The Daily Word of Righteousness

Total Destruction, #15

I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart. (Psalms 40:8—NIV)

There never will be a time from now to eternity when we are to become careless regarding stern obedience to the Father. His will is all that matters in Heaven and upon the earth.

When I first became a Christian, a half-century ago, I gained the impression from what the other Christians were saying that it was impossible to do God's will. The assumption was that nobody was doing God's will perfectly; that such a thing was unheard of. However, we would go to Heaven if we took the "four steps of salvation."

Today I realize what a lie this concept is—that no one can do God's will. It is true rather that every creature, angelic or human, is to do God's will in perfect detail and at all times.

One single disobedience on the part of Eve and Adam has brought on us six thousand years of insane howling agony, as is true today. Maybe you can see from this how important it is that God's will is performed at all times in the smallest detail.

Anything else is absolutely unthinkable!

The concept has taken hold that God's will is impossible to obey for one reason or another. Nothing could be further from the truth. God gives each of His creatures one simple thing to do, one manageable act to perform. And God always provides the grace so we can do what He has commanded.

May God soon drive from the Christian churches, and then from the entire creation, the satanic lie that no one can do God's perfect will.

Right now ask God what His will is for you, telling Him clearly and determinedly that as He provides the grace you will do exactly what He says.

Now the ball is in God's court. You will find that in almost every instance He will just tell you of His love. In the few cases where there is something you should be doing, He will give you wisdom and strength to know what steps to take. Do so! Do whatever He tells you to do! Do it now and do it with all your heart!

Do you want to be regarded as a disobedient child? Do you want to face an angry Father when you die and pass into the spirit realm?

Don't lie to yourself that you are saved by grace and so Christ will receive you warmly. Christ will receive no individual warmly who disobeys God. You can count on that.

How we have been lied to, we Christians! We don't even know the Lord, we just know our traditions.

The times of this ignorance God is willing to wink at provided that now we go to God, tell Him we have been ignorant of His plan of salvation and from this point forward we are determined to do His perfect will.

God's loving nature is such that He is willing to receive any person who comes to Him with an attitude of humility and obedience.

But the Christians who are smugly secure in their "eternal security" are unprepared for the age of moral horrors we are entering. Unless they repent and turn from their vain traditions of lawless grace and a "rapture" from trouble they are going to experience prolonged, intense fiery judgments.

To be continued.