The Daily Word of Righteousness

Why Have We Changed the New Covenant?, #5

This is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel after that time, declares the Lord. I will put my laws in their minds and write them on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people. (Hebrews 8:10—NIV)

Now, let us look at the central aspect of the new covenant, the better covenant.

We see at once that the law of God has not been done away. Not at all! If this were the case it would be best we never had been born.

Rather, the law has been lifted from the stone slabs and the parchment scrolls and inscribed in our mind and heart. This is an altogether different concept from the idea that Divine grace has abolished the laws of God. Don't you agree?

The law of God inscribed in our mind and heart is Christ in us. He is the Law of God made flesh, and we are eating His flesh and drinking His blood, the blood of the new covenant.

Let's see how God's law is inscribed in our mind and heart (in our mind so we can understand it and in our heart so we delight to do it).

Each day the Spirit of God, either through the Bible, or preaching, or some other means, points out to the believer a behavior he or she is practicing that is contrary to the moral Nature of God. This could be in the form of profanity, or lust, or meanness, or unforgiveness, or impatience, or pride, or any other behavior or characteristic that we know is not the image of God.

As soon as we become aware we are not living like Jesus in this area of our life we have a decision to make.

If we choose to justify our behavior, saying "I don't care"; "everyone is doing it"; "I am saved by grace"; "it is just a small thing"; "as long as we are in the world we have to sin"; "no one is perfect"; "I am saved by grace and will go to Heaven in any case"; or by using any of the other devices we employ to evade the work of the Spirit, then the program of salvation is thwarted. We remain unchanged morally. Adam keeps his life. Nothing is inscribed in our mind or heart. We do not partake of the body and blood of the new covenant.

But if, when we become aware of a behavior that is contrary to God's Nature, we confess to God our sin, repent of it, renounce it, denounce it as unworthy of the Kingdom of God, and ask God to forgive us and supply grace so we never again act in this manner, then a part of us dies. In its place is inscribed the moral law of God. God indeed shall forgive us and shall proceed to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Christ shall give us of His flesh to eat and His blood to drink.

This "line upon line" transformation is the way the Christian is to live in this world. We through the Spirit of God are always to be putting to death the actions of our sinful nature. We always are to be being transformed in this manner. Those who are led by the Spirit to crucify their sinful nature and to walk in newness of life in Jesus Christ are the sons of God.

This is the only true way of eternal life.

To be continued.