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Anyone who chooses to do so may use up to twenty-five of the proverbs in the Gold Tried volumes without notifying me. It is not necessary to attribute them to me.

Here are a few reflections after a long pilgrimage as a Christian. Hopefully they will help the young reader grow in wisdom and discernment. It is good to seek the wisdom and understanding that come from the Holy Spirit. God always is glad to reward us with wisdom and provides us generously with that which we ask for.


Jewels of brilliant color and luster are formed by a process of time, pressure, and heat. Precious metals such as gold and silver are made under similar circumstances.

Symbolic of virtue and character, these natural elements reflect the manner in which believers are transformed into obedient disciples, and over time into witnesses of the resurrection life of Jesus Christ.

The making of a saint is no small matter. As we respond correctly to the daily pressures of life, Christ is formed in us. If we choose to pick up our cross, lay down our life and follow the Master’s will, He transforms us into His image.

When we resist, forcing our own will and way, misinterpreting things meant for our good, we corrupt God’s purposes.

Edward J. Reiter
November 2013
Escondido, California


We are married to the Lord when all we have is His and all He has is ours.

The Kingdom of God begins with Jesus. There is no Kingdom of God apart from the Lord Jesus. He Himself is the Kingdom of God.

The problem with religion is that it attempts to operate the Kingdom without the guidance and help of the King.

Some of the highest religious leaders, even Christian leaders, attempt to perform Divine service apart from Christ. It is true also of political leaders who seek to govern apart from the King of kings.

When God speaks to me, His words bring righteousness, love, joy, and peace. Also, the physical world eventually corresponds to what He has said.

We are not to try to be healed by saying we are healed. This is a form of spiritism. We are not to say we are healed until we truly are healed.

If I had a penny for every false god, I soon would be richer than Croesus.

Do not believe every voice that speaks to your mind. Rather, wait patiently and prove the will of God.

When people are drawn to dragons, snakes, zombies, demons, ugly looking creatures, they are in danger of being led into utterly horrible circumstances.

If you are fascinated with ghouls, zombies, vampires, and other creatures of the dark underworld, get “unfascinated” as quickly as you can. They love to have your attention and will enter you.

If you once make an agreement with Satan, you may never be able to get out of the contract. Only God can deliver you, and He may choose not to.

Do not say at such and such a time and such and such a place I will pray about the matter. Pray right now. Be instant in prayer. Otherwise the enemy will thwart you.

I do not spend much time thinking about those who hate me, but rather about those whom I love.

If you behave like a fool, you will receive a fool’s reward. Seek wisdom. Why should you destroy yourself?

As you press forward in Christ, the people around you may experience Divine judgment.

The warfare between good and evil is being waged fiercely around you. Are you aware of it, or are you sleeping at your post?

Do not judge a person by his or her outward appearance. How do you know what is going on in the secret place of the heart?

Are you a self-centered, self-seeking person? Or are you helping those around you solve their problems and trials?

This body of mine has five hundred thousand miles on it. I would like to trade it in for a new model as soon as possible.

Remain faithful in your small responsibilities. They may lead to greater opportunities and experiences if you do not quit.

Someone a while back said, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” I think that a greater testing is soon to come upon us.

The minister who cannot preach because he forgot his briefcase needs to get a clearer view of the living Word.

I want my soul to be forever in the Holy of Holies, where the twenty-four elders and the Cherubim of Glory are. This is my home for eternity no matter where else I may go.

How utterly rare and surpassingly marvelous it is to be a pillar in the Temple of God, to be at rest in Christ at the right hand of God, nevermore to go out.

The wise thing to do is to totally abandon your own life that you may fully enter the Life of God in Christ. This is the spiritual resurrection in preparation for the bodily resurrection at the appearing of Christ.

“Father, remove that particular memory that I may press forward in Christ.”

A wise person will ask the Lord Jesus to remove the spirit of sodomy from him, if he is so bound.

I am not too concerned about the opinion the world has of me. But I am extremely concerned about the opinion Heaven has of me.

If you have a godly character, your care for your wife will be the same when she is old and careworn as she is when she is young and beautiful. This is how God judges you.

It is not just a case of setting aside our life that Christ may live, although I often have said this. Rather it is a case of the Life of God in Christ becoming our life.

Sexual activity may lead to genuine love. But sexual activity itself is not an evidence of genuine love but of glandular appetite.

To learn to live by the Life of Christ is the highest attainment possible to a human being.

In order to live by the Life of Christ, we continually must ask the Lord about everything we think, say, and do.

Christ must conquer everything in my personality, bringing all fully under His feet, if I am to live fully in God’s Life.

Christ will sustain you as long as you live. Your goal is to come to a victorious conclusion when your work has been finished.

We cannot enter fully into the Life of God until every enemy of Jesus Christ has been brought fully under His feet.

No one who is pressing forward into the waters to swim in is primarily occupied any longer with his own welfare, but with the welfare of others.

Righteousness, love, joy, and peace will heal an individual and ward off evil. But it will not drive out Satan. Only the Spirit of God can do that.

Israel is guided by its elders, not by its children.

To the man who loves money, there never can be enough. Thus he is in bondage all through his life since he never can have all he wants.

The massive error of today’s Christian thinking is that God requires belief instead of obedience to His will and righteous behavior and a holy personality. Such thinking is Satan’s masterpiece.

If the goal of our life is to retire and live without responsibility, we have been deceived. This is not God’s will for us.

The Christian salvation at its core is not a religion. It is our personal, continual interaction with the Lord Jesus.

Doctrinal correctness is the pride and joy of the religious man. Obedience to Christ and righteous behavior are the pride and joy of God.

Unless our religious beliefs bring us to the living Lord Jesus, including strict obedience to Him, we have believed in vain.

Do you believe that Jesus Christ is God’s Son? You do well. The demons also are assured of this, but they do not obey Him.

What is it that saves us? Is it believing in Christ, or is it doing the will of Christ and obeying His commandments?

What does it mean to abide in Christ? Does it mean to believe that He is God’s Son and our Savior, or does it mean to look to Him continually that we may do His will and keep His commandments?

Someone said recently that if we do God’s will, we will become proud and self-righteous. What blindness exists in the members of the Christian religion!

The man who learns of Christ’s commandments and doesn’t obey them is like a person who knows his face is dirty and does not wash it.

If you want to be certain that Jesus Christ is God’s Son, then do His will and you will find out the truth. I did.

The books of First John and James are enough to convince anyone that faith apart from works of obedience to Christ’s commandments is vain and will not result in eternal life.

The question is, does faith in Christ mean we believe He is whom He claims to be, or does it mean we continually seek to do His will?

If we draw back, God will not take pleasure in us.

If we want to be holy in thought, word, and deed, we must learn to obey the Holy Spirit in all aspects of our life.

I suppose the least intelligent of all people are those who look at the world around them and say, “It all began from nothing and is going nowhere. The order in nature just happened.”

Does anyone ask himself, “How is it that we have such a native sense of God?” Atheists go to great lengths to avoid responsibility for their actions. Such perversity! Such defiance of all we see and experience.

How atheists survive the problems of life I do not understand. My whole being is wrapped up in God, as well as my hope for the future that He promises He will provide.

How can anyone in his right mind claim there is no God when all around him there is evidence of God?

Love testifies there is a God, unless teased off course by unreasonable people.

Based on my experience, if I had to live my life all over again, I would continue to seek God with all my strength as I do today.

I do not enjoy proud, arrogant people who imagine they are something more than intelligent animals like the rest of us.

If scientists ever do succeed in cloning a human being, they will realize they have created a Frankenstein monster having no soul.

I look forward to the day when all the clouds are blown away and that which is perfect has come. What a hope we Christians have!

The world proceeds on its wild way, not realizing that the Father is looking down in love and that all things are working together for good for those who love Him in return.

Even such mundane things as itching and scratching are part of the Divine plan, a plan so profound that the human mind cannot grasp it.

I have given all diligence to form a legacy of wisdom that hopefully will strengthen some weary pilgrim as he struggles through the pitfalls of life.

Man is the head of the women because of the curse. We are moving toward the time when men and women will be viewed as equally important dimensions of the image of God.

Women are not acting intelligently when they attempt to be like men. I suppose they do not realize they are as important as men as they play their unique role in the Divine plan.

There is something fundamentally wrong with the concept that cute little girls should grow up to be armed soldiers. Their role is to produce life, not to destroy it.

How utterly stupid, blind, and destructive the world spirit is.

A person who does not look to Jesus, His creator, at all times, for strength and wisdom to pursue His course in life, who does not avail himself of this Resource, is a fool.

You must have patience if you are going to deal with God.

The Lord Jesus did not set aside His own Life that He might live by the Life of the Father; rather, His Life is the Life of the Father. We are to press forward until our life is the Life of Jesus.

When we find that we have become more concerned about the welfare of other people than about our own, we then realize we have grown a little in Christ.

It is when we do what Christ taught that we build our house on the rock, not when we just “believe in Christ.” That is the grand delusion of our day, and the flood shall sweep away our hope.

Other religions do not have the Spirit of God as we do. It is what makes us different.

Religions go by their books. The salvation that is in Jesus meditates in the book but goes by the Spirit of God—Romans 8:14.

Melchizedek is an example of the priesthood. The Lord Jesus is a priest after the order of Melchizedek.

The only sign of the baptism with the Spirit in the New Testament is speaking in other languages.

The baptism with the Spirit brings us into the Royal Priesthood, the body of the Anointed One.

If we keep pressing into Christ, pretty soon the only life we have will be that of the Lord Jesus.

I am pressing forward in Christ until there is no point of separation between me and the Lord Jesus—total reconciliation to God!

Satan and his works are the opposite of all I desire.

Our entire Christian life is to be one of asking, seeking, and knocking—always pressing forward in Christ.

Melchizedek, the king of Salem, is King of Righteousness and King of Peace. If we were not so immature, the writer of Hebrews would have taught us more about him.

The only thing in this world that I know is absolutely true and dependable is God’s Word, written and spoken. Science is demonstrating that the elements themselves are not predictable.

Adam gave names to all the livestock, all the birds, and all the wild animals. I think Adam named them what they actually are, not an arbitrary name Adam made up.

John 1:13 suggests that born-again people never had been born of flesh and blood. We understand this is not what it means, but it places a terrific emphasis on our new birth.

True Christians are continually asking and continually receiving, continually seeking and continually finding, continually knocking—and in front of them marvelous doors keep opening.

I don’t know about you, but I must keep praying that God will remove evil from me and cause me to do His will.

Repent of your sins and ask Jesus for forgiveness, and you shall be forgiven. Then you may need to ask God to remove any lingering feelings of condemnation.

The newly elected pope, Pope Francis, in his first address to the cardinals, preached what I am preaching—that we should walk in the Presence of God with our eyes on the cross, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

It seems that everywhere I turn, pastors are preaching about our need for more of the Holy Spirit. The only hope for America is a nationwide baptism with the Holy Spirit.

First, the perfecting of the people. After that, the perfecting of the environment. New wine must be poured into new bottles.

When you move from basic salvation to Pentecost, you do not leave the basics. When you move from Pentecost to Tabernacles, you do not leave the basics or Pentecost.

You cannot move readily into the Spiritual fulfillment of the Festival of Tabernacles until you are rooted in Pentecost. This ordinarily means speaking in tongues as needed.

Is there any part of your life that is not yielded to Christ? If so, you, Christ, the Body of Christ, and the world, are the losers.

My prayer is that I always will be in the center of God’s complete will, and that by His grace I will finish the work He has given me to do.

Why do you want to go to Heaven? You will not be able to lie or steal or get drunk or use nasty language. You will not be able to get your pleasure at someone else’s expense.

I refuse to be concerned about my problems. I insist on looking steadfastly to Jesus for the needed help.

I am giving all unpleasant memories to the Lord Jesus to remove, and am pressing forward in Him.

Humanism always emphasizes the comfort of the individual, even though he should be whipped or publicly hung. The Bible does not take this attitude, and so Humanism always opposes the Bible.

The difference between the two covenants is stark. The covenant of the letter commands us to acquire life by obeying the law. The covenant of the Spirit instructs us to obey the Spirit and thus acquire life.

Walking in the Spirit may include generous amounts of speaking in tongues. Walking according to the Law of Moses can never produce righteousness equal to walking in the Spirit.

Living in the Spirit means looking to Jesus for every decision instead of seeking blindly to obey the letter of the Scriptures.

Sometimes afflictions, such as addiction to sexual perversions or to illegal drugs, are caused by spiritual forces. These cannot always be corrected by physical means alone. Much prayer may be needed.

I would not urge a Muslim to convert to Christianity. Rather I would urge him to become acquainted with God and Jesus.

Whether a Christian should carry a gun in dangerous times is up to God and that individual. What is true for one may not be true for another.

Religions seek to establish a set of rules by which a person can live without seeking the mind of Christ.

Indeed it is difficult for a religious person to walk with Jesus. He would rather look to his rules than to His Lord for direction.

It is easier for Jesus to teach patience to a dog rather than to some of His followers.

When Christ speaks about our ruling with Him, He refers to the Morning Star. That is because He wants us to rule by His wisdom within us, not by our own personality.

Apart from the blood of the cross, there is no righteousness that God will accept. Man always must meet God at the cross.

The relationship of Christ to His Father always is one-to-one, not through the Scriptures. Yet Christ understands that the Scriptures are eternal. The same is to be true of us.

To pray, you don’t need to be in church or at home or in bed. Pray the moment the need comes to mind. Pray without ceasing.

If a non-Christian asks for prayer, then pray for his need. Remember what Solomon said about praying toward God’s Temple, which you are.

There is nothing like living in the Lord one moment at a time.

The Law of Moses is a servant to bring us to Christ.

Living by the Life of the Lord Jesus is challenging.

It appears that mankind is in collusion to drive God from the earth. The vilest people are exalted today. However, He who sits in the heavens shall laugh at their folly.

Much is accomplished in life, both good and evil, through patience.

The righteous do not live by obeying the written word of the Law, nor by belief about Christ, but by obedience to the living Christ.

I will lay down and sleep in peace. Why is this? It is because the Lord Jesus is my rest-home and my safe-house.

It takes a long time to know the Lord Jesus and His ways. But the results are well worth the patience and diligence required.

Can you imagine the terror of a person at the final resurrection while the angels search to see whether his name is in the Book of Life? Do not let yourself be put in that position.

The wise individual places all of his hopes in the Lord Jesus and does not deviate from this.

The Lord God has fashioned him whose integrity is a mountain of rock. He shall increase in fruitfulness and strength, and shine as a star for eternity.

God always is correct in all He does. Why then do people waste their time with their own plans, and labor in endless frustration and grief?

Europe and America have deserted God and lost their inheritance.

I believe God for miracles, for greater works. But my prayer is not for miracles but for more of the Holy Spirit that I may have food for the hungry who need the Bread of Life.

I am too old for anything except raw, unadulterated truth presented in utter sincerity.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Truth and the only Truth. Christ is all the questions, and Christ is all the answers.

Never do anything without thinking of the possible consequences.

There always are consequences that result from disobeying Christ. I hope you and I never find out what they are.

Since the Lord God has all power and authority, it is a good thing for us that He is loving, kind, faithful, true. What if God were like Satan? It would have been good for us that we never had been born.

Liberal thinking often places human pleasure above Bible commands. It appears to lack discipline.

Pursuing pleasure rather than seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness will lead to misery.

If you think of something you are supposed to pray for, and you say to yourself, “I will pray for it later,” when later comes, you may have forgotten it. Pray for it now.

A Christian is a disciple of Jesus. A member of a Christian church is not necessarily a Christian except in name.

The unscriptural “rapture” moves us unchanged from earth to Heaven. The resurrection reveals what we are, because our true character will be shown in our body. It is the sentence of judgment.

All success we have in obeying the laws of righteousness are worthy, but they are loss for Christ. Christ prefers to work the righteousness of the Divine Nature in us.

What folly it is to picture self-willed people being raptured into Paradise. At what point will their self-will, the source of most problems, be removed from them?

I do not want my self-will to bring me to misery. I want to live by the Life of the Lord Jesus.

Rebellion is as witchcraft, because it is perversely opposed to the will of God, as is witchcraft.

Everything that is good, decent, clean honorable, upright, is of the Lord Jesus. The rest is of the enemy and it is vile and disgusting.

If the Bible actually is God’s Word, and my 91 years as a disciple of Jesus tell me it indeed is, then the future of homosexual people is not enviable.

The earth is a battleground of righteous and wicked spirits fighting each other.

A human being must choose to live righteously, or he eventually will be classified as wicked. Christ will help.

The massive error of our day is the idea that one can believe in Christ but not obey His commands or those of His apostles.

Religion consists of man making an effort to understand God and to please Him. However the true objective of the believer is to enter union with God and Christ through God’s Spirit.

Religion itself is not salvation. Salvation is the possession of God and Christ Themselves.

If you are wise, you will make as few assumptions as possible, and bring everything to Jesus for His wisdom and power.

The United States of America is going downhill fast because of the thinking that places human comfort above the iron laws that govern the universe.

God helps those who do what they can while calling on Christ for assistance.

To say “I have been healed,” when we haven’t been, is an attempt to employ metaphysical power. Rather, we should say, “I am sick but I believe God will heal me.”

To be theologically correct is of little value in the Kingdom of God. To have fellowship with Christ and God is of the highest value.

Perhaps when America has been greatly reduced because of sin, God may use devout Christian people to build a better nation, as was true in the beginning of this country.

The only manner in which we can attain to eternal righteousness, love, joy, and peace, is to think, speak, and act in agreement with God’s will for us.

People come and people go, but the Lord Jesus Christ never changes.

Man was created to serve God. When he isn’t serving God, he is a miserable pile of corrupting dust.

God moves so slowly that we may be tempted to believe He has changed His mind. God never changes His mind. We just need to be patient until His Word comes to pass.

This present world is the valley of the shadow of death, but Christ shall keep us from all harm.

If you need to harm someone in order to obtain your goal, you had better clear your plans with God first. Otherwise you will hear about it at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Faith and fear are enemies. One or the other will prevail.

God always is reasonable and righteous. We may not understand this now, but we will some day.

You are to read your Bible every day. Then, when faced with a problem, the Holy Spirit will bring a promise to your mind. This will not happen if you have not been faithful in meditating in the Scriptures.

The person who does something without considering the consequences of his or her actions is a fool, and soon will be in painful circumstances.

Relatively speaking, the only truly important issue in life is what we will face when we die.

Sometimes it is difficult for the Lord Jesus to have a personal relationship with the longtime members of a church. They may be in love with one another instead of with the Lord.

The Lord Jesus commanded us to love one another, but our first love must be Jesus. He is a jealous God.

The world is a magic garden, like Eden, in which people continually are being invited to destroy themselves. Only in Christ can we profit from the good that is here.

If you have an opportunity to do good, and don’t do it, or an opportunity to do evil, and do perform it, then these decisions will be brought up at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

The blessing of Christ made America great. Now, because of sin, we are losing that blessing. The end will be disaster.

I believe God today is putting His seal on those who mourn because of the sins of America. He will save them when Divine judgment falls on our nation.

We are not to fret ourselves because of the evil people are doing. They will meet their appointed judgment when they have accomplished God’s purposes for them.

The Lord Jesus Christ judges righteously because He hears from the Father and lives by the Father. We also can judge righteously, but only when we are hearing from Christ and are part of Christ.

What we are experiencing today is preparatory. Our true life begins when we die.

There are large families in the spirit world. This is why the Bible speaks of being gathered to our people.

It is the present world that is unfamiliar, hostile, the valley of the shadow of death. When we die, we will enter the familiar—people we have known.

The repeated stress on God’s love and grace is not the emphasis of the Bible. The Bible emphasizes man’s redemption, the removal of him from worldliness, the lusts of the flesh, and self-will, and the reconciling of him to God.

The preacher who speaks only of God’s love, or is thundering damnation, may not be representing God. Rather, God is inviting us to live righteously.

Keep telling the Lord Jesus you have placed your life in His hands and you want to live by His Life. Say this to the Lord whenever you think of it throughout the day. He will hear you and do it.

Those who insist on living their own lives, not being willing to live by the Life of Jesus, will be ruled with a rod of iron by those who do choose to live by the Life of Jesus.

Every person who chooses to leave his own personality in order that he might live by the Life of Jesus is automatically in union with every other person who lives by the Life of Christ. Of such is the Body of Christ.

Sometimes the integrity of people is greatly weakened or destroyed when they become Christians. They think everything they do is automatically justified.

Our political leaders are urging us to save ourselves by our own courage and resoluteness, instead of looking to God for help. Therefore our future will be disastrous.

Just think what a warm and comfortable world the developing fetus rests in, until an abortionist comes and murders him or her.

Blessed are those who die in the Lord, that is, who surrender their own lives that Christ may live in them. They will bear rich fruit, even during the reign of Antichrist.

“I arise this morning to do Your will, O Lord, every thought, word, and deed wrought in steel that You may have perfect rest in me.”

One can visit Pompeii and see for himself God’s attitude toward “progressive” sexual activity. That will be the fate of America unless she turns from her wicked ways.

My best Friend and closest Confidante is the Lord Jesus Christ. Is He your best Friend and Confidante also? I hope so.

We boastfully state there will be a Boston Marathon next year. But we do not say, “if God wills.” Do we just love trouble?

Sometime when you feel down and depressed, ask Jesus for some happy prospects. It works for me.

To go to Heaven requires living a decent life and responding to Christ when He comes to you.

Rulership in the Kingdom of God requires our utmost obedience, and patience in affliction.

It is my choice to keep on pressing forward in the Lord Jesus until I am living completely by His Life—a hundredfold Christian.

When the people practice righteous behavior, God gives them righteous political leaders. When they practice sinful behavior, God gives them wily, self-seeking political leaders.

The reason for the diminishing stature of America as a world power is that the people are pursuing the sins of the flesh.

If you wish to know the Lord, practice iron righteousness, fiery holiness, and stern obedience to the Father.

Do you keep up a running dialogue with the Lord? I do. “Help me with this; thanks for the help; what should I do; I need healing; what direction should I take; what is next; etc.”

Christ was crucified to forgive the sins of the world. But even more central to His purpose is the installation of the Kingdom of God on the earth so that God’s will is done here.

Throughout our entire Christian life, we demonstrate whether or not we are dead with Christ and alive with Christ.

God removes fear and dread from us when we ask Him to.

God is faithful to all people, especially to those who call on Him for assistance.

In the ultimate sense, the Lord Jesus Christ is the Grace of God. Through Him we receive everything we need to please God.

God is a Person like us. He is not a spiritual formula we are to use to get what we need or desire. We have been created in His image.

To be humble and normal in all things is desirable. People like that can have fellowship with God.

We are foolish when we do not hold ourselves before God at all times. If we do not, we suffer pain and frustration needlessly.

Do not draw back from the Fire. It will consume everything that is causing you distress.

Do not idolize or adore any human being, male or female. In the end, he or she may disappoint you without intending to do so.

Sometimes memories are a blessing. Sometimes they are a curse. God will remove them from us if we ask Him to do so, in Jesus’ name.

Always thank God when He does a good thing for you. Many times God goes unrewarded because we do not remember to bless Him by thanking Him.

To say we love Christ and believe in Him when we are not doing His will is so much religious foolishness.

The expression “Christ is our Redeemer” means He changes us from wicked behavior to righteous behavior and brings us to God. He redeems us from the bondages of Satan.

Who taught man to mix yeast in the dough when he makes bread, to spread fertilizer on his crops, to put salt on his food? Who taught man to pray?

Have you ever seen an animal pray? Neither have I. So it is certain we have not evolved from animals.

In Hell there always is jeering, mocking, harming others, forcing one’s will on others. In Heaven there is righteousness, love, joy, and peace. Which crowd do you belong to?

In modern Christian teaching, “righteous” is the tag put on us if we “accept Christ,” even though our behavior continues to be deplorable.

Whenever I use the term “righteous” in my writing, the reference is to the behavior created in us by the Lord Jesus, rather than a label God puts on us because we say we believe in Christ.

Righteousness is virtue created in us by the Lord and is revealed in our behavior, rather than a state of being that exists independently of our behavior.

Do you honestly believe the saints in Heaven are righteous because they believe in Jesus, or are they righteous because of the manner in which they conduct themselves?

Would you like to go to a heaven in which the people were declared righteous by imputation but whose personalities were morally unclean and their behavior outrageous?

When God says “Be holy because I am holy,” does He mean just believe in Christ, or are we through Christ to actually cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of flesh and spirit?

Does the New Testament teach that since the Law of Moses has been replaced by a new covenant, all we are required to do is believe in Christ? Or is this the great delusion of contemporary Christianity?

When the Bible says “If any person is in Christ, he is a new creation,” does this mean God says he is new, or does he actually keep changing into the image of God?

I have been accused of preaching “works” when I maintain that a person who actually is being saved is changing from wicked behavior and moral uncleanness into righteous conduct and a holy personality.

Are we saved from residence on earth to eternal residence in Heaven? Or are we saved from the image of Satan to fellowship with God?

If you do not diligently take care of what God gives you, it will deteriorate. That is just the way life is.

An atheist is someone who does not enjoy the thought that at some point there actually is a God who will call him to account for his behavior.

Do not be moved quickly by voices. Wait in prayer until you can perceive that the instruction is coming from the very highest level, with nothing between His voice and you.

When you are listening to a preacher, decide whether the bottom line, the conclusion, is righteous behavior. If it is not, be wary of him—even if he works outstanding miracles.

The Lord Jesus is not the ticket to Heaven but the Way to the Father.

Because there were two goats that made atonement on the Day of the Atonement, one slain and one led out of the camp, we understand Christ both forgives and removes our sinful bondages.

If the Christian salvation were a matter of belief alone, there would not be so many passages of the New Testament that command us to put off the old man with his deeds.

When we love God with all our heart, and our neighbor as ourselves, God takes care of most everything else.

If God did not permit pain and trouble to enter the world, people soon would destroy themselves with every imaginable form of lust, revelry, and violence.

Behold how the wicked vaunt themselves. But we do not fret because we know their end will be according to their deeds.

Wicked people hate true Christians and sometimes do what they can to harm them. I would too if I were filled with Satan.

God often uses wicked people to accomplish God’s purposes. We do not fret when we see their antics because we know their end shall be according to their deeds.

Our privilege as Christians is to bear witness of the one true God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. The more we know God the more effectively we can do this.

Today’s Christian doctrine rests on a false premise. It is that if we profess belief in Christ we shall enjoy eternal rest in Heaven independently of our behavior.

If we are to inherit the Kingdom of God, we must be proved worthy of it.

Heaven and the Kingdom of God are not the same thing, in that Satan began his career in Heaven. But neither he nor any of his disciples will inherit the Kingdom of God.

I need to get up this day so I can express the resurrection Life of the Lord Jesus Christ to people.

The person who obeys the Law of Moses will live by the Law. The person who obeys the Spirit of God will live by the Spirit of God.

We are to love and take care of our family, but only God and Christ are to be adored. To adore anyone or anything else is idolatry.

The most important thing in life is to obey Christ. The perversion termed “grace” that removes the necessity for stern obedience to God is the greatest disaster of all.

Every Christian is called to do something, not necessarily to go and preach. In that sense, every Christian is an apostle.

The teaching that every Christian is to go forth and get people “saved” has prevented the believers from finding their own missions.

The study of the Bible, although essential to our discipleship, is not a substitute for walking and talking with Jesus and obeying Him.

If we really knew Jesus, we would know the Father also, because Jesus always listens to the Father and does His will.

Only a fool acts without considering the consequences.

Carelessness in doing what we know to be right produces a cup containing a very bitter liquid.

A government that does not fear God and enforce His moral laws will soon be replaced by a government that does fear God and enforce His moral laws.

The wicked will be terrified in the day they stand before the Lord Jesus Christ. As they have done to others, so it will be done to them.

It is of the highest importance to perform God’s will completely. Everything else shall be destroyed in the coming days.

God does not exist for man’s pleasure. Man exists for God’s pleasure.

In the coming days, we will see who is of Christ and who is not of Christ. Then the wicked shall tremble.

The idea of giving up one’s independence of action is quite challenging. But apart from doing that, we cannot be a member of Christ’s body.

Our uniqueness as a person never changes. But we must give up our independence of will if we are to be part of Christ.

We must place God’s will ahead of our pleasure if we are to walk with God.

There is a temptation to try to use God’s power to accomplish our own ends. But we absolutely must refrain from doing so.

There is no place for sluggishness or personal ambition in the Kingdom of God, only patient obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ.

God is bringing forth offspring, brothers of the Lord Jesus Christ. But we must obey God diligently. God will have no disobedient children.

If we expect to have fellowship with God, we must come out from the moral uncleanness of the world and cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit.

Ask God about everything you do. Things go better with the Lord.

I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do God’s will. It is simple and there are many benefits.

Considering the state of the world today, it is a good thing God drove us away from the tree of immortality. Today, only those who obey God have access to the Tree of Immortality.

Can you imagine the horrible nightmare the earth would be by now if people were immortal?

It appears America is rapidly losing its original commission and is becoming a wicked empire governed by people whose highest priority is power and money.

The present government will not enforce God’s moral laws. Therefore it shall not endure. The handwriting is on the wall.

Ghastly crimes are committed in America every day. These crimes are not punished appropriately because of the philosophy of Humanism.

God understands that good can come out of wars. But no good can come from the murder of a developing infant.

I choose to think of heavenly things. “Lord Jesus, make it so.”

I choose to continue living on the earth as long as God needs me here. “Lord, I pray this will be so.”

I totally embrace the need to depend on Jesus for every aspect of my life. I enjoy leaning on Him.

I do not accept awakening every morning with the “dreads.” I choose instead to awaken every morning with pleasant prospects. In Jesus’ name.

When going to sleep I choose to think about heavenly rather than earthly things, in Jesus’ name.

The very worst thing that can happen to any person is to be separated from God. That is a true death.

Here we are—motes in the cosmos. Would we be wise to be strictly obedient to our Creator?

There is no scriptural basis for believing that fullness of joy can be found in Heaven. Fullness of joy can be found only in the Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

For those who are obedient to Christ, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.

The totally wicked will overcome the partially righteous. Satan is with the totally wicked, but God is not with those who are partially righteous.

Christ is not calling us to Heaven (a place), but to Himself (a person). There is no fullness of joy in Heaven, but in Christ’s Presence.

If you make a man or woman, boy or girl, a thing or situation, the center of your life, you will be disappointed in the end. Only Christ is worthy of your adoration.

If everyone would do God’s will, our world would be a paradise. But no, many people cannot understand that finding righteousness, love, joy, and peace is impossible apart from Christ.

I believe Satan is going to become more visible in America in the time to come. In that day we had better know Christ.

A baby is an alimentary canal with hair on one end and a commotion on the other. Come to think of it, so are we all.

If you know the right thing to do, then do it. After a few days, and after ten thousand years, you will be mighty glad you did.

An abortionist is condemned to see for a long, long time, the faces of the babies he or she has murdered.

If it is true that God does not see our sins and shortcomings, at what point will we be made in God’s image so He can have fellowship with us?

The present life is a hard school for those who will govern in the future ages.

After reflecting on the human condition for 91 years, the only power I know of that can make a person what he or she ought to be is the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Israelites remained in their camp until the cloud moved forward, for a day, a month, or a year. So we are to not rush ahead of the Spirit of God.

Love is more powerful than intelligence when it comes to moving people to act.

A person who is not preparing himself to stand before Christ in the day of his death is not wise.

If we were going to appear before a court in this world, we would prepare ourselves. In like manner we should prepare ourselves for appearing before Christ at our death.

Knowing we are prepared to stand before Christ makes a wonderful difference in how we feel about life and death.

Death is not to be feared by decent people who have not knowingly and willfully rejected the Lordship of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

A burning romantic attraction toward another person is not of God. It springs from the adamic nature. It is the idolatrous worship of a human being.

If you will view each person as an alimentary canal standing on two legs, you will not be as apt to fall into the idolatrous worship of a human being.

It ordinarily is a good thing if there is someone you love warmly and affectionately. But it is not pleasing to God to make someone the center of your universe, other than the Lord Jesus.

God in many ways has spoken to the fathers through Christ. And He speaks today to those who are listening and obedient.

The idea that we hear from God only through the Bible is not true. We also hear from God Himself if we are listening and obedient.

We have fellowship with Christ through the Bible. We also have fellowship with Christ Himself.

Sometimes we get a Word from the Lord from the Bible. Sometimes we get a Word from the Lord Himself.

God gave the Word. Man took over from there by creating a religion.

Fear causes people to act in undesirable ways. It is best to ask God to remove the fear, and avoid making decisions and acting when we are fearful.

The Divine redemption always is a living experience as we listen to God and obey Him, as He moves us through the various stages that lead to His fullness.

A religious teaching has power to move us only as a spiritual force chooses to use us for good or for evil.

The Israelites used the Canaanites as hewers of wood and drawers of water. In like manner, a believer may attempt to use his sinful nature to accomplish his personal goals.

I notice that Satan places people in positions of power who do his will. He would be foolish not to. Yet God is in control of all.

You will know you are of Antichrist when you place the importance of money above your moral principles.

Unusually gifted children are being born in our day. Satan’s purpose in abortion and homosexual behavior is to prevent the birth of godly leaders.

The Bible gives us general principles of behavior. Immediate directions come from the Holy Spirit.

God does not waste anything: “Gather up the fragments.”

“Father, grant that I will have no dreams this night except those that come from you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

In order to receive the full benefits of the new covenant, one has to follow Christ in diligent discipleship.

Notice that Jesus did not command the angels. He prayed that the Father would send the angels. They are the Father’s angels.

Two thousand years of the Christian era, and God now is showing us our sins and what to do about them.

The New Testament is a guide for our behavior until we are far enough along to hear the reproofs of the Spirit concerning the sins we unknowingly are committing.

A religious attitude often will not permit God to do anything new, to move forward in the program of redemption.

Cast yourself upon the Lord Jesus and He will uphold, guide, and strengthen you.

Christ forms in us attributes of character, such as humility, care for others, truthfulness. These are wrought in us for eternity and are stable, unlike their counterparts in the adamic nature.

If an individual is prepared to stand before the Lord Jesus, there is no reason to fear dying. Rather, dying is a time to rejoice.

It is not believing in Jesus that is so necessary for the closing days of the Church Age, it is obeying Him and living by His Life that is essential to survival and salvation.

We are fortunate beyond comprehension that God is like He is. If God were like Satan, being born would be the worst possible disaster.

To bet there is a God and to live accordingly, is a win-win situation. To bet there is not a God, and to live accordingly is a lose-lose situation.

It is going to rain Divine judgment. Keep pressing into Christ more each day. Christ is our only Ark of safety.

The soul is the substance of the personality. The spirit portrays the soul.

A person who makes his moral choices from the appetites of his body, instead of from his soul and mind, is in bondage.

My courage and wisdom come from Christ who lives in me. At times my strength comes from the angels God has assigned to me.

Do not attempt to communicate with or to direct angels. They are God’s angels, His creation. They are not born from God as is a person who receives Christ.

If we will do our part, God will do His part.

Force your mind to dwell on things that are righteous, loving, joyous, peaceful. Put all of your hopes in Heaven.

God has promised to give you the desires of your heart if you delight yourself in Him. Make sure they are what you truly want.

I do believe society is deteriorating rather than evolving. Compare “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” with “O Little Town of Bethlehem.”

Technological advances are not necessarily true advances for people.

There never will be enough laws in place as long as the heart of man is desperately wicked.

It is as pleasant to keep your mind focused on Jesus as it is to permit your mind to run wild into foolishness and fears, and there is a reward.

Sometimes Christians, having a deep awareness of sins forgiven, lose the iron edge of discipline and become foolish and silly.

When something is bothering you, ask the Lord to resolve it and give you peace.

If we do not distinguish between physical appetites and genuine love, we may contract a dreadful disease, and even commit a crime.

If there are memories that haunt you, ask Jesus to remove them so you may press forward in Christ without distraction.

A bad representative can turn us against an entire corporation. So it is true of the witness of Christ that we bear.

Preaching the Gospel is something one does. Being a witness of Christ is something one is.

A prayer that often helps is, “Lord Jesus, I pray you will fix it.”

The commander who does not lead his troops into battle is not a soldier. He is a politician. The Lord Jesus always enters the battle at the head of His armies, beginning with Calvary.

There are people who are large and imposing in the physical world, but in the spirit world they are small and despised. The reverse also is true.

If you make enough financial provisions to ensure your peace and safety, but do not make provisions for when you stand before Christ, you are foolish.

Do you know what Kingdom resources Christ has entrusted to you? It would be a good idea to find out and put them to use before you find yourself in the outer darkness.

Grace, as it is preached today, is God’s admission that He cannot deliver us from sin, and that He has chosen to have fellowship with us in our moral filth.

The person who does not obey God diligently is shortsighted. The hour will come when he will wish he did.

Satan is seeking to kill as many infants as he can, through abortion and homosexual activity. However, as in the case of the baby Jesus, God’s future kings shall survive.

It is easy to be sidetracked by the flesh while we are seeking that which is eternal.

We humans do not surrender our self-will readily, yet it is necessary if we are to please God. However, God never requires that we lose our unique identity.

One big difference between the Law of Moses and the new covenant is that Moses is dead, while Jesus is alive and can help you do His will.

You do not want to ever, ever, ever be out of God’s perfect will. When you are, the protecting hand is removed and you are exposed to every weapon Satan directs at you.

The first thing we need to know is what kind of person we are. After that, what we can do. However, of the highest importance is our relationship to Jesus Christ.

Let all of us live with our eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Apostles who wrote the New Testament are dead. The Lord Jesus is alive. He did not give us the New Testament so we could ignore Him but to have fellowship with Him.

Through Christ you are more than a conqueror, but only through Christ.

God always is “on the job.” It’s a good thing for us!

If you really delight in being miserable, then choose to live outside of God’s will.

It is a delight to do God’s will. But the way of the disobedient is miserable.

Doing God’s will brings us righteousness, love, joy, and peace. It really is the best way to go.

If the foundation is not solid, it does not matter how fancy the house is inside. It is worthless.

The only way we are going to survive in the days to come is by knowing that our citizenship is established in Heaven.

I want to see the King in His beauty, and the land that is very far off.

The woman who obeys the Lord diligently, and has a gentle loving nature, is a priceless treasure.

When the Rock of Israel comes to save His chosen people, the wise nation will recognize its errors and humbly worship God.

“Lord Jesus, I pray that You will establish my mind in the heavenlies. Then my thinking will endure for eternity.”

“Lord Jesus, I pray You will erase the troubling, unprofitable aspects of my memory. They only are a hindrance to my pursuit of Jesus.”

If we obey Christ, that which is worthy in our life will endure for eternity. That which is unworthy will be removed.

I have chosen to build my house on the Rock by obeying what Christ has said in the Gospels, and what He is saying today.

If you continue to live in the appetites of your flesh, and do not spend time before the Lord, when you die you will have nothing to bring with you except corruption.

The atheist lives in a dumb, deaf, and blind universe. He cannot speak about or hear the King in His beauty. He cannot see the land that is very far off.

The goal of all law is to walk with Jesus, hear what He wants, and then receive from Him the wisdom and strength to be perfectly obedient.

If you want to be established in the Throne Room, with the Father, Christ, and the elders, you continually must cast down your crown, saying, “Not my will but Yours be done.”

To be with Jesus where He always is, is to be in the Throne Room with the Father, the elders, and the four cherubim of Glory.

We are to pay attention to the Word of Christ and His Apostles until they bring us to the place where we can know Jesus personally and understand His will for us.

There is an external Throne where we are called to live, and then there is an internal throne from which we bring forth the water of eternal life.

I marvel that the Lord is so quick to read my thoughts and respond. Surely He knows our thoughts afar off.

Do not avenge yourself. Vengeance belongs to God. If you refrain from avenging yourself, God will bring all matters to justice.

I am more intent on growing Christians than I am on growing the size of the local church.

Obedience to Christ is required both in our inward and our outward nature.

Jesus Christ is the King whom God has chosen, and He must be obeyed diligently.

There is a Throne of God that is external to us, and then there is a Throne of God that is inside of us. These are one Throne, and the heart of the new Jerusalem.

The way things are going in America, I suspect that in the future, Christians will be imprisoned for being mentally deficient. Perhaps we should draw closer to Jesus.

A wedding is of little significance and need not be ornate. It is the subsequent conduct while married that is of supreme importance, as we learn patience and other virtues.

People smoke cigarettes for the same reason that a baby sucks his thumb. It is to make the individual feel secure. But he soon becomes addicted to nicotine.

“Father, I pray Your Throne will be created in me that I may do Your will ever more perfectly.”

“I pray that God will work in us and through us until all the works of self-will, and the self-will itself, have been removed from the creation.”

What a gala time it will be when Satan is cast down from the heaven to the earth. What a time of rejoicing and jubilation will be experienced by all those who do God’s will.

Satan has always wanted to be in the earth where he can feast on the flesh of human beings. He will be given his desire in the coming days when he is cast down to the earth.

We Americans are not accustomed to being governed by a king. Now we have a righteous King who loves and serves God, the Lord Jesus. Will we obey Him?

Go ahead. Have your own way. Play with the demons. But your end will be exceedingly painful.

In its own way, the earth is alive. Otherwise how could the blood of Abel cry to God from the ground? How else could the earth vomit out its inhabitants?

A true grandmother is not only a mother of our father or mother, but a person who loves and serves God.

There are two matters of the highest importance: stern obedience to Christ, and how we treat other people.

The purpose of redemption is that Christ alone be exalted and not we ourselves.

Either there is a faithful and true Christ, or there isn’t. Our eternal righteousness, love, joy, and peace depend on our making the right choice.

There is an eighth lampstand. It consists of the victorious saints of the seven churches. It is one of the two witnesses, the Lord Jesus being the Other.

Though all the world is insane in its pursuit of money, my sanity is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

Man was created to be an integral part of God. When he is not an integral part of God, he is no more significant than an animal.

I have prayed with utmost sincerity that God will conduct every aspect of my life from now throughout eternity.

One of the punishments of the wicked is to be forced to live and associate with people they detest.

Man imagined the mansions. God created the garden.

God’s salvation is not a religion, it is a Man—the Lord Jesus Christ and our continual interaction with him.

None of God’s angels understand foolishness. They cannot help us when we act or talk foolishly.

When we first receive Christ, God lifts our spiritual nature to the right hand of God in Christ. Then we must fight to maintain that position.

Satan always is seeking to tear us down from our high place in Christ.

I have chosen to live by the Life of Christ. I cannot survive otherwise, because of the demonic oppression that is beginning to cover the United States.

The person who takes drugs is setting himself up for destruction. He is defiling the temple of the holy Spirit of God.

Christ can create five universes while we are thinking about it, so great is His power.

If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves. If we confess and turn away from our sins by the power of Christ, we wash our robes in the blood of the Lamb.

There is a fountain open in the House of David for sin and all uncleanness in which we can wash our sins away. Have you taken advantage of it?

We Americans think we know everything and own the world. The truth is, apart from Christ we know nothing at all and possess nothing at all.

The only thing that makes sense in this present world is God and His Christ.

Some people are saying there is no God. But our common sense tells us that the world came from somewhere. Nothing comes from nothing. Something comes from something.

I do not believe it will be too long before God shows the American people His opinion of abortion and homosexual behavior.

The Lord Jesus Christ is not the Father, but he who has Christ has the Father also. No person has the Father if he does not have Christ.

One human being cannot accomplish much. But any person, young or old, can choose to ask God to enable him to do God’s perfect will during his life on the earth.

I have made my physical body my slave. I tell it what it must do and what it can’t do, as the Lord directs me.

I think God has given me water for the thirsty. I pray that many people come and drink, and receive eternal life.

We have been created to be part of Christ and to do His will. Let us diligently give ourselves to this.

God made plant and animal life at one time. If evolution were true, there would be a multitude of fossil records showing numerous stages of development of each species.

Suffering does not make a believer worthy, in the sense of being an atonement, but by weakening the sinful nature. The one atonement already has been made.

If God does not intervene and pour out His Spirit, America will not be recognizable in fifteen years. America no longer will be “America.”

God’s will for you and your will for yourself are the same. It is eternal righteousness, love, joy, and peace.

The wise person upon arising will ask the Lord Jesus for strength and wisdom for the day.

If God were running the world, it would be Paradise. Because man is running the world, it is the valley of the shadow of death.

A Jew by national citizenship and a descendant of Abraham is not Israel. Israel is Christ and those who are part of Him, Jew or Gentile.

Since spiritual growth is in knowing the difference between good and evil, the current teaching of “grace” prevents our growth in Christ.

The adamic nature often is assaulted by the maudlin nature of nostalgia. There is no profit in nostalgia. It is spiritual death.

We will not safely find out God’s will for ourselves until we are willing to present our body a living sacrifice to Christ.

When we do not understand something, it is complicated. When we understand something thoroughly, it is simple.

The creation is moving from the complicated to the simple.

Genuine love is the simplest of all things and the healthiest and most harmonious.

Hatred is discordant and leads to disease and death—spiritual and physical.

Physical desire is not love and it readily can lead to hatred.

Faithfulness and truth ride together. One is joined to the other.

When there is no lie in us, our moral nature has been perfected.

Spirits are appeased by a blood offering. Satan is appeased by abortion.

The strength and power of righteousness always is greater than the efforts of the ungodly.

When the righteous are not righteous enough, they will fall before the forces of Satan.

A wife is to be a broadening of her husband so that they more fully portray the image of God.

When God brings together a man and a woman, they are one shining revelation of His Glory.

Man is the prose of life. Woman is the poetry of life. What is prose without poetry? What is poetry without prose? They are equally valuable in their places.

Women who seek to murder their own offspring because of inconvenience no longer are worthy to be women. They are the product of a satanic society.

Men and women who prefer the ways of Sodom shall experience Divine judgment, as did Sodom.

When a sinful Christian dies, he or she brings a sinful nature into the spirit world. That sinful nature must be dealt with in some manner.

Man was created an eternal spirit. He never can cease to exist. He always will be conscious somewhere.

There is eternal life and eternal death. But there never is a ceasing to exist.

If we keep pressing forward in Christ, there shall come a time when the Father, the Son, the Spirit of God, and ourselves, are all on the throne of our life.

We who obey Christ possess the iron scepter of righteousness. The mobs do not have this, and they shall fall before the power of Christ.

Are Christians saved to go to Heaven, or are they saved to bring justice to the nations and be the light of the world? What is your opinion?

No true Christian would be happy reclining in his mansion in Heaven while Christ and His saints are bringing God’s will into the earth.

The area in which I live would be paradise if everyone did God’s will. They shall, some day.

Our body is the first part of our personality to be formed, and the last part to be transformed.

God gives you what you ask for unless it will be harmful to you.

For the diligent Christian, decreasing physical strength may be accompanied by increasing revelation and spiritual strength.

Christians have three weapons with which to fight injustice: prayer, truth, and righteous behavior. Then God will fight for us.

Flesh and blood human life is preparation for eternity. To consider it as anything else, as being significant in and of itself, is a delusion.

Today in America, the ungodly are parading about and vaunting themselves as though there were no God. But God shall come and destroy them and all their works.

The reason there is much trouble and suffering in the world is so the souls and spirits of people will be improved.

It is necessary and practical to give a name to a local congregation. But to emphasize the name of the parent organization can promote division in the one Body of Christ.

If you go against God’s will, you will end up in confusion and pain. Think about Jonah.

God’s warrior angels are very large and very powerful. Satan has no angel that can stand before them. If you are living in the Lord’s will, they will do your fighting for you.

I do not teach people that they will be delivered by a rapture. Rather I teach them how to stand in Christ and help others during the coming trouble.

America does not have a monarchy and a common populace as does England. Therefore we are subject to disintegration within by competing interests.

How often we ascribe motives to people that are totally incorrect. We need rather to inquire of Jesus that we may exercise true judgment.

When we transfer wealth from the haves to the have-nots, the have-nots waste what they were given and continue as have-nots. However, we must share our wealth, but only as Jesus leads.

To live by faith means to focus at all times on that which is invisible.

God uses the sufferings in our flesh, which result from the original sin, to cause us to seek the new world of righteousness. Thus the works of Satan always result in the doing of God’s will.

Our life on earth might be compared to a little dog crossing a busy highway. We must pray much if we are to get safely to the other side.

Because of the increase of the demonic hordes, the shadow of death is becoming darker. Yet giants of the Kingdom shall continue to be brought forth in our day.

Anyone who claims that we cannot (with Christ’s help) be perfectly obedient to God, is grievously mistaken. We can practice perfect obedience all the day long—and rejoice.

God is kind to everyone, but especially to those who love Him and do His will with a joyous heart.

It is scriptural for us to come to Christ, and for Christ to come to us. “All whom the Father gives me” and “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock.”

It is scriptural for us to receive Christ, and for Christ to receive us. “But as many as received Him” and “whoever comes to me I will never drive away.”

It is scriptural for us to press forward to know Christ, and for Christ to know us. But if Christ does not know us, there may be no one to receive us when we die.

The Scripture does not state that we are to “accept” Christ. The problem with “accepting” Christ is that it becomes a one-time religious act, and soon the water of life becomes stagnant.

It takes a long time for the Lord to dig an individual out of the pit and then to carve him or her into the image of God.

A major aspect of our life is what we choose to believe.

The Bible and religion are not ends in themselves. Their purpose is to bring us to the Man, Christ.

The doctrine that “if we once accept Christ we are eternally secure” is an unscriptural witches’ brew.

When political leaders do not fear the Lord and seek His wisdom, the blind are leading the blind.

In order to pursue the narrow way that leads to Christ, we must set aside our own way.

The same God who created the terrifying Utahraptors also made the gentle Monarch butterflies.

God does not honor our wanting to be more important than other people. That is the curse that sometimes rests on politicians.

Someone said it is better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven. I do not know who wrote that, but it must have been Satan or one of his friends.

We ought not to be angry with people. No person can be or do anything except what has been given to him or her from Heaven.

“Dear Lord, I pray that you will make me faithful and true so I will be like Jesus, my older Brother, and a son of God.”

“As militant forces invade our land, each seeking its own power, I pray you will keep our minds and hearts in the happy Presence of the Lord Jesus.”

Let us strive to enter more fully into the Fire who is God. Then all that is not of Christ shall be burned away and we shall be faithful and true in Him.

There is no reason why we cannot walk hand in hand with Jesus through the endless Fire who is the God of Israel.

What better place to be than in the Fire of God throughout the ever-expanding eons of eternity?

This holy life that is God must be guarded and kept from all that is evil that it may remain pure—not entangled with money or any other filth of the flesh.

Learn to dance with Jesus. Let Him lead. Quit stepping on His toes.

There is to be nothing whatever in our life concerning which we do not say “Your will be done.”

God gives us what we are in personality and what we can do. We make our decisions based on this universe, and are judged in terms of our decisions.

Always remember you are serving a King. Do not come into His Presence downcast and despairing but with joy, praise, and faith.

“Who are we,” Father, “that we should be at your right hand in Christ? Are we actually Your sons and daughters?”

We might say we will be rewarded for the good and evil we have chosen to do. The truth is, we receive the good and evil themselves that we have chosen.

Let faithfulness and truth be your watchwords. Pray that integrity of thought and action always will be in you as a mighty mountain of rock.

As in the case of Moses, a man chosen by the Lord will always be a bloody husband, because God always will seek to kill him.

If God chooses to not seal the tribe of Dan for its protection, then Dan is not sealed. God does what He will with the inhabitants of the earth.

Think of something nice to say to Jesus when you first wake up. “Thank you Lord Jesus for my blessings and my peace.”

Our old adamic nature is a demon. He must be controlled. He cannot be converted. He must be replaced by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Resurrection is the transition from Adam to Christ, from flesh and blood to the Spirit and Word of God.

Letting go and letting God have His way is an art. It must be practiced at all times if we are to learn to live by the Life of Jesus.

Why waste your time propping up your church, your denomination, or your religion? All that matters is the living Jesus.

Faith is the enduring belief that if you let go and let God have His way, the outcome for you will be the best possible situation.

I do not understand why everyone cannot do God’s perfect will and delight in it. They may need to work at it, just as in obtaining anything of value.

It is the way of the transgressor, not the way of the righteous, that is hard. The righteous have many tribulations, but the Lord delivers them out of them all.

Mankind has been disobedient to God throughout history. This is the reason for wars, sickness, famines, and every other distressing situation.

Mankind has been disobedient to God throughout history. This is the reason Satan has the grip on the world that he does.

When we come forth from our place of burial in the Day of Resurrection, we will reveal how much of the resurrection we have attained to.

When Christ was raised from the dead by the Glory of the Father, the Resurrection came forth from the cave; eternal Life came forth from the grave; the Kingdom of God came forth from the grave.

“Grant, Lord, that each day of my life, the Resurrection may be seen in me; eternal Life may be seen in me; the Kingdom of God may be seen in me.”

Every time God brings Jesus to us, we must believe and obey, whether it is in this world or in that which is to come. If we refuse, we shall be condemned.

If you do not rejoice over the thought of doing God’s will, you need to pray that God will change your heart. God’s will is the most delightful opportunity in the universe.

We must invite Christ into our personality. He does not come where He is not welcome.

It is possible to face down fear and dread. But only as we are willing to do God’s will, whatever it happens to be.

The key to total victory is to let God have His way.

To cling to someone or something is to remain in bondage. Let go of all fear and dread.

Put all your treasures in Heaven. You can be sure you will get them back, or something infinitely better, when you die. You never really lost them.

If you don’t put your treasures in Heaven, you can be certain that moths and rust will corrupt them.

If someone wants something of yours, give it to him, but only as Christ directs and enables you.

I think of death as a release from probation.

If we will keep following Christ faithfully, we will discover to our delight that we are inheriting our Father’s character and disposition.

In order for our prayers to be effective, having eternal results, they must be given to us by the Lord.

According to the Bible, there is going to be a review of people’s behavior: “The men of Nineveh will stand up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it.”

It is my earnest desire that everything that is not in my Father’s character will be removed from me, and everything that is in my Father’s character will be created in me.

If we wish to please God, we must maintain a gentle and forgiving nature. Vengeance belongs to God, and He will avenge us in His time and way.

God enjoys having His sons consider the welfare of other people, because that is the way He is.

Man was never meant to live eternally as an animal. He thinks, speaks, and acts correctly only when he is filled with the Spirit of God.

A major problem with Christian people occurs when we are willing to work hard in Christian activities but do not have a close relationship with Jesus.

A person, man or woman, boy or girl, may be a fine human being. But according to the Bible, if Christ is not in the individual, he or she is as the grass of the field.

The Antichrist spirit fills America, with the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. The number is 666—man making himself God.

The outcome of wars is decided by the Lord, not by who has the most guns.

What destructive evil dwells in people that we continue to trust in ourselves instead of in God.

The wicked have but a few days to practice their wickedness. The righteous have all of eternity to practice their righteousness.

God gives His Holy Spirit to those who obey Him, and also to those who ask Him for His Spirit.

We always must keep our robes clean by confessing our sins when they are pointed out to us, and turn away from them with Christ’s help.

The laws of the Kingdom always are operating. Those who are sinning are dying. Those who are doing God’s will are living.

Satan always is counseling people that if they disobey God, they shall not surely die. Thus the grace that is preached today originates with Satan.

If you wish to find fulfillment in your life, obey the Lord Jesus Christ diligently.

Who is he who is having a miserable life? Is it not the individual who is disobeying God?

Consider the matter as long as you wish. But in the end you will find that the Lord Jesus Christ is telling the truth.

Do not waste a single moment. Keep pursuing Christ steadily.

When Heaven and grace are preached, instead of the Kingdom of God and righteous behavior, the believers will remain immature.

It is an act of true faith to be willing to be nothing in the hands of Christ, and to act only according to His desires. This is how Christ lives with the Father.

When I recognize that I am nothing and Christ is everything, I have made some progress in the Christian life.

If we refuse to accept the fact that we are nothing and Christ is everything, we guarantee that we never shall attain to the fulfillment of the destiny to which we have been assigned.

We can accept the fact that we are nothing and Christ is everything. But working this out in practice is another matter.

He who lives by interacting with the Lord Jesus shall never die. When he passes from this life he will continue interacting with the Lord Jesus for eternity.

To live by faith is not a matter of believing about Christ but of interacting with Christ continually, day and night.

The demons are tireless in their efforts to confuse and mislead people who are endeavoring to seek God and do His will.

The reason there is so much theologic error in our day is that Bible teachers are attempting to remove the demands of discipleship and make the way to the Kingdom easy.

If you spend your time on Facebook or other social media, you may lose part or all of your inheritance. We have been commanded to redeem the time.

The more we are willing to become nothing, the more Christ is able to become everything.

We start off with foolishness. Then we work backward in Christ until we attain to true gravity of spirit.

There is an art to becoming nothing that Christ may be everything without lapsing into the trap of passivity, in which we are unable to make a decision.

If we do not serve the Lord with what we have been given, what we have been entrusted with shall be removed from us and we shall be assigned to the outer darkness.

When God has His way with us, we become faithful and true.

The Word became flesh that the flesh may become the Word.

One can be so exercised in the activities of his religion that he misses the will of God at every turn.

We can apply ourselves to the practices of our religion successfully. But knowing God is an interaction between another person and ourselves.

Many people have been murdered by religious people who thought they were doing God’s will. But they were not. They were working out their own murderous rage.

God begins with men and women with who have good hearts. His goal is to fill them with Christ until Christ is everywhere and in all things.

If we are obedient to the Lord, He heals all of our diseases, unless something profitable will result from our illness or death.

I know of two mysteries. The more we pursue them, the more complex they become. One is God. The other is the human soul.

The human soul is so complex that sometimes God himself does not know what choice we are going to make.

The desire for money is a root of evil. It can entice people to behave in a manner of which even they themselves do not approve.

If you do what the Lord asks, He will do what you ask, unless it is not good for you.

God will not be anyone’s co-pilot.

Good health is a talent that God has given to many of us. It is to be used for His glory. If it is not, it shall be removed from us and we shall be punished appropriately.

I think the purpose for our difficulties in the world is to make leaning on the Lord an instinctive habit.

An undisciplined life will end up sooner or later in misery.

I am endeavoring to learn how to live by every Word that comes from the mouth of God to me.

It is well to be encouraged by the words of the overcoming saints of old. But God has something unique for us today.

People often view themselves differently from the way others view them.

If, as Isaiah says, the nations are considered as a speck of dust in the scales, how would God view the authority and power of an individual human being?

Music is a language that talks to our emotions rather than to our mental processes.

God’s choices are important. Our choices are important. It is the sword of the Lord and of Gideon.

Battles are won by the Lord and by the spirit of the warrior, not by masses of guns and ammunition.

It seems to me that many Christian believers in America want to offer to God that which costs them nothing, which King David refused to do.

A grace in which you do nothing but believe and receive is a delusion.

The forming and dwelling of Christ in us does not enable us to do great things. Rather, it converts our inner nature into the moral image of God.

We are to pray and be obedient to Christ. Then we will see the works of power we desire.

I believe Bible scholars apply a philosophy which they have deduced from a few verses. They appear not to perceive what clearly is written in numerous passages of the New Testament.

I believe the world is rough and tough because God is perfecting character. I think it is likely the spirit world will not be like this.

Salvation is not a change of where we are but of what we are. Until we are changed, we cannot have lasting fellowship with God.

There is an awesome difference between that which is difficult and that which is impossible. It is difficult to gain, through Christ, victory over our sinful nature.

The greatest reward I ever could have is to know that God is pleased with me.

If you are not seeking the will of Christ and doing His will, you are making a great mistake. You will regret it later.

Some are teaching that Jesus did it all and there is nothing we are to do. If such teachers would read the New Testament, they would discover they have been greatly deceived.

If I did not have the will of God and His Words in me, I would not know who I am, or why I am, or what I am, or where I am, or what I am doing, or where I am going!

“Lord, I do not always know what I am doing, so please help me to do Your will at all times and in every circumstance.”

If there is something in the Bible you do not understand, ask the Lord Jesus to help you. One way or another, He will see to it that you are given the explanation.

Our soul is where our decisions are made. Our spirit is the reflection of our soul. The decisions we make in our soul determine what kind of spirit we have, and where it has access.

Our soul must be put to death that we may become a life-giving spirit, like our Lord Jesus. We are to live by the Life of Jesus.

It would be impossible to be a true Christian and not have a love for Israel. Since we are, through Christ, of the one Seed of Abraham, we would be at odds with ourselves.

Some scholars have concluded that Christ and the Father are the same Person. This error proceeds from the fact that the Father dwells in Christ in His Fullness.

What does the Bible mean when it says we are to sit with Christ in His Throne, if it is not referring to our being filled with the Fullness of Christ?

What did Paul mean when he said, “I no longer live, but Christ lives in me”? Does this mean Paul had an experience beyond what is commonly known?

I believe the future in America will be so morally and physically chaotic that we will need to be able to say with Paul, “I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.”

God said He made man in His own image. But man insists he is nothing more than an intelligent animal. Who is correct?

It seems to me that a man who declares there is no God, and then dies and finds himself among spirits, including God, Christ, and the angels, will feel foolish.

An atheist must be terrified of dying, believing he will have no conscious existence anywhere, being only a memory.

How can an atheist enjoy himself eating, drinking, and being merry, but understanding that when he dies he will be only a memory—that is, if anyone remembers him.

If there is anyone more hopeless than an atheist, I do not know it would be. Even a beggar or invalid has hope of a better life after death.

The reason the living conditions of many people in India do not improve may be that they worship demons instead of the Father and His Son, Christ.

Our anger and rage are not the fault of other people. They come from within us.

It appears to me that the Father, the Son, and each member of the Body of Christ will live together for eternity in one grand shining coalescence of the Spirit of God.

The Lord Jesus must live in a continual baptism with the Holy Spirit, in that He is filled with all the Fullness of God. I suspect that we eventually will live in the same manner.

Whatever God says to me is good, I regard as good. Whatever God says to me is bad, I regard as bad.

The only thing that really matters in this world is Christ and His will. The sooner we learn that, the quicker we are oriented to reality.

The perversity of the wicked is astonishing. It will tear us down if we do not keep our eyes on the Lord Jesus.

The moral and physical chaos in the world will become worse. We will survive and have peace only as we keep our eyes focused on the Lord Jesus.

Perhaps I am in the chariot already, being drawn along swiftly and accurately in God’s will. This is all my desire.

There is a time for rejoicing in the Kingdom. But there never is a place for foolishness.

The way of the righteous is one problem after another. This is why we must pray without ceasing so we may live in victory.

If you enjoy righteousness, love, joy, and peace, then keep Jesus before you always.

If we are to survive in the incredible wickedness and perversity of this world, we must learn to live by the Life of the Lord Jesus.

The chaotic wickedness and perversity of the world is going to grow worse before it gets better. Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Always.

We readily can overcome through Christ most of our demons. But overcoming the kings in our personality may require a lifetime of perseverance.

When Ern Hawtin and Milford Kirkpatrick prayed over Audrey and me more than 63 years ago, they prophesied wisdom for me. But I wanted power. Best to let God have his wonderful way.

The one redeeming feature of being a human being is that people have the ability to worship and serve God.

We can choose to serve Christ or not to serve Christ. I have served Christ for 70 years. I highly recommend doing this, when I see how people without Christ live.

Our redemption takes place for God’s benefit, not ours.

While our eyes are on the distant horizon, God’s angels are watching that we do not stumble over a stone.

All foolish words and actions have the potential to result in destruction.

The best prayers you and I will ever pray are those God gives us to pray.

The Kingdom of God is not an organization, but a Seed. The builders of church structures and organizations find this almost impossible to comprehend and work with.

If we truly have died with Christ, then no part of the Law of Moses has jurisdiction over us. The Law of the Spirit of Christ has total jurisdiction over us.

While you are worrying about the future, the angels are watching your feet. That is where the danger is. Learn to live one step at a time.

God grant that today it will be Christ who is living in this body instead of me.

I know of no ceremonial law in the New Testament, except water baptism, for we are to be governed by the Spirit of Christ, to Whom we are to look at all times.

The purpose of the written commands of the Bible are to guide us until we are able to hear the commands of the Spirit of Christ and obey them.

Obeying the commands of the Law of Moses may give one a feeling of self-righteousness. Obeying the Spirit of Christ brings fellowship with God.

The Law of Moses governs those who are alive in their natural man. The Spirit of Christ governs those who have died with Christ and risen with Him.

No part of the Law of Moses governs those who have died with Christ, including not working on Saturday, and circumcision of the flesh.

If you are attracted to your own gender, ask God in Jesus’ name to give you a healthy desire for the opposite gender, and then do your best. God will help you.

We are not part of this world any more than Jesus was part of the Roman Empire. We are marching in a different parade!

There is no way of estimating the amount of good that proceeds from one person who obeys God totally.

Close fellowship with God may not come through religious practices but by looking constantly to the Lord in every aspect of our day to day life.

Religion is not an end in itself. The Bible is not an end in itself. Heaven is not an end in itself. The end is Christ.

Although we keep all of the practices of our religion perfectly, it is of little worth compared with fellowship with God.

Do not confuse the doctrines and practices of your religion with God. They are not the same at all.

What is eternal life if it is not intense, personal fellowship with Christ and God? Such life will last as long as Christ and God endure.

Do not attempt to force your religious beliefs on others. Rather, reveal Christ in your behavior.

If Christ and God cannot be found in Heaven, then I do not want to go there.

Do not try to use God to get everything you think you want. Just be a friend to God. With praise and thanksgiving, let your requests be known to God.

It is better to be a friend of God than to have a mansion filled with treasures.

God is looking for friends. Would you like to be one of them?

Perhaps if you obey Christ carefully, you will receive the desires of your heart.

It is fitting and proper that we should worship and serve Christ and God. After all, they created us.

As we grow older, we find that many of our former opinions and judgments are incorrect. Therefore it is best not to express them too forcefully.

Do not let your religion get in the way of your fellowship with the Lord Jesus and His Father.

Each homosexual will have his opportunity, when he is brought before his Creator, to explain why he did not agree with the original Divine fiat.

The purpose of the Law of Moses is to kill us so we might be married to Christ.

It is common in the United States for people to trade their integrity of character for money.

We must die in Christ before we can live in the Presence of God.

Do not clutch anything, because you do not know what you truly want. Commit your way to the Lord and He will guide you to joy.

We must die to the Law of Moses so we might be free to pray and read our Bible every day, and keep looking to Christ to see what His will is for the moment.

If we will pray every day and read our Bible, obeying what we believe Christ wants, the Day Star will arise in our heart and we will keep God’s eternal laws by nature.

A few people are presented to the Lord Jesus Christ during their life on the earth. Most people who have been born into this world will be presented to Jesus after they die.

By the time God is finished with His works of creation, every person who is saved will be in the image of God. That is God’s original fiat, and God will not be thwarted.

People who are not saved will go into everlasting punishment. They refuse to obey God’s King, the Lord Jesus Christ, when Christ is presented to them.

The Ark of God’s Glory is approaching His churches. Those who are living by the Life of the Lord Jesus will not lay a hand on it.

The Lord Jesus is Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end. Christ is everything that was, is, and shall be. He is the root as well as the offspring of David.

There is no way in which man can be in the image of God, unless Christ is created in him and then dwells in him. Man must be filled with the Divine Nature if he is to be in God’s image.

Why are saints resurrected or changed, and caught up to meet Christ in the air, if it is not to descend with Him and govern the nations of the earth?

What would be the purpose of carrying up the whole Church to Heaven? Would this be the establishing of the Kingdom and bring justice to the nations?

How could God find rest if He caught up to Heaven all the immature, self-seeking believers of our day?

Would you want to be caught up to Heaven in the midst of the immature, gossiping, self-willed, self-centered believers of our day?

No verse of Scripture states that Heaven will rejoice when all the believers are caught up. There is a passage that says Heaven will rejoice when Satan is thrown into the earth.

With all the pains, problems, and confusion in this life, I simply do not know how people get along who do not have Christ with them.

Some boast themselves of their faithfulness to the Word and despise the Charismatics. But the Bible says that those who are led by the Spirit are the sons of God.

I know about the silly things that some Charismatic groups do. They are not of God. They do not understand the difference between their emotions and the Spirit of God.

The Spirit of God does not do silly things.

The New Testament gives us principles that guard us against evil spirits. But one cannot get daily directions from the New Testament. We can’t tell whether to go or come. There must be communication with the Lord, as was true of the Apostles.

We must learn how to be led by the Spirit of God. The instruction lasts our lifetime.

Christians who sneer at tongues may not enter the rest of God, because speaking in tongues is the way into the rest of God.

If we never stumbled and made a fool of ourselves, we would have no need of a redeemer.

One person who obeys God faithfully will bring righteousness, love, joy, and peace to many people. One person who does evil will bring sin, pain, and destruction to many people.

There are many good people in the world. There are many evil people in the world. God uses both to accomplish His purposes.

Make certain that your Christ-transformed inner man is in control of your behavior.

The inner nature of people often is attractive. As the years pass by, the outer nature may not be as attractive, but the inner nature may be even more attractive.

I am not sufficient in myself to cope with spiritual realities. I must have the Lord Jesus to assist me.

Evil spirits always are looking for a house. If we do not keep looking to Jesus for spiritual security, we may become a resting place for unclean spirits.

One of Satan’s devices is to persuade educated people to deny his existence. Doctors are hindered when they cannot perceive the role of unclean spirits in physical afflictions.

To know God and to be His friend is the highest possible good that any human being can attain to.

How Satan and his helpers must laugh when highly educated people assert constantly there is no Devil or demons, while being influenced by them.

What agony can result from the shallow, momentary satisfaction derived from sexual misconduct!

It is wise to not permit ourselves to be controlled by our reproductive urges. Obedience to their desires can lead to shame, corruption, and destruction.

When a person is totally obedient to Christ, the individuals he or she genuinely loves become sanctified in the sight of God.

If we will temper our appetite for food, we probably will live a more enjoyable and longer life.

You have received Christ, and have been filled with the Holy Spirit. This is excellent! Now press forward to the fullness of God.

Why do you limit your hopes and dreams to what appears to be possible on the earth? Place your faith in God. All things are possible to God.

America has fallen on bad times. She is being punished because of her sins.

The population of America is too heterogeneous to be a success as a nation. Multiculturalism is not God’s idea. A nation loses its feeling as a family.

I have lived on this earth for 91 years. What I have accomplished is to become a friend of God. How utterly marvelous! That is my legacy.

If you want to be close to God, ask God to make you holy. Even the angels have problems with this.

To my way of thinking, the only purpose for our existence is to please God.

If you have been blessed in your Christian work, that is commendable. However, God is more interested in what kind of person you are.

Some people make remarkable effort to drive God from their thoughts and their presence. They bring on themselves confusion, pain, remorse, and a fearful future.

I want to rest forever in the bosom of the Father with Jesus. I want to be forever where Jesus is.

Are we supposed to welcome sinners into our church with open arms, and stop there? Or are we also to show them the way to forgiveness and deliverance?

The way of righteousness leads at last to love, joy, and peace. But the way of sin leads to misery and disgrace.

There have been outstanding men and women of God. You can be one of them also, but you will need to believe that God exists and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him diligently.

A person can receive nothing unless it is given to him or her from Heaven, Jesus said. So there is no use condemning anyone for what he or she is.

When you are preparing to die, if you want God to forgive you, make certain you have forgiven everyone. In most instances, people did not offend you deliberately.

During these days, when the Spirit of God is dealing with us concerning our sins and self-will, we must let the Lord show us how to be reconciled to God.

God knows us through and through. He will reconcile us to Himself. He alone understands what needs to be corrected in us. Our role is to be obedient.

When you stand before Jesus, you may say, “I have done your work. I have converted many people.” The Lord may respond, “Were you kind and thoughtful of others?”

God is the Person from whom Satan stole man. God paid with the blood of His Son to buy back man from Satan. That is the Divine redemption.

Someone told me that the term “atonement” is derived from the word “asphalt,“. I can picture the atonement as being a road back to reconciliation to the Father.

When “grace” is understood to be a substitute for doing God’s will, then God’s goals of creating us in His image, and having an eternal place of rest in us, are unattainable.

The works of redemption occupying the two thousand years of the Christian Era must now proceed to the final work of making man in God’s image, and a house in which He can rest.

The promised Day of Redemption has begun. God is ready to free Christian believers from their sins and self-will, and create them as houses in which God can find rest.

Now the time has come for God to move His Throne into the hearts of people. To this end, mankind was created. We must cry out continually, “Not my will but Yours be done.”

Why do religious organizations strive to attain to that which is denied them? God is ready to settle down on the hill He has chosen, the heavenly Mount Zion.

“Dear Lord, do what is right in my life and keep me totally obedient and cheerful all the while.”

“I pray, Father, you will create me as Your eternal house in which You will find rest.”

Why are we so self-centered? The Divine redemption is for God’s benefit, not primarily ours. God desires an eternal house in which He will find rest.

Christ is totally in control of the chaos in America. Much good will come to those who learn to live by the Life of Jesus, keeping their eyes on Him at all times.

Jesus was not poisoned with anger over the corruption in the Roman Empire. Neither are we to be poisoned with anger over the corruption in our governments.

When the grace-babies soil their diapers, they want God to pretend their diapers are clean.

The grace-babies cry, “Me Mommy, me Mommy.” They seldom give a thought to God’s feelings. Do they not realize that when they choose to live righteously, it makes God joyful?

The grace-babies sit comfortably in their chairs, and exclaim, “How wonderful it is that Jesus did it all.”

The grace-babies relish the thought of living a carefree life in a mansion in the spirit world. It is not in their minds to appreciate the joy of God when a prodigal returns home.

The angels in Heaven must marvel at the insensitivity of us humans, who do not regard the feelings of God, being occupied solely with our own safety and pleasures.

It may be time for us believers to stop dwelling on what God should do for us, and give some thought to how our life is rewarding God for calling us out of the world.

After twenty years as a Christian, one would think we would be determined to provide an eternal place of rest for God in ourselves.

I suspect that druggies are the most selfish people in the world, being occupied with how they feel, giving no thought to the welfare of the people around them.

If a person is confused about his or her gender, let him choose the one that fits his or her physical characteristics, and pray constantly that God will help him or her fulfill that role.

Can you imagine saying to a small child, “Do you feel like a boy or a girl?” Surely God has given the people of the world a mind void of judgment.

If your child is beginning to question his or her gender, assume the child’s gender from his or her physical characteristics. Lead the child gently in that role, meanwhile praying silently.

We know beyond doubt that the gender confusion of our day is not of God, because the Divine fiat created man in God’s image, and gave him a woman to help him.

The original proclamation, that man is created in God’s image, and woman was created to help him, must never, never be removed from our thinking.

Under ordinary circumstances, no woman should be a soldier. Women were created to bring life into the world, not to destroy it.

It is being said that women have a right to murder their own offspring. Considering what they shall face at the Judgment Seat of Christ, they are wise if they don’t do this.

It appears that America and Europe are turning against Israel. The result will be their loss of power, while the world leadership moves to the East. But Israel shall survive and prosper.

To be called to be a Christian means there are restrictions on our conduct that are not true of the world. We are judged more strictly than are the people of the world.

Think about a world in which there are no abortions, no sexual perversions, and no governments led by self-seeking people. Rejoice! There is a new world of righteousness on the horizon.

I think we all need to pray that God will give us “ears to hear,” so we can tell what truly is of God and what is not.

Whoever seeks to remove any part of the land of promise, including Jerusalem, from the Seed of Abraham, shall not prosper. The Lord has given it to them.

If God is to find His rest in me, then I must be very sensitive to His thoughts, His plans, His words, and His desires so I may do His will perfectly.

To desire something intensely that is not God’s will for us, is to be in bondage.

Are we content to let God’s desires for us be our desires also?

We are moved by our desires. Therefore it is of great importance that our desires conform to God’s desires for us. We should pray for this earnestly.

A person cannot avoid being what he is, because what he is comes from God. But he can determine to obey God and make godly choices.

All the pains, confusions, and frustrations of life have been worth it if we have learned to live by the Life of Jesus.

There is a vast difference between forgiving mankind, and delivering mankind from sin and self-will.

The wise person will serve Christ and end up in Paradise. The foolish person will serve himself or herself and end up in Hell.

Mankind is in love with itself and its rights, and will end up in destruction as a result.

The wise person is more concerned with the rights of God than his own rights.

Blessed indeed is the person in whose flesh Christ is living.

The wise person will regard himself or herself as a home and resting place for God.

Every time we obey Christ, He writes that law in our mind and heart.

Eventually we will become the Word of God, the image of God. That is the new covenant.

The operation of the Day of Redemption, mentioned in Ephesians 4:30, is described in Matthew 13:41-43. It has begun in our time.

I am looking for the appearing of the slain Lamb, because I live by His body and blood.

We are not to expect the Lamb to follow us. Rather we are to follow the Lamb wherever He goes.

“Father, I pray that you will keep me pointed toward the Lord Jesus and keep everyone and everything else in second place.”

“Father, I pray you will keep me filled with the body and blood of the Lamb, so that I may overcome all evil and rest in Your Presence.”

Through the body and blood of Christ, I will overcome everything that would take away from me righteousness, love, joy, and peace.

God grant us all that we may be with Jesus where He always is, in the bosom of the Father. This is infinitely better than just being in Heaven.

It is good to have power with God. It is better to be able to hear every word of God’s voice, and to obey it sternly.

God grant to us that we may be able to live one day at a time, looking to Jesus, being strictly obedient to Christ, and not worry about tomorrow.

There is no acceptable alternative to gaining victory over sin, if we hope to take part in the resurrection of the Royal Priesthood.

If we choose to live by the wisdom and power of the body and blood of Christ, we must maintain victory over sin that we may continue to eat from the Tree of Life.

Christ is the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

We understand about eating of the Tree of Life. Now God is showing us how through Christ to gain victory over evil.

God knows all about good. God knows all about evil. God chooses to focus on the good. So must we, by being filled with the body and blood of Christ.

“Lord Jesus, through Your body and blood, I can gain total victory over every force that comes against me.”

The way Christ dealt with Judas should be an example to us of how to deal with people who conspire against us.

I want to be at my best at all times, praising and giving thanks, in order that Christ may be pleased with me.

To be the Seed of Abraham, we must believe God when He tells us the impossible, and then obey God when He calls for our Isaac.

Heaven soon would become Hell, if the population has not been delivered from sin and self-will.

God’s people have been eating from Christ, the Tree of Life. Now it is time for God’s people to eat from Christ, the Knowledge of Good and Evil, so they may please God by their behavior.

What I do not understand is why I have such a fierce desire to do God’s will when I was not raised in a Christian home. It must be an undeserved gift.

Forgiveness of sin does not become permanent until there is redemption from the presence and power of sin and self-will.

The New Testament speaks of the coming of the Day of Redemption, in which we shall be released from the presence and power of sin and self-will.

What we have now is a down payment on the redemption from sin and self-will that is coming at the end of the age.

Christ is both the Creator of Abraham and the Seed of Abraham. How can this be?

In the end, it will be made clear who is of the truth and who is in error. If the atheist is in error, what will he be facing?

Our existence is a gift from God to us. He is hoping that we will grow into His image, and that we will be a home and resting place for Him in the midst of His enemies.

How we treat our family is more important to God than that we learn how to annul gravity or discover life on another planet.

It would be better to be a friend of God than to have all the money in the world.

Every time we obey Christ, that particular obedience is carved in our mind and heart as an eternal law. What a reward for being obedient—to be transformed into the Word of God.

In our heart is being created the iron righteousness of God, the hidden manna (the body and blood of Christ), and (arising from our death) our eternal role as a member of the Royal Priesthood.

When we become the Ark of the Covenant, we are covered without and within by the Divine Presence, and overshadowed by the Cherubim of Glory.

Because we are being created the Ark of the Covenant, we always are in motion, We always are being formed in the image of God, because His Seed has been planted in us.

The Ark of the Covenant is to be planted in the earth, and no demon can remain in its Presence.

The present earth shall pass away in fire. The new earth shall contain all that is of merit in the old earth but in greatly expanded form, just as is true of our old and new bodies.

Like Aaron’s rod, the sons of God are dead. When they abide in the Most Holy Place, the Nature of God is as fruit coming forth from their character.

The Ark of the Covenant is seen momentarily at the time the kingdom of the world becomes the Kingdom of God and of His Christ. Then the Royal Priesthood shall possess the saved nations.

I choose not to be of this world any longer, just as my Lord, Jesus, was not of the Roman Empire.

God is impressed with our obedience but not our achievements.

The only truly important aspect of our existence is what our death will be like. Will it be like the holidays when school is out, or will it be like hearing “guilty” from a judge?

The sentence of the preachers of lawless grace will be to be placed with their congregations in the spirit world.

The current actions of the American government will lead to its destruction. This is the judgment of God because of our sins.

I am marking off the days on the wall of my cell so to speak, waiting for permission to shed this tired body, to emerge from my cocoon.

I believe God knows the course of the ant upon the ground. How much more can He direct you and me with the same wisdom and purpose?

The people of the world, including many Christians, rush about like headless chickens when they could be living peacefully in God’s will.

Some have stated that the people in Washington are like children playing silly games. Indeed they are not. They are being driven by wicked spirits that hate America.

We must follow the Lamb. We are not to expect the Lamb to follow us.

When you begin to fret about the stupidity, perversity, and self-seeking all around you, make yourself think about happy things. If you do not overcome the evil in the world, it shall overcome you.

What would it be like to go through life without Christ to guide, help, heal, and protect us? I hope I never find out.

To love one’s religion is not the same as loving God.

How can the least in the Kingdom be greater than John, when John was equal to the greatest of the Prophets?

The elders may consider themselves to be greater than the prophets. But it was the elders who crucified Christ, not the prophets.

It is the role and responsibility of the elders to hold things together until the prophets can hear from God.

What spirit tells us that “As long as we are alive in the flesh we must sin. It is impossible for a human being to do God’s perfect will”? The Bible does not say this.

What is so difficult about doing God’s perfect will? The Scripture states that His commands are not grievous.

My prayer is that Christ will lift from us the bondage of believing that we must sin while we are in the world. The Bible declares that we are not debtors to live after the flesh.

The world is a dangerous place. The individual who behaves foolishly and carelessly will soon wish he had not done so!

Today is Thanksgiving Day, 2013. I woke up this morning, thinking, “I am thankful I am not an atheist.”

Arrogance has no place in the Kingdom of God. All glory and all honor belong to God and Christ alone.

I have one consuming passion in life. It is to do God’s will at all times, in all places, under all circumstances.

There is a land of light and there is a land of darkness. It is up to you and me to decide which land we want to live in.

The two olive trees, Elijah and Elisha, stand before the Lord. The double portion of God’s Spirit will keep flowing from them into Christ and His saints.

If you will choose to do the will of Christ, you will know whether or not He is from God.

I can do only that which Christ enables me to do, being along in years.

A person possesses only that which Heaven gives to him or her. So we should cease criticizing and idolizing people.

The Scripture states that God opens His hand and satisfies the desires of every living thing. Therefore we must pray for the right desires.

Why do you choose the land of darkness when people that choose the land of light dwell in righteousness, love, joy, and peace?

“I will be glad to help you, but you must call on My name, the name of the Lord Jesus.”

There is that which curses and that which blesses. It is up to you to choose to continue in the way of Christ.

If you will keep on turning your life over to Christ, you will be amazed at the depth of understanding you receive.

Do not be surprised when the way becomes difficult. There are people who bear heavier burdens. Christ will help you bear your burdens if you ask Him to.

No religion is worth anything at all without Jesus. It is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself who alone can satisfy our needs and our desire for worship.

Put your hope and trust in Jesus Christ Himself. Religion eventually will disappoint you.

Go ahead and practice evil. Be assured that you will give an account for every thought, word, and deed you have practiced.

The Judgment Seat of Christ is operating today. Choose to do God’s will and you will be pleased with the results.

God is utterly faithful. There always is grace for the moment.

You have pursued many other things in your life. But now set yourself with all your might to know Christ. I have.

Weakness and cowardice lead to confusion and despair. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

You will not find anyone in this world as dependable as the Lord Jesus.

I no longer am of this world any more than Jesus was of the Roman Empire. I utterly detest some of the things taking place on this planet.

God supervises carefully each one of us. We of America do not supervise our children carefully enough. We have “other more important things” to do.

The Apostle Paul commanded us to pray without ceasing. It takes a while to learn to do this, but it surely is the only path to righteousness, love, joy, and peace.

There are many people who are religious who do not know the Lord.

Candy canes, sparkles, and the enchantment of Christmas are but the very dimmest reflections of the Land of Light in the spirit world.

Our resurrection from the dead will reflect the inner resurrection that we accomplish while in this present world.

From the weakness of the adamic flesh to the power and Glory of the Almighty Christ—that is our Christian discipleship.

When we do not pray without ceasing, we have troubles without ceasing.

The reason the prodigal repented was that he was not getting the kind of food he wanted.

Have you ever considered the life of the wife of Enoch, or Mrs. Job? I wonder how many “bloody husbands” there have been throughout history.

Why was there no Mrs. Elijah or Mrs. Elisha? It is because these prophets are the two anointed ones who stand before the Lord of the whole earth.

Why is there no Book of Elijah or Book of Elisha? It is because they are the two anointed ones who stand before the Lord. They shall produce their anointing at the end of the age.

Elijah and Elisha did not prophesy of the Kingdom of God, nor did they teach us how to live and serve God. Rather, they are the two anointed ones who stand before the Lord.

The role of Elijah and Elisha is to provide the anointing for the two Lampstands, just as Elijah did for John the Baptist.

My resolve is that on this day, the second of December, in the year 2013, it will be Christ who lives, and not I.

My exhortation to those who come after me is to go, go, press forward until the Kingdom of God, His will, is established on the earth.

There has been the stone age, the bronze age, the iron age. But I think our present age is the age of rebellion. Surely the revelation of Antichrist is near at hand.

The wives of Moses and of Job, and probably of Enoch, had a difficult time. The life of a wife of a prophet is not enviable.

No doubt there are Bible-school girls who would like to be married to a prophet—the poor dears.

God does not like to be ignored by a person or by a nation. God will do what is necessary to remedy this situation.

When lawless grace, the pretribulation rapture, and “get everybody saved” are preached, we have departed from the New Testament. There is nothing for the believers to grow on.

I do not want to be a son who sleeps in the time of harvest.

I think when we die, we still will need to live by faith. Faith is not a matter of seeing God but of believing in God’s character. Satan could see God.

Paul said that the gifts of the Spirit will operate until we all come to the full stature of Christ. Therefore the gifts will operate after we die. Death is not “that which is perfect.”

Physical death does not deliver us from sin. Sin is spiritual in nature and will accompany us until it is dealt with.

God does not appreciate being ignored. Therefore I fear for the future of our country.

The world has no basis for moral behavior. The Gospel of the Kingdom does have moral precepts backed up by the Lord Jesus Christ.

God’s moral laws are a delight to him or her who loves the Lord Jesus and desires to do His will.

I once was young and now am old. But I never cease to marvel at God’s wisdom and graciousness.

It is in the struggle to attain to perfect obedience to Christ that the rod of iron that shall govern the nations is created in us.

Nostalgia is crippling. I renounce it utterly. It is my desire to ascend the rainbow until I arrive at the bosom of the Father.

When we choose to be filled with the body and blood of Christ, our mind and heart become a storehouse of Divine treasures. This is the new covenant.

As Christ is formed in, us we attain to the inner resurrection, so that in the Day of Resurrection, our outer form will be clothed with a robe of eternal life.

I wonder whether we are worshiping the Bible or interacting with the One who wrote the Bible. As Jesus said, “The Scriptures are they that testify of Me.”

It is one thing to know the Bible. It is another matter to know the Lord Jesus.

Neither capitalism nor socialism is a perfect form of government. Neither brings justice. The Kingdom of God is perfect and is on the way.

In the Day of Resurrection, our present body shall not be left in the ground. It will come forth and be clothed upon with what we have sown.

To be absolutely obedient to Christ—that is the main thing. Not swerving from the path or compromising in any manner whatever.

Salvation is not a one-time event. We are being saved every moment of every day.—Audrey Thompson

Everything comes together in the end, doesn’t it? We indeed will rejoice if we have been totally faithful to Christ.

We can have the mind of Christ if we ask for it, and if we obey Jesus at every point.

I am glad and thankful for God’s eternal laws. Who would want to live in a situation in which God’s laws were not present?!

People are a mixture of good and evil. Character is formed as we embrace the good and reject the evil.

The greatest gift anyone can receive is to be loved by God and to be known by Jesus.

When the believers seek to exalt themselves in the Kingdom of God, they are deceived readily. It is the spirit of triumphalism.

Jesus Christ Himself is the Center of the Kingdom of God. When we exalt some other person or doctrine, we enter into deception.

I notice there are false spirits springing up today that are inviting Christian people to seek power. The Spirit is calling today for oneness with Christ, not power.

How easily people are led astray when they turn from the path of cross-carrying obedience and the denial of their desires.

In the program of redemption, resurrection life comes from our crucifixion, so to speak. We often are tempted to try to make this present world heavenly.

The Lord Jesus Christ is our example. He, being the very Son of God, made Himself of no reputation, moving steadfastly toward the cross.

The surest way to become deceived is to seek to make ourselves some exalted person in the Kingdom of God with great power and glory.

He who would be great in the Kingdom of God must make himself the servant of all, never seeking his or her own advantage or glory.

There is nothing greater in this present life than to become part of the Lord Jesus Christ and to always do His will.

If we are wise, we never will seek to exalt ourselves or to gain ascendancy over other people.

It is very easy for the devout Christian to be deceived. We always must be aware of the need that all of our thoughts, words, and actions be tried by Divine fire.

Pray always that you be not deceived, that you always may be able to stand in the Presence of the Son of God.

I suspect that one of the greatest errors in Christian thinking is that we are supposed to gain power with God. The truth, is we are supposed to gain obedience to God.

Do you want power with God? What I seek is total obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Someone said regarding temptation, “You can’t prevent birds from flying over your head, but you certainly can keep them from making a nest in your hair.”

If there is no God, where did everything come from?

I have lived long enough to see that everything is folly except becoming one with the Lord Jesus Christ and doing His will.

The present life is a probationary period to see what we will do when we enter the eternal world. Of special importance is the selection and training of future rulers.

We cannot go against the will of Christ and prosper. When we are willing and obedient, we eat the good of the land.

“Canaan” represents the Kingdom of God, the doing of God’s will, the rest of God. We must fight to enter it.

The Dealer knows each one of us intimately. We must play the hand dealt to us. We are not to meddle in or judge someone else’s hand.

Day unto day utters speech. Night unto night shows knowledge. It is during the night times of difficulties that we gain knowledge, not during the glibness of day.

Innocence is a wonderful state. We would like to remain innocent. But there are times when wisdom and cunning are necessary.

To maintain innocence when cunning is called for is to invite destruction.

Maintain your faith in God. He understands your circumstances. He will bring you through safely as you follow Him.

To be innocent when innocence is called for, and crafty when craftiness is called for, is part of the image of God.

Either we look to Moses for direction or we look to Christ. We cannot mix the two.

Whoever keeps the Law of Moses, but leaves out one part, is guilty of transgressing the entire Law.

We are not under any part of the Law of Moses, but under the Law of Liberty at every point of our life. This means we obey the commands of Christ and His Apostles.

To live under the Law of Liberty is not to be free from God’s moral laws, but free from the Law of Moses.

I do not want anything in my life that is not of Christ. But I do want in my life everything that is of Christ.

Whoever desires righteousness, love, joy, and peace, let him or her learn to live by the Life of Jesus.

If the Father and the Son are not two unique Persons, how could one say to the other, “Not My will but Yours be done,” when it is the will that constitutes a personality?

It requires a great deal of perseverance on our part to keep our mind in the heavenlies with Christ, thinking of that which is honorable and pure.

It absolutely is impossible for anyone who molests or exploits a child in any manner to ever enjoy the treasure that he or she is.

For what reason would we want to abort a baby? For our convenience, or to prove we have a right to do this? Neither reason is acceptable to God.

If your child is unruly, why not pray that God will remove the rebellious spirit from him or her?

If your child has the physical characteristics of a male, but desires to be a female, why don’t you pray that God will remove the female spirit from him?

We know what gender we are by our physical characteristics, not by what we think we are or our desire to be something other than what we actually are.

It may be true that the reason Satan is so involved today in promoting gender confusion in human beings is that gender is denied to him by the Lord.

Both Testaments inform us that homosexual activity is an abomination to God. Therefore whoever practices homosexual activity cuts off himself or herself from God.

The reason the two witnesses can perform mighty works is that they have chosen to be clothed in the sackcloth of humility. Let us follow their example.

The False Prophet is composed of Christians who follow their own will instead of the will of Christ. They always will follow and support Antichrist.

Would you seek to experience again the pains and problems of your past? Therefore to indulge in nostalgia is not sensible but weakening.

The Kingdom of God is not the place called “Heaven.” Rather, it is the will of God from within us, and sometimes of necessity, from without.

Our life does not consist of the abundance of things we possess, but of our relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord Jesus told me that if I did anything as a pastor, when conducting the activities of the church, to manipulate people, He would not help me.

Christian people who do not pray continually, when they escape from one trap often step into another.

When you are seeking to follow the Lord Jesus, there are many hidden land mines in your path. Only the Lord Jesus can guide you safely through them.

It is my fervent desire to bring Christ wherever I go—His thoughts, His words, His actions. I do not have anything worthwhile to bring to people. But Christ does.

(“Gold Tried in the Fire: Book Nine”, 4289-2, proofed 20210823)

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