The Daily Word of Righteousness

The Inner and Outer Kingdom of God, #12

Now then it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me. (Romans 7:17)

God desires that we see the distinction between the "I" and the sin that dwells in us so that we hasten to present ourselves as candidates for His redemption, His salvation: that is, for deliverance from the chains of sin.

The Divine judgment of our choices and resulting actions have to do with the integrity and faithfulness of the "I" as it exercises faith and obedience in responding to the opportunities that God gives. The "I" will be rewarded or punished according to its actions, its works. This is true of every human being—Christian and non-Christian.

Let us sum up this extremely important concept. It is the responsibility of the "I" to respond diligently to every provision and invitation that God presents. To respond in faith is something the "I" can do (as God gives the desire and grace, for even these must come from Him).

God always gives enough grace for us to be able to do what He commands. We can pray. We can study the Scriptures. We can gather with the saints. We can arrange our priorities so that Christ is receiving the best part of our time and strength, not the dregs that are left over after we have spent our energies in the world. These are things we can and must do if we expect to inherit the Kingdom of God.

God will not violate the sovereignty of the "I" by forcing it to serve God; neither will God Himself sovereignly make the choices of diligent Christian service on behalf of the "I," although the "I" may—and should—ask God for the wisdom and strength to make the right choices.

The satanic bondages in us cannot be removed by our own striving. Release from sin can be accomplished only by the Lord. The judgment symbolized by the Day of Atonement is the judgment of the nature of Satan that holds our personality in bondage. Only Christ can destroy the works of the devil. He is ready now to judge Satan and bring release to us. Our work is to follow Jesus in stern obedience so He may bring about such judgment and deliverance in our personality.

It is the purpose of God through Christ to release the human personality from the satanic forces that drive it. This release is something the "I" cannot do. God through Christ through the Holy Spirit shall bring about such release provided the "I" responds in faithful obedience to the provisions and invitations to salvation that God presents through Christ.

We are not rewarded for delivering ourselves, for making ourselves righteous. Rather it is the deliverance itself that is our reward for responding in diligent faith to God. The white robe of righteous conduct is our reward for obeying God, for making the choices that are in our power to make. God rewards us by releasing us from sin, and then subsequent rewards flow from the righteous conduct that God has created in us. If we are diligent, faith leads to more faith and righteousness leads to more righteousness until we stand perfect and complete in all the will of God.

To be continued.