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Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers.

Anyone who chooses to do so may use up to twenty-five of the proverbs in the Gold Tried volumes without notifying me. It is not necessary to attribute them to me.

Here are a few reflections after a long pilgrimage as a Christian. Hopefully they will help the young reader grow in wisdom and discernment. It is good to seek the wisdom and understanding that come from the Holy Spirit. God always is glad to reward us with wisdom and provides us generously with that which we ask for.


Jewels of brilliant color and luster are formed by a process of time, pressure and heat. Precious metals such as gold and silver are made under similar circumstances.

Symbolic of virtue and character, these natural elements reflect the manner in which believers are transformed into obedient disciples, and over time into witnesses of the resurrection life of Jesus Christ.

The making of a saint is no small matter. As we respond correctly to the daily pressures of life, Christ is formed in us. If we choose to pick up our cross, lay down our life and follow the Master’s will, He transforms us into His image.

When we resist, forcing our own will and way, misinterpreting things meant for our good, we corrupt God’s purposes.

Edward J. Reiter
November 2013
Escondido, California


Hell and Heaven are not matters of religious belief. The wicked are in Hell. The righteous are with God. Jesus makes us righteous in behavior so we can be with God.

There are occasions when tolerance and freedom of religion are nothing more than the acceptance of evil. In this instance, tolerance and religious freedom are wicked, foolish, and destructive.

If you live in your own pleasures, you will live and die alone. If you lose your life in Christ you will have an inheritance of people.

We do not have to persuade people. If we speak the Word of God, the Spirit of God will do whatever is needed.

Christianity was born and flourished under an emperor. The health of Christianity does not depend on a democratic form of government.

We Christians are not called on to defend democracy. Our task is to pursue Christ and to come to know Him better each day.

If you are obedient to Christ, you do not have to worry about your survival. Underneath are the everlasting Arms.

It has been said that God helps those who help themselves. It is true, rather, that God helps those who ask for His help.

It has been said that evil triumphs when good men do nothing. It is true, rather, that evil triumphs when good men do not seek and obey Christ.

America became a great nation because it gave glory to the great God. Now America is abandoning God, and as a result, the greatness of God is abandoning America.

Whoever would be fruitful and powerful, let him deny himself so Christ may become preeminent.

God knocks us down and God raises us up. The power of raising us brings life to other people.

To abide in Christ is to do His will rather than one’s own. This is the source of all eternal fruitfulness and power.

To be fruitful in Christ is to multiply His image in other people.

Religion stops short of knowing God. It looks to its own precepts instead of to God in order to solve problems and for guidance.

At what point do freedom of religion and of speech, and other forms of “tolerance,” become stupidity? It is when they lead to behaviors that go against common sense!

The Apostles preached “Repent and turn to God.” We of today preach “Believe and let Jesus into your heart.” Has the Gospel changed or have we changed the Gospel?

The Apostles preached, “God sent His Servant to bless you by turning each of you from your wicked ways.” We of today preach, “His Servant blesses you by covering your wicked ways.”

The secret of mastering any discipline is to know what to emphasize. In the case of the Christian salvation, the emphasis must be on doing the will of Christ diligently at all times.

The main thing in life is to obey God. The person who is not obeying God is living in a dark tunnel leading to confusion and frustration — or worse!

There are righteous people in the world and there are wicked people in the world. There are the wheat and there are the tares. All religions, including Christianity, have members in both camps.

Let the wicked become exceedingly wicked and the righteous become exceedingly righteous, so we can see what God is doing in the world.

We are learning to live by praying instead of planning, because we cannot possibly be certain of the outcome of our actions.

Our weapons are not of the flesh. When we try to fight Satan’s fire with fire of our own, guess who gets burned?

Our weapons are a righteous, holy life, stern obedience to God, and prayer. These working together are able to pull down any and all strongholds.

People ought to pray rather than plan.

Wicked people do not want truth. They want to succeed in what they are doing.

You may wake up some morning and discover Satan has deceived you. You have given away everything of true value during your blind pursuit of your idols. Pray this doesn’t happen to you!

A “lord and master” who has not made a personal commitment is not a true husband. A true husband gives his life for his wife that she may joyously attain to all God means for her to be.

A true wife is the woman who waits for the man to come along who earns her respect to the point she is willing to dedicate her life to helping him become what God wants him to be.

Do not grasp any relationship, circumstance, or thing. Go easy. Commit your ways to Christ. You will be much happier in the long run.

It is a frightful destiny to finally understand we have betrayed those who have trusted us, and have been assigned to the Rooms of Tormented Consciences in the Land of Darkness.

Women are as different in their personalities as are various breeds of dogs. If you have married a Poodle, don’t try to make her into a Queensland Heeler.

When you try to attain to your inheritance, using your own wisdom and strength, you bring forth a wild man, as did Abraham.

The important thing is not what we do for Christ, the supremely important thing is to be scrupulously careful to do His will in every detail.

God is not pleased when we try to think of new ways to spread the Gospel. Christ is pleased when we find out what He wants and then obey Him faithfully.

There are few things as divisive, destructive, and repulsive as religious people walking in the light of their own fires. They become a nest of demons.

One person who walks quietly, confidently, and faithfully in the Lord is worth more to God than multiplied thousands who are following their own ideas.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between the work of an expert copyist and the genuine painting of a master. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between genuine love and glandular appetite.

It is true that the Apostle Paul taught Divine grace for the forgiveness of our sins. But he did not teach Divine grace as an acceptable alternative to growth into godly behavior.

It is true that the Apostle Paul taught Divine grace for the forgiveness of our sins. But he did not teach Divine grace as an acceptable alternative to growth into godly behavior.

Some of the self-seeking believers of our day eventually will join forces with Antichrist. They will cause an image to be built to honor Antichrist, and enable the image to speak.

It will be the flesh-driven Christian churches that will cause the image of Antichrist to speak, and who will demand the mark of man’s rulership of the world in the hand and the forehead.

Don’t let yourself become angry. The spiritual atmosphere in America is permitting demons of murder to fill the land. You will lose control and kill somebody before you know it.

We either will govern our body, or our body will govern us.

God has placed us in an animal body in order to humble us. Lord Jesus, help us not to be so ignorant as to think of ourselves as some great personage in the universe.

The most illustrious of us still have to relieve ourselves from time to time. Let us not be so blind as to exalt people!

If you are a giver, when you die you will be placed among givers. If you are a taker, when you die you will be placed among takers. This is true whether or not you profess to be a Christian.

All that Christ has inherited and gained He will give to those who love Him and do His will.

We are saved if we believe in Jesus Christ, provided we obey His commands in the Scriptures and given to us personally. Otherwise our belief is of no value.

Christ has blessed America because of those Americans who have worshiped and served Him. He has not blessed America on the basis that Americans have been tolerant of other religions.

The American concept of all religions being equal, and the removal of God from governmental bodies, are not pleasing to God. They will result finally in the destruction of America.

There are no rewards given in Heaven to those who have diligently kept God and the state separate. In Heaven, everyone is compelled to worship God and to obey Jesus Christ.

There are not many ways to God. God meets man only at the cross of Christ. God honors those who love and obey His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is not true that all men are created equal. God is a Potter, and He determines, the strengths, weaknesses, and destiny of each individual.

It is my hope that many disciples, myself included, will be brought fully through the spiritual fulfillment of the Day of Atonement, the Day of Reconciliation to God.

Perhaps we have not given much thought to the training that must be given to each member of the royal priesthood, if he or she is to serve God successfully in this role.

Each of us Christians, if he is to serve as a member of the royal priesthood, will have to experience long, thorough training if he is to fulfill his role properly throughout the coming ages.

People amass more money than they need in order to be independent of God. In the new world of righteousness, money will not be used as a medium of exchange.

There are no religions in the spirit world. And as far as the earth is concerned, all religions perish when the Antichrist government destroys Babylon — religions and churches.

There are no religious disagreements in the spirit world. All questions can be answered by one of the Lord’s teachers, or by the Lord Himself. The Truth that Jesus is prevails everywhere.

Religions are man’s approximations of what God is like and what His will is. When the Truth returns from Heaven, there will be no more religions and no more churches.

When you come to yourself and discover you have gotten off the track, go back to the last place where you knew you were with God. Press forward from there.

Where the Lord Jesus Christ is, there is the Fullness of righteousness and holiness.

The righteousness of He Himself is the Standard against which all holiness and righteousness are measured. The Lord Jesus Christ is not measured against any standard.

Ask Christ to help you do what is right. Then you need have no fear of dying.

The Day of Resurrection will be the most wonderful period in the life of those who obey God. It will be the most terrifying period in the life of those who disobey God.

If those who are living on the earth are to be ready to be changed and caught up to the Lord when He appears, they must be judged while yet alive on the earth.

Anyone who betrays someone who trusted him so he could have pleasure will experience an agony of conscience after his death.

We must never gain pleasure at someone else’s expense.

When you choose to die to your own will and do Christ’s will, your judgment will begin. Then, as the Spirit leads you, you must confess and turn away from each sin the Spirit points out.

The darker the night, the brighter a light shines.

People amass money in order to obtain security and survival. People find pleasure in sexual activities. People seek power in order to control their environment. All of this without God.

We Christians have been taught that when we die we will go to Heaven to live in a mansion located on a golden street. I think most of us would rather be reunited with loved ones.

There are no churches or religions in Heaven. These divide people. There is the Lord Jesus and the Bible, however.

The only way we can get across Jordan is by saying, “Not my will but Yours be done.” Canaan represents the rest of God and our inheritance in the Lord.

The Lord loves those who cast aside fear and weakness and press forward toward the fullness of Christ. If we ask the Lord, He will help us do just that.

Divine grace is not a substitute for righteous behavior. Rather grace permits us to leave the Law of Moses and obey the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus.

God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible exist in the spirit world. There are no religions in that world. Religions come from demons operating through the self-will and self-love of people.

It is a terrible thing to sin until you lose control of your mind and your actions. If you will pray, Christ will deliver you.

It is a fact that if we do not put God in first place in our life we may end up murdering our brother, as Cain did.

The history of the world is one massive, graphic illustration of the folly of going against God’s will.

The world spirit is a lie. It promises pleasure and joy. But it delivers madness and chaos to those who trust it.

It takes the help of Christ before we can get everything of Satan out of us. But every hoof and claw must go if we are to be fully “saved.”

Since most of us have not arrived at perfect love, the fear of the Lord is a healthy, wise attitude to maintain.

We struggle against Satan by struggling with God. Paul prayed to the Lord to deliver him from the messenger of Satan.

I trust God and the Lord Jesus. I do not trust anybody or anything else.

There is a difference between viewing grace as a substitute for obeying Christ’s commands, and viewing grace as enabling us to obey Christ’s commands. The difference is death and life.

We do not have to earn the Kingdom of God. But we must be found worthy of it, according to the Scripture.

We do not come to know God by going to Heaven. We come to know God by being taught by someone who is closer to God than we are.

When God is ruled out of world affairs we are left with ashes.

God saves us in the lions’ den. He doesn’t lift us up to Heaven to prevent our being harmed.

The battle is for the body. Will it be indwelt with the fullness of God, or will it be indwelt with the sinful nature?

Our focus today is getting people to Heaven. But is that God’s focus? Or is God more interested in getting Heaven into us?

God is my dwelling place and I am God’s dwelling place. God always is with me and I always am with God. This can be true of you, if you wish.

More prayer and less reasoning. That is what we need in these days.

Pray about everything. Do not take anything for granted. Don’t assume that what appears to be evident about something is true. Pray and ask the Lord for His wisdom.

In the resurrection what you actually are will be seen by people. If you are stingy, generous, spiteful, loving, self-seeking, concerned for others: all will be clearly evident to those around you.

According to the Bible, you will be resurrected before you are caught up to meet the Lord in the air. Are you prepared for people to see you as you really are?

For some of us to die is the beginning of life. How utterly wonderful beyond all wonders and marvels!

If there were no God and no Christ, it would be far, far better that we never had been born. They are the only aspect of life that makes sense in this fraudulent, chaotic world.

The well-intentioned but confusing doctrine of the Trinity has hidden the Father from us. Jesus Christ has inherited the wealth of the Father; but the Father is the Father!

We know of the Savior and the Holy Spirit. It is time know to come to know the Father. To know the Father requires that we obey His will at all times.

God does not do things halfway. His punishments are more severe and painful than anything we can envision. His rewards are majestic beyond all description.

God Himself is the Source of all integrity, faithfulness, and honor. He can be relied on completely by anyone who chooses to put his trust in the Lord.

To deny the reality of God and His Christ is foolishness. To live without the Presence of God is to live an unnatural life.

Is the doctrine of the “any-moment rapture” taken from the fourth chapter of First Thessalonians? This is odd, in that the passage was written two thousand years ago!

The goal of salvation is immortality in the body. The goal currently preached is the forgiveness of our spiritual nature. The first is oriented to eternal life in the earth. The second, eternal life in Heaven.

Christianity may be unique among religions in that its goal is bodily immortality and life upon the earth.

Ascension to Heaven is not included in the term “resurrection.” In the Bible, Resurrection has to do only with immortality in the body.

Where one exists after being resurrected is a wholly different matter from ascending to Heaven.

Severe discipline is required if one is to accomplish on the earth something of worth.

To be crucified with Christ means to deny ourselves. This is the only path to resurrection life in the body.

We become a new creation in Christ one small step at a time. With enough time and patience one could move the Rocky Mountains with a teaspoon.

We do not work for our salvation; but we certainly must work at it. If we don’t, we may lose it!

People always are rewarded or punished in their body, whether they have done good or have done evil.

If we are wise we will serve Christ diligently. In this manner we gain a better resurrection in the Day of the Lord.

Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt. (Daniel 12:2)

It seems that the whole purpose of salvation is to give us a better appearance, that is, a better resurrection when the Lord returns.

I preach iron righteousness, fiery holiness, and stern obedience to the Father. This is a different message from grace, rapture, Heaven.

God leads His elect in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. He is demonstrating through His elect, to the heavens and the earth, His righteous Person and ways.

Never give in to fear, dread, or gloom. Resist them in the name of Jesus and they will flee.

Sometimes Jesus speaks to us humorously, but never whimsically. Always with deadly seriousness. He confirms His word with an oath because of the lies and pressures of Satan.

God does not keep His promises to us because we deserve them. He keeps His promises to us because of His own integrity and faithfulness.

The body we shall receive in the Day of Resurrection will come from this present body, which is being sown unto death. This is so it may spring up into the fullness of eternal life.

If we obey the Spirit of God continually, living in Christ, our resurrection body will be filled with eternal life. If instead we obey sin, our resurrection body will be filled with corruption.

Conscience is the law of God written in the heart of every person. Those who are faithful to their conscience will receive eternal life in their body in the Day of Christ.

Those who violate their conscience without remorse shall reap corruption in their body in the Day of Christ.

Satan is the huge leviathan in the sea of mankind. His influence and testimony are affecting public opinion. Such is the source of “political correctness.”

When it is true that for us to live is Christ, then the best thing that can happen to us is to die, as God wills.

Always be ready to examine your beliefs. It may happen that it will be quite a long while before truth emerges.

At least three forces are acting to change America. They are Islam, homosexuality, and socialism. Of the three, the most destructive is Islam. It is a militant god that has entered our shores.

One cannot have lasting love, joy, and peace until his hopes are beyond the grave.

In the worldwide chaos that is to come everything that has not been wrought in Jesus Christ will be shaken and removed from its place in Heaven.

After we ‘accept Christ’ we cannot then live a wicked life. If we do, we will receive the reward given to the wicked. ‘Accepting Christ’ does not do away with the law of sowing and reaping.

Our inward nature is alive in Christ. Our body is dead because of sin. For this reason we cannot experience the fullness of love, joy, and peace until the resurrection.

Nowhere in the entire Bible can we find that mansions are being built for us in Heaven. Nowhere in the Bible is Heaven declared to be God’s House.

Nowhere in the entire Bible is Heaven referred to as ‘God’s House.’ God’s House is the Lord Jesus Christ, and we are the many rooms in that house.

Allah, the God of the Muslims, and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, are two different Persons. Make no mistake about this!

I saw in a vision an al Qaida fighter. He had been killed in combat. He was standing on a featureless plain. He was angry and cried out, “I’ve been lied to!”

If we were in a new dispensation, the ‘faith chapter’ of the Bible, the eleventh chapter of the Book of Hebrews, would not refer exclusively to people who lived before Christ.

Love for God is not an emotion. It is the decision to make Him the most important aspect of your life.

Love for your neighbor is not an emotion. It is the decision to treat him with kindness regardless of how he behaves toward you.

A truly wise person will make the pursuit of Christ the first priority of his life.

If we are to stand and help others to stand in the coming days of moral chaos we must pray continually in Jesus’ name that we be filled with all the fullness of God.

Christ has new and surprising ways for us to minister today. We are to watch Him carefully and be totally obedient in all things.

We are to guard ourselves carefully against foolish talk and be sincere in all matters. We thus may keep ourselves and our loved ones from pain and destruction in the days to come.

The angels of God do not understand foolish talk. If we want their assistance our speech must be sincere and truthful.

Christ does not giggle. When He laughs it sound likes thunder in the mountains.

The difference between the Gospel of the Kingdom and the religion of Islam can best be seen in the difference between the life of Jesus of Nazareth and the life of Mohammed.

The Gospel advances by the power of the Spirit of God. Other religions advance by the wisdom and efforts of man. They ultimately shall fail. Jesus Christ shall reign supreme.

There are not many roads to God. There is only the one blood atonement; the one Tree of Life; the one Spirit of God.

The Gospel of the Kingdom is different from all religions in that it brings to the worshiper the Presence of the Living God.

Do not fear Satan. Jesus Christ alone is more powerful than the combined forces of wickedness.

God could take all the sin and rebellion out of us in a moment. But He wants us to learn to do what is right. Thus the lifelong battle.

There are several religious cultures in the world. It is best not to compare them with one another. All that truly matters is our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the Way of God. God the Father is Truth. The Holy Spirit is the Life of God. All of this Omnipotence resides in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The lions of God are characterized by the meekness of a lamb. In the end, it is the lamb who prevails.

God loves children, and those who have chosen to become a child in heart.

The person who chooses to live an undisciplined life brings himself and those around him into turmoil and pain.

God has never lied to me. Has He ever lied to you? His honor is at stake!

When God’ s complete and perfect will is being done, then there is the fullness of righteousness, love, joy, and peace.

We are not “saved to save others.” This is not scriptural. Rather, we are saved that we might come to know the Lord Jesus and to do His will for us as an individual.

To make a person wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove requires the Presence of Christ over a period of time.

May God grant to each of us the heart of a child, for this is the way of the Kingdom.

The brotherhood of man cannot be trusted to be kind or fair toward us. God directs people to treat us with kindness or with cruelty depending on what He is doing with us.

It is better, on most occasions, to pray than to plan or reason.

It is wise to stop and examine our Christian fervency, to determine if it is proceeding from the Lord or from our irritation with wicked people.

Ask God to put joy before you so you can endure your cross. Don’t put your own joy before you.

Be sure to put all your treasures in Heaven and keep them there.

Ask God in Jesus’ name to remove all unpleasant memories from you. Why should you go into eternity with unpleasant memories?

I do not hold anything against anyone. I realize that it is God who directs people. Salvation is of the Lord.

To know and do the will of Christ at every moment fulfills all the Law and the Prophets.

I pray that when Satan comes he will find nothing in me.

Those who serve Christ now, continue to do so when they die. The remainder of deceased mankind go to their appropriate places until the Day of Resurrection.

There is no true life apart from the Lord Jesus Christ.

What a terrible thing it would be to forfeit one’s soul, to lose for eternity any chance of fellowship with God, of being made in God’s image.

Is the handwriting on the wall for America? Is America to be occupied by another country?

We would do well to stop watching the late-night television performances that mock God and His Christ!

If you want a large church, do not preach “deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me.”

Are you running the race, fighting the fight? Or are you reclining in easy believability?

Can you imagine what it will be like when Jesus returns in His Kingdom with his saints, and everyone on the earth is compelled to do God’s will?

The angels are spirits. They held up Christ who was flesh and bone so He was able to walk on the water.

Do not attempt to direct the Holy Spirit or the angels. God alone possesses that authority. Sometimes He gives of His authority to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The most amazing, precocious, talented children are coming forth in our day. I think this is why Satan is stressing abortion and homosexuality. He wants to hinder this development.

Sometimes God requires of us an action we do not understand. In this case we are to proceed very carefully, praying over each step, and watching the fruit of our actions.

“Rise, Peter, kill, and eat.” Is this the Lord? We won’t know until we walk in obedience, praying carefully over each step we take, and examining the fruit of what we are doing.

There are times when we do not understand what God is requiring of us; but we realize always that His faithfulness is leading us to perfect righteousness, love, peace, and joy.

Every son of God must be a lion. He is to be majestic, ready to overcome through Christ every enemy. He rises up fiercely and roars when an enemy of God approaches him.

Every son of God must be an ox, patient, willing to bear heavy burdens for as long as necessary. He is a hard, faithful worker.

Every son of God must have developed in him or her the moral character of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is to be in the image and likeness of his Father.

Every son of God must be a flying eagle. He is not to be bowed down or bound by the things of the creation. He is to fly continually in the firmament of the heavens.

The saint cannot be a chariot of God until he or she is a lion, an ox, a man, and a flying eagle. He must be covered with eyes, always filled with the knowledge of Christ.

The flesh withers and passes away. The Word of Christ shall stand forever!

Christ laid down His life for us. It is only fair that we should lay down our life for Him.

No person can come to Christ unless the Father draw him or her. This principle operates at all levels of spiritual growth, and the assignment of ranks in the Kingdom.

Because spiritual fervency and growth are gifts from the Father, we ought not to criticize immature or casual believers. We indeed can pray for them and teach them as appropriate.

The various talents and abilities people have are gifts from God. An individual can receive nothing unless it is given to him or her from Heaven.

God’s grace either is an excuse for our sinning, or the means of helping us overcome sin. What a lie today’s teaching of Divine grace is, that it is the Divine excuse for our sinning.

A man should show forth in himself the male qualities of God. A woman should show forth in herself the female qualities of God. A man and a woman are uniquely different creations.

It appears that today Satan is doing all in his power to confuse gender. The man and the woman are to complement each other. Together they reveal the image of God.

Two men or two women do not reveal the image of God, even if the man attempts to play the role of a woman, or the woman attempts to play the role of a man.

If you have prayed until God has heard you, what we call “praying through,” your answer will come at the best possible time.

Men form the structure of the Kingdom of God. Women are the heart, home, and the joy of the Kingdom in the Day the things of earth are clothed with Heaven.

When people are not obeying their Creator the land is filled with darkness.

Sometimes when we are being chastened severely we forget how awesome is God’s love toward us, where all this pain and frustration are bringing us.

Most events of the Old Testament did not occur in a religious context. The Judaic-Christian religions began with the Tabernacle and the priesthood. They shall be removed when the Lord returns.

People who are endeavoring to get guidance and strength for their lives from a social networking site, such as Facebook and Twitter, are a case of the blind being led by the blind.

If you want to prove God’s will for your life, present your body as a living sacrifice to Him; always putting His will ahead of yours.

If all the people in the world loved each other as themselves, but did not love God more than themselves, it would be the greatest social disaster imaginable. God would put an end to it.

Each day we must choose to believe God and to act accordingly. Jesus will help us do this if we ask Him to.

The person who lives on food alone is an intelligent animal. The man or woman of God is sustained physically by food, but directed in every detail by the guidance and strength of God.

“Remove all fear from me and replace it with absolute trust in your faithfulness, O Lord.”

God enjoys the simple and the practical. Man involves himself with complicated, romantic imaginations and deceptions.

We always must faithfully use our talents, abilities, time, and strength to find and perform the will of God.

Perhaps nowhere is the sovereignty and arbitrary actions of God more apparent than in His blessings on Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

“I do not find doing God’s will to be grievous. Rather, it is the joy and rejoicing of my heart.”

God has ordained the simple lovely plan of a man, woman, children, and a home. But this plan is attacked viciously today. I wonder why!

When men try to play the role of women, or women try to play the role of men, they destroy any chance of finding righteousness, love, joy, or peace.

If we would love without destroying, cherish without mutilating, desire without grasping, we must keep our treasures in Heaven.

“Help me to live Your Life and not by my own.”

The Lord Jesus is filled with God and lives by God’s Life. This is His choice. We too can be filled with God and live by God’s Life rather than our own life.

The person who lives by the Life of Jesus never dies. He walks into the spirit world with his faculties unimpaired, continuing to live and serve by the Life of Jesus.

There will be no churches or religion when the Lord Jesus returns, only He Himself who is the Resurrection and the Life.

Do not steal. If you do you will bring pain upon others. God then will return double the pain upon you.

Are you grumbling and complaining and blaming God? How often in the past have you thanked God for your blessings?

It is well, since we have both wild animals as well as a child in our personality, that the little child lead them.

We are in a new day, the third day of Hosea, Christ is raising us up. The vestiges of religion are being removed from our mind and we are having fellowship with Jesus himself.

The “four steps of salvation” are only an orientation to salvation. Salvation is found in the Book of Hebrews as the new covenant — change into God’s image, not just forgiveness.

I have learned my lessons in the Lord, and am ready now to live. But my body has been weakened by age. However, a new body is on the way. Great is the wisdom of God!

It really is not fair or appropriate to hold anything back from the one who created us.

The Lord Jesus Christ is greater than I realized. The entire creation of God is contained in Him. Can you picture that?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, for they certainly shall — in this world or the next!

To seek to be preeminent is an evil characteristic. It leads one into all sorts of unrighteous actions.

Adam and Eve when they were created were able to speak in the original language, although neither had a memory. Eve learned from Adam what God had taught him.

It may be true that when the Lord Jesus sets up His Kingdom on the earth, all people will be able to speak in the original language spoken by Adam and Eve.

To walk the path of life is to look to the Lord Jesus for everything we think, say, and do, at all times, day and night.

Christ can do nothing of Himself. It is the Father who speaks and acts. This is to be true of us also, as regarding our relationship with Christ.

We are approaching the climax of the conflict of the ages. The ones who will prevail are those who are willing to live by Christ as He lives by the Father.

Death is not our redeemer, it is our enemy. Dying will not make us a diligent disciple of the Lord Jesus, or one who does not sin and rebel against God.

It is the will of Christ that all barriers between Himself and the believer be removed, so that the two become one person.

There never is a lack of food, or anything else, when God’s will is being done. The exception occurs when there is an unusual incident of Divine intervention to accomplish a specific goal.

The weak believer pays little attention to the Bible. The self-righteous, person, knows only the Bible. The true saint knows the Lord Jesus, is led by the Spirit, and meditates in the Bible day and night.

If we are serving Christ to the best of our ability, he would not be a good friend if we had needs and He did not help us, seeing as how He has all authority and power in Heaven and upon the earth.

If you do not receive Christ each day you will eat, work, play, sleep, and reproduce, and nothing more. You might as well be a horse.

Each one of us has a witness of God to give to the world. Faithfully, continually giving this witness overcomes Satan and gives Michael power to cast him down from Heaven.

Adam gave the animals their names. Adam named Eve “woman” because she was taken from man. We must, as God shows us, name our behaviors clearly as wicked or righteous.

Anyone who does God’s will is doing himself a favor. God richly rewards those who obey Him.

Anyone who does not obey God quickly and completely will have eternity to regret his or her lack of perfect obedience.

We should not expect to be rewarded for doing our God’s perfect, complete will. It is the only reasonable, sensible thing to do. If we are rewarded, that is fine.

The expression “accept Christ” is not a Bible phrase. Rather we are to abide in Christ. “Accept Christ” implies a one-time act, a pass supposedly to get us out of Hell and into Heaven.

Salvation does not come by “accepting” Christ as a one-time profession. Rather we are to “accept Christ” into all we think, say, and do throughout every day and night.

Integrity of character does what he believes is right, even though the task is unpleasant, difficult, or extremely painful. Only these experience permanently the inward development of Christ.

If your religious faith is not making you a better person, more kind, more generous, more thoughtful of others, more patient, what good is it?

Some kind of ministry must continue after death if we all are to come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, attaining to the measure of the full stature of Christ.

Millions of Christians do not reveal the Life of Christ in themselves. There is a handful of believers who do. I think the second group will govern the first, in the Kingdom of God.

God wants each one of us to be a rod of iron in His hand to destroy all disobedience to His will.

I think that American girls and women who insist on abortion rights wish to fornicate without the inconvenience of having a baby.

The Divine enablements promised to “him who overcomes” are steps of authority and competence leading to the first resurrection.

If we do not live a victorious Christian life we are not authorized to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God. We have little or no Life of Christ in us.

If we do not live a victorious Christian life we are neither authorized nor competent to receive life as our victor’s crown.

If we do not live a victorious Christian life we are neither authorized nor competent to not be hurt by the second death, which maintains authority over our sinful behavior.

If we do not live a victorious Christian life we are neither authorized nor competent to be given some of the hidden manna. The body and blood of Christ are hidden from us.

If we do not live a victorious Christian life we are neither authorized nor competent to be given a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it.

If we do not live a victorious Christian life we are neither authorized nor competent to be given the morning star, which is Christ in us.

If we do not live a victorious Christian life we are neither authorized nor competent to walk with Christ, dressed in white, the robes of the Royal Priesthood.

If we do not live a victorious Christian life we are neither authorized nor competent to never have our name blotted from the book of life.

If we do not live a victorious Christian life we are neither authorized nor competent to have our name acknowledged before Christ’s Father and His angels.

If we do not live a victorious Christian life we are neither authorized nor competent to be kept from the hour of trial that is going to come on the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth.

If we do not live a victorious Christian life we are neither authorized nor competent to be made a pillar in the temple of Christ’s God and to never again leave it.

If we do not live a victorious Christian life we are neither authorized nor competent to have written on us the name of Christ’s God and the name of the city of Christ’s God, the new Jerusalem.

If we do not live a victorious Christian life we are neither authorized nor competent to have the new name of Christ written on us.

If we do not live a victorious Christian life we shall be spit out of Christ’s mouth.

If we do not live a victorious Christian life we are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.

If we do not live a victorious Christian life we will not hear Christ’s voice and open the door of our personality so that He can come in and eat with us, and we with Him.

If we do not live a victorious Christian life we are neither authorized nor competent to be given the right to sit with Christ on His throne.

If we do not live a victorious Christian life we are neither authorized nor competent to inherit all that God makes new, and to have God be our God and to be His children.

When the righteous are not righteous enough, the wicked prevail.

We will be no safer in Heaven than we are here on the earth. Our only safety in either place is our Rock, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sin began in Heaven around the Throne of God. If you can be led astray here, you can be led astray there. Follow Christ and you will be safe here and in Heaven.

Today we are walking through the valley of the shadow of death. But we fear no evil, because our Lord is leading us in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.

You were entrusted with a physical body, which even the angels do not possess. What are you doing with it?

Do not grasp anything. Tell the Lord courteously what it is you desire. Then delight yourself in the Lord continually. He will give you the desires of your heart, now or later.

Some people are saved “so as through fire.” They lose all or most of their inheritance. Their memories are washed away. They begin life in the spirit world as a small child.

There were two trees in the middle of the garden. One tree gives immortality. The other tree enables us to distinguish between good and evil.

The most important thing in life is to learn to know Jesus. If you miss Jesus you’ve missed it all.

The greatest blessing anyone can have is the fervent desire to continually do God’s perfect will.

So much of our misery comes from grasping things. If we would live and rest in God’s will we would not have so many pains and hurts.

When we set out blindly to pray and fast for something we think is what God wants, we may be opposing God’s will. We should find out first what God’s will is.

People seek to exert their will against God, praying for something they think should be done. They do not know how to rest in God’s will and find out what He desires.

When God is indicating that someone is to die, do not try to hold him here. Would you want to do what Hezekiah did and bring forth a wicked son? Why are you doing this?

“Dear Jesus, let me live at all times by the awful Words that continually are coming to me from between the wings of the Cherubim of Glory.”

“Dear Lord, cause the fire that has begotten in me burn fiercely with a pure white flame until every trace of sin and rebellion has been destroyed and only Christ lives and prevails.”

I want no hewers of wood or drawers of water, who are not of Christ, assisting me. They may help now; but they will cause trouble later on. Please remove all of them from me.

There is no need in the spirit world or in the new world of righteousness for telephones. Any person whom we wish to address will be available immediately.

All of us humans are exceedingly fragile. Apart from the Life of God we soon crumble. Anyone who does not understand this is nothing more than arrogant dust.

To be saved is to be brought into the coming new world of righteousness without the encumbrances of sin and rebellion.

When we are young and have a surplus of energy we do many things that have no eternal Kingdom value, even though we do these things in the name of the Lord Jesus.

We ought not to be criticizing people. An individual can receive nothing except it be given to him or her from Heaven.

The whole creation moves according to the rest of God established in the first chapter of Genesis. Our task in life is to cease our own works and enter that rest of God.

As we get older our brain shrinks. Whether or not our mind also shrinks depends on how we have used our mind. If we have the mind of Christ, we have an eternal mind.

People ordinarily do not enjoy a dogmatic person. Why should we be dogmatic when we know little or nothing at all about anything.

Do not judge an individual by his or her gender. Gender is not a valid predictor of a person’s godliness or competence.

Learning to live by the Life of Jesus is a full-time curriculum. As our first life withers away, our new life keeps expanding its influence over our personality.

It may be true that God never intended that man live his own life but live by the Life of Jesus. Our own life is fraught with corruption. His Life is pure and eternal.

The cross is not an ornament to wear around our neck. It is the means of overcoming our old nature so we may live by the Life of Jesus. It is to be worn on the heart.

A beautiful woman was not created to be an idol but to be a helper.

When people see our good works, they will glorify God, the good works that proceed from our living by the Life of Christ.

Grasping is idolatry.

A person is not a Christian because he does good works. But a person who is abiding in Christ will do good works.

Righteous behavior is not a religious task but the fruit of abiding in Christ.

When the future is ominous, we have to pray continually and live one day at a time.

I ask that I may be filled with the fullness of God’s Person; the fullness of God’s will; and the fullness of God’s Words to me.

Jesus Himself is God’s Righteousness. Those in whom He lives are righteous in behavior.

If today we seek first the Kingdom of God, then today we will have food, clothing, and shelter.

Pray continually that you may find God’s perfect will for your life.

The person whose mind is stayed on the Lord will not be afraid of bad news.

The person whose mind is stayed on the Lord will have perfect peace.

Christ alone is the way to God. Christ alone is the truth of God. Christ alone is the Life of God.

If you want true peace, receive Christ. He Himself is God’s peace and the only lasting peace.

If you want peace, keep everyone and everything on God’s altar. Anything you grasp and won’t give to God is an idol.

In the beginning some of the angels rebelled against God, as He knew they would. The rebellion was necessary so God could teach angels and people what righteous behavior is.

The Bible says God’s Glory fills the whole earth. “Open my eyes that I may see that Glory rather than the works of Satan.”

The Life of the Lord Jesus Christ consists of His will, His God-given mind, guidance, energy, understanding, and so forth. We do well to choose to live by His Life rather than our own.

Physical muscles grow as they push against physical resistance. Spiritual muscles grow as they push against spiritual resistance.

There is a wonderful world ahead for the righteous; but we have to die to get there.

If we suffer as a Christian our reward is great. Other people suffer but there is no profit in their pain.

Man was created in the image of God. An ape was not created in the image of God. There is a difference in kind.

We are not wholly in the image of God when we are born physically. We develop into the image of God as we grow in Christ.

Those people who continue to live in victory in Christ are the firstfruits of the eternal mankind.

God has His ways of keeping us off balance, doesn’t He? So we have to keep looking to Him at every moment.

The Israelites had the written Law. Yet, they had to look to the Urim and Thummin for particular decisions. In like manner, we must always look to Christ for guidance in applying the Scriptures.

Man has not been created so as to guide and control his own life. Until Christ is on the throne of his life, he readily is guided and controlled by Satan.

We go from grace to grace as we walk out the prophecy and the burden. There always is grace, joy, and fulfillment, as we obey Christ diligently.

After you give God thanks, tell Him your hopes and desires. He then will plan your life so you are brought to love, joy, and peace in Christ.

It is good for a person to be content with his or her state, and quietly hope in the Lord.

When Jesus returns, all members of the animal kingdom will be at peace with man. They all will serve as pets for children and helpers for all of us..

Some passages of the Bible are to be understood literally and some symbolically. All are true. But we must pray if we are to interpret a passage correctly.

No passage of the Bible can be understood or interpreted properly except as the Spirit of God leads us in applying it.

As the Lord Jesus installs His Kingdom, all the animals will be reconciled to man, and we will understand God’s purpose for each one. There will an end to savagery and destruction.

It appears some astronomers, physicists, and medical doctors do not worship God. Why can’t they perceive what is in front of their face? Are they afraid of judgment to come?

There are no “deep things of Satan.” All the knowledge and visions of Satan are shallow. Their short roots are exposed in prayer.

If a person chooses to be the servant of sin he or she will die spiritually, even if the individual has “accepted Christ.”

The common denominator of the errors that have entered Christian thinking is that of people hoping to avoid continual, diligent, cross-carrying obedience to Christ.

The Gospel of Christ differs from philosophy in that it confronts spirits that compel us to sin and drives them out.

Man is the structure of life. Woman is the heart, home, and joy of life. Such is inherent in the two forms of Man.

The dentist puts on a temporary crown; later, a permanent crown. Thus there is a temporary you; later an eternal you after your resurrection from the dead.

The resurrection from the dead will not necessarily be a change from where we are but a change from what we are.

Our goal in life always ought to be that of being rightly related to God each day.

Our Lord said, “A person can receive nothing unless it is given to him from Heaven.” The longer I live the more I can see how true this is! We really should not find fault with people!

Learn to listen to Jesus carefully and be quick to obey Him. This practice will serve you well after you die.

I think I am correct in saying there are more decent than wicked people in the world. However, the wicked make the most noise, probably moved by unclean spirits.

The reproductive urge in man is so powerful that if religious and governmental restrictions are removed, the whole world will become one huge brothel. This will not please God.

The Father’s house is the Lord Jesus Christ. In its final form it is the new Jerusalem, composed of the resurrected bodies of the Christians.

As far as I can tell, the New Testament is not focused on gaining eternal life in our inward man but on the gaining of immortality in the body when the Lord Jesus appears.

Man is not man when he is not body, soul, and spirit. The physical body is one of the way in which he differs from the angels and is an important part of man.

Heat ordinarily is not a constructive environment for electronics. The anger of man ordinarily is not a constructive environment for the wisdom of the Spirit of God.

Every consonant and vowel of what God has written cannot be changed in any manner by any power, no matter how great.

When the Bible speaks of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony, it may be referring to those who are living by the Life of Jesus.

It can take a long time and continued prayer before you can identify and drive out through Christ some of the “kings” of your personality.

There are cathedrals that are spectacular outside and breathtaking inside. But no cathedral can compare in beauty with a pure righteous heart.

Walk in both worlds at the same time. When a loved one dies, the person still will be with you. Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

No person is ever sent to Hell because of a belief or unbelief in any religion. The wicked in behavior are sent to Hell regardless of their belief in religion.

The purpose of the Scriptures is not to take the place of Christ but to bring us into close fellowship with the living Jesus.

When interpreted by the Spirit, the Scriptures are the way to God. When not interpreted by the Spirit, the Scriptures become the enemy of God.

There is no greater enemy of God than religion. Babylon murders the prophets.

God is a god of detail. We notice this in the directions given for the Tabernacle and the priesthood.

If there is something between God and you, why don’t you ask God in Jesus’ name to show you what it is and to remove it?

Do not clutch anything. Be ready to move in any direction without being held back by inertia, like the four Cherubim of Glory of the first chapter of the Book of Ezekiel.

Truth has to be worked out before we can be certain of what God has said. When it actually is God, the rooster will crow.

Although I am surrounded by evil I know that God will protect me. It shall not come near to me because I trust in the Lord.

The wicked are drawn to each other. The righteous are drawn to each other. Our government increasingly is becoming wicked.

The words of the Prophet are coming to pass: “Spiritual darkness is covering the earth and thick darkness the people.”

It is obvious that there are people who are possessed with an insane desire to be a ruler. God may have caused this to accomplish His own purposes.

Night comes before the morning. The night is utterly evil and corrupt. The morning shall be utterly righteous and glorious. Are you prepared for the morning?

The earth must enter a period of travail before the Kingdom of God is brought forth.

If you are having problems with your memory, or with any other malady, ask God in Jesus’ name to fix it. He will be glorified in your healing.

Keep your prayers simple, clear, and straight to the point. They will be answered in the same manner.

“I am very thankful for all the blessings you have bestowed on me. I know no one will harm me because I am a follower of that which is good.”

“I will lay down in peace and sleep; for you, Lord, alone make me dwell in safety.”

Our body will not be raised from the dead so we can go to Heaven. We go to Heaven by dying. Our body will be raised from the dead so we can live once more on the earth.

Christ is the eternal Covenant of God with man. If we are obeying Christ, we are becoming through Christ the eternal Covenant of God with man, the flesh being made the Word of God. This is the new covenant.

I have concluded that numerous theologians do not know the God of Israel, in that they have deduced a sovereignly imposed salvation not affected by the behavior of the believer.

Are you a person who avoids unpleasant duties? You will never have an inheritance of people. Others will govern you.

In order for a “free spirit” to survive, someone else must perform the unpleasant tasks. He or she will dwell in a dry wasteland while others rejoice in paradise.

Are you willing to carry your end of the log? If not, you are a curse to those around you.

People of all races in all periods of history are occupied with spirits and gods. What a forced, unnatural position atheism is!

We have created a doctrine of “grace” that permits the enemy to live with us in peace. Therefore we are unable to fight our way into the rest of God, into our Canaan.

Don’t waste your time rebuking the devil. Rather resist the devil. There is no scriptural basis for our rebuking the devil.

Spiritual growth is an increase in the ability to recognize evil, and the willingness and strength to totally reject the evil and embrace righteous behavior.

To please God by our life, to finish completely the work he has given us to do, to hear Christ say, “Well done!”, is the very highest goal to which any person can attain.

To have completely pleased God during our brief stay on the earth is a treasure of greater worth than any other. It certainly is worth praying for!

The fallen angels before they rebelled were in an environment of such beauty, glory, and joy we scarcely can imagine it. Let that be an eternal lesson to us.

The wicked die first, in the familiar physical death. Second, they are thrown into the fire where “the worms that eat them will not die and the fire that burns them will not be quenched.”

We Christians are not to attack the government. Unless God directs us otherwise we are to trust God for the affairs of the world. All things are working together for good for those who love God.

God and Satan are both extremely practical. They deal with the “now,” We often deal with the past and the future. “Today is the day of salvation.”

Sometimes we are suffering periods of waiting. “Lord, help us to be patient as we walk out your plan for us.”

The nobility on earth and the nobility in Heaven are not always the same people.

As the Scripture declares, God often places in positions of authority the vilest of people.

It is not accepting Christ but abiding in Christ that saves us. He continually is knocking and we continually are to be opening to Him every day and every night.

Our religious dance is one thing. Dancing with Jesus is an entirely different matter.

The day of salvation is always “Today.” Right now, this minute!

The great error of religious thinking is that of accepting Christ as a ticket, rather than as a way of life.

I would love to get out of here. But as long as Christ needs me, it is my desire to remain and feed His sheep.

If everyone on earth was aware of God’s will for him or her, and was doing it, there would not be any more wars. There wouldn’t even be any arguments!

To not be content with God’s will for us is the worse calamity that can befall a human being. This does not mean we cannot pray for our desires, meanwhile giving thanks.

Neither the husband nor the wife should be the means to the other’s ends.

If you are trying to use Jesus to achieve your own goals, you do not love Him. You are in love with yourself.

It is claimed that once having been born we cannot be unborn. The truth is, if we break our covenant with God we face destruction. Doctrine cannot be established by analogies!

The new covenant is to think as God is thinking; to feel as God is feeling; to speak as God is speaking; to act as God is acting; to pray as God is praying. It always is “today.”

The new covenant is God’s way of bringing our heart and mind into perfect alignment with His heart and mind.

The difference between the two covenants is that the Law of Moses is static, while the Law of the Spirit of Life is alive and present, just as God is alive and present.

Let us live by the Life of God which is in Jesus Christ. What are God’s thoughts to us this very moment?

To sin is to not do what we believe is God’s will for us at the moment.

We have to present our body as a living sacrifice if we are to find God’s will for us. We have to seek for His will continually.

The most important aspect of anyone’s life is to be strictly obedient to God. Nothing else is as essential as this.

Adam and I are sworn enemies. When the Spirit gives me the upper hand over him, I show him no mercy. I kill him every chance I get!

I am disgusted with my sinful nature. It has caused me so much trouble! I refuse to cooperate with it, as Christ helps me.

If you don’t want to be smashed to pieces by the sons of God when they are revealed, then cooperate with the Spirit of God as He forms the iron rod of righteousness in you.

After you have done God’s will, God then will give you your own inheritance. Samson’s parents, Mary, Hannah, and Abraham, all had additional children.

Americans are impressed with megachurches, floor shows, thousands of people. God specializes in mangers.

It is the philosophy of humanism that is causing Christian people, and others, to speculate that God is too “good” to send anyone to Hell.

All people of sound mind desire pleasure. But unprincipled people, who are addicted to immediate pleasure, leave a trail of misery and destruction behind them.

There are many professing Christians who are going to be spit out of the Lord’s mouth. They say they have “accepted Christ,” but they lie, steal, and are filled with bitterness and unforgiveness.

The emphases of the New Testament are first, Jesus Christ as supreme Lord; second, righteousness and eternal life through Christ; third, righteousness and holiness of being and behavior.

I don’t believe God is much interested in our religious affiliation; but He is extremely interested in what kind of person we are!

Life on earth is not heavenly. When we try to make it so, we fall into deception.

To actually see God would not give us faith. Faith is a gift. Faith comes also as we perceive God’s faithfulness throughout our lifetime on the earth.

Attempting to attain to our high calling in Christ while amusing ourselves with electronic gadgets is like running a race with iron shoes.

When the Lord Jesus asks you if you will be His Bride, and you say “Yes,” then you are declaring you will not cleave to any other god, any idol.

It is in the interval of time between the vision and its fulfillment that holy character is formed.

Sometimes God burns painful lessons into us. This is like branding cattle. You don’t forget what you were taught.

A religion is like a philosophy. It consists mainly of words. Actual salvation is in the continual interaction with a living Person — the Lord Jesus Christ.

The New Testament is not the new covenant. The New Testament is a collection of writings by men who themselves were the new covenant.

We could memorize the entire Bible and not have one drop of eternal life. Eternal Life is a Person — the Lord Jesus Christ.

Would you be saved to citizenship in the coming new world of righteousness? Then receive Christ as your personal Lord and obey Him diligently at all times.

You cannot expect victory in spiritual battle unless you are absolutely obedient to Christ.

In John 14:3, Jesus said we are to be with Him where He is. He did not mean going to Heaven, He meant now — today.

We gain nothing in the Kingdom of God, including understanding the Scriptures, except as the Holy Spirit leads us. All such gifts are to be tested on a regular basis.

Why aren’t you praying that Jesus will heal you. Do you enjoy your aches and pains.

Pray more than once until you get your answer, or until the Lord tells you He has another plan for you.

The mother, a former nurse, is urging her daughter to become a nurse. But is this God’s will for her.

Healing is on the table. Why don’t you ask God to heal you? Or do you prefer to be miserable?

A girl should not be urged or forced to marry someone she does not love. This is not God’s way.

“The one who borrows is the slave of the one who lends.”

Do not say you are suffering that you may be made perfect, unless God tells you this, as He did the Apostle Paul.

If you do not ask Christ to guide you in all you are doing, you are bringing needless confusion and pain upon yourself.

Sin is an infection. Take care of it while it is small before it destroys you.

The philosophy of Humanism is man loving himself rather than fearing and obeying God. Much of mankind in our day is in love with itself.

I have an intense desire to be like my Father, God, in thought, word, and action. “Depart from me, every spirit that is not found in my Father, in Jesus’ name.”

The guiding principle of my life is to do whatever God wants. Everything else is in second place.

Brother Dowell used to say, that you can’t get past the number nine, until you are willing to become a zero, and then let God be one.

God has given us money as a means of exchange in order to find out what is in our heart. Money will not exist in the new world of righteousness.

The Lord Jesus always compensates us for our troubles. The more difficult our situation is, the more grace is provided to keep us on a level of victory, if we keep looking to Him.

If it is true to grow in Christ is to grow in the ability to embrace righteousness and resist wickedness, then a grace that overlooks our sinning is preventing our growth in Christ.

Being able to rejoice in behaving righteously is a reward in itself. Then we are rewarded for behaving righteously. It is a double blessing.

To be saved is to finally overcome the temptations that come upon us and to stand before the Son of God as a citizen of the new world of righteousness.

God rewards those who serve Him diligently. The rewards are as great as God, that is to say, they are incomprehensible.

Iron righteousness of behavior wrought in Christ results in love, joy, and peace. This is the Kingdom of God.

There are three works of spiritual circumcision: putting off worldliness; putting of the lusts and passions of the flesh and spirit; putting off self-will, self-love, and self-centeredness.

The fire of God that consumes the adversaries creates holiness in the faithful and obedient believers.

When the Lord Jesus used the expression “You wicked, lazy servant,” He condemned laziness for the destructive, unclean trait that it is.

The only thing that truly matters is how we treat God and other people. Money appears to be of great importance, but it will not even be found in future ages.

Who among us will be like one of David’s mighty men and stand alone when the rest of Israel flees, and win a great victory against the enemy?

When He was alive on the earth the Lord Jesus commissioned eleven Apostles to go into all the world. The rest of us are commanded to find God’s will and use our own gifts.

It is not Christ’s way for people to attempt to analyze what behavior on their part is causing their sicknesses and afflictions. We are to call on the Lord, as David and Paul did.

In Second Peter 1:19 we find we are to pay attention to the Old Testament. This does not include the ceremonial aspects of the Law of Moses. We are under a new covenant, not dispensation!

What a joy it is to be totally obedient to God. What a miserable bondage to be disobedient to God in the smallest area of one’s personality.

Law must have iron limits. When “heart” is placed above law, we have Humanism, which is a mother of all corruption.

Satan and his loyal followers will never be given the gift of repentance. They will be in the flames of torment forever, according to the Scriptures.

“Political correctness” consists of a series of rules and regulations that proceed from humanistic thinking. These rules and regulations are contrary to common sense.

The judgment of the philosophy of Humanism is that Satan and all other incorrigible wicked creatures be spared from all unpleasant consequences.

If we are not prayerful and careful in all matters we deserve what happens to us.

If we obey Christ we will end up happier than if we disobey Christ.

We cannot be happy or content until we know we are doing God’s will perfectly. We must check continually with the Lord to make certain His will is being performed at every moment.

I was taught when first converted that no one can do God’s will perfectly. This would mean we are compelled to be disobedient to God. This is not true at all.

Esau is not the only one who traded his birthright for a trifle. Esau is not the only person who will weep bitterly over that which never can be restored.

There is an error in Christian thinking concerning sowing and reaping. Grace and mercy are presented as though God finally gives in and accepts untransformed people. This is not true.

Three compulsions that prevent an individual from loving his neighbor as himself are: an undisciplined sexual urge; greed; a desire to rule other people.

While we are living on the earth, it is as though we were at the bottom of the ocean in a diver’s suit. The oxygen line is the Life of Christ as we pray continually. Otherwise we are dead.

The parable of the unjust steward tells us it is important when we die that someone will take us in. If we are not faithful to God, we had better make friends with the world!

Are your hopes and dreams founded on the Rock, Christ Jesus? If not, what you trust and hope for can be removed in a moment. Then what will you do?

As wonderful as is the fact that Christ is with us, it is even more wonderful that Christ is in us.

As we are being born again Christ is being formed in us by the Holy Spirit. Then the Father and the Son come and dwell for eternity in that which has been formed in us.

The greatest gift God can give any person is the desire to do His will, and to delight in doing it. The desire and the delight are well worth praying for.

How anyone could go through life on the earth without Jesus, I do not understand. I have to lean on the Lord all the time, and more so as I grow older.

The longer I live, the more thoroughly I realize that the Antichrist world spirit is filled with lying. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only Truth there is. He explains the truth about everything.

I now can face another day because Christ is with me. His rod and staff, the constant correction, are a comfort to me. I know that when I die I will go directly to Him.

Even though I am walking through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil. The shadow is cast by Satan who seeks to be between the Light of Christ and us.

It is in the very presence of our enemies that Christ spreads a table for us. On that table is the fullness of righteousness, peace, and joy. But we have to eat!

It is true that it is the grace of Christ that helps us through the day. But I prefer not to use the term “grace,” because it has come to mean an alternative to righteous behavior.

There is a tree, the fruit of which is poison. It is the teaching of Divine grace as the means of keeping us from being able to distinguish between wicked and righteous behavior.

I think God has given us the afflictions of old age so when the time comes for us to die we will look forward to dying as entering a wonderful life of righteousness, love, joy and peace.

I do not use the term “righteousness” without saying “righteous behavior,” because the poison of the grace teaching implies that God views our wicked behavior as righteous.

The Light of Christ shines, and the eternal darkness can neither overcome it or understand it.

When you want something from God, make your request as clear and specific as possible, meanwhile praising God and always saying, “Your will be done.”

God gives unusual gifts to people, sometimes even children, in the arts and sciences. Therefore we should not glorify and worship the Beethovens, Einsteins, Rembrandts, and similar individuals.

When we have been purified by the Divine Virtue we are able to forgive everyone who has offended or afflicted us.

There are some people who the Lord Jesus keeps to Himself for years. He cuts them off by circumstances so that when He does bring them into popularity, they remain His unique possession.

Every wise human being will live with two events in mind: the Judgment Seat of Christ; and the Day of Resurrection. Other worries may never take place.

Obedience to God and a love of truth, and there you have it. This really is all there is to life.

Eternal truth and eternal life are found only by the most relentless, persistent pursuit of the Lord Jesus.

It is not what we were in Christ, or as a heathen, but what we are in Christ right now that is of eternal importance.

If it were not for Satan, our sinful nature, and ambitious political leaders, we all would be neighbors.

The difference between living by faith and living by belief in theological facts is the difference between life and death. Living by faith means depending on Christ for every aspect of life.

Living by belief in theological facts is dead religion. What the Bible means by living by faith is illustrated by the obedient lives of those described in the eleventh chapter of Hebrews.

Show me your faith by your recitation of your beliefs. I will show you my faith by the way I look to Jesus for wisdom and strength in every area of life.

The less we say the less we have to apologize for.

People who seek to govern others or to seek preeminence, destroy their own souls.

The adamic man hopes in the present. The hope of the man or woman of God lies in the future. His or her treasures are in Heaven.

We always must give God the best of what we are and the best we have. We must give the world what is left after God’s will is performed.

Any person who harms a child or animal without good and sufficient reason shall be brought before the judges and recompensed accordingly.

The name of Jesus is not to be used as a talisman or a tool. Jesus is a Person, and God’s Judge. He will judge and recompense each individual according to his works.

The fear of God has been removed from our land. We no longer believe Christ will render to every individual according to what he or she has done.

Whoever is in great trouble will surely be brought into a better place if he or she calls on the name of the Lord Jesus for help.

God will forgive anyone who confesses his sin and seeks God’s help in turning from it. But be assured, the individual will experience what he has done to other people.

We simply will not survive in the coming days unless Christ is our Life. Everything shall be shaken. Chaos will reign.

People who accomplish their goals by force, or diplomacy, or by craft, apart from, Christ are ignorant. One day all they have accomplished will blow up in their face.

Satan, lust, the world, the love of money and power — all are lies. Christ alone is the Truth in which we can trust. The Truth will bring us righteousness, love, joy, and peace.

There is nothing in this world worth living for compared with the worth of serving God with a perfect heart.

You must live in quietness of spirit if you are to hear the voice of Christ.

To be converted is to have a change of behavior, not necessarily a change of religion.

Let us choose to wait on the Lord all the time; to listen for His voice and to obey His will completely and resolutely.

I do not participate with those who analyze their behavior in order to learn how to be healed. I call on the Lord in simplicity. I was healed by His stripes.

The entire spiritual creation was brought into existence as a first step in creating a counterpart for, and brothers for, the Word — the Lord Jesus Christ.

The masses and distances of the firmament portray the incomprehensible glory and majesty of God Almighty.

We can look at the creation and glorify God’s wisdom and power. Or we can say there is no God, and thus split ourselves off from reality.

Sixty-five years, during which the Lord Jesus has been my best Friend. Yet, I just now am beginning to appreciate the wisdom and awesomeness of God.

We cannot really comprehend God. We are limited to admiring Him.

The Word, through Whom God created all things, the Lord Jesus Christ, came to earth so we could see what God has in mind when He created man.

God’s love never is sentimental, nostalgic, maudlin, given to dramatic outbursts. Rather it is pure, steady, solid, looking honestly and courageously to a future secure in God.

How do people get along without Jesus? They don’t! They commit suicide, or murder someone, or burst out in profanity, or go through some other soulish uproar.

I may be wrong in this, but it appears that there are few Christians who make it though the morass of human weaknesses until they stand perfect and complete in all the will of Christ.

“Father, I give you thanks in Jesus’ name, and pray you will fill my heart and mind with Your own thoughts and will.”

The servant of the Lord is blind and deaf to everything that is not God’s will. It takes a long time for some of us to get that way.

If you do not seek God with all your heart you will not find Him.

He who endures to the end shall be saved. The path to eternal life is very rugged indeed!

One might refer to the teachings of the Lord Jesus as a philosophy. But in actual fact, salvation is a continual interaction with a Man who came back from the dead.

One way in which a woman can be saved is by dedicating her life to the conscientious training up of a child. As she gives herself for the child she grows in Christ.

God has given the Lake of Fire authority over all liars, whether or not they believe in Christ.

Pray for iron, that you may do the right thing when it is difficult and painful.

It appears that most people are “inert ingredients.” Only a small percentage of the population can be counted on to do what is right when it is difficult and painful to do so.

We may have a lust for supernatural experiences. But dabbling in the supernatural does not build character.

I still am writing the words the Spirit of God has given me so those who are facing the chaos of the future will have more than the empty crackers of grace-rapture-heaven to sustain them.

During the born again experience, the self-will dies slowly as it is being replaced by the Divine nature.

Be careful when you quote God’s Words that you do so accurately. You will be held accountable if you misuse His Name.

Jesus did not answer the Jews directly, when they asked about restoring the Kingdom to Israel. This is because their motives were wrong. They needed to be born again.

Sometimes we have to deal with difficult and complicated situations. However, sooner or later our religious strivings end up as a simple walk with the living Jesus.

God chooses witnesses of His Person, will, way, and eternal purpose in Christ. The choices were made when the world was created.

Our faithfulness at the present time determines our role and opportunities in the Kingdom of God.

“Father, in Jesus’ name, I pray you give me the desires that will guide me to righteousness, love, joy, and peace. Remove all other desires from me.”

The greater part of our ministry occurs after we die. The purpose of the present life is the shaping of our character. What a furnace this present life is!

We can maintain the Lord’s Presence by talking to Him all the time about everything we are doing and experiencing throughout the day.

The expression “give ear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth,” signifies that the revelation given to people on the earth goes also to those living in the heavens.

God can protect us while we are living on the earth just as well as He can protect us while we are living in the spirit world.

The process of creating us in the image of God begins in this life and continues throughout eternity.

God has given some people, and some nations, more money than they need. If they do not pray, and minister to others with their gift, their portion will be the outer darkness, or Hell.

In America, money is our God. We accumulate as much as we can. in order to preserve our security and happiness without having to trust the Lord.

Whatever gift God has given us, such as teaching the Gospel, or helping with our material needs, we have to set aside our own life that we may fully share the resources God has given us.

If America had devoted herself to aiding the poor of the world she would not be in the trouble she is in today. There are children starving to death!

Every person has been given a gift of some sort. He is obligated to set aside his own life that he may find out from God how best to use his gift to benefit God and people.

Some have taught that if we give money to a particular ministry we shall receive much more in return. This motive is sinful, and God will not honor or bless the giver.

When we give of our money, we are to give to please the Lord. If we give for any other reason, our gift will not be honored or credited to our account.

Some Christian ministries are telling us we should stockpile food or gold because of the coming chaos. God will provide for us in the future if we obey Him carefully today.

Every day I pray for complete deliverance from Satan, from my person and environment. I want it to be true that when the prince of this world comes he finds nothing in me.

God holds every person in the world responsible for the wickedness therein. The only way we can escape being guilty is by setting aside our own life that God’s will might be done in us.

We are not covered with His atoning blood. According to the New Testament, our white robe is our Christ-enabled righteous conduct.

Get on the same side of the net with God so He Himself is your Salvation, your Love, your Joy, your Righteousness, your Holiness, your Peace, your Salvation.

It appears that most people live to satisfy their own needs and desires, giving little thought to the tremendous needs of other people.

Until Christ saves us we are occupied with proving that we are a god in our own right.

Self-centeredness is a far more destructive and deadly trait than is true of a compulsion for adultery or murder, although self-centeredness may lead to adultery, stealing, and murder.

The only thing that really matters, when you come to the end of your tour of duty, is how you treated those who depended on you.

Start your eternal dialogue today, if you haven’t already. Talk and listen to Jesus in your mind all the time. Ask His opinion about this and that, and pray for His guidance.

You can dine with the Lord and visit with Him all the time if you open the door of your heart. Blessed is the person who always is conscious of the Lord’s Presence.

Why live your own narrow life when you can live in His company? Are your thoughts a monologue or a dialogue? Are you walking with yourself or walking with God?

Melchizedek never had a birthday party. I am 86 years old today. I am looking forward to the power of an endless life!

I believe the greatest gift anyone can receive is that of delighting in doing God’s perfect, complete will.

The Father is so pleased with Christ’s righteousness and obedience that it is His desire that Christ fill all things; and we of the Church are His Fullness.

The net of the Kingdom is let down and then drawn up. When the multitude of people appear, God very carefully goes through the haul and picks out those He chooses.

The Lord Jesus prepares each person for the time God decides his tour of duty is over and removes him from the earth. Only the Father knows when that moment occurs.

When we are about to pass into the next world, it is most important that God is totally pleased with what we have become and done. In this instance, all the blemishes of the past are covered.

There is participation in the Christian religion. Then there is living by the Life of the Lord Jesus. These two situations hardly are related.

Because of false teaching we believe that the righteous shall live by faith applies only to the new covenant. But the eleventh chapter of the Book of Hebrews shows this concept to be erroneous.

When the show is over, and everything has been tallied up, it will be seen that our minds were distracted with many vain things. All that really matters is our relationships with God and people.

Learning to live by the Life of Christ is a lifelong discipline. It is accomplished by looking to Jesus at every moment for His strength and guidance.

Every fervent Christian desires to be a true witness of Christ in his thoughts, his words, and his actions. This is possible only as we learn to live by the Life of Christ.

There are only three ways a person can live: by his or her own life; by the life of Satan and his demons; or by the Life of Christ. Each of us has to choose how he wants to live.

The purpose for our being alive on the earth is to form Christ in us and to bring us to the place where we are walking humbly with God in every aspect of our being and doing.

There are two kinds of preaching. One shows the listener how to use Christ in order to have a “better” life. The other focuses on forming Christ in the individual.

To be content and joyful in the immediate moment without knowing the future is a wonderful blessing. It is well worth praying for.

Evolutionists would have us believe that energy and mass had no source, no point of origin. This concept is contrary to what we experience during our lifetime on the earth.

Receiving Christ as one’s personal Savior is the beginning of the arduous program of redemption. This program results in the forming of a son of God in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The great error of our time is the teaching that salvation is a legal ticket to Heaven, rather than what it actually is, the forming of a new creation in the image of God.

“O God, remove from me all dread and fear; and give me a joyful promise for the future, in Jesus’ name.”

I think the great retirement home in Heaven is going to be the busiest place we ever have encountered, as we go about joyfully doing God’s will.

Eventually every day shall be wonderful as we continue to live and trust in the Lord Jesus.

Did you ever ask the Lord to keep you from wasting time, as you go about doing His complete, perfect will?

Believing the facts about Christ and His atonement, and having faith in God, are two different matters. The demons know the first but do not have the second.

Sometimes what happens to people on the earth appears as a tragedy. But in actuality it is God dealing with the individual to bring him or her to maturity.

When God chastens us severely, we should love Him all the more because He is sending trouble upon us that we might become more a part of Him.

Jesus did not come to bring us to Heaven but to the Father, that we might know Him and find rest in Him. Fellowship with God is independent of our physical death.

The only rest and peace any individual can experience is that which is found when the person is in the center of God’s Person and has untroubled fellowship with Him.

God’s servants will grow ever more attractive as the aeons of eternity roll along. This is a much better plan than the deterioration and corruption that take place on the earth.

After you think God has spoken to you, you have to walk it out. There are many voices in the world, and they all are not of the Lord!

To live forever is not at all a desirable state, unless that life is of Christ and not our own.

The wicked are their own worst enemies. Their wickedness is revealed clearly in this world, or in the next world, or in both worlds.

When there is an outstanding performance by someone, we should give glory to God who gave the gift or talent, not to the individual!

The person is blessed indeed who can see clearly the difference between religion and the Lord Jesus.

It is difficult for us to enter God’s rest, where we are hearing and obeying every detail of Christ’s will for us. The reason it is difficult is that we are filled with our own plans, fears, and ambitions.

The atoning blood and the baptism with the Holy Spirit are the means by which we enter the “rest” of God — that state of being where we continually do the will of Jesus.

One day the true saints will flow together, and there is nothing the churches or the government can do to prevent it. They are the rulers of the world to come, and the Lord Jesus Christ is their King.

Religion often spends its time learning about God instead of coming to know God Himself. It is devoid of an intimate interaction with a Person.

In the Day of Resurrection, God cannot clothe us with an outward form that does not fit the inner person. God never shall place a glorious robe on an ugly inner nature.

The life of the natural man is eating, sleeping, working, playing, and reproducing. The life of the new spiritual nature is iron righteousness, fiery holiness, and stern obedience to God.

Your God is the person to whom you give yourself and obey unreservedly. No one else should be in this position in your life!

The greatest problem we have is viewing ourselves as our own God. We need to pray continually that our worship will be transferred to the God of Heaven.

Whoever murders or abuses another person because of his or her choice of religion or lack of religion is a murderer, and is judged so by the God of Heaven.

Where there is unrighteous behavior the Kingdom of God is not present. Where Jesus is active there always is righteous behavior.

It is only right that we should give unreserved obedience to God in every detail of our life, since He is our Creator.

As we are being set free from fears, idols, passions, and ambitions we increasingly are able to rest in God, to be aware of the will of Christ, and to obey God completely in every detail of life.

The Lord Jesus did not come among mankind to save us from Hell but to save us from bondage to our self-will.

Any self-willed person would continue in chains, even if he or she were in Paradise.

It is my belief that in the spirit world our bodies do not change. However, our appearance changes according to the development of our inward nature, for good or for evil.

Never let anyone except Jesus walk in the secret place of the garden of your heart. No human being is able to satisfy your longing to be loved and understood.

If you love someone, let your love for them go through God to them, not to them directly. No person is able to fulfill the deepest desires of your heart except the Lord Jesus.

The adamic nature longs to give itself to another human in a spasm of romantic love. But the Divine nature gives itself only to God, and then enjoys fruitful and eternal love for many people.

The Kingdom of God consists largely of promises. There are a few we receive now. But the far greater part will be fulfilled in the future. So the issue is one of faith and patience.

No part of the human body is of significance or use when detached from the body. So it is true that each member of the Body of Christ finds its use and significance as part of one great organism.

The power and wisdom of the Lord Jesus will solve every problem if you dialogue continually with Him.

Religion has a problem keeping its hands off the Ark. It supposes its schemes will bring about the Glory of God. It understands neither God nor His ways.

Religious plans and ambitions usually do not accomplish much of value in the Kingdom of God. When God decides to use someone He often makes that person helpless.

Sin causes confusion. Righteousness and integrity bring clarity, peace, simplicity, and productivity.

Multitudes are in the valley of decision, meaning they are lukewarm Christians. Each of us must decide whether to live our own life or to live at every moment in the eternal dialogue with Jesus.

The eternal witnesses of the Person, will, way, and purpose of God in Christ are those who live in the continual dialogue with Jesus.

The Lord Jesus has not come to bring us to Himself except as bringing us to Himself results in our being brought to the Father.

The Lord Jesus is not the way to Himself. He is the Way to the Father and the Truth and Life of the Father.

Do you want to be your own man or God’s man? Today’s emphasis seems to be that we should be in control of our own lives. This is Antichrist. God wants to be in control of our lives.

Our citizenship always is be in Heaven, just as is true of the Lord Jesus. But our inheritance is in the earth and its peoples, just as is true of the Lord Jesus.

The purpose of redeeming us is not to bring us to Heaven. The purpose is to create us in God’s image so we can perform the roles and tasks of the Kingdom of God.

When the Lord works with us, and we and the Lord jointly speak God’s Word, then the Lord will confirm God’s Word by accompanying it with miraculous signs.

If the Great Commission commands us to teach people to keep the commandments of Christ, why do we tell them they are saved by grace and do not have to keep Christ’s commandments?

The natural man thinks in terms of religion. The spiritual man is occupied with his continual interaction with the living Lord Jesus Christ.

Decent people are judged to be such by all members of mankind whose judgment has not been corrupted. They receive Christ gladly. Decent people have no need to fear death.

It never was God’s will that people view God’s grace as a device by which God will have fellowship with wickedness and spiritual uncleanness.

Life on earth is filled with problems and pain. This is because God is forming character. If the individual obeys God, he or she will come to a world where there are no problems or pain.

The program of redemption begins when we are a slave of Satan. When it has been completed we are in the image of God and a resting place for the Father and the Son.

If the new covenant does not give us the power to overcome sin, then we are faced with a future filled with forgiven sinners.

A change in environment, such as dying and going to Paradise, does not enable us to overcome sin. We see this fact dramatized in the events in the garden in Eden.

Righteous behavior can proceed only from a righteous will, and power to enforce that will.

Unlike the old covenant, the new covenant brings forth a new creation that has the will and the power to do God’s will in every aspect of life.

The way “grace” is preached today produces sinners, not saints!

It is not true that believing in Christ makes the Kingdom law of sowing and reaping of no effect.

The concept that we can live a sinful life, and then go to Paradise by making a profession of Christ, is the grand delusion of Christian teaching.

The so-called “free” world is not free at all. It is horribly bound with demons of lust and greed.

To perceive the Christian Gospel as a means of relieving sinful people of the consequences of their behavior is to invite delusion upon oneself.

Violence begets more violence. Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. The only means of gaining love, joy, and peace, is through prayer.

The expression “Jesus saves us from sin,” does that mean Jesus forgives our sin, or does it mean Jesus takes away the power of our sinful nature?

If Jesus both removes the guilt of our sin and destroys the power of our sinful nature, then what role does Divine “grace” play?

Is “grace” an alternative to righteous behavior, or is “grace” the God-given means of gaining victory over the actions of the sinful nature?

The “four steps of salvation” is a religious formula. It does not produce righteous behavior, as does the new covenant.

The “four steps of salvation” bring us to church. The new covenant brings us to the Man!

I do not know what good mastering a catechism does for a person. But I do know that seeking Christ every day brings forth a new creation of righteous behavior.

Because of Christ in me I am truthful, honest, I do not rejoice in moral filth, I trust God for enough money, I am merciful, I obey God. I did not start out this way!

The Bible is not a history of scholars and philosophers and their writings. The Bible has to do with people to whom God revealed Himself and guided them personally.

The Bible is not to be a substitute for knowing the living Christ. The purpose of the Bible is to guide and warn us when spirits other than Christ seek to influence us.

To attempt to be led by the Bible alone without the Spirit of God is to adopt a religious stance that is spiritually dead and produces division.

The Bible is a guide for us in spiritual matters; but it never is to be a substitute for a personal relationship and interaction with the living God.

The history of religion is that of man attempting to understand and apply that which came from God and can only be interpreted and utilized by a person who is obeying God.

Religion is man’s attempt to understand and please God. True salvation takes place when God reaches out and reveals Himself to people whom He has chosen.

Folly and destruction abound when we attempt to do God’s will without hearing from God and being guided and enabled by Him.

Study the Bible and notice how many times God personally guided people. This is the way it is supposed to be today.

We are to keep on asking Jesus to take over a part of our life until He has the whole. The goal is to live by the Life of Jesus rather than by our own life.

There are laws in the Bible that all people are to obey. Then there are personal commands given to some people, who must obey them if they are to come to know the Lord.

The Pharisees adhere to the Scripture. They do not want to follow personal commands from the Lord because they desire to save their own life.

The person who obeys the Bible and also the personal commands given to him has lost his own life for Christ’s sake and the Gospel’s.

The person who believes in a false religion will obey the laws of his faith but will not receive personal commands from the Lord, unless they are to lead him away from his religion.

The person who knows only the laws of his religion, but not God, whether his religion is Christian or otherwise, will sometimes act contrary to common sense.

A Christian who knows the Bible but does not hear from God personally is like a man who has a map of the world but is trying to find a certain address.

To pursue the victorious Christian life we must have a strong, decisive will. The double-minded person will get nowhere with God.

The teaching that God overlooks our sins now and will deliver us at a later date, is based on a few passages. But it is invalidated by the exhortations of Paul about righteous behavior.

There are numerous passages in the New Testament that command righteous behavior, accompanied by dire warnings if we obey our sinful nature.

The right kind of discipline sets us free. The wrong kind of liberty puts chains around us. Slavery to Christ is the only true freedom.

The only true God has no name. The Lord Jesus calls Him “Father,” and reveals Him to the faithful.

The true difference between Christianity and other religions is not a difference of religion, it is a difference of gods.

There are not many roads to God. There is only the one Road. His name is Jesus Christ.

I want to live and not die. But the only path to life is death. This is true even in the spirit world.

Christ is a Nail in a sure place. You safely can hang all of your hopes and dreams on Him.

In their zeal to maintain the Divinity and supremacy of Jesus Christ, the theologians have “kicked Him upstairs,” so to speak. We find it difficult to think of Him as our Brother.

If Christ’s true mother is Mary, and Mary is not His mother just in a symbolic or religious sense, then Christ is not your elder Brother or the Son of God. Mary was a human being.

If Mary is the true mother of Jesus Christ, then Christ is not the Son of God. This is true because Mary is not the wife of the one true God whom the Jews address in the Shema.

If you have been born of God, and Christ has been born of God, then you and He are true brothers.

If the Lord Jesus Christ is co-equal and co-eternal with the Father, then there are two Gods. One is not the son of the other.

By all the standards of nature, a son is not the same person as his father in a different role or manifestation. Christ is His Father’s Son and Heir, but He is not His own Father.

For a faithful Christian to die is to awaken in the midst of loving, joyful friends who have come to welcome him or her to the true world.

When we die our body goes to sleep; but our consciousness awakens to the reality of the spirit world. We then will be joyous, confused and doubtful, or terrified.

We know we are growing in Christ when we do not judge people except as we hear from Jesus; and we do not hold hostility in our heart toward anyone.

The Lord saves us, builds us up by His Spirit, and teaches us, so that we may form an army of judges, kings, and priests who will work in Christ in establishing the will of God on the earth.

We have not been saved from sin until we have been delivered from sinful behavior.

The sinner’s lifestyle produces pain and spiritual death. The righteous person’s lifestyle produces love, joy, peace, and immortality.

There certainly are thrills that result from sinful behavior. But just as certainly there are no lasting love, joy, and peace in sinful behavior.

The individual who does only what is pleasant and avoids what is unpleasant will have to be carried through life by a more disciplined person. He is a baby.

There are people who hate God. What destructive devils they are! Do not go near to them lest you also be burned.

“Keep me under Your wings, O Lord, lest I come to pain and destruction. You are my protection, O Lord, in the day of trouble.”

The present world is the way God wants it. It is fulfilling His purpose of forming rulers of the world to come.

There are people who are as insensitive to others as a pile of scrap iron.

In the afterlife, people who are closer to God may descend from their place to visit with someone of a lesser calling. But they must conceal their glory in order to do so.

When the impurities and impure people have been separated from them, then the righteous shall shine in the Glory of their Father.

That God will have fellowship with people on the basis of grace, rather than change into righteous character and behavior, is the most destructive of all concepts. It is a gigantic error.

If people only knew what is at stake, they would sell everything and buy the Gospel. But the willingness to do so comes only by the plan of God for them.

We are in the time of the harvest of the earth. The true sons of God are working to help with the harvest.

I think the one trumpet is sounding today. God is calling His leaders to assemble before Christ.

You can’t tell much by looking at people. In a large meeting, maybe one or two will come out with words from God that will change their whole life.

God works with us, line upon line, command upon command. There is no hurry. He is fashioning us into the image of His Son and bringing us into His rest.

There is no higher destiny than to be in Christ and Christ in us. What possibly could be higher; wealth, fame, power over people? No. To live by the Life of Christ is the supreme destiny.

Each of us must be baptized with fire if we are to be of any use to God and man. Hold steady during your trial and you yet shall see the Glory of God.

We must set Christ before us continually. He always must be in our mind, as we set our affection on things above where Christ sits on the right hand of God, not on things on the earth.

How we are spending our time and energy is a true index of how devoted we are to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the perfect Representation of God. He wants us also to be in the image of God to this extent. For this purpose God created man.

I do not see in the Bible, Heaven as a wonderful place. It is a scene of war, sin, and rebellion. What is wonderful about Heaven is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Dying and going to Heaven may not be a pleasant experience for casual Christians, or for someone who did not put to Kingdom use his or her talents.

After Christ appears again, to be on the earth surrounded by people we love is better than being in Heaven.

Jesus said, “The prince of this world has no hold on me.” May each one of us live so the same can be said of us.

The true joy of the Christian salvation is that of knowing the Lord Jesus personally, and talking to Him continually day and night.

A religion is a set of beliefs and practices that we adhere to. It is our approximation of what God requires. It is not the same as fellowship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Everything is fine when Jesus is in town.

The term “Body of Christ” has to do with the fact we have been anointed with the Spirit of God to work with Jesus at the task of installing the Kingdom of God on the earth.

The term “Wife of the Lamb” is setting forth our relationship to the Lord Jesus. We are married to the Lamb by eating the flesh and drinking the blood of the Lamb.

I do not want anything whatever in me that cannot survive God’s fire!

It is one matter to want the gifts of God. It is another matter to want God Himself.

The Cherubim are filled with eyes, telling us that God sees everything.

Putting legs on a prayer is like putting shoes on an eagle. It is Almighty God who puts legs on our prayers.

Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. We have to learn to live in Christ one day at a time. He will help us do that if we ask Him.

The true love that is from God insists on total union. It accepts no compromise.

What is pleasing to God should be pleasing to us. What is displeasing to God should be displeasing to us.

The only form of government that will bring justice to its citizens is that of a righteous king who has absolute authority and power, and who obeys God at all times.

Trying to make the earth Heavenly may lead you astray.

The most important thing in life is to always do what God wants, as cheerfully as possible.

It is not unusual for people to think of death as disappearing down a black hole. However, when a decent person dies there is nothing to fear. They are in a far, far better place.

We are transformed by the renewing of our mind. This is why those who stand with the Lamb on Mount Zion have His name and his Father’s name written on their foreheads.

When we die we are put with people like ourselves. God does not like mixtures. We need to give this careful thought, because it can be one of the most terrifying situations imaginable.

For two thousand years the churches have been attempting to make an apple instead of growing one.

There is nothing I cannot overcome through the Lord Jesus Christ.

I see a new peak in the distance. It is to live for the day and not be anxious about tomorrow.

“Lord Jesus, I pray you will help me to live one day at a time without concern for the future.”

I don’t want to be a worrier. I want to be a warrior.

There is a time to speak. There is a time to listen to what others have to say.

A healthy body responds perfectly to the Head. If we are rightly related to Christ we will respond instantly to Him.

When we know what the Lord’s will is we are to perform it promptly and cheerfully, whether or not we agree with it.

The Lord Jesus will help us carry our burdens if we ask Him to.

There is a difference between religion and truth. Religion instructs us how to please Jesus by our life. Truth instructs us how to live by Jesus’ Life.

We may relate to a beautiful woman by idolizing her. But this relationship is not true union. It will not bring us lasting joy and contentment.

Whatever Satan does, he does. We are not to fret about it. God in His time will put an end to wickedness.

Listen carefully to people. If you are full of your own ideas you will not hear what they have to say.

We must agree that God is marvelously complicated when we see the weird creatures at the bottom of the ocean.

We must forget the past and start each day new as if it were the first day of creation. God will apply the lessons of the past as He sees fit.

When a dread disease strikes you, and you have been living in obedience to Jesus, fix your eyes on Jesus. It may be He already has healed you. Listen to what He says to you.

The Lord heals those who faithfully look to Him at all times and obey Him. He makes the individual’s bed in his sickness.

If a Muslim is in great trouble and asks Christ to help him, the Lord will do that. Christ is kind. He will help him, but the individual must stop hurting people.

We should pray that God will give us honest government, and that God will speak to the Muslim people.

The spirit world is an unbelievably vast area. It ranges from the most terrifying Hell to the most marvelous Paradise. The person who dies goes to that part of the spirit where he belongs.

Have you ever noticed that Jesus spoke no parable about going to Heaven, only about the Kingdom. Going to the Paradise in the spirit world, is not the objective of salvation.

Your religion is useless if it permits you to take something at someone else’s expense.

Jesus Christ is the supreme Lord, by the command of His Father. All other gods and goddesses are fallen angels or demons.

Jesus Christ is the only Way to the Father; the only Truth of the Father; and the only Life of the Father. All other would-be gods and goddesses are liars and usurpers.

The only proper foundation of life is to please God and to obey strictly the Lord Jesus Christ.

Freedom is not the same thing as righteousness. The freedom under our democratic form of government will yet bring America down to being an insignificant country.

To enter the spirit world without the blessing of Christ would be the most terrifying experience anyone ever could imagine!

We all know that God and Christ are One in the Spirit. But They are two different People, or the Bible simply does not make sense.

If we are to be accepted as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ we must be absolutely faithful, absolutely diligent, and absolutely obedient to Christ.

If we don’t give everything to the Lord Jesus Christ, we will regret it bitterly some day.

Someone said the nail that sticks up is hammered. Therefore I choose not to be popular.

“We do not trust in ourselves but in God who raises the dead.” Eternal life always comes from the death of the cross working in our life personality.

Christ Himself is Life, which is the Light of men. As He is formed in us, we gain understanding of the Father.

We Christians are stones of fire. We have been born of the Consuming Fire.

Until we ourselves become life-giving spirits, we cannot bring eternal life to the dead sea of mankind.

Some of the ministers of the Gospel are proclaiming grace-Heaven-rapture. How will they face those whom they flattered and deceived when the Divine judgment falls on the lukewarm?

Many of us Americans have taken our Christian religion and our American values for granted. Now we are going to have to fight for them.

Try to avoid enthusiasm and acting on impulse. Before making decisions, pause, if only for a moment, and ask the Lord Jesus for wisdom.

The wise person chooses to believe that there are life and judgment after death, and lives his or life accordingly. If there are, and you live a wicked life, you are in serious trouble.

When seeking to be led by the Spirit we have to keep watching, watching, watching, unless we make our move before we have all the information.

The Spirit-led life is not one of enthusiasm and impulse. It is quiet, orderly, disciplined, and bears good fruit.

When we seek to be led by the Spirit we always must keep aware of our surroundings. God sometimes speaks to us through unlikely circumstances and from unlikely people.

In their attempt to be politically correct, administrators sometimes strain out gnats and swallow camels.

When America ceased to be a melting pot and adopted multiculturalism, its destruction was assured.

If we Christians are not to be overrun by other religions, we are going to have to be more obedient to the living Christ, praying to Him constantly.

Other religious people may live according to their religion and their sacred texts. We Christians are to walk humbly at all times with the living Christ and have fellowship with Him.

No matter how great may be our successes in life, the most important consideration must always be that of obeying the Lord Jesus.

Living by faith does not mean you quit your job and expect people to give you money. Living by faith is listening to Jesus and doing what He says.

The greatest lesson any creature of God will learn is that we are created to do God’s will and not our own. What does that tell us about the current teaching of “grace”?

Do not make someone feel bad when it does not accomplish anything.

The Lord Jesus does not want us engrossed with money but with Himself. Money cannot take care of us like He can.

If at the end of your life you can say, “I have pleased God during my lifetime,” you are blessed indeed!

At all times keep yourself ready to hear and obey the Lord. This is why parties are for children, not adults.

Don’t get in such a hurry that you can’t hear and obey the Lord. He who believes shall not make haste or be dismayed.

When you are excited, pray that you may calm down. Do not act enthusiastically or impulsively.

“He who is not gathering with Me is scattering from Me.” Hard words; but the Kingdom of God is just that serious and severe.

I do not want to have fellowship with a Statement of Faith but with a living Jesus.

First you have a body and a deformed inner nature. If you follow Christ, your inner nature will be transformed. After you die, you will receive a body that matches your transformed inner nature.

If redemption and spiritual growth do not continue after we die, there never will be a perfect church without spot or wrinkle.

If we follow Christ each day He will never leave us or forsake us no matter how chaotic the world becomes.

“Dear Lord. Show me what you are thinking, what you are saying, and what you are doing, that I may think, say, and do what you are doing at all times. Amen.”

When you pray, continue until you have peace. Pray, pray, pray, and pray again! When you finally realize He has heard you, you know your request has been granted.

Whatever is not of faith is sin. When you are convicted of doing something, and you plunge ahead anyway, you are sinning. Stop and pray!

We are not called to worship religion or the Bible. Rather, we have been called to worship the Lord Jesus.

Jesus is God’s idea of how people are to look and behave. He is in the image of God.

Whatever gifts we operate we do not do to please people but to please Christ.

The Bible emphasis is not on Heaven, it is on the earth and what is going to happen on the earth in the future.

Laziness pays her customers with worthless coins. So does lack of diligence.

Where you go after you die does not depend on your religion but on what kind of person you are.

“Take everything out of me that is not of God,” I pray. “Every thought, every word, every action. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Whatever is past is past. I turn my back on it. Before me is the future. My future is Christ.

The promises to the overcomer, in Chapters Two and Three of the Book of Revelation, are not rewards as such. Rather, they are the enablements proceeding from Divine grace.

I pray to be carried along in the River of God without concern or anxiety.

A desire for money gives people an opportunity to express the selfishness and murder that is in their heart.

Sooner or later every individual receives what he or she deserves. Divine grace does not in any manner change this.

Things on earth have their equivalent forms in the spirit world. There they are eternal, and their true meaning is revealed.

Everything is behind me except the lessons I have learned. They remain in my spirit. Now only Christ is before me.

It is day by day from here on out. We must keep praying. Remember how God preserved Jeremiah in the midst of the destruction of Jerusalem.

That nation shall not long endure that puts the rights of people above the rights of God.

Part of our land of promise is ourselves, our own personality. In our patience we are to possess our souls.

God’s goal is to remove sin from the creation. Everything we do in Christian ministry should proceed toward that end, beginning with ourselves.

May the Lord God of Heaven remove from each one of us everything that is not of His image.

“Lord, I pray you will destroy the spirit of religion so people everywhere may see the living Jesus.”

Your body does not belong to you. It is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Are you sharing your body with God, or with Satan and his demons? You can tell from your behavior.

Evangelism is important, but it should not be assigned the highest priority of our efforts. Rather our prime goal is to drive sin from the creation, particularly from ourselves.

People are more important than money.

If we as a Christian do not press forward in Christ each day, we will grow old and wither without being a portrayal of Christ for the young people to emulate.

Righteousness has to do with the character of man. Holiness has to do with nearness to God and with the absence of unclean spirits.

Girls, guns, and cars are dangerous and are not to be played with. They are for serious purposes. He who plays with them is a fool and shall receive a fool’s reward.

Righteousness is conformity to the laws of God. First imputed, then wrought in our personality by the Holy Spirit, using the Substance of Christ.

Addition to the number of people in a church is an organizational goal. It is not a biblical goal.

Holiness is devotion to God and the image of God.

If we want to escape the Divine judgment that is hovering over America at this time, we must live very close to the Lord Jesus.

We have to guard our spirit. We can choose to be negative and unbelieving, or we can choose to be pleasant and full of faith.

One of the greatest gifts God gives us is the removal of the memory of the past, so we are free to press forward to that which is glorious and wonderful in Christ.

Why is it that people with a gift for evangelism insist that every other believer be an evangelist?

There are many true, dependable people in the world, and many phonies who harm others. When the phonies die they will be revealed for what they are.

It is well to give thanks to God continually. We always can find something to be thankful for — that we have something to eat, for example.

Jesus holds the angels of the churches in His hand. The angels of the churches do not hold Jesus in their hand.

The Lord Jesus moves among the churches as He will. He is not in any manner bound by the churches or their religious tenets.

When Jesus is lifted up He brings people to Himself. He does not necessarily bring them to churches.

The Lord Jesus is high above His churches as God is high above His creation.

The Lord Jesus can remove the Lampstand of the testimony from any church that displeases Him. But churches cannot remove Jesus, although sometimes they attempt to do so.

The Lord Jesus came to us from God. Religion comes to us from the mind of people.

I have yet to see or hear of a Christian denomination that leans helplessly on Jesus. Ordinarily they are rushing about asking God to bless their own plans.

The purpose of a church is to bring people to the Lord Jesus, and to build up in Christ those who attend. If instead it calls attention to itself, it is of no use in the Kingdom of God.

“Stepping out in faith” is presumption. God will not honor it.

Don’t get out of the boat until Jesus says “come.”

If the Scriptures are not of God in every detail, it is best we never had been born.

A spirit that loves to obey God is the best gift we ever shall receive from the Lord.

God never will be reconciled to us and our sinful ways. It is we who must be reconciled to God and His righteous ways.

Our redemption is complete when we are filled and clothed with Life. But our growth into the image of Christ may continue throughout unknown ages.

The comment about the vultures (eagles) is a quotation from Job. It means that when the slain Lamb appears, then those who live by His body and blood will be gathered about the Lamb.

When you pray for a healing, or for something else, always pray, “Your will be done!” This is the strongest, wisest prayer of all.

“Lord Jesus, help me not to grasp anyone or anything that I may be free to receive what you have for me, and to go where you want me to go, and to be what you want me to be.”

The surest sign that Christ is being formed in you is that you delight to do God’s will.

Filling us with Christ does not give us power. Rather, filling us with Christ causes us to behave righteously, to obey God, and to make righteous judgments.

All denominations are heading toward extinction because the Lord Jesus prayed that we would be one. Denominations sometimes make proselytes, instead of disciples.

How long will it be before Christian scholars understand how utterly unscriptural and destructive Dispensational theology is?

Why don’t we introduce people to the living Jesus instead of to our statement of faith, or to our catechism?

Paul’s thesis is not there is a new way in which God addresses sin. Rather, his point is that God can credit righteousness to us apart from the Law of Moses.

If there has been a bigger demon out of Hell than the philosophy of Humanism, I cannot imagine what it would be. This spirit removes the character of people.

The only thing that makes sense in this crazy world is the Bible.

The Lord Jesus did not preach sermons. He Himself is the living Word.

People do not want to hear about my church or your denomination. They want Jesus!

If a husband and a wife begin to quarrel, the one who brings about peace is the true priest of the home.

Belief in Christ alone will not save anyone. Belief always must be accompanied by obedience if it is to be effective. Belief alone merely is mental assent.

There are millions of people who profess to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. But they do not obey Him by denying themselves, taking up their cross, and following Him.

What we mean by being “born again” is that you have joined our club.

Tell God “Thank You” every time He answers prayer. Pray about everything all the time.

The difference between a human being and an ape is that a human being worships God and has a sense of that which is spiritual.

If we believe in Christ and are baptized in water, we have been crucified with Him and already have been raised together with Him. We already have come to Mount Zion.

No animal has a sense of God or of spirits. The most primitive human being has a sense of God and of that which is spiritual.

The world spirit is one huge lie. We all are deceived by the Antichrist spirit.

The Spirit of God gives talents to each of us. What we do with those talents determines our eternal destiny, whether or not we are a Christian.

There always is grace sufficient for the day.

To live in the rest of God is to always be thinking, speaking, and acting that which is according to the Word of God to us personally.

Don’t trust anything to chance. Pray about every matter, great and small.

An individual, Christian or not, who has not suffered adversity, does not have much character and is little more than an aging body.

The Gospel of the Kingdom brings about the reversal of Eden such that the human body experiences immortality.

The mature saints are more than righteous people. They are filled with the Substance and Life of the Lord Jesus Christ. They have in them the Divine Nature.

Just because a person behaves righteously and has a new look after receiving Christ, does not mean he or she is a new creation. The new creation is of the Divine in nature.

There is power-assistance available to Christians. It is there to assist you when you make a move in the right direction, like power steering.

The Scripture tells us that the members of the Church are elect. The Scripture tells us also that there are multitudes of people not of the Church who shall be saved.

There are some who are teaching that ultimately everyone will be saved. I guess they never have read about the sheep and the goats.

The “sheep,” of Matthew, Chapter Twenty-five, are not members of the Church. The Church are Christ’s “brothers” to whom the “sheep” of the world ministered.

Men build cities but God builds people.

Our soul is the core of our personality, where we make our decisions. Our spirit is the influence of our personality. Our body is the case that holds the soul and spirit.

If we do not place Jesus in the middle of everything we do, everything we desire, everything we plan, we will end up with ashes.

Life lived by the Life of Jesus is the only life worth living. All other kinds of life are temporary and not worth living.

To be saved is to spend eternity on the new earth that Christ shall create in the future. This is the new world of righteousness.

I have chosen in all things to be thankful to God, because He it is who is bringing me to eternal love, joy, and peace.

How often we diagnose our own ailments instead of asking Jesus to remove the problem.

“Dear Lord, put every mistake, every foolish action, every sinful deed, behind me that I may forget about them and press forward in Christ.”

We see in the parable of the talents that it is possible for someone to take our place in the Kingdom; for someone to receive our crown.

The snare is set in vain in the sight of an animal. So it is true that wickedness practiced in secret is observed by the Lord.

Before we can become valuable in the Kingdom of God we must become nothing in our own eyes.

God has given me the greatest gift of all — a heart that loves to do His will.

People who really know the Lord do not just do His will, they love to do His will; they delight to do His will, and they keep telling Him this.

No one can find true and lasting peace until he or she is doing the perfect, complete will of the Lord.

God likes that a clear line be drawn between good and evil. The teaching of lawless grace erases that line.

Instead of preaching righteous behavior the Christian leaders fell into the errors of “faith,” “prosperity,” and “speaking the creative word.” They had too much time on their hands.

The purpose of the Church in the world is to display the righteous works of God. Since the Church is not doing that, due to the teaching of lawless grace, worldwide change is coming.

Why not give God the continual attention that He deserves and requires, before He has to do something to gain our attention?

Belief, hope, and faith must work together if we are to attain to the several aspects of our goal that are set forth in the New Testament.

No “memories that bless and burn” for me. I refuse to look back. I am pressing forward in Christ to the best that yet is ahead. All that is worthy will be there to meet me.

There is a difference between belief and faith. The purpose of belief is to serve as a guide and anchor for our faith. Faith is the engine that drives the life of victory in Christ.

We are not true Christians until we are ready to confess that we are strangers and pilgrims on the earth.

As long as our character is deformed, that is, not in the image of God, we cannot have the fullness of righteous behavior, love, joy, or peace.

The man or woman who is not rightly related to Jesus Christ, is a wasted, purposeless life.

The purpose of the Christian religion, it is to assist God in putting an end to sin.

There may be a big uproar in your life. But don’t make your move until you hear that still, small Voice.

The only certain thing in life is death. We are wise if we prepare ourselves for it.

It is what happens to us after we die that gives significance to the way we lived our life.

It is not doctrinal beliefs that identify a Christian. It is his behavior.

The Veil of the Temple was ripped apart, showing that through Christ we now have entrance into the Holy of Holies.

The new covenant is the flesh of man becoming the Word of God.

If we continually delight ourselves in the Lord, He has promised to give us the desires of our heart; not always the desires of our mouth.

“I am shut up and cannot come forth.” Is that your testimony? It is mine!

The doctrine of the pre-tribulation rapture is not scriptural. It is nothing more than wishful thinking.

The theology of Dispensationalism is not scriptural. It has components that are mischievous and destructive, such as lawless grace, and a Gentile Church and Jewish Kingdom.

First we come to Jesus as Savior, for the forgiveness of our sins. Then, every day, we are to come to Jesus as our Lord, to find out what His will is for us.

How can we set our affections on things above while we are fretting about politics?

There are many religions and many gods. The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is the only true God, and does as He will in the affairs of mankind.

It is what we experience in the next life that gives significance to the decisions we make in the present world.

The man is the house. The woman is the heart and home.

We are marching toward perfection in Christ. The saints in Glory are marching together with us, because they without us cannot be made perfect.

I guess just about the worst thing I could imagine would be to pass into the spirit world and not receive a warm welcome from the Lord Jesus.

When what I am or what I say does not build up Christ in others, I am disappointed. I have missed my mark.

When you say that grace covers your sins, at what point then do you get rid of your sins and begin to live righteously?

We are born again by the planting of the Divine Seed in us. Now the Lord Himself is entering our newly created inner nature.

God has given to us His general Word in the Bible. God gives specific Words to each one of us, and we are to live by them!

Time spent alone with God often is more valuable than the hustle and bustle of religious activity.

Someone said spirituality grows best in the shade. This is true.

Atheism is the ultimate perversity. All around us the God of Nature is proclaiming, “Behold My Glory”!

Do not fret about things you don’t like, pray about them!

God’s will is like a jigsaw puzzle. When you find a piece that almost fits, don’t force it. There is one that fits exactly.

When you water nine camels, there may be all sorts of signs and confirmations. It may be the tenth camel that indicates God’s will!

Maybe you don’t know God, but He knows you!

There only are two sources of spiritual power — God and Satan.

When I know what God wants me to do, I do not speculate about the reason. I just do it!

You can’t put your call on your children. But you can pray that God will save them into His Kingdom.

It is not fashionable in American Christianity to set aside one’s life that he or she might live by the Life of the Lord Jesus.

The earth is filled with God and with Satan. We choose which of the two to embrace. To not choose God is to choose Satan. God will accept our choice.

We are born with a sinful nature so we will have an opportunity to develop an obedient and conquering personality.

God is able to remove our sinful nature in a moment. But He is giving us a chance to develop an obedient and conquering personality.

To move too soon is to invite problems. Sometimes when we wait we see God’s plan more clearly.

God has been stockpiling people in the spirit world. After the final judgment, He will assemble them into a kingdom, according to His will. The wicked will be incarcerated.

If we have confessed and turned away from our sins, there will be no sting in our death.

Heaven is not our eternal home. Our eternal Home is the Father. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Chief Corner Stone. We are rooms, living stones, in that home.

It sometimes happens that we do not appreciate people until they are gone.

You can never be higher than nine, unless you become nothing and let God be one.

God can put an end to sin and sinners, as we see the destruction of the wicked at the end of the thousand-year Kingdom Age. Therefore there is no need to fret about wicked people.

Do we bring people to Jesus, or do we bring them to religion? Is Jesus actually alive so we can talk to Him?

When everyone and everything is filled with Christ, there is everlasting righteousness, love, joy, and peace. Otherwise there is unrighteousness, hatred, misery, and anguish.

From the beginning of the creation, man has sought to live his life apart from God. Consequently there are endless wars, strife, and trouble of all kinds.

The will of the Father is the only legitimate will in the creation. The introduction of another will, angelic or human, produces chaos.

Every saved person in the universe must cheerfully do the will of Christ. The introduction of one other will, angelic or human, causes horrible confusion.

When we ask Him to, God forgives our sins freely through Christ. But we still reap the consequences of what we have sown.

Whoever does not gladly do the will of Christ, instead of his or her own will, is a rebel against God.

It often is true that when we minister to others, we ourselves are ministered to.

When I was nineteen I chose to believe the Bible. It is what I want to be true. Now that I am 86, I realize I made the right choice. This has been verified by the facts of my life.

When all seems lost we cry out to the Lord. Then strength, wisdom, and hope are renewed. Up from the mud we come to dance with Christ among the stars. We now can do the impossible.

Do not base your decisions on money. First consider how what you do will be of advantage to the Kingdom of God. Seek first the Kingdom.

Consider that today may be your last day on the earth, when making your decisions. You may not be alive tomorrow!

All of the parables of Jesus are about the Kingdom of God. There is no parable about going to Heaven to live forever.

The Christian salvation is not belief in a theology. In our salvation we walk and talk with the living Jesus. Can any other religion make a similar claim?

Your child will learn righteousness by keeping him or her, as much as possible, in a holy environment. “Butter and honey shall he eat to know the good from the evil.”

How wonderful it will be in the future to see God’s face and to talk to Him as a man would talk to his friend.

God has a soul. God has a spirit. Now God is building for Himself a body, one cell at a time.

There may never have been a nation that has been blessed as has the United States. But we have thrown away our nation by worshiping the antichrist spirit of the world.

When looking at the Face of Jesus I am seeing perfect integrity. It is this vision that is saving me.

Lawless grace and the any-moment rapture is the formula for perpetual spiritual babyhood — or worse!

Since God created the sexual urge for the purpose of bringing forth children, the practice of homosexual activity is nothing more than nasty behavior.

To be a homosexual is to live in spiritual darkness. It is a bondage and a lie.

All of us have kings in our personality that we were born with. The drunk can say, “I was born this way.” If through Christ he overcomes his addiction, he will be rewarded.

If we will calm down during our raucous life, and listen, we will know what Jesus wants us to do!

Sometimes there is a strong desire in our heart, and no way to fulfill it without disobeying God. If our desire will bring lasting righteousness, love, joy, and peace, we finally will have it.

A man is a man only to the extent he keeps his word.

As we labor to enter the rest of God we must subdue every enemy that comes against us. We can do this through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Do not look for promotion to anyone except the Lord Jesus.

The rest of God is your land of promise. Therefore be diligent to overcome every enemy in your personality.

It is a good thing for us that the Father and Christ work on the seventh day. If they did not, we would be in big trouble one day out of the seven.

The purpose for the spiritual fulfillment of the Jewish feast of the Blowing of Trumpets is to announce the spiritual fulfillment of the Jewish feast of the Day of Atonement.

The way things are going in our country I would not be surprised if the day comes when the references to “Zion” in the Book of Lamentations are replaced with “America.”

Religion has little value unless it brings us into the rest of God.

After your service to God, the most important thing in your life is how you treat other people. You will find this out when you die.

As in the case of manna, grace is given one day at a time. The unfailing issuing of manna in the wilderness portrays the utter faithfulness of God.

Humanism suggests that man innately is good. The Bible declares that man innately is bad and must be made a new creation through Christ.

If you go for an hour through your day without looking to Jesus you will not know who you are or what you are supposed to be doing.

We do not receive Wednesday’s grace on Tuesday.

The prayer of relinquishment is a major area of the rest of God. Relinquishment is not passivity. Relinquishment is dynamic!

Of all the terrifying experiences possible for a human being, the very worst is to die and pass into the spirit world, having known the will of God and yet refused to do it.

Jesus brings us to our Father and His Father. When we pray “our Father,” the “our” includes Jesus and us.

We can study the Bible and commentaries all day long; but it is the Spirit of God who gives understanding.

When we are with Christ we always are at home, safe, and happy.

You do not know what you truly desire; so why don’t you follow Jesus and let Him show you?

Do not clutch anything. Give everything to Christ, or you will be in bondage.

The promises of the Ninety-first Psalm do not apply to us when we are behaving foolishly or carelessly.

We can find Christ, even in this darkness, if we seek long and hard enough.

We people are so fragile! We are helpless without Christ. Blessed is the person who understands this!

The normal, healthy state of mind of a man is that he is immortal. The Lord Jesus came to make that possible. The present world is only a first stage.

The word of the person of integrity is iron. It cannot be broken. The word of the person without integrity is as rubber. It can be shaped to fit the desires of the speaker.

Death, and life. Death, and life. Death, and life. This is the only true life of the Christian. It is the way of the Royal Priesthood.

If God were not faithful, disasters would overtake us. When we are not faithful, disasters overtake us and other people as well.

What virtue is of greater value than faithfulness? I do not know what that virtue would be.

As we pray, the Lord goes before us. Every enemy is subdued. The way is made safe, and we pass on without harm.

I do not know how you are surviving in this valley of the shadow of death called the world, but I need grace and help at every moment.

There is something to be learned in the Lord every day.

We have not been put on this earth to have a good time. The world is a training and testing ground for the members of the Royal Priesthood.

Iron righteousness of behavior. Fiery holiness. Stern obedience to the Father. These are what we are to build our life on.

There are no great men or women of God. There is a great God who uses people as He will. Salvation is of the Lord! Selah.

Do not spend your time trying to tear the stone out of the wall your brother or sister placed there. Give your attention to your own responsibilities.

We must refrain from judging the behavior of other people until we hear from Jesus what the problem is.

Religion is the head of man on the Body of Christ.

We do not have to direct the Lord. But we do have to stay so close to Him that we know what He wants for the present.

We no longer are slaves to the Law of Moses but slaves to Christ.

The old covenant brings us face to face with the Law of Moses. The new covenant brings us face to face with the Lord Jesus.

There are so many problems each day that we can try to solve with our own wisdom and strength; or we can ask Jesus to help us.

Your behavior on the earth has assigned you a place in God’s Kingdom. All shall be revealed in God’s time.

Obedience to the Lord Jesus always must come before pleasure.

The most important thing in life is what happens to us after we die. That we are going to die is one thing we can count on, and we ought to be prepared!

I will not be bound by anything. I put everything behind me and press forward in Christ.

When we fly into a rage, it often is because there are hidden idols that are driving us.

A life based in iron righteousness, fiery holiness, and stern obedience to the Father will bring forth eternal righteousness, love, joy, and peace.

When you come to the hour of your death, it will be good to know that you faithfully and diligently performed the tasks appointed to you.

For some of us life and learning may continue after we die. It may be given to us to see the consequences of our behavior on the earth, and the decisions we made while living there.

People after they die may walk among us on the earth rejoicing over the good they have accomplished; or wailing because they have not done what they were supposed to do.

If we could hear the wailing of those who have died and now are walking among us, because they did not do what was given to them to do, we might repent and mend our ways.

If we could hear the rejoicing and shouts of praise of those who have died and now are walking among us, because they served God faithfully, we would be greatly encouraged.

It would be a terrible agony to come to the hour of one’s death and realize that you had failed God and those who trusted you.

It does not please the Lord when we keep going around the traditional mountains and do not follow the Spirit toward the land of promise.

To please God by our personality and behavior is the highest achievement available to a human being.

As Christ grows in us we can see many errors in today’s Christian thinking. The Scriptures must be interpreted by the Lord Jesus. He is the Light, the Day Star.

It is worse than useless to blame other people for anything. We all are imperfect, and God is working on us. No one can take our peace, unless we let them.

All that really matters in life is our relationship to God and to other people.

Love for God and strict obedience to Christ. All of our abilities and achievements are as nothing compared to these two attitudes.

It is not a good thing to retire unless God tells you to. If David had been out with his army, there would have been no trouble with Bathsheba.

In the new world of righteousness, character will take the place of money. The rich will be those who are rich in character. Their character will open the way before them.

When the Spirit of God points out to you a sin you are committing, ask Christ to help you shake it off into the fire, like the Apostle Paul did with the snake. Why should you be under condemnation?

To enter the glory and wonder of the spirit world is not the goal. The goal is to bring the righteousness, love, joy, and peace of Heaven wherever you are.

The greatest gifts God has given me is a delight in doing His will.

Belief and obedience are synonyms. Apart from obedience to the Lord Jesus there is no genuine belief in Jesus.

Two things God will ask you and me when we stand before Him. “Did you seek to please God during your life on the earth? How did you treat your fellow man?”

Our task as members of the Body of Christ, of the Royal Priesthood, is to reconcile man to God.

The Lord Jesus and the other members of the Royal Priesthood, will bring and maintain Paradise on the earth. This will continue until the new Jerusalem is ready to descend to the new earth.

Our strength is not so much in doing but in waiting and praying, and being utterly obedient to God.

There are numerous people who will receive Jesus as their personal Savior. There are not that many who will receive Jesus as their personal Lord.

Ananias and Sapphira were not slain because they held back part of the money but because they lied about it. We should not say we are fully consecrated to Jesus if we are not.

Does being “saved” mean we are being delivered from the power of sin, or does it mean we have a ticket to Heaven?

If in the next election we are assured our prosperity will continue, those who today are so concerned about who will be elected will head for the beach, not to church to give thanks to God!

In the Kingdom of God you will either be a ruler or be ruled. God will have no one in His Kingdom who is not under authority.

Putting legs on our prayers is like putting army boots on an eagle. They do not help him fly. Are we to answer our own prayers? In this case, why pray?

We are wise when we do God’s will at all times. We are not wise when we do not do God’s will at all times, because disobedience brings trouble.

The wise individual will realize that God knows what he should do and is seeking His good. Therefore it is foolish to disobey God.

To fear God and to do His will is wisdom. To not fear God, or to not keep His commandments, is foolishness. It brings trouble on the individual.

To love God and to do His will is wisdom. It results in righteousness, love, joy, and peace.

God always is seeking our good. To not do His will is to bring pain and remorse on ourselves.

The wise man acts according to principle. The foolish man is led about by his passions.

If we are wise, we will spend our whole life learning to walk humbly with God.

No matter what schemes the wicked may carry out, God will make all things work together for the good of those who are called according to His purpose.

Conscience is part of the adamic nature and is easily perverted. Christ, the Word of God created in us, takes the place of the adamic conscience.

Some people, who are filled with murder and hate, justify their attitude and actions by their religion.

God’s love is the highest moral principle. It includes in itself all laws of righteousness and holiness.

God has given us money as a means of exchanging good and services. God’s purpose is to test our integrity. Money will not be used in the new world of righteousness.

We do well when we do not clutch the future, living moment by moment, looking to Jesus all the time. Each day becomes an adventure because we never know what Jesus will do.

Men who have no feminine qualities, and women who have no masculine qualities, are not in the image of God.

It does not matter to God what religion you belong to. What matters to God is what kind of person you are, and whether or not you do what Christ tells you to do.

Man was not created to be saved but to be in the image of God.

Every intervention of God in our life must be accompanied by an obedient response on our part if redemption is to take place.

The reason we Protestants do not confess our sins is that we have been taught we do not have sin because God sees us through Christ. This is an error.

We are being made manifest before the Judgment Seat of Christ. Judgment has begun in God’s house. We are to confess our sins and turn away from them.

To confess your sins without utterly renouncing and turning away from them is a waste of time. You are just giving God a list of your bad behavior. Doing penance is not repentance.

Repentance is a change of behavior. Doing penance is an attempt to add to the atonement made on the cross of Calvary.

Doing penance rather than renouncing and turning away from our sin is our testimony that Christ is not able to deliver us from sinful behavior.

There only is one Olive Tree, one Church, one called-out people of God. There are not two churches!

My prayer is to be filled with all the Fullness of God and to be fully in the image of God.

I count strict obedience to Christ more important than any success in the ministry.

When Christ does a miracle for you, gather up the fragments. Diligence is regarded highly in the Kingdom of God.

Our primary goal is not just to be saved from wrath but to be created in God’s image.

To be saved means we are a candidate for being created in God’s image.

God has selected certain ways of behavior, such as honesty and moral purity, for us to walk in.

God puts the gold of His Nature in us. Then He hammers it into His image and likeness.

If we are to be part of the second Lampstand of the two witnesses we must be pure gold and hammered into shape.

The Lampstand communicates the Character of God. It is not to be cast in a moment but hammered into shape over a period of time.

God loves the sinful human being and rejoices when he comes home. But he still is not in the image of God, which is God’s goal.

The seven spirits of God, which represent God’s holy, righteous character, are to become part of our personality. They reveal God’s way of behaving.

The “just shall live by faith” means the just shall live by obedience to God, as we see in the eleventh chapter of the Book of Hebrews.

I think the purpose for the life of some of us is to explain the Scriptures.

There is a difference between faith and presumption. What we call “faith” usually is presumption. True faith is obedience to God.

The reason we do not jump off the roof of the Temple when Satan invites us to, is that we don’t want a broken neck.

In true faith it is God who initiates the desire for change. We respond with obedience. In presumption it is we who initiate the desire for change. We seek to force our desire on God.

Don’t hedge your bet. Bet on Jesus on the nose to win. You will be mighty glad someday if you do.

Those who are with us are more powerful than those who are against us. Remember that during the dark days that are ahead!

The present persecution of Christians in the United States is useful because it shows the believers that the world is not their friend.

The covenant of Moses brings righteousness to the outside. The new covenant creates righteousness on the inside which is revealed on the outside.

I don’t believe we are to try to move God. Rather, when God moves us we are to be totally obedient and diligent. in doing His will.

If we ever are to be reconciled to God, we are going to have to get over the notion that we are supposed to move God or to step out in faith. This is not faith, it is presumption.

We are not to attempt to force God to do something by saying we believe something has been done when it hasn’t been done, unless God gives us special assurance.

Many people are frightened of God. They do not believe that God is seeking their good.

Our task is to be reconciled to God, and to reconcile to God as many people as we can. This is not a simple task, because people do not know God and are afraid of Him.

So many things in life are simple, but because of our own agenda, and because we do not look to God for His wisdom, they become difficult.

It requires a lifetime of experiences with the Lord before we become totally reconciled to God.

Throughout the day we are to justify God’s dealings with us, continually giving thanks and praise.

Every voice we hear is not necessarily the Lord!

The worst thing anyone can do in life is to betray those who have trusted us. At the hour of our death the memory of the betrayal will be a terrible agony.

We always should pray that we will have a personality like God our Father.

The most acceptable offering we can make to God is obedience. “Obedience is better than sacrifice and to hearken than the fat of rams.”

When the righteous are not righteous enough, the evil shall prevail.

Salvation is not a trip to Heaven, it is deliverance from sin.

Abraham was a friend of God. I want to be a friend of God. Do you?

Never lose your ideals. The Glory of God fills the present world. His Presence will fill the new world of righteousness to an even greater extent.

Do not concern yourself about whether God loves you. He does. Rather, concern yourself about whether you love God!

There is nothing else in this world as important to you as your relationship to God.

There are people who say they hate God. Why would anyone want to destroy the only chance he has for eternal righteousness, love, peace, and joy?

When I pass into the spirit world I want always to be respectful to the Lord Jesus, and to remind people that we must be sternly obedient to God.

God sends many afflictions upon the righteous lest they become giddy or careless and the enemy take advantage of them.

Did you ever see anyone filled with his own righteousness? I have. It is not a pretty sight!

When the Bible says the Lord is our righteousness, it does not mean we are righteous because we are identified with Him but that His nature is active in our personality.

It is not a question of Christ receiving all of us but of us receiving all of Christ.

It requires a lot of experience before we can hear the Lord accurately.

Sometimes, after you have done all you can do in bringing up a young person, you have to leave that individual to God. God has no grandchildren, as someone wisely said.

It’s a big, wide, wonderful world until your son kills someone or your child contracts leukemia. Then you may realize the truth and turn to God.

All that is truly important in life is to know God and to do His will.

Everything we have done during our life will be brought out at the Judgment Seat. The evil will not be remembered if we have acknowledged and turned away from our sin.

The present antichrist world spirit is the enemy of God. Make no mistake about that. It is not your friend. Whoever is the friend of the world is the enemy of God.

Demons may be former human beings who have lost their soul. They now are spirits. They enter people in order to satisfy their desires.

Anyone who has not learned to serve God with all of his heart, soul, mind, and strength, is foolish. He has wasted his life.

Truth is a Person. It is the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no other truth from God.

Living by faith means living by obedience right now to the living Christ.

Living by faith means we ask the Lord each day, “What do you want me to do today?”

Living by faith means seeking the will of Christ at all times.

Living by faith means not taking anything for granted but praying continually about everything.

God shall shake out of His Kingdom things that are made, that is, everything that is not wrought in Christ.

Living by faith means forgetting the past and pressing forward in Christ.

The goal of salvation is not a change in where we are but in what we are.

Christ formed in people is the only guarantee that there will not be sin and rebellion against God in the coming ages.

In the new world of righteousness, the Kingdom of God is not in forgiveness of sins but in Christ-caused righteous behavior.

Romantic love is not of the Spirit of God but is of the flesh.

There is a new world of righteousness coming, filled with decent people made righteous by the power, wisdom, and virtue of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The righteous shall live by obedience to Christ, not by belief in doctrine. True faith always results in obedience.

The Scriptures are not an end in themselves. Rather, they lead us to the living Word.

Living by faith is living by continually communicating with and obeying the living Lord Jesus.

Grace is Divine enablement so we can live in obedience to Christ. Grace is not an alternative to keeping the commands of Christ and His Apostles.

Dead religion prevents people from the continual communication with the living Jesus that is the very heart of eternal life.

Sometimes words speak of power, or release or guide power. But words themselves are not power. The Christian Gospel without power is merely a philosophy.

Accepting Christ can be nothing more than a religious observance. Receiving Christ is the scriptural expression that means opening your heart to Him.

Women usually have a choice whether or not to engage in intercourse. But to kill a developing fetus is not a choice, it is murder.

Abortion apart from rape or significant medical factors, and homosexual behavior, will prevent the individual from enjoying God’s favor.

The greatest joy you will experience when you die and enter the spirit world will be to meet again the ones you have loved, provided you have been faithful to them.

“Father in Heaven, grant that Christ always will be glorified in my life. Amen.”

The best anyone can do is the best he can do, unless he prays that Christ will help him do better than he can do.

We must live in Christ as well as believe in Christ.

If we will give God the fullness of who we are, God will give us the fullness of who He is.

It would be a simple matter to follow Christ except for the opposition of Satan. Also, those who are being prepared to rule pass through numerous testings.

It is important for us to always keep our minds on that which is honorable, heavenly, pure, uplifting, joyous. We must fight diligently that we not give in to fretting about evil.

We must bring the commandments in the New Testament to Jesus to see how they apply to us before we act on them. Otherwise what we have is dead religion.

It appears there is a division in the American population between those who fear and love God, and those who do not.

The whole purpose in life of the truly righteous person is to please God and do His will.

If we are wise we make seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness the first priority of our life.

Are you going to find righteousness by identifying with Christ’s righteousness or by living by Christ’s Life?

To live in Christ is to ask Him about everything you do. It really is simple, when you think about it!

We Christians would build a house for God. But God builds a house for Himself in us.

It is possible to keep negative, evil thoughts out of your mind. But you have to work at it, in Jesus’ name.

My chief delight is to do God’s will completely and accurately. May the day soon come when every one of God’s creatures has this same delight.

“Your word and will are more important than my comfort!”

To enter the eternal dialogue in which you always are in communication with Christ, He must lose His privacy and you must lose your privacy.

God has been good to me and I am determined to be good to Him. I do this by being sternly obedient in all aspects of my life.

If you cannot joyfully and cheerfully sweep up behind the horses in the royal parade, you never will be at the head of the parade with the Lord Jesus.

Sometimes when you become confused it is a good idea to go back to your previous altar and start again.

God cannot build His righteous Kingdom until He gets enough people who will obey Him promptly and completely. Would you care to enlist?

The small understanding of theology I have is not the result of study but of immersion in the Godhead.

Religion is similar to politics. This may be why they seem to get along so readily.

Continue to fret about the works of Satan in the earth and you will walk in spiritual death.

Am I living in the eternal dialogue? Is Jesus continually speaking to me and I to him and is He aware of all my thoughts?

The reason many people do not enter the eternal dialogue is that then they would have to forsake their own plans and reasonings.

Religious novelties turn the worshiper away from an intimate walk with the Lord Jesus in favor of the mastery of a formula through which they can accomplish their own goals.

Christian people will do anything to avoid a continual fellowship with the Lord Jesus. They prefer Bible principles which they can follow in their own way and time.

I give thanks to the Lord every moment of every day and night because I realize He is making every event work to change me into the image of Christ.

If your church is not bringing you into a personal, intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus, it is worthless to God and man.

It just doesn’t seem real to me that there is a separate race of demons. It appears to me that there are deceased wicked people living on the earth, waiting for a chance to influence you and me.

If we truly are saved our spirit is in Christ at the right hand of God. But our body is filled with evil that must be overcome, as Christ helps us.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit does not guarantee physical health, as we see illustrated in the death through sickness of Elisha.

Living by faith means infinitely more than believing there is a Christ. Rather, it is that of obeying Christ resolutely throughout every aspect of our life.

When everything keeps on going wrong it is time to ask Jesus for help and to keep on pressing forward.

If our salvation were limited to success in this life, and if there is no hope of a world of righteousness to come, the present life hardly would be worth the battle.

We need to do through Christ what we know needs to be done, even though we may feel as though we are being defeated.

A big heart suffers many disappointments, and then proceeds through Christ to ever greater victories. A little heart has continual disappointments and continues downward until no hope is left.

There can be a fine line between obeying Christ’s words in our own wisdom and strength, and obeying Christ’s words in His wisdom and strength. The difference is between the self-made man and the new creation.

A Christian is to be diligent and not careless. Carelessness has its own reward, and that reward is bitter!

The end of the matter is, He who has Christ has everything. He who does not have Christ has nothing of eternal value.

God placed us in this world to see how we would behave were we to receive the eternal riches.

It may be true that the most characteristic aspect of religion is that it fastens on the word of the text as though it were an inviolable equation. It does not dance with Jesus.

The New Testament contains warnings and guides that lead us to the place where we can enjoy the fellowship of God and Christ and live together with Them.

It is simple and easy to walk and talk with Christ. He always is there to help. But people would prefer to build their own crumbling edifices.

When you come to Christ for the first time your sins are forgiven completely. Do not then go back to sins committed before that time and confess them, unless you still are committing them.

I give freely to people of the understanding God has laid up in my pantry. But I never argue doctrine with people.

People would rather obey their scriptural principles than walk with the living Jesus. This is because they wish to retain control of their lives.

I do not attempt to deduce truth from the Scriptures. Rather I talk to the Author continually. He tells me what He means by something He said.

If you are listening to Jesus and doing His will, you are my friend and brother, even if we disagree on some points of doctrine.

Never let a wall be erected between you and the Lord Jesus. Nothing else is as destructive and disastrous as that!

In everything you do, keep your eyes on the Lord Jesus.

If we keep pressing forward in Christ, our past mistakes work for our good.

The people who have known us and have died are a cloud of witnesses for or against us.

We are not saved to go to Heaven. We are saved to be changed into the image of Christ so we can have fellowship with the Father and the Son.

The Father and the Son cannot come and make Their home in an insincere, immature personality.

Getting out of ourselves and into Christ is the task set before each true Christian.

It requires diligent interaction with Christ before we have been cleared in the court of Heaven and no accusations can be brought against us.

Eve was created to be part of the life of Adam. What does that tell us about our relationship to Christ?

No life is ever wasted. It points us toward what is good, or it points us toward that which is evil.

The Lord Jesus is looking for those who will stand with Him against all lies and lawlessness.

There still is a great work to be done — that of cleansing the heavens and the earth of evil.

If you do not have eternal righteousness, love, joy, and peace, what good would it do you if you were given all the money in the world?

Only Christ can give a person eternal righteousness, love, joy, and peace.

If we understood completely the greatness of the Lord Jesus Christ, we would have a more accurate perception of everything and everybody else.

Only Christ can put down the evil in the creation. Our words and actions cannot accomplish this unless they come from Christ working through us.

God did not create man to live in Heaven. God created man to be in God’s image, that He might have fellowship with man.

Christian leaders trip themselves up when they attempt to be important. There is no one important in the Divine plan of salvation except the Lord Jesus Christ.

For the believer in Christ, death can be the doorway into the most wonderful life. For the person who does not believe in Christ, death can be the doorway into a black hole from which nothing escapes.

The central concept of Christianity is the crucifixion and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. The next most important concept is the crucifixion and resurrection of the believer.

Our spirit already is in Christ at the right hand of God. Our body one day will be made alive by the Spirit of God. Our soul is dying in Christ and will be raised as a life-giving spirit.

A religious person may have strong ideas concerning the building and operating of the Kingdom of God. He expects Jesus to follow him. The Bride knows more than the Lamb.

Slavish adherence to the letter of the New Testament is not faith; it is blind religion unless the interpretation is given by the living Jesus..

Religious activities may ignore the living Jesus. The head of man is on the Body of Christ.

The danger in seeking to be led by the Spirit is deception. The danger in rigid adherence to the New Testament is pharisaic blindness.

The art of victorious living is the ability to listen to Jesus as He interprets the New Testament to us.

The New Testament cannot be interpreted correctly by human reasoning. We must hear from the Lord Jesus Himself in every instance.

The New Testament must be interpreted inductively rather than deductively. Seizing one verse and deducing truth from it will lead the believer into error.

The Scriptures are like a great house. One cannot gain truth by concentrating on one nail in a stud or one shingle on the roof.

When reading the Scriptures, always pray, “Lord Jesus, what are you saying to me right now?”

The reason for the theological inaccuracies of our day is that the preachers and teachers deduce truth from a few verses, rather than considering the entire text.

If we are to live the victorious Christian life we must be followers of Jesus rather than followers of man. However, godly people can serve as an example to us.

We ought to be dispensing liberally and freely the riches God has given us, and not be charging for our services.

I want to live forever, but only in Christ. Existence apart from Christ is sorrow, pain and eventual death.

The most mature believer in Christ has taken but the first step on the long, long road that leads to the fullness of the image of Christ. Christ is greater than we understand at this time.

Our true life begins with the resurrection. All else is preparatory.

The resurrection is the change from the animal, adamic, soulish human being to the human being who is a life-giving spirit.

Give yourself wholly to the Lord Jesus in all you do in every circumstance. You will have the best life possible for you.

When a righteous person dies he will meet the people whom he has blessed. When a wicked person dies he will meet the people whom he has harmed. They are a cloud of witnesses against him.

The pressure of sexual desire causes people to be deceived. They then do things they would not do ordinarily. Only God can deliver from this delusion.

When you approach the Lord, tell Him clearly what you want Him to know, whether praise or a request. Do not expect Him to go by your attitude no matter how godly.

God said He would give the former and the latter rain in the first month. This means that we can expect in our day all the Spirit’s power from the original day of Pentecost to the present.

Because the world is somewhat of an illusion, being composed of forms of energy, we must learn to live in prayer. Only that which is of Christ is real and substantial.

We must learn to solve our problems through Christ, and not attempt to force people to do what we think is right. Such efforts often are counterproductive.

God often gives us love for specific people. We are invited to pray for them that they might come to full maturity in Christ.

We do not come to truth by reasoning. We arrive at truth by being strictly obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ.

You have to pray your way through life, or else be a self-made man, which is Antichrist.

I have come to the conclusion that the only truly important thing in life is to obey the Lord Jesus Christ — completely and promptly!

I would not have one moment of life pass by that was not filled with the Presence, will, and truth of God; and this for eternity!

In order to obey the Law of Moses we have to remove our attention from Christ and the Spirit of God.

The riches of God are to be enjoyed. But they never are to be grasped or institutionalized in some manner!

We never are to make three tabernacles in order to attempt to preserve the blessings God gives us or to make them predictable.

We can suffer excruciating pain in the spirit world and not be able to find relief from the pain by fainting or sleeping. This indeed is a frightening prospect for those who disobey God.

Are we to be in control of our salvation by utilizing spiritual principles; or is Christ to be in control of our salvation and we are to be obedient to Him in every situation?

I would rather place my own stone in the wall rather than remove the stone someone else has put there.

The Presence of the Lord Jesus can make the most miserable circumstances heavenly.

I am the resurrection. You do not have to wait until the last day.

My relationship with the Lord Jesus is not religious, but personal. The things of the Christian religion have brought me to the living Man.

The person who trusts entirely in the Lord Jesus Christ is stronger than the strongest of men and wiser than the wisest of men because his strength and wisdom are of God Almighty.

When the Father sees that enough of us stand with Jesus against all lies and lawlessness He will issue the awful word to Michael.

I will trust God for my joys and pleasures. The important issue right now is the battle against lies and lawlessness.

It is better to share the sufferings of Christ than to receive the greatest possible pleasures of lies and lawlessness.

Go ahead all you who love lies and lawlessness. Disobey God and see where this gets you. As for me, I have chosen to obey God.

There is no aspect of our life too small or too insignificant to hold before the Lord for His guidance. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

The practices of religion often are a substitute for integrity of character and righteous behavior.

God did not direct Adam and Eve to build a place of worship until after they had sinned. Rather, He had fellowship with them in the Garden.

There will be no church in the new world of righteousness. However there will be continual fellowship with God and Christ. This is God’s idea of religion.

There was Christmas past, when the Lord Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. There will be Christmas to come, when the Body of Christ is brought forth and caught up to the Throne of God.

People park. But sometimes they do not then ride along with the Lord Jesus.

It often happens that people call on the Lord and are healed from a dreadful affliction. Then, instead of giving thanks to the Lord, they say “There was nothing there”; or, “I would have been healed anyway!”

What is rational to man is not always rational to God, and vice versa. God would prefer that we ask Him for wisdom for each issue as we come to it.

It is not the scenery that makes Heaven heavenly, it is the spirits of righteous people made perfect that make Heaven heavenly.

If you love God with all your heart, Jesus is the answer to every problem. If, however, you reject God, Jesus becomes the problem.

The description in the last two chapters of the Book of Revelation is not that of Heaven. Rather it is the new world of righteousness and it is on the earth.

The purpose for the thousand-year Millennium is to bring to maturity the Wife of the Lamb so she, as the Royal Priesthood, may come down from Heaven and govern the nations on the new earth.

It is possible that the demons are deceased people who have lost their soul and now are spirits condemned to walk in the earth, unable to satisfy their lusts unless they can inhabit a living person.

It may be true that after we die we will be able to influence life on the earth, to the extent that we have attained to spiritual maturity in Christ.

Our reward after we die is that we will be able to see the effects of our life on others, whether for good or for bad.

It is what happens to us after we die that is of supreme importance. The wise individual will consider carefully this fact.

The race of humans is superior to the race of angels and to every other creature of God, in that human beings are in the image of God and are being made the eternal dwelling place of God.

Do not worship any person. He or she is not worthy of your worship. Only God and Christ are worthy of worship.

Whether you are beautiful or handsome, one day you will be rotting flesh in a casket. In that hour you will stand before Christ. All that will matter then is how you treated other people.

I notice that God is taking many small children home. We are not to worry. They are very happy and delighted in Jesus’ wonderful world of play and fun.

Physical muscle is built by pushing against physical resistance. Spiritual muscle is built by pushing against spiritual resistance.

True Christianity is not found in doctrine and liturgies but in fellowship with Jesus and kindness toward people.

To harm someone because he or she will not embrace our religion is not acceptable to the God of Heaven; but Satan approves of such actions on our part.

A religion that is spread by the sword is not of God but of Satan. It is a cloak for those who love violence, rape, and murder.

The Lord Jesus Christ is a kind and gentle man. His true followers also are kind and gentle.

We cannot force a person to accept our religion. He must come freely out of his love for God.

Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. This is true of militant religionists.

Satan did not die for our sins, but Jesus did. Those who trust in Him are forgiven their sins.

Torrential rain and thunder remind us there is a God, as do all the other acts of nature.

Money is man’s substitute for God. This is why people pursue money and trust in it for survival and pleasure.

People become addicted to drugs, sexual activity, romantic love, and other delicious feelings. These are bondages and will lead to destruction. Being fascinated by such feelings is not wise.

The Lord Jesus gave us commands, some of which are impossible for us to obey. His reason for doing this is to cause us to come to Him for help.

Jesus is our creator. Shouldn’t He then be of first important in our life?

Romantic love is idolatry. It is the worship of a creature. It does not lead to enduring love, joy or peace and is subject to emotional ups and downs.

Numerous American people have chosen to ignore Christ. As a result there are demoniacal occurrences and the nation is suffering in many ways.

Christ is being ignored in America and our nation is becoming bankrupt and blind. Its trust is in people rather than in God.

There is no sickness or affliction from which the Lord Jesus cannot deliver us. He possesses all authority and power in Heaven and upon the earth.

We are redeemed by the Lord Jesus, not from earth to Heaven but from the person and works of Satan to the fullness of the Person and works of Christ.

Atrocities committed in the name of religion are still atrocities; and they are accounted as such before the Judgment Seat of Christ.

An individual may use religion to justify the acts that proceed from his own evil nature.

People rejoice in joining a crowd of destructive rebels. This is more pleasant than continuing faithfully in productive toil.

Loved ones grieve as the clods of dirt fall upon the casket of a victorious believer, not understanding how deliriously happy he is to be with the Lord Jesus and his fellow saints.

Individuals who spend their time perfecting a hobby or on self-improvement may be unaware of the needs of people around them.

Sometimes people lead a miserable life because of their continuing fear of having a terminal illness. Yet it is a problem the Lord Jesus can cure immediately.

Why do humans fear death? Are they enjoying their life on the earth that much? The resurrected Christ was flesh and bone, and He enjoyed eating food while having fellowship with His friends.

As I awoke this morning I realized there is nothing to fear. The Lord my God will gird me with joy and strength and deliver me from every evil.

If we obey Christ diligently, we have the assurance that when we die, Christ will carefully supervise the affairs of our loved ones.

We Christians are comfortable and at home in the American culture. This is not wise. We need to be more aware of the spiritual hostility on every side.

Turkeys are not wise when they boast about themselves at Thanksgiving time. In like manner, Christians should not display themselves unless they have heard from the Lord to do so.

True Bible faith is obedience to God.

God will not save America, because of the prevalent practice of abortion and moral filth. But God will save the individual and his loved ones if he chooses to serve Christ with all his heart.

Do we do Christian work because we think it is a good idea? Or do we actually listen to the Lord Jesus until we know what His will is?

If I will boast, I will boast of my complete inability to do anything at all without acknowledging the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am persuaded that the Lord God of Heaven has infinitely more power and imagination than He has revealed to mankind to this point.

I have lived to see the beginning of the dissolution of America. It is so sad to observe that people can never seem to understand the everlasting validity of the Bible.

I am so blessed to be able to lie here and rest, listen, and reflect on the marvelous hope that Jesus Christ has given to me.

Money is power, and people seek that power. However, the true power that brings eternal righteousness, love, joy, and peace is the Kingdom of God.

He who is wise will spend his life acquiring the Kingdom of God. But he who is foolish will spend his days acquiring money.

If we could see our situation after death it might make a difference in how we live.

As a pastor I do not take sides when issues arise. Rather I seek the welfare and growth in Christ of every member of the congregation.

A weak person endures the problems and pains of life by relying on cigarettes, a pipe, cigars, alcohol, or drugs. The strong person does not rely on any of these.

It often is better to attack a symptom directly in prayer, rather than to attempt to analyze the source of the illness or affliction.

It is one matter to try to apply Christian principles to a decision. It is quite a different matter to go directly to the Lord and obey Him.

It is not wise to despise those who are seeking to serve Christ. God will vindicate them. But where will you end up?

The climate may be becoming warmer, and it may be true that people are causing this by their activities. If it is just assumed that people are causing the rise in temperature, there may be consternation and ill-advised decisions.

It is unfortunate that people are so ready to follow a strong leader instead of the Lord Jesus. Their demagogues will lead them to misery and destruction.

The self — made, self-reliant man or woman may prove to be a source of confusion and pain to those around him or her. Better to trust in the Lord.

I pray to leave the pit behind from which I was dug. The goal before me is the full possession of the Kingdom of God.

The accumulation of things does not bring eternal righteousness, love, joy, or peace. Many possessions may make it difficult for us to enter the Kingdom of God.

If you can find wisdom, lay hold on it. It will save you much trouble, confusion, and distress.

God has a specific program for each one of us. If we are wise we will seek Christ at all times in all situations.

The first thing in the morning, say, “What is Your Word to me today, O Lord. I want to live by every Word that comes from the mouth of God.”

There is a difference between faith and belief. We may believe something is true when there is nothing we are to do about it. Saving faith, however, requires obedience.

Denominations have “Statements of Faith.” They should be, “Statements of Belief.” Sometimes we are asked to believe theological statements that we can do nothing about. However, a belief may lead to faith.

There is a belief that inspires obedience and hope. There is a belief that is nothing more than an acknowledgment of facts. This sort of belief will not save us.

If you have Jesus you have everything of eternal value in Heaven and upon the earth. But without Jesus you are a pauper clothed in rags. God will reveal this to you if you ask Him.

We can gain a better resurrection for ourselves by pursuing Christ victoriously throughout the pains and problems of life.

We can come to know Jesus now in a very personal way. Then when God sends Jesus back to earth, we will not be surprised at Him because we already know Him.

If God removes someone from you, and the loss of that individual causes you extreme anguish, that individual is an idol. God has done you a favor, and peace shall follow.

If you have to alter your course in order to do God’s will, you will gain eternal righteousness, love, joy, and peace. You are wise to do this.

When we choose to live by every Word of God that is directed to us, an abundance of help is given to us to do what has been commanded.

It is important to be diligent in one’s business, in all that one does. Carelessness exacts a fearful price.

The story of Anna Karenina suggests to us what we may experience when we place a human being rather than Christ as the center of our affections.

A government that does not glorify God will lead the country to destruction.

We come to know Him by entering the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of his sufferings.

The Book of Hebrews presents clearly the eternal removal of sin through Jesus Christ; and also warns of the consequences for the Christian of continuing in sin.

Our steadfast faith in the goodness and severity of God moves us to obey Christ promptly and completely in all He requires of us.

To be holy is to be set aside by the Lord for His special purposes. To be righteous is to behave with integrity and justice.

The spirit of Antichrist is in the world today, not just in America. It is revealed when people act or think in opposition to the will of Christ.

There are church Christians and there are disciples of Jesus. The church Christians have practices that they endure weekly. The disciples of Jesus seek Christ every moment of every day.

God often places us in miserable and frustrating circumstances. He does this so we will pray and not be condemned with the world.

We live in a brutal, animal world. There is a delightful Kingdom filled with righteousness, love, joy, and peace. Christ advises us to seek that Kingdom.

In the future in America the material luxuries may be removed from us. At that time we will see Jesus more clearly.

It is possible to worship the New Testament rather than the Lord Jesus. I have seen this tendency in people, and the results are not good.

All that God requires of any man or woman, boy or girl, is that he or she does his or her best. Then God supplies whatever additional is needed.

In these days we don’t talk much about Hell or the Lake of Fire. Consequently the fear of God is not flourishing in our country. Nevertheless, Hell and the Lake of Fire are real places.

There is too much sugarcoating of the Gospel today. There is a real Hell and a real Lake of Fire. The wise person seeks to please God by His behavior.

There is rest in the River for those who are willing to permit Christ to live in them. They shall sing for joy upon their beds.

Christ Himself is the Truth concerning everything in the universe. In Him all things hold together.

It is a good thing to be excited about Jesus. There is nothing else as important as He.

Jesus’ enemies are my enemies. They are the same crowd of spirits and people.

Are you a candidate for God’s best? I am!

You can be practicing evil and not be aware of it. But when it is pointed out to you that what you are doing is evil, and you continue to do it, you are sinning.

People expect to go to Heaven in their animal life, believing that eternal life is eternal animal life. Not too many, perhaps, realize that eternal life is the replacing of our animal life with the Life of Christ.

God is a poet. We see this in a sunrise, also in people.

How have the mighty fallen, due to the lust for money, the lust for sexual activity, and the lust for power.

We find out the truth of the universe by praying, not by studying science textbooks.

Today’s Christian preaching is one prolonged announcement that we shall not surely die. It comes from Satan.

When through the Virtue that is in the body and blood of Christ we gain victory over a sin, resistance to that sin is formed in us and we become immune to it.

It is one matter to know the Scriptures; and another matter to know Him who wrote the Scriptures. The Bible is not a record of men who knew the Scriptures but of men and women who knew the Lord.

Sometimes religious people do not make the transition from the Scriptures to Jesus. I suppose when they go to Heaven they will become acquainted with Him then.

Christ cannot die, He is Life Itself. This is true also of those who live by His Life. They shall enter the spirit world with their faculties intact.

We can choose to consider the dangers and troubles facing us, or we can choose to consider the promises of God.

Christian, keep on going. Step after step. Don’t quit. Your character is being formed!

I don’t want to live my own life. I want to live the Life of Christ. It is more righteous, more loving, more joyous, more peaceful, than my own life ever can be.

The greatest mistake Satan made was to crucify the Lord Jesus. He keeps on making the same mistake by afflicting Christians; and the results always are the same!

God may seem to be losing a pawn in your life. In actuality, He is gaining a king. Your sufferings are creating the image of Christ.

Keep on praying, and you will have no cause to fear your enemies. They cannot hurt you. God will make them to be at peace with you.

Serve Christ with all your might. Satan will keep attacking you. It is an ancient story, with an assured conclusion.

Keep pressing forward to the conclusion; and the conclusion indeed is marvelous!

Do your best to serve God cheerfully, when suffering comes. He who has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin.

Do not seek to avenge yourself, rushing about fearfully. Pray, wait, and give God a chance to work.

England and America are sisters, and we owe them much. But they have chosen to travel the broad way that leads to destruction.

The Mahdi will come, but He shall prove to be the Lord Jesus Christ. The Muslims will turn to Him by their hundreds of thousands. They will say, “The Lord is our God.” He will say, “They are My people.”

The adamic creation is always perishing and never was intended to be lasting. Its purpose is to serve as stock upon which Christ is to be grafted.

The self-made, self-reliant man or woman can proceed only as far as his or her natural abilities. The Christ-made man or woman has infinite abilities and potential.

“I pray, Lord, that you will place my heart and mind in Your world. The Apostle commanded us to set our heart on things above, not on things on the earth.”

“God helps those who help themselves,” it is said. I would say that God helps those who do the best they can while looking always to Christ for wisdom and strength.

God has made us frail. Let us rejoice that we can do nothing apart from Christ.

When God puts His Glory on His Church, people will come from the ends of the earth to that Light.

The flesh profits nothing. The Words of Christ are living and eternal.

The “waters to swim in,” of the forty-seventh chapter of Ezekiel are the level of service as a tree of life.

No nation in which people practice homosexual activity and abortion-on-demand will long endure.

“I pray that today I may live in the heavenlies with the Lord Jesus.”

The notion that now we have the New Testament there is no need to hear personally from the Lord is a destructive error. This idea robs us from the joy of hearing from the Lord each day.

The most horrifying gamble that any individual can make regardless of his or her religious faith is that God will not judge his sins either in this world or the next.

The Lord Jesus is not to be used as a fire escape but the means of entering the eternal Life of God.

Would you change your way of living if you became convinced there will be no rapture out of trouble? If so, then you are well advised to change your way of living.

It is an evil thing to take your pleasure at someone else’s expense. God will not forget this action on your part, and you will suffer intensely for it.

People with integrity plod along day after day, accepting the burden and heat of each day, so that people without integrity may survive and live to themselves.

There are the givers and the takers. Each receives his or her proper reward in the next life.

A person’s worth is in direct proportion to the amount of concern he has for the welfare of other people, rather than for himself.

Integrity is the quality of being concerned for the welfare of other people rather than being occupied solely with concern for one’s self.

The world abounds with self-centered people. There are a few individuals who keep the world going, making it possible for the others to survive. Such will receive their reward here or in the next life.

Those who have spent their life helping others will delight themselves in the pleasures of God after they die.

There are those who spend their lives occupied with the welfare of other people rather than with their own condition. They shall have their reward.

There are those who talk with God at night while upon their beds. They hold off the enemy from themselves and other people.

There are those who ceaselessly are occupied with their own happiness. In the next life they shall be beasts of burden for those who have spent their lives caring for others.

In the next life, God will not permit those of noble character to ease the misery of those who in this world grasp and ensure their own pleasure, although they would help them if they could.

The self-seeking live for their own pleasures. Meanwhile those of an honest and good heart fend off the evil of the day.

There is an individual who is spending his life helping other people! He does not realize it, but he is richer than King Croesus of old.

Why does God keep supporting and blessing that person? It is because he has spent his life assisting other people.

Do you see that man over there? He is arrayed like King Solomon. Why is this? It is because he has done all he can to ensure the well being of other people.

The wicked, the selfish, and the self-seeking. They shall be placed together in the spirit world so they may enjoy each other’s company.

I saw the shining plate from which Christ eats. It is made up of numerous tiny diamonds, each blending into the whole. Each diamond is a faithful saint.

Did you see how well that project came out? That is because it was prayed through. God will do His part if people will do their part.

When we are abiding in Christ, and Christ is abiding in us, we have true eternal happiness.

I will be on the earth as long as the Lord needs me. But my heart and my mind are in the heavenlies with the Lord Jesus.

Apart from a strong government that enforces the moral laws of God, there can be no peace.

The Kingdom of God is the wisdom and strength to obey the eternal moral laws of God, operating within the individual. The adamic flesh of man is untamable. This is why we must be born again.

We are not born again so we can go to Heaven. We are born again so we will obey the commands of Christ from our new inner nature.

Those who behave righteously, and teach others to behave righteously, shall shine as the stars for eternity.

Are you willing for your first nature to be crucified so that the new man can live and grow? Or are you going to try to make something beautiful from your filthy rags?

How do I go about crucifying my fallen nature so Christ can live and grow in me? Ask God to perform the operation. Keep your eyes on Jesus and endure patiently.

My physical body is like an old jalopy with 500,000 miles on it. But Jesus keeps me going so I can tell my generation of the Glory of Christ, and of the futility of the flesh.

Our leaders are not the cause of America’s problems. Rather our leaders are a symptom of the people turning away from the Lord.

If you are not ready joyously to abandon your own life that Christ may live in you, then you are not ready to be part of the Bride of the Lamb.

The purpose for being born again is that we might be able to obey God’s laws by the strength and wisdom of the Kingdom born within us.

The battle is not won by strength. The battle is won by righteousness; truth; lawfulness; faith; faithfulness; determination; persistence; courage.

Atheists miss out on the fun of walking with Jesus. Well, I guess that is their choice.

Millions of people throughout the history of mankind have had supernatural experiences. These should be enough to prove in court the existence of God and the spirit world.

You are twelve years old and reasonably happy. You turn around a couple of times and you are in your eighties. Looking back, have I left anything that will help the coming generation to know Jesus as I do?

As I continue to press forward to the fullness of the stature of Christ there come long periods of patient living without perceiving any immediate goal.

This is to be bent on the Archer’s bow.

I am not content with any lingering fears or dreads. I am determined to press through to the fullness of joyous expectations. I believe the Scriptures support this attitude.

I am leaving a record of my experiences in the hope that the pilgrims that follow me may recognize some landmarks and be encouraged to keep pressing forward to the fullness of the stature of Christ.

The Bible declares that we are to come to the fullness of the stature of Christ. I believe it means the inner and outer stature of Christ. These are presented in the first chapters of the Books of Ezekiel and Revelation.

Space does not shrink until you start occupying it.

The blood atonement is the orientation to and the beginning of the redemption of a human being. It is not the entire work of moving a person from Satan to God.

I would not dare to get out of bed in the morning if I did not know the angels of God were going before me throughout the day.

Even though I have obeyed Christ diligently, and His angels go before me each day, I still have to resist by faith the attacks of Satan and his demons.

The twenty-four elders before the Throne represent those who worship God and do His will in every circumstance of life. Perhaps they portray devout Jews and Gentiles.

The demons mock me continually, but I keep my eyes steadfastly on the Lord Jesus.

It never is a waste of time to pray. Praying is the best possible use of time. You are enlisting strength and wisdom from someone who loves you and is able to help.

There are people who are arrogantly vaunting themselves today. The time will come when they are screaming for mercy; but no mercy shall be shown to them if they have not been merciful.

To live by faith is to keep marching along, looking for guidance and help from that which is invisible in the present hour.

(“Gold Tried in the Fire: Book Eight”, 4288-2, proofed 20211017)

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