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Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers.

Anyone who chooses to do so may use up to twenty-five of the proverbs in the Gold Tried volumes without notifying me. It is not necessary to attribute them to me.

Here are a few reflections after a long pilgrimage as a Christian. Hopefully they will help the young reader grow in wisdom and discernment. It is good to seek the wisdom and understanding that come from the Holy Spirit. God always is glad to reward us with wisdom and provides us generously with that which we ask for.


Jewels of brilliant color and luster are formed by a process of time, pressure and heat. Precious metals such as gold and silver are made under similar circumstances.

Symbolic of virtue and character, these natural elements reflect the manner in which believers are transformed into obedient disciples, and over time into witnesses of the resurrection life of Jesus Christ.

The making of a saint is no small matter. As we respond correctly to the daily pressures of life, Christ is formed in us. If we choose to pick up our cross, lay down our life and follow the Master’s will, He transforms us into His image.

When we resist, forcing our own will and way, misinterpreting things meant for our good, we corrupt God’s purposes.

Edward J. Reiter
November 2013
Escondido, California


When rights are given to one person, they are removed from another.

An undisciplined society is a monster.

As rights and liberties are given to people, sin may increase.

If we keep praying and obeying, our character will slowly be formed into the image of Christ, as He is created in us. The first thing you know, we are more concerned about the condition of other people than we are about ourselves, as Christ is formed in us.

The index of maturity in a person is how concerned he or she is about the welfare of other people.

As you press into the rest of God, be careful that you remain decisive. God does not take pleasure in double-minded people. Pray about this.

Have people taken notice of the fact that you have been with Jesus?

I know of no one in our group who is more concerned with his own welfare than he is with the welfare of others.

It is so easy to spend our life on trivia that the important things may not get done.

Pray always to know God’s will for the moment. Otherwise what God put you on the earth to do will not get done, and you will be held accountable.

Foolish people have no time for wisdom. They will not listen to God or to you.

There are people who are certain they know everything. They are so busy talking they cannot hear God or you.

Try asking God what He wants from you, and what your destiny is to be. You may be amazed at His answer.

To die in one’s sleep without pain, and without inconveniencing others, seems to be the ideal way to go—provided that God is willing.

God grant that I am surrounded with people who are not lazy in mind, or in body, or in their obedience to Christ.

To be completely saved is to be delivered from all that is of Satan and filled with all that is of God. When we die, we will go to where we fit, regardless of religious commitments.

Forget for a moment the next problem, and try living with Jesus right now.

The goal of our salvation is to be like Jesus on the inside, and finally on the outside. Also, to be always in the center of God’s Person and will.

As Audrey says, make the effort to believe for the best. Then your faith will be rewarded.

Even though a situation is repeated many times, and there has been no problem, always pray when facing the same situation again. Never take anything for granted.

If your assignment is to feed the Lord’s sheep, then you had better be about your business. Christ becomes very angry when His flock goes hungry.

The Royal Priesthood is divided into a Most Holy Place and a Holy Place. God’s Firstfruits will be received by the Lord when He appears and will govern with Him for a thousand years. They are the Most Holy Place.

It is well to maintain a positive, optimistic attitude, when possible. But do not try to use positive thinking to heal yourself. Call on the Lord Jesus to do that.

I am looking to Jesus always and for everything.

The issue during the Church Era has been that of accepting the atonement made on the cross. Now we are on the threshold of the “third day,” in which we shall live in God’s sight, while still founded on the cross of Calvary.

After seventy years of discipleship, I have not seen any blemish in God’s character. I want to be exactly like my Father in character.

Jesus is speaking to people today. Listen carefully, and you might hear Him speaking to you on the “Royal Telephone.”

It is the avarice and ego of political leaders that cause wars. Yet the leaders do not join in the fighting. It is a terribly unfair situation.

I am determined absolutely that everything in my life shall be by, for, with, and of the Lord Jesus Christ at all times and in all circumstances.

God’s program of redemption may be viewed as three great days. Two of them are devoted the selection and training of God’s elect. The third day will see the program of redemption brought to a successful conclusion. The first “day” of redemption occurred when God called Abraham out of Ur. The end of the third “day” of redemption will occur at the conclusion of the final resurrection when the earth and sky disappear with a great noise.

The politician who declares war may not understand the terrible agony suffered by the people. His concern is that he and his family will not suffer pain or inconvenience. The politician who declares war is like a dentist who probes an exposed nerve with a steel pick. It doesn’t hurt him so why waste time considering alternatives?

During the first two days of redemption, the accent was on the forgiveness of sin, whereas on the third day, the emphasis is on conquering the urges of sin and untroubled union with God.

The grace of forgiveness is necessary while we are serving God under the redemption of forgiveness. But the grace of forgiveness may distract us while we are conquering sin during the redemption of the third day.

The Kingdom of God is not one of forgiving people, but one of creating people in God’s image while they are living in God’s perfect will.

The traditional goal of salvation has been eternal residence in Heaven. However, being in the spirit world does not automatically make people righteous, holy, and obedient to God.

The issue of the Kingdom is righteousness and holiness of behavior, and stern obedience to Christ.

I do not seek the power of God. I seek the character of God. Satan seeks the power of God but not the character of God or stern obedience to God.

I suspect that God’s emphasis during the third day of redemption will be on the development of His Kingdom in His children rather than on bringing them to Heaven.

The degree to which Christ is developed in us is proportional to the depth of the deaths we are willing to die.

What God has done, is doing, and will do throughout eternity is always the best possible thing that could be done. Have faith in that.

Are you constantly asking for Jesus’ Presence as you go about your daily business? If not, why not?

Man’s eternal home is the earth, or a similar planet, but the life and guidance of man always are to come from the Lord Jesus.

Man has been created to enjoy all the good things that God has placed in the material world. But first, through Christ, man must drive out the evil.

The new covenant is a better covenant because it guides and enables us to drive from us all worldliness, the sins of the flesh, and disobedience to Christ. It is an eternal release from the chains of darkness.

I love the Father and rejoice in doing His will. Since everyone does not seem to feel the same way, it must be a gift to me from God.

According to the Bible, God does not like mixtures. When people die, they are placed with others who are like themselves.

To keep forgiving our sins without correcting our sinful bondages would be the worst destiny God ever could assign to us.

To forgive a person for eternity is not to make him or her in the image of God. To make people in the image of God is to create behavior in them that is the same as God’s behavior.

The only believers who will understand and obey the message God is giving today are those who are willing to press forward to the fullness of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It takes some of us a long time to learn to pray about everything we are experiencing.

We continually must be reminded that prompt, complete, cheerful obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ is the supreme factor of the Kingdom of God. Obedience is vastly more important than belief.

I would rather be a part of Christ than a partner of Christ.

The power behind the obedient Christian is sufficient for every occasion.

As Christians, our goal is a resurrection unto immortality and glory. The path to this “better resurrection” (Hebrews 11:35) is strict obedience to the Lord Jesus.

The Lord Jesus Christ is “after the order of Melchizedek,” living by the power of an endless life. This is to be true of every member of the Royal Priesthood.

How wonderful to be in the image of God—to always behave as God behaves.

To always behave as God behaves is the highest joy and privilege anyone could possibly experience.

The difference between past revivals and the present revival is that the past revivals were a temporary awareness of God’s will. The present revival is an eternal change in us as the Kingdom is formed in us.

Since the Person who made the promises is invisible, we must remain steady, with absolute faith in His Character, until the certain victory arrives.

I cannot speak for anyone else. But as for me—I am following the Lamb wherever He goes.

The Lord Jesus spoke, and still is speaking, the Law from Zion and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem that one day will govern the nations of the earth.

Avoid romantic spirits. They are of the fallen, adamic nature. They are soft, temporary, weak, silly, sexual, often impractical. The true spiritual experience is stern, hard, enduring.

The difference between a child and a man or woman is in how much time he spends thinking about the welfare of other people instead of himself.

It is a righteous endeavor to maintain a positive attitude. But do not try to achieve a miracle by thinking positively or with bravado. There is no scriptural basis for this.

Flesh and blood life accomplishes its purpose. But in comparison with resurrection life, it does not have much to offer. Resurrection life is filled with eternal righteousness, love, joy, and peace.

Without God and Christ, there is only eternal darkness. With God and Christ, there is light, righteousness, love, joy, and peace.

God’s name is “I Am” because He always “Is.”

Did you and I look up to Heaven today and ask, “Dad, how am I doing”?

What good is forgiveness without deliverance? How would you like to live in Heaven if all the people were forgiven of their sins but no one was delivered from sinful behavior?

If forgiveness is not followed by deliverance, then forgiveness is worthless in the new world of righteousness.

If God were to bring you to His holy Heaven, and you still were bound with lying, gossip, bitterness, you would be miserable.

The Day of release from the practice of sin is promised in the Bible. We just need to go after it.

To participate in the first wedding of the Lamb, we must clothe ourselves with righteousness by cooperating with the Spirit of God. We are putting on our wedding garments now.

Since we are getting ready to go in to the wedding now, we must be clothed properly in garments of righteous behavior.

The doctrine of the “rapture” is a false vision of the future. It prevents the believer from hearing what the Spirit of God is saying today.

The doctrine of the “rapture” is unscriptural and illogical. But it does fit the American Christian’s hope of no work, all play, and “Jesus did it all.”

There is no atonement for willful, premeditated sin, only for the sinful actions that catch us off guard.

God ahead and sin if you must. But know for every sin you commit there is a consequence, and the consequences of sin can be dreadful.

“Dear Father, remove all sin from me, and fill me with the Life of the Lord Jesus.” This is the prayer for the “third day,” the Year of Release.

It is only in God’s will that we find the desires of our heart.

If you can’t trust God, whom can you trust?

The individual who does not have Christ is an impoverished person. Nothing he possesses is of eternal value.

Eternal righteousness, love, joy, and peace are found in Christ alone. There is no other source of these highly valued treasures.

Whoever is not gathering to Christ is scattering from Him.

The cost of obtaining the treasures of Heaven is stern obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are some today who are teaching us how to obtain the treasures of God. But they are mistaken. The Lord Jesus has control of all the treasures of God.

All that you ever will need and want are found in the Lord Jesus Christ, and in Him alone.

Why don’t you ask Christ for help with your problem? You know He can help you.

The way to the Father is through the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the only path that will lead you to God.

We may experience grief while we are walking with God. But the end thereof is exceedingly marvelous.

God helps us learn to live by the Life of Christ by sending many problems our way, so that we must keep asking for Christ’s wisdom and strength.

Christ lives by the Life of the Father, and so His way is perfect. We must give our attention to learning how to live by the Life of Christ.

We are not to give God the leftovers of our life, but the best of our time, strength, abilities, and energy, as He directs.

In the Kingdom of God there is something greater than “faith.” It is strict, stern obedience to the living Lord Jesus Christ every moment of every day and night.

The problem with “grace,” in many instances, is that it does not change us. We do not become a new creation in Christ.

If an individual is a thief, and is “saved by grace,” he may steal your money if he gets a chance.

We must assign our soul to the death of the cross. Otherwise our soul will desire to retain the sinful urges that live in our flesh.

Our soul decides whether we are to put to death the sinful urges in our flesh, and whether we are to exchange our own life for the Life of Christ.

The soul that sins shall die. What is so valuable that an individual would trade his or her soul to gain it?

The problem with making forgiveness the emphasis of the Christian salvation is that repeated forgiveness will never make an individual in the image of God, nor will repeated forgiveness develop character in a child.

If God’s goal is to bring us to Heaven, then our salvation may consist of forgiveness alone. But if God’s goal is to make us in His image, then repeated forgiveness will not suffice.

God’s goal is to create man in His image. Forgiving an individual is necessary so that God can proceed with the program of redemption.

Where did this distrust of God come from? I have trusted God for all my hopes, desires, and fears, for over seventy years. I never have been disappointed.

We must agree to live by the resurrection life of the Lord Jesus. If we do, we will receive an incorruptible body. The Father and the Son will come and make Their eternal home in us.

We are made a house and a resting place for God and a place for His Throne as through Christ we overcome the problems that come against us, and the sinful urges in our body.

Every day we are called on to follow Christ, or ourselves, or Satan.

We should be speaking to the Lord Jesus constantly. Or do we have a closer friend? Did you speak with the Lord Jesus today?

There is a story with no conclusion. There is a song that has no end. Only the “choice one of her mother” knows that story and can sing that song.

This present life is given to us to learn about God. Let us make the most of it.

How much better to go through life asking the Lord Jesus to advise us about everything, rather than worrying ourselves to death.

There is a carnal mind that is the enemy of God. And then there is the mind of Christ, which we can have if we ask for it.

Your body does not belong to you but to the Spirit of God. Therefore, keep it holy.

Any individual who is not kind to little children and animals is not in the image of God.

If you keep on forgiving your son and do not command him to do right, with accompanying penalties, it is not because you love your son but because you want him to love you.

When we have learned to live by the Life of Jesus, and our sins have been removed from us, we will be clothed with an incorruptible body, and the Father and the Lamb will establish Their eternal Throne in us.

The soul is made suitable for God as through Christ we overcome the problems that come against us, and also obtain deliverance from sin.

Every day we are called upon to choose whether we want to do the will of Christ, or our own will, or the will of Satan.

Our spirit is a reflection of our soul.

You just can’t talk to the Lord Jesus too much. He is ready to advise and help in every situation.

When you go past forgiveness, numerous Christian people do not know what you are talking about, even though you are teaching the Bible.

In any system, the important beginning is the clear statement of the goal of the system. In the case of the program of redemption, the goal is to provide for the Father a house, home, resting place, and location of His Throne.

The desire to “take sides” is of the carnal nature. The mature Christians reserve their judgment until they hear all sides of a dispute.

The best that can be said of anyone is that he is faithful and true.

When, and under what circumstances, is God going to make man in His own image? If going to Heaven will not make man in God’s image, then what will? Will the citizens of Heaven continue to be saved “by grace”? The image of God is what the Apostle Paul termed, “the fruit of the Spirit.” I suspect that most of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ do not bear the fruit of the Spirit. Therefore they are not in the image of God.

We are to be putting on our wedding garments today by continually asking the Lord to remove all forms of sins from us and to fill us at all times with the Spirit of God.

Those who are at ease and comfortable now will mourn later.

The earth, at its best, in comparison with Paradise, is the valley of the shadow of death. At its worst, it is more miserable than anybody’s Hell.

I can hear the voices wailing, “Let us in. Let us in.” But the door was closed before they were ready.

Many governmental leaders of our time do not walk humbly with God. Therefore, their future is not enviable.

The difference between Christ and religion is that Christ is of God; religion is of man and functions by human abilities.

You can wait on the Lord and see what good things He gives you for other people.

Our reaction during any incident often is the result of what has happened to us during our life.

Any individual who obeys God without question at all times, has his petitions heard in the Court of Heaven.

The long, dark limousine drew up beside me. The driver asked me, “Where does the old man live who prays all the time? We have come to bring him home.”

God is very loving. He also is very strict. He will not tolerate disobedience.

The reason democracy always results in chaos is that man is unable to set moral limits on his behavior.

When the will of God is rejected, then all is lost.

God will not bless any nation that rejects God’s moral laws. Look about you and see if this is so.

The United States is rejecting God’s moral laws. The result will be disaster. America is going to be thrown on the dust heap of history.

A nation cannot be trusted with prosperity. Unless it adheres to the Bible, it soon will turn to sin.

I want to walk with God like Abraham and Enoch do.

I am but a poor, foolish little boy. But the Person I walk with is the Galactic Christ of God. He will bring in the Kingdom.

The Lord Jesus said to me, “Walk with Me in the strength of the joy of the Lord, and you never shall perish.”

The tide rushes in; the tide flows back. God steps forward; God steps back. But each step forward is a little farther in than before.

The Christian salvation remains nothing more than a religion until it affects the character of the believer.

Great bonfires start with a small flame. Do not let any sin continue to influence your behavior.

When the greatest nations of the earth have been brought down to insignificance, Israel alone shall be exalted. God shall not be mocked.

The chief desire of my heart today is to walk humbly with God, as Abraham and Enoch do.

Here is a good deal. If you will give Christ your life, He will give you His Life in exchange. Corruption exchanged for incorruption.

The new covenant, which is the body and blood of God’s Lamb written in our mind and heart, does not operate by the will or abilities of man, but by the Spirit of God.

The Israelis in some instances worshiped the Law rather than God. This is how they could be moved to murder God’s Son.

To not walk humbly with God in love and trust is to have nothing, to be a meaningless entity in a hostile world.

Incidents are taking place that only can be the work of demons, such as extreme cruelty to animals, and children murdering each other. The reason for such demonic expression is that America is turning away from Jesus Christ.

If one has eyes to see and a heart to understand, it is evident that God is punishing America. There are train derailments, tornadoes, unprecedented drought, freezing weather, financial problems, all at the same time.

There no state of being in which we neither are gathering to Jesus nor scattering from Jesus, neither doing good nor doing harm to the Kingdom of God.

You may know the Lord Jesus as the Christ. But do you know Him as the slain Lamb? The new covenant is the forming of the body and blood of the Lamb in our personality.

Do not fret over the confusion in the government. God is punishing our country because of the abortion and homosexual behavior in the nation.

I believe there is nothing as stupid as war, although sometimes it can’t be helped. Nothing reveals the presence of Satan and his demons as does war.

There is no true joy apart from righteousness. Thrills, perhaps. But true and lasting joy are present only when there is righteous behavior.

The water of tribulation washes our spirit. The hot iron of suffering smooths out the wrinkles in our soul. When the Lord Jesus is finished, we will be in the image of God.

We may claim to be saved by our belief in Jesus, but we should remember that the demons believe and tremble.

When the Son of God comes looking for fruit, He had better find fruit. The Lamb of God takes away the sin of the world, not just by removing the guilt of sin through the blood atonement, but by replacing the adamic nature with the Divine Nature (II Peter 1:4). Otherwise the tree will be cursed.

Jesus will behave any manner in which He pleases. Human society is wise when they go along with His decisions. He is not answerable to people.

The great and mighty of the earth are highly esteemed in the world. They make their decisions. But God Almighty does what He will when He pleases.

Do not seek the power of God. Rather seek fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ as your Friend and Brother.

There are some who would teach us the right way to behave. But they leave out the Lord Jesus Christ, and that is a fatal omission.

When the Lord is left out of our culture, joy leaves with Him. Everything around us is blighted.

When a leader is blind, stupid, and does not fear God, the treasures accumulated by God-fearing, intelligent, hard-working people, are destroyed.

Look about you and judge. Determine if the nation that rejects God is prosperous, whether the people are happy and contented.

Light, life, love, joy, peace, and righteousness are absent when God is not present. Everything is blighted.

People soon become animals when Christ is not reverenced. They are reduced to eating, sleeping, working, playing, reproducing. Nothing else. The life of a horse.

A father, mother, and children, are the God-given design. When this pattern is abandoned, misery will take the place of joy. God will not be present.

It is an observable fact that only the fool says “there is no God.” He proceeds on his way merrily until tragedy or death interrupt his schemes.

What more could any person want than to live in the life, light, love, and joy of the Presence of God and His Lamb. That individual is blessed indeed.

No person can take the Presence of God from you unless you allow him to do so.

The Lord says, “I am correcting the nations and soon shall complete the correcting until they are a joy to God and man.”

It may come to us suddenly that our life is not going in the direction we had imagined. We find ourselves now on the side of the Lord, ready for the struggle against evil.

I have a great desire to do God’s will. I am surprised that everyone in the world does not have this same desire. It must be a gift that we can pray for.

I just want to be a friend of Jesus and do His will. To be someone great is not on my list.

Keep your list of assumptions as small as possible. Pray continually about everything. You will avoid many mistakes and problems if you do.

Wherever you are, wherever you go, whatever you do, always picture yourself as being in Christ. Never go out of that house. If you remain in Christ, you always will be in God’s will.

Wherever you are, wherever you go, whatever you do, keep firmly in mind that you are “in Christ.” “Accepting Christ” on one occasion is not sufficient.

The Lord Jesus Christ is true God. He also is true Man, but without sin. He will be your best Friend, if you will let Him.

If we do not use the resources we have to build the Kingdom of Christ and show forth His Glory, when disaster strikes, He will not rush to help us.

What we are saying when we are complaining is: “Lord Jesus, I do not believe You are handling my life correctly.”

Do not let your hormones lead you around. They may bring you to rags and ruin. You will do well if you heed my words.

A human being is an alimentary canal on two legs and is dreadfully short of resources. Whoever “falls in love” with another human being is deluded and is guilty of idolatry. Such is the spirit of romance.

If you insist on falling in love, fall in love with Jesus Christ. He alone can provide you with what it is you crave.

If our belief in Christ does not result in our growth in obedience to the Lamb, we are not growing in the Divine Nature, for the Divine Nature resides in the Body and Blood of the Lamb.

The whole idea of overcoming is to do what you believe is right and not doing what you believe is wrong. Right and wrong are determined by the Bible, by our conscience, and sometimes by common sense.

All of the original mandates of Genesis are in force: being made in God’s image; reproducing; and exerting rulership over the works of God’s hands.

Your sin is nothing more than a set of unclean behaviors. They are not infinite in number. Every one of them can be put to death if you will call on the Lord Jesus Christ for deliverance.

Some people sin against God by not accepting his mercy and forgiveness. Do not be one of them.

God has gotten me out of many scrapes, and in doing so has improved my character. No one can ask for more than that.

I appreciate that there are many people more advanced in Christ than I am, and I am thankful for that fact.

I believe I think too much of myself, but God will fix that in time.

It is the body and blood of Christ which have grown within me that have given me the wisdom and strength I have.

If you patiently will keep obeying Christ, eventually you will know the Father and the Son.

Our goal is to see the Face of the Father, and to know the Lamb who sits on the Throne with the Father.

A lie has been taught to Christian people that they cannot overcome sin through Christ.

God never commands people to do something, and then not furnish the wisdom and ability to obey Him if He is asked.

I know of no sin that cannot be overcome through Christ. Do you? It is only through the laziness and lethargy of Christian people that the lie that we must sin is perpetuated.

I think it is a good idea to pray for the will to overcome worldliness, the lusts of the flesh, and self-will.

When are we changed into the image of God?

Did the demons actually create Hell as a place in which they could be content? The Lake of Fire is another matter.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit leads finally to the Throne of God and the Lamb, where we can see the Face of God.

We have such a brief time upon the earth. No experience is a waste if we learn from it and keep pressing forward in the Lord Jesus.

We are not put on this earth to be happy but to learn about God.

One foot in front of the other, in the midst of the demons, and praying all the time. That is the only way in which to live.

To be famous upon the earth, or to be little known, is of no importance. The next life is what truly matters, and encompasses all of eternity.

What is our present life, if it is not preparation for the true, eternal life that is ahead of us?

The goal of the Royal Priesthood always should be to sit on the Throne with God and the Lamb, and to see the Face of God. Everything else is of minor importance.

When you faithfully are serving the Lord Jesus, doing His will at all times, there is no such thing as bad news.

Sexual lust has not finished its work of dragging people down to ruin. Be careful and pray much.

The demons of lust are everywhere in America, and increasing all the time.

Do you despise those who are making an effort to overcome sin? Do you rejoice when they stumble? Do you believe God is pleased with your attitude?

When you see someone struggling to overcome sin, pray for him and encourage him. Do not assume he is a hypocrite.

The wisest thing I have done in my life is to tell Christ if He will reveal His will to me, and enable me to do it, I will do what He commands. With His help I have done my part.

God is very practical. After giving the Ten Commandments, He went into detail about how to construct an altar.

The demons are spirits without souls. They burn with lust, violence, and covetousness. At their first opportunity they enter the body of a living human being to urge him or her to sin.

We do not truly believe in Christ until we become an eternal part of His methods and objectives.

“Father, I cannot move outside of the Life of the Lord Jesus. I pray right now for His wisdom and strength. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

There is nothing in this universe—absolutely nothing—as important as is doing God’s will punctually, completely, and cheerfully.

I try to do nothing without first asking Christ about it.

A young man of our church has just completed his Navy Seal training and has received his pin. His experience certainly reminds me of the Christian discipleship.

People who are not serving Christ with all of their heart had better start doing so as quickly as they can. Intense trouble is on the horizon.

If we have chosen to die with Christ, and our life now is hidden with Christ in God, then it is true that we are going through the Judgment Seat of Christ now. It is appointed unto us to die and then be judged.

In the first chapter of Ezekiel we see the image of God, which means the image of man who has attained to the full stature of Christ. We observe that man no longer is a living soul but a life-giving spirit.

A godly character created so by the Lord is a treasure laid up in Heaven that we can draw upon during the ages to come.

Jesus Christ is the image of God. The image of God is righteousness, holiness, love, joy, peace, exceeding patience, and other such traits of character.

The cross of deferred hope, as we bear it patiently, conforms us to the image of the Lord Jesus.

Godly character is built as we keep looking to the Lord Jesus to help us to keep doing that which is unpleasant when it is God’s will for us for us to do so.

It is not always God’s will to heal someone or to prevent someone from dying. We must seek the Lord’s will in each instance.

The only lasting solution to our sinful bondages is the power of the Spirit of God and our determination to cease sinning.

In order to be in the image of Christ, we must have a part of Christ in us.

We must become absolutely convinced that the benefits of turning away from sinful practices result in all that we desire.

Sin is behavior that takes place against God’s wishes.

God is glorious in His majesty and power. But more important to us is God’s absolute integrity and faithfulness.

I could take you to the place on Oahu where I was born again. The creation was transformed before my eyes.

Because your Father is God, if you keep obeying Him, you one day will exhibit in your personality many of His characteristics.

God is producing a company of sons. If we keep climbing Jacob’s ladder, we one day shall be in the image of our Father.

It seems today that the leaders of the nations are characterized by every sort of lying and greed. But when we go to the very Highest level of authority, there is righteousness, love, joy, and peace.

Christians are not known by their doctrine but by their character.

The further we press into Christ, the more we understand God our Father. Christ is the Way to the Father.

Satan is not afraid of our going to Heaven, but that we will become God’s resting place and the location of His Throne.

How much better to be filled with God than to have many millions in the bank.

There are people who have fellowship with the Bible, and then there are people who have fellowship with the Lord Jesus.

When we are following the pillar of fire by night, we are not too occupied with what is around us.

We fail to seek to be filled with God and rest in His Presence, because we want power or for some other foolish reason.

It appears that in America at least, the most popular preachers are those who are teaching the believers that they can be prosperous and successful in this present world.

If you do not love Christ with all your heart and are not doing His will at all times, you are missing the best part of life on the earth.

My most fervent desire is to be filled with God at all times.

When a person is filled with his own plans and desires, it is difficult for him to hear from the Lord Jesus.

The abolishing of sin from the creation is my most intense desire and that of all true Christians.

Whenever we cannot hear God clearly, it is because we are being driven by our own will.

To love God and to have God love us is supremely desirable. Also to accept all other people for what they are.

For the person who walks with Jesus, to die physically is to live.

The only path to true life for us is through our death in Christ.

If you expect to live in the next world in a manner that pleases you, you had better please Christ during this present life.

I suppose the basic decision of life is where we place our treasures, whether on earth or in Heaven.

As long as I am pleasing Christ, I have rest.

We have no need to fear the future as long as we are serving Christ.

Once you receive Christ, He will do your worrying for you, if you permit Him to do so.

We are not made heavenly by merely believing in Jesus Christ, except as Christ makes us heavenly.

Obeying the rule of the Kingdom of God within us creates us in God’s image and causes us to love God and people.

There are no mean-spirited people in the Kingdom of God. Such would soon turn Paradise into Hell.

Jesus living within us changes our behavior so He can walk with us and we with Him.

We must decide whether we are going to worship ourselves or God.

God loves His secrets, and we just need to learn to live with that.

God did not give us the Bible to take the place of the living Jesus, but to teach us how to live in Christ.

The sexual urge often causes men and women to behave unrighteously.

If you are a committed Christian, and continue to complain and worry, you are making the Lord miserable.

The oath of the Lord Jesus is stronger than the power that holds the universe together.

The Christian salvation is not for our sake. It is for the Lord’s sake that He might fulfill His needs and desires in the earth.

A Rock follows us, and we can drink from that Rock.

To be “saved” is to be eligible for the program of redemption, the greater part of which, for most people, occurs in the spirit world.

Eternal life is a gift that proceeds from faith in God, but the fullness of that gift is revealed only as faith is manifested during years of arduous discipleship.

It is certain that dying and passing into the spirit world will not form our personality into the image of Christ. We must work on that now.

The spirit world is a vast area. All the dead of history are there. Do you have family to go to when you die?

Being born again results in our ceasing from our self-will, self-seeking attitude into being a cheerful person who loves God and trusts in His goodness.

Those who trust the Lord shall not come short in any good thing.

When God says something is clean, it is clean. When God says something is dirty, it is dirty.

The greatest of the works of God is a person who does God’s will perfectly and completely, at every place and at all times. He loves God totally.

The greatest gift any person can receive is the desire to do God’s will in every circumstance. He loves God with all his heart.

I believe it is necessary that we distinguish between human love and God’s love. Human love can be temporary and corrupt. God’s love is eternal and pure.

To dwell in God is to dwell in love. God punishes evildoers so they will not ruin the lives of other people. God is love and also a consuming fire.

God created man to be His house, home, resting place, and location for His throne.

We are to abide in the center of God’s Person and will at all times.

If you will keep praying and not quit, God will help you attain to your goal if it is good for you.

Do you suppose God created mankind so He would have someone to love? How would you like to be without someone to love?

There is only one true righteousness, and that is prompt, cheerful obedience to the Father’s will. Disobedience to Christ is the supreme unrighteousness.

The reason the new covenant is superior to the Law of Moses is that the new covenant contains the wisdom and power to deliver us from the bondages of sin.

When someone has done all that God has given him to do, and he desires to press further, I would say he has taken matters into his own hands.

To perform God’s will in the manner He shows us is true obedience and righteousness. To perform God’s will in our own way is dead religion.

All forces that array themselves against the Lord shall come to a painful end.

I think I can go a while without eating. But I cannot go very long without my daily touch from the Lord.

I am self-centered and self-seeking. Are you? May the Lord Jesus deliver both of us.

We Christians would rather carry Christ than have Christ carry us. And He does not want us squirming and fretting while He is carrying us.

The Bible is not intended to take the place of hearing Christ directly. To use the Bible to take the place of Christ is the problem with the Christian religion.

God’s central purpose for people is to create them in His own image.

There are three acts of acts of supreme self-centeredness: suicide, molesting a child, and rape.

The Lord Jesus does nothing except what He sees the Father do. It is my supreme desire to do nothing except what I see Jesus do.

God puts people in this world to test them and to prepare them for the new world of righteousness which is to come, and also to select the members of the Royal Priesthood.

We must never attain to our goals or desires by knowingly and willfully harming someone else.

The Kingdom of God is that state of being in which the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are controlling our thinking, speaking, and behaving.

Jesus is returning to call up His army of victorious believers, not to gather His carnal believers so they can play in Heaven.

“Lord Jesus, help us to relax and trust you, so we are not an unpleasant burden to carry.”

I think that every time someone aborts a baby, God winces.

Doctors and housekeepers, the prominent and the obscure, are on the same level when it comes to praising the Lord.

To truly be born again is to leave the world of sin and disobedience to God.

It is certain that when we die and enter the spirit world, we will not magically be created in the image of Christ. There is further work to be done.

We preserve our soul by faith in Christ until the time comes when we count ourselves dead and live by faith in the resurrection life of our Lord Jesus.

Viewed in the light of eternity, if the Lord Jesus does not fill every aspect of our life, we have missed the most marvelous opportunity available to those who live on the earth.

We are not called to be of the same size, power, or authority as God. But we are destined to have the same obedience to the Father as Christ does, and the same moral character.

The body and role of the Word may have changed, but His obedience to God, faithfulness, and truth are the same yesterday, today, and forever.

We must press forward in Christ in order to preserve our soul, ignoring our other gods. Then our soul must be put to death, as was true of our Lord, until we emerge as a life-giving spirit. (I Corinthians 15:45)

What we intensely desire may bring us pain or joy. Wisdom seeks to please Christ, for only He can provide us with that which we truly need and desire.

Why do people seek to make their religious activities a substitute for righteous, honest behavior?

I am living in the eternal Sabbath. I choose to be glad and rejoice in it.

God wants to know who will choose Him over everyone and everything else.

The Pentecostal experience is not sufficient to bring us and our loved ones through the coming Holocaust. We must be filled with all the Fullness of God. (Ephesians 3:19)

Your Christian character will not change when you die. Some are counting on death to make them disciples. There is no scriptural support for this.

There is a reward for serving God. There is an even greater reward for delighting to do God’s will.

There are no politicians in Heaven, only servants.

All of the environment of Paradise is worthless if there is one self-seeking or rebellious person there.

A pure environment is no better than Hell if there are impure people in it.

The person whose only contact with the Christian salvation is the grace of forgiveness is not competent to serve as a house, home, rest, throne or chariot of God.

Is there a continual forgiveness? But only on the condition that we are pressing forward in Christ and continually confessing and turning away from our sins.

The reason we have gotten so far off is that we formulate theology by reasoning instead of simply listening to the Lord Jesus.

Satan will endorse any doctrine as long as it does not require righteous behavior and holiness of personality.

“Grace” is supposed to be the Divine way of freeing us from the Law of Moses. But we have made it the plan of salvation.

Which is more pleasing to God? That we not work on Saturday? Or that we look to the Lord Jesus at all times for everything we think, say, and do?

We are abiding in the eternal Sabbath rest of God when we look to the Lord Jesus for everything we think, say, and do.

There is a reward for serving God. There is an even greater reward for delighting to serve God.

I have observed a new “revival.” Presumptuous people are seeking power. There is little concern for God’s needs.

At the birth of the Church, God did not say, “See how many souls you can save.” Rather He asked, “Where will My resting place be?”

Things and environment cannot satisfy. Only relationships with God and people can bring lasting satisfaction. Remember that when you are thinking about Heaven.

God never meant us to be another god in the universe. Rather, He designed us to be an enlargement of Himself, a chariot in which He can visit all parts of His creation.

The animal, adamic nature of man cannot serve as a chariot of God. It is the new life in us, the resurrection Life of the Lord Jesus, that is suited to be a chariot of God.

Our safety, joy, and love are all in the hands of the Lord Jesus.

The oath of the Lord Jesus is stronger than the universe.

Are you called to do something for the Lord? Then quit complaining and get on with it!

God likes to do things for people who appreciate it and remember to give thanks.

The true Nature of God is revealed by His actions on the earth and in the firmament.

The body of a human being reveals systems and order. These are not possible without the imposition of intelligence. There is a God!

If God never did anything else, His creation of a fly would reveal that He is the greatest of all geniuses.

The desire and the ability to do God’s will are well worth praying for.

During the thousand-year Kingdom Age, the Lord Jesus will state His desires to His Christian rulers. They will tell the people what the Lord wants, and then the angels will see that the Lord’s will is carried out.

Tribulations cause some Christians to become bitter, and other Christians to shine and enter the Kingdom of God.

The current teaching of “grace” has usurped the scriptural role of victory over sin as the means of gaining the rewards assigned to the Royal Priesthood.

Grace is never a substitute for obedience to God. This is the massive error of our day.

Belief is a synonym for obedience to God. They are the same thing.

The work of salvation is the removing from us of that which is not of God’s image, and the creating in us of that which is of God’s image. It has nothing to do with going to Heaven when we die!

The purpose of our salvation from God’s point of view is that we might have fellowship with Him and with His Son, Jesus.

We must eat continually, not just once, of the Tree of Life if we hope to attain to the earlier resurrection.

In order to enter the Kingdom of God, we must have an incorruptible body—changed by the power of resurrection life.

If we keep receiving the Lord Jesus Christ, dining on His body and blood as He dines on our obedience and worship, the water of eternal life will flow from us continually.

If we attain to “waters to swim in,” eternal life joyously will flow from our inner being to heal whoever of the nations will receive it.

We must continue to press into Jesus until the Morning Star rises in our heart. The Lord alone shall be exalted in that day.

If we are keeping the Lord’s Word, He will show Himself to us today in order to prepare us for His worldwide appearing.

Our reward for being faithful with our talents is increased authority. The Lord is looking today for rulers over the coming Kingdom of God.

Eternal life to our ankles, our knees, our hips, and “waters to swim in.” The workers, the supervisors, top management, and the CEO. Then there are those who are fired.

“Grace” does not affect the nature of our resurrection. It is our behavior—what kind of person we have become through Christ.

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” (Luke 12:48)

To have eternal life, we must open the door of our heart and receive Jesus as our personal Lord, to whom we look for wisdom and strength as we obey Him completely, promptly, and cheerfully in all aspects of our life.

The difference between religion and redemption is that religion furnishes us with the facts about Christ, while redemption occurs as we keep inviting Christ into our life, obeying Him diligently in all He commands.

God gave Jesus the Book of Revelation. Then Jesus sent His angel to John and gave John the Book. Then John through the wisdom and power of the Spirit of God gave the Book of Revelation to the angels of the churches, and thus to us.

So it is today. God tells Jesus what He wants done. Jesus sends His angel to tell us what to do. Then as we pray, the Spirit of God helps us do what has been commanded. As far as I know, this is the normal Christian experience.

True growth in Christ can be observed when we are more concerned about other people than we are about ourselves.

The Holy Place of the Tabernacle of the Congregation was 2,000 cubic cubits in volume. The Most Holy Place was 1,000 cubic cubits in volume. Does this mean the Church Age will last 2,000 years and the Kingdom Age will last 1,000 years?

The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is the greatest of all Gods. There is no other as great as He. The Lord Jesus has come to bring us to His Father.

The manner in which Salvation is misrepresented today is the greatest heresy of all time. Grace, “believing in Christ,” has become an alternative to obeying God. The critical practice of repenting has been abandoned. We have developed “another gospel”!

A new young pastor is teaching that Jews must repent when they sin, but Christians need only believe in Christ. What is the difference between obeying the commands of Christ and His Apostles, and believing in Christ?

“Christ” refers to the Divine anointing that God has placed on the Lord Jesus. “Lamb” tells us what kind of Person Jesus is.

In the Book of Revelation, Jesus is referred to as Christ six times. He is referred to as the Lamb Thirty-one times.

The word of our testimony is that all the promises of God are true and shall be fulfilled, and also that Christ is coming again to set up His Kingdom on the earth—that God’s will shall be done on the earth.

Michael and his angels overcome Satan and Satan’s angels by force, whereas the disciples overcome Satan by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of their testimony, and by loving not their lives to the point of death.

One of the principal differences between the Law of Moses and the new covenant appears to be that the Israelite was to obey numerous religious ordinances, whereas the new covenant emphasizes our daily interaction with the Lord Jesus Himself.

There may be many Christian people who love the Bible and seek to live by biblical principles, but the Spirit is weak in them. The Day Star is not rising in their heart.

If we are going to live a holy life, we must become immune from Satan’s deceptions. Such immunity results from our being filled with the Lamb of God.

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one Witness. When we are filled with the splendor and might of God, and are behaving only as we see Jesus behaving, then the world will believe that it is God who has sent the Lord Jesus Christ into the world. This is the second witness of the coming of the Kingdom of God and God’s will into the earth.

The Apostle Paul presented “grace” as relief from the Law of Moses so we can obey the commands of Christ and His Apostles without distraction.

True and lasting godly behavior does not proceed from the Law of Moses but from continual fellowship with the living Lamb of God.

We are not to attempt to make converts by adopting their worldly ways. “Once the priests enter the holy precincts, they are not to go into the outer court until they leave behind the garments in which they minister, for these are holy. They are to put on other clothes before they go near the places that are for the people.” (Ezekiel 42:14)

Love, joy, peace, home, righteousness, and all the things we enjoy, are all found only in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Give all of your hopes, dreams, ambitions, imaginations, to the Lord Jesus. Let there be nothing in your life that is not found in the Lord, if you hope to be received by Jesus when He appears.

Have you received Christ as your Lord and Savior? Excellent! Now, open your heart to the Lord Jesus at all times and in all circumstances that He may receive you.

We leave the Law of Moses that we may be a chariot of God, always looking to the Lord Jesus that we may behave as He is behaving.

We do not seek to bring the things of Christ into the world by acting like the world. Rather we accept the various deaths to which we are subjected. Then when God raises us up, that resurrection Life spills over to those who hear us.

The world is a dangerous place. We need the help and guidance of the Lord Jesus at all times and in every circumstance.

The most important aspects of life are eternal righteousness, love, joy, and peace. These are found only in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The pursuit of Christ consists of a series of anticipations followed by realizations. The Lord Jesus Christ is God’s gift to us that we might enjoy a wholesome, satisfying life.

The Bible does not promise us that righteousness, love, joy, and peace finally will be experienced by us in Heaven, but on the new earth when the Kingdom comes.

When the Kingdom of God comes to the earth, and we receive all of our desires, they will be a tree of life to us.

One of our greatest hopes is to be clothed with a body that does not sin. The Bible promises us that this will come to pass in the Day of Resurrection.

Righteousness is the doing of God’s will.

Life is worth living because there is righteousness, peace, and joy to be had as we continually pursue the will of God for us.

We Christians are of Job, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Daniel. God makes no covenant with anyone who is not of Israel, not of those who were called originally.

God tells us what to do, then we set out to do it. Then God helps us to do it or does it Himself from within us.

The Son gave His soul and will to death that He might receive the Father’s soul and will. In the same manner, we must give our soul and will to death that we might receive the soul and will of Christ. This is how we become a life-giving spirit.

God is building a family for Himself. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Firstborn of that family.

Christ died and was raised as the Firstborn from the dead. Each of us Christians also must die to our own will, and receive a redeemed body, in order to be a son of God—“Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption to sonship, the redemption of our bodies.” (Romans 8:23)

How can a lady be a son of God or brother of Christ? How can a man be a bride of the Lamb? Only God can explain this to us.

The end result of the working of the third day of redemption will be total reconciliation to God on the part of all His creatures. This is the ultimate goal of the spiritual fulfillment of the Jewish Day of Atonement.

The resurrection to life is not a change in where we are but of what we are.

Dying and going to Heaven might not solve many of our problems. However, the resurrection of our body to life will solve all of our problems!

Do not be confused. Dying and going to Heaven, or the unscriptural “rapture,” are not the same event as the change in the body portrayed in I Corinthians chapter 15.

We continually should be looking to the Lord for direction and energy, for wisdom and strength, and in so doing we attain to the inward resurrection that is necessary if we are to be changed (raised from the dead) when the trumpet sounds.

A person is not at rest in the Kingdom of God until his own will has been replaced by the will of Christ, and he is living, moving, and having his being in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We sharpen tools with a grinder, not with a Kleenex. So it is that problems and irritations sharpen Christians into the sword of the Lord.

We all love babies. But they are not good for much except to be loved. It is time to grow in Christ. The Kingdom of God is at hand.

I pray, to the extent it is God’s will for me, that I will be able to see what it is like to pass into the next world. It is helpful to have a clear goal so we can press forward in Christ.

It is God’s will that we live by every Word of God. It is not God’s will that people plan their own way. God’s Word concerning us as an individual always is proceeding from His mouth.

God is resting, having finished all things. We must enter that rest if we are to fulfill our appointed destiny.

I refuse to touch the Ark when it is coming down the road.

“Holiness” is what God is. Whatever is of God is holy. Whatever is not of God is not holy. The heart of man is deceitful, wicked, and cannot be cured. Whoever partakes of Christ partakes of holiness.

We must never lay our hand on the Ark of God’s Presence and glory while it is “coming down the road”!

Performing the ceremonial Law of Moses will not save us. Christians must put to death the sins residing in their flesh, or they will not enter the Kingdom of God nor will they experience the resurrection to Divine life in the body.

It is much wiser to seek God’s Face and His will than to seek power with God.

Do not take anything for granted. Go to God and tell Him about the problem you are facing.

Living without Christ is an exercise in futility.

The philosophy of Humanism is poisonous and destructive in its attitude and actions. How can it pretend to love people when it hates their Creator? It is not found in Heaven!

I do not wish to live any longer as an individual. I desire to live as part of Christ, and Christ to be an integral part of me.

I would rather have twelve earnest disciples than be pastor of a mega church. This is because these twelve would bear the fruit of God’s image in the lives of other people.

I have no future, no destiny, no hope, no plans, except for Christ Himself.

God cannot be separate from Christ, and Christ cannot be separate from God. If you give your individuality to Christ, Christ cannot be separate from you and you cannot be separate from Christ.

If we will ask Christ to do so, He can remove every sinful craving from us. But to change our own will to His will, we must at a specific time give our plans, hopes, desires, goals, to Christ in order that we may receive His plans, hopes, desires, and goals.

The Lord Jesus would like you and me to give Him our individuality so that He can count us as being an integral part of Himself. Does that thought please you? It pleases me immensely!

The most marvelous experience of all, accompanied by the most delightful expectations, is to die and go to be with Jesus. This is true, provided we have obeyed Him promptly and completely in every circumstance.

The twenty-four elders, twelve Jewish and twelve Gentile, enjoy their wonderful position before God and the Lamb because they continually are casting down their crowns, saying, “Not my will but Yours be done,” in all of their thinking, speaking, and doing.

We must become so integrated with the Life of Christ that He is guiding us in all our decisions.

According to the Bible, the Lord Jesus Christ created each one of us. Therefore He has the right to guide us in all of our behavior.

God could have made us robots, directing all we think, say, and do. Because He did not do that, we must choose to have Christ guide us, and to obey Him in all we think, say, and do. Otherwise we are in rebellion against our Creator.

I pray, and God answers. I pray, and God answers. I pray, and God answers. That is how I live. Perhaps it will be this way for eternity.

God has not given people a will so they can plan and carry out their desires. Rather, God has given us a will so we can choose to obey Christ in every aspect of our lives.

The Law of Moses cannot make us righteous because it depends upon our sinful nature to obey the Law. New-Covenant grace furnishes us with Divine wisdom and power so we can obey Christ at all times.

There is a fresh challenge facing Christian people. It is to keep giving every thought, word, and action to the Lord Jesus for His Presence and guidance.

When an individual “accepts Christ,” God views the person as righteous because of that action. That is his orientation to salvation. But this is not the same as a life of discipleship. His behavior after receiving Christ is regarded as righteous or sinful.

There is no more destructive error in Christian thinking than the idea that “grace” prevents God from observing the behavior of the believer. This is nonsense!

A person whose heart is perverse will read in the New Testament about the grace of God, and conclude that God has given us an alternative to righteous behavior instead of Divine wisdom and power that can enable us to gain victory over sin.

If the Apostle Paul meant by his teaching of grace, in the early chapters of the Book of Romans, that God overlooks our living in the sins of the flesh, then he directly contradicted what he wrote in Galatians, Ephesians, and Colossians.

Salvation is the change from the works of the flesh to the fruit of the Spirit. The purpose of salvation is not so we will go to Heaven when we die, but so we will have fellowship with God and Christ beginning now and extending throughout eternity.

To be the slave of the Lord Jesus Christ will result in infinitely more righteousness, love, peace, and joy, than ever will be gained by trusting in the philosophy and government of democracy. The only true freedom is total obedience to the Lord Jesus.

If God had given Adam another man for a helper, they eventually would have sinned and both would have returned to the dust. Nations of people never would have come into existence. If they did not sin, they might be alive today, but there still would be no nations of people. By giving Adam a woman, the eventual result will be a Kingdom glorious beyond our ability to describe!

In a few days I will be ninety-one years of age. I am intensely alive in my inner nature. I know that I never shall die spiritually but come into the Presence of the Lord Jesus joyfully, ready to continue to minister and to serve God in all matters.

The Bible commands us to practice righteousness: to walk uprightly, to be morally clean, and to love mercy. Or does it mean that these virtues merely are ascribed to us who believe in Jesus? Which of the two conditions is the image of God?

God is not as interested that people know and love each other as He is that people know and love Him.

Even though we profess to have “accepted Christ,” living according to the appetites of our flesh will result in condemnation in the Day of Resurrection.

If we overcome temptation each day, building up a wall against sin, we will be growing in Christ. But if we do not build up a wall against sin, then, when a severe temptation comes upon us, we will yield to Satan and much or all we have built in Christ will be destroyed. This is why Nehemiah and his helpers concentrated on the wall and gates before they could restore the Temple.

A Jew adhering to the Law of Moses will probably lead a more righteous life than the Christian trusting in grace to bring him to Heaven.

God gave us a new covenant because the Jews were not keeping His laws. Now we are teaching that we have a better covenant under which we do not need to keep God’s laws!

I do not assure myself by examining circumstances. I assure myself by looking to the Lord Jesus.

The person who does God’s will completely at all times may endure much trouble. Eventually, however, he or she will have love, joy, and peace.

Truth, such as the Words of the Lord Jesus, always is eternal.

Sometimes we must fight in order to receive the things God is telling us about. We must fight the good fight of faith.

If you intend to murder your baby, do so while living on the earth. Abortions are not performed in Heaven. But they are judged there!

Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Satan is terrified of the righteous because he knows God is with them.

Jesus enables us to make true judgments of people and situations because He hears from the Father.

By removing most of my equilibrium, the Lord Jesus is compelling me to walk close to Him. I am not unaware of the honor.

The person who will not serve God wants to be his own God. He may not want to govern other people, but he does want to perform his own will.

The end of the matter is, “God knows what He is doing.”

God said, “On this Rock I will build My Church,” not My churches. The one Church is not visible today, but is shall be before the Lord returns.

It might be possible to fashion someone who looks like God. But it requires a long period of instruction to fashion someone who behaves like God.

The image of God is not someone who looks like God but someone who behaves like God.

Everything God does is good and has a good purpose.

When food no longer is available, God Himself will be our nourishment if we are serving Him.

Satan is promoting homosexuality because he understands that in our day the future leaders of the Kingdom are being selected and trained. Homosexuals cannot bear children.

The most important goal in one’s life is to be totally obedient to God.

We are friends and brothers of the Lord Jesus Christ if we obey Him in all matters.

Think what it will be like when everyone on the earth is doing God’s will. That new age of righteousness is on the horizon.

Our testimony is what we tell the world about Christ, by our behavior and our words.

We must eat continually of the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They are the Body and Blood of Christ.

We are baptized with the Spirit and live in the Spirit so we will do the right thing when we are tested.

When we overcome a temptation to disobey God, we are given more of the Life of Christ so we will continue to overcome in the future.

If you gain what you want by lying, you will live to regret it. God judges all matters.

As the ants on the ground are unmindful of the giant foot that is about to crush them, likewise the Christians of today are unmindful of the giant foot of government that will try to crush them.

Governments that rule people often are evil because they consist of people who desire to dominate other people apart from the rule of the Lord Jesus.

We Christians have been taught the unscriptural “rapture.” Therefore we are not preparing ourselves as we should to be able to stand in Christ throughout the days of evil that are approaching.

Eternal Life is the building up in us of the Body and Blood of Christ, Who Himself is the eternal Word of God. Eternal Life also is the building up in us of the ability to recognize good and evil, and the desire and power to embrace the good and denounce and resist what is evil.

Eternal life is to know God and Christ. To know the Father and the Son is to understand Their will at every moment during the day and night.

I have no strength but God has all strength. I have no wisdom but Christ has all wisdom. In Christ I have both strength and wisdom.

If our continual interaction with the Lord Jesus Christ does not result in joyful activities after our physical death, then Christ is not what He claims to be.

Life on earth must be painful and dangerous, in view of the time people spend investigating the spirit world, or even committing suicide.

Of the various kinds of life after physical death mentioned in the Bible, all speak of conscious existence: in Heaven; in Hell; in the Lake of Fire; as a wandering star; or in the outer darkness.

Love is not in what you feel, it is in what you do. Love is related closely to kindness.

A person’s life does not consist of the things he possesses. Rather, the true riches are in God and Christ. To be without Christ is to be a pauper, though the individual has millions in the bank.

Christ did not instruct His Apostles to weep over Jerusalem but to feed His sheep and to keep His commands. Christ wept over Jerusalem, but then He went determinedly to the cross.

If you claim to love someone, be careful to do good to him. Do good even to your enemies, and God will avenge you and do good to you.

It is more important to obey Jesus than to “believe in” Jesus.

God is our true eternal Father. We are to desire to please Him always, to be just like Him in all we think, speak, and do.

True love is created in the prolonged interaction of people of integrity. Adamic romance is temporary and readily given to corruption.

Nostalgia often is produced by adamic love. Nostalgia is a quagmire of all sorts of deception and confusion.

There is a difference between moral behavior and intelligence. Moral behavior pleases God. Intelligence leads to the atom bomb.

The Words of the Lord Jesus are not just truth. They are Spirit, and they are Life.

There is no true freedom except the freedom that is found in the Spirit of God. To have the truth without the Spirit of God can be bondage.

Adam and Eve, having learned the difference between good and evil, were not set free. They tried to cover themselves and hid from the Presence of God. They had not eaten of the Tree of Life, the Spirit of God.

The letter of the Truth kills. The Spirit makes alive.

Some individuals attempt to survive on drugs and alcohol. Other people look to the Lord Jesus to help them cope with the problems and pains of life on the earth. Their way is more effective.

When we diligently are doing God’s will, the Presence of the Angel of the Lord greets us when we awake in the morning. He brings a sense of enlargement, of righteousness, of love, peace, and joy.

It is necessary that all spirits who resist the will of the Father be thrown into one of the areas of torment in the Land of Darkness, depending on their nature.

The thousand years of the Kingdom Age is required in order that God might examine all spirits.

As for those who still are resisting God, may He come to us quickly and break down all barriers.

Heaven is “Heaven” because of God, Christ, and the people who are there.

“My friends, I have told you as accurately as I can what I have heard from God. May Christ bless you as you walk humbly with Him.”

May God bless every person who is industriously performing His will. May his or her reward be glorious and lasting.

The Spirit of God continually is sniffing the words of God’s servants to make certain they are filled with compassion and portray accurately the Divine vision.

We do not need to keep correcting our neighbor. God will show him a better way if we pray for him.

If we continually look to Jesus to give us wisdom and strength to assist us, we will not be disappointed.

May God help us to do what He wants, when He wants it done.

We do not attain to the resurrection that we may go to Heaven, but so we can live in righteousness, fruitfulness, love, joy, and peace on the earth.

A hundred people living in the resurrection life and power of the Lord Jesus Christ could change the wickedness of the world to righteous conduct.

For most of us, it won’t be much of a Heaven until our loved ones are there. We are hoping to be “gathered to our people”!

It must be immensely frustrating to Christ when Christians try to do Christian work without hearing from the Head. Imagine a human body in which the members acted according to their own ideas.

It was self-will that crucified the Lord Jesus. Our self-will may be the greatest enemy of all.

What is God saying to you right now? You are to live by that Word.

Others may choose to live in Sodom. But as for me, I prefer to live in the high places with Abraham.

Since I do not know enough about people to judge them, “Dear Lord, please keep me from judging others.”

God does not want us to feel at home in this world. Therefore do not be surprised when you encounter unpleasant circumstances. Give God the glory at all times!

Perhaps one of the most terrifying features of Hell is that we no longer can choose what we wish to do. We enjoyed the delusions of Satan, and so now he controls our choices.

Some Christian people are trying to enter Paradise with dirty diapers. They have never repented and turned away from their sins.

For a human being in every and any matter to disobey his Creator is absolutely, terrifyingly unthinkable!

There only is one Christian Church. It was born on the first Pentecost and consisted of Jews. Why then don’t we act sensible and stop saying “Messianic” Jews and other divisive terms?

God desires a family of people who have His same Character. From this Character flows behavior in the image of God. This is the only true righteousness.

The best of all lives is the continual enjoyment of God’s Presence and will.

The demon-driven life results in sinful behavior and leads the participant into unimaginable horrors and torment. This is not life but death.

The human life of imagination, scheming, and planning based on human, faulty desires, ends eventually in physical death.

The Life of continual dialogue with the Son and the Father is what the writer of the Book of Hebrews means by the “rest” of God.

We cannot conduct rulership, as part of the Anointed One, according to our own ideas!

When we come near to the end of our life, how many of us can say, “I have finished the work you have given me to do”?

It is better to die for the truth than to live a lie. There is life after death, and a judgment of our works.

A good idea is one matter. A current Word to us proceeding from the Mouth of God is quite a different matter.

The greatest reward we can bring to the spirit world upon our death is our character transformed by Christ.

The joy of the Lord Jesus is so strong it conquered Gethsemane and Calvary. We shall share that joy if we are good and faithful.

If the Lord Jesus Christ were not faithful and true, it would be far, far better we never had been born.

I suspect that the greatest error in Christian thinking has come about because of the assumption that at some point in history the Christian Church became Gentile rather than Jewish.

The Bible is a Jewish book written by Jews to Jews. We Gentiles have been grafted into the one true vine in order to fulfill God’s purposes for the Jews.

Christmas and Easter actually are Jewish holidays.

There is not much in this world we can rely on. But God’s faithfulness endures forever.

I am determined to march into the future bravely. I walk on my iron feet through every adventure, trusting the Lord Jesus.

“You shall become a Muslim as I rape you,” declared the young man. The Christian girl cried out, “Never, in the name of Jesus!”

A good death is better than the very best life, because there never again will be a parting. Good morning, Audrey, Marc, and David.

Your Word holds true, O faithful God, no matter how dangerous the world becomes.

When you place the welfare of others above your own, then we will know you are growing in Christ.

The Christian Church will not be raptured to Heaven. This is a false vision. The true vision is that Heaven is coming to the earth with the Lord Jesus.

This world is a garbage dump. My prayer is that my wife, two boys, and I may go to a place that is clean.

Christ is the power and the life of God. The Lamb is the heart and relationships of God.

The person who would govern with Christ must have the rod of iron created within him. The rod of iron is the strength to resist every temptation to sin against God.

My will is to do God’s will. Is that your will also? Nothing else is as important!

There are two parts to the resurrection. The first part is that your body is restored and stands up on the ground. The second part is what your body is formed into, according to your behavior during your life.

There are two parts of Divine grace. The first part is the atonement, the forgiveness of your sins. The second part is the removal of those behaviors from you.

The person who does not consider the consequence of his actions before acting, is a fool.

When a translator of the Bible writes that the righteousness the world will see is not our righteous behavior but that ascribed to us, there is death in the pot. Our righteousness is that behavior created in us through Christ.

Actually, all there is of importance in life is to have continual fellowship with the Father and the Son.

Man cannot govern himself constructively and peacefully apart from the Lord.

No matter how well-intentioned and sincere, the efforts of self-directed rulers cannot bring about world peace. Worldwide peace and fruitfulness will be possible only under the government of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The righteousness of the Kingdom is not that which is ascribed (imputed). It is that which is demonstrated in behavior.

God is the Father of discipline. All true life is disciplined. An undisciplined life is chaos.

There is life now. There is life after death. There is life during the thousand-year Kingdom Age. There is life throughout the new sky and earth reign of the Lord Jesus Christ. Where will we be during all these lifetimes?

Do not hold yourself worthy of judging another person. Otherwise God may point out your imperfections.

I would not dare join myself to those who believe they are wiser than God. Their continual fare is straw with a topping of manure.

Perhaps Christ will not permit you to be popular. He may count you too precious to be subject to the opinions of the sea of unregenerate people.

Someone recently paraphrased an old saying by announcing that it is better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven. When that person finds himself in Hell, his shrieks of terror will know no bounds but continue for eternity.

I would rather be a purveyor of God’s righteousness, love, peace, and joy, than to possess all the wealth of the universe.

The storehouse of the Lord’s wisdom bursts with truth. Those who seek wisdom and truth draw from it, but it never seems to diminish.

There are people who do not look to the Lord continually. Those who follow them will soon find themselves frustrated and in undesirable circumstances. I would rather be led around by my grandmother’s cat.

Only God is to be exalted. To lift up anyone or anything else is to welcome ignorance and folly that lead to remorse.

The words of the wise are as nails in sure places. Why do we listen to people who know nothing at all, really, but pretend to have the answer to life’s problems while they themselves are confused with dilemmas of every sort.

Do not grasp anything. Rather, swim in the waters in which God places you. The past flows down the river. For those who continually look to Christ, the future holds out righteousness, love, peace, and joy of which we know little at this time.

The water of baptism is pure water. He who lives in it, so to speak, finally is free from all that is not of the image of God, all that enslaves us.

If we want to be wise, we must permit God to live in us and guide us in all our decisions. Our own judgments often are based on false information and prove to be not of Kingdom value.

Human knowledge may be good at times. Divine knowledge is marvelous beyond all description. It looks with childlike joy and appreciation at the wonders that eternity holds out before the meek.

He who beholds God perceives only restful wonders that somehow speak of home and often of loved ones.

There certainly is no eternal life apart from the Presence of God and Christ.

Let us allow God to remove all concerns from us, to enable us to tread down all worry, to destroy all fear, to fill us with compassion, power, peace, and love. God Himself is all these things and we must place ourselves always in His Presence.

Any fool can take an axe and destroy an expensive divan ornamented with fancy woodwork. Someone who can create such a masterpiece will be praised. However, a destructive terrorist will be despised by God and man.

“Divine grace” is God in Christ ready to meet every need and solve every problem we have. Grace includes the forgiveness of and the deliverance from every sin that has us bound.

When we follow the Lord in all we do, all manner of things work out perfectly.

Every time we look to Jesus for guidance and solutions to problems, we save ourselves grief.

Self-love, self-will, and self-confidence are the most virulent poisons there are. The wise individual always looks to Jesus for wisdom and strength in every situation.

Every time I pray to God in Jesus’ name, I get help. How about you?

We shall appear with Christ in Glory, provided we are filled with Christ on the inside and the outside. We must prepare for this all our Christian life.

If we are dwelling in Christ as we should, we are speaking more words to Him than we are to the people around us.

Religious works are the performance of that which God commanded in time past, such as not working on Saturday or the Great Commission. Such observances are glorified and venerated, and bring honor to those who perform them instead of to God, if they are not careful. These religious works are not anointed, unless God is inspiring them as part of the current work of redemption.

I suspect that an entire religion is built on what God has done in the past. The Christian religion began when Jesus ascended to Heaven and men commenced to organize and build tabernacles.

Stern obedience to Christ and the Father is the doing of what God is commanding right now. Obedience always is anointed and glorifies God.

A good friend sent me an account of how believers of today are traveling in the Spirit, like Philip, and passing through material barriers as Jesus did when he passed through the mob that was seeking to throw Him off a cliff. I was inspired by these accounts. As I reflected on them, I considered that if this sort of thing began to occur frequently, there is a danger they would detract from God’s emphasis today, which is on iron righteousness of behavior, fiery holiness of personality, and stern obedience to God—these are the image of Christ.

The Apostle Paul said, “forgetting the things that are behind.” This we must do, unless they are part of God’s immediate purposes and redemption.

God desires that each Christian be a revelation of His Person and not to come short in anything.

Do you want to be a hundredfold Christian? I do. And we can by building on the faithful lives and works of those who have gone before us. We can clear the final hurdle if we apply ourselves as we should to following and obeying the Lord Jesus!

Some say they are burdened for a “lost and dying world.” I am concerned about a disorganized and confused Church that is interpreting God’s grace as an alternative to obeying God’s commands.

Our adamic nature is at home and comfortable with the Christian religion as it customarily is preached. The adamic nature is neither at home nor comfortable with the true Gospel of the Kingdom.

The Christian religion often looks to the past for truth and the understanding of God. A true understanding of truth and God occurs as we wrestle with our present redemption, often in the crucible of deferred hope.

There is neither beginning nor end in infinity, eternity, or God.

There is no activity in the cosmos that equals or exceeds in importance the doing of God’s complete, perfect will.

There is nothing that proceeds from nothing.

There are no limits, with the exception of God Himself, placed on that which the human mind can grasp or imagine.

There have been and still are enough supernatural occurrences to prove in a court of law the existence of God and the spirit world.

The individual who denies the existence of God is a fool because he or she cannot perceive that nature reveals intelligent design.

“Light” is that which enables us to see what actually is in existence.

Make certain that you assist God’s servants when they have need. God will bless you greatly now or in the Day of Resurrection.

“Jesus, please lift the fear and dread from me. Help me keep my mind on happy thoughts, on heavenly places and things. Thank you.”

“Jesus, do not allow weak, maudlin, romantic, nostalgic thoughts invade my mind. Rather fill me with the strength and determination of Your Word.”

It often is difficult to know our Creator and to have fellowship with Him. We must seek continually to enjoy His Presence in every circumstance and occasion.

Would we have more faith in God if we could see Him? The covering cherub did not!

There are numerous false paths and various traps as we seek to know and serve the Lord.

There is an experienced and very cunning adversary who is determined we will not be successful in our quest for God.

I like the term “due diligence.” Due diligence is an examination of all the facts of a contract. I like to think of it as referring to our careful attention to the facts of our discipleship.

It is possible for a Christian to become too dependent on doctors and hospitals. Sometime it is better to look to God to heal us. We must pray for direction each time we are ill.

“Lord Jesus, I sometimes speak in the vernacular to you, such as ‘Hey Lord!’ My purpose is to strengthen the brotherly bond between us.”

The world is full of lies. Only in the Bible can be found eternal truth.

“Lord Jesus, I do not want love, joy, or peace except that which you give me. Please take from me all pleasant experiences that are not of you.”

Do you want to minister Christ? Or your own thoughts about Christ?

The Law of the new covenant, intervening in each situation, tells us what is righteous and what is unrighteous, if we patiently wait and look continually to the Lord Jesus.

Fight on, Christian soldier. Never, never, never quit. The best is yet ahead. Fight on!

Somebody had to pay the price for our sins. God does not just forget a sinful act!

Because we are members of the Body of Christ, we are an integral part of the Triune God. We are one with Christ as He is One with God.

Remember, our new man is a partaker of the Divine Nature, having been born of God.

Unless we abandon our faith, we cannot be destroyed because we have been born of God.

There are promises of protection in the ninety-first Psalm that will keep us safe throughout the Great Tribulation. However, we must be living in Christ, in the “secret place,” for those promises to hold true for us.

When we are born again, is the new creation born of Adam or of God? If the new creation has been born of God, then part of us is of the same Divine Nature as God, although not as exalted.

When reading about Pontius Pilate this morning, the thought came to me that one does not often find pure truth and iron integrity in politicians.

To be in touch with the Bible is not necessarily to be in touch with the Lord Jesus.

Christ is everything that matters. You do not understand this? You will, as you grow older in the Lord.

The Man through whom God made the galaxies is your Savior and your Lord. His blood shed on the cross of Calvary made an atonement for your sins.

There is more to farming than chopping weeds. There also is a harvest. Isn’t that true? This applies to different situations, doesn’t it, such as our Christian discipleship?


  • Living by the Life of Christ
  • Leaving sin behind
  • Pressing into the rest of God
  • Patiently praising God when under pressure


I’m living by the Life of Jesus. I’m living by the blood of the Lamb.
I’m living by the Life of Jesus. So whatever He is, I am.
I’m thinking all the thoughts He’s thinking. I’m speaking all the words that He gives.
I’m doing what I see Him doing. I am living by the Life that He lives.

It is more important to be obedient to God than to be comfortable.

Often Christians are more concerned that Jesus loves them than they are that they love Jesus.

Christians are pleased that Jesus died for them. Are they displeased with the thought of dying to their own plans that Jesus may live in them?

Regardless of environment, it is heavenly people that make Heaven heavenly.

The earth at the present time is a bubbling cauldron of demons. But there is a land that is filled with heavenly people and spirits.

The Lamb is emphasized in Revelation to remind us that eventually the world will be filled with gentle, peaceful people.

It is not democracy that made America great and prosperous, but the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ. Any system of government will be great and prosperous if Christ is governing it.

Everything I am and do in life is of Christ, by Christ, for Christ, and because of Christ. It actually has come to this point!

I love to do my Father’s will. He loves to have me do His will. So we live together in peace and harmony.

There is a gulf between mastering Christian principles of behavior, while maintaining our self-life, and knowing the Lord Jesus as our personal Friend.

I want people to say of me, “Christ is living in that man.”

No person knows his own heart. It is deceitful. “Remember how the Lord your God led you all the way in the wilderness these forty years, to humble and test you in order to know what was in your heart, whether or not you would keep his commands.” (Deuteronomy 8:2)

I suspect the most blessed of all people are the righteous dead.

I have chosen to have no energy or wisdom of my own, only that which comes from the God of Heaven.

I marvel that the Christmas music worthy of celebrating the birth of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, was composed over a relatively short period of time. “I Saw Mother Kissing Santa Claus” is a pitiful reminder of the spiritual emptiness of our times.

To put yourself under the power of the wicked is one form of living in Hell itself. Therefore, do not commit sin.

Sometimes we may forget that self-control is a fruit of the Spirit of God, not of the adamic nature.

I suspect that reporters are often more concerned with “getting a story” than they are with the plight of an individual whom Satan has deceived into committing a wicked act. However, this is not the case with God.

All of the resources of Heaven are available and ready to assist the person who calls upon the Lord Jesus Christ for help.

Life on earth is difficult. We need the help of the Lord Jesus if we are to go through it successfully without losing our soul.

My ninety-one years have passed like a dream in the night. My thoughts and experiences have consisted largely of understanding what God means by the Feast of Tabernacles.

Where there is no discipline, there is no freedom. Everyone is miserable. This especially is true in an elementary classroom where only the destroyers are happy.

Mean people are able to invent various mischiefs that harm other people. This is characteristic also of the demons from Hell, whom I believe formerly were people.

Trying to please people can lead to bondage. Living to please God results in every sort of blessing.

Some people choose misery over obeying those appointed to govern their behavior.

A person must through Christ overcome sin in order to get past the cherubim and the flaming sword, and enter Paradise, in order to eat from the Tree of Resurrection Life.

Christian faith is not understanding and believing the facts about the Lord Jesus Christ. It is our grasp upon the Lord until our every thought, word, and deed is an integral part of Him.

To continually eat the flesh of Christ and drink His blood, which we do by living in strict obedience to the Lord Jesus, is not religion. It is eternal life.

I choose to have nothing in my life except that which is of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I live by faith in Christ. It is not my faith, but His faith given to me.

Every time we make an effort to help other people, we ourselves are helped by the Lord. Have you ever noticed that?

The emphasis of the Bible is not on saving people from Hell and bringing them to Heaven; it primarily is about the building of a Church through which God can bring salvation and eternal life to the nations.

Any time a preacher emphasizes success in this world, he is missing the point of the coming of the Kingdom of God from Heaven to the earth. He is dealing with the hopes of people, not the hopes of God.

Did Christ say that on Peter He would build His Church? No, I think the Father said (through Christ) that on His Son He would build His Church. Do we stand on the solid rock, Peter, or do we stand on the solid Rock, the Lord Jesus Christ?

When Christ returns, it is to clothe His victorious saints with a resurrection body and with them to establish His Kingdom on the earth. It is not to “carry His waiting bride to Heaven”!

Like King David, I have determined to set the Lord always before me so that I should not be moved.

God will bless and help anyone who puts Him higher in importance than his own family. This does not mean we are to be cruel or to set aside any help we can offer to our loved ones when there is a need.

When the Lord Jesus tells me to do something, I ask the Father in Jesus’ name for the energy and wisdom to obey the Lord’s command.

It is not the purpose of Divine grace to introduce lawlessness into the Kingdom of God. Rather it is to free us from Moses and point us toward the Lord Jesus.

I do not want any part of something that is not of Jesus Christ, including health—and this for eternity!

Any member of the Church who does not bring forth the talent that is in him is swept up with similar branches and burned in the fire.

There are promises in the New Testament that are not directed toward the Church, but to people of the nations who believe and are baptized, and thus are saved from Divine condemnation.

It may be to a righteous person’s advantage to die physically. This may not apply to someone who commits suicide, if he cuts short his training period.

The Lord Jesus dwells forever in the bosom of the Father. This is where Christ is inviting you and me to dwell forever.

You may have noticed in the New Testament the emphasis upon our governing with Christ from thrones. For example: “To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I was victorious and sat down with my Father on his throne.” (Revelation 3:21)

When a beautiful girl dies, her spirit may be very small. Her inner nature may be quite small if she has not enlarged it by caring for others.

We of the Church are to be growing to the place where we can do nothing except for that which we see Christ do, just as Christ can do nothing except for that which He sees the Father do.

We are not to give thanks to the angels who assist us, only to God and the Lord Jesus.

Heaven is people, not things or places. It is an area in which we can grow in our fellowship with the Lord Jesus.

If we do God’s will consistently, we will have a happy, though not untroubled, life. If we don’t do God’s will, we will have an unhappy life and a terrifying future.

The absence of godly hope brings the sorrows of death. There is nothing worse than that!

Faithful obedience to God brings the Presence of God. God’s Presence brings eternal life. Eternal life brings joyful hope. Joyful hope keeps us moving forward.

If God and His angels are watching over you, nothing by any means can harm you.

When we have the universal exaltation and adoration of the Lord Jesus Christ, our country shall be great again.

It appears that most people in America trust in money more than in the Lord Jesus Christ, their Creator. Therefore they are unwilling to turn over their lives to Him.

I suspect that Heaven is made up of numerous small countries. Those who are appointed to be leaders are sent when they die to where there are no leaders at this time.

I believe the Lord said to me, “You will not go to Paradise when you die. You will bring Paradise with you and govern by the will of God.”

If we have been appointed to govern in the spirit realm along with the Lord Jesus Christ, we will need to learn obedience to God, as did Christ.

The reason that there are not large countries in Heaven is that the sub-rulers will want to be supreme rulers. This is what happened in the case of Satan.

The United States of America is severely divided. There may need to be a succession of assassinations before that nation is stable.

Wars are caused by those who desire to govern the rest of us. Therefore there shall be no lasting peace until through the Lord Jesus Christ our self-will is destroyed and we are ready to serve God.

I am perfectly willing to serve both God and my generation by the will of God, but I would rather go home to be with the Lord Jesus.

“Only together with us would they be made perfect.” (Hebrews 11:40). I gather from this verse that believers proceed in the program of redemption while in the spirit world.

If you can follow and obey Christ in this present world, then you can follow and obey Christ in the next world.

It is my desire to be careful for nothing, except to follow Jesus faithfully in all matters.

The Lord has made my heart glad, so I will go dancing on my way.

It does not matter to me what happens during the day or night, as long as I am living by the Life of the Lord Jesus.

To rest with the Lord Jesus in the highest Throne—that is all my hope and joy.

I am perfectly content as I am being established in the highest Throne with the Lamb.

I keep looking to the Lord Jesus to see what He is doing. Then I ask the Father to help me to do the same.

Obedience and faithfulness—these are the two keys of the Kingdom.

Grace is the Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in all the activities of people—activities that are righteous, holy, and acceptable to God.

The Lord Jesus cannot shine forth in all of His strength to His creation, until He has people He can depend upon.

I must look to the Lord at all times for assistance with everything I am doing.

There are sinful spirits that dwell in our flesh, and can be cast out. And then there is the evil nature of the person himself. This is why the New International Version does us a disservice when it translates the Greek term sarx (flesh) as “sinful nature.” The sinful nature of people cannot be cast out, but often yields to suffering. It is my opinion that the sinful nature of people, such as self-centeredness, follows them into Heaven.

The worst bondage of all is self-will.

The most horribly bound creature in the universe is the human being who is compelled to follow his or her own self-will and desires.

God could have created mankind so we were in a state of pleasure for eternity. In that case we never would have understood righteous behavior, for obedience to God and righteous behavior are learned from suffering.

I see a long, dirt road leading down to a river. When I get to the river, angels appear and carry me across. On reaching the other side I am confronted with Christ. On each side of Christ stood my father and mother. Behind them was a multitude of persons. I am very glad for this, because I have an intense desire to be gathered to my people.

In the coming world of righteousness, the Paradise we hope for is possible only as Christ and His brothers direct the angels of God to judge, punish, and teach those who are sinning. Perhaps this is why God created the angels in the first place.

America has become a secular nation? When and how did this happen?

A person who attempts to live by Christian principles, instead of by a continual interaction with the Lord Jesus, may attempt to murder Christ when He appears, just as did the Pharisees.

If there is no life after physical death, no Judgment Seat of Christ, then this present life is not worth living.

Why do we worship intelligence? There is a man who is reputed to be one of the smartest people on earth. Which is better, to be very intelligent or to have the Lord Jesus as your best Friend?

Through the Lord Jesus Christ you can cleanse yourself from all sin and self-will and stand before the Father clean inwardly and outwardly.

Without the force of gravity the earth would be uninhabitable. Without the force of the Lord Jesus we would have no way of freeing ourselves from sin and self-will.

Why don’t you let Jesus free you from sin and self-fill? Do you just enjoy being the enemy of Christ and the Father?

When we are not gathering people to Christ by our words and deeds, we are driving people away from Christ. There is no exception to this.

Why do people want to go to Heaven when there is a dragon there? It seems to me the goal is to get the dragon out of Heaven.

Never-ending perfection as we press into God’s Person and will, into the Bosom of the Father. “That where I am, there you may be also.”

Are you worthy of the Kingdom of God? Am I?

I am determined to keep going, as long as the Father in Heaven needs my ministry in the earth.

I believe we will do well if we refrain from criticizing the President of our country.

I have no confidence in myself, only in the Lord Jesus.

Anything God does makes my heart glad. That is how I know it is the Lord.

I plod into the darkness with the light Jesus has given me. My hope is that many will see Christ and gain righteousness, love, joy, and peace.

The Kingdom of God runs deeper in us than some may understand. It is the ultimate struggle between good and evil, between obeying and not obeying God.

When we are not bringing everything we think, say, and do before the Lord Jesus for His approval, we are rebelling against God.

As we walk through life we must listen to the Lord Jesus! Listen concerning all we are doing!

We must keep bringing all we are thinking, saying, and doing before the Lord Jesus for His approval, otherwise we may find ourselves rebelling against God.

The brothers and sisters in the Bosom of God believe that doing the complete will of God is the most important aspect of their lives.

When we say and do what we have heard and seen with Christ, we are bearing a true witness of God—a true testimony that will overcome the accuser.

You are invited to join our little group in the Bosom of the Father. There is room enough to include all believers. But remember—you must have a desire to do God’s complete will that surpasses all other desires!

To not be saved is to be rejected by the Lord. This makes a person subject to all the mischievous antics of Satan and the demons. This is the worst possible fate for a human being.

Because our flesh and blood life and body cease with physical death, we have a chance to put all of our errors behind us and start over.

Life certainly is more than a set of cause and effect relationships. There is a mystery to life, which I do not think would be the case if there were no God.

We are wise if we obey God in all matters. If we do not do this, we are going to have a lot of trouble.

If we are to enter death with any peace of mind, we must be willing to turn aside temporarily from the things, circumstances, and relationships of the past. They will be restored to us in a more glorious form.

On the new day that is before me, I must think, speak, and act in agreement with the will of the Lord Jesus Christ. Anything else is confusion, and I don’t want it!

Sin keeps us in prison. But righteous behavior opens up shining vistas of God’s love.

Holiness is the absence of unclean spirits.

There is coming a new world of righteousness. Will you and I be chosen to live there?

The Lord Jesus at all times is knocking on the door of your personality. Why don’t you invite Him in that He may become your best friend and faithful helper?

I said to the Lord Jesus, “How utterly marvelous that you took a little boy from South Portland, Maine and made him a son of God.”

Jesus said, “I am thrilled with what God does through Me. And you will be thrilled at what God does through Me through you!

Some say we must “accept” Christ at least once in our lifetime. It is true rather that we must “receive” Christ on all occasions of our being and behavior.

If you possessed all the gold and silver in the world, and were not a friend of Christ, you would be poorer than any beggar in the street.

Receiving Christ as our Savior is a righteous action. But if we do not obey Christ throughout every day and night after that, we are an object of scorn to the demons.

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” This is God’s promise to us.

I would rather have God’s approval than the approval of every person in the world. I realize everyone does not feel this way. It is God’s gift, and it can be prayed for.

We can be totally content physically. But the memory of one unrighteous act we have performed can ruin our peace and joy.

We do not want to pass into eternity with hatred toward another person in our heart.

If you hate any person with or without a reason, cast that hatred from you lest God come upon you!

Would you have a warm friendship with God? Then ask yourself if you have hatred toward any person, and with the Lord’s help cast that hatred from you.

I have been young and now am old. I now see clearly that the most important thing in life is to be a friend of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The blood and flesh of Christ are not ordinary. The blood is eternal resurrection life. The flesh is of the Substance of God.

I woke up tired this morning. The Lord Jesus said to me, “You do not need to hold onto life, life will hold onto you. Jesus is Life, isn’t He?

Is Jesus your Friend? If not, why isn’t He? Do you want to die and go into the spirit world without a good word from the Lord?

The God of Heaven is so trustworthy it is a marvel more people do not trust Him with their lives! They certainly are missing a great blessing.

In America, the truly righteous are becoming prophets while the evil are becoming monsters. In the great multitude, there are those who are neither righteous nor evil. I believe the Lord Jesus soon will persuade people to go one way or the other.

Among the Christian people, there are those who seem to know Christ. But deep in their personalities are small roots of self-love and self-will.

To be completely holy like the Lord, we must purge ourselves from all unclean spirits, and be totally obedient to the Lord in all matters.

When the Lord Jesus said “seek first the Kingdom and the necessities of life shall be added to you,” He did not mean we do not need to work, rather we do not need to worry.

We always must be sensitive to the Spirit of God if we want always to be obedient to the will of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We now are entering the spiritual fulfillment of the feast of Tabernacles, the third of the Levitical observances. This means the Fullness of the Godhead is ready to enter us. But the Day of Atonement comes first—the reconciliation to God of our entire personality.

We become perfectly holy when we purge from ourselves all the works of Satan and add to ourselves the Fullness of God.

We do not become holy by striving to act righteously. Rather we become righteous in behavior by striving for holiness in our inner nature.

The Law of Moses forgives sins committed in ignorance. The new covenant removes the bondages of sin when we confess them and, with the assistance of the Lord Jesus, turn away from them.

When God created the reproductive system, it was not so human beings could have fun. God’s purpose was that they would produce children whom He and they could enjoy. Therefore abortion and homosexual behavior, since they prevent the birth and growth of boys and girls, shall never, never be tolerated by the Lord. The participants in these abominations will receive their due reward when they appear before the Judgment Seat of the Lord Jesus Christ.

People need to be more than just an assemblage of chemicals tinged with electricity.

Because of the obedience of Christ, it is God’s will that every person in the creation be part of Christ and be filled with Christ, some thirtyfold, some sixtyfold, and some a hundredfold.

God does not force individuals to behave righteously. God bears witness of His will. Then He gives people an opportunity to act righteously or to sin.

Satan did not tempt Eve to commit perverted or extreme sexual behavior. Rather, the temptation was the ability to know good and evil. This wisdom is a noble trait, but obedience is better!

Sometimes people do not regard the Word of God as being of special importance to their lives. Actually the Word of God is of supreme importance to their lives. To ignore the Word of God is to invite destruction.

To get someone “saved,” as we Christians employ the term, is to invite him to completely obey God and Christ. This salvation continues until he is no longer disobedient.

“Lord Jesus, it is my firm desire to live by Your Life rather than by my life. Help me to do this.”

He who has seen Jesus has seen the Father. This is not because Jesus is the Father but that Jesus is the exact representation of the Father’s Being.

The only reason you will never become a King with God is that you prefer to dwell in the world’s cesspool.

Religion, including the “Christian” religion, is people trying to please God when they are not being directed by the Lord. Sometimes this ignorance of God’s immediate will has dreadful results!

When we always try to do what is right, we do not have half the misery and pain we otherwise would have had.

Because you are suffering numerous afflictions, keep in mind that they are taking place to prepare you for a better world. Nevertheless, keep praying!

The individual who, during his present life on earth, does not do everything possible to prepare himself to stand before the Lord Jesus when he dies, is as foolish as it is possible for a human being to be.

If we spend all of our time on the earth satisfying our own desires—woe! woe! woe!

There is no greater joy, no greater peace, no greater love, than comes to those who are living in the will and Presence of the Father.

The Lord Jesus came to earth to bring us into the Presence of the Father. This shall be accomplished as we pray and obey the will of Christ on every occasion.

“This is eternal life: that we might know God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent” (John 17:3).

“Help me, Father, to keep on ministering that something I say or do might inspire some discouraged believer so he gets back on his feet and presses onward toward victory.”

Among the treasures that God and Christ have given to a godly man is a wife who loves and serves the Lord Jesus Christ.

“O God, I come to do your will. Yes, Your Law is being created in my mind and heart.”

The New Covenant is being created in our mind and in our heart. In our mind so we will know God’s will. In our heart so we will have a passionate desire to do all the Lord desires.

There is nothing in your future that the Lord Jesus Christ cannot control. So stop worrying. The best is yet to come. He has kept the good wine until now.

The Lord Jesus told my wife Audrey she could believe for the best or believe for the worst.

In some cases our physical death may be delayed for a season that we may bear additional fruit to present to the Master.

Our goal as Christian believers is not to go to Heaven. This is not scriptural. Our goal is to attain unto the resurrection to eternal life.

Sin did not originate on the earth and then go to Heaven. Sin originated in Heaven and from there came to the earth.

Sin must be conquered in the heavenlies before it can be conquered on the earth. As in Heaven, so on the earth.

Someone wrote recently of the “Tabernacles” experience as though it were a Divine impartation that will follow Pentecost. It is rather the slow opening of a door that those who are pressing into Jesus will enter naturally.

We who follow Christ are not destroyed because He does not change.

The Lord Jesus instructed me not to say the demons are harassing me. Rather, proclaim that He is the Ruler of the creation and controls the inhabitants as He will.

The “rest of God” indeed is restful and peaceful. It is that state of being in which we are neither behind nor ahead of what God is doing with us.

In our days, the sexual walls between men and women, boys and girls, are being broken down. The end shall be “Sodom.”

Without Christ, life would be pointless.

Give to Jesus whatever you desire desperately, including all things and relationships. You thus shall gain peace and contentment.

Christ brings us to the Father, and in the Father we find rest for our souls.

Whoever wants to be a disciple of Jesus must lay down his own life, take up his cross of deferred desires, and follow and obey the Master at all times.

A person without Christ is like an arrow without a point. He cannot accomplish God’s purpose for his life.

An individual of liberal political persuasion cannot think clearly because he is not submitted to the wisdom and discipline of the Lord Jesus.

A government that is not subject to the will and discipline of the Lord Jesus, but to the will and wisdom of ambitious people, will enter confusion and finally destroy itself.

Many (perhaps most) people are better off when they die than while they were living.

One of the huge benefits of walking with the Lord Jesus and obeying Him is that it is He before Whom we will stand in the Day of Judgment.

What is the source of this desire to change men into women and girls into boys? Doesn’t the Lord Jesus know what He is doing when He determines physical characteristics?

There is in America an attempt to destroy the natural modesty that keeps men and women separate in the bathroom and shower.

I have labored for more than thirty years to inform God’s people that to employ grace as a means of avoiding growth in moral behavior is to prevent our growth into the image of God.

There are perhaps millions of disobedient Christians who believe they are going to Heaven because of the current teaching of grace. In actuality, they are sinners whose rightful home is Hell.

The New Testament does not have much to say about the grace of forgiveness. It does, however, emphasize the need for godly behavior.

There are two actions we must take if we are to survive the soon-coming Great Tribulation described in Revelation chapters 6 and 16:

  1. We must be dwelling in the secret place of the Most High, that is, in the center of the Person and will of Christ.
  2. We must be making our robe brilliantly white by continually confessing our sins and turning away from them with the assistance of the Lord Jesus.

God’s way is incomprehensible to us at times. If we keep on obeying the Lord, we come to see His wisdom, patience, and faithfulness.

If God’s Word has proven true to you in past times, why don’t you always obey Him faithfully? If you do, you will gain a reputation for wisdom and righteousness.

We grow into the image of God as we obey Christ faithfully, as God hopes we will.

Life on the earth is not always joyous, but when we follow Christ without changing, we discover wisdom and joy.

God’s decisions are always wise. Whoever follows Him step by step finds life and peace.

God always is faithful; God always is righteous; God always is wise; God always is holy. Those who trust Him find life and peace.

God is always wise in His decisions. Our obedience to that wisdom enables us to survive life on the earth.

There absolutely must be more to the plan of salvation than the grace of forgiveness. The grace of forgiveness will not accomplish God’s goal, which is to create man in His likeness and in His image—to behave as God behaves. There must be an actually new creation in which old things have passed away and all have become new, and are of God.

If you combine obedience with your prayers, you will go places in God.

Healthy individuals need and want something to do. If Heaven were to be a place of no significant efforts, most of us would not be happy there.

To “fall in love” with the body of another human being is not wise. We always must keep in mind that the most beautiful or handsome individual came from the dust and shall return to the dust.

My tendency is to worry about future problems. Worrying is both a sin and a bondage. Christians must pray continually against worrying.

When we are moving along in God’s will, confessing our sins to Christ and turning away from them, Christ is being formed in us.

God keeps my joy at a level that ensures I maintain a healthy, productive life in Christ—this in spite of outward circumstances. Anyone who can do that can do anything and everything else in the universe.

It is time for the spiritual fulfillment of the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles. Are you and I being prepared as dwelling places in the Lord Jesus?

Jesus always is in the Bosom of the Father. Are you and I always living in the center of God’s Person and will, along with our Brother? “That where I am, there you may be also.”

Who among us is so devoted to Jesus that Jesus does not find rest when we are not present? Are you and I that close to Christ?

Do you wish to be one of God’s firstfruits? Then devote yourself night and day to the pursuit of Christ.

When God is present, spiritual uncleanness and unrighteousness cannot be found.

When we consider the firstfruits of the Church, we become aware that they are a double camp—the army of saints and the army of angels. The one are the heirs of salvation; the other are servants of the Lamb who minister to the heirs of salvation.

God’s goal for each of His elect is that he might be an eternal part of the Body of the Anointed Deliverer.

The dried husks of religion do not satisfy the appetite of those who are called to be the brothers and sisters of Christ.

The height to which a member of the elect can be brought can seen in the double camp—the army of saints and the army of angels.

The differences among God’s elect can be seen in Abraham and Lot: One is a king with God; the other had to be dragged into God’s will by angels.

I believe the Bible tells us more about the new earth than it does about the Heaven we go to when we die.

To be “saved” is to be permitted to live as a citizen of the new earth.

The difference between the Law of Moses and the New Covenant is that under the Law we obey what is written; under the New Covenant we walk with the living Jesus and obey Him.

Eternal life is not just immortality, it is thinking along with God, speaking along with God, and doing along with God. Such is the only true eternal life.

When will we cease looking to the world to provide our survival, pleasure, and achievement? These three aspects of life are found only in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Do you love the Lord Jesus with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength? This is just the beginning of life lived in the Bosom of the Father.

No member of the Church can begin to enter the spiritual fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles unless he spends some time each day seeking the Face of Christ, so that he can come to understand his role in the Kingdom.

We must come out of the world. We must cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.

If we want to become the house and resting place of God, we must cleanse ourselves from all sinning and self-seeking. We must become holy and righteous as God is holy and righteous.

The cleansing of ourselves from spiritual uncleanness, in the spiritual fulfillment of Yom Kippur, is seen to be an integral aspect of the spiritual fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles.

The true Church has been at the cross, has experienced the spiritual fulfillment of the Feast of Pentecost, and now is entering the spiritual fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles.

The end result of the spiritual fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles will the enlargement of the Family of God described in John 17:21-23.

The Christian Church is infinitely more than a collection of people who have “accepted Christ.” It is, in fact, the Royal Priesthood of God.

The members of the Royal Priesthood were not called out of the world to escape Hell. They are for the purpose of being the house and resting place of the Father, teaching the creation to obey and worship God.

The role of the members of the Body of Christ is the same is that of the Head. It is to reveal God to all of His creatures.

The destiny of the Christian Church, the Royal Priesthood, is to bring into absolute obedience to God, and to the worship of God, all of His creatures.

Christian work today often is performed by the “flesh.” Christian words are used. The voice is that of “Jacob” but the hands are those of “Esau.”

If we want to be a room in Christ, who is the Father’s House, we must be cleansed from all self-will and all sins.

If we want to be the chariot of God, the House and Resting Place of the God of Heaven, we must be thinking along with God, speaking along with God, and working along with God, just as does the Lord Jesus Christ.

If we are to bear the worldwide testimony of the coming of the Kingdom of God to the earth, we must be the House and Resting Place of the Father and Christ.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the only House of the Father. If we want to be a room in the House of God, Christ must be dwelling in us.

Why are we who are members of the Royal Priesthood (the Church), who have been predestined to be conformed to the image of the Lord Jesus, not giving ourselves wholly to the Lord that God’s purpose in us might be accomplished?

Why are we Christians not presenting our bodies to God as a living sacrifice that we might bring the witness of God to all the nations of the earth?

The Lord Jesus is the firstborn among many brothers and sisters (NIV). God the Father is proceeding to enlarge His family.

I dreamed last night that I was walking through a forest known to me. I was on a path that led to a city. Around me were several paths on which people were walking. I knew that none of these paths led out of the forest.

I had planned before I went to sleep to write that Jesus Christ is the only path to God. Then I thought, people will think I am a religious fanatic that doesn’t know there are many paths that lead to God. So when I awakened I refrained from writing what I was planning.

Then God spoke to me: “Why don’t you tell people what you know to be the truth?”

So back I went to informing people what I have found to be true over more than seventy years of intense discipleship: “The Lord Jesus Christ is the one true path to the one true God. The rest is the posturing of demons.”

If we want to bring eternal life to another individual, we must be filled with God. The Life of God must come to him, not just religious reasoning.

Any Christian who does not press forward to the fullness of victory in Christ is lazy, and foolish besides!

If we permit the things of this world to distract us from the pursuit of the stages of eternal life for which God has chosen us, we will regret it for eternity.

It is the responsibility of each Christian to press to the level of eternal life and to the role and authority of the Kingdom of God for which God has chosen him.

God gave Canaan to the Israelites, but they had to fight to possess it. God has given the nations and all of the earth to Christians. But they will not be ours to possess until we are ready to follow Christ into battle. Believing without fighting will not gain possession.

The fullness of Glory and the possession of all things have been given to us by the Lord. But we must follow Christ into battle before we possess them.

If any person is in Christ, he is a new creation. But the fullness of the new creation does not happen all at once.

Oftentimes I am guilty of too much reasoning and not enough listening to the Lord.

God’s will is being done in the highest Heaven. The Father alone is worshiped there. The objective now is to make these two facts true throughout the entire earth.

The Kingdom goal is not to “accept” Christ, whatever that means. The goal is to accept the rule of Christ. This is what it means to be a Christian.

There is a multitude of people who love, obey, and serve themselves. Then there is a fewer number who love, obey, and serve God.

My commission from the Lord Jesus is that every person on the present earth and the new earth, and the spirit world, obeys and worships the one true God. I am not suggesting that I am to accomplish this by myself, but I do hope to help.

When you enter the Tabernacle of the Congregation, you come first to the Table of Showbread to be born again and partake of the Substance of Christ. Next you come to the Lampstand to receive the Life of the Spirit of God. Then you come to the Altar of Incense, saying “Not my will but Yours be done.” Finally you pass through the Veil and become an integral part of the Body of Christ, the Servant of the Lord.

The spiritual interpretation of the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles, in which God dwells in man and man dwells in God, completely fulfills God’s quest for man and man’s quest for God.

We shall be brought back to Paradise when (through Christ) we learn to not disobey God.

How often do you open your heart to the Lord? Once a day? Twice a day? Why not open your heart wide and let Him come in and dine with you—He on your obedience and worship; you on His body and blood.

The angels will carry us to our new home in Heaven, and later to the new earth, when it has been created.

Wait on the Lord, for all good things come from Him. Hope in the Lord, and you will not be disappointed.

As long as we are living by the Life of the Lord Jesus, we will continue to live throughout eternity.

It appears there are ministers of the Gospel of Christ who are occupied with the external things of the Christian religion, who do not seem to have the heart of Christ in them. They have the words but not the music.

All my hopes rest on the Lord Jesus Christ. There is nothing else!

The reproductive system may prompt us to assume weird postures with another human being. We are not wise when we do this, because such activities can result in severe diseases, such as blindness, or even death.

God uses the circumstances of our life for His Glory.

I hope the next life will be more fun than this present one has been, and I believe it shall be for those who have obeyed Christ.

If belief in Christ does not lead to obedience to Christ, then belief in Christ is useless as far as salvation is concerned.

A wise man caught up to me, laid down his burden, and then sat down. He looked up at me carefully and exclaimed: “I perceive that the greater part of our human misery comes upon us because we are obeying and worshiping ourselves rather than obeying and worshiping God.” Having said that he stood up, picked up his burden, and proceeded on his way.

We are raised in the valley of the shadow of death. However, our eternal House is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Originally God placed us in a quiet, peaceful garden where we could hear God’s voice. But we have chosen to live in an industrial, mercantile, clamorous environment—perhaps to shut God out.

Suffering appears to be a required component for the development of the inner strength necessary for complete obedience to God.

If we want to live in the rest of God, we must look to the Lord Jesus Christ for every thought we think, every word we speak, and every action we take. This is equally true in the present world and in the next.

My prayer for the elect is that together they would form the eternal house of the Lord Jesus, and the Lord Jesus would be the eternal house of each one.

Have you made the Most High your habitation? If not, do so without delay. Join the brotherhood of the Royal Priesthood in the Bosom of the Father.

Are you a fervent Christian and being harassed more than usual? Rejoice! Your travail is bringing forth Christ, the Ruler of all the works of God’s hands.

Christ shall be brought forth in His people in the last days. (Isaiah 66:8; Revelation 12:5)

Some are teaching that no response on our part is required. The truth is, the Christian discipleship is a struggle until we die—and perhaps after that!

Some are teaching that if we will just believe, we shall receive the full inheritance. Not so! We must present our body to God as a living sacrifice.

Gospel preaching that does not require an intense, total response is not of the Lord Jesus Christ; it is not of the Kingdom of God. “Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Me.”

Fire comes out of Zion, and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem.

It is not good to criticize people. No one can give what he has not been given.

When you criticize someone, you hinder him and yourself from entering the Kingdom of God.

“Father in Jesus’ name, remove from me the desire to be some great one. Grant that I always shall regard myself as a lowly person.”

“Father, grant to my loved ones this night a sound, helpful sleep without dreams that are not from God. Wake us at Your appointed time to do with Your wisdom and energy Your complete and perfect will.

Suffering and cross-carrying obedience always must remain a part of Gospel preaching. Sometimes the idea is advanced that we must bring in people with teaching that is more friendly, and once they are in the church we can preach the true Gospel to them. When this procedure is adopted, we somehow never tell the people we must deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Jesus at all times. Have you ever noticed that? We give the babies candy in the hope that one day they will like nutritious food.

(“Gold Tried in the Fire: Book Eleven”, 4291-2, proofed 20210820)

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