The Daily Word of Righteousness

The Real You, continued

The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, (Isaiah 61:1—NIV)

What are the steps in establishing our position at the right hand of God?

First we must recognize that numerous Christians of our day, particularly in America, are emotionally distraught to the point they cannot function in their families and scarcely on their jobs. We refer to them as "dysfunctional."

As the dysfunctional believer presses forward in the program of discipleship he or she may become aware that his or her personality is in need of healing.

The Bible bookstores are filled with new titles designed to instruct people in healthy emotional living. Also there are numerous ministers who stand ready to help people back on their feet emotionally.

Our own church performs as an emotional clinic at times as we engage Christian professionals who counsel those suffering with personality problems of one kind or another.

Just about all of us American believers can be helped by marriage and family counseling.

The counselors that help us are not only learned in psychology but also anointed by the Lord. Apart from the anointing of the Holy Spirit it is not possible to lift up those who mourn in Zion until they are clothed with the garment of praise and become oaks of righteousness.

Part of becoming a disciple involves achieving emotional stability. As we look to Jesus for every decision of life we may find ourselves, in one manner or another, being brought to emotional health and strength.

We are to lay down our own life in order to find His will and do it. A very important aspect of discipleship is that of learning what Christ and His Apostles have commanded, and then going to the Mercy Seat in Heaven that we might gain the wisdom and strength necessary for keeping those commandments.

As we diligently pursue the program of salvation, presenting our body a living sacrifice to God, we are fed on the body and blood of Christ—that which occurs in the invisible spirit realm, of which the Communion service is an outward symbol. Christ's body is the only true food and Christ's blood is the only true drink, for these are our eternal life and will raise us at His appearing.

As we zealously live the Christian life, gathering with fervent disciples, doing all that is commanded with the help of the Lord, we are establishing our position at the right hand of God.

The first, dead "you" is obeying God. The real "you" is being formed in us. He is in us and at the same time at the right hand of God. As soon as Christ is formed in us He is caught up to the Throne of God in Heaven. He is in two places at once.

In the Day of Resurrection we will be raised from where we have been interred. Our real "you" will overtake, possess, and make alive our old "you."

To be continued.