mind remains fixed on Him.

I choose to not worry. I choose to live in peace and safety in the Lord Jesus. Dread and fear are not my inheritance. Therefore, "Leave me, in the name of the Lord Jesus."

If we don't bury our past, our past will bury us.

If we are to press forward to the mark, we must forget the things that are behind.

I absolutely refuse to take my pleasure at someone else's expense.

Compared with the love, joy, and peace of Heaven, the present world is an asylum conducted in a cesspool.

It is time to bring to bring Heaven and its ways into the dark scenes of earth.

Because God does not reveal Himself to the wicked, they pursue their destructive ways with abandon.

Do not be envious of wicked people when they vaunt themselves. Their end is painful beyond imagination.

Gender is one of the fundamental characteristics of man. Satan is seeking to destroy gender because of his spite toward God and envy toward man.

The religions of the world, including Christianity, do not appear to profoundly change the majority their adherents.

Spiritual death, separation from the Presence of God, is infinitely more tragic than physical death.

Spiritual death is more to be feared than physical death, because spiritual death can continue into the next life.

The sting of death is sin. Where there is no sin, death has no sting. Christ gives us victory over the bondages of sin.

If we are in Christ Jesus, we are following the Spirit of God in all aspects of our behavior, and thus are not under condemnation.

If we profess Christ as our Savior, and then continue to live according to the desires of our flesh and mind, we are under condemnation.

It is the responsibility of the Christian ministry to teach the believers how to live in the Spirit of God so they do not remain under condemnation.

To try to heal someone by repeating how much we believe is an exercise in metaphysics. It is not obedience to the living Christ.

Our physical body is not as important as our inner personality, because our physical body does not go with us into the next world when we die.

Satan is a cherub who has rebelled against God. He is motivated by spite toward God and envy toward man. Since Satan has no gender he is intent on destroying the concept of male and female.

Although I am tired, I want live as long as possible so I can bring the Life of Heaven into this world.

I used to be a speedboat. Now I am a barge, towed by the Lord Jesus.

God gives us strong desires in several areas of living. Then He tells us not to gratify them. By examining our responses, God can tell who is worthy to rule in His Kingdom.

You don't have to be in perfect health to serve Christ effectively. The Lord Jesus weakened the Apostle Paul so the power of Christ would rest on him.

We are not delivered from sin so we will be healthy. We are delivered from sin so we can have fellowship with God.

The Lord Jesus, who is the only Truth, stated that some people are the sons of the Kingdom and some are the sons of the evil one. Apparently we do not fully understand the mysteries of righteousness and wickedness.

The greatest value in life is strict obedience to God, not tolerance. Tolerance easily can lead to immorality.

The correct Christian response to our social immorality is not fretting; it is to walk so closely to Jesus that the power and righteousness of Christ is revealed in our personality.

Divine judgment always follows immorality. Any nation that condones immoral behavior will soon be destroyed.

There is no solution to the current moral darkness other than to pray continually and to obey Christ in every detail of life.

We always should be kind to the members of other religions. But the Lord Jesus Christ is the only Way to the Father.

We limit the Holy One of Israel, and cannot understand the Scriptures, when we apply human rules of fairness to God. He is the Potter! He always does as He will!

If God has called you to Himself, through Jesus Christ, you are part of an elect minority. But Be careful! Someone may take your crown! Your name may be blotted from the Book of Life!

Whoever teaches that if we believe in Christ we do not have to keep His commandments is a deceiver and destroyer. Keep away from him!

From the beginning of recorded history, the family unit, father, mother, and children, has been the foundation of the social order. To change this pattern is to invite moral chaos.

We are God's servants. He is not our servant; nor is He a spiritual power we can manipulate to our own advantage.

Today God is preparing the rulers of the world to come. The training program is difficult and totally demanding!

All the unjust, hurtful things we have done during this present life we are going to meet in the next world, unless we get them taken care of now by the Lord.

When I first became a Christian I was told that no one can ever do God's will perfectly. This is not true. Anyone can do God's will each day as we pray to Christ for help.

We ought not to blame people for the harm they do. No one can do what is right without God's help.

Sometimes what we think is God's will really isn't. We just haven't been careful and patient enough to learn the truth.

This world is a minefield. We do well to pray about every step we take.

If we will ask Christ to help us, we won't have to take drugs in order to survive the pains of life.

Religions may give people some peace of mind and guidance. But only the Lord Jesus Christ has the power to enable us to do lasting good.

We are obliged by God and conscience to behave righteously; but only Jesus Christ can enable us to live righteously.

We ought not to blame people for their sins, because only Christ can enable us to live righteously; and no man can come to Christ unless God draws him.

One of the worst punishments the wicked will endure in the world to come is to be placed with people like themselves.

If you are living close to Jesus, no one can hurt you emotionally unless you let them.

If you are living close to Jesus, you can be hurt emotionally only through your idols.

The Male Son, of the twelfth chapter of the Book of Revelation, consists of Christ brought forth in the saints. They shall govern the nations with a rod of iron.

Since salvation is a process that makes us an entirely new creation, we would be more accurate if we said "I am a believer," rather than, "I am saved."

To be "born again" is to have been made a new creation, in which our old nature has passed away and the Life of Christ has taken its place.

God's desire is that each one of us become an entirely new creation in Christ. There is a program of salvation that must be worked out.

"He who endures to the end shall be saved," meaning that we must patiently keep the commandments of Christ until we die, if we are to be saved.

It is the saints who will govern the nations of the earth with a rod of iron. True, Christ is living in them and they are obeying Him. Nevertheless, it is they who are ruling!

We receive Christ so we can begin the program of salvation.

As we obey the commandments of Christ and His Apostles, Christ is formed in us.

The Father and the Son will come and dwell in us when Christ has been formed in us. This is the rest of God.

If we will pray earnestly, Christ will help us obey what He and His Apostles have commanded.

If we participate in the Divine salvation, and continue in it diligently, it eventually will transform us from what are; and the new creation will be given a new name.

The rise of moral evil in the world today cannot be overcome by physical or political means. Only the wisdom and power of God can overcome Satan.

In the present hour, the dragon is not seeking to devour the woman, but her Child. It is the birth of the Child, the Christ-filled saints, that threatens Satan's kingdom, not the activities of the churches.

We must give our whole attention to the bringing forth of Christ in us. Only He can establish God's Kingdom in Heaven and upon the earth.

The most significant event of the last days is the accomplishing of the mystery, that is, the forming of Christ in the saints.

Deliverance from the power of sin is a reward for obeying Christ. Then we are rewarded for the righteous behavior resulting from our deliverance.

To overcome is to persevere with Christ until you are caught up to God and to His Throne, while Satan is attempting to devour the Child being formed in you, the Ruler of the nations.

Someone said recently it was revealed to them that when we obey Christ, the great cloud of witnesses is strengthened. They without us cannot be made perfect. Could this be true!

One person who waits on Jesus and obeys Him carefully will accomplish more good in this world and the next than a gathering of the fifty "greatest" names in Christianity.

Men like to build the Kingdom using great numbers of people. God is content to quietly work with one person. He gets more done this way.

The Bible is translated and edited by committees, but it was written by individuals.

Our challenge is not to overcome "it" but to overcome "him"—the cherub who is envious of us because we have the opportunity to gain the inheritance he has been denied.

Christ who is being formed in us is struggling to attain to the Throne of God. Satan seeks continually to devour the new Person.

There are three facts that interact: God is not fair, by our standards; God is drawing a firstfruits from His Church; our response to God's drawing determines whether or not we receive our assigned inheritance.

We are rewarded by seeking the Lord, first by being delivered from sinful compulsions; second, by our righteous behavior resulting from our being delivered.

If we will continue to be obedient and trusting, Jesus will remove the last bit of clutching that we may be released into the fullness of resurrection life.

God can give us the desires of our heart in such a way that they do not become our jailers.

If you would be free in Christ, put your desires in Heaven and keep them there.

lf you do not do all Christ commands you to do, you are not righteous. You are a rebel against the Kingdom of God.

There is only street in the city. It is the way of faith, of holiness, of diligent obedience to Christ.

Put all of your treasures in Heaven. If do not you can't possible keep them.

Getting old is tiresome. Thank God there is a better life just over the mountain!

There is nothing—absolutely nothing!—in this world as important as serving the Lord. So few people seem to understand this, and fritter away their time and strength on that which has no lasting value.

There are so many things and activities that are not sinful as such; but neither are they laying up treasures in Heaven for the believer.

It is a pity that more Christians do not do God's will diligently, for it is those who do God's will who will endure forever.

Sitting in Egypt will never bring us into the land of promise no matter how much "faith" in Christ we think we have.

The Spirit of God leads us as we obey the commandments of Christ and of His Apostles.

The purpose of Divine grace is to forgive us and then enable us to obey Christ and His Apostles.

Whoever teaches that Divine grace is a substitute for the need to obey Christ and His Apostles is deceived. The truth is not in him.

Salvation conforms us to the moral image of Christ and brings us into union with God through Christ.

The old hymns taught us to obey Christ. The new choruses talk about how wonderful Jesus is, but not how to obey Him.

The old hymns speak of victory over sin through the power of the blood of Christ. Whatever happened to that concept?

To dance with Christ does not come naturally. It requires dancing lessons.

If you will look to Christ continually, He will guide you in every detail of life.

To become too involved with any thing or person is to add chains to ourselves and to prevent the fullness of resurrection life Christ has for us.

Belief in Christ saves us, only as our belief causes us to obey the commandments of Christ and His Apostles.

Ask God to remove the power of the sin that binds you. Then He will reward you for the righteous behavior that results from your release.

The power of eternal life enables us to behave righteously. Righteous behavior results in more eternal life.

Seek the power and wisdom to behave righteously. Otherwise you will experience corruption in the Day of Resurrection.

Eternal life produces and follows righteous behavior. Where there is no righteous behavior, there is no eternal life.

Wherever did we get the idea that we can believe in Christ and yet not keep His commandments? This idea certainly did not come down from Heaven!

If you are under the impression that you will escape Hell by believing in Christ, even though you are behaving sinfully, you probably will yield to temptations if they are severe enough.

The inheritance Christ has promised goes to those who overcome Satan. To overcome Satan is to choose to do God's will at each moment, in spite of temptations.

Is it your desire to overcome Satan? Then ask Christ to help you.

Give all your burdens to Christ. He will help you carry them.

Give all of your treasures to Christ. Then you will enter rest, and good works will follow you.

The present life is a trial run. Actual life begins at death, and is governed by how we did during the trial run.

All Divine covenants require righteous behavior. There is no Divine covenant that substitutes a belief system for righteous behavior.

The old covenant required obedience to the Law. The new covenant transforms the believer. Both covenants insist on righteous behavior.

Those who choose to worship Satan, or any other God, in place of the Lord Jesus Christ will experience agony of spirit, soul, and body, and horrors beyond belief.

Denominations and their buildings grow stale because they ride on the wave of the past. They do not always strive for the immediate Presence of God.

God always has solved our problems in the past. Why are we so worried He will not solve our present problems? We shame God with our unbelief.

Many believers of the past served God halfheartedly, it is true. But that need not be true of us!

The Christian experience is like manna. It must be kept fresh, or else it will "breed worms and stink."

If you regard your present life as anything other than preparation for your true life, which will commence when you die, you will perceive incorrectly everything that happens to you.

If we are to be a member of the Bride of the Lamb, our purpose in life must be to be a helper for Christ; for, for this purpose "Eve" is created.

Since you do not really know what your desires are, how can God give you the desires of your heart while you are clutching your idols?

Let our prayer be that through the Lord Jesus Christ we will become the personification of iron righteousness, fiery holiness, and stern obedience to the Father.

When we ask for truth, concerning a specific issue, the answer ordinarily comes quite quickly; although sometimes we have to wait patiently several years before the truth becomes clear to us.

If there are "kings" of wickedness in our personality we can be deceived, even though we are praying and reading our Bible each day and are determined to do God's will.

Speaking in tongues is God's wisdom. Its purpose is to lead us into the rest of God, into life lived in the Spirit of God.

When one is accustomed to a church in which speaking in tongues is practiced, and then goes to another church in which speaking in tongues is not practiced, the difference is felt as a kind of emptiness.

The practice of speaking in tongues has been restored to the Christian churches through much travail. It is not to be ignored as something trivial. It is of the greatest importance.

Speaking in tongues gives a depth to worship that is not present when the worshipers never have spoken in tongues.

Ask the Lord Jesus to enable you to leave the world a better place than you found it.

The test of the validity of any Christian doctrine is, does this teaching lead to righteous behavior, or does it content itself with theologic knowledge or speculation?

The fundamental philosophy of the United States of America is that man is free to choose his own way without seeking God's will for his life. This is the most destructive of all ideas.

To believe in the Lord Jesus is to obey Him in every aspect of life. There is no eternal life apart from obedience.

How can a person believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and not obey Him? What is belief anyway?

God chastens every son He receives. The chastening can be arduous. Don't be amazed at them.

The taller the building, the deeper the foundation. If your destiny is to be of high rank in the Kingdom, you will endure many "diggings."

Christ is not concerned about whether or not we observe Christmas. But He is vitally concerned that we learn to live by His Life and Presence.

God's Word is living and powerful. I have lived my life by it, and hope to die in it.

"O God, don't let us fall into temptation. Deliver us from Satan," we pray in Jesus' name.

We start as children, and end up as children, but now children in the image of God's Character.

Just because we desire something fervently does not mean this is God's will; although sometimes it is.

I have decided its is better that Christ live in me than to have my own thoughts, words, and actions.

Nothing else in life is as important as being sternly obedient to Christ.

By substituting belief in Christ for being obedient to Christ we have destroyed God's intention under the Christian covenant.

Although we understand there is no eternal life except in the Lord Jesus, the Muslim people do refer to God as "Father." There is no reason to act hatefully toward them..

Satan seeks continually to trip us up. This is why we always must remain in a state of prayer.

If we do not show mercy to others, no mercy will be shown to us.

Christ's goal is not to please us, necessarily. It is to make us part of himself. Such union results in the highest state of love, joy, and peace.

The Lord Jesus is well able to remove the last vestige of evil from us. And He will, if we will look to Him and cooperate with Him in every instance.

There are some pretty good people in jails and prisons. They are there because they did not pray, "Lead us not into temptation."

It is a good idea when getting ready to go to sleep, to ask God to remove Satan from the buildings and the grounds.

I don't particularly care what religion you belong to; I want to know what kind of person you are.

The Christian religion always seems to present itself as more important than the person's character. It is more important to profess belief in Christ than to have integrity.

Why is it that religious sects fight against each other? It is because religion does not always affect the individual's character.

Why did the Christians who settled America revealed that they were the sons of the devil by cheating the Indians? It is because religion often does not change character.

Why do so many Muslims regard American Christians as being the son of Satan? It is because religion often does not change character.

Eternal life is found only in the Lord Jesus Christ. But Christ does not know those who profess belief in Him and act like Satan.

The Lord works continually to remove from Himself the sin we brought into Him. If the sin we brought will not submit to purging, then we ourselves will be purged from Him.

When I maintain that Christians must live in a godly manner, I am not preaching "works"; I am preaching fruit.

I would ask in advance for a grand work force of angels not weigh anything.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. On some occasions it is because God wants these good people to become better people in His sight, and not to have wasted their time on the earth.

Those who wish may wander through the valley of nostalgia; but I choose to press forward to a glorious future.

Become careless, make many assumptions, and learn from the pain.

The path to eternal life leads through crucifixion with Christ.

It is only as we are crucified with Christ that we live with Christ.

The purpose for the activities of the Christian religion is to bring us into crucifixion with Christ in order that we may be resurrected with Christ.

The maturing of Christ within us is revealed as we reject that which is bad and embrace that which is good.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of eternal Life. The body and blood of Christ are the Substance of eternal Life.

The Holy Spirit is a Person. Jesus Christ is a Person. They both are eternal life.

The Spirit of God leads us into death in Christ. He then leads us into Life in Christ.

That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings. The way up is down. The way up is down.

When we choose to go against our sinful nature, which is what it means to die, we are fed with the resurrection Life of the body and blood of Christ.

The Holy Spirit is resurrection Life, eternal Life. So are the body and blood of Christ.

When we die in the Lord, our good works follow us; which is to say, resurrection follows crucifixion and we behave like the Lord Jesus.

If we allow the Lord to slay us, He will resurrect us into Life lived in the image of Christ's Life.

When we die in the Lord, we then will do the works of Christ because of His resurrection Life in us.

We have been designed to live forever; and so we shall, if we live by the Life of Christ as He lives by the Life of the Father.

The new Jerusalem is the Christian Church ruling in the midst of the nations of saved people on the new earth.

The new covenant brings us into the eternal Sabbath. We cease from our own works. Then the Lord can do His works through us every moment of every day and every night.

The Lord has his firstfruits. Each one brings others with him who are not at the same level in Christ.

God has taught me how to die in Christ. Living comes automatically.

Anything out of God's timing is sinful.

Many of today's preachers and teachers are attempting to show people how to live in religion rather than how to die in Christ.

If you will show people how to live in religion rather than to how to die in Christ, you will not lack for followers.

If the heavenly Father finally shuts the door against you, you will be in the most distress and pain imaginable.

The sword the King is to use must be heated and cooled many times. Has this happened to you?

It is more important to do what is right than to enjoy what we are doing.

The victorious saint never asks a question like, "Can I drink beer and still be saved?" Rather, he asks, "How can I obey further and please the Lord?"

God has to fulfill His own commandments in us. He does this as we pray diligently and obey Him faithfully.

To walk with God and be His friend—that is the greatest thing in life.

I am not seeking healing or power or anything else. I just want to walk with God and have fellowship with Him, just as Enoch did.

I am thankful that I have lived long enough to know English and American people before they threw away their Divine covering in favor of indulging in sexual excesses.

Abortion and homosexual behavior prevent the birth of children. But God will not be mocked.

Satan's purpose in abortion and homosexual behavior is to prevent the birth of children who one day might be servants of the Lord.

There is liberal thinking, and there is conservative thinking, and then there is God's thinking.

The sons of the Kingdom will not shine forth as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father until the messengers of God have removed all sin and sinners from the Kingdom.

Suicide is an act of selfishness, except when someone is incurably ill and in very great pain.

Obedience to God brings order, clarity, and simplicity. Disobedience to God brings disorder, lack of clarity, and complexity.

Righteousness is obedience to God. Sin is disobedience to God.

When we are not walking in obedience to God we lose the ability to govern our assigned inheritance.

Man cannot live in love, joy, and peace when governed by a tyrant, or governed by himself; only when governed by a righteous king.

Our strength lies in quietness and confidence, based on God's Word and Presence.

Understanding come to those who obey God. The disobedient will dwell in a dry land not inhabited.

Religious people like to make rules they are required to follow. But Christ's way is to personally lead us in every decision we make.

All of our things, circumstance, and relationships must be in Christ if they are to be eternal.

If we do not plan for our life after death we are foolish. Our death is the only event in our life of which we can be certain.

There are going to be so many difficult decisions to make in the future we are going to have to keep asking the Lord for wisdom as to what we should do.

I have noticed that just because a minister has a gift of the Spirit operating does not mean he or she necessarily has integrity.

The Kingdom of God rules in Heaven today, and in the future will govern the behavior of people on the earth.

No sinful behavior is permitted in the Kingdom of God.

There were many difficulties during my younger days. But I must say as I grow older that goodness and mercy are following me.

As I grow older I see that people are a mixture of good and evil. We patiently must encourage the good until Christ helps them to overcome the evil.

The Holy Spirit is the Law of the new covenant, just as the statutes laid down by Moses are the Law of the old covenant. We must be careful to obey the Spirit if we hope to remain without condemnation.

I hope to leave the world a better place than I found it. I believe I can, through the Lord Jesus Christ.

We must be patient with the weaknesses of people and pray that God will help them overcome their shortcomings.

There is a time not to show mercy, but only as the Lord Jesus directs us.

We must keep coming boldly to the Throne of Grace in the days to come if we are to obtain the wisdom and strength necessary to survive the coming Divine judgments.

"One shall be taken and the other left" means that those who live by the body and blood of the Lamb will be caught up to meet the Lamb in the air, and then work with Him as He installs the Kingdom of God on the earth.

Everything we do we will meet up with in this life or the next. We can obtain forgiveness by confessing our sin and turning from it; but there still are consequences!

The reason people choose to believe in the doctrine of evolution, even though it is not sensible, is that they do not like the idea of having to account for their actions.

Nothing is free! Even the gift of eternal life requires that we put to death the deeds of our sinful nature.

I do not know what the palace prophets of the Old Testament hoped to gain by prophesying from their own spirit. There certainly are many such prophets today!

Sometimes God wants to give us good things, but we just can't believe enough to receive the blessing. Like Peter kept waiting at the outer entrance during prayer.

If a person has integrity, God can straighten out his religion in this world or the next. But what do you do with a person without integrity?

God judges what we do, not what we think we are, or what we believe.

The Old Testament is much larger than the New, because it is in the Old Testament that we learn about God and His ways.

The New Testament is not telling us about a new god. The God of the Old Testament hasn't changed. He is as loving and strict as ever.

If you want to learn about God, study the Old Testament and meditate continually on what is written therein.

If the New Covenant forgave us without changing us there would be no possibility of a Heaven.

I believe if we were to spend more time quietly listening we would become more aware of Christ and His will for us.

If everyone loved God with all his heart and his neighbor as himself, there would be no more sin. The account of Balaam teaches us that in order to please God, it is not enough to have a true gift of prophecy.

You can be certain that if God has called you to a high place in His Kingdom there shall be a period during which you will be denied the most intense desires of you heart.

If we are to share in the joy of our Lord we first must share in the sufferings of our Lord.

He who would seek power with God must be brought into paths of suffering and denial until an unclean desire for power has been totally stripped from his personality.

Before God can safely entrust us with the fullness of love, joy, and peace, we must be brought through many fires, many prisons, many denials of what God has put in our heart to desire.

The preaching of today emphasizes that Christ has done everything for us. There is nothing we are to do. This teaching is contrary to the New Testament. God is creating man in His image. and refining some who are to govern and judge mankind and the angels. This transformation requires our obedience.

Would you receive the crown of life? Then endure patiently the prisons in which you shall be placed.

The desire to do God's perfect will and to dwell in His holy fire is infectious and addictive. The more we live in such a state the more we want to live in total obedience in that holy fire.

To be a coheir of the Lord Jesus Christ is to possess more authority and glory than has been true of the grandest dreams of the kings of the earth.

All your cues and fleeces may point in a certain direction. There may be one point that still does not conform. Wait until that last cue comes into line.

Out of this drunken, brawling dance we call life on the earth will emerge the Bride of the Lamb, beautiful with the beauty of holiness; morally in the image of Jesus Christ; as terrible as an army with banners.

The Book of James claims that we are justified by what we do and not by faith alone. Modern teachers are stating we are justified by faith alone. Who is declaring the Word of God?

Merely "accepting Christ" does not produce a new creation. Numerous people who have "accepted Christ" behave worse than the unbelievers.

The highest goal that a man can set for himself, outside of fellowship with God Himself, consists of eternal love, joy, and peace. The flesh cannot produce these, they are the fruit of the Spirit of God.

We are eternal beings. We have been placed in this asylum, this stage with many different props, to see what kind of person we are; what kind of choices we are going to make in the next world.

We have been placed in this ridiculous body to examine, in a controlled environment, how we will behave when entrusted with the true riches.

The body may seem to us like a marvelous mechanism. But it is only a temporary vehicle for eternal spiritual personalities.

All the things we see around us, even our own body, are a fabrication. The only factor of lasting importance is the choices we make. These shall affect our condition when we die and enter the true, eternal world.

It is not belief in Christ that saves us, when such belief is used as a talisman. The salvation is in that we have obeyed God by believing in Christ and in all other matters. He who does the will of God abides forever.

Adam brought death upon himself and the rest of mankind by disobeying God. So shall we bring death upon ourselves if we disobey God.

The one important issue in our existence is total obedience to God in all circumstances. All else hangs on this. It is in our obedience or lack of it that our destiny is decided.

When you have a need or desire, pray patiently and courteously until you have the sense that God has heard you. Your prayer has been answered as surely as if you were experiencing the answer right now.

One of the best aspects of serving the Lord is that we never have the sense of being alone. There always is that Presence with us.

We don't bud, and bear blossoms and fruit until we are a dead stick laid up in the Most Holy Place.

Do we really understand that with the advent of electronic communication, geographic distance no longer is relevant? Now is the hour to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to every nation as a witness of the coming of the Kingdom of God to the earth.

If you desire to be in the image of God, be kind to people.

Christ wants to be our Friend, more than most of us want to be His friend.

It is God's intention that Christ have friends and brothers among mankind. By the doctrine of the Trinity, we have made Jesus Christ part of an incomprehensible Godhead, thus destroying the normal relationship of Christ to His friends and brothers.

The Lord Jesus Christ would like to be your Friend and Brother and walk in close fellowship and rapport with you. Are you ready for this?

The wicked always overplay their hand. Look to Christ to save you and the wicked will hang themselves.

Today we are preaching about how wonderful Jesus is. We need to start preaching what Jesus taught!

Telling Christ how wonderful He is does not build our house on the rock. It is doing what He has commanded that gets the job done.

What do we mean by "grace"? Do we mean God will bring us to Heaven even though we do not keep the commandments of Christ and His Apostles? If so, we have been deceived by the greatest of all deceptions.

There is no passage in the New Testament that informs us grace will set aside, weaken, or modify in any manner the warnings issued by Christ and His Apostles.

The first individual to preach grace, as grace is preached today, was Satan. God said, "You shall die." Satan said, "you shall not surely die" (lit. not to die you shall die).

The term "grace" is used in the New Testament to mean the Presence and power of Christ to declare us righteous apart from our observance of the Law of Moses, and then to remove us from the authority and power of Satan and bring us into God'/s image and Kingdom purposes.

The modern teaching of grace either is correct and most of the admonitions of Christ and His Apostles are not necessary for our salvation, or else the modern teaching of grace is the most destructive error ever presented to mankind.

The Bible tells the Christian he must turn away from sin. The teaching of grace tells the Christian he should turn away from sin.

The way in which grace is preached today makes the preaching of Christ and His Apostles of no effect.

Paul said to Christians, "What you sow you shall reap." Grace says to Christians, "If you believe in Christ you shall not reap what you sow."

Paul said to Christians, "If you continue to live according to your bodily desires you shall die spiritually." Grace says, "If you believe in Christ you can live according to your bodily desires and not die spiritually."

Jesus told us if we will do what He commanded we will build our life on a rock. Grace informs us that if we will call Jesus "Lord," we will build our life on a rock even though we do not do what He commanded.

Jesus told us that if we love Him we will keep His commandments. Grace tells us we can love Christ and believe in Him, and yet not keep His commandments.

The Apostle said if we judged ourselves, we would not come under judgment. Grace says God sees Christ and not our behavior.

Jesus told us if we endure to the end we shall be saved. Grace teaches us we do not have to endure to the end to be saved.

Christ told us if we live a victorious life in Him we shall inherit all things. Grace tells us we can live a defeated life and still inherit all things.

Christ warned us that if through carelessness we run out of the Holy Spirit we will not be admitted to the wedding. Grace tells us we can run out of the Holy Spirit and still be received by the Bridegroom.

The Lord told us if we do not use our gifts to profit the Kingdom of God, our gifts will be given to another and we will be placed in the outer darkness. Grace tells us God loves us too much to let this happen.

The modern preaching of grace is the voice of the enemy telling us we can disobey Christ and His Apostles and still inherit the Kingdom of God.

The enemy is preaching from the pulpits of America: "If you believe in Christ and yet continue to sin, you shall not surely die." Consequently our nation is facing destruction.

God's grace does not diminish God's wrath toward sinful behavior. Rather, grace provides the wisdom, strength, and virtue so we can cease behaving in a manner that makes us subject to Divine wrath.

God is not a merciless tyrant. Neither is He the soupy grace preached in America. We are out of balance in the matter of God's Personality. This lack of understanding is producing a breakdown of national morality.

The saints always suffer at the hands of God because God is at war with the sin and rebellion in their personality.

Each relationship and desire we submit to crucifixion and resurrection in Christ results in an enhancement of our uniqueness as an individual.

All areas of spiritual darkness in our character must be removed and replaced with the Character and Virtue of Jesus Christ, if our unique personality is to be in the image of God.

To lose our soul is to have our personality eternally removed from the blessing of God. This is the most dreadful of all fates.

There is a new personality born in us when we receive Christ. In order for our new personality to become our lasting personality, our first personality must be willing to surrender and be replaced.

On the cross of Calvary, Christ made an atonement for the sins of the world. The debt has been paid in full. The issue from now on is that of changing the character of man until he is pleasing to God.

If God sees us through Christ, what need is there for us to repent?

No revival or renewing of God's Presence will have lasting results until we cease using grace as an alternative to victorious Christian living.

Your character is transformed into the image of Christ. Your personality, the essential you, is restructured by having the Life of God conceived and developed in you. But you yourself remain eternally you.

Fear is one of the most powerful, crippling of the spirits of darkness. It is a rebel against God. The saints who seek victory in Christ resist the spirit of fear relentlessly, in Jesus' name.

Christ has the authority to nullify our harmful vows when we remain faithful to Him.

Satan comes to us in many forms. Eternal vigilance in prayer is required if we are to remain victorious in Christ.

There are those who teach that all persons, and Satan himself, ultimately shall be saved. They base their belief on the sovereignty of God, not realizing that every aspect of redemption depends on the choices made by the individual.

The wicked always overplay their hand.

God wants those He loves to have the upward look. Sometimes the tools He uses are very sharp!

Sometimes we are positive an idea is from the Lord. But as we wait and pray, there may enter a little doubt. Then as we keep asking God to put His Fire on it, it becomes apparent it never was the Lord but a sidetrack.

I would rather stand on the beach of this world and eat broiled fish with Christ than live in an elaborate mansion in the spirit world.

We may think our hope is to go to a mansion in the spirit world, wear golden slippers, and play a harp. The truth is, we would rather stand on the beach with the Lord Jesus and eat the broiled fish.

"Do you love Me more than these?" referring to 153 large fish. Do we love Christ more than we do our work in this world?

The idea of bringing back our physical body to stand on the earth is not preached very much, but it is the central hope of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

We need to become more interested in, and say more about, the resurrection of the physical body. It is a hope that sweeps away from us the fear of death.

Why is it that we emphasize a trip to Heaven in a rapture when the central message of the Gospel of the Kingdom is to make alive our physical body that it may live once again on the earth?

Do not worry about your deceased love one. You will see him or her again in flesh and bone on the Day of Resurrection.

We would not place such emphasis upon the desirability of dying and going to Heaven were it not for the fact that we have been poisoned with the Gnostic emphasis on the superiority of the spirit world to the physical.

This present earth and sky is a better environment than Heaven. God never moves from that of greater worth to that of lesser worth.

It may be true that the most frustrating thing Christ experiences from the people called by His name is that they exclaim how utterly marvelous He is, and then do not do what He says, claiming that His commandments are so hard they must be saved by grace.

We cannot judge righteous judgment while we are involved emotionally. We must hear from the Lord what His judgment is.

He who shows mercy shall be shown mercy. He who does not show mercy shall be shown no mercy, even though he names the name of Christ.

If you want Christ to move, remain in your place around the camp and wait for Gideon to blow the trumpet.

Few there be who attain to the fullness of eternal life, because the seeker must give up his own life until the will of God is performed in every detail.

The only truly important consideration of life is how we are regarded by Heaven.

Would we live differently if we knew we are being watched carefully by the inhabitants of Heaven?

We bring a legacy with us into the spirit world when we die—a legacy of what we have become in Christ. We leave a legacy behind of how we have treated other people.

A righteous and good nature that loves Christ and obeys God is worth more than all the gold on earth.

If you are willing to obtain joy when it means harming those who trust you, you are not a person of integrity.

To be a friend of the Lord Jesus Christ you have to be a person of integrity. Liars will not sit at His table.

When we die we will be placed in a school along with others of like spiritual attainment, unless we are so wicked God views us as unredeemable.

The saints do the judging. The angels do the fighting. Whenever the saints are overcome by sin, fear, or doubt, the angels cannot fight.

When we behave righteously we give God wherewith to answer His critics, and hasten the return of the Lord Jesus.

To bring people into union with Christ is the goal of Christian religious activity. All the rest is our human response to theology, and often is the enemy of the Spirit of God.

Many Christians of our day believe that a person can behave like the devil, but if he believes Jesus is God's Son, God counts him as righteous. This is the kind of moral confusion that religion usually produces.

If you lose your soul through the wealth and cares of this world, you will be left just a spirit—perhaps throughout eternity.

The Apostle Paul exclaimed that we have died and our life is hidden with Christ in God. Have you ever thought much about what Paul meant? To be dead is to be separated from our life.

Our life is our will, our relationships, our desires, our memory, our plans, our hopes, our dreams, our treasures, our ambitions, our justice and judgment, our pride, our values, our knowledge, our wisdom, our energy, our awareness, our perception, our money, our power, our emotions, our trust in the world, our pleasures, the drives of sin that dwell in us, decision-making, growth, movement, and everything else that motivates us, These constitute our life, but not our unique identify as a soul. We might say our soul has or has not life, thus differentiating between our life and our soul.

God has a soul. Our soul has been created in the image of God, in that it can make moral judgments, and also enter union with another person.

Our life either is alive in our adamic nature, being part of our soul, or else hidden with Christ in God such that Christ Himself is our Life.

When we die, our unique identity, our soul, the source of our power of choice and our ability to enter union with another person, enters conscious existence in the spirit world. We are placed where we belong, with others like ourselves. Our will, our relationships, our desires, our memory, our plans, our hopes, our dreams, our treasures, our ambitions, Our justice and judgment, our pride, our values, our knowledge, our wisdom, our energy, our awareness, our perception, our money, our power, our emotions, our trust in the world, our pleasures, the drives of sin that dwell in us, decision-making, growth, movement, and everything else that motivates us, remain hidden in Christ in God.

If we have died without our life being hidden in Christ in God, when we enter the spirit world our soul is filled with the life it had while on earth.

When the Lord returns, our soul will descend to be placed again in our resurrected flesh and bones. Our flesh and bones will be clothed with a body that reflects the condition of our soul and spirit (our spirit now being one with the Holy Spirit). Our life will remain hidden with Christ in God. This is our eternal position, as a pillar in the Temple of God.

All other saved people will be governed by those whose life Christ is.

Religion is like a domineering, self-centered woman who never can be pleased. Her name is Babylon the Great. Jesus is always dancing along, skipping off to something wonderful.

"Come dance with Me," Jesus calls. Religion glares furiously at the happy couple.

Anyone who believes God is not specific but a vague cloud floating in the sky should read the Book of Numbers, particularly the third chapter.

Sometimes professing belief in the Lord Jesus Christ is used as a covering for a mean, vindictive, unforgiving nature. God looks past the religion and sees the character of the individual.

If we would overcome Satan we must love not our life to the death.

When a loved one is taken from us, it is then that we set our affection on things above. Our dearest treasure is there now.

All attempts to establish religion by force, whether by the Crusades, or by the Protestant-Catholic conflicts in Ireland, or by Muslim terrorists, is of Satan, not of God.

Religion has its hand on the Ark. The result often is spiritual death.

How can a Christian leader remove his hand from the Ark? By letting go and letting God have His wonderful way.

When you give Isaac to the Lord you can never know for sure whether or not you are going to get him back. We are happier when we do not clutch anything.

When we have died and our life is hidden with Christ in God, our life has not been abolished, rather the many factors are being renewed and rebuilt until they are eternal.

Sexual activity, although necessary for the reproduction of human beings, is by no means true love. It proceeds from glandular appetite.

True love is more intent on the well-being of the other person than it is on the possession of that individual.

True love comes from Christ. When it has been crucified and raised in Christ it is eternal.

God-given love does not result in agony when there is separation. It rests in joy in the will of God.

True love for Christ is to keep His commandments independently of pleasure or pain.

The only true and lasting freedom there is occurs when our desires and God's desires are identical.

When we are wiling and obedient we eat the fat of the land.

Only the most mature Christian is willing to allow God to change his desires.

Satan is pleased when we preach grace, Heaven, and the rapture. His goal is to possess the earth and its nations.

Satan is not concerned with what we believe but how we behave. This is why he has perverted the meaning of "the righteous shall live by faith."

Just because a believer spoke in tongues yesterday does not mean he is Spirit-filled today!

Do you want Heaven as your inheritance, or the earth and its nations? Due to God's advice, Christ has chosen the latter.

Until we change our definition of grace, from that which excuses our lack of faith and fervency to that which forgives us as it provides Divine Virtue so we can be conformed to God's image, lasting revival is not possible.

We overcome the accuser by bearing a true witness of God's Person, will, way, and eternal purpose in Christ.

When you recognize that God can change your desires, and you are in agreement with this, you no longer are in bondage. You are a ruler of God's creation, which is His plan for you.

Joy comes from fulfilled desire. Therefore, in God's Presence, every desire has been realized.

The undisciplined human being will never be a person of worth.

The water of the Spirit, which flows from the Throne of God that has been created in us, is for other people to drink. The Spirit and the Bride say, "Come!"

Jesus has to get the junk out of our personality so there is room for the people who are our inheritance.

Once we pray through to full victory in Christ, it is possible to maintain that state. First we attain to it. Then we must maintain it with diligence.

I think we have made a religion out of what is intended to be a fountain of eternal life.

The eleventh and twelfth chapters of the Book of Revelation speak of the same set of saints over the same time period. In Chapter 11, they are bearing witness. In Chapter 12, Christ is being formed in them

Satan is working today to develop a youth culture that is not under the supervision of older people. But Malachi states that the hearts of the young must be turned to the older, and the older to the younger.

Under the Law of Moses God requires a tenth of our money and a seventh of our time. Under the new covenant God requires all of our money and all of our time.

The new covenant equivalent of the Sabbath day of the Law of Moses is the giving of one hundred percent of our personality, time, and strength to doing God's will. This is the eternal Sabbath in which Christ lives.

Under the new covenant, every one of the Ten Commandments is observed in a greatly enlarged manner.

No human being can fulfill God's requirement of righteous behavior. But Christ can and does cause us to behave righteously as He is being brought to maturity in us.

We endure by seeing what is invisible to us for a brief season.

When we refer to God we are speaking of unlimited power, wisdom, love, joy, peace, and wrath.

Sometimes the price of truth is high; but we have been commanded to buy it and not sell it.

Only the Lord Jesus Christ can navigate a person safely through the demons of lust that pervade the American culture today.

There can be a great difference between a church member and a disciple. If we are not making disciples, teaching them to keep Christ's commandments, we are not fulfilling the Great Commission.

At the Judgment Seat of Christ we will receive what we have done in our body. If we have done bad things, and not gotten rid of them through Christ, we may find ourselves bound in our own behavior and no longer able to change.

When the curtain that prevents us from seeing the spirit world is pulled back, we will be so glad we have served the Lord with diligence and integrity.

There is a grace for living, a grace for dying, and a grace for getting out of bed in the morning.

I never heard of angels laughing or crying. Maybe some things are reserved for God and His children.

Sometimes tragedy brings matters into perspective. Perhaps this is why God permits tragedy to take place.

There will be no lasting righteousness on the earth until there no longer is a sea of people who can be moved by self-serving politicians. Each saved individual will have a portion of Christ.

There are people who are "in death" but not wicked enough to be in Hell. They have killed their spiritual life by their involvement with the world. Some of these may be spared when death and Hell are cast into the Lake of Fire.

Christian organizations and the Kingdom of God are separate institutions having different heads, different goals, and different methods.

The 144,000 saints of the Book of Revelation are the army of the Lord. They are without guile, being faithful and true. These virtues are the primary qualifications for membership in the army.

The Lord Jesus has become our song, our strength, and our righteousness. We are the righteous nation who maintain faithfulness and shall enter through the gates into the city.

It often is taught that there never has been a righteous person on the earth. It is true that the righteousness that Christ is, is superior to all human righteousness, but the Scriptures reveal that there have been and yet are people who behave righteously.

It is true that we cannot save ourselves by our own righteousness. But Christ will have nothing to do with a Christian who keeps on behaving unrighteously.

The Lord is not our righteousness because we are identified with Him, the Lord Jesus is our righteousness because He has been formed in us. We live by His body and blood.

The greatest need in the world is for rulers who behave righteously as a result of Christ being formed in them.

When members of a religion kill people for not joining their religion, the deed is judged as murder and will be recognized as such in the Day of Judgment. The punishment will be appropriately severe.

If God made some people homosexual, the Scriptures would not refer to such behavior as sin worthy of death.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, and unless the individual repents of her sin, the mother who kills the developing fetus will be found guilty of murder at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Largely because of the practice of abortion, fierce judgments will fall on the United States in the near future.

If we expect to be close to Christ, we must have all guile removed from us. Guile is the opposite of integrity, which is faithfulness and truth.

Christ has the power to deliver from the bondage of homosexuality, and also from AIDS. Ask Him, believe, and He will do it.

Our present world is as a bad dream, compared with the splendor of life in the real eternal world to come. Yet, the decisions we make now may have eternal consequences.

God has placed us in the present world so He will know how we will behave when we are entrusted with the true riches.

The purpose for our present animal existence is to prepare us for life in the eternal world of righteousness that is to come.

In the new world of righteousness that is to come, all whom we truly love will be with us; all who will bring us love, joy, and peace will be with us forever.

Eye has not yet seen what God has prepared for those who love Him. But even now, God is revealing such wonders to us by His Spirit.

Today God is training us in righteousness so in the world to come we can enforce righteous behavior upon the multitude of saved people who will need the assistance of stronger believers.

Of all the saved people in the new world of righteousness, a minority will govern the remainder. There will be no person who neither is a ruler nor ruled by another.

When the Bible says a woman shall be saved in child-bearing, it is using the term "saved" in the sense of being redeemed from sin and self-will. Raising a child properly will result in such redemption.

To be "saved" means to escape from looking to the world system for survival, security, and satisfaction; to escape from the bondages of the flesh and spirit; and to escape from making our decisions without consulting the Lord.


When you see the Glory returning to the Church, do not put your hand on it. God is able to take care of His own covenant. If you put your hand on it, because men are carrying it in an unscriptural manner, you may die.

If I am not mistaken, the Lord Jesus is looking for someone who will come to Him and discover what He wants that individual to do.

Perhaps He wants you or me to remain hidden, as it were, and just worship Him, or have faith for revival, or raise children faithfully, or bring one person to the Lord in our lifetime. Perhaps He wants us to be a famous worker of miracles with a worldwide ministry. It simply does not matter. We will receive the same reward if we obey Him. All that matters is that He knows us.

Who can envision what Jesus might do today if He can find someone who is not seeking to be a great minister but who just wants to do His will? He promised that we will do works greater than He performed. I think this is the hour for the greater works. But they must be performed by Him through us.

"We would see Jesus." The whole world is waiting to see Jesus, not some famous person no matter how gifted.

"Dear Lord, help us escape the babylonish influences of our day and simply do Your will, whether it proves to be a great sensation or just our being a good person.

"Amen." We are in and with the Lord Jesus Christ and He is in and with us. Thus there is both an internal and an external Kingdom of God. The external will proceed from those in whom the internal has been perfected.

That the great Christ, the Creator and Lord of all, is so much superior to us, is a breathtaking marvel. But an even greater wonderment is that He, being God, is so much like us!

The Christian life is far from being merely an acknowledgment of the finished work of Christ. Rather, it is an intensely active involvement in the Divinely ordained and administered process of redemption.

God commands that the hearts of the children be turned to their fathers, not to their peer group. The child whose heart is turned to his peer group will adopt the values and standards of the group. He then may turn against his father.

The world might come to understand the saint who withdraws from the entertainments and material supports of the world. The world might come to understand the saint who seeks victory over the lusts and passions of the flesh and soul. But the world will never understand God's requirement that the saint abandon the right to direct his own life in order that he may do the perfect will of God.

There are the gutter sins of drugs, alcohol, and profanity. Then there are the more elevated bondages of demoniac romanticism. But the most horrible bondage of all is stubborn self-will.

Seeking God fervently and practicing religious acts in order to get what we want from God may be idolatry. It is better to seek to know God's will and then politely to let our requests be made known.—A. Thompson

It is not wise to keep attempting to force a door open. Why not look around. There may be another door that is open just a crack.

He who speaks in prophecy builds up, stirs up, and cheers up.

There is that which entices that grows less desirable each day. There is that which entices that grows more wonderful each day.

"They will never attack at night!" This kind of thinking loses battles. So it is that lack of diligence brings defeat in the Christian life.

The nation that does not remain instantly prepared for war will pay for its foolishness with bitter, bitter currency. The same is true of the Christian.

Religion tends to destroy character and common sense. Jesus is not religious nor is He part of any religious organization.

Religion and politics often prompt people to torture and murder other people. They clothe their actions with high-sounding reasons. The Lord Jesus is in none of this wickedness.

All bonfires eventually become cold ashes. Why do you yield to your passions and destroy yourself and those who trust you?

When life becomes too smooth the believers become too smooth. Suffering is required if we are to rule with God.

The catching up to meet the Lord in the air is not an act of redemption, it is merely the first step of our new life after we have attained the resurrection from among the dead.

Never underestimate the potential for evil of the self-willed religionist, for he believes he is doing God's will and will break all moral codes in order to achieve his ends.

The person of integrity will suffer any pain rather than betray a trust. The person lacking integrity will betray any trust rather than suffer pain. The person lacking integrity can never make a success of the Christian discipleship.

Beware of marriages "made in Heaven." Relationships are as grass that perishes unless they first have been brought down to death and then raised again in Christ.

Throughout the centuries the Jews and the Christians have borne a false witness of God, because they both have made participation in their religious activities and beliefs more important than righteous behavior.

The conquerors are not those who have eyes to read but who have ears to hear. As awesomely important as the written Word is, the sons of God are led by the Spirit of God. Are you hearing the Spirit of God?

The world is looking for righteous behavior. It could not care less about your religious beliefs.

If all you see in Jesus is a fire escape your heart is wrong. If you continue to sin and rebel against God you will end up in the fire—belief or no belief!

When the Lord directs someone to push one of your buttons, and your idol begins to scream and complain, just say to the Lord, "Thanks—I needed that!" If instead you curse the tool God uses you will grow bitter instead of profiting from your pain.

Some claim to have a "passion for souls." I take them at their word. Speaking for myself, I have a genuine passion for doing the Lord's will. Thank God for this gift.

If we are to bring God's people out of bondage we must have God's wisdom and a pure heart. God's snake of wisdom must swallow up all the other snakes and Moses' heart and hand must be free of leprosy.

Our goal is to live completely in the power of Christ's resurrection and to press into joyful willingness to choose the will of Christ at every point of decision in our daily life, which is the death of the cross.

Libertarian democracy is the opposite and mortal enemy of the Kingdom of God, for it promotes the will of the human being over the will of God.

To insist we have all of salvation "by faith" (which is not faith at all but mental acceptance), and then continue in the world as usual while we are waiting for the wedding ceremony to take place in Heaven, is the error of contemporary Christianity.

The original Gospel of the Kingdom is being preached today. It is different from the current message in that the saints, instead of dying and going to Heaven, are being prepared to return with the Lord Jesus and establish God's Kingdom on the earth.

Jesus is not a Western businessman. He is an oriental monarch with the power of life and death. Whoever does not fear and serve Him is lacking good sense. Kiss the Son lest He be angry!

Why are you resisting God? Do you enjoy being miserable? The way of the transgressor is hard!

Any Bible verse is only ink on paper until through faith we bring it into our personality and behavior. To believe there is a God and He has said such things is a worthy beginning. But salvation occurs when the Word is activated in us. "Thy words were found, and I did eat them."

When we are abiding in Christ, every day that we live we are better able to bring Christ to others. "He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit."

A bright red cardinal came and perched on a bush outside a certain man's window. The man was struck with its beauty and threw some bread crumbs around the bush. This he did each day, and the cardinal came and rewarded him with a song and the sight of its red and black colors and its jolly red crest.

The man thought to himself, "I would like to possess this beautiful bird where I can see and hear it whenever I want. So he set a snare for the cardinal and captured it. He then put it in a cage in his front room.

Within a few days he was paying little attention to it except to feed it. The cardinal flew around wildly inside the cage and finally injured itself and died.

So it is in many marriages. The desire to possess and control is not the same as the liberating love of the Lamb for His Bride.

As soon as the issue of who controls whom arises in a marriage, love dies and both man and wife remain in prison, the one possessing and controlling what is dead and the other waiting to be freed by death.

Predestination is not inevitability. If we do not use the talents we have been given, whether ten, or five, or one, what we have been given will be removed from us and given to another, and we shall be thrown into the outer darkness.

The bank of Heaven is waiting for you to make a withdrawal. Why are you standing around as a pauper in your rags when the King has invited you to His palace?

God is not waiting for more spiritual babies clothed in the diapers of imputed righteousness. He is looking for a people strong in righteous behavior, set in battle array, who are prepared for the age of moral horrors we are entering.

True love is not a hunger for possession or control; neither is it attraction. True love is an unchanging desire for union at the deepest level of personality, resulting in a shared commitment to face pain and joy together.

To understand whether something is truly significant, examine it in the light of eternity.

The world of men is dust and all their doings are dust. The flesh profits nothing. The wise person does not attach too much significance to dust.

"The Lord God before whom I stand." How wonderful to stand before God, as did Elijah and Elisha!

The rod of iron, the hardness of a will fixed in God, is created only by carrying our cross of denial.

To be saved is to be reconciled to God in our behavior.

To be saved is to be delivered from relationships, circumstances, and things that hinder our rest in God's will.

To be saved is to be freed from all that is of Satan and brought into eternal union with all that is of God.

A false assurance is no assurance at all. It is like turning back the hands of your clock so you can sleep longer in the morning. The assurance that comes from the belief our behavior will not affect our salvation, and from the hope we will be "raptured" out of trouble, is no assurance at all.

We are forced into the spiritual realm by the death of our body because of the sin of Adam. Removal from the earth through physical death is a an enemy, a defeat. Once we regain immortality in the body we are free to live on the earth, in Heaven, or wherever else we desire to remain.

God did not create the marvelous physical body so that it could be destroyed by sickness and death. He created it to be the permanent home of Himself, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the saint. And so it shall be at the coming of the Lord, if we have overcome through Christ the death that has warred against us.

No one ever will be given the authority to eat of immortality until he or she overcomes. To overcome does not mean to "accept Christ." Accepting Christ gives the authority and power to begin to overcome. To overcome is to emerge in victory over the forces of sin and death that war against us.

To sin is to die. To put sin to death is to move toward immortality.

No sinful person, believer in Christ or not, will ever enter past the cherubim and the flaming sword and eat from the tree of life. The tree still is guarded, waiting for those who, through Jesus Christ, press past all opposition and enter rest in the center of God's perfect will.

Religion is the head of man on the Body of Christ.

Living together apart from a wedding ceremony is fornication, and fornicators will not inherit the Kingdom of God. But don't go through a wedding ceremony unless you are very certain you want to marry the other person.

The central issue of the Kingdom of God is stern obedience to God through the Lord Jesus Christ.

The person who walks in disobedience to God keeps on throwing away the greater that he may obtain the lesser.

Untroubled union between people is possible only as both have died and been risen in Christ. Only then does each bring to the other righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Everything the Lord does is right beyond all rightness and marvelous beyond all marvels.

The main purpose of the present world seems to be that of testing people, especially those destined for places of authority in the Kingdom, so God will know how to place people in the true world to come. He wants to know what is in our heart—whether or not we will keep His commandments.

As a Christian, you are to be pressing toward perfect rest in the very Center of God's Person; toward perfect conformity to the image of Christ in spirit, soul, and body; toward being filled with the Spirit of God without measure; toward total victory over the enemy; toward the possession of the nations and the farthest reaches of the earth; toward God being your Father; toward all the Divine Glory set forth in the last two chapters of the Book of Revelation; toward being a coheir with Christ; toward everything of worth in the creation of God; toward everything that will bring you righteousness, peace, and joy. Such is your Canaan, your land of promise, the goal of your salvation.

If we will faithfully remain in the prison where the Lord permits Satan to place us, we will be issued the crown of life. If we are to govern the works of God's hands, all disobedience must be burned out of us. Remaining in the place where we are denied what we desire fervently, or where we are required to continue in a situation we detest, destroys our self-willed refusal to wait on the Lord continually.

There are eight behaviors over which the Lake of Fire retains authority. Each one of these behaviors proceeds from our self-will, self-focus, self-love. Once we have been delivered from self-will and are living in perfect obedience to God, these destructive behaviors can be removed from us. Then we can walk on the Lake of Fire and it no longer can harm us.

Whoever puts all of his hopes and dreams in the present world is not making an intelligent choice.

The difference between the Pharisees and Jesus was that the Pharisees acted according to their own mind and Jesus acted according to what He heard from the Father. This really is the difference between religion and the Divine salvation.

In our day, when someone recites the four steps of salvation, we say that he or she has entered the Kingdom of God and is now waiting to spend eternity in Heaven. This is comparable to maintaining that when someone has been enrolled in kindergarten he has graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Ph.D. in nuclear physics.

There is much, much more to entering the Kingdom of God than "accepting Christ as our personal Savior," unless we mean by this accepting Christ as our personal Savior at every moment of every day and night in all that we think, say, and do.

The self-righteous person seeks to perfect his personality. The truly righteous individual seeks to know the Lord.

Anyone with a heart for God, like Jesus or King David, can always read God's intention. But the hard hearted religious individual will succeed in straining out gnats and swallowing camels.

Genuine love is a concern for how we affect the feelings and welfare of another person, not a concern for how that person affects our feelings or welfare.

Given the tremendous demonic oppression in America, the believers will not turn away from their sins with enough determination until they are persuaded they are killing their own spiritual life.

Just because someone is religious does not mean he or she is spiritual.

An ounce of resisting the devil is worth ten thousand gallons of rebuking the devil. You resist the devil and let Jesus do the rebuking.

We can choose to yield to Adam or we can choose to pray. If we choose to pray Christ feeds us with His body and blood until the flames of Adam are totally quenched and God's peace once again reigns over our personality.

The number five, in the Scriptures, symbolizes the beginning of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom begins with the sounding of the trumpets, is developed during the fulfillment of the Day of Atonement, and is brought to completion in the fulfillment of the feast of Tabernacles.

So often we wish to bring people to Christ. This is a good thing. It also is desirable to bring Christ to people. This we can do only as we are transformed in our inward nature.

We always rise up refreshed after hearing from the Lord, but sometimes we do not spend enough time listening for His will.

My personal opinion is that physical death is one of the least significant events of our lifetime. It does not change what we are or affect our relationship to Jesus Christ.

It is a good idea to ask the Lord for a report card. Cease from your deadening labors, sit down with the Lord, and ask Him what is going on—how He feels toward you.

To have your good works performed with a pure heart described as evil deeds done with a wicked heart may be the ultimate perversity. It is a suffering of Christ and the saint can expect to experience this.

There is a bitter price to pay for laziness and foolishness.

To be educated in the arts and sciences of civilization is not good of itself. It depends on what has been learned. To be able to read and write is not good of itself. It depends on what is read and what is written. The highest good is to fear God and keep His commandments.

Education is Antichrist's substitute for the Spirit of wisdom and knowledge. Money is Antichrist's substitute for God's power.

To repent is to turn from not keeping Christ's commandments and to begin to keep Christ's commandments.

God first removes us from Satan. Then He removes Satan from us.

Only God is able to enter the human personality, into the caverns of darkness and deceitfulness, and pierce the monster of self-will repeatedly, smashing its head many times until it stops its thrashing, until all life has departed from it and it is dead.

It is impossible to love anyone successfully until Christ is preeminent in our heart.

Each member of God's elect has two possible destinies. In the Day of the Lord he will be given that part of the Kingdom, that eternal role that God has prepared for him or her. Or, he will be given the result of his own unwillingness to submit to God's will for him. We make this choice every day of our life.

Eternal life includes the fullness of the Presence of God, boundless love, eternal health and strength, radiant energy and vitality, incorruptible virtue, endless joy, impenetrable peace, unsearchable wisdom, perfect knowledge, abiding hope, undiminished assurance, Divinely inspired purpose, insurmountable courage, complete self-control, freedom from dread, gloom, and fear, and a sense of being "home."

How is it that we can speak in the tongues of the Spirit at one moment, and then speak in the tongues of slander and gossip at the next moment? How can the same fountain bring forth both sweet and bitter water?

Our goal is to live in the fullness of the Spirit of God.

Life on earth is mostly a time of sowing. Make sure you are sowing what you want to reap in the ages to come.

A lack of diligent obedience indicates a lack of true faith.

The Father in Heaven is pure and perfect in truth and righteousness. He is as a great Light who does not cast a shadow by turning. He always is there, the same, unchangeable, perfect, dependable. How wonderful to become an integral part of the great Rock!

The person with integrity will never accept happiness at the expense of another person; he will never cause someone to suffer in order that he himself may have joy or peace.

A prayer: God grant that at every place, at all times, every thought I think, every word I speak, every action I take, and every aspect of my appearance, is filled with Christ, in whose name I pray. Amen.

Grace is free but discipleship is costly; however, never as costly as refusing to be a disciple!

Any system of biblical interpretation that teaches we can love Christ apart from keeping His commandments is most assuredly not of God.

Since the Body of Christ is one organism in the sight of God, it is only as righteous as the member who is least righteous; it is only as holy as the member who is least holy; it is only as obedient to the Father as the member who is least obedient to the Father. Therefore each member must be brought to iron righteousness, fiery holiness, to stern obedience to God—to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.

To use Abraham as an illustration that we are saved by naked belief is to ignore other statements God made concerning Abraham. Certainly we can use Abraham's naked belief and the resulting righteousness to illustrate that it is possible to be declared righteous apart from obedience to the Law of Moses. But to then proceed to declare that now God requires only naked belief in the facts and promises concerning Jesus Christ, and as a result we no longer must walk in strict obedience to God in order to remain in right standing with Him, is to depart completely from all God intends to accomplish under the new covenant.

We can never earn salvation, but we absolutely must respond diligently to the demands of salvation if we expect to be accepted by the Lord.

God's purpose in putting us on the earth is to test us. The test comes when there is something we wish to do intensely, and yet we believe it is not the right thing to do for some reason. If we do what we wish, even though we feel it may be the wrong thing to do, we have failed the test. We have acted without integrity and God will not accept that.

Those who are righteous but not righteous enough will fall before the thoroughly wicked.

There are millions of Moslems who fear God and seek to do His will. They would have received the Lamb of God a long time ago if it were not for the sinful behavior of the Christians of the Western nations. The Moslems need to see Jesus!

The Gospel of Heaven, the gospel that has been prevalent throughout the Church era, is being replaced by the original gospel, the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is Christ in us.

There will not be a "rapture" that has as its purpose the removal of the saints from the conflict of the ages. This concept is at enmity with the biblical truth of the coming of the Kingdom of God to the earth.

The emphasis of the twentieth century was on the baptism with the Holy Spirit. The emphasis of the twenty-first century will be on the maturing of Christ in the Church.

We say, "If you would be a Christian, admit you are a sinner and ask Christ to forgive your sins." Christ says, "If you would be a Christian, deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Me."

It seems to me that the Lord is drawing closer to us. Jesus promised, in the fourteenth chapter of the Gospel of John, that He would come to His saints and not to the world. I understand the day will come when every eye shall see Him; but maybe the Lord's statement in John is speaking of His coming to the disciples before He appears to the world.

If your highest priority is immediate pleasure you never can make a success of the Christian discipleship. You must deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Jesus.

If Christ has called you to be a disciple and you attempt to settle for merely being "saved," you will be judged as a lazy, wicked, disobedient servant.

We do not achieve victory over sin in order to enter salvation. Rather, salvation works in us and gives us victory over sin.

Physical death came because man sinned. Physical death will not be removed until sin has been removed from man, not just the guilt of sin, but the very presence of sin.

Dying and going to Heaven does not insure we will not sin against God. Only the formation of Christ, the Wall, in our personality guarantees we never again will be guilty of sin and rebellion against the Father.

The end of that which does not bear fruit is the fire.

Revelation, Chapter 11 tells about our bearing witness in the last days. Revelation, Chapter 12 tells about what is happening in us while we are bearing witness.

A clear conscience before God and man is a treasure of incalculable value. In the Day of Judgment it will surround the possessor with the fullness of love, wild, unrestrained delight, and an ocean of peace. We buy such a treasure by refusing to grasp our own pleasure at the expense of other people.

Faith is our enduring trust and belief in the goodness, power, and faithfulness of God. Under the new covenant, faith expresses itself in a daily interaction with the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, and in stern obedience to God, the result being a new righteous creation in the image of Christ.

We can choose to dream of the past, or of the future. Considering the pit from which we are being dug, and the glory toward which the righteous are moving, it is more realistic to forget the things that are past and to dream of the future.

Truth is a Person. Facts concerning the molecular properties, location in space, time and date of something are not truth but information. Truth reveals the meaning, the significance of a thing, relationship, or situation. Only Jesus Christ is Truth.

Whenever an individual, Christian or not, if he is not disobeying God's will as he or she understands it, asks God for help, the Father hears this cry. He opens His hand and satisfies the desire of every living thing.

Recently children in a Christian school were taught that if a baby or even a miscarried fetus dies before being baptized it goes to Hell. What an unmitigated abomination such teaching is. And there were children in the class whose mothers had miscarried! Eternal life is found only in the Lord Jesus, not in such teaching.

True religion is found only in individuals and in their interactions with the Lord and with other individuals.

Everyone has some kind of pain. Those who accept the pain grow strong in their inner nature. Those who do not accept the pain, like the alcoholic who will not stop drinking, do not grow. They may be powerful on the inside but there is not enough steel on the inside. It's called carrying your cross. Those who do not carry their cross are not worthy of Christ.

Religion tends to work with groups of people. God tends to work with individuals, teaching them how to relate to Himself and to other people. Religious forms and ceremonies do not benefit us unless God is working with us as an individual.

Some believers are careless with the things of Christ. It is certain they will reap sparingly.

What you have done to others will be done to you.

In Christ, nothing is too good to be true.

It is as destructive to refuse to believe God is giving you something good as it is destructive to believe God will never permit you to suffer.

The adamic nature is filled with lies and deceit. The Life of Christ which has been born in us is truth, honesty, faithfulness, lasting forever. It replaces worthlessness with value and significance.

When you are under pressure and are praying for release, you may find that God first may give you victory in your pressured situation, and then remove the particular pressure.

If we are going to build up the Body of Christ we will have to fill up in our flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ's afflictions. If we are suffering for this reason, let us rejoice.

Sometimes it appears as though the governments in the world are filled with faithless liars. Only the Kingdom of God has a Ruler who is Faithful and True.

Any religion that does not ultimately produce righteous behavior (not religious behavior but righteous behavior) is worthless to God and to man. The problem with religious institutions is that they tend to forget their nobler objectives while they seek to perpetuate themselves and their traditions.

We cannot be resurrected to eternal life on the outside until we first have been resurrected to eternal life on the inside.

Righteousness is nothing more and nothing less than obedience to God at any given moment. We always are righteous for the moment. The future provides additional challenges to the individual who seeks to please God.

It has been said that we should put legs on our prayers. This means we should pray and then go forth to do what we can to answer our prayers. Putting legs on a prayer is something like putting shoes on an eagle. Only God can show us when to wait and when to go forth.

Love for God without obedience to God is an impossibility. "If you love me, keep my commandments."

He has been deceived who maintains, "God has saved me by grace, therefore I do not have to keep His commandments." He shall come to a hard end.

Human beings are animated intelligent dust. Accepting Christ as an embracing of theological truth makes forgiven, informed dust. We are not changed and brought into the Kingdom of God until we actually receive the eternal Life that Christ Is.

There is an uncrossable gulf between the most highly developed animal and the least developed man, in that the least developed man has a sense of God. There is an uncrossable gulf between the most highly developed man and the least member of the Kingdom of God, because the least member of the Kingdom of God is, through Christ, a partaker of the Divine Nature.

The Lord commanded us to make disciples, not converts. Converts are made to a religion. Disciples are followers of Jesus Christ and they keep His commandments.

Converts to the Christian religion are characterized by their emphasis on doctrine, liturgy, the number of people in attendance, and their new parking lot. Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ are characterized by their emphasis on the Person, will, and commandments of Jesus.

Faith is a glimpse of the future as well as of what is invisible.

The Christian salvation is not a change in God's requirements, it is a change in man so he can meet God's requirements. Grace does not abolish the eternal moral Law of God. Grace establishes the Law of God and emphasizes its implications.

If you do not wish to be rejected by people, do not tell them about your "coat of many colors."

If the enemy is stronger and wiser than God, than we who are trusting in Jesus are facing defeat and destruction. If every word of the Bible is not true, then we who are walking by faith in Jesus are heading toward catastrophe. Otherwise, we are more than conquerors through the Lord Jesus Christ.

When God is bringing you into a new place, don't look back to the old. If you resist change, remember Lot's wife.

God writes His law in our mind so we will understand it and in our heart so we will delight to do it. I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart. (Psalms 40:8)

God's path leads through the sea, His way through the mighty waters. Those who live in a sea of impossibilities understand what this Psalm means.

Everything God does is perfectly sensible and perfectly righteous, even though it does not always appear so to our rebellious minds.

People of integrity do not make their decisions on the basis of what is pleasant but according to what is right.

Be true to God, to other people, and to yourself. Then you will stand tall in the time of judgment.

All things of the creation throughout all history, past, present, and future, are working together for good for each one who loves God, who is called according to His purpose in Christ Jesus.

Those who stress only that which is positive are seeking their own glory. Those who stress only that which is negative are ill. The Bible is both positive and negative.

Keep your eyes on the Lord Jesus or you will sink.

Being afraid of what people can do to you will prove to be a snare. Live in the wisdom and power of Christ and you have no need to fear people.

Men may master the Scriptures but Christ masters men.

We cannot reign with Christ until Christ reigns in us.

Invite Jesus into every area of your life. He will accept the invitation.

People wonder why God permits wars and other disasters to plague the inhabitants of the earth. God does not cause the evil, the problem is sin. God is waiting for the final wickedness, which is that of individuals becoming their own gods, little satan. This drama is being played out for the benefit of the heavenly spectators.

Man in the complete image of God and in untroubled union with God, brought into this state by daily transformation, is the true goal of salvation—the goal that accomplishes Kingdom purposes. We are forgiven so we may be transformed.

Jesus Christ alone is Truth. Scientific "facts" are merely descriptions of what Truth has created.

Satan's invitation to joy is like a cannibal's invitation to lunch.

Yesterday's righteousness does not make up for today's wickedness

We have to build with one hand and fight with the other.

Christ holds the keys of death and Hell. This means that the Lord Jesus Christ possesses full authority and power over all forms of sickness and death and all forms of torment.

There are several destinations available to the believers: the new Jerusalem; Hell; the Lake of Fire; the outer darkness. If we will be diligent in developing godly character, our destination will be the new Jerusalem; for people ultimately will be placed where they belong.

Adam and Eve began their lives in Paradise. They were driven from Paradise because they sinned against God. People always will be driven from Paradise when they continue to sin, whether or not they profess faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The cherubim and the flaming sword still guard the way to the tree of life.

Righteousness and innocence are different qualities. Adam and Eve were innocent but not righteous. Righteousness is a positive force developed in us as we overcome evil through Jesus Christ.

The great mistake of the religions of the world, including Christianity, is that participation in the beliefs and activities of the religion makes one acceptable to God. True faith in the Lord Jesus Christ produces upright behavior, a merciful personality, and the desire to walk humbly with God. This kind of individual is righteous in God's sight.

The Muslim murders the innocent in the name of Allah. The Christian evangelist robs widows in the name of Christ in order to build his personal kingdom. Neither is justified on the basis of his profession of faith in the tenets of his religion.

It takes faith to cope with evil. It requires just as much faith to receive good at God's hand.

It is important that you come to know Christ. It is equally if not more important that Christ come to know you. "Depart from Me. I never knew you!"

To make forgiveness the only aspect of the Divine salvation is to think of the salad as being the main course.

If God and Christ were not faithful it would be well we never had been born.

Each new disaster that occurs in the world should motivate us to be ever more diligent in seeking Christ and doing His will.

The Christian teacher who presents only what is positive is seeking his own glory. The Christian teacher who presents only what is negative is emotionally ill.

People amass money so they do not have to depend on God.

The reason there are apparently conflicting statements in the New Testament, such as those regarding faith without works, and works of righteousness, is that the Holy Spirit uses different emphases at different times according to our needs. The Word is the sword of the Spirit, not the sword of the Christian, and cannot be accurately wielded by the human mind.

We may ask God, "What am I doing wrong?" God may ask us, "What are you doing right?"

The main part of the Christian discipleship is the working out of the lawlessness that dwells in us.

Life actually comprises a series of decisions and a series of desires and fulfillments. To live in and by the Spirit is to be guided by Christ in all decisions and all fulfillments. This is the rest of God.

If we obey God we will be rewarded with release from the chains of sin. Then we will receive eternal life as a reward for being released from the chains of sin. However, if we disobey God we will punished by having a strong delusion put on us and we will not be delivered from sin. Then we will be punished for our sinful behavior.

There is a forgiving grace and then there is a transforming grace. Both are essential to our redemption. True saints of God are not just forgiven, they are new creations.

God will not bring forth a new heaven and a new earth until He has brought forth new creations to put on the new earth. "Behold! I make all things new!"

Satan has little to fear from "Christians" who are not obeying God diligently and sternly.

There can never be a peaceful doing of God's will on the earth until first the heavens have been shaken and all rebellion removed.

There is the living Lord Jesus Christ and then there is the Bible. The purpose of the Bible is to bring us to Christ.

Here is the great weakness of religion. Religion seeks to enumerate a list of things we can do and cannot do, and terms us righteous if we follow the list. But the true salvation that is in the Lord Jesus Christ, while always being guided by the commandments of the New Testament, looks to the risen Lord for continual direction as to what to do and what not to do. Our righteousness comes from obedience to Him, not from any set of actions.

The whole old world died on the cross. The whole new world was raised with Christ. All who are saved are to become part of His resurrection.

Our deliverance from sin is not so we may be able to make Heaven our home but so we will be able to make the earth our home.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Tree. Righteous behavior is the fruit borne by that Tree.

He who insists on his own liberty and happiness harms and deprives others.

Neither religious law nor civil law should be allowed to take precedence over conscience and common sense. But they often do!

The constant emphasis on grace destroys our determination to overcome the sinful nature.

What if the Father were like Satan? We need to think about this and be thankful.

God has given us a soul. Our soul has the ability to choose to do what is right and profitable. When we become unable to choose to do what we know is right and profitable, being driven by lusts and fears we no longer can control, then we have lost possession of our soul.

Our spirit is that part of our personality that touches God. Our soul makes our choices. Our body is the temple of God and of us dwelling together. Christianity, being influenced by Gnosticism, has denied the role of the body in the Kingdom of God. Man is not fully in God's image until his body has been raised from the dead.

Jesus Christ has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel. John 3:16 means that in the Day of Resurrection we will receive immortality in our body.

How utterly marvelous to leave this earth and be able to say to God, "I have finished the work you gave me to do. Here it is, all wrapped up as a package, tied with a bow."

How incredibly wonderful to know beyond doubt that God's will is identical with our will and He is pleased with us.

How unbelievably glorious upon entering the spirit realm to realize we finally are home, that we did not fail in the test. We may have stumbled many times, but we got up again, like a soldier, and pressed forward, trusting in God to forgive and help us. God loves this attitude.

If you are filled with God, the people around often will stop their swearing. If you are filled with a spirit of proselytizing, the people around you may start swearing. There is a difference.

It is not true that the blood of Christ covers us so God cannot see our sin. It is true, rather, that the blood of Christ serves as a compensating righteousness, making up the difference between what God expects of us and what now is true of us. Compensating righteousness is applied only to those who are following the Holy Spirit each day.

Every act of redemption begins with Divine intervention and becomes effective through human response. God acts and then we must obey.

The concept of the redemption of the mortal body is key to our transition from Heaven thinking to Kingdom thinking.

Faith is moment by moment interaction with the living God. The purpose of the commandments, both Old Testament and New, is to bring us to this interaction.

The Kingdom of God is the government. Paradise is the country.

There are three signs of God's will: what we are doing is not contrary to the Scripture; we have a deeply settled joy and peace; the circumstances are in agreement. When one of these three is not in evidence we need to go to the Lord to find out why.

Denominations and churches seek large numbers of people. Why? Isn't it a fact that sometimes more can be accomplished in the Kingdom with a smaller group?

It is true that God will accept the repentant sinner unconditionally. But it is not at all true that God continues to love and bless us when we disobey Him.

With Christ we are rich beyond imagination. Without Christ we are paupers although we possess all the material wealth of the world.

We can return to the dust, or we can press on to the fullness of life. The choice is ours.

The biggest problem we have as people is trying to make our decisions without God. If Eve had asked God's opinion she would have saved us 6,000 years of trouble.

Christ is the Question: What will you do with Jesus?

That thing you desire so fervently—will it really bring you lasting joy? You had better ask God about it!

Cry out to God with all your might. Who knows what wonders He will show you!

We are to press forward until we know the will of Christ at all times. This is the highest form of righteousness.

To walk with the living Jesus, to be guided by him in every detail of life, is the highest form of law and righteousness. Any religious routine added to such guidance brings confusion and is loss for Christ. This does not mean we are not to diligently, conscientiously fulfill our obligations, whether civil or religious. Christ will not lead us to a higher life if we are not faithful where we are.

The scepter of the Lord Jesus Christ is the scepter of righteousness. This means the Lord Jesus will govern righteously and enforce righteous behavior. Righteous conduct is not emphasized nearly enough in Christian preaching and teaching. In its place we have a legally ascribed righteousness that cannot possibly serve the purposes of God.

Never let your religion come between you and Jesus.

Paul's emphasis on faith moves us from Moses to Christ without condemnation, but it is not a manual for overcoming sin.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. When we attempt to make Him a theological ticket or passport, instead of the Way, we lose both the Truth and the Life.

Let Christ into your heart. He will dine on your obedience and worship. You will dine on His body and blood.

God accepts the vilest of sinners unconditionally. But all of God's promises to the believer are conditional.

Our will, under the supervision of God's will, provides direction and resolve for all we are and do.

Let Christ modify your basic drives. Why should you be denied the full benefit of the rest of God?

Ask God to make you decisive. A double-minded person receives nothing from the Lord.

As soon as you clearly define a sinful behavior and utterly denounce and renounce it, you are well on your way to total deliverance from that behavior.

The righteous live by faith in God rather than by their own arrogance and self-will.

There are many who count themselves as "Jews," who have honey in their mouths but in whose hearts there is a drawn sword. They are religious Christians and would be indignant if anyone claimed otherwise.

The "salt" Jesus wants in us is compounded from integrity, sincerity, humility, kindliness, good humor, patience, a ready understanding of people and their problems, concern for the needs of others rather than for one's self, generosity of heart, and a genuine love for God.

Who among us will obey God to the uttermost, and keep a cheerful attitude meanwhile?

The Day of the Lord, the endless age when Christ alone is exalted, is being created now in the personalities of the warlike remnant.

It is obvious that worldly, lustful, self-serving believers are not fit to ride behind Christ in the Battle of Armageddon and then govern the nations of saved people with the rod of iron.

This is your one opportunity in eternity. Make the most of it!

We may believe in Christ and preach Christ; but we are not righteous in God's sight if we do not turn away from unrighteous behavior.

Grace does not cover persistent unrighteous behavior.

The result of unscriptural teaching and preaching in America is moral decadence.

To be an overcomer, a victorious Christian, is not a goal we reach. Rather the overcomer is someone who each day overcomes through God's grace the sin and problems set before him.

Adam and Eve had neither a sinful nature, nor a written law as far as we know. By this we understand that the sinful nature is not a necessary part of man. It has been added to us because of Adam's disobedience and it can be removed from us through Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit actually possesses the authority and the power to kill the acts of the sinful nature.

If we live in the Spirit of God rather than in the desires of our sinful nature, God counts that we have fulfilled the Law of Moses perfectly.

Christ can remove our sinful nature and our sicknesses with a word. But the creation of the victorious personality requires obedience, pressure, and time.

The issue is not golden streets or the fires of Hell. The issue is change into the moral image of Christ and fellowship with God.

It is not the purpose of grace to blind God to our actions.

There are three great elements of the Christian salvation. First there is the atonement. Second, the new righteous creation. Third, obedience to the Father. This is all there is to the Christian salvation, as far as I know.

You are going to have a difficult time if you do not ask God to help you.

The Bible says we ought not to depend on our own understanding but to acknowledge God in all our ways. Then God will give us a straight path to walk in. It seems to me that this is one of the important lessons we learn as we are following the Lord Jesus.

A further work of grace is required if there is to be a glorious Church without spot or wrinkle. Don't you agree?

The path to spiritual maturity is that of training ourselves by constant use to distinguish between good and evil.

God is so powerful and abundant in resources that He always is glad for us to call on Him for help with the least matter, every minute of every day and night.

Holiness is addictive. The closer we draw to God the more we desire to draw even closer.

By ascending into Heaven, Jesus showed us that once our flesh and bones have been raised we can, at our will, be in Heaven or on the earth.

The sons of God obey the Scriptures and are led by the Spirit of God. The religious crowd study the Scriptures and are led by their self-will.

There are amateur Christians who talk about Christ and lead their casual church lives. Then there are professional Christians, so to speak, who are struggling upward in the night as they seek Christ; seek Christ; seek Christ.

It takes all the determination we possess if we are to keep up with the Holy Spirit as He prepares us to be joined to Christ.

Egypt is a type of our spiritual bondage in the kingdom of Satan, in the world. The journey through the Wilderness of Sinai is a type of our struggle to learn the ways of the Lord and to overcome our love of the world and our love of sin and self-will. Canaan is a type of life lived in the center of God's will in the fullness of eternal life.

The blood of the Lamb is our power base. The word of our testimony is our activity. Loving not our life to the death is our protection.

The final witness of the coming of the Kingdom is represented by the two lampstands of Revelation, Chapter Eleven. The forming of Christ in the believers is represented by the male Son of Revelation, Chapter Twelve. The same group of people participate in the end-time witness and in the inner formation of Christ.

The purpose of the gifts of the Spirit is to produce the fruit of the Spirit.

It requires both the power of the Spirit and the moral purity of Christ if the Divine witness is to be borne.

Supernatural healing is a sign that points the way toward righteous behavior. When we make the sign the destination, the Presence and power of the Holy Spirit soon are withdrawn.

The greatest joy or the greatest sorrow anyone can experience is to see, after he dies, the results of his life on the earth.

The nation or individual that persists in immorality will soon be destroyed.

Wicked people and babies have one thing in common: they seek their own welfare regardless of the harm to other people.

We are approaching the most powerful witness of all time—Christ working with His Body now empowered by a double portion of God's Spirit. He has kept the best wine until now.

If we are not diligent in taking care of the minor details, the minor details may become major issues!

The Lord Jesus knew there would be wicked people who would be active in Christian work. This is why He warned those who prophesied in His name, drove out demons, and worked many miracles, that He did not know evildoers and would drive them from His Presence.

One of the great needs we have in Christian work is for a sense of God's timing.

The true Christian is to be similar to a Nazirite in dedication to God.

There come periods of unique opportunity in the Kingdom of God. In the present hour the fullness of the inheritance is available. Who will take advantage of the Divine offering?

The doctrine of eternal security proceeds from an arrogant, rebellious spirit.

Each one of us can choose to live his or her life with or without Jesus; with or without eternal Life.

Who are the brothers of Christ? Those who choose to do God's will.

"You are of your father, the devil," the Lord Jesus said to religious Jews. Were these men examples of the tares mentioned in the Book of Matthew?

We belong to God before we belong to Christ!

Christ makes us perfectly human. Sin makes us less than human. Religion can also, if we are not careful.

The true saint grows more human each day, able to understand, think like, and get along with the most ordinary people.

The highest state of being available to man is to flow with the Life of God. This means Christ must deliver us from all other motivations and urges.

The wicked are certain that evil will prevail; that they are wiser than God. They are the greatest fools of all!

I think the chariots of fire always surrounded Elisha; they did not appear for the special occasion. God gave His angels charge over Elisha, and gives His angels charge over all who are abiding in Christ. We need to have our eyes opened!

To worry too much about pleasing people is a snare. If you have a vision, and it is righteous, then look to the Lord and pursue your goal.

It is a great mistake to suppose people of other cultures are not as intelligent as ourselves.

God is not impressed with greatness but with faithfulness.

An individual who thinks only of his or her own desires is an animal. He does not belong in the Kingdom of God and is close to destruction.

Those of high rank in the Kingdom love God absolutely and obey God absolutely. When it is necessary, they deny themselves for the sake of the Lord, and for other people.

Each person is tested according to his or her appointed place in the Kingdom of God.

There are those who give, and then there are those who take.

If you want to represent the Lord Jesus Christ, don't seek great things for yourself.

If we would derive the most benefit from the present life we must develop and maintain: the unyielding premise that God is absolutely faithful, absolutely truthful, and absolutely all-powerful; unyielding determination to do God's perfect will in every circumstance; unyielding compassion toward all of God's creatures.

God does not give us gifts because we are perfect but to make us perfect.

The supernatural is entirely natural. It is part of the bigger picture..

Accept the large with grace, but always be thankful for the small blessings of God.

The Kingdom of God always will have much the same form as we see today. The difference is, behind the form will be Divine Life instead of blood and the adamic nature.

Today, in America at least, one has to force his way into the Kingdom. There are a multitude of distractions that seek to hinder our entrance.

There is richer fruit to be had, and greater discernment, when one overcomes his natural likes and dislikes of people.

There are those who desire a high rank in the Kingdom but who make certain it will cost them little or nothing. They will make way before the army of those who have left all for Jesus.

We are not to seek spiritual principles. We are to lay hold on the Lord our God.

Religion can be organized and incorporated. Its product can be marketed and exported. But the Kingdom of God is a Seed that is sown in the heart.

The true Christian is the believer who takes up His cross and follows the Lord Jesus every day. The remainder may be fine people but they merely are churchgoers.

God wants moral transformation. This is the witness God wants borne in the last days—the image of Christ.

A wise man gambles only when necessary. A reckless man takes needless chances and soon shall be destroyed.

The mark of a mature Christian is his willingness to wait for the Lord's time. The immature Christian cannot bear to have his intense desires remain unfulfilled.

We may look for formulas for spiritual success. God looks for a loving relationship with us.

Since God has full power to reward and to punish, the wise person seeks to do God's perfect will at all times.

Here is a wise prayer: O God, cause my will to correspond perfectly with Your will.

Speaking in tongues is the entrance into the rest of God.

I have come to believe there is an experience after Pentecost in which Jesus Christ will make Himself known to those who are keeping His Word.

Are you troubled and confused concerning an issue? Don't try to think it through, pray it through.

Jesus and one person constitute a majority.

The reason there is a paucity of gifts and ministries operating in the Christian churches is that we find it easier to plan our own way and employ our own abilities and talents rather than to live in close interaction with the Spirit of God.

Spiritual sight comes only as we obey God totally.

When you don't clutch things you get farther with God.

Nothing in this world happens by chance. God knows the sparrow, and God knows and cares for you.

Apart from moral transformation there is no salvation.

When we are in Christ, the earth and the rest of nature are our slaves; not gods to be worshiped!

To hold back part of the price of the land is to invite spiritual death.

Those who wish to keep the church at a human level, enjoying the social activities, have a Jezebel spirit. They always will go for the throat of the prophet.

Don't express your doubts about God's Word publicly. You might be trampled to death when God moves.

To the extent that we care for God and other people—to that extent we are a mature person.

Faith is our assessment of God's Character. Faithfulness is our unshakeable determination to be true to those who trust us.

A person who blames someone else for his problems is a baby. He has a lot of growing to do.

The difference between physical and spiritual blindness is that you don't know when you are spiritually blind.

We are at the end of the age. God is ready to remove all sin from His creation, beginning with His Church.

If we would understand the reason for and the operation of moral deliverance, it must become clear to us that there is a difference between the forgiveness of our sins and deliverance from the actions of our sinful behavior.

Beware of delicious feelings when you are struggling against temptation. Steadfastly resist sin through Jesus Christ.

He teaches my hands to war. Being taught war fighting can be distressing. Endure hardness as a soldier of Christ.

Let the Holy Spirit do the work.

There is the written Word, and then there is the Lord Jesus Christ. The new covenant is Christ formed in our mind and heart.

The goal toward which we are to be pressing is that of being filled with God and Christ at all times.

The signs and wonders that the Lord performs are not the destination. They are signposts saying "This is the way."

The fight of faith is like any other fight. The last man on his feet wins.

Given that God has all power, when we fret and complain about conditions in the world we are rebelling against God. Doesn't God know what He is doing?

Religion tends to be subjective and consists mainly of words. God is solidly objective and is characterized by power and action.

The Words of Jesus Christ are more than utterances, or symbols on paper. They are Spirit, and they are Life.

Until the predestined difference between the world and the elect is grasped firmly and clearly it is not possible to comprehend the Kingdom of God.

God is making real sons, real brothers of the Lord Jesus Christ. I think we have the idea we will be some kind of human imitation of that to which we never can aspire.

Actual guilt is God's disapproval of behavior that is contrary to His judgment of what is good. Our sense of guilt is our awareness or belief that our behavior is contrary to God's judgment of what is good. Sin is behavior that is contrary to God's judgment of what is good or contrary to our sense of what is good.

We shall experience joy or pain according to God's evaluation of our behavior. Part of our experience of joy or pain depends on God's decision to enforce or suspend the Kingdom law of sowing and reaping.

When we seek to use spiritual principles to gain physical health or spiritual freedom, are we striving to please God and have fellowship with Him? Or are we attempting to benefit ourselves?

Is God concerned primarily with the imperfections of our personality or with our sins?

Sometimes Christians just have to fly by instrument, by what they believe is right regardless of how they feel.

You have to push past resistance in order to enter the Kingdom of God.

If you are not going to serve Christ faithfully, then make friends with the people of the world so there will be someone to receive you when you die.

Heaven is Heaven because of heavenly people. Environment alone won't do it.

When you are serving the Lord He makes your mistakes work for good.

What if when you die you are placed with people like yourself? Maybe you want to think about changing!

Are you sure you want to go to Heaven? What if the things you enjoy are not practiced there?

Grace replaces the Law of Moses, not righteous behavior.

Romantic love tends to be idolatrous. Why should we worship a human being when God alone is worthy of worship?

Everyone is commanded to be perfect, and we can be perfect each day with God's help. But it takes a while before we have been perfected.

We are to be patient with one another just as God is patient with us.

Through Christ we can gain victory each day until finally the war is won.

Only in Jesus are we finally at home. Only in Jesus do we find the complete fulfillment of our destiny. We spend our life trying, but we never can be at home or find complete fulfillment in relationships, things, or circumstances.

Just think! God planned today from the beginning of the world. Yet we still make our own decisions. Truly, all His works reveal His astonishing glory.

The world will cry "peace and safety.' But it will not be safe to walk the streets—even at noon. Such is the case when self-centered man (antichrist) is in the ascendancy.

The more of Christ we have the more we influence other people for good. We are becoming life-giving spirits.

Isn't it about time you asked the Lord to help you with your problems?

Worrying will not solve your problems, but praying will.

Do you have any idea of why you are alive, of what God wants you to do?

Christ is ready to remove the bondages of sin from His people. If you truly want to be delivered from your sinful nature, He will work with you until you have been set free. The choice is yours.

The Lord Jesus Christ has absolute authority and absolute power. Think of what it means to be His enemy! Think of what it means to be His friend!

The believer who chooses to overcome through Christ all the forces that seek to prevent his doing the will of God shall inherit all things that God makes new. This is a promise so fabulous as to be beyond description.

Faith is obedience to God's Word, trust in the power of God's unchanging promises and warnings, trust in His goodness and His faithfulness, and reliance on His ability to express his goodness, faithfulness, and wrath toward each one of us.

When we look at the Glory of the Lord we are transformed. Can you imagine what we will be like when we have been with Jesus for a thousand years?

Jesus is not a metaphysical principle but a living Person having tremendous authority and power.

The fruit to which the New Testament often refers is the moral image of Christ as revealed in godly behavior: first in ourselves, and then in those who receive and follow us.

The concept that God is one Person in three forms is unscriptural. The concept that there are three equal Gods is unscriptural. The truth is, The Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God and is obedient to His Father.

From the time the Logos came forth from the Father He has done nothing and said nothing apart from the Father. From the time that Christ has been born in us He wants us to do nothing and say nothing apart from Him.

God has given various abilities to people, such as musical and artistic gifts. But if the gifted ones are wicked they will not inherit the products of their efforts. However, the victorious saints shall inherit everything.

It is well that we celebrate the birth of Christ at Christmas. It is well that we celebrate the atoning death of Christ in the Communion service. But Christ's sufferings are in vain for us as an individual until we turn away from the world and walk with Him continually.

The Father invited the Word to ask for the nations as His inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth for His possession. The Word became the Lord Jesus Christ and suffered much in order to receive us as His inheritance and the earth as His possession. But we do not become His inheritance until we submit to the program that brings us into His image and into union with Him. If we do not submit to His will, He suffered in vain for us.

It has been given to women to bring forth sons of God. This is one of the greatest privileges a human being can have. This is why Satan presses so hard for abortion and homosexual relationships.

Religion is a matter of information and persuasion. The Kingdom of God is a matter of planting a Seed and of being transformed by beholding the Glory of the Lord.

The local church is not a social club. It is a golden lampstand, the prophet of God among men.

Satan hates Jesus Christ and the saints because God has given Jesus these people as His inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth for His possession. Satan regards people as his own inheritance and the earth as his own possession.

What absolute monarch invites other people to be his brothers and fellow heirs and rulers? Jesus does!

To become one with the Lord Jesus is to become one with the Father. All that Jesus possesses He gives to the Father.

Hell is to be feared. Perhaps an even greater concern is what kind of character we will have in the ages to come.

The local church is not a social club. It is a golden lampstand, the prophet of God among men.

The sinful nature resides in our flesh. The Holy Spirit helps us put to death the acts of the sinful nature. Then the evil tendencies lie dormant in our flesh, but the life has been removed from them. When the Lord returns He will transform our mortal body. There will be no sinful nature in our transformed body. This is the promised redemption.

The contest is between our fleshly, sinful nature, and the Holy Spirit of God. If our soul, our character, chooses to obey our sinful nature, our soul will be changed into the image of sin and rebellion. If our soul chooses to obey the Spirit of God, our soul will be changed into a life-giving Spirit.

To follow the Spirit of God is to acquire eternal life and every other good and perfect thing. To follow the desires and appetites of the sinful nature is suicidal and results in all that is corrupt and agonizing.

The Word became flesh. We are the flesh being made the Word. The Word is the testimony of God's Person, will, way, and eternal purpose in Christ.

To speak in a figure, the Ark of the Covenant is being brought to Zion. This means the Glory of God is returning to His Church. We must be careful not to attempt to add our own reasoning to that which God is doing, but just be very prayerful and very obedient.

It often is true that a false sense of God's approval rests on the Christian people. They are as Uzzah, who was certain he was approved of God—until God struck him dead!

All people, including Christians, who are in a position to share their wealth with those in need, and choose to live only for their own joy and comfort, will find their place in Hell with others of the same nature.

All people who live in continual interaction with the Lord Jesus are one already, regardless of doctrine. All that is needed to perfect their oneness in the Father and the Son is the Glory that will be sent from Heaven in the last days.

The woman who is fully clothed reveals her uniqueness in her choice of apparel. Her personality is enhanced. As the woman chooses to wear less and less clothing, as in today's American culture, her uniqueness and personality fade and she appears merely as one member of the worldwide herd of human females.

God is a unique Person and has a will, a way, and an eternal purpose in Jesus Christ. It is the responsibility of every creature to do God's will as diligently as possible. But if the service is not rendered in God's way, there is no lasting reward for the servant. Joab, King David's army commander, is an example of this.

That a mature adult male, with the nearly incredible complexity of his reproductive system, could evolve from protozoa, does not appear to be a reasonable hypothesis. Even if such took place, in order to reproduce himself, the male must have available to him a mature adult female, having an equally complex reproductive system radically different in several respects from the male. That male and female reproductive systems could evolve from protozoa at the same time is quite beyond reasonable probability, no matter how long a period of time is allowed.

It has been stated that if there were enough explosions in a print shop, given enough type, there finally would appear the text of the Encyclopedia Britannica. This is fanciful rather than realistic thinking. Such a composition never, never would take place. I do not know enough about probability mathematics to be able to state the equation that would confirm what I have stated; but an intelligent appraisal suggests there is a boundary between that which is realistic and that which is fanciful. The probability would reach zero and stop there.

Thus it is true that to speculate a mature adult male and a mature adult female could evolve from protozoa at the same time, making it possible for them to reproduce their kind, is fanciful. It could not occur in all of geologic time.

There is an entry level of salvation, and then there is the transformation of character that is the Kingdom of God. That which is unworthy of the Kingdom is thrown into the fire. That which is worthy of the Kingdom, such as human kindness, is brought down to death and then raised in Christ. Nothing remains of the adamic creation. All is made new in Christ.

Think of life on earth as one long testing of your character. Whether you achieve little or much by this world's standards is of little consequence, for there is "nothing new under the sun." What indeed is of incomprehensible importance is the character you will bring into the eternal ages.

God loves Christ. Christ loves me. I love others, as God directs. In this manner we all dwell in joy in God's perfect will and Kingdom.

We never are to grasp tightly what God has given us, or attempt to force things and circumstances in order to protect our gift and insure its survival and operation. To do so leads us away from God and into idolatry. God always makes a way for and protects the gifts He has given.

The young man or woman to whom God has spoken ought always to respect the advice of the elders. Yet care must be taken to make sure we always are hearing from the Lord, because the elders can discourage us from doing the Lord's will if they themselves are not in daily interaction with Christ.

As long as the leaders of government are sinful, self-seeking people, we will have wars and worldwide suffering. The only solution to the problems of the world is the return of the Lord Jesus Christ accompanied by rulers who have been morally transformed by the Spirit of God.

Religion consists of a dead set of beliefs and rules. The Lord Jesus is alive. Religions are created by man. The Lord Jesus came from God. The problem with religion is it doesn't dance with Jesus.

Religion is like a domineering, self-centered woman who can never be pleased. Her name is Babylon the Great. Jesus is always dancing along, skipping off to something wonderful.

"Come dance with Me," Jesus calls. Religion glares furiously at the happy couple.

Love always is in the present. It is the highest form of joy. To be eternal, love's source must be God. There is an uncrossable gulf between physical attraction and love, although they may coincide. Love is the highest form of joy.

To be filled with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, with the Fullness of God, is to be a fountain of living water; a tree of life. How happy is the individual thus endowed, who is able to bring eternal life to others.

The more I read the Bible the more I can see how much God is in control of all things. He hardens whom He will. He blesses whom He will. Even wicked rulers are promoted by God's decision, as God uses them to provide the environment that will bring forth the brothers of Jesus Christ and the unblemished Bride of the Lamb.

If we have been called from the foundation of the world to be a brother of the Lord Jesus Christ, a member of His Body, then our entire life on earth is one of training. The task of the Head and Body of Christ is to bring justice to the saved peoples of the earth; to bring the Presence, rule, love, and wisdom of God to them. Obviously we must be prepared in advance in order to carry out our responsibility successfully.

God created man to govern God's creation. Before this is possible, man must be subject to God through Christ.

God loves variety. There are all kinds of creatures in the physical and spirit realms, a wealth of personalities. There are all kinds of people with their own ways of doing things, gathered together in families. There are some on Mount Zion who follow the Lamb. God knows them as He knows Abraham and Moses. You too can be a friend of God if this is what you truly desire.

The things and circumstances of the present world are expendable; they are not to be grasped or worshiped. All the things and circumstances we experience are for the purpose of seeing how we will behave when we are given the riches of the eternal world that is to come. Make no mistake, we are determining our eternal destiny today.

The world will never be a safe or decent place in which to live until all the rulers are themselves ruled by the Lord Jesus Christ. The coming of the Kingdom of God to the earth represents a change of rulership. Until the Kingdom comes, abortion will continue. Graft will continue. Rape will continue. Wars will continue. Lying, stealing, cheating will continue. Homosexual behavior and, animalism will continue. Every kind of gross perversion and corruption of nature will continue. Innocent people will be murdered. Animals will be slaughtered for sport.

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God is the good news that righteous government shall come to the earth. The rulers are being prepared now.

Where do the righteous and the wicked come from? It is easy to say each person can choose whether to be righteous or wicked. No doubt this largely is true. We can choose to do good or evil. But one must admit that there is a sovereignty of God that operates concerning the wicked and the righteous, if we are to believe the Scriptures.

When you die you cannot bring anything with you into the spirit realm except what you have become as a person.

There only is grace for the day. We cannot live in victory in the future or the past, only right now.

Our greatest gifts carry the greatest potential for disaster.

When God gives a gift, our sinful nature may worship the gift rather than God.

God does not like to be forced to speak. Pray and commit your way to the Lord. Then take a small step in the direction you think you should go, and watch to see if God is blessing. God cannot steer you, ordinarily, until you make and decision and begin to move.

Our adamic nature cannot imitate Christ successfully. The newness of life we are seeking results from the Life of Christ continually being expressed in us.

Grace and imputed righteousness replace the Law of Moses, not godly behavior. Here is a truly destructive misunderstanding. Under grace, sin is still sin and will be judged accordingly.

Learn to take the day as it comes. Do the best you can with the Lord's help. Trying to force perfection can be a destructive bondage.

The promise to the victorious saint is that he will rule the nations with a rod of iron. This is because he is a coheir with the Lord Jesus Christ, to whom it has been given to smash the nations with a rod of iron. Such smashing is necessary because of the rebellion in the hearts of people.

The carnal man has to have his own way. The spiritual man yields. He is a lamb

Are we slowed down enough to hear the gentle whisper, the still, small voice?

If you want to be anointed with joy, love righteousness and hate wickedness.

Do you want the devil to flee in disarray? Resist the temptation to sin.

The Lord Jesus Christ did not come to bring us to Heaven to live forever, but to reconcile us to God and make us a better person right where we are.

The Father's House is the Lord Jesus Christ. We are living stones in that House. It is God's will that each member of the Body of Christ be filled with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The indomitable will to conquer; inexhaustible willingness to bear burdens; loving relationships and righteous behavior; and the unceasing renewal of strength through unceasing prayer—this is the image of Christ. These four attributes, which come from God, yield clear understanding of the past, the present, and the future.

Current theology, although well intentioned, makes the Lord Jesus Christ the competitor of God, rather than the Offspring, Prophet, Priest, King, Servant, and eternal House of God.

God never frets over evil, and neither must we. God retains all authority and power, so why should the evil works in the earth rob Him of His peace? Have peace and trust in the all-powerful, all-wise God.

The Ten Commandments are a reflection of the eternal moral law of God. Under grace we no longer are obligated to observe the Ten Commandments, but we are obligated to observe the eternal moral law of God. The difference between the two covenants is not that now we are free to sin. The difference is in how we go about keeping the law of God.

The natural man forces his way in the world. The spiritual man is like his Lord. He permits himself to be defrauded. He is a peacemaker.

Sometimes just before the Lord speaks there is shaking, a commotion. The mature Christian has learned not to be moved until he or she hears the quiet voice of the Lord.

The Father has anointed the Lord Jesus with the oil of joy, because the Lord Jesus loves righteousness and hates wickedness. We also will be anointed with the oil of joy when we love righteousness and hate wickedness.

Christians have been taught that as long as they are in the world they can be compelled to sin. This is a lie. It never is God's will for a Christian to walk in known sin. God always makes a way of escape for us if we will pray earnestly and permit Him to guide us into perfect deliverance.

To focus on ministry or on the needs or desires of people is to weaken or slay our spiritual life.

The love of pleasure is one of the greatest enemies of the victorious Christian life. Discipline requires that we deny ourselves and follow Christ each day. This means when we have to choose between pleasure and doing what is right, we do what is right even though it causes us grief.

What feels so good and so right is not always of God.

There are two kinds of life, adamic life and eternal Divine Life. Christ came to rescue us from adamic life and to fill us with more abundant Divine Life. Thus the Christian discipleship becomes a struggle as we seek to overthrow our adamic life and live in the new Divine Life.

We are in doctrinal confusion today. We don't know what God's goal is for us, and we don't know how He is getting us there. We are not systematically working toward clearly defined objectives.

When there are ten camels to be watered, wait until the tenth camel has been satisfied. It may be that tenth camel that reveals God's will.

The Apostle Paul taught us that if any person is in Christ Jesus, there is a new creation. The expression "the new creation" refers to a transformation infinitely greater than merely making a profession of belief in Jesus Christ.

Sometimes the truth is right in front of us and we can't see it. In other instances, what appears to be the truth is not true at all. We may have to dig for many years before we can determine what actually is true.

When Paul states he wants to have the righteousness that comes through faith in Christ, he is not saying he desires to sin and yet be able to rest in the hope that God will save him because of his belief in Christ. What Paul means is explained by the third chapter of the Book of Philippians.

To live in a world that is in the midst of spiritual conflict, and not know the Lord Jesus, leaves one without understanding, guidance, or strength.

The Ten Commandments deal with the symptoms of the sinful nature. The new covenant is superior in that it deals with the sinful nature itself by killing it through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Because we are being trained as soldiers, there are times when our discipleship is difficult. If we are unwilling to endure hardness as good soldiers we will not be qualified to return with the Lord Jesus and install the Kingdom of God on the earth.

There will be no church building in the new Jerusalem. The new Jerusalem itself is the Church. Since those who compose the holy city will see the face of God, there is no need to enclose God in a building. God and the Lamb are the Temple of it.

The little sins we are practicing now have far-reaching effects if we don't cease doing them.

It is one matter to make a great show of spirituality now. It is another matter to do so throughout a lifetime of patient, cross-carrying obedience.

There is only one legitimate will in the universe—that of the Father. God is bringing the entire creation into subjection to Jesus Christ. When this has been fully accomplished, Christ being subject to the Father's will, all creatures in the heavens and on the earth will be obedient to God. This marks the end of Satan's rebellion against God.

The Lord Jesus Christ has purchased with His blood, from all nations, men for God. They compose the Kingdom of God, the royal priesthood, and they will govern the people of the earth.

Release from the bondages of sin comes as we obey Christ's commandments and strive to please Him with our behavior. All such effort must be conducted through the Holy Spirit.

Jesus said, "Have salt in yourselves." What is the salt that God must find if a sacrifice is to be acceptable to Himself? That salt is God's own holy, righteous Substance. God must find Himself in all that belongs to Him, just as a mother dog sniffs her litter to make certain each one is hers. It seems sometimes that most Christian activity is composed of inert ingredients. The salt of God's Person is not present.

The adamic race is temporary. God never intended it to be permanent. When the Lord Jesus cried out on the cross "It is finished" I believe he was referring to the entire adamic race. Salvation is the transition from the adamic race to the new creation.

To the faithful God shows Himself faithful. To the blameless God shows Himself blameless. To those who attempt to outwit Him God shows Himself superior in cunning. If we desire to have mercy shown to us we best had be merciful to others!

God speaks to us through the Bible. Sometimes God's speaks to us personally in one manner or another. Of this we can be certain: the Words that God speaks are mighty rocks. They can absolutely be depended on. They are utterly reliable. We can base our life on them with no fear we will be shaken from our position.

We know the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is the inspired Word of God. However, the Bible must be applied by the Spirit. If we take the words of the Bible and try to apply them according to our own will, we develop a religious spirit and bring ourselves and others into bondage.

We should not spend our time trying to correct the faults we find in our fellow Christians. All we succeed in doing is venting our own irritations and making them angry. We try to perform an operation without providing an anesthetic.

Those who stress only that which is positive are seeking their own glory. Those who stress only that which is negative are ill. The Bible is both positive and negative.

Jesus told us that the closing days of the Church Age would be characterized by deception. Deception occurs when something is not what it appears to be. We must learn to take nothing for granted but to pray about everything. We hardly can be too careful!

It often is true today that appearances are deceiving. We see a fine looking man or woman and are impressed, only to find out later that he or she is a thief, or child molester, or an unfaithful husband or wife. Perhaps in the world to come the outside will reveal the inside.

Forgive, and you shall be forgiven. Show mercy, and mercy shall be shown to you. People shall deal with you in the same manner you have dealt with others.

The Christian Church throughout its history has placed much emphasis on the work of the ministry. I wouldn't be surprised if we learn some day that God is more interested in the maturing of His ministers, His witnesses, than He is in the work they accomplish.

The Book of Acts frequently refers to the idea of repentance. Repentance and receiving forgiveness through the blood atonement were part of one whole, in the message of the Apostles. It would have been unthinkable to not follow the acceptance of forgiveness with a change of behavior.

There are some who follow the Lamb wherever He goes. These are specially close to Christ. Why? Because they are obeying His will rather than their own.

Godly sorrow has to do with the sins of the past. Repentance has to do with turning away from the sins of the future.

Serve Christ with all your might. If you don't, you will be ruled by someone who did.

To be abiding in Christ is to be poised. All of us are driven by various fears and desires. When these are expressing themselves through us we may have lost our poise.

When the Lord Jesus appears we shall appear with Him. "We" includes all the righteous dead from the time of Abel. A great host of people will invade the earth at that time.

It may be true that the entrance of Christ into the personalities of the believers has been reserved for the last days.

Some believers are careless with the things of Christ. It is certain they will reap sparingly.

Religion tends to work with groups of people. God tends to work with individuals, teaching them how to relate to Himself and to other people. Religious forms and ceremonies do not benefit us unless God is working with us as an individual.

It is as destructive to refuse to believe God is giving you something good as it is destructive to believe God will never permit you to suffer.

Man in the complete image of God and in untroubled union with God, brought into this state by daily transformation, is the true goal of salvation—the goal that accomplishes Kingdom purposes. We are forgiven so we may be transformed.

In Christ, nothing is too good to be true.

People wonder why God permits wars and other disasters to plague the inhabitants of the earth. God does not cause the evil, the problem is sin. God is waiting for the final wickedness, which is that of individuals becoming their own gods, little satan. This drama is being played out for the benefit of the heavenly spectators.

When the Lord Jesus appears we shall appear with Him. "We" includes all the righteous dead from the time of Abel. A great host of people will invade the earth at that time.

It may be true that the entrance of Christ into the personalities of the believers has been reserved for the last days.

Some believers are careless with the things of Christ. It is certain they will reap sparingly.

Religion tends to work with groups of people. God tends to work with individuals, teaching them how to relate to Himself and to other people. Religious forms and ceremonies do not benefit us unless God is working with us as an individual.

It is as destructive to refuse to believe God is giving you something good as it is destructive to believe God will never permit you to suffer.

Man in the complete image of God and in untroubled union with God, brought into this state by daily transformation, is the true goal of salvation—the goal that accomplishes Kingdom purposes. We are forgiven so we may be transformed.

In Christ, nothing is too good to be true.

People wonder why God permits wars and other disasters to plague the inhabitants of the earth. God does not cause the evil, the problem is sin. God is waiting for the final wickedness, which is that of individuals becoming their own gods, little satan. This drama is being played out for the benefit of the heavenly spectators.

If there is no possibility of receiving Christ and growing in Christ after we die, then several passages of the Scriptures present difficulties of interpretation. Also, God will not have a satisfactory Kingdom if Christians cease to grow spiritually when they enter the next life.

One of the hardest tendencies to overcome is that of grasping what we want. The Lord would not have us grasp a relationship, a job, any material object. The Bible promises those who delight themselves in the Lord that He will give them the desires of their heart. This He certainly shall do, but He doesn't want us to hold tightly to anything except our trust in Him.

I believe God is looking to observe how we behave, to see if we are worthy of being a part of the new world of righteousness He is preparing. One type of person who does not belong in God's new world is the individual who obtains pleasure at the expense of someone else.

The highest calling of the saint is to be the dwelling place of God, an inseparable part of God. Little by little we become willing to forsake our first personality that we might live by the Life of God.

Mammon is an Aramaic term for riches. Of all the gods of the Greeks and Romans, mammon is the only god singled out by the Lord Jesus as being the competitor of the true God. "You cannot serve both God and mammon."

What is it like to live with Jesus in the center of God's Person and will?

What is involved in living forever? Why would anyone want to live forever? Would we grow, and if so, in what manner? It would not be desirable to have a world in which people lived forever but were not growing in righteousness.

How can it be that some reap Christ thirtyfold, some sixtyfold, and some a hundredfold? How will this be manifest in the present world? In the spirit world after we die? In the new heaven and earth reign of the Lord?

God can surpass your prayers if you prayers please Him. Do you remember how God gave Solomon more than He asked for?

Many of us spend a good part of our life collecting material things. Actually, all that matters is our personal growth in Christ and our relationships.

Eve was created as a suitable support for Adam. It is interesting also that Eve was created from Adam. Why was this? It is not recorded in the Book of Genesis that the female of any animal was created from the male!

Several passages of the New Testament are being applied as though salvation were a one-time event. "Whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life." It is true, rather, that we have eternal life only as long as we keep on hearing His Word and keep on believing God.

The purpose of imputed righteousness is not to call wicked people righteous, as we preach today. The purpose of imputed, ascribed righteousness by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is to free us from the guilt imposed by the Law of Moses so we can be free to follow the Holy Spirit into actual righteousness of behavior.

Perhaps we don't think enough about the rewards promised to those who overcome sin. We should! The Holy Spirit has placed them in the New Testament to encourage us to seek the Lord with our whole heart.

If you have been called to be a deliverer you probably will pass through experiences similar to those of Joseph. Remember one thing: though you may languish in God's prison, do not become a prisoner in your heart. Your vision finally will come true.

The idea of giving up their own life in favor of being united with God's life proves difficult for some believers. The choice we are required to make as an individual is whether to retain our right to be independent, or to let go of that right and become one with God through Jesus Christ.

The human body plays a far greater role in our redemption than ordinarily is presented. We have made the goal of salvation eternal residence in Heaven. The Apostle Paul stated the goal of salvation as the redemption of his body. These goals are significantly different.

I do believe we are not preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom as a testimony. The gospel we are preaching is manmade. It is the gospel of make a profession of belief in Jesus Christ so you will go to Heaven. Did John the Baptist, the Lord Jesus, and the early Apostles preach the gospel of making a profession of belief in Christ so we will make our eternal residence in Heaven when we die?

The Apostle Paul does not refer to believers as Christians but as saints. While "Christians" is a Bible expression, it is apt to apply to members of a religion and not necessarily to cross-carrying disciples. The term "saint" means "holy one" and better describes a member of God's elect.

When a loved one dies we are filled with grief. This is because even as Christians we imagine they are gone forever, or have suffered some horrible fate. They are not gone forever. They are with Jesus, and we ought to be looking forward to seeing them again, not grieving as though they have gone somewhere never to return.

The reason God divided the languages at the Tower of Babel is that God does not want man to prosper by himself. When man can succeed apart from the Lord he is a destructive influence upon himself and those around him.

Each person has two appearances. One appearance is in the physical realm. The other appearance is in the spirit realm. The appearance in the spirit realm is the real person.

The highest calling and goal any human being can have is to be filled with the fullness of God for eternity. But this means we have to let go of our right to be ourselves in every area of existence. When this realization sets in, we have to decide whether we wish to reserve part of ourselves for our own use, or whether we want to turn over our entire personality to the Lord.

Seven times in the Book of Revelation the Lord Jesus said: "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches." I believe this admonition applies today as never before. The Spirit of God is speaking to the Christian churches today. Do we have ears to hear what He is saying?

I don't know for certain what happens to us after we die. Do you? But I wonder if perhaps life continues, including Christian service, except for those activities that are confined to the physical body.

There is a difference between conviction and condemnation. The Holy Spirit does not condemn us if we are serving the Lord faithfully; but He certainly convicts us of sin when we are behaving in an ungodly manner.

The ministries and gifts of the Spirit serve until perfection comes. The ministries and gifts are as temporary scaffolding which serve to bring us to the perfection of the love of Christ, which is eternal.

In the very beginning Satan raised doubts about God's Character. The implication was that God desired to withhold good from Eve by forbidding her to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. "Good cannot be trusted to bring you joy," Satan was inferring.

When the Lord spoke to the seven churches of Asia He often said, "I know your works." Isn't this surprising? The common teaching today is that God does not know our works because we are saved "by grace."

If your highest priority is immediate pleasure you never can make a success of the Christian discipleship. You must deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Jesus.

If Christ has called you to be a disciple and you attempt to settle for merely being "saved," you will be judged as a lazy, wicked, disobedient servant.

The Book of Revelation tells of people who will seek death and not be able to find it. This indeed will be a terrifying situation.

You know, we pay a great deal of attention to this body of ours. When you think about it, our body is only a house for our actual person. We need to get control over our body. If we are successful in resisting its animal demands, we will get a much better house some day.

The Bible speaks of the dragon that is in the sea. The dragon, of course, is Satan. The "sea" refers to the great mass of mankind that is driven by every wind.

In many instances today Christian people are attempting to use the atoning blood of Christ as an excuse for their sinning. God did not give us the blood of the cross to serve as an alternative to keeping His commandments.

It is commonly believed, even among people of the world, that Jesus Christ came to bring us to Heaven. Christ did not come to bring us to Heaven; He came to deliver us from the presence and power of the devil.

One can dissect the Bible until every word has been analyzed, including the definite and indefinite articles, and every preposition and conjunction, in every conceivable manner, and yet never understand what God is declaring. In order to know what is being said, particularly in the prophetic declarations, one must hear from the Writer. This is done through prayer.

There are many commandments in both the Old and New Testaments. The commandments set forth in the New Testament are to be kept, and the Holy Spirit helps us keep them. There also is the issue of God's revealed will.

There are at least two realities with which we deal. The most familiar is our physical life in the world. The other reality, the essential reality, is in the heavens and in God's Word. The physical reality is perishing with the using. The essential reality is eternal.

When Jesus Christ appears to the world, those whose life He has become shall appear with Him. But why? We shall appear with the Lord at His coming because it is our responsibility to work together with Him in the task of installing the Kingdom of God on the earth.

When Saul of Tarsus was apprehended by the Lord, the Lord asked him why he was kicking against the prodding of the Spirit (or perhaps of his conscience). How often do we push past the checks of the Spirit because we are not listening carefully each moment for the guidance of the Spirit!

The Apostle Paul spoke of delivering a man over to Satan for the destruction of his flesh. This verse certainly puts a dent in the current emphasis on salvation by faith alone.

I suppose it is the adamic nature that seeks a uniform solution to the problems of life. However it is apparent, and scriptural, that God's way of working with one person may not be the same in the case of another individual.

If we could only see reality we would observe that each saint who comes to maturity is as a vast palace in which the Father and the Son can take great pleasure.

I think we have too limited an understanding of Heaven and Hell. There are several areas of punishment mentioned in the New Testament, some of them addressed to the Lord's servants.

Get the inward nature straightened out and God will take care of the outward.

Romans, Chapter Four, verses four and five, has been misinterpreted. The result has been the moral decline of the United States of America. This may lead to the end of the leadership role of our country.

The Lord Jesus told us that if someone knew His will, and committed acts worthy of punishment, he or she would be beaten with many blows. Some of this beating takes place in the present world, and perhaps some in the next.

People can sit in a Christian church for fifty years and never grow spiritually. Why is this? It is because cross-carrying obedience to Christ, the mechanism that produces spiritual growth, is not operating.

The Law of Moses tells us what to do and what not to do. Since we have a sinful nature, the Law serves only to condemn us; for the sinful nature drives us to disobey God's commandments. The only solution to this distressing problem is to destroy the sinful nature.

The Lord Jesus prayed that we would be one in Him in the Father and one with each other. It is not possible for two people to be one in the Divine Oneness until both are in God's rest. All saints are to be one in the Father and the Son, thus forming the House of the Lord.

Through His perfect observance of the Law of Moses, Christ has earned eternal life. Instead He died as though He had broken the Law of Moses. In Christ's bank account is an amount of eternal life He earned but did not spend. Therefore, according to God's laws of equity, Christ has the right to spend the eternal life He earned on anyone who meets His conditions.

When we have a problem we have many reasons why we do not pray, ranging from "God is keeping me humble" to "as long as we are in the world we will have tribulation," or "it is something I have inherited." Why are we accepting unpleasantness when the Lord said He would answer our requests that we might be filled with joy?

Is the Lord Your Shepherd? Are you following Him every day? We Americans pride ourselves on our independence of thought. We like to think we are "in control." Is this what a sheep is like?

To be abiding in Christ at the right hand of the Father in Heaven is to be dwelling in the secret place of the Most High. To live there at all times is to never die; for our position will not change at death, in the spirit world after death, or when we are raised from the dead. We now are alive forever in Christ at the right hand of God.

Perhaps some of us might like to visit the past, while there may be others who would be terrified at the thought. I think the reason for the popularity of the farcical hypothesis of evolution is that people do not enjoy the idea of a God who will bring up the past and pass judgment on it. But I think the Bible is clear enough—we shall in the future face our past.

The Lord told us, in the parable of the sower, that the Life of God can be choked by the worries of life in the world and by the deceitfulness of riches until no fruit is borne.

The Apostle Paul states that some people are objects of God's wrath while others are objects of God's mercy. This seems unfair to us, but we know that God always is fair; always is righteous. We simply do not see things as God does.

It appears that God does not judge wickedness as we do. The fact that the first category of people in the Lake of Fire are the cowardly is surprising. Gossip and slander, common Christian activities, are listed along with depravity and God-hating, and judged to be worthy of death.

In the Book of Acts, people spoke in tongues when they first were filled with the Spirit of God. It appears that today people are saved and have God's Spirit years before they even hear about tongues. Perhaps it is more of a case of releasing tongues in them than it is of them receiving the Spirit.

I think we do pretty well at telling people Jesus died for their sins. Perhaps not so well at telling them they must be baptized in water. And not well at all, as I see it, at making disciples and teaching them to obey Christ's commandments. I believe we should start doing this.

There are at least four major aspects of our inheritance, our land of promise. The most important aspect is that of being the eternal dwelling place of the fullness of God. The nations and the farthest reaches of the earth for our possession is another aspect. A body like that of the Lord Jesus is a third. Living totally in the Holy Spirit of God is a fourth aspect of our inheritance.

Every denomination has a Statement of Faith. Not every denomination has a statement of behaviors. A statement of behaviors may be more important than a Statement of Faith, if we inform people how godly behavior is gained.

God put us here on the earth in animal bodies that are inhabited by a sinful nature. Then God permits Satan to place us in painful situations to see if we will do what we know to be right no matter how we feel, or if we will take the path of pleasure. God wants to know what kind of character we have before He appoints us a place in His Kingdom.

When the world sees integrity it recognizes it and usually honors it. The world may not respond with integrity, however. A man cannot bear witness of Christ if he does not have integrity.

Think what the world would be like if there were no Satan, no rebellious angels, no demons. Think what the world would be like if in addition to the absence of evil spirits the whole earth was filled with the Glory of the Lord. Imagine what it would be like to have the whole earth filled with the Spirit of God? Try to picture what the world would be like if no sin of any kind was practiced. Would you like to live here?

Christ was tested in the area of obedience to God. He learned obedience while living here through the things He suffered. Christ had no sinful nature; yet He still had to learn and be made perfect in obedience. This tells us there is a force apart from the sinful nature that has to be dealt with.

As far as I can tell, the Ten Commandments cover every kind of sin. Writing them on our heart and mind, in their eternal form, is an operation. All operations are painful. The flesh must be made the Word.

There is no evidence that the Holy Spirit dwelled in Adam and Eve. We know that Christ did not dwell in them nor did they have a sinful nature. They had been created in the image of God and charged with multiplying and with exercising dominion over nature. Would they have sinned if Satan had not entered the garden? Would they ever have known the difference between good and evil had they not eaten of that tree?

If you were to sit down and make a list of everything you wanted, even what you wanted in Heaven, what would be on that list? If while you made your list you have been honest and not constrained by some sort of duty, you may find your list to be very revealing. Ask God what He thinks of your list, and to change the items that will not bring you eternal joy.

The only inheritance worth having, relatively speaking, is people. In the second Psalm the Father invited the Word, Christ, to ask for the nations as His inheritance and the farthest reaches of the earth for His possession. We are coheirs with Christ!

The Lord Jesus invited us to pray that we might receive the Holy Spirit. I am afraid we who belong to the Pentecostal movement believe that once we speak in tongues we have all of the Holy Spirit God wants to give us. I do not believe this is the case.

We Americans tend on the whole to be people of action. This may be a carryover from the pioneer days. Many of us do not believe that just because something has been said clearly or elegantly anything has been accomplished. This may be somewhat different from other more philosophical cultures. Nevertheless, the Bible insists that words are important in themselves.

God declared several times in the Old Testament that His righteousness would be revealed. In my opinion, we have not understood all that God means by that, and our misunderstanding prevents us from entering the Kingdom of God. We are apt to think of imputed righteousness when God means actual righteousness of behavior.

I like to compare being saved to learning to play the piano. Someone can give you the gift of a piano, but he can't give you the ability to play. You have to learn to play the piano. So it is with salvation. God gives you salvation. Now you have to learn to play it.

Today we are facing two major changes in the plan of redemption. Just as the leadership of the Israelites changed from Moses to Joshua, the Lord Jesus Christ is changing from the role of Shepherd to the role of Commander in Chief. And just as the daily environment and challenges of the Israelites changed from the wilderness wandering to the war against the Canaanites, so are our environment and challenges changing from the traditional Christian journey through the world, with Heaven as our hope, to the prospect of war against all the forces of darkness that would hinder us from entering the fullness of our inheritance.

The traditional goal of salvation has been to go to Heaven to live forever. This is not scriptural. The Holy Spirit now is outlining to us some of the scriptural aspects of our land of promise. Why don't you pray and see what He has for you.

We often see personality traits in other people that irritate us. What we may not realize is that these are areas of spiritual darkness in them, such as arrogance, or lust, or covetousness. It is our responsibility to pray that God will replace the darkness with the light of Jesus Christ. When we do not pray, but become irritated, it is because there is spiritual darkness in us. The devil loves to accuse the actions of the devil as being of the devil. Such is the frantic confusion of the world of demons.

The Declaration of Independence, written in 1776 by Thomas Jefferson, declares that "all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness." This statement is one of the cornerstones of democracy, as practiced in the United States of America. While the Declaration represents a noteworthy, admirable advancement in the theory of government, we Christians must remember that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not our primary values.

Christian people are not always clear as to what role their own efforts plays in their salvation. Some feel that no effort is necessary; they are saved by faith alone. Others believe that we have a part to play. The new covenant is Christ formed in us, but there are things we must do if this inner transformation is to take place.

We don't know very much about the rebellion of the angels. We do know, however, that the Lake of Fire has been prepared for the devil and his angels. Can you imagine how terrible it would be to be thrown into an area where you would be surrounded for eternity by the devil and his angels.

Because grace, defined as "forgiveness," has been overemphasized, numerous Christians do not view righteous behavior as an essential aspect of our salvation. Therefore numerous Christians do not behave righteously. And since righteous behavior is the testimony, the Christian message is not nearly as powerful as it should be.

It is written concerning Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and Aaron that when they died they were gathered to their people. This could mean merely that they joined the ranks of the dead. But I am under the impression that when people die they are placed with others who are like themselves.

We begin our Christian experience playing volleyball with God, so to speak. We do this, and God does that. We give of our money, God gives money back to us. We fast and pray, God answers our prayers. If we wish, we can grow past this stage until God and we are on the same side of the net.

If God forgives all of our sins when we receive Christ, what is the purpose of chastening? How important is chastening in the plan of salvation? Is chastening a judgment of our personality?

There is much in the Old Testament as well as in the new that indicates there shall be a firstfruits of the Church. Gideon's army is an Old Testament portrayal of the firstfruits. So are the overcomers of the second and third chapters of the Book of Revelation. In fact, it appears the overcomers of Revelation are the true Church of the present hour.

To become aware of evil, and then not to react in an evil manner by fretting or becoming irritated or angry but to turn to the Lord instead, is a mark of maturity.

There is a difference between accepting Christ and accepting doctrine. To accept the Christian doctrine is to be converted to the Christian religion. To accept Christ is to become acquainted with a living Person with whom we can have daily fellowship.

The Prophet Isaiah speaks of "the day of vengeance of our God." The terrified demons asked Jesus of Nazareth, "Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?" The Lord Jesus, after reading from the sixty-first chapter of the Book of Isaiah, rolled up the scroll just before reading "the day of vengeance of our God." I submit that Day has arrived.

Man has been created spirit, soul, and body. Two of these three parts are invisible to us in the present hour, and one is visible. Perhaps we can think of the spirit and soul as the inward man, and the body as the outward man. The visible outward man is the house in which the invisible inward man lives.

A few years ago the "faith" message was popular. It seems to have died down somewhat. When it was at its height, I asked the Lord if He was going to empower this doctrine. I think the Lord told me that it would die down, and then be revived at a later time.

The Apostle Paul places considerable emphasis on the renewing of our mind in Christ. He associates the change in our mind with our new inward nature. We need to understand this because of the extraordinary increase of the electronic communication devices that seek to influence our thinking.

The original Good News was that the Kingdom of God, the doing of God's will in the earth, is at hand. This is what John the Baptist, Jesus of Nazareth, and the Apostles preached. What has happened to the original Gospel?

You say you have been born again? Where is the Baby?

When God is going to use someone to perform an outstanding work, God often brings that individual through many years of barrenness. Then the work of God can be seen as the miracle that it is, rather than as the natural ability of the person.

We have to put every relationship, every thing, every circumstance, yes, and our life also, on the altar of God. This means we are not to clutch anything but to leave all in God's faithful hands. Whatever we insist on clinging to we will lose. All must be made new in Christ.

"The fear of man brings a snare," the Bible proclaims, "but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe." Whenever we act out of fear we make mistakes. The very thing we fear happens to us.

There is only one world where people live. Most of the people live in the invisible part of the world. A much smaller group lives in the visible part of the world where we can see them. Perhaps as the return of the Lord draws near we will become more conscious of the part of the world that is invisible in the present hour.

The Bible tells us that when the Lord returns, God will bring with Him those who have fallen asleep in Jesus. Perhaps our assumption is that everyone who terms himself or herself a Christian shall return with Him and be raised. I would like to question this assumption.

The Pentecostal experience and activities can be delicious, but after Pentecost comes death to our ambitions.

As soon as any one of us is willing to bow before God and say, "Not my will but Yours be done," the trumpets of God begin to sound.

True faith always and inescapably results in obedience. It is impossible to have genuine faith in God and not obey God.

The Lord Jesus declared that John the Baptist was the equal of any human being. This would include Moses and the Prophets. Yet, Jesus maintained, the least member of the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than John. What an extraordinary statement! Is the least Christian greater than Moses and the Prophets, or is there a deeper meaning here?

The willingness of one person to obey the Lord implicitly can change the history of the world.

The Christian literature in America is filled with books that tell us how to be a Christian without really trying.

To the individual with whom God is dealing, the modern techniques for church growth are as so much chaff. It is as though they have put the Ark of God in a new car and are driving it around town in an advertising campaign.

I suppose the idea that the spirit Heaven is our eternal home, and the object of our salvation, is one of the most deeply rooted of all Christian beliefs. Yet there is no Bible passage that supports this view. Until we return to the Scriptures and find out what our goal actually is, we will understand neither the plan of salvation nor the Kingdom of God.

When thinking about what God can or will do, it is best to judge by what the Scriptures say instead of to judge by our own experience.

Keep on asking. God will keep on answering.

Our physical death is of little significance in our existence. Our crucifixion with Christ is of enormous significance in our existence.

In all of eternity, and in all of the spiritual and physical universe, the will of God is the most important matter.

To know God's will and to do it—there is nothing else as worthwhile as this.

There are three forces that motivate man: his need to survive and be secure; the appetites and lusts of his body and soul; and his desire to achieve something of significance. Sitting on top of these three forces is his will. Until his will becomes one with the will of God, man is a potential destroyer of God's universe.

Is it true that the Lord Jesus is standing at the door of the personality of each Christian? Are some welcoming Him and dining on His body and blood? Is this what it means that one is taken and the other left, in that some do not open to Him? Is it true that this is the meaning of where the slain Lamb is, there the eagles will gather?

Nothing else is as important today as developing people who are willing to obey Jesus Christ completely and perfectly in every circumstance.

Satan often can be found in a multitude; God in an individual.

The emphasis today of Bible teaching appears to be what we can get from God. There indeed is an abundance of passages in the Bible that offer help to us so we can make our way through life. Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, "Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain." And God granted his request. There is manna that enables us to make our way through the wilderness, especially in the Book of Psalms. But the present burden of the Holy Spirit seems to be that we learn to obey God promptly and thoroughly.

There is belief that is mental information and acknowledgment. We have been taught that the earth is round and one of several planets. We acknowledge that this is true. We believe this is factual, but it ordinarily does not make any demands on our behavior.

Then there is belief that makes demands on our behavior, such as the belief that a dam in our neighborhood is about to break. We have learned that such is the case, we acknowledge that the information is true, and this belief requires action on our part.

There is a widespread understanding among Christian people that we are saved by faith alone. This doctrine suggests that as long as we have the correct information about Christ, acknowledging that it is true and factual, we will go to Heaven when we die. Our salvation is a result of our belief system, it is maintained.

Does the New Testament teach that our salvation is a result of our acknowledging the truth about Jesus Christ? Is our acknowledgment that which saves us? Or does belief in Jesus Christ demand action on our part and it is the action that saves us? Is it our belief that the dam will break that saves us, or is it fleeing from the area that the water will flood that saves us?

I believe this is an important question, because adherence to the concept that our acknowledgment of the truth is sufficient to make us righteous in God's sight has prevented the transformation of behavior that is the testimony to the world that God is righteous and has sent Jesus Christ to save us by making us righteous in behavior

Was Abraham's life characterized primarily by belief alone or by obedience to God? On what basis was Abraham the friend of God?

You see that his faith and his actions were working together, and his faith was made complete by what he did. And the scripture was fulfilled that says, "Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness," and he was called God's friend. (James 2:22,23—NIV)

There is no greater yearning in the human soul than to know God and be pleasing to God. Life is full of toys that we play with. Sometimes we become obsessed with this relationship or that thing or circumstance. But when our little game has been played and we face the reality of physical death, we then will realize that it is only God that matters, and how we treated those whom God entrusted to us.

Consider the parable of the prodigal son. The son came to himself and realized that he had harmed himself by leaving his father's house. He left the slops and returned home. This is the fundamental story of mankind.

But now what? The boy was out of the slops, but were the slops out of the boy? Until the slope are out of the boy, the father's house is not going to be a pleasant place to be. There will be partying, drunkenness, reveling, fighting, immorality, and every other painful, harmful, unpleasant scene one can imagine.

It often is true that the "slops" are not removed from us just because we have "accepted Christ." (I enclose accepted Christ in quotation marks because this expression is not found in any of my translations of the Bible.) It may take many years before the love of God is governing our inward nature.

To believe in Jesus does not mean to accept the theological facts concerning Jesus, such as His Divinity, virgin birth, or bodily resurrection. There is no salvation in mere acknowledgment of the truth. The belief in Jesus that saves us is our love for Him, our keeping His commandments, and our interaction with Him each day.

The Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan both occupy the same earth, the same physical bodies. The difference is, the coming of the Kingdom of God drives out Satan and occupies his former dwelling places. The kingdom of the world becomes the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ.

By overemphasizing mere belief about Jesus instead of the good fight of faith, current traditions have dismantled God's intention. Christian character is built as we struggle against the evil in the world, just as muscles are built by pushing against resistance. By stressing that Jesus has done it all, and our part is just to believe, we have successfully set aside God's purpose in allowing us be surrounded with evil.

The reason God permits the wickedness in the world to continue is that His future rulers might develop a militant righteousness that will prevail against temptation. Such character could not be formed in Paradise where no fight is necessary. Now we have found a way around the struggle—just believe. No overcoming is necessary. In due time God will remove our morally flabby character to Heaven where we can recline on a couch in our mansion.

Faith is defined as holding fast to the hope that God is a rewarder of those who continue to seek Him earnestly and diligently until the promise is fulfilled.

Righteousness has to do with power. Melchizedek is the king of righteousness. Jesus Christ is a priest after the order of the king of righteousness, possessing the power of an indestructible life. The scepter of Christ's Kingdom is a scepter of righteousness, the rod of iron. This tells us that righteousness is obtained and maintained by power.

It is time now to enter our land of promise. Our land of promise is, first of all, our own personality. The Holy Spirit will lead us each day against some enemy in our land. The Holy Spirit, after defining the enemy, will show us how to overcome the behavior. The war has begun. The authority and power are here. Let us begin to take the land.

God does not command us to do something His grace will not make possible.

Our conversion to belief in Christ must be accompanied by a conversion in how we behave. If it does not, we have believed in vain. Or—what may be more true—we never have truly believed.

All the trouble in the world and in the Christian churches is caused by people pursuing their own will instead of God's will.