Because we Christians are not defining “saved” according to the biblical definition, our theological positions are illogical. Salvation is not assignment to a place, it is a relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is no passage of Scripture that teaches being saved means we are eligible to go to Heaven.

There is no passage of Scripture that teaches being saved means we will not be cast into Hell.

There are at least two passages that teach being saved means we will not experience the wrath of God.

There is a literal Heaven and a literal Hell; but being saved is a state of being, not assignment to a place.

Being saved means we are entering the Presence of God in Christ, and when the Lord comes we will hear “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

This is a true, scriptural definition of salvation. We are saved from wrath, from the love of the world, from the lusts of our flesh, and from our self-will. We are saved to the complete image of Christ, and to untroubled rest in the Father through Christ.

Here is why a true definition of being saved is important. Salvation is not a ticket to a future event. Salvation is a state of being we are entering today.

Therefore it is illogical to ask, “If I keep on sinning will I be saved anyway because I have believed in Christ?”

If you are to be saved you are being saved today. If you keep on being saved, when the Lord comes you will be saved into His Presence.

But if you are not being saved today, if you are not overcoming your love for and trust in the world, the lusts and passions of your flesh and soul, your self-will and personal ambition, then at what point will you be saved? You will not be saved into the Presence of Christ when He returns unless at some point between now and then you are saved from the world, your lusts, and your self-will.

Today is the day of salvation, not tomorrow; not when we die; not when the Lord returns. Today is the day of salvation.

If you are living in your fleshly nature today, then, when the Lord returns, you will be clothed with your fleshly behavior. You will reap corruption in the form of a corrupt body. It will clothe your resurrected flesh and bones.

This is what it means to be destroyed, to be naked, to reap corruption in the Day of Christ.

If you are following the Holy Spirit today, then you are growing in eternal life. When the Lord returns you will be clothed with your Christ-filled behavior. You will reap the fullness of eternal life in your body, soul, and spirit. This is what it means to be saved in the day of the Lord.

(“A Statement”, 4031-1)

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