The Daily Word of Righteousness

The Inner and Outer Kingdom of God, #24

Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this. (Isaiah 9:7)

After the entire Church, the Wife of the Lamb, has been perfected, it will be time for eternity to begin. The members of the nations of the saved will be brought forward to life on the new earth. They then will begin to have the inner kingdom developed in them.

The eighth day of the feast of Tabernacles signifies the beginning of the week of eternity, the week that has no end. The Lamb and His Wife will rule over all the works of God's hands forever, insuring that never again will sin enter the Presence of God or His creatures.

It may be obvious to the reader that the inner kingdom must be developed before the outer kingdom can come into existence. The outer kingdom of God, the rule of God's saints over the works of His hands, will be the outward demonstration of the new inner creation in the holy people.

The material world is bound with the chains of death, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God, that is, the unveiling of a Divine work that previously has been accomplished in those whom God has called for this purpose.

The marriage of the Lamb is taking place today as the faithful disciples of the Lord enter a most intimate relationship with Him. The wedding will be announced when the Lord returns and the nations of the earth can perceive that the saints are one in Christ in God, the actual marriage having been completed previously.

The preaching of today is of the soul, to a certain extent. The emphasis on grace-rapture-Heaven, grace-rapture-Heaven, appeals to the fallen nature of man. "To think that I can be completely forgiven and carried up to Heaven. There I will recline on my velvet sofa in my fabulous mansion while the peoples of the earth worry about Antichrist and the great tribulation. God loves the world so He will take care of the Jews and the rest who are still down there. Their suffering is not my concern. I am happy here with all my relatives and friends."

As I said in another writing, it is as though all the people on earth were horses. The Lord came and commanded them to compose a fugue and play it on the pipe organ. If they were willing to do this, the Lord advised, they would enter an eternity of glory.

The horses all attended a horse church with a horse pastor. The pastor, recognizing the utter impossibility of any of them composing a fugue and playing it on the pipe organ, taught them that what the Lord really meant was that if they believed what He said they would all be forgiven and born again (whatever that means), and when they died they would go to graze forever on the abundance of clover in Heaven.

The horse pastor did not impress on the horses that to be born again meant that their horse nature must die and Johann Bach must be conceived and then formed in them. When this took place they could compose a fugue and play it on the pipe organ with no difficulty whatever.

To be continued.