The Daily Word of Righteousness

Revelation 21:9, continued

As the living Father hath sent me, and I live by the Father: so he that eateth me, even he shall live by me. (John 6:57)

This is how we ascend to the throne that governs all things.

The holy city, the new Jerusalem, is the Lamb's wife. I think this is very important to understand. The new Jerusalem is the glorified Church, the Israel of God including all the elect whether Jewish or Gentile by natural birth.

Here is the Body of the Messiah, the eternal Temple of God, the Father's House, the Throne of God and the Lamb.

I notice that some of the commentators have difficulty placing the new Jerusalem. Because of their training in dispensationalism (away with this scheme from the earth!) they are wondering how to make sense out of their notion that the Gentile Church is to be in Heaven forever while there is a Jewish kingdom on the earth.

They have been taught there are two brides of God, one Jewish and one Gentile. I know it sounds preposterous but this is what is taught. The last two chapters of Revelation really don't cooperate with the "two kingdoms, two brides" teaching.

It really is simple. In fact, all we have to do is believe Paul. Voila! No more problem.

The Christian Church is one whole. The elect Jews are part of it and the elect Gentiles are part of it. This is the Kingdom of God. There is no such thing as a Gentile Church. How could there be? Are you a Gentile? Are you absolutely positive there is no Jewish blood in you? Are you that certain?

Well, if you are so unfortunate as to have any Jewish blood in you, even one drop, then you are not part of the Gentile Church. Also, if you don't like bagels you are not a good Jew. So where are you? Caught in midheaven.

Dear Lord . . . and it is so simple!

There is one new man. Get it? One new hombre, not two, not three, one!

"Brother Thompson, how do I know you really are correct?"

By reading your Bible instead of the commentaries.

I don't feel like going into the one Seed, the one olive tree, and so forth. There is one Church, one Body of the Messiah, one Temple of God, one new Jerusalem.

Let me warn you, if you stay up in Heaven once the new Jerusalem comes down to the new earth you are going to feel left out.

The throne of God and of the Lamb are eternally located in the new Jerusalem. While you are wandering around among the vacant mansions you will come across a thousand-acre site. There will be a sign posted: "Former location of the throne of God and the Lamb."

Then how are you going to feel? You are not an angel so you will feel funny when there are angels all over the place and no people—not even Gentiles!

"But how about all my charts that show how I'll be up in Heaven while the Jews without the Holy Spirit are governing the Gentile nations on the earth? My books say that in that day matzo balls will go forth from Zion and gefilte fish from Jerusalem and all the Gentiles will eat kosher and keep Shabbat."

Give your books to the Goodwill. No, better yet, give them to your enemies.

To be continued.