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Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers.

Anyone who chooses to do so may use up to twenty-five of the proverbs in the Gold Tried volumes without notifying me. It is not necessary to attribute them to me.

Here are a few reflections after a long pilgrimage as a Christian. Hopefully they will help the young reader grow in wisdom and discernment. It is good to seek the wisdom and understanding that come from the Holy Spirit. God always is glad to reward us with wisdom and provides us generously with that which we ask for.


Jewels of brilliant color and luster are formed by a process of time, pressure and heat. Precious metals such as gold and silver are made under similar circumstances.

Symbolic of virtue and character, these natural elements reflect the manner in which believers are transformed into obedient disciples, and over time into witnesses of the resurrection life of Jesus Christ.

The making of a saint is no small matter. As we respond correctly to the daily pressures of life, Christ is formed in us. If we choose to pick up our cross, lay down our life and follow the Master’s will, He transforms us into His image.

When we resist, forcing our own will and way, misinterpreting things meant for our good, we corrupt God’s purposes.

Edward J. Reiter
November 2013
Escondido, California


Passionate desires usually are not from the Lord. They are the death throes of our adamic nature.

When we wait patiently and pray, rather than acting on our passionate desires, these desires usually vanish. Whatever is of God will remain, although it may be modified.

Wealthy people are accustomed to getting what they want. Patient, cross-carrying discipleship can be difficult, or even impossible, for rich people.

We experience numerous disappointments during our discipleship. But if we endure to the end we enter the most marvelous glory.

When we delight ourselves in the Lord, we are given the desires of our heart. This is the Word of God. We may not be given them right away.

When what we want and what God desires for us are not the same, we are wise if we do what God wants instead of what we think we want.

No person is truly free until his desires and God’s desires for him are identical.

It is not important if our hopes and desires are deferred for a season. What really matters is that the Father’s will is done perfectly.

If you do not seek God’s will for your life, you are foolish and ignorant, lacking wisdom and understanding. Your end will not be pleasant.

Love always is ready to be sacrificed for the benefit of the beloved. Lust seeks its own pleasure.

In one way or another, religions, including Christianity, make Christ out to be something He is not.

It appears to me that religious activities primarily are for the benefit of the leadership. Occasionally the Seed of the Kingdom is planted in a heart, and then God determines the outcome.

If you give your life over to the doing of Christ’s will, when the hour of trouble comes to the United States, Christ will be there to help you.

Sexual activity is of our animal nature. It hardly is related to love.

I think Christians attempt to make an organization out of what actually is an organism, with the Lord Jesus Christ as the head.

Once you are “changed” in your body, the sin that was in your flesh is gone. But inner preparation for the “change” in the body requires more than “accepting Christ.”

Each day I try to be more sensitive to the Lord. “What is Jesus saying to me right now?”

The last enemy that shall be overcome is physical death. We have to overcome our sinful nature before we are eligible for the change in our body.

The moment we find unrest in our spirit we are to go to God. We ask Him to remove that fear, or idolatry, or whatever we are grasping, that we may regain our peace with God and other people..

Once redemption has been completed in our personality, we are ready for our predestined inheritance of God and people, and the appropriate environment.

In America at the present time, sexual activity, the love of money, and violence are producing a carousel of destruction and death. There are few opportunities for a human being to walk quietly and confidently with God.

Our mind becomes sharper and sharper while our body becomes duller and duller. Only death and resurrection in Christ give meaning to the pain and frustration we experience.

The spirit of the world is not our friend, it is our enemy. This is why the Lord said, “I have overcome the world.”

To die is like awakening from a nightmare. The fears, pressures, concerns, are now over. Your responsibilities are now in the hands of the almighty God to take care of.

If you have not obeyed Christ during your lifetime on the earth, knowing His will and not doing it, to die is like entering a nightmare from which there is no awakening.

The whole purpose of redemption is to change us from what we are into what Christ is.

Can you imagine what it will be like to die and wake up in a meadow and hear the birds singing? I can hardly wait!

It is too bad we cannot see the spirit world and understand what actually is taking place. Even if we could, the righteous would continue to behave righteously and the wicked would continue to behave wickedly.

There are those who have no plans of their own. They follow the Lamb wherever He goes.

To follow the Lamb wherever He goes is the highest form of obedience and love.

The Bible says we ever will be with the Lord. But do we really want to follow the Lamb wherever He goes, or use Him to accomplish our own ambitions?

If we are led away from dwelling in Christ at all times, we place ourselves in danger of being shaken out of the Kingdom. From this point forward, everything in Heaven and upon the earth is going to be shaken!

I now am eighty-two years. It has taken me this long to learn that my sole purpose in existence is to follow the Lamb wherever He goes. I have great peace with this.

The woman is the glory of the man. In like manner the new Jerusalem is the glory of Christ.

Most of us are born with the ability to see physically. However, the perception of the truth is given to us only as we obey Jesus Christ.

If we would gain the rewards offered to the victorious saint, we must put God ahead of our love for the things of the world; the appetites of our sinful nature, and our determination to direct our own life apart from the will of Christ.

Paradise shall be restored to the earth. But it will not drop down from Heaven. Paradise will come through Christ and His victorious saints when Christ appears.

There is authority and power in the body and blood of Christ to overcome our love for the things of the world; our bodily lusts; and our insistence on conducting our life apart from Christ.

It required five huge vans to move his possessions. He would have been wise to have spent more time practicing righteousness, because his character was all he was able to bring with him when he died.

When Satan and his angels are cast out into the earth, the heavens will rejoice. But it will be a season of unimaginable horror for those on the earth and sea who are not under the protection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When the Bible says “they loved not their lives unto the death,” it means they have said “not my will but Yours” in every aspect of their lives.

The Father will not empower Michael and his angels to cast out Satan and his angels from Heaven and throw them into the earth until the saints overcome Satan.

Satan is a liar. Only the truth overcomes Satan, the truth that is from God, the Truth that is Jesus Christ. As long as we are obeying our sinful nature we are bearing witness of the lie that Satan is.

Satan is the way away from the Father; a lie concerning who the Father is; and death, that is, separation from the Father.

Jesus rebuked His disciples for their lack of faith. Our proper response is not to try to believe but to pray for miracle-working faith.

Religion is of man. Salvation is of the Lord. Blessed is the person who escapes religion and finds salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

The 144 thousand members of the firstfruits may be a literal number. That would mean only a very small part of earth’s population is willing to follow the Lamb wherever He goes.

Some people who are baptized in water enter into the death and resurrection of Christ. Others are able to swim—Luther(?) This is religion!

There is no such thing as a “dispensation of grace,” meaning a new manner of Divine dealing with us. When Paul referred to the “dispensation of the grace of God” he meant a dispensing of Divine enablement to him to preach the Gospel.

Make your vows, and then drive away the birds of prey. In God’s time the thick and dreadful darkness, the smoking firepot, and the blazing torch will come down on you.

We can make a religion out of Romans 6:1 if we are willing to ignore the rest of the sixth chapter of Romans.

Do not nourish your fallen nature by becoming angry over who is left-wing and who is right-wing. Set your mind on God and His Christ. Here is where the solution lies.

How wonderful to be free from self-regimentation and to be living by every Word that is coming from the mouth of God!

When you obey God you benefit God, other people, and yourself. When you try to please people you end up benefiting no one.

Christ has set up His great Communion table. He likes to come and dine with us within our own heart. What a shame it would be to remain alone in the boarded-up little shack of our own personality!

When we do not grow in righteous behavior, our angel becomes weak and gaunt. We may profess great things, even in the name of Christ. In the end, all we will have accomplished is our own aggrandizement.

The greatest gift God can give anyone is a passionate desire to do His will in every circumstance.

It appears that Christian denominations have little interest in the spiritual maturing of their members, unless a minister or person commits some glaring sin.

It seems the Christian denominations do not seem occupied with deliverance from sinful behavior or the forming of Christ in the people.

I think that Christian teachers ought to be more aware than they are of the difference between forgiveness, and victory over sinful behavior.

A clear awareness of the distinction between forgiveness and deliverance from sin will give more insight into some Bible passages.

Christian organizations do not reveal much concern about the maturing of Christ in the believers. The primary area of their interest in the number of people who attend their services.

Why should we view the number of people who are members of a particular church as the evidence of its worth in the Kingdom. It may be true that sometimes the larger the assembly is in numbers, the weaker it is in the strength of the believers.

A Christian church is supposed to be the prophet of God in the community. When the members are immature, the testimony of the church is weak.

It seems that in America there are not a great many intensely consecrated disciples of the Lord Jesus. Do you suppose this has been the case throughout the Christian Era?

There are many millions of professed believers in Christ in the United States. But a true testimony of God’s Person and will in Christ is not always given.

The American gospel is so soft and void of the fear of God that it is not creating a true witness or strong disciples.

The understanding of Divine grace as an alternative to righteous behavior may have borne good fruit in some instances; but from what I have seen, the fruit often is moral corruption.

Christian believers often regard themselves as members of the Wife of the Lamb when they are not. This is true when they are ambitious for themselves, not for the Lamb.

Grace is not an alternative moral re-creation. Rather, it is the means by which moral re-creation is achieved.

Our present earth and firmament are crude representations of the true and eternal earth and firmament, just as our present physical body is a crude representation of the body that shall be, if we obey Christ.

Mankind is in love with itself. The name for this condition is “Humanism.”

The only thing grace replaces is the Law of Moses. Now we have to obey Christ through the Spirit of God.

We must never fret ourselves concerning those who practice evil, and thus find ourselves rolling in the mud with them.

Never try to fight fire with fire. Satan is the master of fire. Evil must be overcome with good.

It is well to pray, along with thanksgiving, for what one desires. But penalties await those who never are content with where God places them.

I have been young and now am old. I am beginning to see what God has prepared for those who love Him.

Incredible amounts of money have been spent by those people who are seeking to kill the people who are trying to kill them. The world is this way because mankind is attempting to conduct its business apart from Christ.

I never cease to marvel at God’s wisdom!

Do you want to be a part of God’s Servant? I do. All the wonderful promises of the forty-second chapter of Isaiah are for those who choose to be God’s servant instead of trying to persuade God to be their servant.

The purpose for bringing the believers to spiritual maturity is that they may serve as the Body of the Servant of the Lord.

There are three ideas that work against spiritual maturity: grace is a substitute for moral re-creation; the pastor is more important in the Body of Christ than is true of the congregation; we have been saved to save others.

The pressure on the believers to go forth and make converts often is coming from religious institutions that desire to increase their wealth, prestige, and power. There are genuine burdens, however.

The Kingdom of God is neither a place nor an environment. It is the creation of Christ in the believer, and the eternal dwelling of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in that new creation in the believer. When the believer thus is filled with God, He does God’s will in the earth as it is in Heaven.

Sometimes, as in the case of the dead Lazarus, and the dead Jesus, the greatest joy follows the greatest grief.

The Christians are trying to put a nuclear explosion in a box when they attempt to control Christ and use Him according to their notions.

The Christian religion is so unrealistic! How can you put a nuclear explosion in your May basket along with your lollipops and take it where you will?

Fellowship with Christ and religion are like two sides of the Grand Canyon. There may be a meeting place at the bottom, but it is a long way down.

This cyclone named “Jesus” has perfect wisdom and irresistible power. He could have appeared in the earth at any time during the past two thousand years, and governed. But it is His will that the saints install the Kingdom with Him.

We are wise when we, as David said, “Kiss the Son, lest He be angry and we be destroyed in our way, for His wrath can flare up in a moment”!

I know the Lord Jesus would far rather we be His friend than His enemy. But woe unto those who oppose Him, because His Father has given to Him all authority in Heaven and upon the earth.

Of all the gods of the Romans, Greeks, and other cultures, the only one Jesus mentioned is Mammon. No one can serve both God and money.

If you are walking with the Lord Jesus, and He is real to you, you do not need alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes. You simply do not need them!

God has many traits of personality He wishes to reproduce in us. Kindness is one such trait.

There are many treasures we are to lay up in Heaven. The most important of these treasures is the possession of God’s Personality traits and an unrelenting desire to do His complete will at all times.

It is not always appropriate to recite the facts of the Gospel to someone. But it always is appropriate for us to reveal the Lord Jesus Christ in our mind, speech, and actions.

Divine election is not a “fair” program, as we would judge fairness. But it is the way God operates, so we better get used to it!

The philosophy of Humanism is like a poisonous weed that places man above God. It is to be stamped out, completely destroyed, wherever it appears.

Are you running through the checks of the Spirit? What is God saying to you!

The more of Christ we have, the more freedom we have. The less we have of Christ, the less freedom we have. To abide in ourselves is total bondage.

Christ knows that the Father is going to permit Satan to fully express his personality in the earth. Yet, when Christ sees something as precious as a child asked if it would like to change its gender, He is thoroughly disgusted.

Someone wisely said, “What goes around, comes around.” How often this is the case. There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed. What we sow, we reap.

I have seen evil in the face and actions of older people. I have seen beauty and wonder in the face of a child.

When a loved one dies, we wish to see him or her again. Memories can be cruel! Therefore death becomes desirable to us. This is God’s provision for us, isn’t it?

Nostalgia can be quite weakening. We are foolish when we indulge it. In any case, it is a lie.

The death of a loved one enables us to evaluate him or her more clearly. The Gospel gives us the hope of seeing him or her again in much better circumstances.

The memory of a primitive native historian is incredible. Did evolution manage to make this extraordinary ability possible? Not likely!

We always are to be thinking of others, how we may benefit them. This is a mark of maturity.

Some older people are waiting to die. They are making themselves as comfortable as possible while they are waiting. I am old, but I am making my preparations to really live after I die.

I asked the Lord this morning how He is doing. He said, “Fair to middlin’.” I said, “What’s the problem?” He answered, “I am disgusted with what I am seeing in the world.” I said, “What can I do to help?” He said, “Continue to be obedient to Me.”

The person who has become rich in this world’s goods, but has not become rich in the knowledge of Christ, has behaved foolishly and is a pauper.

Genuine righteousness always is truth, and truth always is consistent. Unrighteousness always is a lie. It often is inconsistent and contradictory.

Righteousness is constructive. Sin is destructive.

Have you ever noticed that God lives in the present, while we worry about the future and the past? I think it is because there is no future or past in the spirit world. All things are present with God.

We can hear the heavy foot of the Divine elephant lumbering throughout history. If we are wise, we will abandon our own devices and rest in the Elephant.

It appears that because of our worship of freedom of expression, we of the West are going to be enslaved by more disciplined philosophies of the East.

The Western nations pride themselves on personal freedom. In actuality they are enslaved by the worship of many idols, particularly money and pleasure.

Every religion has in itself the spirit of murder. But whoever lives and has his being in the Lord Jesus Christ will prevail ultimately.

There is a Muslim religion and there is a Christian religion. Standing apart from both of these is the Lord Jesus Christ, who alone is Eternal Life, that is, the Presence of God.

The pursuit of the knowledge of Jesus Christ brings us to eternal life—to life lived in the Presence of God.

The various religions have their books. But the Lord Jesus Christ is a living Person. Do you know Him? Are you living in and by Him as He lives in and by the Father?

Stop your worrying and complaining. Think how many blessings you enjoy. The Lord God is in control of all.

If you will keep committing your way to Christ, Christ will keep guiding your steps.

There are religious scholars whose interpretations of the Scripture are profound. But a simple person who lives in close fellowship with Christ has more wisdom and power than they.

There are true believers who live in contemplation in monastic cells. There are true believers who worship Christ while they are busily engaged in the New York Stock Exchange. They both worship the same Christ.

If you make knowing Christ the chief goal of your life, you indeed are a very wise person.

If you go through life and miss Christ, you’ve missed it all—George Gillies.

The Lord Jesus wants people near Him who are thrilled primarily with Him, not with some other person, thing, or circumstance.

Most people do not seek truth, they seek for that which will make them comfortable.

I don’t think children are fascinated with dinosaurs because they are descended from them. I think they have as much fun seeing dinosaurs as God did creating these hulking lizards.

“The fool has said there is no God.” My personal experience in the world and my observation of people, confirms this statement of the Scripture.

God is the God of the past, the present, and the future. He was, He is, and He shall be. He is the “I Am.” All things and events, past, present, and future, are before Him at all times.

Are you thinking about past relationships? Some day, if you ask Him to, God may make them present to you, if it is beneficial for Him and you for Him to do so.

We are bound by time and our position in space. God is bound by neither. God is able to be everywhere at all times.

It usually is not wise to tell people how capable we are. It is better to demonstrate our capabilities and let them judge for themselves.

It usually is best to shoot first, and then make light of your ability to hit the bull’s-eye every time. People will love you for this.

God has left many things in the world for us to overcome: trust in money, unforgiveness of grievous hurts, unlawful sexual behavior. The rewards for overcoming these are astounding. The penalties for not overcoming are severe.

The people of the mega-church of Sardis received the sternest warning of all—the danger of having their name blotted from the Book of Life. They were spiritually dead but growing rapidly in numbers.

Your brain is the computer that governs your body. It perishes at death. Your mind is your conscious existence. It lasts forever.

When you die what you have learned in your brain will not go with you. But what you have learned in your mind, such as the knowledge of the Lord, will go with you.

Eternal life is not just conscious existence. All spirits have that. Eternal life is existence in the Presence of God, in Divine love, joy, and peace.

Sometimes we older Christians expect younger believers to be at the same level of maturity we have attained to through years of patient cross-carrying obedience to Christ. We must be patient with them.

The personalities of believers sometimes are disfigured because of pains and pressures. We must be patient until God has a chance of healing them.

The grace of the new covenant is not release from the requirement to behave righteously, it is release from the requirement to obey the Law of Moses. The believer now is free to follow the Spirit of God, not free to sin.

If the Christian keeps on sinning, he will die spiritually. If the Christian keeps on overcoming sin, he will live spiritually.

Because of the current misunderstanding of Divine grace, there is darkness in the Christian churches. How great is that darkness!

We win souls to God by behaving righteously. The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life.

If we are to attain to eternal life, we must walk humbly with Christ and faithfully keep all of His commands.

If obedience is better than sacrifice, why then do we teach people they can disobey Christ and be saved by grace?

There is no greater lie in the universe than that which teaches the purpose of Divine grace is to cover the sinful life of a believer.

Terrible times are coming to the United States because of our sin. Only those who faithfully obey Jesus Christ will stand and help others to stand in the future.

If you are not willing to die completely to the desires of your adamic personality, you will not be able to attain to the ranks of the victorious saints.

God through Jesus Christ has given us everything that pertains to life and godliness. It is up to us to profit from what we have been given.

When we permit animosity to enter us because of the behavior of individuals, we can’t pray for their improvement and deliverance from these traits as we should.

A pastor must learn to pray for the spiritual growth of people rather than to become angry because of their personality traits. Christ will help him do that.

In one way or another, money seems to be involved in most of the lies people tell.

Those who maintain that homosexual behavior is acceptable may never have read about what happened to Sodom. But it is abortion-on-demand that will destroy the strength of America.

You can’t have a Job experience unless you love righteousness and hate wickedness.

When you are doing the Lord’s will, if He is working with you and in you to build His Kingdom, it is to His advantage to help you and keep you going.

Enoch was translated by faith, not faith that he would be translated, but the faith that walks and talks with God continually throughout the day; faith that God is the most important aspect of one’s life.

When you are motivated by physical lust, you miss the unique good that is in the object of your “affections,” fastening instead on that which is common to all humans and some animals.

Can a man or woman who has a gender-change operation ever be a happy father or mother of a boy or girl? Have they then lost something of priceless value?

There always have been girls who like to play with boys, and boys who like to play with girls. To then put pants on the girl and a dress on the boy is evidence of the destruction of the moral fiber of America.

God is not a humanist but our Creator. This is why we do not always understand what He does, such as the catastrophes that occur in nature. But He explains His purposes to His servants.

Notice that Herod was forced by circumstances to kill John the Baptist; yet, Herod knew John was a godly man. So it is that when we are involved in the world, sooner or later we will be forced to act against our conscience.

Many techniques have been advanced to enable the Christian, in the name of Christ, to get whatever he or she wants or needs. But true faith follows the Lamb wherever He goes.

The ability to compose and play music came from Heaven. It did not originate in random movements of atoms and molecules.

God will have to roar at His Church before He can roar through His Church.

It appears most of God’s people are ignorant of God’s standard of righteous, holy, obedient behavior—so great has been the destruction wrought by the “grace” emphasis.

“Grace” is being used as a whitewash to cover the wall against sin as it crumbles.

God’s answers to our prayers are sometimes so natural that we begin to think there never was a problem, and do not give God the thanks and glory that we should.

There are signs of weakness in Elijah. But there are no signs of weakness in Elisha, the double portion of power that will rest on the Church in the near future.

I want to live in the holy Fire. I want iron righteousness created in me. I want to be sternly obedient to Christ in every detail of life.

Are we willing to obey the Lord Jesus Christ? If not, He will go on His way without us.

It absolutely is true that only Christ can redeem us. But Christ will redeem us only as we faithfully obey the commands given by Him and His Apostles.

It absolutely is true that we cannot keep the righteous commandments of Christ and His Apostles. But the solution is not the forgiveness of grace but the power of prayer.

Your body is a lazy, cowardly, sinful, glutton. If you do not take charge of it, it will take charge of you.

Who is on God’s side? Who is on man’s side? This is the issue today.

When we are living by faith in Christ, God is our shield and our exceedingly great reward.

You can’t get very far with the Lord Jesus if you try to save your life.

We do not know where the Ark of the Covenant is located. It is good we do not know, or we would worship what is dead and useless.

A husband’s love for his wife, and her love for her husband, must not run along the base of the triangle. It must go up to the apex, Christ, and then down to the partner. Otherwise the marriage may become shaky.

When we have been purged from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, we can dwell peacefully in the Holy Fire of God’s Person.

No man can see God and live. As we die in Christ, we can see more of God.

Why is it that Christian people call Jesus “Lord,” and do not do what He says? Can it be that they have been taught they do not have to keep Christ’s commandments, or those of His Apostles?

The Christian salvation often is presented as escape from Hell and entrance into Heaven. It is not this primarily. It is change from death to life, which occurs only by character transformation.

If no individual can come to Christ except the Father draw him, how can God or we blame him for not coming to Christ?

Our resurrection body will portray exactly what we are. How often we are misled by the appearance of a person’s body!

As Christ lives by the Father, is utterly dependent on the Father, and reveals the Father; so must we live by Him, be utterly dependent on Him, and reveal Him in thought, word, and deed.

Democracy is a reaction to tyrants. The only form of government that will bring justice, love, joy, and peace to all people is a monarchy governed by a righteous king who fears God.

Theologians have made Jesus Christ the same as the Father, thus making it impossible for us to have a real, practical relationship with Him.

Jesus’ sheep know His voice. They can judge what is of the Lord. The Lambs are not always that accurate.

God appoints us to a noble destiny. Whether or not we attain to that high position depends on whether or not we make our calling and election certain.

A pastor must never become angry at his flock, no matter how perversely they behave. God has called him to help them, not criticize them.

When we condemn others we condemn ourselves.

“Do not awaken my love until she pleases” means, “Don’t tell people their faults until God says they are ready to know about them.”

It is our faults that keep us going until God sees we are mature enough to be delivered from our faults.

All forms of alcoholic beverages are for people who do not have the Holy Spirit.

God makes man in two stages. First, the person is born of woman. Then the animal part of the individual is replaced with Christ.

The mold is crafted. It is filled with molten gold. The gold is engraved and the mold is removed. This is how man is made.

Denominations and carnal Christians often have this in common: they seek to use Christ rather than to be used by Christ.

The eagles will gather where the slain Lamb is. They have been chosen to complete Him. They live by His body and blood.

Whenever the Lord tells us to do something, we always must ask Him to help us do what He has commanded.

People often experience a period of suffering before they die. It may be it is part of their preparation for their life with God in the spirit world.

I hope no one feels badly when I die. I will be actively living with Jesus in love, joy, and peace, without bodily constraints.

We say to the unsaved, “Receive Christ in your heart and you will be saved.” Why don’t we say, “Obey Christ at all times and you will be saved”?

We Americans look to money to give us security. The problem is, money cannot bring peace.

“The righteous live by faith” means the righteous look to Jesus for guidance and strength rather than to their own abilities in every area of life.

When human beings interpret the Bible, rather than listening to the Holy Spirit, they bring forth death.

A government that will not enforce morality, morality as defined by the Bible, will be removed by the Lord.

You may have held a belief for a long time that you were sure was of the Lord. Then one day you begin to question it. Follow the light!

“Ask, seek, and knock” is a principle of dealing with God. It is those who keep at a thing that attain to their goals in the Lord.

Because the Declaration of Independence cites the pursuit of happiness as an “unalienable (sic) right,” rather than the pursuit of righteousness, every moral abomination will soon become lawful in the United States.

When we are not diligent we pay the price for being foolish.

If a “revival” emphasizes bodily feelings and unusual movements rather than the Lord Jesus Christ and obeying His commandments, it is not of the Spirit of God but of the soul of man.

We need to pray that Christ will reveal himself to the Arab people that they will be a force for strength and stability in the world. Why should good people kill themselves needlessly?

The key to life, to understanding, to fellowship with God, is found in death to our first personality. Have you been there yet?

The Presence of Christ is righteousness, deliverance, peace, love, joy, understanding, the knowledge of God. It is the most desirable gift in the universe.

The Presence of Jesus Christ is everything of worth in the universe.

The prayer “Your will be done” is not passivity or fatalism, nor is it unbelief. It is the strongest prayer of all and brings peace in the most dire circumstances.

If we are not loyal to the relationships that occur during our lifetime, we don’t really have anything of value to bring with us to the next life.

There are many in the rooms of tormented consciences. It is best to avoid those rooms by being faithful to those who depend on us.

If God gives us a gift we must use that gift faithfully. If we do not, how will we be able to face Jesus when we are brought before Him?

Fire must be mixed in our sea of glass before we can sing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb.

I think denominations, churches, and many Christians worship God afar off. They talk about Jesus, but don’t talk to Him, or listen to Him, or know what He wants.

When you see a gorilla on its knees praying to God, then you will know that the hypothesis of evolution possibly is true.

The art of the rest of God is to let God carry us without being passive.

“Lord Jesus, Your life is my life; my life is Your life; it is one life.”

The true servant of God is blind, but he sees; he is deaf, but he hears; he knows nothing, but he understands everything.

When we have finished our work, then God says to us, “Go on to the end and rest, and you will stand in your lot at the end of the days.”

The faithful Christian pastor does not attempt to please you, rather He teaches you how to die in the Lord.

The new covenant is superior to the old because it removes the compulsion to sin as well as forgiving sin. It “takes away” the sin itself.

When the Bible says the Lamb of God takes away the sin of the world, it means He removes the presence of sin itself, not only the forgiveness of sin.

It is my observation that Christian people are unable to understand the difference between taking away the guilt of sin and taking away the presence and power of sin.

To claim that Christians are obligated to sin while they are living in the world is to misunderstand the work and purpose of the new covenant.

The Scripture states that through Christ we are not obligated to serve the sinful nature. Why, then, do we claim Christians have to sin while they are in the world?

There is a difference between forgiving sin and removing sin. Forgiveness is a legal state. Removal is a change in the personality of the believer.

Why don’t you let God have His wonderful way? The Bible invites us to cast our burdens on the Lord that He may sustain us.

There are people who drive themselves and those around them to meet standards found only in their own mind.

We usually don’t get very far trying to force people to do what we think is right. It often is better to just keep committing them to God that He may work in their lives.

Jesus is not harsh toward people. He deals patiently with them until they absolutely refuse to yield to His Spirit.

Jesus rebukes and chastens those He loves. Don’t be surprised when you are dealt with sternly.

Remember, when you go through a fiery trial you are in the hands of the Potter. He will make you what He wishes you to be, if you will pray continually.

Many of the current Christian believers are far too soft. They may not stand during the horrors that are to come upon the world because of sin.

Always remember Jeremiah. He alone was saved when his fellow Jews around him were being killed or led into captivity. God has that kind of saving power.

Keep the promises of the 1st Psalm before you at all times. They will help you stand during the moral and physical horrors on the horizon.

If you are called to spiritual warfare you may have to go through a battle of deception. You win by steadfastly proclaiming the truth and being totally obedient to Christ.

You cannot do things halfway in the Kingdom and succeed. If you do some things right, and are careless in others, you will lead a troubled life!

Knowledge tells us what is. Truth tells us why it is. Only the Lord Jesus Christ is Truth.

Our present body does not reveal what we are. Our resurrection body will reveal what we are. It will grow as we grow.

Satan strives to keep our reasoning unclear so he can guide our emotions. A prime example is the lack of clarity about whether a fetus is a person or garbage.

Since we cannot know the transactions of a person’s heart, we must not judge the individual, unless God shows us something we should say or do, and in what manner.

A faithful pastor pointing out that a behavior is unscriptural is an act of love. It hardly could be considered a “hate crime”!

The Gospel of the Kingdom is a seed, not an invitation to join a religion.

The Kingdom of God is not Heaven or a religion, it is a hierarchy of authority.

The conquerors are pressing forward to the fullness of eternal life. The defeated are mumbling about how Christians are not perfect, just forgiven.

Recently some young people in England gave to their social worker cake mixed with a laxative. You cannot really win the hearts of young people apart from Christ.

The truth sets us free by releasing us from bondages, and opening our eyes to the will of God for us.

Resistance to sin is like resistance to disease. As you overcome, through Christ, specific behaviors, you develop a resistance to that temptation. This is the reason we were exposed to sin in the first place.

If you are being afflicted or are in some kind of pain, don’t assume you are being perfected. Keep asking God, with thanksgiving, to deliver you. You may be “surprised by joy”!

Sin is the sting of death. For the person who is living without condemnation, there is no sting in death.

It is easy to confuse religious activity with righteous behavior.

Sinful behavior produces complexity and confusion. Righteous behavior produces simplicity and clarity.

Sin is a noun, a force, a thing. Jesus Christ is strong enough to remove this force from our personality, if we desire to live without it.

Death is an August personage. But thanks be to God, Jesus Christ is greater in authority and power.

Almost universally, sin is viewed only as a legal state of condemnation. But sin also is a force. The Lamb of God takes away both the legal state and the force.

The lessons we learn while living on the earth are preparation so our life in the new world of righteousness will be happy and productive.

The guilt of sin is forgiven through the blood of the cross. The desire to sin can be cast out by the Spirit of God. The practice of sin can be overcome by instruction in the Word of God.

Spirits love to make slaves of people. Jesus Christ will set us free from them if we ask Him.

All of mankind are our relatives and friends, except for those who reject the rulership of Jesus Christ, and the incorrigibly wicked.

If you do not build your life and the life of your children on Christ, you and they will crash no matter how bright your prospects may seem to be.

Ask God to test by fire every voice you hear and impression you have. Otherwise you may be deceived.

There may be no more necessary prayer than the request that God give us His desires for us. Our desires come from many other sources, but they do not always bring us love, joy, or peace. Only God’s desires do this.

Abortion on demand, homosexual activity, the softening of punishments for crimes, the encroaching of other religions, the Hollywood immorality—the melting pot has become multicultural and largely pagan.

Religious man is quick to emphasize physical healing. But God’s emphasis is on spiritual healing, the removal of sin and the creation of Christ in the believers.

I think our task in the present hour is to build up the highway of holiness so the people of the future can walk on it without stumbling.

How many of us are ready to leave our individuality in order that we may become part of Christ, just as Eve became part of Adam? He called their name “Adam.”

Good sense often is in short supply, especially when it comes to religion.

We have to be very diligent If we are to attain to our foreordained destiny in Christ.

We have to be called. We have to be chosen. Then we have to be proven faithful in Christ.

If we are to sit on Mount Zion, the place of transfiguration, we have to be free from bondages of people, circumstances, and things. We have to be sincere, totally without guile.

When Christ comes there will be no cunning lawyers and politicians who can pervert justice. Every person will be treated fairly and compassionately.

We have to refuse to yield to our sinful nature if we are to eat and drink of the body and blood of Christ. Eating and drinking of Christ gives us strength and wisdom, so we do not yield to our sinful nature.

The person you believe can give you what you want is the one you obey. Belief is revealed in our choices. Do you really believe in Jesus Christ?

God is moving His Throne from Heaven to the earth. He will reside forever in the hearts of His saints.

Our leaders may say our first love is to “win souls.” They turn the love that Christ wants into the work the churches want.

We should not judge the actions of another person, until we hear clearly from the Lord. We usually do not know all the facts.

Whenever well intentioned theologians or translators endeavor to make difficult passages comprehensible to the natural mind, the result may be mischief.

Babylon is religion. It is confusion. It is man attempting to gain favor with God by means of his own devices.

God is perfect and good. Christ will be growing toward that perfection and goodness for eternity. So will you, if you follow Christ diligently.

The wise person considers carefully the consequences of his action. The fool thinks only about the pleasure he derives from his action.

The Christian who lives righteously, but not righteously enough, will be attacked most severely by devils and people.

The atonement made by Christ on Cavalry is an amnesty. It is the forgiveness of the sins of the past so we can get on with the work of learning to live righteously.

If we live a life of sin we can be completely forgiven through the blood of the cross. However, we still shall reap what we have sown. But we shall be saved from the ultimate penalty.

Salvation is a progressive work that will remove us totally from the influence of Satan and bring us totally into the influence of Christ, not move us from the earth to Heaven.

When God carries us on eagles’ wings, we have no need of anything and no dread of anything.

If we are not becoming more righteous in our behavior we are not being saved.

Since it is more difficult to lead than to follow, why would anyone desire to be a leader? Personal ambition often is a bondage and should be resisted.

Personal ambition may be a good thing in some instances. But it caused the downfall of Satan!

Repenting is not feeling sorry, or apologizing, or being convicted, or making intercession. Repenting is changing our behavior, and at times is accompanied by the other four emotions or actions.

The only truly happy, peaceful way to live is by God’s desires for us. When we pray and live this way we are free from idolatry.

The scientist who is making a case for evolution by carbon-dating and examining bones is missing the forest while examining the trees. He needs to step back and consider the entire range of human experience.

Paradise once regained must be retained.

Whether or not you and I have “accepted” Christ, God does not count us righteous if we are not doing what Christ has told us to do.

Avoid doing things impulsively. Don’t be in such a hurry! Pray carefully about every decision.

To be saved is to be given permission to participate in the program of redemption.

The Bible states that in Babylon is found the blood of all who have been killed on the earth. This means that Babylon represents man working without God, whether in religious or secular work.

What would it be like for children if there were no animals in the world!

I can do absolutely nothing of myself. Christ must be in every detail of my life.

In these days of moral horrors, if we want to remain strong in Christ, we must make every effort to think about things that are pure, hopeful, and lovely.

After we grow up we have to grow down if we wish to be part of the Kingdom of God.

You can ask God to remove your bitter memories from your mind and give you happy thoughts. God will be pleased if you do this and will answer your prayer.

The first sin committed on the earth was disobedience to God. The second was the murder of a man’s brother. Thus the two greatest commandments were broken from the beginning.

To have Jesus, your Creator, as your best friend, and to talk to Him constantly, is the greatest experience in life—and may be so for eternity.

Our animal existence on the earth is temporary. If we are wise, we will treat it as such and not grasp it. Our true life is ahead of us.

When things are going well for us we hear many voices. But it is in the night of trouble that knowledge is gained.

Abortion is a primary concern of the Lord. Trouble will come on homosexuals, but abortion is the murder of the innocent. They have no freedom of choice.

For sixty-three years I have walked by faith. Today I am more aware than ever of the fellowship of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

When Paul reasoned with Governor Felix about faith in Christ, Paul did not emphasize theological belief but righteousness, self-control, and the judgment to come. Felix was afraid! How different from today!

Christ had to die that God might reconcile mankind to Himself. Each individual when presented with the choice must elect to enter, or not to enter, that reconciliation.

King Agrippa and Bernice entered the room with great pomp. Paul was waiting in chains. It is difficult in the present moment to know the value of the contribution to the world of an individual.

An individual who labors diligently doing what God has called him to do, and does not betray those who trust him, will come to a good end.

God observes what we like and what we don’t like. He is interested in our opinions. We see this demonstrated as God brought the animals to Adam to see what he would call them.

A sinful desire that dwells in our flesh is a living force. It is possible that it will accompany us after we die. This is why we should put it to death as soon as we become aware of it.

Sin began around the Throne of God with a discontented cherub. From this discontent sin has proceeded, because sin results from discontent with our present state.

Waging war against evil, resisting it, appears to be a universal, never ending battle.

We must never permit discontent to grow in us. It is the source of sin.

God will put His desires in our heart, if we will ask Him to. If we will wait patiently, God will give us what we desire. Meanwhile we are to praise God for our present blessings.

The most marvelous Heaven would be ruined by the presence of one self-seeking individual. Personality transformation must come before Paradise.

God puts us in an animal body, and then says, “Act like a saint.” If we do, we eventually will receive a body that acts like a saint.

Sometimes calamities happen to people we love. We are to hold steady in faith in God. Such problems often are necessary operations that the individual may be better prepared for the Kingdom of God.

Asking Adam to name the numerous varieties of animals was a remarkable challenge for a young man, perhaps twelve years of age.

It is Satan, not people, who is our enemy.

The New Testament is not primarily about the grace of forgiveness but the grace of righteous behavior. Count the verses dealing with each and judge for yourself.

God keeps me praying by confronting me continually with problems. Is that the way it is with you?

When things are going too well for me, I may forget to pray. So I’ll take the problems rather than lose sight of the Lord.

Some believers in Christ strike the ground with the arrows only three times. These do not receive the inheritance that would have been theirs had they been more determined and diligent.

Every true Christian has three natures: the first adamic personality: second, the sinful nature; third, Christ being formed in him or her.

The present central activity of mankind is that of competition. When Jesus returns and installs His Kingdom on the earth, the central activity shall be that of sharing. This pattern shall endure for eternity.

When you read a commandment in the Bible, or the Lord speaks to you personally, your first response must be, “Lord, help me to do what You have commanded.”

When the Bible or the Lord tell us to do something, is the proper response, “I can’t do this, so I must be saved by the grace of forgiveness”?

Perhaps exegetes sometimes should step back from the minutia of interpretation and look up to Jesus to hear what He is saying.

There are good boys and girls, good men and women. Why are they good? Because through Christ they have become part of God, who alone is good.

Though during our lifetime we acquire millions of dollars and achieve worldwide fame, it means nothing if we do not please Christ.

God has a perfect inheritance for you, but you are going to have to wait for it. Don’t get off the bus too soon!

The believers of the first-century churches were as sinful as we are. The time for deliverance from sin had not come as yet. But it is here now!

Today’s definition of imputed righteousness is that God regards us as righteous while we do the works of the devil. Is there something wrong here?

The Bible teaches clearly that we will be saved if we press forward in Christ to the end of our life. What is this about eternal security?

I think the reason why there is so much confusion in Christian doctrine is that theologians look to their mind for understanding of the Scriptures, rather than to Christ.

If we do not serve Christ diligently with what He has given us, we will suffer greatly.

It is possible many believers of today are confusing God’s patience with a willingness to accept their laziness and disobedience.

The Scriptures can be interpreted only by the Holy Spirit. To interpret the Scriptures without looking to the Spirit for understanding causes problems and damage to the Kingdom of God.

The Scriptures are the sword of the Spirit, not of the believer who is acting according to his or her own thinking and reasoning.

If we would know the will of God, we must be transformed by the renewing of our mind. This requires a certain deafness to the clamor of the flesh and the world.

Righteous behavior brings clarity and singleness of purpose. Unrighteous behavior brings confusion.

A believer who gets his or her feelings hurt needs to seek Christ for a more stalwart character.

The Bible says Christ is subject to God the Father. Why then is the position maintained that there are three equal Gods?

Are you behaving righteously and purifying yourself from all spiritual uncleanness? You’re not? Then you must enjoy pain and trouble.

God looks to see how we will treat our wife or husband after they lose their appeal to us. God wants to determine what kind of person we are; how faithful we are.

When you die you will find the spirit world is a large area. You are going to be placed with people like yourself in character. Are you going to be happy with this?

I want to praise my Creator in every circumstance. But my sinful nature does not agree with this. What an abominable fact this is!

Perhaps most Christian work proceeds from human desires, not from resurrection life arising from the crucifixion of the believer. But only this is of eternal worth.

A person has to pray continually if he is to be able to keep his mind focused on that which is joyful, pure, and lovely.

Satan is pleased when we fret ourselves about his antics in the earth. He does not enjoy being ignored.

The Bible says our struggle is not against people but against wicked spirits in the heavens. This is difficult to keep in mind, isn’t it?

When we attack people instead of praying against the evil forces that move them, we hurt those people and do nothing to injure the actual enemy. But Christians often prefer to battle windmills.

Sometimes we are urged to become active politically or in some other way to combat the wicked practices in the land. We are better urged to first ask the Lord if this is something He is going to work for good.

The Christian battle is not our strength against Satan’s strength. It is truth against the lie. Righteousness against unrighteousness. Holiness against uncleanness. Obedience to God against disobedience.

The will of God often is a light and subtle direction. We have to keep ourselves quietly before the Lord in all that we do, so we can sense this guidance.

I do not understand why people insist on following their own desires when they could be resting in the wonderful plan of God for their life.

If you wish to avoid deception, be willing to accept the delay of the fulfillment of your most fervent desires. But always pray for their fulfillment.

Greater is the truth that is in you than the lie that is in the world. The truth shall overcome the lie before all matters come to fruition.

If you want love, joy, and peace, do God’s will in every circumstance. You can find God’s will by asking Him to reveal it to you.

The most important job in any society is the teaching of children. This task must be assigned to people whose moral standards and practices are godly beyond reproach.

Righteous behavior is the foundation upon which all the creatures of God are built. But to know God as Job does now, requires crucifixion of one’s self.

Fornication is defined as sexual activity outside of legal marriage. All talk about love-marriages will not admit a fornicator to the Kingdom of God.

Saying to Jesus Christ, “Not my will but Yours be done,” is the most important statement a person will make in his or her entire life.

Do you ever get the feeling you would like to throw away your life on Jesus, like the lady who “wasted” all the expensive perfume? I do!

Go ahead. Satisfy the desires of your flesh and mind. But put off dying. Because when you die, you will face corruption, whether or not you profess to be a Christian.

You may be able to encourage a famous person to believe the facts about Christ. But it is doubtful this will cause him to abandon his own schemes and follow Christ in all he does.

It has been my experience in serving the Lord that diligence is rewarded amply.

Righteousness exists in obedience to God at every moment. There is no overarching imputed righteousness that exists when a person is being disobedient to God.

The belief that there is an overarching righteousness imputed to a Christian who is not obeying Christ is a destructive error.

There is an overarching righteousness that keeps a believer acceptable to God, provided he is working with the Holy Spirit in the program of redemption, that is, of putting to death the actions of his sinful nature.

When we believe there is something Christ wants of us and we do not obey Him, we are unrighteous even if we profess belief in Christ. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

When we do not do what Christ commands us to do we are unrighteous, even if we “believe in Christ.”

Religion develops doctrine that we are to believe and declare. True faith in Christ is not a religion. It is a conscious fellowship with a living Person.

As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. I think in numerous instances the Christian religion is more involved in its doctrines than it is in being led by the Spirit of God.

Circumcision is the act of cutting off the filthiness of the flesh and spirit. To observe the Sabbath commandment is to walk humbly with God at all times.

If you do not have God and Christ, your life has little significance. With God and Christ you have eternal, extraordinary significance.

We have God and Satan within and God and Satan without. We have to choose whom we love. One leads to incredible glory. The other leads to incredible corruption.

If God Himself were at a certain location, and it was publicized, almost everyone in the world would want to go there. What does this tell us about the Christian churches?

A man is a male who is more concerned about the welfare of others that he is about his own.

We humans often are very concerned if a loved one is seriously ill and in danger of dying. Why aren’t we just as concerned over his or her relationship to Christ? It is the latter that has the greatest potential for pain and anguish!

We can choose in Christ to embrace iron righteousness, fiery holiness, and stern obedience to the Father. From this vantage point we are able to love God with a pure heart and our neighbor as ourselves.

Sometimes a tree will appear in the midst of your garden. Whether it brings life or death to you depends on your willingness to wait for the Lord to tell you when to eat of it.

Each of us at all times must continually lay our crown before the throne, the rule of God, declaring God’s worthiness and saying, “not my will, but Yours be done.”

Anyone who does not obey Christ and His Apostles loves pain, misery, and frustration. The one who says there is no God is a fool. So is the one who does not obey God.

We can learn to walk with Jesus now. Then we won’t have so much to learn when we die and pass into the spirit world.

When in the Day of Resurrection our mortal body is made alive by the Spirit of God, it no longer will be at cross-purposes with God.

Our own body is our worst enemy in many ways. This is why we have to control it continually if we are not to be disqualified.

It is by the act of continually controlling the desires of our flesh and blood nature that we gain the character needed by rulers of the Kingdom of God.

The current doctrine of grace removes the need to continually overcome the desires of our fleshly nature. Thus it prevents our becoming a ruler in the Kingdom of God.

The people of the Lord are being lied to by the current doctrine of grace. Therefore disaster is approaching the United States of America.

The current grace and rapture doctrines have been constructed from a few verses taken here and there out of their contexts.

Our human nature wants and does the wrong things. Christ can put in us the desire to choose and to do God’s good pleasure.

We buy wisdom with the coin of experience. This is why Satan continually seeks to create a division between the young people and older people with the Internet communication devices.

Why does religion emphasize belief in doctrine rather than direct obedience to the living Christ? It is because by stressing belief rather than obedience, man can remain in control of his salvation.

God will save and recreate a person when there is someone who has pleased God and cares about what happens to the individual. God remembered Abraham.

The Muslim people have seen the morally threadbare Westernized Christianity. They know nothing of the crucified saints struggling upward in the night to learn to live by the Life of Jesus Christ.

The Christian discipleship is a wrestling match. Our opponent is the spirit of the world. Our goal is to do God’s will for us at all times.

We have to make certain when things are going well that we remember to look to the Lord continually, giving thanks for all things.

God is the only One who can carry out His own commands. However, cooperation and stern obedience on our part are absolutely essential if God’s will is to be done in the earth.

The gifts of the Spirit are means to an end. The end is a transformed moral character that loves and obeys God in all matters.

“The just shall live by faith” means righteous people walk in obedience to Christ whether what they are hoping for appears possible, or whether it doesn’t.

The eleventh chapter of the Book of Hebrews is one long definition of “The just shall live by faith.”

The way in which “grace” is preached today prevents the believer from perceiving what the New Testament actually states concerning the importance of righteous behavior.

God will never break a contract. But if we do not do what we agreed on, God is not obligated to keep His end of the covenant.

I think that it is true of many Christian organizations that it is a case of the blind leading the blind. Their motives and plans are admirable, but they end up in the ditch because they are not hearing from the Lord.

When a pastor tries to please the congregation with his preaching, he is the blind leading the blind.

There is nothing marvelous in and of itself. People, circumstances, and things, become marvelous only as God makes them so to give us pleasure.

As we continue in a fervent discipleship, righteous behavior is the result. And that righteous behavior results in increasingly effective prayer.

If I have nothing, praise the Lord! If I have everything, praise the Lord!

Avoid making assumptions when at all possible. Pray continually, right up to the last minute. Wait until all the camels have been watered.

Righteousness is not produced by adherence to an arbitrary standard. Righteousness results from our stern obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Any religious work we perform that is not done in the guidance and strength of the Lord Jesus has no Kingdom value and is not of the new covenant.

No commandment of the Bible works properly except as we look to the Lord Jesus for guidance and enablement.

The sons of God are led by the Spirit of God. The purpose of the Bible is to help us discern which spirit is the Holy Spirit.

I don’t want anything in my life that wars against my abiding in the perfect presence and will of Christ, that is, in God’s rest. When you lose your peace, pray.

You may go up to the third floor of a store to buy the goods you want. Then you return to the ground floor so you can go about your business. There is no scriptural support for a rapture.

Don’t be afraid of death. If you are living in Christ, death will be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Do not clutch things, relationships, or circumstances. Pray until you have peace.

People who blame others for their pain have weak character. They need to look in the mirror to discover where the problem lies.

The current pattern of “accepting Christ” is too often only a religious fetish. This practice will save no one. Salvation comes only as we choose to obey Christ in every aspect of our life.

The important circumstance is not that you have “accepted” Christ but that He has accepted you; not that you “know” Christ but that He knows you!

There are realities in the spirit world, such as God, Christ and angels. They exist whether we believe in them or not. The practices of religion are man-made and exist or vanish according to our will. “Babylon,” in the Bible, is religion.

Eternal life does not come from reading about Christ but from eating Christ; not from knowing about Christ but from knowing Christ.

The only freedom in the universe is found in total obedience to God and to His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sin is gnawing at the heart of America. Individuals can save themselves and their loved ones by fervent repentance, but I am not that confident concerning the nation as a whole.

Whatever He says to you, do it. Even though at the time it may not be what you desire, your obedience will bring you eternal love, joy, and peace.

Babylon is the joining together of people in the attempt to approach God and gain His favor. But salvation always is an individual matter, as God seeks out a person and reveals Himself to that individual.

I must be diligent and absolutely faithful in those matters of concern to my Father and my Brother. in the time of harvest.

It often is true that the true servant of the Lord proclaims God’s messages in the midst of the unbelieving, perverse church, as we see in the history of Israel in the Bible.

How often is a servant of the Lord found bearing a true witness of God’s Person, will, way, and eternal purpose in Christ, in the midst of religious confusion?

Wickedness strives for complexity that it may conceal its motives and agendas. Righteousness strives for simplicity and transparency that it may gain the approval of God and man.

How often do we drive away what we crave by insisting that we have it?

Sometimes there is talk about the power latent in us. It is true rather that the wisdom and power we need come from God. Jesus looked toward Heaven and prayed.

God does not want you in bondage to any person, circumstance, or thing. Pray that you may be delivered from all idolatry.

Sometimes people hope they can indulge their sinful nature and then enter Paradise at the last minute, like the thief on the cross. When we play this game with God, God wins and we lose.

The issue is not whether or not I am happy, it is whether or not God’s will is being done.

Strength to do God’s will is more valuable than strength of body.

Salvation and sanctification sometimes are presented as to separate works. How can this be, when it is the moral change that itself is salvation?

Salvation is not a journey from earth to Heaven but from Satan to God. Our journey begins right now and continues every day.

By focusing on the Kingdom of God rather than the politics of the Roman Empire, Christ brought salvation to mankind.

The task of us pastors is to build Christ, who Himself is the Kingdom of God, in people. We are not to let any other purpose distract us from this single goal.

If I am hearing the Holy Spirit, He is not speaking about saving America but about removing the sinful actions from Christian people.

When Christ tells you to do something, whatever it is, ask Him to help you to do it. Christ always will assist you with His wisdom and power if you ask Him to. The same is true with His commands in the Bible.

The commands of Christ and His Apostles found in the New Testament are not there to show us our need for forgiveness but to show us what we need to pray for.

Sometimes it is a good idea to step back from a problem and confusion and pray, before we try to work through the details.

To believe in Christ means to obey Christ in every circumstance, not just to believe He exists, or even to believe He is our Savior.

How can we call Christ our Lord and Savior when we are not obeying Him in every detail of our life?

There is no place in the universe where one can find eternal love, joy, and peace, other than in the Lord Jesus Christ.

When you really are in the Lord’s will, you can walk on the water and it will be firm under your feet. But keep your eyes on the Lord!

Our goal is to live by every Word of God. We have to keep listening carefully, because God keeps speaking advice and encouragement to us in every detail of our life.

Those who treat their discipleship casually will lose part or all of their inheritance.

The King has needs. Help Him meet those needs by obeying Him. Then when you have a need He will be there to help.

The believers in America assume that if they are not faithful to God, God still will bless them and answer their prayers. This is not scriptural. God will not answer the prayers of those who are disobeying Him.

What sometimes is being preached in America is “How to have a better life in Christ.” Tell that to the martyrs!

This world was not designed so we would have fun. Its purpose is to form character that will help or hinder us throughout eternity. If we pursue fun we will gain trouble and pain.

There are those who seek wealth, fame, and pleasure in this world but are denied them in the next. There are those who deny themselves in this world, but in the next gain wealth, fame, and pleasure for evermore.

Today’s scholars say by believing what God has promised we are righteous. But God said Abraham’s inheritance came through his obedience. Why do scholars ignore this fact?

Has theological belief become a substitute for obedience to Christ and His Apostles?

Obeying Christ and His Apostles is not filthy works of self-righteousness. What destructive foolishness is being preached in our day!

It is being preached in our time that we can ignore the commandments of Christ and His Apostles and be saved. Where did this destructive error originate?

Grace is the Divine alternative to the Law of Moses. It is not the Divine alternative to the new Spirit-filled creation of righteous behavior.

How can we say we are being saved when we are not obeying the commandments of Christ and His Apostles? Do we enjoy being deluded?

The atheist hopes to throw off the rule of Christ by saying there is no God. He who sits in the heavens laughs at this folly.

Satan knows very well that there is a God. But if he can persuade us to not believe there is a God, he can draw us into his power.

How can we say we are being saved by faith when we are not doing what Christ’s Apostles have commanded? Did they command us to not do anything but believe?

When we give to Jesus that which is of great importance to us, it is a treasure in Heaven and given back to us at the proper time.

Be specific in your prayers. Tell the Lord exactly what it is you need or want.

When you have a symptom, pray that God will remove it specifically. Usually this is better than speculating on what dreadful sickness it may prove to be.

European and American business people profited from the slave trade. Yet they viewed themselves as Christians. How can people think of themselves as Christians and yet not be following Christ?

We are seeking money rather than Christ. Therefore confusion and chaos reign in our land.

Let us always place Christ at our right hand. Then we will not be moved.

When instead of seeking Christ we strive to change the world through politics, we reap confusion. Satan is the prince of this world. Our task to build the Kingdom of God.

How can Christian people share in the politics of democracy when democracy is the rule of man?

Democracy and the Kingdom of God are opposed to each other in their goals and methods.

In a democracy we may have freedom of speech. In the Kingdom of God our speech is disciplined by the Spirit of God.

We Christians in America want to govern ourselves. We do not want to be governed by the Lord Jesus Christ.

When the rights of people are being emphasized, the rights of God may not be being emphasized.

Should man be governing himself or should he be governed by the Lord Jesus Christ?

Does the Bible stress that men should govern themselves, or does the Bible stress that men should be governed by a righteous government?

In the case of great artists, musicians, inventors and other gifted people, we should give glory to God instead of to those so gifted.

Has God given us a gift? Then we should give glory to God instead of exalting ourselves.

Life is meaningless apart from the Lord Jesus Christ.

True Christian men are courteous and chivalrous toward women, and kind to their wives. But the men of other religions may show the nature of Satan by beating their wives.

If a woman dresses immodestly and is raped, it may be her own fault.

You know, the spirit world may not be as different from what we are used to as we may imagine. God is making all things new in Christ, not all new things.

Personality transformation must come before residence in Paradise.

When I read of Christian leaders saying abortion-on-demand and homosexual activities are acceptable, I figure it must be true that people can become so occupied with religion they forget there is a God.

It is going to be extremely important in the days to come in America to be able to hear and obey the Lord. The time to learn to do that is now.

Because it leads people away from seeking the Lord that they may be able to stand during the judgment to come upon America, the doctrine of the pre-tribulation rapture is destructive.

The reason God is making man in His image is so He can embrace man as part of Himself. This is not true of angels.

Lord Jesus, “I pray You will remove from me every unclean motive and impulse so I will hear Your voice clearly.”

God’s problem with mankind is not solved when we receive the blood atonement for the forgiveness of our sins. God’s problem is solved only when we receive Christ as our personal Lord and obey Him in every detail of our life.

We are not truly saved until we are willing and ready to obey the Lord Jesus Christ in every detail of our life.

The rest of God is that state in which we obey Christ in every detail of our life. This is why the third chapter of Hebrews speaks of our perishing after having started on the way of righteousness.

The Christian Church can never be one in Christ in God until every member is doing God’s will rather that his or her own.

The Father is the ultimate Power. The Son is the true Word of the Father. The Holy Spirit is the only eternal Life.

Why don’t we ask the unsaved (and Christian also) if they will accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord? When they do, the “Savior” part will take care of itself.

I can’t see that blaming someone solves any problem. The idea is to solve the problem, and then leave it to God to punish the offender.

The issue previously was to ask the Savior to forgive our sins. The issue now is to ask the King to deliver us so we can do His will. We have arrived at the Day of Vengeance of our God.

As long as your denominational affiliation is of prime importance to you, you never will be a member of the firstfruits of the Bride of the Lamb. You are married to your religion.

True Bible faith is obedience to God’s will as it is revealed to us. We are motivated to obey God’s will by our hope of a reward for doing so.

True Bible faith is infinitely more than our assent to invisible facts, whether the facts are real or supposed. True Bible faith is revealed in our behavior rather than in our theology.

Our belief that God is good and that there is a Heaven gives us hope and courage when we encounter the tragedies of life on the earth. But if we do not seek the will of Christ every day, we do not have what the Bible means by faith.

The Kingdom includes iron righteousness, fiery holiness, stern obedience to the Father, love, joy, peace, and the possession of the Fullness of God.

To kill someone because of his religious beliefs is murder. Thus the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim religions (Babylon) will answer at the Judgment Seat of Christ for the blood on their hands.

There are times when God dumps unforeseen blessings on us like manna. Then there are other occasions when we have to persevere in faith in order to obtain the promise.

Faith and prayer do not change God’s mind. Rather they enable us to receive what God desires for us to have.

No genuine prayer of ours exhausts God’s ability to answer.

Each one of us who lives according to his own wisdom and strength instead of looking to Jesus for everything he thinks, says, and does, has the spirit of Antichrist in him.

In neither the Old or New Testament are we told we can make an atonement for our sin by punishing ourselves. An atonement for sin can be made only by the shedding of innocent blood, whether of animal or human.

Faith is not something you take out, dust off, and use to get what you want. It is a way of life.

Judaism and Christianity appear to be the only religions that treat women decently. A woman is a very special creation, and to beat her with a stick, or regard her as chattel, is not of God.

I am learning to say, one step at a time, “What’s next, Lord?” I want to live this way forever, living by the Presence and Life of the Lord Jesus.

To be holy is to be set aside for God’s purposes and free from unclean spirits. To be righteous is to deal honorably and compassionately with people.

There are living-dead people in retirement communities. But the people of Christ’s firstfruits are dead-living people.

We are not in the true, eternal world as yet. The present world is a proving ground. What is it proving about me and you?

It is our Father’s will that we be holy as He is holy. This means we are totally free from unclean spirits; but it can be a long, hard battle to get there.

It is unpleasant for the Lord Jesus to deal with someone who keeps disagreeing with Him.

You can spend your life complaining and blaming people, or continually giving thanks to God for your blessings. One leads to death and the other to life. Why not choose life?

A world of love, joy, and peace will be possible only when the Lord Jesus Christ is governing everything that takes place, just as is true of our individual life. Such is the nature of the Kingdom of God.

When the Gospel is not changing us it is not preparing us to be part of the Kingdom of God. It is the change itself that is salvation.

A true prophet is a reasonable person. But he does not draw his conclusions by reasoning.

Prophets do not derive their message from other prophets. A true prophet stands in the Fire of the Almighty and announces the terrible words of the Spirit of God.

Prophets thrive in the midst of adversity. Pilgrim’s Progress reportedly was written in Bedford Gaol, not in a well-appointed pastor’s study.

Do not offer to God an animal with a defect, the Bible says. Give God the very best that you have.

If Job’s comforters had gotten a good case of boils it would have improved their preaching. And so with all of us.

The man of God does not spend time counting the cost or considering the difficulties. He keeps on pressing toward the rainbow Throne that is at the end of his struggle.

Why doesn’t God speak details to us as He did to Moses? Can it be that our religion occupies us so thoroughly that we do not expect to hear the voice of the Lord Jesus?

There have been persons in politics who have risen to high positions who are lazy and incompetent. This will not be true of Christ’s kings who govern the new world of righteousness.

The Book of Exodus shows us God’s interest in the details of the Tabernacle. How much more is God interested in His Church. But His ministers must listen to Him, as did Moses.

Abraham did not believe he was going to see Isaac in Heaven after Isaac was slain. Rather, Abraham believed God was going to raise Isaac from the dead in order to fulfill God’s word. Isn’t that interesting?

After we are born into the world, the only certainty is that one day we will die. The wise person will prepare to meet Jesus upon his or her death.

The idea of positive thinking, or speaking the creative word, is a way of attempting to use the power of Christ to accomplish one’s own desires.

When a prayer is given by the Father, it indeed shall be answered. As the Spirit said, “Ask Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance.” (Psalm 2:8)

God invites us to ask of Him. When He does, our prayer shall be answered. The very best prayers we ever pray are those that God gives us to pray.

“In My Father’s house are many rooms, if it were not so I would have told you.” I believe the Father had revealed to Jesus that He is the Cornerstone of a great house of which there are many living stones.

If we were to ask God and look to Him at all times, would He lead us as clearly as He led the Israelites through the desert with the cloud and the fire?

Do not attempt to make your wife or husband in the image you think she or he should be. Let God be the one who changes your spouse. Accept your cross and let Christ live in you.

There are men and women who are sexually attractive, but love joy and peace will never be found in them. You are wise if you ask God to not let them wrap you in their chains.

If you don’t keep praying and looking to the Lord at all times, you won’t know when the Cloud and the Fire have lifted from the Tabernacle and you are supposed to move to a different place.

The Bible gives us general directions and judges the spirits. The Lord Jesus speaks to us personal directions. We are going to need these throughout the coming Divine judgments.

It appears to me that the person who does not fear God and Hell has limited experience. Has he never had prolonged, unrelievable severe pain?

The contemplation of philosophy and theology are a waste of time. The Lord Jesus Christ is real and alive. To act righteously, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with Christ is all that is necessary in life.

Iron righteousness of behavior, fiery holiness of personality, and stern obedience to God produce eternal love, joy, and peace. Christ can give you all this, You need not look further.

Spiritual gifts come from the Holy Spirit. Christ administrates the gifts, He is the King. The Father is the source of all power.

Religious activities primarily are spiritual cosmetics. True salvation is found only in close, continual interaction with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Men who should be producing the good for which God designed them must spend their time defending themselves against those who would take their money or property or rape their wives. What stupidity life without Christ is!

If I thought I would pass into nothingness after five billion years, I would be alarmed. The atheist limits himself to his few years of earth-time. What is he thinking of?

If an evil genius set himself to devise an error that would totally frustrate God’s intention under the new covenant, it is that upon once professing belief in Christ we eternally are spared banishment from God’s Presence.

The wise man obeys Christ in every instance and receives blessing. The fool goes his own way and receives confusion, pain, and sometimes much worse.

How many times I have gotten into a predicament, all because I did not ask Jesus first. Have you ever done that?

The reason we pray “Lead us not into temptation” is so God will not make our heart obstinate as He did that of Pharaoh and Sihon, with the result that we make choices that lead to our destruction.

The Lord Jesus before He died knew He was going to return to earth and set up His Kingdom. This tells me that if we walk with Jesus, we too can know what we are going to experience after death.

How wonderful to walk with Jesus at midnight on the black waters in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean during a storm! What an adventure this is!

People do not want God to interfere with their lives. How utterly stupid! This is why they experience frustration and pain.

It is Christ’s will that you always be with Him where He is in God. He will make it possible for you to be there if you ask Him, but you must obey the Spirit of God at all times.

To be totally redeemed is to be completely delivered from worldliness, the sinful nature, and self-will; to have Christ formed in our personality; and to be in untroubled rest in the center of God’s will.

Little by little, the things I used to take for granted I now ask the Lord about.

People who cast aside God’s laws and the warnings of their conscience may want to live forever. But God’s saints who keep His commands often desire to go home to be with Christ.

It is not unusual for a believer to be placed in the Lord’s prison. But we must never become a prisoner in our mentality. Joseph, one day was in prison and the next exalted to great authority in Egypt.

When you are bearing your cross, do not focus on what you can’t have. If you do, your cross may become unbearable. Think about the blessings you do have. There will come an end if you remain faithful.

This world is a minefield. If you are not walking carefully with the Lord Jesus you may get blown up!

Can you imagine a ruler of today saying “If you love me, keep my laws”? But when our Lord returns, He will govern the nations with a rod of iron. Change is coming!

The “grace” message as it is preached today is not scriptural. It is institutionalized rebellion against God combined with schizophrenia.

The Lord Jesus did not come from Heaven to bring people back to Heaven. Jesus Christ is the way to the Father, not the way to Heaven.

Heaven is the original source of sin. Christ did not come to bring us to Heaven but to the Father. Sin did not originate in the Father.

The flesh of man is a gift from God, but always tends to corruption and death. It is a device by which we are tested. The results of those tests have eternal consequences.

An angel ballet company. That would be something to see. Angels are extremely graceful, and can hover in the air as much as they choose.

When we clutch something we lose our love, joy, and peace. We must open our hand and let God give us what is best for us.

Every true believer in Christ is two people. One is temporary. One is eternal. We are wise when we nourish the eternal, while not neglecting the temporary, although the temporary will pass away.

The Lord Jesus can and shall live the victory in and through you, but you continually, day and night, have to ask Him to do so.

There is no need to worry, if we are obeying Christ diligently. Divine grace will be provided when the dreaded moment comes.

Faithfulness is an important virtue of God, and is to be an important virtue of the Christian.

I think I will be repenting of one thing or another until I go to be with Jesus. There is so much to learn!

In this dark box we call the world our character and our reputation are formed, and they follow us into the open light of God’s world. Only fools think they can escape them.

What is it that motivates so many Christian leaders to tell the believers in America that they are going to Heaven in a rapture, when they are not living a victorious life in the Lord Jesus.

When I look at little boys and girls I think how terrible it would be if they had been aborted. This made me realize how fierce is the Divine wrath that is hovering over the United States of America.

There are two aspects of the Divine judgment applied to us. One is the forgiveness of our sins. The second is the removal of our sins. It is the removal that is the installation of the Kingdom of God in our life.

Three is the number of God. Six is the number of man. If you are planning your own life instead of obeying the Lord Jesus you have the spirit of Antichrist, of man making himself God.

I am doing my best to listen to Jesus in order to live by every word that comes from the mouth of God concerning me.

When we doubt the Lord it opens the door to Satan.

Always pray for relief from distresses, problems, and afflictions of every kind. Some of them may be there to bring you to prayer!

The theory of evolution has the support that it does because people wish to live their lives apart from God. This theory ignores the design found in nature, which would not be true of a random product.

The central problem of the world from its beginning to the present is that of people seeking to conduct their own lives instead of walking humbly with God. We see the consequences in the world of today.

Our country, the United States, once the head, is on its way to becoming the tail, just as God said would happen if we turned away from Him.

The “faith” and “prosperity” doctrines are institutionalized presumption, a putting of God to the test. They are the very opposite of walking humbly with our God.

Everything in the world, including the nations of people, exist for the purpose of developing the royal priesthood and God’s Kingdom. All is expendable in terms of this sovereign purpose. The earth and the firmament finally shall be burned up.

The test of the highest point of the temple, the third temptation, examines the extent of our willingness to obey God when we are placed in a position of apparent uselessness or distress.

God uses some people as object lessons to teach His elect His ways. He hardens their heart, and then punishes them for their consequent behavior. Such a concept is utterly abominable to the spirit of humanism.

The philosophy of humanism is nothing more nor less than rebellion against the Presence of God and the rule of Jesus Christ.

The wise individual prays that God will not lead him into temptation. God will answer his prayer.

There were a group of people standing around in Heaven, telling what they had suffered for Christ. Polycarp told about being burned alive at the stake. Isaiah spoke of being sawn in half. Some Scottish Presbyterian young men described how they felt as they were being hung for not confessing that the King of England was the head of the Body of Christ.

Then they asked a young person from the twenty-first century what he had suffered. He said, “My pastor told us that looking at pornography on the Internet or naked pictures on my cell phone was sin. I never was able to stop doing this so I hope you will accept me into your fellowship by grace.”

Do you wish to understand the things of the Kingdom of God? Then pray for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation that is in Jesus Christ.

Religion loves to plan and be systematic. God loves to laugh and confound the wise.

Religion is of man. Salvation is of God. Religion is the attempt of human beings to control the Kingdom of God.

If the current “grace” teaching were of God, then for the rest of eternity we would be trying to cope with the behavior of people who never have been made in God’s image.

Having arms and legs does not mean we are in the image of God. Hitler and Stalin had arms and legs. Being in the image of God is to have a character like God’s and to behave like God.

People who marry without adequate mental and emotional foreplay, trusting the instincts of their bodies to bring them to lasting love, may discover that their marriage is little more than legalized fornication.

If your wife is personal chattel, your possession, like a horse, she is not your wife at all. A genuine wife is a man’s complement.

If the purpose of a wife is to complement her husband and make fruitfulness and dominion possible, as in the case of Eve, what sense does it make for two men or two women to be married?

God uses Satan and wicked people to perfect His future rulers. When the work has been accomplished, Satan and the wicked shall be thrown into the Lake of Fire.

God has placed in man a strong sexual drive. God requires that we control ourselves and do what is right. Those who obey God will govern the rest of mankind in the new world of righteousness that is coming.

Fellowship with God; ministry to other people; living in love, joy, and peace—none of this is possible when we choose to live in our own will instead of in God’s will.

We have not begun the operation of redemption until we abandon our own will and live in God’s will. The Christian religion apart from death to our will is religious cosmetics, lipstick on a corpse.

For a person who has lived so as to please God, to die will be like awakening from a nightmare.

The world is the valley of the shadow of death; but God sets a table for us in the midst of our enemies.

We have this one opportunity to show what we will do under these difficult conditions. So few, it seems, take advantage of this opportunity to gain the wealth of Heaven.

God liberally distributes gifts and ministries. Most believers, it appears, do not strive to grasp the brass ring, being content just to ride the merry-go-round.

Releasing or retaining memories is a major aspect of redemption. The memories of the wicked will be torturous. The memories of the righteous will bring love, joy, and peace. “The former things will not be remembered.”

The ministries and gifts are given to the Body of Christ so that it may come to the fullness of Christ. They are not given to a local assembly. Elders are for the local assembly.

We sin when we are not content with the provisions God has made for us. We always are to thank the Lord for our blessings, and then pray for what we desire.

The closer you are to God the more soundly you will be chastened. God’s children have to behave before He can respond correctly to the enemy.

You can let demons use your body to fulfill their sexual lusts. Just remember, they will get off free for now. But you will pay the price for breaking God’s laws.

Demons have no gender, but they can experience the results of sexual activities. They would like to use your body to do so, if you don’t mind.

Activities that satisfy glandular urges are pleasing to the individual. This should not be confused with love. Love involves the appreciation of and respect for the other person’s personality.

People will adopt numerous religions, including Christianity, and endure tiresome duties. But few are willing to joyfully turn over their lives to the living Jesus. People want to remain in control!

He who has seen Christ has seen the Father, because Christ lives by the Life of the Father. We are called to live by that same Life.

I want to live by the Life of Christ, having His thoughts, speaking His words, doing His deeds, at all times and in all places, ages without end.

“Lead us not into temptation.” Only God can prevent our being led into temptation. Only God can determine who is led into temptation and who is not, and this is why we always should make this request.

If investigators lived their lives and conducted their investigations with the assumption that God exists and Christ is alive, I believe their conclusions about the physical world would be different from what they are.

For over sixty years I have chosen to live as though there is a God, the Bible is His Word, and Jesus Christ is alive. My experiences during this period clearly validate my position.

Man was placed in charge of the creation. He has managed to drive many animals and plants to extinction. The present creation is a prototype. When Christ sets up His Kingdom, all shall be restored.

It is a rule of life that we must be given everything twice. We are given it; we forfeit it; we gain it back when we have been prepared to retain it. When Christ returns, He will restore what has been destroyed by man’s self-willed disobedience to God.

The root of the problem facing America is not the economy, it is the wanton murder of fetuses for no reason other than to avoid inconveniencing the mother.

In addition to the other evils accompanying abortion, this practice encourages illicit sexual behavior by assuring the participants there will be no lasting undesirable results.

Sexual intercourse outside of lawful marriage is fornication and will bar the individual from inheriting the Kingdom of God.

Space and the masses that occupy it either reveal that there is no God, because of their immensity, or else declare the Glory of God. Each person decides for himself which he chooses to believe.

If God’s angels lift us up in their hands so we do not stumble over a stone, then it is obvious God is watching over the smallest details of our life.

God and Christ are not our servants who are trying to please us, to make us comfortable and safe. God and Christ are merciful, but they are not as current Christian teaching in America are portraying them.

We must keep our robe clean. We will wear it in the Day of Resurrection.

The reason the virtue of patience is emphasized in the New Testament is that the patient person refuses the shortcut of sin to the fulfillment of his most intense desires.

The hour of temptation is a period when the indulgences of our sinful nature are readily available, while righteous behavior is painful. You must exercise patience if you want Christ to guard you during the period of temptation.

Miracles are important in Gospel work. But doing God’s will in the earth is even more important.

A good prayer for us: “Search me and see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

I pray our eternal residence will be in the holy fire of God’s Being. While remaining there we can go forth and do whatever God puts in our heart to desire.

How long will we preach the destructive lie that God does not see our ungodliness but sees us only through Christ? The Bible says all things are laid bare before the eyes of our judge. He knows our deeds!

“I believe in Christ” is not a magic spell we say in order to save us from Hell. Believing in Christ is a way of life that we have to pursue at all times and in every circumstance or we come under Divine disapproval.

All religions, including the Christian, have as their purpose to bring people into a better life. The true Christian redemption has as its purpose to bring people into fellowship with God.

There is no situation or thing that God cannot make wonderful when we are obeying Him strictly.

There is no need to be in bondage. We are to leave all things we desire in Christ’s hands. He will give them to us at the very best time if they will bring us love, joy, and peace.

If there is a secret to the successful walk with Jesus, it is that of waiting for Him. This is why patience is so important in the Kingdom of God.

It is taught commonly that once we “accept Christ” we can forget about the sin in our life. The truth is, after we receive Christ the Spirit of God begins to deal with the sins in our life.

It has been said that the Book of First John provides assurance for the believer. In actuality, the Book of First John warns the believer that he is obeying Satan when he continues to sin.

Total, strict, joyful obedience to God in all matters. That is my goal in life.

The entire world system is a lie. My determination is to live in the Consuming Fire who is the Truth, and the only truth there is.

The issue of salvation is not that of going to Hell or Heaven, the issue is that of living by or own life, or living by the life of Satan, or living by the Life of Christ.

King David did not urge the Israelites to fast and pray to end the drought. He asked God the reason for it. Why don’t we do that today concerning our national troubles?

Using a lot of superlatives to describe how great Christ is can be so much blather. What really exalts Christ is the doing of His will when it is painful to us.

God told Cain he must master sin. God tells us we must master sin. Through Christ we can master the deeds of our sinful nature. Meanwhile godly character grows in us as we abide in Christ.

Don’t judge until you have all the facts. Listen to the Lord carefully.

Saul was head and shoulders above everyone else. David was not. But David was God’s servant. It is best not to judge the work of God by its size.

If you do not wish to pursue homosexual activities, just ask the Lord Jesus to please lift this spirit from you. When He does, just persist in your liberty, and soon there will be no trace of it.

If you are a pastor, and you have worked all night and have not caught any fish, then look to Jesus. You may need help hauling the net in.

Why do I get the impression that many of today’s Christian leaders want power more than they want Christ?

Don’t worry when you see the abominations increasing in the United States. God is in control. This all is working for good for those who love God, who are called to be the brothers of Jesus Christ. Just keep praying.

Do you want God or Satan to be your Father? If you want God to be your Father, then do His works. He will help you if you ask Him.

There are two populations in America struggling for supremacy. The wicked will prevail because the righteous are not righteous enough.

America has called for Tash, and Tash has come. (© C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle)

The reason rebellion is like the sin of divination, and arrogance like the evil of idolatry, is that rebellion and arrogance result from man’s worship of Satan and himself.

The Kingdom of God is not built on forgiveness but on moral transformation.

The spirit of the world today is of Antichrist. Its primary feature is the love of money. King Solomon received 666 talents of gold each year, 666 being the number of Antichrist—man using money to make himself a god.

The Lord wants to carve His Word into your soul. Do not be surprised when you have a spiritual root-canal operation.

One of the greatest of all hurdles to Christian thinking is the idea that we were given a free will so we can act independently of God. Those who press into Christ will find He has become their will.

The demons love to reason. Avoid the spirit of debate.

The only truth there is, is Jesus Christ. He Himself is the Consuming Fire of Israel.

The satisfaction of fulfilling sexual lust, holding power, and possessing a lot of money, are a pretty poor trade for a man’s honor!

The work of salvation begins when we receive Christ. The work continues until we are in the image and likeness of Christ and at rest in the center of God’s will.

The Parable of the Sower, and the work of the new covenant as described in the Book of Hebrews, both portray the growth of Christ in us until He is formed in our mind and carved in our soul.

God has not given us a mind so we can plan our own way. God has given us a mind so we can cooperate with Him and obey Him as His Spirit guides us.

If you desire to reap Christ a hundredfold, you no longer will be able to exercise your will as you please; you will be dependent on Christ for everything you think, say, and do.

Do you wish to live by Christ as He lives by the Father? If so, know that you cannot then be free to be independent from Christ in thought, word, or action.

The third great work of redemption is total change into the image of Christ and untroubled rest in the center of God’s Person and will. Is what you really want?

Do you want to have fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Consuming Fire of Israel? Do you want to live with everlasting burning? I do!

I see nothing in the Bible about “unconditional love.” There are, however, numerous examples in both Testaments of conditional blessing. Several of Jesus’ promises and statements begin with the word “If.”

I think the current unscriptural idea of “unconditional love” has come from him who has said from the beginning, “You shall not surely die.”

Don’t let yourself become angry with God. He is leading you to righteousness, love, joy, and peace, even though you do not understand the way He is bringing you.

Don’t become overfamiliar with Christ. He is your Friend, but also your King; and He expects to be obeyed!

Buy your ticket to the Kingdom. Pretty soon the train will start moving and the conductor will be around to take your ticket. Nobody gets a free ride.

Perhaps the greatest lie of all is that we can continue to disobey Christ and yet be brought into the Kingdom of God. We use the incident of the thief on the cross to support this destructive notion.

God made man for God’s own use and pleasure. He will do with man as He pleases, whether or not it appears fair or loving.

If you hate God because you do not understand what He is doing with you, you are a fool and hate your own soul.

Woe is me. I can count all my ribs. “O God, make an end of my captivity and restore me.”

I do not know whether or not the sun will rise in the morning. But I do know that God’s integrity and faithfulness will never change.

It is not important that I get what I want. But it is of utter, supreme importance that God’s will is done.

Paradise, or Heaven, is nothing more than an environment and things. What really is important is the kind of people who are there.

A beautiful, perfect environment can never satisfy the longing of people. This is why God is transforming us before He restores Paradise. It is our relationship with loving, godly people that results in righteousness, love, joy, and peace.

There can be no Heaven that is worth much if the personalities of the inhabitants have not been transformed in Christ.

When you obey God strictly, all kinds of good things eventually take place.

The Apostle Paul’s teaching of “grace” is being used today as an alternative to moral transformation, that is, as an alternative to being born again of the Spirit of God.

When we become more mature as a Christian we may learn to “fly by instrument.” This always is dangerous, and we must pay careful attention to the Scriptures and to what is going on around us.

Life requires discipline. The person who pursues the pleasure trail, always doing what feels good, without regard to the consequences, will end up losing everything—including the respect of God and of people.

Grace is being presented as an alternative to being born again. To be born again means we have been through the gestation period and are entering the Kingdom. Lawless grace sees no need for such a travail.

Today many people are losing their job, their freedom, and their families for a few moments of sexual excitement. This is stupid. God will deliver us from temptation if we ask Him.

A man is foolish when he seizes and clings to his way. If he would ask the Lord to direct him he would be led into righteousness, love, peace, and joy in the Spirit of God.

Anything we can do apart from looking to Christ, down to the smallest detail, is loss for Christ, loss for us, and loss for all whom we influence.

If we refuse to seize something we desire intensely, choosing instead to wait patiently for the Lord, the day will come when we understand how wise we were. We then will receive the desires of our heart in the best possible manner.

God sees each occasion when you deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Jesus. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.”

The new race that God is forming in our personalities is human, but also Divine in that it has been born of God. This is not an occasion for pride but for sober reflection on the necessity for total, stern obedience to God.

History reveals to us that God places in positions of authority the vilest, stupidest, wickedest of people. He has His own reasons for doing this and we are not to fret about it.

Political activism may delay some of the moral abominations in America. But each person will have to save himself and his loved one by righteous behavior, continual prayer, and stern obedience to the living Christ.

Every one of our American institutions, including the military, is being affected adversely by the sin being practiced by the American people.

We might have faith in a sergeant to lead us in battle. But if we did not follow him carefully we might be killed. So it is true of Jesus. We have to take up our cross and follow Him carefully at all times.

What does it mean to have faith in Jesus? Does it mean we believe He was born of a virgin, or does it mean we keep His commandments. What kind of faith saves us?

I believe the United States is the last of the “Christian nations.” From this point forward we Christians will emphasize our common citizenship in Heaven, while the Antichrist world system proceeds with its stupidity and abominations.

As soon as the Antichrist world system realizes we Christians are looking to Heaven for our citizenship, and it can seduce us no longer, we will be persecuted savagely.

Although the Jews do not realize it as yet, it will be the true Christians who protect them when Satan comes to maturity in the nations of the world. It will be Joseph and his Gentile bride preserving Israel.

In spite of Christian teaching, it never can be true that we sow sin and reap righteousness and eternal life. Until we realize this clearly we will not be able to enter the Kingdom of God.

“Women will be saved [from deception] through childbearing” means that having borne children, women will enter God’s Kingdom if they continue in faith, love, holiness, and godly behavior.

God has greater things in mind than saving the prosperity of the United States. God is ready to cleanse His people worldwide from sin in fulfillment of the Day of Atonement, and then dwell in them in fulfillment of the feast of Tabernacles.

As we see the world becoming increasingly evil, let us Christians realize we are part of the worldwide Body of Christ, and Heaven is where our true citizenship may be found at the present time.

As far as I can see, the United Kingdom and the United States are discarding their Christian heritage. This may be true also of Europe. As a result, God is withdrawing His covering, and the results will be horrific.

Our highest reward is to hear our Lord say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” This gives us some idea of the value God places on faithfulness.

The abominations produced by the Antichrist world system will prevail for a season, although there will be revivals from time to time. Finally the Lord Jesus Christ with His saints will return and install the Kingdom of God on the earth.

Faith and obedience are synonyms. Where there is no obedience there is no faith. Faith is not a theological position we accept in our mind.

We have to choose between living a life independent of Christ, at least in some areas, and living a life of total dependence on Christ for every thought, every word, every action.

God respects integrity and righteousness of behavior. But the ultimate righteousness is obedience to what God is saying to an individual specifically at a specific time and place.

The disobedience of Adam brought condemnation and death. So did eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Our obedience in placing our faith in Christ brings righteousness and eternal life. So do the consequent behaviors.

When we desire Divine abilities rather than Christ Himself we are like a creature in a tide pool. We will dry up and die if we are not renewed by the ocean.

The sons of God are led by the Spirit of God. We have to pay careful attention to the writings of the Apostles until we are able to recognize the Spirit’s voice.

The Kingdom of God is God in Christ in a human being causing and enabling him or her to do God’s will in every circumstance.

True Bible faith is trust that is strong enough to result in obedience to God’s commands, both written and personal.

It seems Christians would like God to be “nice.” God is not “nice.” In His Personality is the fiercest of all tigers, the deadliest of all snakes, and the most innocent and gentle lamb that has ever existed.

God is not fair by our standards. He chooses whomever He will from among the ranks of mankind, and invites that individual to pursue eternal life, which is the knowledge of Himself.

To love God and want to do His will is a gift. Everyone does not have this gift; therefore we ought not to judge other people harshly.

Since God has all authority and power, it is fortunate for us that He has integrity and kindness in His Personality. We are being made like Him. But the operation is painful because of our stubbornness and unbelief.

Elisha died of his sickness although there was enough life in his bones to bring a dead man back to life.. We bring sick people into bondage when we insist they have sinned or do not have faith. Did Elisha lack faith?

All that God requires is that an individual fear God and obey His written and His personal commands. However, religious people do have a problem with contentment, with personal ambition, with presumption.

The misery of mankind is due largely to the self-seeking of the political leaders. God’s response is the creation of a kingdom governed by people who have the heart of a servant.

The problem of corrupt government is not solved by the rule of the people but by officials who fear God and govern justly and mercifully.

When the righteous are not righteous enough they will be overcome by the wicked.

The Life of the new world of righteousness is the Holy Spirit. The Substance of the new world of righteousness is the body and blood of Christ. The Church is a firstfruits of this new population of people.

The God of Heaven will never accept abortion as an expression of a woman’s “right to choose,” when there is no medical necessity.

The abortion proponents became furious when abstinence is suggested. Satan wants to enjoy the thrill of intercourse, and then the murder of the product.

Some like to put on their “administrative hat” and command the demons and the rest of the creation. I prefer to ask Jesus to do these needed things, unless He tells me differently.

The current emphasis on speaking the “creative word” and otherwise commanding the creation may be coming from the philosophy of humanism. It is the desire of people to remain in control.

If you wish to have love, joy, and peace, live righteously.

The entire physical creation died on the cross. To enter the Kingdom of God it must be born again of Christ. It must be made alive in the Spirit of God.

The Kingdom of God is God in Christ in the saint doing God’s will wherever he is. The central aspect of the Kingdom of God is the doing of God’s complete will in every aspect of thinking, speaking, and doing.

The American Christians are so weak morally, because of the unscriptural application of Divine grace, that they cannot prevail against the spiritual forces that are driving abortion and homosexual behavior.

As we confess and turn away from our sins, the Spirit of God drives them from our flesh. When we live a crucified life, our character is conformed to the image of Christ.

I do not want to live in my own strength and wisdom. I want to live in God’s strength and wisdom. I want God Himself to be my Salvation.

The wise individual uses the present life as preparation for his life after he dies, the true, eternal life. The new life is filled with joy and splendor. It is for all who love and fear God and keep His commandments.

The less we take for granted, and the more we look to Jesus for His judgment of our every action, the more we remain in the Presence of the Lord.

There is no need for us to leap about, like a priest of Baal, when we are praying for someone. If we will speak the word Christ gives us, the Father will command His angels and they will do the work.

I am eighty-four years old, born in Maine, raised in Connecticut. I am seeing America changed into that which would not be recognized by the Minutemen or the Loyalists. There has arisen a Pharaoh who doesn’t know Joseph.

If we will deny ourselves and carry our cross patiently, when the temptation to sin becomes overpowering, Christ will empower us so we have the strength not to consent to it.

Satan cannot direct us to do anything unless we give our consent. However, we can be tricked if we do not patiently deny ourselves and bear our cross after Christ.

When you find you have been deceived, confess your sin to the Lord; denounce it vigorously, stating you want nothing more to do with it; and then turn to the Lord for additional help in resisting it in the future.

America has chosen Satan, and Satan shall be given to her. It is the responsibility of all Christians to pray for the believers in Christ of every nation and race, without exception.

Satan still is trusting he can overthrow God. He is hoping people will take his side against God, and this accounts for the popularity of humanistic thinking.

If our purpose in life is to feel good, then taking drugs makes sense. If our purpose in life is to grow in Christ, which is the goal of every true Christian, then taking drugs does not make sense.

If our purpose in life is to be happy and comfortable, then we will break many of the laws of God, and some of the laws of man, as we pursue our goal.

Does your relationship with another person make you feel good? That does not necessarily mean that it is acceptable to God.

A person who does not, in this life, set as his goal to please God, will have a long time, after he dies, to think about his shortsightedness.

Go ahead and do whatever you feel like doing. You will be happy, perhaps, but God may not be as happy. And if God is not happy, sooner or later you will not be happy either.

The hour of temptation is approaching. We will not be able to resist the temptations to sin unless we patiently have kept Christ’s commands. This is the meaning of Revelation 3:10.

The most important choice any person makes in the Kingdom of God is to do God’s will at all times, in every circumstance.

Our political and business leaders do not seem to assign much value to integrity and truthfulness. But God does!

What are you going to do when God calls for Isaac? Are you going to be obedient? Or are you going to be disobedient, and then marvel for eternity at the stupendous grandeur of the inheritance you threw away?

The purpose for the creation of man is that rulers might be developed who will be able to maintain Paradise, once it is reestablished on the earth.

Numerous adults and elderly people in the United States have never grown up. We see sixty-and seventy-year-old people in gambling casinos, having “fun.” They are not available as models for children and young people.

The roosters make considerable noise but the hens lay the eggs. So it is in the world that many people make loud noises, but the job gets done by quiet people doing God’s will.

New-covenant grace does not mean we do not have to obey the commands of Christ. It means rather that we do not have to obey the commands of Moses.

Satan’s strategy in advancing the teaching that God has given us grace so we do not have to live righteously, is to leave the Christians helpless during the Hour of Testing.

If we yield to sin, we will be placed after we die with others who have yielded to sin. Then, in the Day of Resurrection, the kind of personality we have developed will be revealed for all to see.

The unrighteous steward was placed with those who participated with him in his scheme to cheat the man to whom they owed money. They received him for he was like themselves.

Treat other people as you would like them to have them treat you. In the Day of Resurrection, people will treat you as you have treated them.

If you have been a decent person, giving of yourself to help others, when you die you will have many friends who will love you and appreciate your nobility of character.

If you have been a mean person, self-serving, unfaithful, dishonest in this present life, in the Day of Resurrection you will be revealed as to your true personality.

A wolf dressed as a sheep is still a wolf. A wicked person who claims to be saved by grace is still wicked person, unless he changes.

Satan, knowing there is coming an hour of testing, brought forth the doctrine of dispensational grace so that we would not see the necessity for resisting sin.

The problem is, in the Day of Resurrection, we will be revealed.

True belief and obedience are the same thing. We see this in Hebrews 3:18,19.

If Christ has “done it all,” and when we “accept” Him we are in the land of promise and there is nothing more to do but wait to go to Heaven, what is the meaning of the third chapter of the Book of Hebrews?

If we are to survive during the coming chaos in our country we must walk very closely to Jesus, conversing with Him every waking moment, asking for His guidance in every word, thought, and action.

We must take our things, relationships, circumstances, traits of character, and environment and deliberately and forcefully keep placing them in Heaven. If we try to save our life in the world we will lose it.

The purpose of the Christian salvation is to make us a better person. If this had been preached in America, instead of “going to Heaven,” our nation would not be facing destruction at this time.

As far as I can see, religion does not make better people. It makes converts to its belief system. But Jesus Christ makes better people.

People who are self-centered, selfish, grasping, mean, unforgiving, have a shrunken, warped, reptilian, ugly-looking spirit. When they die, this is how they will appear to others in the spirit world.

Did you ever wonder where dwarfs, elves, and leprechauns came from? Could they possibly be people who, before they died, lived to themselves, or who immersed themselves in sexual lust?

Some people will enter the spirit world as towering pillars of light and glory. We do not see them as such today; but this is how they appear in the spirit world.

The Divine salvation has as its purpose the making of better people, not just the forgiveness of fallen man.

To be in the image of Christ, but not at rest in God’s will, is to be another Satan in the universe.

The greatest lie in the history of the world is that God has given us a covenant under which man can be accepted of God and have fellowship with God without having to change morally.

The only person I trust completely is God, and those whom he tells me to trust on occasion.

A minute is a long time when one is counting the seconds; but a minute is difficult to see in the ocean of eternity—except to God!

There are the wheat, and then there are the weeds. The ways of each kind are an abomination to the other. The difference is not in religion, except that God can change a weed into wheat.

People have three primary motivations: a fierce animal will to survive; sexual desires; and power to accomplish one’s will. Most people attempt to express these apart from the Lord’s guidance.

Since the doctrine of dispensational grace pretends to be of Christ, but stresses belief rather than obedience to Christ, it is the greatest of all enemies of the Kingdom of God.

“Lord Jesus, help me to stop reasoning and to listen. The things you tell me are wonderful!”

Obedience is the heart of the Kingdom of God. Since Dispensational theology claims to be of Christ, and teaches that belief is more important than obedience to Christ, it is the worst enemy of the Kingdom of God.

By permitting every sort of moral filth and violence in the various media, America is sacrificing her young people on the altar of freedom of speech.

The reason people seek to acquire great amounts of money is so they will not have to depend on God for survival, security, and pleasure; and the power to do what they want.

This world is expendable. God put it together as a way of testing and teaching people. Before too long there will be a real world in which Christ is King, and righteousness reigns. Hallelujah!

The result of salvation is not eternal residence in Heaven. It is change from the image and will of Satan into the image and will of God.

Pray that God will put His desires in your heart. If you delight yourself in Christ, He is going to give you the desires of your heart.

After we die, the surprise will be that there are few surprises. What we are, we are. Whom we enjoy being with, we shall be with.

The Muslims judge Christ by the moral behavior of the Catholics and the Evangelicals. It is no wonder they want to conquer the world for Allah.

Afflictions make a person either bitter or sweet, depending on how he or she responds to them.

The empire of America is passing away, as happened to the empires of the Sumerians and the Hittites. Empires rise and fall so that God’s will can be accomplished in mankind.

Throughout the coming catastrophic events in the United States, and elsewhere, if you call on Jesus He will help you, whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or of any other religion or no religion.

The ruler who governs by force and fear has nothing of true value. The ruler who loves and serves his subjects and is loved by them possesses the greatest treasure it is possible to have.

There is good and there is evil in the world. Some people grow wheat and some grow weeds. There are no other crops.

When Jesus returns, the curse will be lifted. This means childbirth no longer will be painful; and the hope and trust of the woman shall be toward Jesus, her Creator, instead of toward a man.

In America, freedom of action is the highest value. But in the new world of righteousness, every person will look to God continually that God’s will shall be done in every detail of life.

God’s greatest problem with people is that of making the will of an individual a part of His great will.

There is no greater righteousness, love, joy, and peace than that experienced as we do God’s complete will in every aspect of life.

Christians can endure anything because they have the hope of a better world. It seems to me this is a happier point of view than that possessed by an atheist.

Most people who attend Christian churches are not Christians. A Christian is someone who denies himself, takes up his cross and follows Jesus.

Sometimes when the believers are afflicted they blame Satan, not realizing that Christ always remains in control. Our struggle is with Christ, not with Satan.

Today we are pushing forward in scientific endeavor, without stopping to reflect on the outcome of our efforts, and refer to this rather stupid, blind effort as “progress.”

The only fact that gives true meaning and hope to the present life is Christ’s promise of eternal life. All flesh is grass and withers and perishes after a season.

As we walk in the Spirit of God we “hear” the Word of Christ; we gain victory over spiritual death; we continue to believe in God; and we thus live without condemnation.

The Lord Jesus Christ always was, always is, and always shall be the same in that He always delights in doing the will of His Father.

We let life beat the wonder out of us as we plod through the mud. But because our Father is a Spirit, we hunger for the supernatural.

In the new Jerusalem and in everything the new Jerusalem influences, the spirit of wonder and enchantment is the natural atmosphere and environment.

There is no other joy as great as that of true love. But lust often masquerades as true love and leads us into joyless animal behavior.

There are Christians who maintain that God does not speak to us today. However, God’s sheep must learn to hear His voice if they are to survive and help others throughout the coming catastrophes in America.

“Lord Jesus, help me not to grasp that which I desire, but to take each moment as it comes, looking to you continually for your present will.”

If God were not the faithful, loving God that He is, it would be best we never had been born.

When the ministers of today preach and teach easy “believism,” I wonder if they have read about Paul counting everything as garbage that he might attain what he had been called to.

The people who do what is right even when it is not pleasant (and life on earth is not pleasant most of the time), are the ones who inherit righteousness, love, joy, and peace. The undisciplined inherit a dry land.

People like to talk about mansions, harps, golden slippers, and backyards filled with diamonds. But God created a garden. What does that tell us?

If our peace depends on a person other than Christ, we are in bondage. Nothing can offend those who love God’s Law.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Word of God. He is making us the Word of God. But the adamic nature is not the Word of God and must be slain.

God Himself is my mind and my sanity.

The longer I live the clearer it becomes to me that the world spirit is one great lie, and whoever loves it and is comfortable with it is not the friend of God.

When preachers say we are saved by grace and do not have to live righteously, I do not know whether they are trying to please people, or themselves, or to make room for some sin.

Scriptural truth is not arrived at deductively. It is gained inductively from a lifetime of prayerfully meditating in the Scriptures.

True faith in Christ is not a religion. It is a conscious fellowship with a living Person.

Self-determination, and democracy, meaning an emphasis on the will of people, are seen to be the opposite of the Kingdom of God.

Do not grasp any person or thing. Grasping is idolatry. Rather, work with the Spirit of God as He brings you into the fullness of righteousness, love, joy, and peace.

The man is a fool who provides life insurance for himself and his family but does not prepare himself to meet Christ at his death.

True Bible faith is revealed in our behavior rather than in our theology.

It may be true that Satan increasingly is being able to hinder the prayers of the saints. Those of us who listen to Jesus continually to guide our decisions are noticing it is more difficult to get to the truth.

I have resolved that God will remove totally all of my self-determination so I can live for eternity in the flowing of His Spirit. Having no care. Complete rest in His will and love. Waters to swim in.

In order to receive the fullness of what God is, you have to give God the fullness of what you are. If you hold back a portion of what you are, God will hold back the fullness of what He is.

What is righteousness if it is not obedience to God at any given moment and in any given situation?

Do we understand clearly that there are no “mansions” in Heaven, but that our present world is a pale replica of the true, eternal world? Examine John 14:2 in any contemporary translation.

I think we will read our Bible when we are in Heaven, because the Bible tells us about God’s Character and His promises. “The Word of the Lord stands forever.”

The most important issue today facing Christian people is the choice between directing our own life, or looking to Christ to direct all of our decisions.

We do not really care about Christ or what He wants. We just want to go to Disneyland in the sky. We do not love Christ or want to be with Him. We love ourselves. We just want to have fun in Heaven.

Salvation is not a change of location but a change in us.

The most marvelous Heaven would be ruined by the presence of one self-seeking individual. Personality transformation must come before Paradise.

The power of the seven thunders will be revealed only as someone is willing to give over to God the deepest part of his or her personality.

“The channels of water were exposed” and “the foundations of the world laid bare” mean that when we call on the Lord in our distress, he exposes the source and the character of our actions. (Psalm 18)

When we are endeavoring to enter “waters to swim in,” there are occasions when we just have to trust the Lord as we encounter new and surprising experiences.

Enoch walked with God for 300 years and then was translated. Numerous Christians in America are waiting to be translated but they are not walking with God. God is not in all their thoughts.

Antichrist is the spirit of the world, of man making himself God. The False Prophet consists of Christians who want the power of Christ but who are self-seeking.

I believe the “two witnesses” refer to Christ in and with His victorious saints. They will direct the power of the seven thunders, but only after the saints have been judged and delivered from all sin and self-direction.

The eighteenth Psalm tells us that God will treat us as we treat Him. I gather from this that if we give God all of ourselves, He will give us all of Himself. Think what that would mean to you and me!

One of the primary tasks of learning to live in “waters to swim in” is to refrain from grasping anything. The effort must be made continually to look only to Jesus for the responsibilities of the moment.

Ask Jesus to prevent any relationship, circumstance or thing from destroying your peace. The Word that never can be altered says, “God will keep in perfect peace everyone whose mind is stayed on Him.”

We are not to fret over the increasing wickedness in America and the distressing political situation. But we certainly can pray as these abominations are reported in the newspaper. God answers prayer!

If you repeatedly are experiencing a sin of thought, word, or action, ask God to show you the door in your personality through which Satan is entering.

God wants every one of His saints to live truth; to speak truth; and to be truth.

There is no genuine saving faith in Jesus Christ other than that of keeping His commandments and those of His Apostles.

Salvation is not found in correct theology but in keeping the commandments of Christ and His Apostles.

The idea that we are saved by believing correct theology about Jesus Christ rather than by keeping the commandments of Christ is a most ingenious lie. It was manufactured in the mind of Satan.

If we do not show our faith in Jesus Christ by keeping His commandments and those of His Apostles we do not have genuine faith in Christ.

Behold how pernicious is the lie found in modern Christian teaching that salvation consists of correct theology rather than a new person of righteous behavior, resulting from fellowship with Christ.

The promised reuniting of the spirit and physical worlds has commenced. Our task is to maintain an awareness of the Lord Jesus in all we think, say, and do.

The curse on the woman is that her desire will be toward her husband rather than toward Christ. The result is misery for both, because he cannot meet her needs as Christ can.

The righteousness, life, love, joy, peace, and strength of the spirit world will one day be clothed with the forms of the physical world. The two worlds will be reunited when Christ and His saints appear.

The physical and spirit worlds again shall become one, as they were in the beginning, when Christ returns with His saints. Out from them shall flow the Spirit of God until the Glory of God fills the whole earth.

Make every effort to cultivate the Presence of Jesus in all you think, say, and do. As much as possible, live in both the physical and the spirit worlds. This dual citizenship will prove to be important soon.

When you become suspicious of something in your Christian life, bring it before the Lord. Ask God to put His Fire on it. Keep asking for the Fire of truth. We are living in days of deception.

It is a wonderful feeling when we are seriously ill, and possibly may die, to know we faithfully have done God’s will. What a comfort it is! What peace, joy, and assurance such knowledge brings to us!

The planets and stars reveal the wisdom and power of Almighty God. They tell us that our Father in Heaven can take care of every problem we have. With God, all things are possible.

Righteousness does not proceed from believing the truth about Jesus Christ. The demons believe and tremble. Righteousness comes only as we follow Christ and do His will at all times.

Sometimes a lot of prayer and obedience are required before we become completely free from all forms of deception.

Let us now turn away from the fig leaves of our grand church pretensions. God’s way is that of the manger.

“I put up one and pull down another. I do as I please with the governments of the earth.”

Promotion comes neither from the east nor from the west but from the Lord. Victory does not come from him who wills or him who runs but from the Lord.

God will receive gladly any person who come to Him for help. If Christ is available to him, the needy person must come to God through Christ.

God is not at all impressed with any religion, including Christianity.

Heaven is the place where the Kingdom of God is being prepared. When the Kingdom descends with Jesus and His saints, God’s will shall be done on the earth.

We may be highly placed in a denomination. But if our presence and actions do not bring the Presence of God, we are not in the Kingdom but in dead religion.

Our duty is to deny ourselves, remain patiently in our personal prison, and obey Christ at all times. Christ’s part is to give us God’s Life, which contains everything we ever will need or desire.

I heard a televangelist state that the expression “God is our righteousness” means God is ready to give us whatever we want. Such blindness when destruction and chaos are facing our country!

I am harder on myself than Jesus is. It pays to listen and just do what He tells us to do.

Whoever wants fellowship with God must accept suffering and weakness.

I choose to glorify God by obeying Him in the present and not worrying about the future.

God does not answer prayer on our terms. He does whatever He chooses to do.

It is not God’s intention to be a burden on our self-directed life. Neither are we to become a burden on God’s plans. Let go and let God have His wonderful way.

Do not claim you have your answer unless Jesus says to do this. This is not faith. God does not enjoy these religious games.

Does the Bible say God helps those who help themselves? I think not! Rather, the Bible teaches continual, complete dependence on Christ for every detail of our life.

The world does not seem to know the difference between glandular release and love. Such ignorance makes any productive approach to life impossible.

During my convalescence, God is taking care of our church. He has set me aside to teach me. In Christ, I will return and finish my work.

When a minister of the Gospel tells you, you will have a better life if you receive Christ, ask him what he means by a “better life.” Does he include martyrdom?

If we are bound with a certain sin we need only confess it to God and ask Him in Jesus’ name to forgive us and give us the power to stop practicing it.

If we, with Jesus’ help, confess and turn away from a sin, we will not hear about it at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Christ did not come to make us happy but to make us righteous, holy, and obedient to God.

Galatians 2:20 is so incomparably important! It tells us how we are to live apart from the Law of Moses.

There are those today who are placing an unscriptural emphasis on the Holy Spirit, assigning to Him the role that is to be played by the Lord Jesus Christ.

“For those whom God foreknew….” This expression, found in the Book of Romans, admits to the most profound consideration!

When you have to beg for money to keep your ministry going you are not serving Christ, only dead religion.

If we are living in obedience to Christ, we are putting God to shame when we worry about the future.

God loves the people He has created. Religion divides people into groups, which often compete with one another.

Every person born into the world is not a child of God. In order to become a child of God we have to receive Jesus Christ as God’s Son and our King and Savior.

To many people, their religion is more important to them than are God and mankind. They may harm or kill people who are not part of their persuasion.

God was available to Adam and Eve in the Garden. There is no indication that they sought His counsel. Do we of today endeavor to know Christ? Do we seek Christ’s counsel when we make decisions?

God does not give us abilities so we can help the world, the churches, or ourselves. He gives us wisdom and power so in His time and way we can bear witness of Him and His will.

We are to take all of our God-given abilities and pour them out on Christ. Are we wasting our treasures when we do this rather than attempting to save the world? I don’t think so!

We need to pray for a strong purpose in life. If we do not have a strong purpose we will remain vulnerable to alcohol, drug, and food addictions.

We Christians enjoy tattling on one another. What does God think of this?

There are good people in the world who are loyal, hardworking, and who make up for the irresponsible behavior of others. Some Christians are in this group.

The witchcraft movies and cartoons invite young people to gain power through supernatural sources. The world would be better served if the emphasis was on righteous behavior rather than power.

Adam and Eve should have waited for God to clothe them. Today we should let God clothe us when and how He will.

Religion actually is fig leaves with which we clothe ourselves when we discover we are spiritually naked.

Sometimes, as did Eve with Adam, people help us on their own terms. Do we attempt to do this with Christ?

The task before us is not to save the world. The task set before us is to enter the rest of God, the state in which we do God’s will joyously at all times.

In order to use our God-given abilities effectively and in a timely fashion, we must present our body as a living sacrifice to God.

God does not exist in order to meet our needs. It is true, rather, that we exist in order to meet God’s needs.

God is not obligated to make us happy. We are obligated, as He assists us, to make God happy by obeying Him cheerfully at all times.

If the Spirit calls a man with little integrity into the ministry, he becomes a minister with little integrity. There are many of these. God uses whom He will.

God does not dwell in any angel. Rather He rides on them and works His will through them. They carry His name.

When everything seems to be going in the wrong direction, pray, and keep on praying, until you have peace. Maybe it is the enemy. Maybe it is God.

If you love Christ you will keep His commands. If you do not keep His commands, you do not love Christ. How can you say you are in the Kingdom of God if you do not love Jesus Christ?

I do know that no one can do anything apart from Christ. God is in control of the world and of all the people thereof.

I will not be in bondage to any person, thing, or circumstance. I choose to be free to serve the Lord.

We begin by asking Christ to help us obey Him in every circumstance. We grow into the place where we are living by His Life and obeying Him by nature.

Why are pastors so possessive of people? Are they running a business such that they need the money? There is only one fold, and one shepherd—the Lord Jesus. People should be going where they are growing.

The pedophile does not love children. He loves the way they make him feel. I think this is true of most “love” in the United States. It is self-centered.

A great nation was built as God-fearing men and women labored to wrest a living from the wilderness. Now that great nation is disintegrating before our eyes, as grossly self-centered people murder their offspring.

“Did we not cast out devils in your name and do many wonderful works?” “I never knew you because you served me on your own terms.” Did you ever have anyone serve you on his or her own terms?

Our current (President (2009) is eloquent. But he will lead himself and our country to destruction because he is not giving glory to God.

One day on the Island of Oahu, a seeker said, “I want to serve God and know Him.” I did not realize at that time that 64 years later the Lord Jesus Christ would be my sun, moon, and stars.

“Lord Jesus, help me to let go of the future and to live by every Word that comes from the mouth of God, without any apprehension whatever.”

Religion attempts to do what God has commanded, but does not look to God to direct and enable the doing of it.

There is no tomorrow. God’s wisdom and power are operating on our behalf right now.

The need today may not be for more preaching. It is for a Divinely created witness of God’s Person, will, way, and eternal purpose in Jesus Christ.

God will bear witness of Himself during the hour of greatest moral darkness, using whomever He will, however He will. The witness will not be given by enthusiastic believers.

I call no man a fool. The man calls himself a fool when he claims there is no intelligent creator who brought forth the physical world. Such ruinous blindness!

God has given me a tremendous desire to serve and love Him. Then He blesses me because I have a tremendous desire to serve and love Him. Is that not incredibly wonderful!

It is God’s intention to fill His elect with Divine Glory in the time of the greatest moral darkness. This Glory will bear witness of God’s Person and will in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The highest of all callings is to be one in Christ in the Father. When this is true of us, one new Divine personage has been created.

Through the Lord Jesus Christ, God has made it possible for every person to attain to the righteousness that is required if he or she is to have a happy death.

For the righteous person, physical death will be glorious, like awakening from a nightmare. But for a wicked person, death will be horrible, like entering a nightmare.

The individual who does not spend his or her life preparing for life in the next world after his death, is a fool; because the purpose of life in the present world is to prepare us for life in the next world.

Galatians 2:20 is the supreme goal of the human being. The resurrection Life of the Lord Jesus Christ comes to us only through our crucifixion with Christ.

We must be crucified with Christ before we can live in Christ. This process takes place throughout our discipleship.

Instead of complaining, why don’t you tell God what it is you want? We have not because we do not ask!

Religion is man attempting to please God without knowing exactly what God wants at the moment.

We must pass through the Valley of Weeping before we can become springs of refreshing.

The posturing and symbolism of the various Christian sects are irrelevant. All that matters is our personal relationship with the living Lord Jesus Christ.

God is “righteous” means that God keeps His word faithfully; He never acts out of meanness or spite; He is ready to forgive; He is truthful; He is patient and kind. We are to be created in His image.

Freedom of speech is not a Bible value. When freedom of speech is worshiped it reveals itself to be a monster of depraved character and actions. The Bible teaches controlled speech.

There is no problem with separating religion from the state. But separating God from the state, reduces the state to a cesspool of moral filth and consequent weakness and destruction.

There are three situations in which an individual comes wholly before God: in a time of severe physical distress; in Hell; and when he presses fully into the rest of God.

Most Americans, it appears, have three gods: money, sexual lust, and self-determination. This is why God is leaving our country to its own devices.

If people were not trying to live their lives without God, there would be no one who believed in evolution.

When God tugs at your heart you want to listen and obey Him. You don’t want to enter the spirit world having disobeyed the Lord.

When God tells us to do something, and we do not do it, we are lacking good sense.

People who commit suicide are not thinking what they are forcing their loved ones to experience.

This present world is a miserable struggle through briars, traps, and potholes. These experiences are merely allegories. It is the afterlife that gives the struggle significance and eternal purpose.

Why are you mourning over the past? It never was, you know. Look! The golden waves of tomorrow are rolling toward you bringing eternal righteousness, love, joy, and peace.

You don’t have to be a great saint to please the Lord. Just be decent, and walk humbly with God.

You do well to imitate the great saints of old. You do even better to find God for yourself.

God did not take a rib from Adam. Rather, God took Adam’s heart, his ability for love and union. On this God built a woman.

There is a difference between God-given faith and our determination to make something happen. The latter is a grasping of what we want. We can find peace only by consenting to God’s will.

Telling others about Jesus is not the testimony. The testimony is the good works that result when we walk closely with Jesus that are the testimony.

The best way to honor Christ’s birth is to let Him be born in us.

We Americans can survive in the coming year if we live close to Jesus.

True faith always results in diligent obedience to God’s revealed will. To live by faith is to obey God.

God respects righteous behavior more than He does religious activities. Jesus told the religious leaders they were of their father, the devil.

If for us to live is Christ, then death is a glorious release from prison.

If we finally are to come to the morning of our experience with Christ, we must endure throughout the evening.

Old people become quarrelsome and argumentative. This is not sinful. These characteristics will not be present when you see them again on the other side.

When we pastors do not know the true God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent, we may be feeding the Lord’s sheep the thorns and thistles of our dead theology.

The difference between religion and Jesus, is that Jesus is alive.

The great mistake churches make is that of trying to convert people. Christ did not ask us to convert people but to be a witness.

How can we be a witness of Jesus Christ when we have neither seen Him nor known Him?

The Lord Jesus will assist anyone who calls on Him, regardless of the religion of him or her, even if the individual is an atheist.

Pray without ceasing. Take nothing for granted this coming year.

The best gift you can give the Lord Jesus at Christmas time is to invite Him to govern your life.

You and your loved ones can survive throughout 2010, but you are going to have to walk close to the Lord Jesus.

If you want to survive in 2010, make the Lord Jesus your best friend.

We do not blame people who are physically blind and we must not blame people who are spiritually blind. Physical and spiritual sight are gifts from God.

“Dear Lord, please micromanage my thoughts, words, and actions today, I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

The righteousness ascribed to us is made possible by Christ’s resurrection. We would not be justified if Christ were not raised.

God cares for sparrows and other animals more than we understand.

A woman is saved by childbirth because the new life she has brought forth moves her focus on herself to focus on the child, if she has an honest and good heart.

The various religious architectures, modes of dress, symbolic rituals, liturgies, have no place in Heaven. Man created religion. God created a garden.

Is it wise these days to pray before going on an airplane? God will guide us in every detail of our life if we keep looking to Him in prayer.

In the next world, you will be placed with people like yourself. God does not enjoy mixtures.

Who is the Darkness that is Light? When we beat the birds off our sacrifice we find out.

A fool does not profit from his experiences or the experiences of others.

A fool wastes time and money and sees no problem with this.

If you become entangled with a fool you are not wise.

A fool is someone who brings harm to himself and others when it is not necessary. This is why a person who proclaims aloud that there is no God is a fool.

People who love money cannot have love among themselves because of greed and jealousy.

How many decisions in our day are made on the basis of money rather than on the basis of what is right?

It may be easier to make a convert than to bear witness of God’s Person, will, way, and eternal purpose in Jesus Christ. It is the latter that is God’s will for us.

The purpose of all living is to obey God and to have someone to love.

When you are living with Jesus, always pursue your highest goal. With God, all things are possible. If Jesus is not pleased with your goal He will present you with something better.

The boys and girls wanted to hug Jesus. The disciples said, “You can’t do that! First, you have to ‘accept Christ.’ Then you have to be taught about our church and our religion.”

Faith would not be created in us if we actually could see God. Rather, faith is created in us as we live with God and He demonstrates continually His faithfulness.

A prayer: “God, remove from me fear, worry, and anguish of heart, and give me peace and happy prospects. In Jesus name, Amen.”

If you kill someone for no reason other than they are not of your religion or lifestyle, you are a murderer in the sight of God.

Christ is to be obeyed sternly, diligently, and immediately. It is better to lose every treasure we cherish than to disobey Christ.

If husband and wife obey Christ, than all is well. If either one or both disobeys Christ, the result is chaos and destruction.

God’s training may hurt for a while, but its purpose is to create righteousness, love, joy, and peace. These four are the most desirable of all states of being.

Sexual activity may accompany love, but it itself is not love. Genuine love is sacrificial.

In spite of the fatuous and indulgent attitudes of parents and teachers, high-school proms are mating dances.

A pastor does not learn to pastor by going to school or studying books. He learns to pastor by living with Jesus.

Deborah was eight years old. She lived near the entrance to Samaria and was playing by herself near her house. She was barefoot, and wearing a dark brown tunic.

She looked up and saw travelers approaching the city. In the front was a tall man in a white robe, carrying a walking stick.

It was early in the morning and none of the elders were in the street. Deborah was an adventurous child and ran toward the travelers.

When she was near to the tall man in the white robe, she glanced up at his face. He looked down at Deborah with such a loving, kindly look, she ran up to him and hugged him.

The man nearest to the tall man said, “Here, here child you can’t just run up to the Master and hug him. First you have to ‘accept Christ’ and be born again. Then you have to come to our church and learn about our religion.”

Deborah took a step back, and looked up at the Master. She saw the heavenly look that created the earth and the stars. There was sadness there too.

Deborah said, “Don’t be sad.”

The Man said, “Deborah, the men who are with me are good men. They know many things about Me. But they won’t know Me like you do until they become children again.”

Deborah said, “I love you and I know you love children. I am going to hug you again.”

And so she did.

Then she thought, “How did He know my name? Oh, I remember. When I was a real little girl, the tall Man came to me in a dream and said, ‘I love you, Deborah.’ Then He disappeared.”

The new covenant is not of the letter but of the Spirit. We always must look to the Lord Jesus for wisdom and strength in order to make each decision.

When we look to Christ for the wisdom and strength to make every decision we face, we thus fulfill the Law of Moses.

The Law of Moses brings us to Christ by guiding our decisions until we are able to hear from the Lord directly.

At times the Apostle Paul seems to be teaching that Divine grace is an alternative to godly behavior. If this were true, the whole set of Paul’s writings would be radically inconsistent.

Carelessness and laziness have no place in the Kingdom of God.

No man can serve God and money. The love of money is the root of all evil. The love of God is the root of all righteousness.

To choose to serve God is to live. To choose to serve money is to die.

The purpose of my writings is to guide and strengthen those who already have a desire to serve God. “To him who has shall more be given.”

Everything always is, always was, and always will be in the mind of God. He shows what He will to those whom He chooses. He could have shown John what will take place after the holy city descends.

We have settled on a casual Christian life that makes no demands on us. We welcome the atonement and ignore the lordship. We prefer to travel on our own path adorned with our religious cosmetics and ornaments.

We do not become a member of the true Church by joining a Christian church. We become a member of the true Church by being created from the body and blood of Christ.

I know there is a God because of what I have seen in nature. I know there is a devil because of what I have seen in people.

Children will have many kinds of pets to play with in the eternal ages to come, such as wolves, lambs, leopards, goats, calves, lions, and yearlings. They will lead these animals wherever they choose.

A pleasant, peaceful life without challenges will not create a battle-hardened saint who is able to govern nations in righteousness.

The enemy attacks continually the brothers of Christ, who are destined to govern with the iron rod of righteous behavior.

If you enjoy what you are doing, why waste time by stopping to amass money?

Better to trust God rather than money for your survival and security.

Only God can bring you eternal righteousness, joy, and peace. Money cannot do this.

The practice of “pleading the blood” is not found in the Scriptures. It is by walking in the light that the blood of God’s Lamb cleanses us from all sin.

Whatever God does becomes holy and righteous by virtue of the fact that God did it.

If we are to make a success of our life, and attain to our destiny, we must honor God in all our ways and always do what pleases Him.

The entire Bible is about righteous behavior. In the old covenant, we are to obey the Law. In the new covenant, we are to obey the Spirit of God in every aspect of our behavior.

The purpose of imputed righteousness is to get us started on the path of actual righteousness.

God imputes righteousness to the believer under the old covenant when he obeys the Law. God imputes righteousness to the believer under the new covenant when he obeys the Spirit of God.

It is not true that there were no righteous people under the old covenant. The Old Testament speaks of those who were righteous before the birth of Jesus Christ.

God is extremely literal, practical, and detailed. In addition, He is the source of all true romantic thoughts and behavior. All such thoughts and behavior outside of Christ are unclean.

There is such a thing as true love for a person that is not the same as a desire for their flesh.

Christ will make us righteous in character and behavior, and obedient to God, if we ask Him to.

The great error of our time is to separate righteous behavior from belief in Jesus Christ.

God hides Himself so that He can see who really wants a righteous, holy God to exist, and who prefers a world in which people behave as animals.

Evil people often have their own standards of right and wrong. God also has His own standards of right and wrong. Evil people will be judged by God’s standards when they die.

If you are obeying Christ, keep your optimism high no matter what happens. There is nothing too good for someone who is obeying Jesus.

God lets us be afflicted with many things so we will keep on drawing closer to Him.

If we will keep praying about the things that bother us, the time will arrive when our joy is full.

After we die and are in the spirit world for awhile we will begin to recognize that the things of the physical world are expendable. What we grasp so fiercely!

The Lord Jesus loves people. Then there are those who love the Lord Jesus.

If people knew how happy decent people are when they die and are in the spirit world, they would not suffer such agony of nostalgia.

I do not view myself as being especially intelligent. But I do know better than to disobey God.

Job was an example of someone who believed God and did everything right. But he still remained subject to God’s purifying ordeals.

The only path to eternal life leads through the deferral of our desires.

The significant difference is not between the liberals and the conservatives. The true difference is between the sons of the evil one and the sons of the Kingdom.

Because it is empowered by the Lord, the Kingdom of God always will survive and prosper within any kind of governmental structure. It grows stronger when in a hostile environment.

God knows when you are doing the best you can.

When seeking deliverance, it does help to get the name of the spirit.

Sigmund Freud seems to have been unable to distinguish between man’s desire for beauty, and his glandular-based reproductive urge.

Atheists and evolutionists do not appear to have the calmness and assurance that characterize people who are certain of their position. Sometimes hey attempt to stifle dissent.

People who have a lust for power will attempt to destroy everyone and everything that stands in their way.

It may be true that God will have mercy on many followers of Islam and other religions, because they fear God and are trying to please Him even though they do not know Him.

How foolish it is for people to argue God and religion when they haven’t died and cannot be certain of their facts.

Don’t judge too quickly wait until you hear from God.

Most of the way is tough, but bearable. In the world we have tribulations. They are bearable if we keep looking to Jesus.

There are people who come to actually believe the lies they keep on insisting are the truth.

We can safely rest in the galactic power of Jesus Christ to bring us to our foreordained destiny, provided we obey Him at all times.

The death of a child may bring long-term grief to the parents. But they will see him or her again, as the Lord directs.

We should exercise and maintain our health in order that we may accomplish God’s will for us in the earth.

There is a time to drive ourselves. Then there is a time a to rest and reflect.

Parties are for children, where they can have fun. Fellowship is for adults, where they can exhort one another to love and good works.

Reckoning ourselves crucified with Christ does not make it so. Rather reckoning is our orientation to life. It is our obedience each day that makes our reckoning a fact.

Today’s Christian teaching has removed the Law of Moses, but it has not replaced it with instruction in how to obey the Spirit of God. This is why so many Christian people are lawless.

Belief in the facts concerning Jesus Christ does not bring eternal life or salvation. We enter salvation and eternal life when we deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Jesus at all times.

There is no faith, no religion, no temple in the spirit world. There is only the Lord Jesus Christ and strict obedience to all He says to us. Religion is Babylon, and it has no place in Heaven.

I do not understand why people would rather diligently obey the ordinances of a religion than to walk humbly hand in hand with the living God.

My desire is to live by every word that comes from the mouth of God.

Only the new creation, created in Christ, can enter the Kingdom of God. All human personality without Christ is wood, hay, and stubble, no matter how worthy the person may be.

“Men shall be lovers of their own selves, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.” A description of the humanists of our day, written two thousand years ago.

It is one matter to be in the outer likeness of God, which we will be in the distant future. But it is another matter to be in the moral image of God, in personality and behavior.

When religious people die they do not find the articles and practices of their religion. What they do find is Jesus, whom they must obey, and angels and people who will help them adjust to their new life.

Men create institutions. God creates relationships.

God has not given us faith so we can change God’s mind. God has given us faith so we can hear God’s voice clearly and obey Him diligently.

It really is important when we are deceived, or make some kind of mistake, that we confess clearly to the Lord what we have done, take our forgiveness, and press forward.

Faith does not result in the immediate receiving of what we hope for. Rather, faith is the victory over the world, over the lusts of the flesh, and over self-will and rebellion against God.

Faith is the act of persevering in the face of difficulties because of confidence in the word and faithfulness of God.

The scepter of the Kingdom of God is that of righteousness. It is the rule of God in our personality and behavior.

It often is true that if you show love and gentleness to an animal, the animal will be loving and gentle. It is that way with some people, also.

We cannot force the spirit world by our faith. We are to serve and obey God. There are times when God works a miracle because of our prayer.

We never are to attempt to command the physical or spirit world unless God invites us to do this. We never are to be in command of the things of God.

Christ won’t do it alone and we can’t do it alone. It is the sword of the Lord and of Gideon.

Being born again and entering the Kingdom is one matter. Dying and going to Heaven is another matter.

Preachers who water down the Gospel will have all eternity to associate with those who lost part or all of their inheritance because of the preachers’ unscriptural teaching.

It requires faith if we are to be content where God places us. Discontent with one’s assigned position is the original sin.

The best prayers we ever will pray are the ones the Lord Jesus gives us to pray.

The Lord will keep us in all of our ways if we ask Him to. Lasting righteous behavior, love, joy, and peace are found only in the Lord Jesus Christ. If you do not possess these, it is because you haven’t asked Him for them.

When thinking about freedom from sin you have to distinguish between freedom from the guilt of sin, and freedom from the power of sin.

When thinking about righteousness and holiness you have to distinguish between assigned righteousness and holiness, and actual righteousness and holiness of personality and behavior.

Get to know Jesus. You never will have a better friend.

What we picture as Heaven actually is a city in the spirit world that is destined to be set up forever on the earth.

When we ask in absolute sincerity, “Jesus I want You to be Lord of my life,” a very specific, actual transformation takes place in the spirit world.

If we consider the unusual crimes that are increasing in the United States, we may realize that God’s covering is being removed from our country and demons are influencing people.

There is a temporary destruction unto salvation. There is a permanent destruction unto punishment.

There is a multitude of people in the spirit world waiting for the Day of Resurrection, to see what their final report card will be.

No one gets away with anything. God has perfect recall.

It seems that only a minority of Christian people are willing to live by the Life of Christ. They seek rather to preserve their individuality while they ask for His gifts and help.

Christ forgives all of our sin when we come to Him. Then He begins to deal with the spirits in our personality that drive us to sin.

Not to understand the difference between the guilt of sin and the compulsion to sin leaves one unprepared to deal with the sin in his personality.

My desire today is to do every detail of God’s will in thought, word, and action.

We are not a genuine Christian until we are willing to let go of our own life in order that Christ may live in us.

We cannot be saved by a belief system. True salvation is a transformed life.

God uses our mistakes, as well as the things we do right, to bring us to the destiny He has ordained for us.

Our spirit already is in Mount Zion with Christ. We have come to Mount Zion. But we are being made perfect in the fires of the earth.

It seems that only a few believers are hearing what the Spirit is saying today, and these few are sprinkled throughout the world. They will help their brothers to stand in Christ in the coming days.

We can choose to live before God, or we can choose to live before people.

Our President does not glorify God in his speech. Therefore, we are facing a grim future in the United States.

“O Lord, I pray you will make my mind a part of Your mind so I do not fret myself concerning the actions of evil people.”

If you have to hurt someone in order to get what you want, you will suffer for it sooner or later.

A Christian who does not totally deny himself and carry his personal cross behind Jesus, can never be totally one with Christ.

Avoid adopting a persona. Ask Jesus to help you on every occasion to be only yourself.

Eternal life is not a ticket to immortality in Heaven. Rather, eternal life is the Life of God Himself in us wherever we are, transforming and guiding us in all our ways.

The present physical world is an illusion. What we see are the properties of molecules, which are forms of energy. It is the spirit world that is the real, substantial, eternal world.

The most important aspect of our life, except for God, is our relationships with people. It certainly is a happy thought for decent people that life continues after death!

Sometimes Christian organizations measure success by the numbers of people and the amount of money. Perhaps they do not realize the Gospel of the Kingdom is a seed that is planted.

The spirit world will be a happy environment for us if we have done what we know to be right, and have repented and made restitution when we have not done so.

Receiving Jesus gives us an opportunity to make a fresh start. After that, we will behave righteously or wickedly. When we die we will receive the consequences of our behavior.

I am a slave of God. Therefore I experience the only true freedom available to man.

There are bodily practices that bring their own consequences, such as smoking and fornication. But sin is that of not doing what one believes to be God’s will for him or her.

The world is in the mess that it is in, because Christian people are teaching that when you receive Christ you are given a ticket to Heaven that you cannot lose no matter what you do.

It is my desire to walk with God as did Enoch. This means that all through the day I am commenting to the Lord about my environment, my plans for the day, and every other desire and decision.

World civilization as it exists today is based in the pursuit of money. There is no life in money. Therefore spiritual death reigns throughout the world.

It is life that was lost in the beginning—life that is the Presence of God. In its place we have inserted the accumulation of money.

The three most desirable states of being are love, joy, and peace. Since money cannot buy these, the pursuit of and trust in money is a hopeless way of life.

No person can serve both God and money. The pursuit of God is the way of eternal life. The pursuit of money is the way of eternal death.

In the new world of righteousness, money will not be used as the medium for the exchange of goods and services. This present use of money is the reason for the chaos that exists in the present world.

To pursue Christ each day is to pursue love, joy, peace, courage, strength, and every other desirable aspect of life.

God has promised us in His Word the necessities of life. To make the obtaining of money the only goal of our daily efforts, while it may seem necessary, is missing the purpose of life.

To make mistakes, and then to correct them, as God shows us a better path, is the way by which we grow in Christ.

During my life I have garnered the truth that God has given me, so that His people may have the food of eternal life.

God puts His will in the hearts of all living creatures. Man alone of all these creatures tries to be guided by his brain rather than by the Spirit of God.

God alone is good and the source of all good. The wise person therefore places his life in the hands of God.

The wise individual walks with God every moment of every day.

What is the source of our anger? Is it not that circumstances are not proceeding in a manner that will bring us what we want?

We should make a practice of thanking God continually. There are so many blessings each day to be thankful for.

When Christians dwell on actual or fancied slights directed toward them, death grows within them.

The words that Christ speaks to us, they are Spirit and they are eternal Life. They save us from eternal death.

God often hides His counsels. Therefore, even though God has spoken a thing in times past, ask His will again right at the moment of action.

Sometimes it is difficult for a very intelligent person to walk in the Spirit of God. His brain wars against the mind of the Spirit.

If you really are following Jesus. Do not be afraid of last minute changes. They are leading you to the desires of your heart.

If people realized that after they die and enter the spirit world, they are going to be placed with people like themselves, they might lead a different kind of life.

The most horrible experience available to people is to be placed among demons and self-centered, grasping, cruel people when they die. There is no fate worse than this.

Modern Christian teaching places too much emphasis on Christ doing all the work of redemption. It doesn’t leave enough room for the necessary role of the believers in choosing righteous behavior.

If all you have is imputed righteousness, and no Christ-empowered change in your behavior, all you have is half a Gospel.

You could have a music teacher who was accomplished in every kind of music. Would you learn to play by believing in the teacher or by doing what he said?

Sooner or later, every saved person will learn to live by the Spirit and will of God. However, it is difficult to let go of our own striving and to rest in God’s wisdom and will.

When we are living in the Spirit of God we are not under the letter of the Ten Commandments. But we do fulfill by our new born-again nature the intent of the Ten Commandments.

We Christians have the opportunity to think, speak, and act in the Spirit of God. This is the rest of God and we are not to come short of it!

Our goal, according to the third chapter of the Book of Ephesians, is to be filled with all the Fullness of God.

In the new world of righteousness, everyone will have a portion of Christ in him, some more than others. How much we have of Christ depends on how faithfully we obey Christ.

A righteous person will never be tolerant of the practice of abortion, when it is done primarily for convenience.

The wise person waits for God’s time. The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing.

What is sin, if it is not an unlawful shortcut to what we desire?

The New Testament does not speak of a “dispensation of grace,” except when referring to Divine ability given to Paul to preach the Gospel. There is a new covenant, having to do with moral transformation.

People cling to their life, even though they are passing through fiery trials. This is not wise, as will become clear when they die. They never would want to return!

Paul spoke of the dispensation of grace given to him. This means Paul was entrusted with the Gospel; not that there is a new dispensation in which people do not have to serve Christ in order to be saved.

The reason God does not just forgive our sins and cause us to live righteously is that it is of extreme importance that we learn to continually choose righteous behavior. God is preparing rulers.

I have turned away from the past. I have my eyes fixed on life in the new world of righteousness.

God carries me through difficult situations on eagles’ wings. Does He do that for you? Why don’t you ask Him to?

I have been young and now am old. I have lived to see that God is terribly faithful in doing all He has promised.

There is a time in the Lord to work hard. And then there is a time to rest, to listen, to reflect.

The Lord is not pleased when we drive ourselves in the time we are supposed to be resting; or rest when we are supposed to be working diligently.

This day is in the hands of God. Enjoy the ride!

I have noticed that people who do not speak in tongues regard the New Testament as a covenant of the letter, more so than believers who enjoy the Pentecostal experience of speaking in tongues.

Much blood is going to be shed in our country in the future. We are going to have to be filled with all the fullness of God if we are to stand in Christ and help others to survive.

The older I get the weaker I get physically, and the more I have to depend on the Lord’s wisdom and strength each day.

God Himself is becoming my strength, my wisdom, my joy, my salvation.

It is becoming increasingly necessary for me to depend on Christ for everything.

There are difficult situations facing me at this time. Christ has assured me that He will take care of every detail and I am to rest in His wisdom and strength.

It is my deepest desire today to live by every Word of God. The most rewarding experience any individual can have is to live by every Word of God.

The Mosaic covenant is a covenant of the letter. The new covenant is a covenant of the Spirit. This means that we follow the leading of the Spirit of God as He enables us to keep God’s eternal moral law.

This is the day for all of us to draw closer to the Lord Jesus and to learn to live by His Life.

There are multitudes of good people on the earth. If they will obey Christ, He will bring them to the new world of righteousness. Not all of them are of God’s elect, however.

It requires a great deal of work on the Lord’s part if we are to be made faithful and true like our Lord, given that our fallen nature is a liar and very treacherous.

Faith in God gives us courage. Cowardice is a symptom of unbelief.

Our nation is losing strength today because of cowardice.

The person who is seeking to hold or to gain something God has not given him lives in fear. “The righteous are as bold as a lion.”

The wicked reason and behave perversely. The righteous are transparent and logical.

The righteous are a thorn in the side of the wicked. The ways of the wicked are an abomination to the righteous.

If the wicked had their way there would be no righteous people. If the righteous had their way there would be no wicked people. Each is annoyed by and hates the other.

The most destructive of all human attitude and behaviors is that of self-seeking. It appears that the political leaders of today are self-seeking.

What motive drives a person or a group of people to want to control another person or another group of people? It is not rational. It must be Satan who is seeking to control people.

If an individual possessed all the money in the world he still would want more. The desire to have more money than one actually needs drives people to murder, robbery, and every other destructive practice.

A culture in which money is not used as a medium of exchange but in which goods and services are offered freely, is a blessed society in which to live. Such a world is coming, governed by the Lord Jesus.

Envy and the desire to possess something that belongs to another person is the very heart of Satan.

When we guarantee the rights of one individual we may be removing the rights of another individual.

The idea that every person has a right to be happy all the time is one of the more destructive concepts of today’s thinking.

There is too much emphasis today on the rights of people and not enough emphasis on the rights of God.

To say there is no God, no spirit world, is to deny what is evident. To do so makes one appear to be a fool.

The wicked envision their own heaven and their own hell. These they have envisioned are forced to give way before the true eternal Heaven and the true eternal Hell.

The wicked view the truth with contempt, and sometimes fear. When the righteous find the truth they rejoice exceedingly at the confirmation of their fondest hopes.

It is not a sin to be lacking in maturity if one is living in obedience to Christ.

Ask the Lord to remove painful memories, after you have done all you can to rectify your mistakes. Why should you torment yourself needlessly?

We must not be critical of another person. Whatever good or bad is in any individual, only God can change. We can, however, pray that God will make the desired change in ourselves and in others.

We are to give thanks to God always and let Him know our desires. We pray for clear, specific answers, in Jesus’ name; we do not just wish for them.

The nation of Israel needs a prophet who hears from God more than it does a statesman who hears from the United Nations.

We humans have an animal body and a spirit that reaches out to God. Animals also have a body, but they do not have a spirit that reaches out to God.

Our spirit that worships God did not evolve from an animal.

Perhaps the most terrifying aspect of the future, in this world and the next, is that unless we follow Christ to a position of rulership, we will be governed by people or spirits whom we fear and detest.

One of the rewards for obeying Christ is the removal of painful memories. One of the punishments is the perseverance of painful memories; and who knows how long they will persevere!

Evil always will be present in the universe, but it will be contained in the Lake of Fire.

Since we are helpless in the face of Divine power, it indeed is fortunate for us that God is who He is and is not like Satan. What would our future be like if God were not faithful?

The good things God gives us are not to be grasped but to be enjoyed.

One of our hardest battles may be to believe that God will provide our material needs. The fear that our needs will not be met is tormenting and drives us.

Marriage is a serious business and is to be taken seriously. But it is not the end. Only the future is able to announce the end.

If God has done a wonderful thing for you, be careful to whom you tell it. Church people sometimes have a problem with jealousy if they do not pray often. Remember Joseph and his coat!

God is not building up the members of the Body of Christ so they can go to Heaven but so they can return with Christ and bring justice to the peoples of the earth.

Each one of us is raw material. From us the Lord Jesus is fashioning a person with whom He can have fellowship.

Divine judgment is a very detailed and personal program. God will take all the time necessary for us to be examined thoroughly, whether or not we claim to believe in Jesus Christ.

The teaching that states Christ does everything and all we do is make a theological profession is refuted by the Scriptures and has destroyed the power and moral strength of the Christian testimony.

We are wise when we forget the pit from which we were dug and reach forward toward the new world of righteousness that is on the horizon.

“Lord Jesus, closely examine my heart. Remove all evil that is within me, and lead me in the everlasting way.”

We must, right now, turn from our path of rebellion and stubbornness and begin to obey Christ diligently in every aspect of our life.

We may reason and argue endlessly about the Divine plan of salvation, but it is our behavior that is eternally important.

As clear, cold water soothes the parched throat, so Divine truth brings righteousness, love, peace, and joy to him who receives it and acts on it.

Obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ brings clarity to our mind and health to our body.

Ask what you will, in Jesus’ name. The Divine blessing brings joy and He adds no sorrow with it.

If we are wise, we always will permeate our prayers with, “Not my will but Yours be done.”

If we are not changing into a new moral creation we are not being saved.

There is power in the Lord Jesus Christ to change our behavior, if we will but ask for the change.

It is one matter to be released from the guilt of our sins. It indeed is quite another matter to be released from the sin that controls us.

The moral change taking place in us today may well determine our state throughout eternity.

God is making little gods. The first stage of the process is the adamic creature. If this stage is concluded successfully, the next stage is endless life as the offspring of God.

When we are old and through with the antics of our flesh, and our personal ambition, and have developed a “face” of some sort, we are so tired of being tired we are ready to go home and get a new body.

When an unusual anointing is bestowed, marvelous acts are performed. When the anointing is lifted, character is revealed.

I keep being amazed at God’s wisdom, the way He arranges things and circumstances in order to get the results He desires.

Most of the time we don’t see the top side of the tapestry. We just see the threads hanging down from the bottom.

A major issue of the Kingdom of God is who governs whom. Be sure you live in victory, or you may be governed by someone you detest. Make sure that no one takes your crown of rulership.

When we suffer enough our foolishness finally leaves and we are face to face with God. Our speech then becomes simple and direct.

It may not be like this much longer, so make certain you are obeying Christ and acting with integrity at all times.

We have to ask for the power of Christ if we are to keep our mind on things that are pure, lovely, constructive, fruitful, joyous. Satan is seeking to force our mind to dwell on his actions in the earth.

The Kingdom of God is an issue of power and rulership, not of theological accuracy.

If we do not keep on pressing into Christ we soon will find we are not able to control our mind.

Absolute, continual, consistent obedience to the living Christ will save us throughout the day of moral horrors that is approaching.

No other power is as great as that of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Every once in a while we have to “go for broke” if we are to accomplish our goals. We face the risks, look to God for wisdom, then do boldly what must be done.

When we act out of fear we usually end up making a mess of things.

Keep at it! Keep at it! Keep at it in Jesus’ name! You will get there if you don’t quit!

To even think about the perverse ways of the wicked is depressing and unprofitable. Therefore we need to keep our minds on the Lord Jesus.

If the doctrine of “salvation through faith alone” were apostolic and valid, the Apostles would not have written as they did about all the things we must do to be saved.

Things come and things go. People are eternal. The wise individual invests in people.

The new covenant has nothing to do with going to Heaven. The new covenant writes the eternal moral law on the heart and mind of the individual so he or she perceives God’s will and does it.

In the last days, all that is not wrought in Christ will be cast down from the Throne. The only means of survival is to pray without ceasing that we may remain in the center of God’s Person and will.

The Law of Moses slays us so we will come to Christ and find, through the forming of Christ in us and the wisdom and strength of the Spirit of God, the ability to live righteously.

We are forgiven all of our sins through the blood atonement made on the cross. Even of greater importance, in God’s sight, is our change through the growth of Christ in us so we behave righteously.

We are blessed when our sins are forgiven. God is blessed when we through His power begin to behave in a righteous, holy manner.

The important aspect of the Christian salvation is not so much our being forgiven but our transformation into righteous, holy personality and behavior.

“Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.” (Galatians 5:25—NIV)

Do not assume, take for granted, anything. Always pray and keep on looking to Jesus for wisdom and strength; that is, if you wish to survive in the coming age of moral horrors.

If all you do is eat, work, sleep, play, and reproduce, you might as well be a horse!

Pray that God will draw you to Christ. Only then will you have righteousness, love, joy, and peace.

The Bible teaches us that to cheerfully obey God is better than all religious services and efforts.

To have the power of God in our life we must do God’s will at all times rather than our own will.

The testimony of the Kingdom of God is present when there is pure moral behavior combined with works of power.

It is better to have treasures in Heaven than to have treasures on the earth.

There is no need to fear death unless we refuse to obey God’s King, the Lord Jesus Christ.

As a child of God, you have the right to refuse any spirit entrance into your personality. Just do not give your consent!

Rebellion, stubbornness, and arrogance are as divination and idolatry, because we are worshiping a god, or ourselves, instead of the Lord.

There are sins of the flesh, such as sexual lust. There is filthiness of the spirit, such as pride, rebellion, and stubbornness. The baptism with fire is intended to remove these unclean spirits.

Ordinarily it is best not to point out to someone that they are mistaken. Wait until a more appropriate time. People do not enjoy being corrected and often do not profit from it.

The Lord will give us eyes of fire like those of Jesus, if we ask Him. Then we can see people and situations as they truly are.

Our Father is holy. If we are to have fellowship with our Father we must come out from the uncleannesses of the world and not touch that which is spiritually filthy.

Just because you were knocked down, don’t lay there. Get up. Confess your sins, and fight on. Christ will help you.

Then; now; later. The Lord Jesus is timeless. All that matters is His Presence.

Our speech is somewhat artificial, until we come face to face with God. He demands truth in the inward parts.

Truth and time are related. A matter may have come before, or is present now, now, or will be later. Only the Lord Jesus is eternally constant. “I am.”

The Lord Jesus is never concerned about money. He always has all He needs. So do His saints who trust in Him. After all, it is our Father’s world.

When you want to do something and refrain from doing it; or you do something you do not want to do; both of these actions to please the Lord, He feeds you with His body and blood. This is the inner resurrection.

In the spirit world it is what kind of person we are that is important. Our theological beliefs or denominational affiliations mean nothing. However, we must obey the Lord Jesus Christ.

What spirit is it that drives men and women to want to rule over other people? Is it Satan, who desires to usurp the place of God?

Whether under a democracy or a dictatorship, politicians practice every evil behavior in order to maintain their control over other men. This is of Satan.

People essentially are the same today as when they first were created. They differ only in details.

It appears the United States is heading toward various kinds of chaos. Please keep in mind that the Lord Jesus can protect the individual no matter how chaotic the environment becomes.

You would think the various catastrophes coming upon the United States would cause people to realize that God is displeased with us.

The False Prophet seeks the power (two horns) of the Lamb so he may use it. The true saint seeks the Lamb so he may be used by the Lamb.

God told Paul about the suffering he was to undergo. God did not tell Paul he was to receive miracle-working power. If you pray for such power, be prepared to suffer.

The idea is being tossed around today that God is too “good” to leave anyone in Hell or the Lake of Fire. This idea is not according to the Bible, God’s unchanging Word.

I pray God’s consuming fire on every part of my personality and life; that it will burn down to the core until nothing remains except a pure white flame.

It is only as we present our body a living sacrifice that we can determine which voices are from ourselves; which voices are from Satan; and which voice is that of Christ.

Whenever you are in doubt about a spiritual experience, keep probing at it, calling God’s fire upon it. Carefully examine the fruit.

Only a patient cross-carrying following of Christ prevents deception. Even then we have to be very vigilant.

When you find you have been deceived, confess your fault, make amends if this is needed, then take up your cross again and follow Christ.

If you truly have turned away from a sin, Christ will forgive you completely. It will not be mentioned to you again.

The New Testament speaks of “overcoming.” What we are to overcome is our willingness to act independently of God.

Man has been created to be the throne, the resting place of God. We cannot possibly find perfect fulfillment until God is reigning within us.

It is only as God is living and ruling in him, that man is more than an intelligent animal.

Babylon is man acting independently of God in the ecclesiastical world. Laodicea is man acting independently of God in the realm of God’s elect.

Antichrist is man acting independently of God in the secular world. The False Prophet is man acting independently of God in the world of spirits.

The flesh and blood body of Christ was developed in the Virgin Mary. The spiritual form of Christ is developed in the Christian.

The Virgin Mary was not the mother of God. She was the mother of only the flesh and blood body of Jesus.

Satan seeks to deceive us by encouraging us to reason. We must learn to look to God for every decision we make, instead of reasoning.

It appears to me that demons love to reason and argue.

I do not argue about theology. I present what I think the Lord has given me, and others are welcome to accept or reject it.

There is a time to reason, and then a time to obey.

Our response is to keep inviting Jesus into our life. He then can work the mighty works of God from within us.

When Christ appeared to be rebuking His disciples for not having the faith to move mountains, He actually was pointing out their need for more of God in their life.

I do not know of a Christian organization that does not have its hand on the ark. I guess it is in the nature of a denomination to try to help God out.

We do well if we take heed to the Scriptures until the day dawns and the Day Star arises in our heart.

In religion we follow rules. In the new covenant we follow Christ. The purpose of the rules is to bring us to Christ, that we may follow Him.

If God is to find rest in you or me, and we are to find rest in God, we must follow the Spirit and overcome every enemy that occupies out land.

We cannot find rest in the spiritual fulfillment of the Jewish feast of Tabernacles until every aspect of our personality is reconciled completely to the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the animal world, the young increasingly grow independent of the parents. In the Kingdom of God we increasingly grow dependent upon our Parent, God.

There are not many roads to God. The living Jesus is the only Way to the Father.

Correct theology is relatively unimportant when compared with character transformation and diligent obedience to the living Jesus.

If you do not have a happy child’s heart, free from guile, you are not fully in the Kingdom of God as yet. You need to grow down.

The Lord Jesus is the greatest of all Palaces. All the creation is in Him. His system continually is destroying that which is harmful, just as the human body does.

We cannot go by the letter of the New Testament alone. In order to bring life, the letter must be mixed with the Spirit of God.

To be living in Heaven is to be living in an eternal Christmas.

“Dear Lord Jesus, I pray you will remove from me all that is not of God, and flood my personality with Your Presence, will, and way.”

We carry with us our sentence. If our life on earth results in our being mean and spiteful, or kind and generous, then this is the personality we bring into the eternal world.

The reason there are so many competing denominations is that they are endeavoring to be led by the Scripture rather than by the Spirit of God.

A statement of faith is the declaration of theology of a group of Christians. It is not Bible faith. Bible faith is our following and obeying Jesus diligently, not belief in doctrine.

What God wants is good people, people who are industrious, faithful, sincere, kind, and having integrity. The purpose of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is to create such a person.

A religion does not always result in an improvement in character and personality. But Jesus always does improve the character and personality of those who follow and obey Him diligently.

I would rather be wrong in my doctrine and right in my heart, than right in my doctrine and wrong in my heart.

When the confusion becomes overwhelming, take the problems one at a time to Jesus. Pray for each one until you know He hears you. He sits as King of the flood!

The Holy Spirit gives gifts to the believers. But do not be misled. He is not here to give but to remove sin from the midst of the spotless bride of the Lamb.

To enter the rest of God is to seek to live the life God has planned for us rather than what we think is best. If Adam and Eve had done this we would be much happier today.

I do not know what God is doing with me, but I do know God knows what He is doing with me, so all is well. I am at rest in the center of His Person and will.

We can find peace in any situation by looking to the Lord Jesus and putting our faith in Him.

Do not let anyone take your peace. If you are upset, you may have taken your eyes off Jesus and put them on another person or circumstance.

Our soul is a gift from God. Angels do not have souls. It is our soul that we lose when we do not live in obedience to Christ.

How wonderful it would be after one dies to realize that through Christ’s help he was able to stand through the fire, and when he stumbled he got back on his feet and pressed forward.

Holiness is God Himself. So to be filled with God is to be filled with holiness.

I do not understand why people do what they do, or why the Lord does what He does, or even why I myself do what I do.

I do not take the time to think where I ought to put everything. I guess people will have to figure out the clutter when I die.

Other people may do what they will. You and I must do what is right.

Do not be too quick to tell people what they are doing wrong. Wait until the Lord guides you before you attempt to instruct them.

You do not have to tell people everything you know. Pause and reflect on the possible consequences of what you say before you speak.

God intends for your body to be His temple He desires to share it with you.

The desire to control other people is a curse. Ask God to remove it from you.

The desire to be preeminent is a curse. Ask Christ to remove it from you.

To the best of my knowledge, each person, when he or she dies, will be shown a moving picture of his or her entire life, and the reasons behind each action.

When we die we will be placed with people like ourselves. God is not pleased with mixtures. “Let the holy remain holy and the filthy remain filthy.”

Rewards and punishments always are based on behavior, not on doctrinal beliefs.

Doctrinal beliefs are of value only as they lead to obedience to Christ and righteous behavior.

Faith isolated from obedience to Christ and righteous behavior is not true faith. It is belief only and of little value in the Kingdom of God.

Do you believe that Jesus Christ is God’s Son and our Lord and Savior? Fine! So do the demons, and they are not saved!

The things, places, personages, and circumstances of the spirit world exist independently of any and all religions. They are eternal facts.

If we say we love Christ, then we must turn away from our own life, take up our cross, and follow Christ diligently at all times.

The Word of God is the sword of the Spirit. This means it must be applied and enabled by the Spirit. When wielded by the Christian apart from the Spirit it brings death rather than life.

When Christ moves in a mighty power, individuals respond in different ways. In order to derive the most profit from a revival we must be prepared in advance.

“Remove all darkness from me and fill me with God’s Light, in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

No person will be able to stand in the coming days in America unless he or she has a strong inner relationship with the Lord Jesus, being guided and enabled by Him.

One disciple who is hearing from Jesus will accomplish more eternal good in the Kingdom of God than will ten thousand “believers” milling around and working according to their own understanding.

In Heaven, there is no practice of religion as such; only the Lord Jesus, His Father, God, angels and other heavenly creatures, a multitude of people, and Bibles so we can learn more about God.

Does believing in Christ mean subscribing to the facts about Christ; or does it mean that we make knowing Christ the goal of our life, as did the Apostle Paul?

The democratic ideals of the Western nations, such as the tolerance of non-Christian religions, contain within themselves the destruction of the nations that espouse them.

From your point of view, which is more important: to believe in Christ, or to obey Christ?

(“Gold Tried in the Fire: Book Seven”, 4281-2, proofed 20211007)

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