The Daily Word of Righteousness

Revelation 21:6, continued

Laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life. (I Timothy 6:16)

Can you see the enormous importance of understanding the difference between the Hell-Heaven model and the death-life model? The first is mythologic, not being the emphasis of the Scriptures at all. The second is the emphasis of Christ and His Apostles.

Since Jesus Christ rose from the dead and poured His Spirit on the waiting disciples the water of life has been available to whoever chooses to drink it. There are many pressures, many enemies that urge and entice us to drink the filth of demonic spirits. If we are willing to drink the prevailing spirits of fornication and pornography we will fill our belly with rottenness and the result will be destruction in the Day of the Lord.

If we choose to drink the water of eternal life we will fill our belly with the Presence of God and Christ and the result will be fantastic glory in the Day of the Lord. Also we ourselves will become a fountain of life from which the saved nations of the earth can drink.

The Spirit and the Bride say, "Come, drink of eternal life. Drink of Christ. Drink of the Life of God. Drink righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. Drink health, sanity, integrity, honesty, self-control. Drink love for God and for your neighbor. Drink all that is desirable in this world and in the ages to come."

But if you choose to drink of the spirits of lust, violence, greed, sorcery, and drunkenness you will destroy your spirit, soul, and body. Your life increasingly will be a torment until you long for death so you then can enter the caverns of darkness and take into your personality the goblin creatures that dance in the fires that give no light.

You never again will hear a child laugh, cuddle a baby, hear a bird sing or someone say, I love you. All these belong to the realms of light and peace. For you is reserved the greed for money that never can be enough; burning lust that never can be satisfied; an urge to kill and destroy that cannot be exercised; the quest for the highest levels of sorcery and romanticism that are right on the horizon but never in your grasp.

You have chosen Satan over God and His Christ, and Satan is yours for eternity. The siren call was to bleached bones. The depths of spiritual wonder proved to be a cesspool in which you always are drowning.

God in His immeasurable love is offering you His Spirit without price or measure. His Spirit will make you what you ought to be so you are fit to dwell in the palaces of love, joy, and peace where all is light and fulfillment.

Satan is offering you that which seemingly has depth and wonder in it but in actuality is a stagnant pool of filth and disease—a burning itch that no amount of scratching can alleviate.

Which is it going to be for you? The choice is yours. There is nothing of real importance at stake except your life now and in the future!