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Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers.

Anyone who chooses to do so may use up to twenty-five of the proverbs in the Gold Tried volumes without notifying me. It is not necessary to attribute them to me.

Here are a few reflections after a long pilgrimage as a Christian. Hopefully they will help the young reader grow in wisdom and discernment. It is good to seek the wisdom and understanding that come from the Holy Spirit. God always is glad to reward us with wisdom and provides us generously with that which we ask for.


Jewels of brilliant color and luster are formed by a process of time, pressure and heat. Precious metals such as gold and silver are made under similar circumstances.

Symbolic of virtue and character, these natural elements reflect the manner in which believers are transformed into obedient disciples, and over time into witnesses of the resurrection life of Jesus Christ.

The making of a saint is no small matter. As we respond correctly to the daily pressures of life, Christ is formed in us. If we choose to pick up our cross, lay down our life and follow the Master’s will, He transforms us into His image.

When we resist, forcing our own will and way, misinterpreting things meant for our good, we corrupt God’s purposes.

Edward J. Reiter
November 2013
Escondido, California


The Book of Nehemiah reminds us that as we seek to do God’s will, Satan and his servants do all they can to discourage us.

The rebuilding of the walls and gates of Jerusalem, in the Book of Nehemiah, is a type of the rebuilding of the defenses of the Kingdom of God taking place today.

In Nehemiah chapter 3, the Sheep Gate is constructed before the Fish Gate. It is necessary that we be built up in Christ before sinners will be saved.

When we do what is right, obeying Christ in each detail, having sufficient money is not a problem.

Unless Christ directs otherwise, God’s people never should be exhorted to “step out in faith and do great things for God.” That is the third temptation of the sons of God.

The personal characteristic that is most destructive of our participation in the Kingdom of God is our own self-will.

The Kingdom of God is the doing of God’s revealed will in every detail of our life and ministry.

The penalty for not using one’s abilities to do God’s will is placement in the Land of Darkness.

If a marriage endures long enough, the two people might end up being friends.

We people are supposed to be servants of God. When we are not servants of God, whose servants are we? In the nature of things, we must be someone’s servant.

The world praises and exalts the vilest people. Meanwhile, individuals of true merit pass unnoticed among the throng. But God knows them.

Christ lived for untold eons in the spirit world, but learned obedience in the earth. Redemption must proceed in the spirit world, but we develop character during our life on the earth.

Christ indeed is the only way to the Father. But He does not teach us to despise people of other beliefs.

I shall reject weakness as long as I can. I choose to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

If you always tell God the truth, God always will tell you the truth.

To walk and talk with Christ is the greatest joy any person can experience.

In order to know Christ, we may need to turn away from the adoration of everyone and everything else.

Paradise will be installed and operated on the earth in iron righteousness by the Lord Jesus working through people in whom He has been formed and is dwelling.

It is not belief in any set of doctrines that results in fellowship with God. The requirement is strict obedience to the commands of Christ and His Apostles.

“Faith” is not a profession of belief in the doctrines of a Christian denomination. “Faith” is strict obedience to the commands of Christ and His Apostles.

If a person would please God, he or she must pray continually to be in the image of God’s character and behavior.

The sons of God are those who are led by the Spirit of God until they are in the image of God’s character and behavior.

The will of God is that we practice righteousness, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. Being saved by grace does not change this edict in any manner whatever.

The demons love to reason. Do not reason with them. They will do anything to keep you from serving the Lord and from learning righteous behavior.

No demon is your friend. Do not try to use them to accomplish your goals, such as demons of anger, or lying, or witchcraft.

The demons are unutterably wicked. Do not have anything to do with them. Do not answer them. Refuse to take drugs or drink alcohol.

I think in the future, in America, Satan and the demons will become more visible. Do not fear them. Go about your business in Christ and He will protect you.

The fact that so few people invite the Lord Jesus into the day by day activities of their daily lives is the worst sickness that debilitates and confuses mankind.

I suspect that demons formerly were wicked people. Their appearance reflects their personality. They look like the pictures and statuary found in India and other places.

Would you choose to “step out in faith,” or wait for specific directions from the Lord Jesus? One of these options is of God; the other is of the False Prophet.

We must renounce our sovereign will and go by God’s will if we are to get anywhere with God. Yet, our will remains sharper than ever.

The spirit world is not pleasant for deceased wicked people. This is why they always are seeking to inhabit living human beings. I think they are the “demons.”

If anything is to be accomplished by the preaching of the Gospel, the words must fall on good ground—faithful hearts. Thus the congregation is as important as the preacher.

“Remove the dread and fear and give me happy thoughts,” I pray in Jesus’ name.

Our religious beliefs do not make us eligible to be resurrected when Christ comes. It is the forming of Christ in us, His body and blood, that cause us to be resurrected when He appears.

If it pleases God, I would like to be a saint, a holy one. Do you have the same desire?

I would rather walk and talk with the Lord Jesus Christ than anything else I can think of.

Whoever lives and preaches the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ goes through the world shedding drops of gold, as the Spirit of God leads.

Shortly after the death of someone who has been devoted intensely to the Lord Jesus, the people he or she passed among will realize they have been touched by Heaven.

God shall water copiously the generous soul. But he or she who is selfish shall dry up like a plant that is not watered, being recognized as such by the spirit world.

The selfish individual will be known throughout the spirit world as someone who did not share his good things.

If people have honest and good hearts, they will profit from the preaching of the Gospel, if the preacher is led by the Spirit of God.

This present world is unutterably wicked and perverse. The only thing that is right is Jesus and the Father. Other than Them, there is nothing else of eternal value.

I am 91 years old. I am here to say that to not have God and Christ in one’s life is to miss the whole purpose of existence.

“Stepping out in faith” ordinarily means acting without hearing from the Lord Jesus. In some instances it means acting in obedience to what Christ is saying to us, as in the case of Moses crossing the sea.

Not only is the doctrine of the rapture unscriptural, but it also persuades the believers that they do not need to prepare themselves to stand in the day of evil.

Love, joy, and peace are not characteristics accomplished by the efforts of a Christian. Rather, they are the fruit borne by the Spirit of God in the obedient believer.

When God is with you, you are a majority.

It is better to obey God than to try to be like God, as Satan has discovered.

I said, “You do only wondrous things.” The Lord responded, “I desire obedience more than flattery. But it is good to hear.”

We need not worry about what Satan can do when we are following Christ and obeying Him faithfully.

The greatest lie of all is that while we are in this world we cannot overcome sin. The truth is, through Christ we can overcome every sin we confront, and the reward is exceedingly great.

“Lord Jesus, You overcame the world. Through You we also can overcome the world and sit with You in Your Throne.”

It appears that not many believers overcome the world and sin through Christ. But one who does is worth the universe to God. He will make things possible that otherwise would not be possible.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the only Key that unlocks all the mysteries of God.

If we belong to the Lord Jesus, then you and I are no more a part of this world than the Lord Jesus was part of the Roman Empire.

Perhaps the most damaging and limiting concept in the preaching of the Gospel is that being saved (being born again) is a one-time event.

Since when is birth an instantaneous event with no preceding or following activity? Being born again is a process, a forming of Christ in us.

Is Christ formed in us instantly, in a moment? Do we come to Christ on one occasion only, or is our coming to Christ a way of living?

Do we eat the flesh of Christ and drink His blood only once a week in a ceremony? Or is it something we are to be doing at all times?

How often does Christ knock at the door of our heart? Once in our lifetime? Once a week in church? Or all the time?

If you want to be a homosexual, first ask God what He thinks about it.

I suspect that homosexuals are confused. I do not hate homosexuals, but the Bible certainly condemns their activities.

Is the saying “I have just begun to fight” false bravado? Or is it the way of pursuing our Christian discipleship?

I am able to compose music. But it appears my role in existence is to express God’s thoughts as I understand them.

Music goes through my mind continually. But I find it to be an annoyance when I am attempting to think clearly and to pray. I pray until God quiets it.

The believer who always must do what he desires, to possess right now what he wants, will not make a success of the program of salvation. He cannot please God with this attitude.

Salvation always is today. When tomorrow comes, it is today, and there is new strength and wisdom to address the problems that arise.

If we always were listening to the Lord instead of scheming and worrying, we would have a more satisfactory and productive life.

It is time now to drive the enemies from God’s saints. Every demon must leave, forced out by the Spirit and the confession and renunciation of the Christian.

When Jesus said, “Let your light shine before men,” He was not speaking primarily of social works but of the fruit of the Spirit.

Good social works are not the highest priority of the Gospel. The Kingdom of God is a Seed. If nourished properly it will bring forth a house and resting place for God.

A Christian church can become a comfortable social group over which a pastor reigns. The true Christian church is a fierce, uncompromising sword against evil.

When people are diligent, much trouble is avoided.

God is not the cause of our problems. If there were no sin in the world there would be no problems.

Why do we grieve so and view death as a disaster? Death is the best part of life, unless we have been wicked.

We Americans are slowly losing our way of life. We have sinned, not appreciating what God has blessed us with.

Some teachers are saying that Christ and the Bible are one and the same. Are we the bride of the Bible? The lengths people will go to avoid Christ is remarkable.

When people say that Christ and the Bible are one and the same, it is because they want to take control of their salvation.

Some people are teaching that Christ and the Bible are one and the same. Did the Bible die for our sins? This is bibliolatry.

Because Christ is the Word of God. some are teaching there is no difference between Christ and the Bible. The truth is, they are worshiping the Bible instead of Jesus.

When people believe that God does not speak to us today or work miracles today, they are cutting themselves off from God. They have no fellowship with God.

When people teach that the Bible is the same as Christ, do they pray to the Bible or to Jesus? Do they have fellowship with the Bible or with Jesus?

When people say that the Bible is Christ and Christ is the Bible, with whom do they have fellowship? Our fellowship is with the Father and the Son.

If the Father and the Son are the same person, to whom does Jesus pray? Whom does Jesus obey? Who is Jesus’ God? Who is Jesus’ Father?

If the Bible says that we have fellowship with the Father and the Son, how then can it be that the Father and the Son are the same Person?

If the Father and the Son are the same person, whom did Christ obey in Gethsemane? Himself? Is this sound thinking?

If the Father made the Son both Lord and Christ, how then can They be the same Person? Is this reasonable?

If the Father and the Son actually are the same Person, then many verses of the New Testament are incomprehensible, such as “God should make the Pioneer of their salvation perfect.”

If the Father and the Son actually are the same Person, then Christ has no Father. Then Christ died on the cross to appease Himself concerning the sins of the world.

If Christ and the Father are the same Person, how then can the Father be the Firstborn among many brothers? This is totally unreasonable.

The Lord Jesus Christ does not worship and obey Himself. Jesus is not the Father. He resides at the right hand of the Father.

If the Lord Jesus Christ is the Father, how then could He say to Himself, “Sit at My right hand until I make Your enemies Your footstool”?

I am the weakest of all men; but because Christ is with me and in me, I am as strong as any man.

I do not worship the Bible, or any religion. or any man. I worship the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my Lord and my King.

To know that Jesus Christ is our Lord and our Master is the most liberating fact of all. What a load that takes off us!

For this I pray today: faithfulness, righteousness, love, joy, and peace. They all are found in Jesus Christ.

If Christ has not forgiven the sins I have confessed and turned away from, I surely will be in a mess when I die.

I would rather be a friend of God than have all the money in the world.

Although his actions did not always reveal this, King David had an honest and good heart. Sometimes this is true of people, isn’t it?

To be alone without Christ in the measureless void of the universe is a situation infinitely beyond horrifying.

The outward form is easy for God to manage. The inward form is quite difficult. Eventually the outward form will correspond to the inner.

There are people who are adept at concealing what is in their hearts. But finally, in the Day of the Lord, all shall be revealed.

A beautiful woman without discretion is as a ring of gold in a pig’s snout. If she doesn’t improve through Christ, this is how she shall appear in the resurrection of the dead.

In the Day of Resurrection, some people shall be seen as stars of righteousness. Others viewed with contempt. It depends on their inner nature.

In the Day of Resurrection, if we are lustful or murderous, this is how we will appear. We will flee from the righteous and dive into the Lake of Fire as soon as possible.

Will we recognize one another in the Day of Resurrection? Most certainly! What we truly are shall be magnified a hundred times.

What our condition will be after we die is not detailed in the Bible. It is in the Day of Resurrection that we shall be revealed, and rewarded or punished.

The New Testament mentions a first resurrection. A careful study will reveal that only victorious Christians will be raised when Christ appears.

Christ is so present with me I never am lonely. I am thankful for that. How blessed I am.

I bring you good news. The Spirit of God has driven the great lie from us.

Through Christ we indeed can overcome every sin. We can do God’s perfect will while alive on the earth.

We always must offer our body as a sacrifice to God. In every circumstance we are to actively seek God’s will.

How do any of God’s creatures dare to not do His perfect will, seeing that He has created them?

Some creatures absolutely refuse to change and do God’s will, even after repeated admonitions. The best place for them is the Lake of Fire.

I was reflecting tonight that I was told, while in Bible school, that no one can do God’s perfect will. Where did this ridiculous idea come from?

To have fellowship with the Father and the Son, and to always do God’s complete will, is a delightful way to live. It will bring righteousness, love, joy, and peace to us.

I will never be completely satisfied until every creature of God, who is not in a place of punishment, is doing God’s complete will without compromise at all times.

It is one of my goals to see the doing of God’s perfect will by every creature throughout His creation.

I am not as interested in “saving” people as I am persuading them to do God’s will at all times.

What is this “grace” that invites us to disobey the commands of Christ and then claim we love Christ and will go to Heaven when we die?

The believer under Moses reads what the Law says and strives to do it. The believer under Christ prays continually that he may understand what Christ is commanding and be able to do it.

Obeying the statutes of Moses brings righteousness and peace with God. Obeying the directions of Christ at all times brings living fellowship with the Father and the Son.

The Old Testament commands us to obey all the laws of Moses. The New Testament commands us to present our body a living sacrifice to do the will of Christ.

The Law of Moses was there to guide us until Christ rose from the dead. Now we focus our attention on Jesus and strive to please Him in all we think, speak, and do.

In our evangelistic work, do we bring people to our religion, or to the Lord Jesus that they may have fellowship with Him and the Father?

Do we truly know what the Lord Jesus wants of us, or are we guessing? Perhaps we should pray earnestly until we know what He wants us to do.

We never are to stop fighting moment by moment, inch by inch, until we are doing Christ’s complete will. Perhaps this conflict persists beyond the grave.

I think I saw in vision a merry Jesus dressed as Santa Claus, sitting on a chair as Santa’s representatives do in department stores. Perhaps He is delighted people are celebrating His birthday.

When I am able to see into the spirit world, I do not see any churches. I observe angels, but they do not have wings. They must be different from the cherubim and the seraphim.

God is moving today, working miracles, speaking to people, and giving us wisdom and understanding of what is written in the Scriptures.

The world may have its black Fridays. But we who love the Lord Jesus rejoice over the birth of God’s Son.

Perhaps Christmas and Easter shall be celebrated throughout eternity — and why not?

One of the greatest problems we will have in the days to come is to keep our minds on that which is joyous and peaceful. We shall need to rule in the midst of our enemies, not rule our enemies.

If we will keep our minds on that which is of Christ, that which is joyous and peaceful, God will set a table before us in the presence of our enemies.

When we are involved with the Church of Jesus Christ, we must be sufficiently prayerful and diligent. We are dealing with the eternal house and resting place of God Almighty.

We must remember that if we wish to be like our Lord, and be His Brother, we always must be faithful and true.

When God time after time answers our prayers, we ought to gain some confidence in His faithfulness, wisdom, and power. Don’t you agree?

How many people would die to save another person? Christ died to save us. Something to think about, isn’t it?

The Lord Jesus is my best Friend. I talk with Him all the time. Do you want Him to be your best Friend?

To live our life without Christ is to live our life without life, without purpose or even meaning.

What will the political leaders do when Jesus returns, and all the people of the nations refuse to go to war against each other? We never will know because the rulers at that time will be chosen by Christ.

The dinosaurs must have bruised, ripped, and killed each other for attractive pieces of territory, just as we do today.

If everyone on the earth diligently performed God’s will, there would be no lack of any good thing.

People sometimes blame God for their suffering or the suffering of other people. But how often is the suffering caused by people themselves?

If God would deliver mankind from envy and selfishness, the world would be a better place. But how often do we blame God for what we ourselves have caused?

Because people are what they are, if there were no trouble and destruction on the earth, the earth would be one giant scene of murder and perverted sexual lusts.

There are three factors that will give total victory over sin:

  1. The atonement made by Christ.
  2. The power of Christ.
  3. An unrelenting determination to gain victory over sin.

The program of redemption proceeds from the Law of Moses, to grace, to deliverance from sin. The people of God have experienced the first two steps. Today it is time for the third.

If you give all that you are to Christ, Christ will give all that He Is to you, as you have need.

Do not be a lazy son in the time of harvest. Diligently do all that Christ is requiring of you. You will be rewarded richly.

If you purchase something that is to be handcrafted for you, you may need to have patience until it is ready. So it is with the Lamb and His wife.

We do not marry Christ, the Anointed. Rather we marry the Person who is the Lamb.

Christ the King is terrible in battle. The gentle, innocent Lamb is closer to the Father’s Heart. But the Son of Man is in the very Bosom of the Father.

At the end of the world, money no longer will have value. Only Christ will be able to furnish us with what we need to survive and enjoy life.

If a person were to give all he has in order to buy Christ, the cost would be very small indeed.

Christ Himself is our House, our place of security, strong and enduring when all else fails.

This present world is vile and corrupting. Thank God that it is passing away. But Christ always will be there for us if we desire Him with our whole heart.

Our way is fraught with peril. There are land mines everywhere. But Christ will bring us through safely if we follow and obey Him carefully.

I do not know what I would do without the Lord Jesus. How in the world does anyone get through life without Christ?

“Dear Lord, please take everything negative out of my memory and my mind. I wish to press forward in Christ.”

I am weak and unlearned. But through Christ I can tear down strongholds of evil.

A person without Christ is like a windmill without wind. He may be imposing, but he is not producing that which will build up the Kingdom of God.

“Dear Jesus, please remove every thought from me that is not from God, every dream from me that is not from God, every hope and desire from me that is not from God, everything from me that is not from God!”

To repent is to change and go in another direction. It is not to only feel bad about what we are doing or to list our sins. To do penance is not the same as repenting.

There is no righteousness, except in Christ; there is no love, except in Christ; there is no, joy; except in Christ; there is no peace, except in Christ. All else is vile, corrupting, and a lie.

The greatest holiness of all is marriage to the Lamb. No angel possess this holiness.

Daniel sets forth 1290 days and 1335 days. These tell us there are specific times in the Kingdom of God. Today is the time to confess and turn away from our sins.

A brief look at the newspaper today reveals that man cannot control his affairs. We must learn to look to Christ at all times, in every circumstance.

How remarkable it is that man has evolved from the experience and poetry of Job to the electronic toys that fascinate us today. What a decrease in self-awareness and knowledge!

When the Lord uses us to destroy Satan, we have absolutely nothing to fear. The only fear we might have is that of acting presumptuously.

God’s desires and my desires are one and the same. There is no lasting freedom in any other situation.

Romantic love is a delusion. It ends in disappointment. God-given love is a rock. It grows ever stronger as the ages march by. It originates in God and results in God.

As we keep serving Christ, He creates righteousness in our mind and heart. This is why the new covenant is superior to the Law of Moses.

It is my desire to be so overpowered by Christ that He produces my thinking, my planning, my hopes, my imagining, my speech, and my actions.

The Day of Redemption has arrived. God is ready to take back to Himself all that has been lost. This means we shall be delivered from all disobedience.

Religion is our attempt to bring under our own control that which should be a moment by moment interaction with the Lord Jesus Christ.

America is divided into the righteous and the wicked, the wheat and the tares. In the present hour, the wicked seem to be prevailing.

About the only thing we can take for granted in this world is that Christ will remain faithful and true.

The desire of every sane person is righteousness, love, joy, and peace. These four states of being are possible only through the Lord Jesus Christ.

The reason the wicked are prevailing in America is that the righteous are not righteous enough.

The terrors of the wicked are based on reality. The pleasant expectations of the righteous are anchored in the eternal faithfulness and truth of Christ.

The Law of Moses is holy and good. However, as Paul said, it succeeds in killing us rather than giving us life and righteous behavior.

The voice of conscience is quieted when we confess our sins and turn away from them.

Who is it who will accuse us of unrighteousness when we are obeying Christ? Christ Himself is at the right hand of the Father, interceding for us.

It will require the wisdom of Christ if we are to rule in the midst of our enemies; not rule our enemies, but rule in the midst of our enemies.

God will set a table before us in the midst of our enemies when we live righteously and obey Christ in all things.

Do we Christians truly understand how wicked the world spirit is? Let us press forward in Christ with all our might.

In order to survive spiritually, as the wickedness of the world approaches maturity, we are going to need to walk in close fellowship with the Lord Jesus.

“Lord Jesus, keep me from being depressed by the wickedness of the world. Help me to walk always in the heavenlies with you.”

The world, national and local politics, will destroy our peace in Christ, unless we keep very close to the Lord in these days.

“Lord Jesus, keep me from worrying about the problems of the world when I can do nothing about them. I choose to rest in the Presence of the Father.”

I can see the presence of Satan working mightily throughout the earth. I choose to think about Christ and His Glory, not about the antics of demons.

We will have peace and joy in the midst of the coming chaos if we keep our mind on the Kingdom of Christ.

If we are wise, we will come out in our heart and mind from the present world system and live in close fellowship with the Lord Jesus.

It appears our government is becoming a dictatorship. Let us respond by continuously moving closer to the Lord Jesus.

If we so choose, we can live even today in the Kingdom of our God and of His Christ.

What righteousness and joy there is in God’s Kingdom! How much more desirable than the kingdom of the world!

Today is the Day of Salvation. God is ready to remove the bondages of sin from us if we will confess and turn away from them.

Why not talk to Jesus all the time? Do you have anyone better to talk to?

The battle is the Lord’s, not mine. All I must do is to be obedient to Christ.

Christ on the cross condemned sin. God revealed His attitude toward sin by the unimaginable sufferings of God’s Lamb.

One of Antichrist’s messages will be that a loving God will ignore our sins in order that He may receive us into the happy family of mankind.

When we understand how marvelous it will be to have an imperishable body of endless strength, and free from sin, we then will perceive how central the hope of the resurrection is to the Divine redemption.

The god of Humanism is not the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Humanism knows nothing whatever about our Lord Jesus.

How splendid it is for a righteous person to die and pass into the Christmas-like Land of Light. How horrible for the wicked to join the miserable in the Land of Darkness.

The present world is Satan’s world, as the newspapers reveal. But the earth is the Lord’s and everyone and everything in it. God is using the world for His purposes.

It isn’t as important that we work for the Lord as it is that He knows us. “You did all these works but I never knew you.”

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Beginning of all things and the End of all things.

The Christian salvation is intended to be a continual interaction with the Lord Jesus. We have formalized it into a religion that people can manipulate.

Through the Lord Jesus Christ we can overcome sin and self-will, in this present life.

From God’s point of view, the most valued response of man to God’s intervention is stern, uncompromising obedience as Christ directs and enables.

We have made eating the flesh of Christ and drinking His blood only a ceremony we perform in church, when it is supposed to be the way we live.

It is difficult for us in America to walk in the Spirit of God, because of the abundance of material wealth.

We are sealed unto the Day of Redemption, that is, until the time that God removes from us the bondages of sin and self will.

No individual is quite what he or she should be until that person is rightly related to God.

When observing other religions, I have concluded that Jesus Christ is the only way to God.

Being now 91 years of age, I perceive that God’s love and faithfulness throughout these years indeed has been remarkable.

Unless there arises a righteous president arises who keeps God’s moral laws and honors our Lord Jesus Christ, our nation will be reduced in strength and prestige. A stronger culture is at the door.

When God is left out of the equation, everything eventually shall crumble and fall. This may not be apparent at first, but sooner or later it shall take place.

Some Americans are worshiping Satan. They finally shall find themselves under the control of Satan and his demons. This will be a horror beyond all horrors.

Living by faith does not mean begging while others are working. It refers rather to responding at all times to Christ in our mind, speech, and actions.

I am praying today that Christ will set joy before me. How else can I cheerfully continue to serve Christ and bear the fruit of His image?

I have prayed earnestly for faithfulness, and courage. I believe it is God’s will to provide me with these virtues.

I believe the Day of Redemption has begun. This means we shall be delivered from sin and self-will, have Christ formed in us, and be filled with the Fullness of God.

In the next world, if you are beautiful on the inside you will be beautiful on the outside. If you are ugly on the inside you will be ugly on the outside. You will appear as you truly are.

God does not like mixtures. In the next world you will be placed with people like yourself. Is this agreeable to you? Had you better change?

The next world will be like a year-round Christmas for children and the righteous, and like a year-round gloomy dungeon for the wicked. The environment will reflect the inhabitants.

Since a person can wear only one suit of clothes at a time, the accumulation of more wealth than one needs is provision for the future. Yet after death, the beggar and the rich man are in the same condition.

Honestly, being older I have looked all about me, and I have not seen anything that really make sense, except Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

I am a person who enjoys whimsy, but this is a terribly serious world! And there is Calvary to consider. Perhaps later…

Chickens are not known for their sparkling wit or grasp of abstractions. Yet no scientist is able to lay an egg.

On Father’s Day, we must give our child money so he can buy a present to give to us. In like manner, God must give a gift to us so we have something to give to Him.

A dog can be a faithful friend to man. But man’s best friend is the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ has been my best Friend for many years.

There is no one-time experience that delivers us from evil. We will be warring against darkness until we pass into the Land of Light.

We become more skillful in fighting evil, and our cross becomes lighter, as we grow in Christ.

God has old-fashioned ideas about sexual activity and marriage. He will demonstrate these in His own time and manner. Some people will wish they had behaved differently.

There are two phases of grace—the blood atonement and our freedom from Moses through our death with Christ on the cross. These permit us to follow Christ through the Spirit of God.

What? Is God impossible to please? It is Satan who is the cruel monster who never can be pleased. God is easy to please, but He insists on strict obedience.

I have written a great deal. But it is an act of prayer and obedience rather than the efforts of a regular author.

As I look at the videos of the handsome Russian people mourning over the airplane crash in the Sinai, I realize a war between Russia and the United States would be the very depth of tragedy.

My prayer in Jesus’ name is that God will bring food to the starving children of the world, or quickly take them home to Paradise where they can play and be happy.

We are free from the guilt of sin and the Law of Moses when we live in the Spirit of God. This is the true grace of God.

This truly is a wicked world where boys and girls are starving to death and people in America and England have a problem with obesity.

Are you doing your best for Christ? I am. I could not live with myself otherwise, in view of the starving children in the world.

I personally do not respect men or women highly placed in the ministry who do not have integrity. I do not think God respects them either.

I have noticed many ministers do not have integrity, just as is true of many politicians. They make their living by manipulating people.

I am a pastor of a small church. One time the Lord said to me, “If you make any decisions for ‘political’ reasons concerning the people of the church, I will not help you.”

Grace is not an alternative to righteous behavior but to the Law of Moses. Grace produces righteous behavior but in a manner different from the Law.

Satan promotes the “rapture” for two reasons: so the Christians won’t prepare themselves to stand during evil times, and so they won’t think about returning with Christ to govern the world.

Grace is:

  • Freedom from the Law of Moses.
  • Forgiveness through Calvary.
  • Assistance from the Lord Jesus throughout our discipleship.

Some future acts of God are: the removal of sin from the Church; the birth of Christ in the church; the preaching of the Gospel to every nation; the appearing of the saints with Christ.

Christ not only created us, but He paid for us with His own blood. Therefore He has the right before God to determine what we think, say, and do.

You can, through Christ, gain victory over your sins. You can walk humbly and happily in the center of God’s will. Stand up straight in Christ. The water is only waist deep.

God can do anything He wants with any person, thing, or circumstance, in any place, at any time whatsoever. The heavens declare this to be true.

We do err greatly when we picture God as a human being. God is an incomprehensible Spirit with neither beginning nor ending. The heavens declare His Glory and the firmament His handiwork.

The only thing we really must do in life is to find out what God wants, and then cooperate with Him as He does it.

The only time we are completely in control of ourselves is when we are completely in the control of God.

There will come a day when we will stand before Christ. Why not do it today, before God has to put us through the wringer?

After death, God will deal with a person according to the integrity of his heart, whether or not the individual believes in God. The liars will be placed with the liars, and so forth.

A person may suffer the consequences of his behavior. But he is not guilty before God until he is made aware that he is sinning.

Sin is not a normal part of man. Adam was created without a sinful nature. If he cooperates with the Spirit of God during the Day of Redemption, man once again shall not have a sinful nature.

Matthew 13:40,41 is as true as John 3:16. I wonder why it is not preached more often. One day we shall be without sin, if we cooperate with the Spirit of God.

I am not certain that people who love their sin will be pleased with the idea that God shall remove all sin from His Kingdom.

When we are filled with the Father and the Son, and are having fellowship with Them, we no longer will have a desire to sin.

I do not know where the idea began that we must sin. If we pay attention to Christ and obey Him carefully, He shall deliver us from all sin.

If you are carrying a big load of the guilt of sin, why don’t you use good sense and come to Christ and have Him lift it from you?

What do you mean by saying that God is not able to bring your loved ones and your pet animals when you pass into the next world?

“Belief” has to do with our mind. “Faith” has to do with our heart. “Faith” is our grasp upon God’s character and faithfulness.

When the Lord Jesus commands us to do something, we are to do it fully and promptly. This is true whether or not we understand the reason for the command.

Obeying Christ is
more necessary than eating,
more desirable than breathing,
more delightful than love,
more sublime than Paradise,
more important than worshiping God.

When we do not follow and obey Christ carefully, we end up in a mess. If we call on Christ, He easily and quickly can solve every problem for us.

The Lord Jesus is on High, abiding in love, joy, and peace, enjoying the freedom of the glory of the children of God. We can be there also, if that is what we truly desire.

“You have tested me over and over again. I am resolved you will find nothing in me that displeases You.” We need to be saying this to the Lord Jesus at all times.

If we are careful to seek and obey Christ while in this world, when we die we can go to meet our Maker with strength and joy.

It is the same Christ who spoke the Milky Way galaxy into existence who is willing to assist you in putting to death the deeds of your sinful nature.

In the case of how many Christians can it be said truthfully that Christ is their life? These are the people who will be ready to go with Christ when He appears.

The Father expects nothing less than the offering of our entire life on His altar. This does not mean necessarily our physical death. It might be more pleasant if it did.

Until the Lord Jesus Christ is your All-in-all, you are not fully alive.

We do not know what is really good and what is really bad in our life. We must trust the Lord Jesus for that knowledge.

A church with ten thousand members might be lightly esteemed in the sight of the Lord. A church of five people might shake the Kingdom of God.

To the fervent disciple of the Lord Jesus, physical death is like beginning the summer holidays after school is out.

Can we say, “Follow me as I follow Christ”? If not, why not?

If we are not being sternly obedient to God, our life is being misdirected.

We are not to be depending on our own mind. Like the Apostle Paul, we are to have the mind of Christ.

I heard a rooster greet the morning. I thought, “How wisely and wonderfully God has made the world. What will it be like when the curse is lifted!”

The decisions we make today are unbelievably important. We are wise if we walk carefully with the Lord Jesus, obeying His every command.

We are wise if we pray for the mind of Christ. Out natural mind is the enemy of God and cannot be reconciled to God.

Now that the Seed of Abraham has come, we no longer are to be guided by the Law of Moses. We are to go directly to the Seed for direction and help in all we do.

As we plod along behind the Lord Jesus, faithfully bearing our cross, we always are being formed according to our role in the ages to come.

I believe we will become aware one day of how interconnected we are with many people.

If God has been so good as to give us a rare gift, then we are to use it faithfully and diligently for the good of mankind.

I prayed once, many years ago, that God would grant to me to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom wherever people breathe the air. It appears that He is answering that prayer today by means of the Internet.

“Waste not, want not,” is an old adage that I believe is acceptable to the God of Heaven. “Gather up the fragments.”

The person who is diligent in his affairs shall be rewarded handsomely. The individual who is lazy, sluggish, and inconsistent in his affairs, shall eat dry food.

If you love someone, that is a good, fruitful matter. But do not let yourself become infected with romanticism. Romanticism is idolatry.

What kind of person would say there is no God? I would not be one of them for a million dollars.

God gives me proverbs in the night season. I hope they prove to be of help to someone.

Wisdom is a beautiful lady, graceful in her movements. But she makes demands on us without showing favoritism.

Why would anyone want to be an atheist? Does he enjoy being the slave of his idols and circumstances?

I know exactly what I will do today. I will ask God that the body and blood of Christ guide and empower me throughout the day.

If I am a whimsical person, so be it. Let those with iron determination and focused eyes break their own chains.

God simply cannot be figured out. We must experience Him in Christ. This is why theology contains errors.

The shadows of death gather around me. I do not fear them. I am looking forward to the sunny days of eternity, with old friends gathered around me.

I will discover before long Who it is that has made me, and why.

Are you longing for the “good old days”? Would you like to return to them? I certainly would not; I am thankful to have escaped with my life.

Return to the Torah if you will. But please do not ask me to leave Christ. I want to walk and talk with the Author, as Enoch did.

When we teach that God’s love is unconditional, do we mean that even though our name is not in the Book of Life, we will not be thrown into the Lake of Fire? We had best read the Bible again.

I am walking up the rainbow with a multitude of other people.

We never are to take pleasure at someone else’s expense. One day we will stand before the Throne of God and answer for the decisions we made in this present life.

Satan had the power to put Jesus on the pinnacle of the Temple. But he could not make Him jump off. Satan cannot make you sin, either.

It is appointed to us to die and then be judged. I think the judgment of some people is to be forced to live as demons on the earth, spreading their lust and violence.

As we follow Christ diligently, and obey Him wholeheartedly, He delivers us from all bondages to people.

As we follow Christ diligently, and obey Him wholeheartedly, He removes every lie from our mouth.

Lord, I pray in Jesus’ name, that you will fill me with that wonderful sense of being “home.”

Integrity is a combination of faithfulness and truthfulness. God will not work where there is no integrity. We all need to pray for this characteristic.

Religious zeal and work is not an acceptable substitute for truthfulness and faithfulness. The ends do not justify the means.

God hates robbery for burnt offering. Religious efforts are not acceptable when they are conducted at the expense of people.

I have heard of scandalous behavior by ministers of the Gospel. They should go into some other line of work. Their offering is not accepted.

Christian or not, our sins will be held against us if we do not confess and turn away from them with all diligence.

When we are born again, there are two people in our flesh. This causes conflict. One or the other must die.

There are good people in the world and bad people in the world. If we are doing bad things we ought to change before it is too late. Living with demons is not a happy future.

Righteousness love, joy, and peace do not proceed from an external commotion. Rather, they result from a peaceful walk with God.

If you continue to do what is right in the sight of God, you need not worry about being caught.

If you are in trouble with God you probably will have trouble with man. If you please the Lord, He will make your enemies to be at peace with you.

When you are worried about something, ask God to set the matter right, and then to remove the worry from you. “Dear Lord, I pray to dwell in peace with all persons. I pray you will torment those who seek to torment me. Be my sword and shield, in Jesus’ name.”

Sometimes to try to abase ourselves is to exalt ourselves. True humility is walking hand in hand with God.

We don’t need to crucify ourselves. Our task is to obey Christ and to follow the Spirit of God in all situations.

If we would truly live we must truly die in Christ.

The adamic nature cannot be reformed. Salvation is the birth and building up of the new man, who is Christ.

Crucifixion is the source of eternal life. If we suffer with Him, we shall reign with Him.

Salvation has to do with the crucifixion of our old nature and the building up of Christ in us.

The new man who is being formed in us has not inherited a sinful nature. He has been born of God. He is eternal. He is a totally new Creation.

Salvation is the forming of Christ in us. Then the Father and the Son come and dwell in that which has been formed in us.

Our goal is to have (1) our soul transformed by Christ, (2) a pure spirit that reflects our transformed soul, and (3) a new body that is free from sin and corruption.

Overcoming by the word of our testimony means we are diligently obeying all the commands of Christ, giving a true testimony of the Persons of God and Christ.

It is the soul that must die and be resurrected in Christ in order for the physical body to be set free from sin and all forms of corruption.

There is nothing else as important to any creature of God as absolute obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ.

In order to attain to absolute obedience to Christ, we must respond to the death of our soul when it is called for.

If God were to give you an unprecedented gift of miracles, would you be tempted to use it according to your own will and wisdom?

The only manner by which we can attain to perfect righteousness, love, joy, and peace, is to obey Christ completely.

What is the source of our distress? Is it not that of attempting to force our will and not rest in the wisdom and power of Christ?

If you would disobey Christ for a hundred million dollars, or to preserve your own life or that of a loved one, you indeed would be foolish.

The lust and deception that live in our flesh can be cast out. But our soul must be crucified if self-will is to be removed.

When Christ said, “My soul is sorrowful unto death,” the issue of self-will was being addressed.

The end of the matter is that Christ live in you and me. All else is confusion, vanity, and foolishness.

Christ cannot live in you or me until we are willing to give up our own lives.

If you are unwilling to give up your own life so that Christ may live in you, you have robbed yourself of incredible grandeur.

I am going now to be with my Friend, the Lord Jesus Christ. But I shall return with Him, and you and I will have a glorious time in the Lord for eternity.

If we will choose to abide in Christ, and He in us, we will have sanity and love, joy, and peace for eternity.

You will need to fight! The Kingdom of God is not for the weak, cowardly, or the doubleminded.

You can do as you like. But as for me, my desire is to live by the Life of Christ and do God’s will perfectly and completely for eternity.

To live each moment by the Life of Christ—that is the fullness. That is the highest and best of God. It is true and eternal righteousness and holiness.

I have put my nail in the wall in a sure place. Now let’s see what you are going to do.

Man is not strong enough to overcome evil. Only those who are living by the Life of Christ can overcome sin and rebellion.

Noah and his family illustrate to us how God will protect us during the coming tribulation. Then we shall return with Him and subdue the earth, as did Noah.

Noah and his family were protected during the flood, not because of their faith, but because of Noah’s righteous behavior.

The undisciplined sexual behavior in the United States is due in part to the ease with which the unwanted children can be removed and destroyed.

Noah and his sons had to build an ark in order to survive. We must obey Christ diligently if we are to survive the coming tribulation.

When the Lord Jesus speaks to me, there is a wealth of meaning in what He says. Ordinarily He speaks to my mind, and there is no foolishness.

There are many voices that speak to us each day. It takes much experience before we are able to recognize the voice of the Lord Jesus.

Ours truly is a rotten world. But God is using the moral darkness to form some of His choicest saints and rulers.

The physical earth and the world are but a coarse reflection of the spirit realm, which is the true and eternal world.

Do not argue with God. When He tells you to do something, just do it. You need not know the reason.

I have no time or strength for foolishness. Every now and then I ask, “Am I in the center of Your perfect, complete Person and will right now?”

The Spirit of God always is in harmony with the Word of God. But without the Spirit, the Word is dead. The Spirit gives Life to the Word.

God has given a talent to every person. Some people employ their talents in a worthwhile manner. Others do not. But all shall stand before the same Judge.

Some are teaching that God does not speak to us today as He did when the Church began. Why would God do that? Do you suppose He is disgusted with us?

I have learned faithfulness from the Example in Heaven. I have learned how to behave by watching God and living close to Him.

When we come to the end of the journey, love cries out: “Do not weep. I will see you again.”

One of the important features of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is the eternal renewal of friendships.

If the people in Heaven are righteous and holy only by imputation, I am not certain I want to go there.

The way into deception is to attempt to turn our cursed environment into Heaven, to make our life happy and pleasurable.

There is a solid joy in the Christian life. But it is far from being pleasurable a good deal of the time.

To live with unconfessed sin is to abide to a certain extent in spiritual death. The Bible directs us to confess our sins and turn away from them.

God’s answer to our sinful bondages is not to overlook them through Christ, but to overcome them through Christ.

If punishment for crime were more severe, there would be fewer crimes. That is why the rule during the Kingdom Age will be with the iron scepter.

Righteousness cannot be determined by a set of rules. Rather, righteousness is the attitude of God toward a given situation. Nevertheless, the Scriptures shall stand throughout eternity.

It appears to me that the United States is being destroyed from within. We are not exalting the Lord Jesus like we used to.

Because of the false teaching of lawless grace, there is not enough strength in the Christian churches to overcome the sin in our country.

I have noticed while reading the paper that there are demonic occurrences in the United States. It is because we are rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christ’s resurrection from the dead tells us life is just beginning when we die.

Christ’s resurrection from the dead proves we shall see our loved ones again.

I heard today of a pastor who is preaching that we should obey Solomon and eat, drink, and be happy. This, he maintains, is our Christian testimony to the world.

During my lifetime I have had a fairly wide exposure to “Christians.” But I have not met many people who are bearing their cross after Jesus.

There is a better world on the horizon—better because of the people who inhabit it, not because of the scenery. What contribution will you and I make?

Most of the peoples of the world will rejoice mightily when Christ appears and removes evil from the earth. How will you and I react?

When tragedy strikes, most Christians are caught unprepared. They are not walking with the Lord Jesus.

Ordinarily today in America, if a pastor desires a large church, he emphasizes lawless grace and the “rapture,” not deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Jesus.

The message of Easter is not only that Christ came back to life, but that you and I have the opportunity through Him to begin our true life after death.

There is no nourishment in the world. The flesh profits nothing. The only life there is, is in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Apart from the Gospel of the Kingdom, this crazy world makes no sense at all. With the Gospel of the Kingdom, this world makes perfect sense.

The most important activity in our life is to be completely obedient to Christ in every situation, every place, every occasion. This is the most worthwhile practice available to anyone.

Worship without obedience is not acceptable to the Lord. He is not impressed with flattery.

Many nations of people of today are worshiping the goddess of liberty and self-expression. She repays her devotees with wounds and anxieties of heart.

I used to love to run. Being elderly I cannot run any more. One of the first things I will do when I get a new body will be to run with all my might for a season.

When Abraham brought Isaac up the mountain intending to present him to God as a burnt offering, that was the highest form of worship.

If we are to survive as a Christian in the coming days of chaos, then Christ must be living in us.

The reason we store up money is that we are afraid God will not keep His promises. Actually, the promises of God are more dependable than a bank full of money.

Do not groan and complain. Let your attitude toward God be one of cheerfulness and thanksgiving.

A person dies only once, so he ought to make the most of life and make certain he is going to have a good reception from the Lord Jesus.

If your eyes are on Jesus, when the storm comes your faith will not save you, Jesus will save you. Faith is your attitude. Jesus is a Person.

If Christ does not keep His promises to you, then you have the honor of being the first person in the creation of whom this has been true.

When you engage in premarital sex, you rob the future partner of what should belong to him or her.

“Reckon yourself dead” is not a means of being delivered from the bondages of sin. Rather, it is our orientation to life as we go through the process of being stripped of self-will and sin.

The most important accomplishment during the Church Age is to become rightly related to God and to other people.

The reason there is so much suffering in the world is not because God is bad but because we are bad. Feed us with food and we behave atrociously, as any fool would.

When we count that our adamic man is dead, the Law of Moses no longer has jurisdiction over him even though he still has many problems.

Under the new covenant, we do not rest in God’s will only on the seventh day. Every moment of every day is the eternal Sabbath in which our Lord Jesus lives and in which we are to live.

Under the new covenant, all of our money belongs to the Lord, not just a tenth. All that we have is given to Him to use as He directs.

Tithing, observing the seventh day, and retirement are all aspects of the adamic life. The Lord Jesus Christ and those who are part of Him serve God totally in all circumstances.

The true saint thinks only “Lord Jesus, what would you have me do right now?” He does not divide his efforts into the Sabbath, tithing, or retirement.

The idea of retirement, of working to gain enough money to do as one pleases, is not of the Lord. Can you imagine Jesus doing this?

In the rest of God, there is neither Sabbath day, tithing, nor retirement. There is just the Wholeness of God, Christ, and the saint, at all times. This is the new covenant.

The Bible says we are to work so we can give to someone who has a need. Like every other passage of the Bible, we must pray that we are acting in the will of Christ.

The person who chooses to look to the government to supply his needs will soon wish he had chosen instead to look to Christ to supply his needs.

If we keep seeking God’s will until we find it, and then perform it diligently, all we need shall be added to us, whether spiritual or material.

In any given situation, we are to give thanks to the Lord, to tell Him what we desire, and then say “Your will be done.”

I want to be “Holiness unto the Lord.” God grant that I never settle for anything less than this.

Holiness first is imputed, and then is wrought in our personality as we purge ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit. Without holiness no person shall see the Lord.

The sexual urge itself is not sinful. But what we do about it can be both sinful and illegal. We must bring it under the control of Christ.

To see someone in a romantic aura is to perceive that person in an inaccurate manner. The spirit of romance can lead to idolatry.

The Song of Solomon reveals Christ’s attraction to us and our attraction to Christ. To insert a person as the objective of our intense affection is idolatry.

To live by faith in Christ is to walk with the Lord Jesus at all times, and to look to Him continually for the solution to every one of the multitude of problems that confront us.

There are passages in the Bible that appear to be contradictory. But when we know more about them, we find them to be congruent. It has to do with what God is emphasizing at the moment.

We can pray only as God gives us the prayer. We can repent only as God gives us the gift of repentance.

We do not deny ourselves in order to make an atonement by suffering. We deny ourselves in order that Christ may live in our body.

I prevail in all matters the way God wants me to prevail because I am determined that Christ shall live in me.

We can endure the judgments of Christ successfully if we perceive what behaviors He wants us to confess and turn away from.

We need not be driven by fear or duty if we will keep on asking Christ for quietness and confidence.

To the extent that we have Christ, we have righteousness, truth, life, and are walking in the right way.

If we desire to have the fullness of God and Christ, we can have it if we pray for it in Jesus’ name.

The Christian religion succeeds in exalting itself. This is because it does not understand the importance of death to self-will in exalting Christ.

It is well to ask, “What would Jesus do?” It is better to ask, “What is Jesus doing?” And then do that. Jesus is alive, you know.

“Lord Jesus, if there is anything I am supposed to be doing, then please cause me to do it.”

God is not a mysterious equation. He is a factual, specific, and practical Person. He does exactly what He says, and you will receive what you truly desire.

God brings pain and problems into people’s lives. If He did not, they soon would destroy themselves spiritually and physically.

The present leaders of our government ignore Christ and the Bible. Our creator does not like to be ignored. Trouble is on the way.

God knows simple solutions to every problem that faces America. But He never will tell the solutions to governmental leaders who ignore Him.

We always should be doing what Christ is doing. This requires that we are living in the Presence of Christ at all times.

People whose God is money, who seek to amass more money than they need, not sharing with those who lack, are part of Antichrist.

The Christian denominations represent the history of what Christ has done in the past. What Christ is doing today often is not known.

“Father, is Christ fully in control of my life? If not, please make it so.”

The only life worth living is that which the Lord Jesus Christ is overseeing and guiding. To be without Christ in our life is the worst possible situation a human being can experience.

The spirit of the world is antichrist. It is driven by self-will. Its power is money. It is the archenemy of God.

The reason for the rule of the scepter of iron is that once the kingdom of God is established on the earth, the nations will want to recreate the present world. This cannot be permitted to happen.

I want to be removed from the world spirit for eternity. I want to live in the waters to swim in, that bring life to God’s people. I want to be a life-giving spirit.

If I have my way, there will be acres of flowers when I get to the spirit world. There will be large and small animals, and little boys and girls shrieking and running about.

Being born again has little to do with going to Heaven. Rather, it is the manner in which we enter the Kingdom of God. Christ, the Kingdom, is born in us.

I think that one of the best ways to redeem a self-willed person would be to confine him or her in the spirit world with a similar person.

If you marry someone who is not God’s will for you, how then can God develop His plan for your life?

Many men, women, boys and girls suffer and die because political leaders want to acquire more land and money for their own glory.

Attempting to live by Christian principles is a worthy enterprise. But the true Christian life is that of thinking, speaking, and acting in agreement with God’s will.

Self-willed people are not acceptable in God’s creations. They will ruin any paradise that God creates.

The contest between God and self, as to who is to occupy the throne of our personality, is the fundamental issue of the Christian discipleship.

A place, a heaven to which we will go someday, appeals to us. But the Kingdom of God is not a place, but a change in us so we do God’s will at all times.

Let the wicked continue to be wicked and the righteous continue to be righteous. When this is true, we can build up the highway of holiness.

Let that which is of Satan continue to be of Satan and that which is of God continue to be of God. Then God can administer righteous judgment.

If the righteous are not truly righteous and the wicked are not truly wicked, there is confusion. God would rather we be hot or cold.

Putting to death the sins of our flesh makes it possible for our personality to occupy itself with the task of overcoming all forces that would prevent our total reconciliation to Christ.

The means of our perfecting are:

  • The birth of Christ in us.
  • The body and blood of Christ.
  • Deliverance from unclean spirits.
  • The dwelling of God in us.
  • Our response to our fiery trials.

The true Gospel of the Kingdom is not about going to a better place, but about becoming a better person.

I continually am walking on “thin ice.” If the Lord’s hands were not supporting me every moment, I would break through and drown.

The Spirit of God is the Law (Torah) of the new covenant.

In a situation similar to that of Eve, Satan is saying to Christian people who desire the power of Christ: “You shall not die if you disobey Christ.”

When we die, we bring either Heaven or Hell into the spirit world, depending upon the kind of person we are.

In your heart, keep inviting Christ into all you think, say, and do, even if you are involved in a purely secular matter.

Let the world party and have fun, while our goal is righteousness, love, joy and peace in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We have come today to the beginning of the spiritual fulfillment of the Jewish Day of Atonement, of Reconciliation. This means that all that is not of God will be banished from the creation.

If the Father, the Son, and the Spirit of God, are all dwelling in us, we are protected by Psalm 91.

In the chaotic days that are ahead in America, only Christ can stand. Unless we are an integral part of Christ, we will not be able to stand.

Until we are part of Christ, we are as an intelligent animal. We work, play, eat, sleep, and reproduce. We might as well be a horse.

If you follow pleasure instead of principle, sooner or later you will end up in the garbage.

Wicked people love to vaunt themselves, smirking, and sneering at the “less fortunate.” Their end already is written in the Scriptures.

Eternal life is a kind of life, like flesh and blood life. It is not referring to the fact that we will exist forever. I suspect that all spirits will exist forever.

God is impressed with our obedience. He is not impressed with our achievements.

Belief and obedience are synonyms. Apart from obedience to the Lord Jesus, there is no genuine belief in Jesus.

The Spirit of God is the new-covenant counterpart of the old-covenant Law of Moses.

We do not practice the admonitions of the Sermon on the Mount in order to earn salvation. We practice the admonitions of the Sermon on the Mount in order to obey God.

The Jewish Sabbath day is not mentioned in the Sermon on the Mount, because the entire sermon is the Sabbath of God.

Sin is prompted by demons. Self-will opposes God’s will. Maturity comes as we renounce wickedness and embrace righteousness.

Many fires are required before we find rest in God’s Person and will.

The individual who is poor in spirit has little confidence in himself.

The self-will of man is destroying civilization. Only the will of God brings righteousness, love, joy, and peace.

Obey the laws of your country. But do not give the obedience of your soul to any person or thing.

His arrogance is disgusting and repulsive. He soon shall come to his appointed end, and nothing can prevent it.

Conquering strength is gained as we overcome sin. Such is the iron scepter that will enable us to govern the nations with Christ.

Do not seek retirement unless you are certain this is what God wants. God may decide you are not needed on the earth any longer.

It isn’t always the rich person who is rich or the poor person who is poor. God works in hidden ways.

When we understand that change into the image of Christ and rest in God’s will are our goal, and not residence in Heaven, the relevance of the Sermon on the Mount becomes evident.

When we put pleasure ahead of principle, we are heading toward destruction.

The Lord Jesus did not come to do away with Moses and the Prophets, but to give life to them by revealing in Himself their meaning.

The Christian journey is filled with snares. When we are endeavoring to avoid one trap, we step into another. This is why we must pray continually.

Sometimes preachers of the Gospel tell us how to get power with God. I do not see this in the Lord’s prayer. Do you?

Man has created a way of avoiding God’s commands. He has done this by perverting Paul’s doctrine of grace. However, each person will suffer for his or her disobedience.

One can see the Glory and holiness of God in a newborn baby. One can see the evil and viciousness of Satan in the aborting of that baby.

To be poor in spirit means to not be filled with our own ways but to have room in our personality for the Fullness of God.

We do not die when we are old but when we have accomplished on the earth God’s will for us.

Our goal as saints is not to die and go to Heaven to do nothing. Rather, our goal is to bring about obedience to Christ and the Father on the part of the whole world.

I am not as interested in telling people about Christ as I am in pressing closer to Christ. However, when Christ wants me to speak to people, I do it gladly.

There are these two virtues, belief and obedience. If we are not obedient to Christ, then our “belief” is useless.

I do not want power with God. Rather I want to serve Him and do His will in order to please Him.

The desire to have power with God implies an adversarial relationship. I want nothing of the kind, but only to dwell in God’s rest.

I do not desire to be a prodigal son. I want to be a son who remains home and does the Father’s will at all times.

Is it our belief in Christ that builds our house on the rock, or is it putting into practice His Words that builds our house on the rock?

An accurate knowledge of and belief in Christ is not faith. The demons know all about Christ and His work, but they are not saved.

In some aspects of redemption, such as the blood atonement, belief accompanied by repentance is sufficient. But in other aspects, such as cross-carrying obedience, action is necessary.

A person without Christ is only half a person.

I have set out to do God’s perfect, complete will in every circumstance, happily, cheerfully, and gladly.

When people say no one can do God’s perfect, complete will, my response is, “You proceed to your own destiny, and I will proceed to mine.”

The greatest lie in the universe is that no one can do God’s perfect, complete will. This lie comes from Satan who no longer is able to repent.

When we stumble in our Christian walk, we are to confess our error, receive our forgiveness, turn from our wickedness, and press forward in Christ.

When people protest that no one can do God’s perfect, complete will, my response is, “With that attitude, you certainly never will.

I have given God my best. I believe God has given me His best. Why should I listen to people babble about what God will or will not do?

Evil spirits flit about in our environment continually. Some day, as God works through Christ and God’s saints, unclean spirits shall be removed from our presence for eternity.

If Christ already has finished everything in our personal redemption, then why was the Apostle Paul pressing forth so vigorously in order to grasp that for which he had been grasped?

If Paradise has not first been formed within people, then it will useless to place them in the external Paradise. They still will fight with one another.

Why not ask God to give you His fullness so you will have an abundance to give to other people?

God is absolutely righteous in all He does. He is to be obeyed completely and perfectly in every circumstance at all times.

Perhaps you will be one of those who are willing to die in the Lord to the extent that the power of the seven thunders may be restored to the Christian testimony.

Part of the victorious life in Christ is that of keeping happy, confident thoughts toward God, knowing He is going to do good things for you.

It is difficult to pray for the government of our country when it does not give glory to God, and appears to be going against the Bible.

Our country is languishing in confusion without any moral compass. It had been one of the great nations of the world.

Every nation of history that has abandoned the moral laws of God and conscience has been weakened or destroyed. Will this happen to America?

An average American can gain the impression he does not really know what is going on in government because of the abundance of lies.

Turning away from Christ and from righteous behavior have brought the United States to its present state of corruption and confusion.

Where do we go from here? Will God raise up a God-honoring “George Washington” who will restore stability to our country?

If the memory of God and Christ finally are removed from our nation, the end result will be a holocaust of mammoth proportions. To whom much is given, much shall be required.

We can see in the future of the United States the indignities visited on the citizens of Rome by the Huns. When we lost Christ, we lost our protection.

Imperial Rome was once a colossus. It no longer exists. Will this happen to proud America? Are the Huns at the door?

Will the remains of those who would have been children serve as fuel for the fire? From sea to bloody sea.

History is largely a record of disasters. But the affluent nations are fascinated with the social media and communication devices.

Sodom is on the rise today, and the fire is not far away. Will we never learn?

It always is helpful to keep in mind that we are not wrestling against human beings, but against highly placed angels and possibly other spiritual creatures.

Our strength is not physical, not material. Our greatest strength is stern, consistent, never-ending obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The power is not of us but of God. This is why strict obedience is so utterly, utterly necessary if we are to be victorious.

It is the sword of the Lord, and also of Gideon, meaning that Christ does not fight the battles alone, but uses us in ways He deems necessary.

When Christ uses us to fight spiritual battles, He uses the means He has given us, and always with His own wisdom.

When speaking of spiritual warfare, I am addressing those who can hear me—simple-hearted believers who know and love the Lord.

I may be able to accomplish much more as soon as I pass into the spirit world. “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.”

Antichrist not only will be given power to ascend into the heavenlies, but also will control people by using their trust in money.

If we wish to be successful in spiritual warfare, we always must be careful to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and not ourselves.

I think trusting ourselves instead of Jesus occurs more often than we realize, and accounts for the loss of power we experience.

He who does not trust himself to do anything successfully, but trusts only the Lord Jesus, is poor in spirit and blessed.

Profanity is a sign of weakness, not of strength.

It is not enough to be a spiritual person. In the spirit world there is tremendous righteousness and tremendous wickedness, very great good and very great evil.

How utterly marvelous are the flora, fauna, and mineral kingdoms! How could anyone possibly doubt the existence of their Designer and Creator.

When we do not have the peace of Christ, of what value is money?

Salvation is our release from the person and works of Satan and change into the Person and works of God.

To observe the seventh-day Sabbath is to turn our eyes away from the Lord Jesus and back to the Law of Moses.

What Satan fears more than anything else is a Christian who is poor in spirit and wholly dependent on Christ. Satan then is faced with Christ.

I suspect that we Christians do not always look to Jesus for everything we think, say, and do. We need to talk to Jesus more.

I am a slave of the Lord Jesus Christ. The only time I have a question is when I do not understand clearly His command. Whose slave are you?

If you do not ask the Lord Jesus Christ about everything, you are living in the darkness of self-will. You are not poor in spirit.

All stages of the program of redemption are filled with the Presence of the Living Christ. Religion operates apart from the immediate Presence of Christ.

All aspects of all religions operate as human beings do what they think is pleasing to God.

Unless you are on speaking terms with the Lord Jesus and He is guiding you, a “step of faith” probably is a step of presumption. God will not bless it.

Good apples in a barrel do not make rotten apples good. Putting a sinful, self-seeking Christian in Heaven would not make him a saint.

There is a snake in every garden. We must keep alert, day and night.

Being poor in spirit means we follow Christ’s directions rather than our own.

Why should I worry, scheme, plan, plot, when God works out everything perfectly when I call on Him?

Who is the most miserable human being? It is he who is trying to live his life apart from Christ.

Who is the happiest individual? It is he who is endeavoring to bring Christ into every aspect of his life.

Why do you keep your door closed against Him when He is knocking? If He should decide to leave, you will be as a train hurrying through endless night. Oh, will morning never come!

Why do people choose to live a harrowed life unto themselves when they could be resting in the warm embrace of God?

Is it your pride that keeps you from coming to Christ? If so, your pride is the worst enemy you ever will have.

That event you are dreading, it all will work out fine if you present it to the Lord.

I do not trust in myself for anything. Is that your attitude also?

What are you constructing with your life? I am building a palace where Christ and I can live together in righteousness, love, joy, and peace.

Do not say “I haven’t spoken to you.” I have warned you over and over again. Don’t you fear the everlasting darkness?

If Christ is not your companion, you have no companion. You are alone in the darkness. There is no other light.

Why don’t you call out to Christ? He is not far from you right now. He will assist you with whatever your need is.

The Pharisees were not poor in spirit but filled with their own ways. This is why they were so far from the Kingdom of Heaven.

To be poor in spirit is to not be sure of one’s self but to look to Christ in all situations.

How anyone survives in this present world without having the Lord Jesus as his friend and companion is quite beyond me.

God does not accept religious motives as an excuse for harming other people. As we have done to others, it shall be done to us.

There is a total difference between being a member of the Christian religion and knowing Jesus as your Friend. But you can have both.

How I was able to evade all the religious ideas in the world and come to know the Lord Jesus as my closest friend I do not know. But I accept it as God’s gift to me.

God is not asking you or me to display to the public the riches He has given to us.

To preach Christ is to preach death and resurrection—not only His, but ours also in association with Him.

It is distressing to Christ when Christians make their own plans, even religious plans. He wants His Bride to look to Him in all things at all times to find out what He wants.

Whoever has a passionate desire to do God’s perfect, complete will has the greatest gift of all.

To know Christ personally—that’s the thing. There is nothing else in life as important as this.

Just as God considered Adam and Eve one person and called their name “Adam,” likewise we are to be one with Christ and called by His name.

If you are endeavoring to live your own life apart from the guidance of the Lord Jesus Christ, you are attempting to be your own god.

Anyone who does not fear God and Christ has no brains or sense whatever!

People on earth have opportunities to do good and acts of kindness. All of these are recorded in Heaven.

You may put pleasure ahead of principle. You may have many thrills. But in the end, your terror will be beyond human comprehension.

There always is a good reason for everything God does. Sometimes we must wait a while before we understand this.

All there is in life without the Lord Jesus Christ is temporary. In the light of eternity, it is of little value unless it makes us more a part of Christ.

God does not give me grace in advance. When the need is present, there is sufficient wisdom and power, if I pray. How about you?

Genuine love is the most worthwhile fact of existence. Without true love, our existence is meaningless.

You may test the spirits a thousand times to determine whether you are being deceived. But you must not finally refuse God’s direction because of fear.

Civilization advances by gifted leaders rather than by the evolution of people as a whole. I was thinking of Thomas Edison and Madame Curie.

A wise Indian said, “The most dangerous time after a long journey is the last step before we enter our wigwam.” How true.

Nothing is as it seems. But what God says is blessed, is blessed. What God says is cursed, is cursed.

I have chosen to trust in and live by faith in God’s faithfulness. There is iron in the land of my choice.

I have prayed for truth, in Jesus’ name. Therefore I am ready to move forward.

I pray for eyes that see Christ in every aspect of my life.

If we wish to come to know the Lord, we must keep on choosing joy over fear.

The ugliest parts of life can be overcome by the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ.

What will it take to turn you to the Lord Jesus Christ and remove yourself from your wallowing in the cesspool?

Lessons learned in the fire are not soon forgotten.

I believe it is not right to send for someone with a gift of healing, because then we do not exalt Jesus. He was lifted up to draw all men to Himself.

Are we made perfect by “grace” or are we made perfect by the many interventions of God in our life, including the gifts and ministries of the Spirit?

Will “grace” remove the blemishes of the Bride of the Lamb, or must we endure deliverance from sin and self-will, including a baptism with fire?

It is more pleasing to God to find room in our personality for Himself than it is to forgive our sins.

Satan is not overcome by power, but by righteous behavior and stern obedience to Christ. So the proper prayer is not for more power, but for a spirit of obedience to God.

Each one of us shall stand before Christ. How we are rewarded probably will not depend on whether we have “accepted Christ”, but how we lived our life.

The choices we make are determined by and reveal what kind of person we truly are.

When the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are ruling in our personality, we will follow the admonitions of the Sermon on the Mount joyfully and completely.

The contest between God and self, as to who is to occupy the throne of our personality, is the fundamental issue of the Christian discipleship.

If you serve Christ faithfully, He always will be there for you when you have a need.

The strength of America is being destroyed from within by immorality and lawlessness. Some of our political and ecclesiastical leaders are involved in this and deny our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is being preached that the prodigal may return home bringing his filth with him. The father will turn the family homestead into a house of prostitution so the prodigal will feel welcome.

What unscriptural craziness is being preached in our day, that God is so anxious to have fellowship with us and bring us to Heaven that He is not concerned with how we behave.

Always pray that you may be found worthy to walk with Christ. Always pray that you may be found worthy to enter the Kingdom of God.

There are things to be done during the day that we do not know about until we get there—challenges, and opportunities to serve God, that we do not know about when we first awaken. Pray continually.

Every child is given to the mother to nourish. The child must not be aborted without good and sufficient reasons. The child was created for God’s pleasure and glory!

A mother who aborts her child without good and sufficient reasons will hear from the Lord about it. The child belongs to God, being the image and temple of God.

An individual who practices homosexual behavior is a rebel against God. God has ordained him or her to reproduce himself and thus fill the earth with the image of God.

A person who would molest a child is the most selfish of all humans. He may convince himself that somehow he is benefitting the child. But he is a liar as well as a monster.

Every sin is a bondage that constrains us from bringing forth the good things that God places in us.

The fabulous environment of the spirit Paradise will be the surroundings of those who walk with Christ during the coming chaos in America.

Those who follow the ways of this world are losers. Those who walk in heavenly places with the Lord Jesus Christ are the winners. They shall reign with Christ in the eternities to come.

The message of many Christian churches in America is that one can keep sinning with a clear conscience. The end result of such teaching may be believers with a tormented conscience.

How utterly deceived is a person who is in slavery to his glands to the extent that he molests a child. God shall punish him enough.

The human body is a tool God uses to form the invisible, eternal person who lives in the body.

Jonathan, the son of Kareah, delivered the people from Ishmael. Then, disobeying, the Lord, he led them to Egypt. Do we get people saved and then lead them into the world?

The minister who speaks so as to attract people is weak. He or she is not a prophet of God.

When an abortion is conducted without sufficient reason, it is because people desire enjoyment without responsibility. The guilty will hear from God about it.

When we do God’s will, even though we do not always understand it, things eventually turn out well. That is because God is seeking our good.

We are conformed to the image of Christ by a multitude of small deaths and resurrections.

God did not create man to live in Heaven, but to be His image, His house, His place of rest, and His Throne.

The goal of redemption is not residence in Heaven. It is conformity to the character of Christ, and untroubled rest in God’s Person and will.

We are to look continually to the Lord Jesus for wisdom and strength for the moment.

The person who is not sowing to the Spirit of God by reading the Bible and praying each day, listening to Jesus, is little more than an intelligent animal.

A horse eats, sleeps, works, plays, and reproduces. If this is all we can show for our life, we might as well be a horse.

Most of us most of the time are preoccupied with our physical body. God acknowledges the body, but is concerned primarily with our inward nature, which is eternal.

This is what God says: “Everyone who practices evil shall be rewarded with evil. Everyone who practices good shall be rewarded with good.”

The treasures we place in Heaven came from Heaven in the first place. We give back to God what God has given to us.

If we give back to God all that we are and all that we have, God will give to us all that He has and all that He is. The choice is ours.

Everything we are and have belongs to God in the first place. We always must be ready to give back to God what He has given us. They only were loaned to us.

If you want to have perfect righteousness, love, joy, and peace, then give to God without hesitation what He is asking of you.

It appears to me that the conflict of the ages between good and evil is fought in one person at a time.

God uses money to display character. When the Kingdom comes, money no longer will be needed. What each person is will be plain to see.

The Apostle Paul was not Christ in another form. Yet Paul maintained that Christ was living in him. Could this be true of the Father and the Son?

Jesus did not come to bring us to Himself, but to the Father. He did not come to the earth because He intensely loved us, but because the Father sent Him.

Jesus obeyed the Father by coming to the earth and offering Himself as a sacrifice. Therefore God has given Him as an inheritance all that God is and all that God has.

God never ignores any prayer offered in Jesus’ name. He answers in the best possible way at the best possible time.

It is my sincere desire to become less each day so that Christ may become more each day.

The salvation God is looking for is the image of Christ in our thinking, speaking, and behaving. Such fruit is produced only by our dwelling in Christ at all times.

We must receive Christ when He is presented to us. After that we must live in Him in our thinking, speaking, and behaving. If we do not, we will be removed as a branch of Christ.

If I am not mistaken, a multitude of Christians die and pass into the spirit world bound in their sins, because of the current misinterpretation of Paul’s doctrine of grace.

What is important in life? It is that we do the will of the Lord Jesus Christ every day.

It is not important that I get what I want or you get what you want. However, it is supremely important that God gets what He wants.

I was created for the pleasure of Christ. So were you.

If we want to please God, we must make the effort to please the Lord Jesus in every area of our life.

The Lord Jesus Christ did not appear to the world to start a new religion. His purpose is to form people into the image of God by filling them with His Divine Nature.

I want nothing in my spirit that is not of God. Absolutely nothing.

It appears that the federal and state governments are immoral and preparing their own destruction. Therefore, Lord Jesus, I will follow you carefully one step at a time.

A nation that tolerates abortion on demand shall not prosper. God will not accept this.

A nation that accepts homosexual behavior as normal and acceptable shall not prosper. God will not tolerate this.

A sin-driven culture that ignores God and His Christ shall not prosper. The earth is the Lord’s and they who dwell therein.

Those who today are at the right hand of God in Christ shall not maintain their position unless all rebellion is removed from them and they learn to live by the Life of Jesus.

If it were true that once we are in Christ we cannot be lost, how then does John 15:6 apply to us?

The Lord Jesus did not come into the world to bring us to Heaven, but to change us into the image of God by imparting to us His Divine Nature.

It would not benefit Christ or the Father to bring us to Heaven. They are benefitted only if we are conformed to Their image in being and behavior.

Being saved has little to do with going to Heaven. Being saved is to be changed into the image of God and Christ so we may have fellowship with them.

When I awoke, God said to me, “Have a wonderful day.” I responded, “You also.” God then answered, “I always make My day the way I want it to be.”

Christianity is not supposed to be a religion. Rather it is a fellowship of people who have set aside their own lives that Christ might be glorified in them.

You may have received Christ and now are positioned at the right hand of God. But you can lose your place and your crown by clinging to your own life and refusing to let Christ live in you.

I pray for wisdom, strength, and courage. The wisdom I pray for is that of thinking, speaking, and acting along with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Oh to be nothing that Christ may be everything!

I rejoice when my Friend is exalted. It is wonderful to see a fellow or girl suddenly behold the majesty of Christ and begin the program of transformation.

It is one matter to follow the written code of a religion, and a different experience to look to Jesus to determine what we should do.

Always be prayerful and do not yield to sudden, intense desires. The passage of time changes many things.

It seems to me that Satan works night and day to keep our attention away from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus and you are to be best friends. What kind of friend would you be if you spoke to Jesus only when you have a need? Is Jesus an ATM?

Paul’s doctrine of grace, meant to free us from the Law of Moses, has had unintended consequences. It is serving as an excuse for our not endeavoring to live righteously.

Jesus is knocking. He desires to dine on your obedience and worship, and for you to dine on His body and blood. What are you waiting for?

One self-willed person would be enough to ruin the glory and splendor of Heaven.

The blood of atonement, the Spirit of God, the Word of God brought together in one person of unquestioned obedience to Christ, have sufficient authority and power to do anything.

If the Pharisees had asked God if Jesus indeed is God’s Son, they might not have murdered Him. People who worship the Bible instead of God may not understand what God is doing.

When the Lord Jesus knocks at the door of our heart, we should receive Him into our “house” as we would any other friend.

“Does the Lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the Lord? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.”

If atheists would go to God with a good heart and ask Him if He exists, there might be fewer atheists in the world.

If a person would go to God and ask Him if He exists, as I did seventy years ago, He would get the correct answer.

If all the people of history who have had a supernatural experience would appear in court and testify of what had happened to them, I believe the court would pronounce in favor of God.

I think the atheists of America attempt to remove the public expression of the Christian faith because they are afraid there may be truth in it.

Why would an atheist seek to destroy the faith of a Christian, when he has no need to do so? The future may demonstrate that he was not wise in attacking someone’s faith.

By “being born again” Jesus was not speaking of our conversion to the Christian religion. He was referring to the total transformation of our personality from a living soul to a life-giving spirit.

I do believe the Christians of history are waiting for us to take advantage of the present move of redemption and to throw off the bondages of sin and self-will.

Envy and jealousy have governed the world since the days of Satan and Cain.

We should esteem the respect of Christ more important to us than that of any other person or institution.

If the Lord Jesus Christ does not have total integrity, it would be far, far better for us never to have come into existence.

Like the Apostle Paul, we must have the sentence of death in ourselves that we should not trust in ourselves but in God who raises the dead.

I do not rely on prayer. I rely on Jesus to get me through.

If evolutionists would open their eyes and look around them, and use their common sense, they might reconsider their beliefs.

If an intelligent human being would consider the intricacies of human reproduction, he might realize that the doctrine of evolution is nothing more than an attempt to escape accountability for one’s actions.

When you don’t have much money, you put your trust in Christ and do as well as you can.

The Spirit of God has inexhaustible power, inexhaustible energy, inexhaustible wisdom, and inexhaustible knowledge. He will build the Kingdom, provided we obey the Lord Jesus strictly.

The very best life that can be had on the earth is that of obeying the Lord Jesus in every detail of living.

Now is the time that the Spirit of God is cleansing the evil from the thinking, speaking, and behaving of the members of the Kingdom of God. We must cooperate with the Spirit in this work of redemption.

We often hold Christ at arms’ length when He wants to be our best Friend.

Anything we are able to do without looking to the Lord Jesus for His wisdom and strength is loss for Christ, for us, and for the world.

It is possible for us to place Jesus so high in the Divinity that He no longer can be simply our Friend. This is what can happen in the unscriptural doctrine of the Trinity.

Speaking of the righteous, there are more who are with us than there are those who are against us.

There is a time to act boldly and a time to be cautious. Only God can give us the correct timing.

Speaking of people, we do not know what kind of “plant” it is until it comes to maturity. Don’t be in a rush to establish a relationship.

Money is the curse of civilization. It destroys the soul of people. It does not have true value. This is why Jesus treats money with indifference.

“Christ” and “God” are titles, not names. The name of the One is “Jesus.” The name of the Other is incomprehensible to us.

India. How the demons of sexual lust enjoy India! America is next, but deliverance can occur in both nations.

By God’s grace we can move past the burning mountain into His Presence. This does not mean we can sin and disobey Christ.

Because of Calvary, we now are able to confess our sins, turn away from them, and move forward with Christ. How much better than offering bulls and goats.

Galatians chapter 5 and Colossians chapter 3 tell us what sin is. But the worst sin of all is living by our own self-will instead of the will of Christ.

There is mischief in the doctrine of the Trinity, in that the Father of Christ no longer is Christ’s Father, but Christ is one God among three equal Gods.

The Lord Jesus did not say His Father is equal to Him but His Father is greater than He.

Because we stand in the grace of God, does not mean we can continue to sin without dying spiritually.

When Antichrist comes, he will not speak to our heart as Jesus does. Rather he will work externally, using money as his power.

Money is the power of Antichrist. The Spirit of God is the power of the true Christ.

When any spirit comes to you and asks to enter you, go to God immediately and ask Him whether that spirit is from Him.

Never be afraid of testing spirits. God will not rebuke you for questioning whether something is from Him.

The Bible tells us how God treats those who fear and love Him and do His will. I choose to take my chances with God.

Our goal may be Heaven, a better environment. God’s goal is that we become better people.

God did not give His Son so we can go to Heaven. God gave His Son so we can be changed into God’s image.

The influence of one person can be substantial. Therefore we must be seeking Christ diligently at all times.

Salvation changes our adamic personality by creating a new, Divine personality. It does this by continual death and resurrection, leaving parts of the old personality behind and transforming the remainder.

Speaking of living in Heaven, the element that makes an environment loving, peaceful, and joyous is the type of people who are present. Is that what you and I are?

Sinful, self-willed Christians hope to go to Heaven by grace. One such person entering Heaven would soon turn Heaven into the beginning of Hell.

Heavenly people, not the celestial surroundings, make Heaven heavenly. Hellish people, not the flames, make their surroundings hellish.

All the imputed righteousness in the world would not make a wicked person godly.

If all the people in Heaven are righteous only by grace and imputed righteousness, we might as well be in Hell.

Some of the Christian churches in America have done just what the Book of Jude has proclaimed: the have turned the grace of God into an excuse for immorality.

I wonder how many adults and young people there are in the world who are willing to set aside their own lives that Christ might live in them.

Pursuing the will of Christ is an adventure, not the old, dead, church routines. There is fresh challenge and life every day.

Why don’t you call on Christ to help you? He will show you great and mighty things.

God is not impressed with our accomplishments in life but is vitally interested in our personality. All shall be compensated.

Money is the substitute for loving, wholesome, human relationships.

We need not look far to find something to praise the Lord for.

My goal in life is to know Christ. It is yours also, although you may not know it yet.

Some Christians know the Bible but don’t know the Lord. They are married to the Bible but not to the Lamb.

“Come closer to Me,” says Jesus. “Come closer and see that I am not a religious icon. I am not the Bible. I am a person like you.

Sometimes God helps those who help themselves, but God always helps those who ask for help in Jesus’ name.

If you will do the will of Christ, He will help you and answer your prayers.

I look to the Lord Jesus and lie down in perfect safety. I ask Him to remove dreams and thoughts that are not of Him, and to give me ones that are of Him.

I told Jesus I would serve Him until I was 115 years of age. He told me not to say that, but to pray carefully and walk one step at a time.

If you want to escape danger, ask the Lord Jesus Christ to help you.

The Lord Jesus has been faithful to help me and answer my prayers for over seventy-one years.

The world blunders from one chaotic disaster to another. But my feet are planted eternally on the Lord Jesus. I obey His commands.

The world staggers from one problem to another, but I continue to look to the Lord Jesus for safety, health, and peace.

The Lord Jesus is my intelligence. If it is my desire to act wisely and fruitfully, I ask Jesus what I should do.

The most important motive in life is to please God. It seems to me that any intelligent person would understand that.

No individual whose goal is to live in the rest of God will smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs, or overeat.

There is a “rightness” in the ways of Heaven. My prayer is that all else will be removed from my consciousness.

The spirit world is a vast area. You will have friends to meet you when you cross over if you treat people with kindness while you are here in the present world.

There always is a way when we come to the Lord Jesus for help.

Here I am, writing proverbs at the age of 91. I attribute my relatively long life to pressing unrelentingly and continually into the Lord Jesus.

The Christian salvation is different from other religions in that God, by His own initiative, is reproducing Himself in sons and daughters.

Worshiping the sexual urge, whether by an individual or a nation, results in weakness.

In the Christian salvation, the God of Heaven speaks to us, not only through the Bible but personally, and also through the gifts of the Spirit. I do not know whether this is true of other religions.

The heart of revival is one person confessing and turning away from a sin or from his or her self-will, by the power of Christ.

Do not complain about your present state lest you be brought into circumstances that are even more distressing. Pray, rather, that God will deliver you in His time. Remain as cheerful as you can.

My goal is eternal righteousness, love, joy, and peace. I trust God to have me make the choices to attain to these. I do not trust my own desires.

If we do not keep looking to the Lord Jesus for guidance, then Satan will suggest to us what we should do.

Whatever the Lord Jesus says—that is the Law that comes from Zion, of which the Old Testament speaks, and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem.

It takes a while to learn to talk to Jesus about everything you are doing. But after a while it becomes a habit.

Many important aspects of life are invisible to the physical eye. God’s love, for example, is most important of all.

Sometimes our dialogue with God breaks down. We simply cannot comprehend His wisdom. However, He will help us understand if we will ask.

God permits evil to pollute the world because it will perfect in righteousness those who are destined to govern in the ages to come.

When the Divine judgment falls on America, if you are not walking with Jesus, where are you going to go for help?

If we are wise, we will ask God to give us His desires for us. When this is true, our desires always shall be gratified.

There are people who find security in the rigid interpretation of a law—like the Pharisees when the Lord Jesus healed on the Sabbath a man with a withered hand.

While you are learning to walk in the Spirit, you will make mistakes. When you discover you have been deceived, recover as quickly as you can and proceed on your way cautiously.

What life would be like without Christ I do not know, and I certainly do not intend to find out.

Do not tell God you feel fine if you really are sick. Rather, tell God you are very sick and feel terrible. Then ask Him politely in Jesus’ name to come and heal you.

When much money is involved, lies often abound.

When you have sunk down as low as you can go, look up to Jesus. He has been there. He will lift you up by His power.

Why are you trying to solve all your problems by yourself? Ask the Lord Jesus to help you. He can solve every problem. Ask Him to help you, and see what happens.

There are thrones in Christ that are unoccupied. You can sit on one, but you must fight to get there.

Jesus Christ is Lord of all. He can help you get where you wish to go. But you must serve and obey Him to get there.

When you are surrounded by enemies, Christ can deliver you. Call on Him for help, and the enemies shall be conquered. He told me to rule in the midst of my enemies.

The angel of the Lord encamps round about those who fear and trust Him. Ask Him for help, and then see what happens.

I have served the Lord Jesus for many years. And He has never failed me when I have a need. He will do the same for you, if you ask Him to.

Are you discouraged and depressed? Why don’t you look up to the Lord Jesus and ask His help? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

When the Lord Jesus Christ heals and delivers you, do not forget to give Him thanks, thinking that your answer just came about naturally.

So you are a Jew! So is the Lord Jesus Christ. Ask for His help and He shall deliver you.

You may believe that your troubles are so great they cannot be solved. But this is not true. With God, all things are possible.

Once I was without Christ. Now I am with Christ. I would not return to my former way of life for all the tea in China.

The Prophet advised us to walk humbly with God. Try it and see for yourself. It certainly has worked for me.

Many years ago I promised God that I would test the Bible to see whether it is from Him, and declare the results. It has been proven to me that the Bible precisely is what it claims to be.

God’s Words are nails in a sure place. You can hang your hopes on them. You can trust them to stay safely in place.

I have no desire to play with words. The Lord Jesus Christ is the greatest of all kings, and He is coming again to the earth.

Can you see the squabbles in our government? This is because our leaders are seeking their own ways instead of looking to God for wisdom.

The future of America is grim. We will survive and prosper in the midst of the problems if we look to Christ for wisdom and strength.

All the events of people and circumstances are like parts of a giant jigsaw puzzle. Only God can put them all together and see the big picture.

When you are living in Christ, whoever receives you receives Christ; and whoever receives Christ receives the Father.

The diaper crowd is waiting to be carried up to their mansions in an unscriptural “rapture,” trusting that God will change their diapers without any effort on their part.

Modern Christian teaching has made “grace” an alternative to the development of godly Christian character and righteous behavior.

Godly character and righteous behavior are formed in us as Christ is formed in us. Godly character always, always, always obeys God no matter how severe the temptation to do otherwise. Abraham is the father of all such.

My desire is to be always at the right hand of God, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in His temple.

It is the way of religion to stress adherence to its beliefs and obedience to its liturgies, while ignoring godly character and righteous behavior.

The most serious students of the Law of Moses murdered the Word of God when He appeared. So much for religion.

God is not concerned about “grace.” God is concerned about godly character and righteous behavior.

In the case of a weak person who longs to do God’s will, the grace of forgiveness can be as a cable that supports the window-washer of a 100-story building. God loves His weak children.

Today the “gospel of grace” is preached to people who could be strong, mature Christians of godly character if the preachers would announce the true Gospel of the Kingdom.

God is concerned about honesty, integrity, truthfulness, faithfulness. How is a lawless grace related to these?

Since the days of Noah, there has been no change in God’s standards of character and behavior, except that now we have the assistance of Christ and the Spirit of God.

The Bible used to be called “The Good Book,” because it taught people how to be good. Now it is “The Grace Book,” because it shows people how to please God without being good.

Athletes are being reprimanded for thanking God on the playing field when they win a victory. I think they should be honored for doing what is godly and right.

The idea that God accepts grace in place of truthfulness, honesty, and faithfulness, is a deception.

If we are to be made in God’s image, we certainly should have a character like His. Where does grace enter this picture?

According to the Bible, the members of the Royal Priesthood will have awesome responsibilities. How can this be true if they lack godly character? Will grace create godly character?

If the rewards will be given to the victorious saints, and if grace is an alternative to character development, it seems that grace will interfere with the program of developing victorious saints.

One cannot “join” Christ as one would join a church. We must welcome Jesus into our life, following Him at all times and obeying Him completely, promptly, and cheerfully.

The person who does not attempt to find out God’s will for him or her is foolish. This is the best I can say for such an individual.

A good night’s sleep is a gift from God. We should thank and praise Him for it upon awakening.

There is only one thing stronger than blood, and that is the Spirit of God.

There is no faith for yesterday, only for now.

Our religious striving can lead us away from the true salvation of the Lord. Consider the Pharisees of old.

It is written, concerning the great cloud of witnesses, that they are waiting to be made perfect with us. Evidently being in Heaven is not “that which is perfect.”

When we have a strong desire along some line, it is difficult to hear from the Lord Jesus or to prophesy accurately.

The members of the Body of Christ are one body whether in Heaven or on the earth. All of us are moving along together in the Divine plan of redemption.

Today, Christ may do with my flesh as He will. But as for me, I am going to remain seated at the right hand of God that I may enjoy my Father.

God is righteous, loving, joyful, peaceful, and above all, faithful.

My wife Audrey has a saying, “Rather than dread the future, believe Christ for the best.”

The Lord Jesus said, “Keep your eyes fixed on Me, and I will bring you successfully through the remaining events of your pilgrimage.”

The new creation is the product of the rest of God, in which God enables us to put all His enemies under our feet.

The victorious saints of all the ages are qualified and competent to return to the earth with the Lord Jesus in the Day of the Lord. However, not all the inhabitants of Heaven will return with the Lord.

I think it is true that when people who have believed incorrect doctrine enter the spirit world, it will be a while before the saints and angels point out to them the errors in their beliefs.

I hope to stand one day in the Presence of the Lord Jesus, well and whole, and ask Him with joyful expectation, “What’s next?”

I choose to think about the wonders and beauty of the Lord Jesus and His Kingdom, rather than let myself be drawn down to dwell upon the wickedness in the world.

“I thank you Lord Jesus for every pain and problem in my life. Each one has driven me closer to You.”

It is my desire that today Christ is living in my flesh, while I am resting in my place in the great White Throne, having fellowship with my Father and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

A perfect world would be one in which each person understood that doing God’s perfect will for his or her life brings righteousness, love, peace, and joy.

You can ask God a thousand times for the various items you desire or need, and God will not rebuke you. He enjoys hearing your voice.

When you ask God in Jesus’ name for your needs and desires, the answer will come at the right time. But do not forget to say, “Your will be done.”

Be sure to thank God for each and every answer to prayer. There is a temptation when the answer comes so naturally to think, “I guess it would have happened anyway.”

The Spirit of God has enlarged the seventh-day Sabbath in the new creation until our whole being at all times is in perfect obedience to the living God.

There is no lie and no idolatry in the people of the new creation.

The saints who return with the Lord Jesus, plus those alive on the earth, are a Gideon’s army, a firstfruits of mankind to be presented to God and the Lamb.

No sinful, self-willed behavior is permitted in the Body of the Messiah, in the Royal Priesthood, in the rulers of the ages to come.

In the new creation, all the old has passed away and all the new is of God. We cannot do this by our striving but only by praying continually.

You can forget about getting a new body when Jesus appears, and ascending to meet Him in the air, if you are not becoming a new moral creation.

All sinful and self-willed behavior in our personality finally must be overcome before we can be trusted with an incorruptible body.

If we will pray continually, the Lord Jesus will work with us until we are perfect and complete in all the will of God.

When we receive Christ, we must keep on pressing into the Divine Nature until we are seated with the Father and Christ on the great White Throne.

The rewards to the overcomers are steps toward the maturity of the new creation.

Sometimes the best way to deal with rebellious people is to give them enough rope to hang themselves.

If you are living in fellowship with the Father and the Son, you will never actually “die”. When you do die physically, you will continue serving and having fellowship with Them, and be filled with eternal life.

When you die you will be placed with others who are like yourself. If this thought does not please you, you still may have time to change.

You can know the Bible and still not know Christ. The Pharisees knew the Bible but they did not know God.

As the Lord fulfills His unchanging promises, He goes this way and that, as in the first chapter of Ezekiel. The believer who follows Jesus must always be prepared to change direction at a moment’s notice.

If we do visit Paradise after we die, we still will be located in Christ at the right hand of God.

We always must be patient when dealing with the Lord.

Christ holds up the image before us of what God expects man to be, and we shall be in that image one day if we faithfully follow the Spirit of God.

Our goal in prayer is not to be a combatant, seeking to move God according to our will. Rather our purpose is to find out what God wants and pray that way.

God likes to be asked, whenever we have a need or desire. In a need for healing, we do not use formulas, rather we call on the Lord for help, wisdom, and healing.

Is it better to seek God’s will and way, and move in that direction; or is it better to persuade God to do our will and go our way?

There is nothing better in life than to obey the Lord Jesus Christ.

When God has finished shaking the earth and the heavens, all that will remain is that which is born of His Nature.

Today would be a terrible day without Jesus. I do not understand how people can go through life without the Lord.

Man was created to be the dwelling place of Christ. Merry Christmas, Jesus.

Resolution for this year: “Find God’s will for myself and do it.”

God’s mercy is not shown as clearly in forgiveness as it is in deliverance.

The only genuine freedom possible to mankind is absolute obedience to the King of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ.

In leaving Christ, America has lost its way. Will America ever find its way again?

God wants us to live by the revealed will of God, just as the Jews followed God through the wilderness by the cloud and the fire.

The Jews had their Urim and Thummim to provide specific guidance, as a supplement to the Torah. The Holy Spirit is a supplement to the Bible so we can have specific guidance each day.

If you are a Christian and have not purged yourself of the works of the flesh, then when the great shaking comes, you will be shaken out of your place at the right hand of God.

If you have created all sorts of things in your personality that are not of God, then when the great shaking comes, you will be removed from your place at the right hand of God.

If God does not hold us to the highest standard of discipleship, He is not doing us a favor. He merely is acknowledging that we are not able to qualify for one of the more important roles of Kingdom service.

If you are being prepared to be one of God’s rulers, do not be amazed at the rigors of the curriculum.

“Chairs” are one of the most important inventions of mankind. So it is true that simple things often are the most important aspects of God’s creation, such as the love of a little child.

If you are listening to the Lord Jesus at all times, and are obeying Him conscientiously, you are in the eternal rest of God.

For us to be reasonably well formed in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ will require at least a few thousand years. This is no small enterprise.

When the righteous are not righteous enough, they will bow in defeat before the wicked.

At one time America was distinguished in the sight of the nations as being largely Christian. The American people now are largely characterized as worshiping sexual lust, money, and entertainment.

God is able, willing, and even desirous to abundantly satisfy all of our needs and desires. We are stupid when we endeavor to meet our needs and desires from our flesh and blood resources.

The Lord Jesus is a good friend to have, with all His authority and power. “A very present help in time of trouble.”

Heaven is not God’s house. Heaven is God’s Throne, the place from which He governs. God wants a house. That House is Christ—Head and Body. That is what the Scripture states.

There are two major errors in Christian thinking:

  1. Eternal residence in Heaven is our goal.
  2. Grace is an alternative to moral growth.

Perhaps the other errors spring from these.

Religion is the greatest enemy of Christ because it seeks to imitate and replace Him. Religion always will attempt to murder Christ when He appears.

The Christian people in America have been taught “grace” so emphatically, that if you asked them what righteous behavior is, I do not believe they would know.

When listening to some of the older hymns, I wonder whether Christianity has lost its way. Fiery discipleship and an intense love for the Lord Jesus seem to be missing. “I’m pressing on the upward way.”

There is the guilt of sin, the practice of sin, and the desire to sin. The Lamb of God takes away all three, if we cooperate with Him.

I am sincere when I say I cannot see any redeeming feature of eternal worth in my personality. I am content to live by the Life of Jesus and let Him be the perfect One.

When Christ is formed in us, virtue of eternal worth is found in our personality.

We live one step at a time. Each step must be accompanied by a prayer of concern, or of joy, or of hope.

A baby’s smile is the closest thing I have seen to the Face of God. It is no wonder babies are permitted to see God.

The new covenant is in the mind as well as the heart. When it is only in the heart, the believers give themselves to unscriptural, unprofitable convulsions. That is the behavior of the False Prophet.

To claim that the Lord Jesus Christ wants to make us part of Himself is not blasphemous, it is Scriptural.

While I still am in the world, I will do all the good I can in all the aspects of life, Christ helping me.

The Lord Jesus said to me recently, “Do not cling to life.” Now what did He mean by that? Audrey and I are more than willing to be at home with Him.

I am never happier than when I am in the center of God’s will, thinking, speaking, doing what He wants. People who do not live here are missing a treat.

I choose to glorify Christ. I would not glorify myself even if I had a reason to do so.

If I did not realize that Christ has everything under His control, I would be a nervous wreck.

If you allow the Lord Jesus to govern your life, you will be changed finally into a life-giving spirit.

When we are seeking God’s will in all aspects of our life, we are much happier.

An abundance of money can make a person selfish rather than generous. We need to be careful. You can lose your soul that way.

When we pray and obey Christ, God takes care of our enemies, spiritual and physical.

God did not place us in this present world to make us happy. Rather, God put us here to learn about Himself. We will be happy later if we are obedient now.

Believe it or not, God knows what He is doing.

It is an honor above all other honors to be a child of God. We have that authority because we have received Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

God gives us many commands, many things to be and do. Then He gives us the strength and wisdom so we can be and do them.

The Lord Jesus Christ created all things. He glorifies them with His Presence and makes them eternal.

The Lord Christ created all that is. Through disobedience, all became corrupt. Through Him the creation shall become alive again.

I am learning to live at this time by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

When we understand that this life is a kindergarten, we will not waste time and strength on nostalgia. The present life is nothing more than an orientation to life with God.

To a righteous individual who does not choose to remain an animal, to die is to be let out of his cage.

Death is an enemy who comes to slay us. But he succeeds only in setting the righteous free.

I owe Christ for atoning for my sins on the cross. I am seeking to respond to that debt by serving and obeying Him in every detail of my life.

The Frankenstein monster of both the world and of our personal life, is self-will.

The answer to our desire to lead a desirable life is the cross, because it kills our self-will.

True freedom is found only in absolute obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the Spirit of God who accomplishes this in our personality.

This present life is a kindergarten. Its purpose is to teach us how to live in Christ, in God.

The only true curriculum that brings us eternal righteousness love, joy, and peace is portrayed by the waters to swim in, after the successive judgments of Ezekiel’s river. Only then are we a life-giving spirit.

Until we are crucified with Christ, we are governed by self. This is the cruelest life of all. It is not what God has in mind for us.

To live in strict obedience to every aspect of the will of the living Christ is the only eternal righteousness, love, joy, and peace, that there is.

If you desire eternal righteousness, love, joy, and peace, then set aside your own desires and follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have found that I cannot do anything successfully apart from the immediate wisdom and strength of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It appears I am coming ever closer to the core of eternal life. It is the intimate knowledge of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, whom God has sent.

I want exactly whatever the Lord Jesus wants, no more and no less. I rest my case on that.

Money is a greater power than knowledge. Christ is a greater Power than money.

The Lord Jesus is my Power and my Wisdom by which I solve every problem.

My determination is that I, and every other creature in the creation, shall choose to do God’s will promptly, completely, and cheerfully.

To believe in Christ is important. To obey Christ is infinitely more important.

If Christ is alive, why don’t we speak to Him? Better yet, why doesn’t He speak to us? Perhaps we do not expect Him to.

I wish all the Christian plans were burned up in one grand bonfire and we all waited to hear what Jesus would say to the Christians in America.

Why do Christian ministers place so much emphasis on believing in Christ but not on obeying Christ? Is this a religious phenomenon?

I am not interested in your plans to save the world. I want to hear directly from the Lord Jesus.

Why don’t we spend more time listening to Jesus? Are we trying to do what the Book says without hearing from the author? Can’t He speak to us today?

Is the Lord Jesus able to speak to His people today? Or must we blindly pursue what we think is His will, while we pray that He will bless our plans?

I would rather hear one sentence from the risen Lord Jesus, than ten thousand sentences from well-intentioned Christian leaders.

Why must we guess at what Christ wants? Is there no prophet among us who hears from God? The Jews had the Scriptures, but they also had Prophets and the Urim and Thummim.

Holiness is the absence of unclean spirits and the Presence of God’s Spirit.

There is a time for us to judge and a time for God to judge. Knowing who is to do the judging is necessary if we are to please God.

God’s Word is trustworthy. It is the only word in the creation that one can count on to be faithful and true.

Those who gain victory over sin during this present evil age will be with Christ and govern with Him for eternity.

The physical world works by competition. God’s world works by sharing.

Man was not made to sin. Sin is a subnormal behavior. The Lord Jesus Christ by His blood and His Spirit will give total victory over sin to any person who asks for it.

Where sin abounds, grace does much more abound. Consider this: the greatest of the promises to the victorious saints are made to the believers in Laodicea.

The fullness of the Glory of God will be poured out when the heaviest spiritual darkness covers the earth.

Don’t ever let yourself be placed in a position where you cannot sense what Jesus wants.

When God is finished with His work of redemption, there shall be no sin or rebellion against God’s will where the righteous live. All evil shall be confined in the dungeons of fire.

A person who had the chance to be a friend of Christ and chose to take another path, is exceedingly foolish.

There are “memories that bless and burn.” The person who is wise will turn away from them and press forward in Christ to that which eternally is joyous and desirable.

Receiving Christ is not the finish of redemption. Rather, it is the beginning of redemption.

Forgiveness without deliverance is only half a loaf. The other half of the loaf is now upon us. In the Bible it is termed “The Day of Redemption.”

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, drive all worldliness, the sins of the flesh, and all disobedience to Christ from you until you are living without sinning against God (I John 3:6).

Every knee that will not bow to Christ, proclaiming His Lordship, doing His will, eventually shall be placed where it belongs—in the Lake of Fire.

Creatures who choose to do their own will, rather than the will of Christ, bring agony and corruption to everyone around them.

If we picture people as alimentary canals, with a mouth on one end and a commotion on the other, we readily can overcome the spirit of romance.

It is not Heaven we are hoping for, it is the resurrection, the making alive of the mortal body.

There is nothing I want bad enough that I am willing to accept a lie. I want truth in my soul as hard as a diamond and sharp as a razor. In Jesus’ name.

Satan desires that everything be gray. Nothing black or white. That way he can always prove his point and move people according to his will.

Do not rely on your previous altars. Keep your relationship with God always fresh, and His will for you current.

To attain to the early resurrection, you must (1) be involved with the world only as much as necessary, (2) put to death the urges to sin in your flesh, and (3) always obey Christ promptly, completely, and cheerfully.

Next to the hope of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ, our greatest hope is that we will see our loved ones after death in a happy place.

We need to pray that our soul is diamond-hard so we will remain faithful and true. Also, that our will is sharp so we always will choose to do that which is righteous and God’s will for us.

We can choose to do God’s will our way, and bring blindness on ourselves. Or we can choose to do God’s will God’s way, and bring vision and God’s Presence on ourselves and others.

Make certain you are worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ. Worshiping the wrong god can cause you to do all sorts of destructive things.

Nothing bothers me as much as cruelty to children unless it is cruelty to animals. Worshiping the wrong god can cause us to be cruel.

Keep your mouth closed. The less said about people and situations the better. Otherwise we give the demons opportunity to inhabit and destroy.

Do not be a newspaper, blabbing about everything you know, in the pretext you are asking for prayer.

Gossip is tasty to the tongue and pleasant to the ear. But in the spirit world, the gossip of people on the earth is a flammable liquid.

Much talk by earthly people causes a commotion in the spirit world and gives the demons an opportunity to stir up trouble.

God did not put us into this world to be happy, but to learn about Him.

If all religions are true, then all are false. The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ recognizes no competitors.

If we are worshiping a god other than the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are worshiping Satan.

God is a very serious Person. He takes no pleasure in fools or foolishness.

Today we see the underside of the tapestry. We may be wondering what Christ is doing in the world. If we could see the top side, the marvelous, colorful designs, we would be relieved.

If we want to have peace and not fret, we must remember that all the events of the world today are working together for good for those who are predestined to be the brothers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We absolutely must be led by the Spirit of God if we are to install the Kingdom of God, the doing of God’s will, on the earth.

We do not need to hear the speculations of theologians nearly as much as we need to hear what the Lord God of Heaven is saying.

“Let the prophets speak and let the others judge.”

Some of the nations and people of today feel they have every right to criticize and stand against the Jewish people. Some day these nations and people will wish they never had been born.

There is no truth except in the Lord Jesus Christ. He Himself is Truth. There is no other source of eternal truth.

The Scripture claims that the individual who denies there is a God is a fool. He is a fool because he says that all he sees around him came forth from nothing.

You can’t save America. But you can save yourself and your loved ones during the dark hours to come, by continually drawing closer to the Lord Jesus.

(“Gold Tried in the Fire: Book Ten”, 4290-2, proofed 20210821)

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