The Daily Word of Righteousness

Commit Your Way to the Lord

Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this: (Psalms 37:5—NIV)

To commit our way to the Lord is to give every issue to Him for His solution.

Things come up in our life that are hard to figure out. We are supposed to go somewhere or do something, and then we hit an obstacle. Now what are we to do?

We can keep on hammering away on the closed door. Sometimes we force it open and there in front of us is an empty room. Nothing we desire. God knew this was not what we wanted.

When the door you want doesn't open, look around you. There may be another door that is open just a crack. Perhaps this is God's will for you.

Brother Dowell used to say, "If you can't get God to go your way why don't you try going God's way?"

We see people who are determined to have things their own way. Sometimes you see a wife who has decided what her husband should do or what he should be like. People counsel her to leave him with God. But no, she can't let go. She nags, schemes, manipulates, does everything she can think of to conform her husband to the image she has in mind. But he remains immovable.

This goes on for years and years! You would think she would get the point—he is not going to change!

Much of life is like this. We determine what should be done and we are going to force the Lord and everyone else to do what we think best.

Maybe you are in this kind of position. You have been kicking at the door, pounding on it, beseeching God and all your friends, screaming, crying. Did it ever occur to you God might have a different idea?

Now the fat's in the fire. Do you want your way or God's way?

Friend, let me tell you something. God's way is the best. Unless you just enjoy remaining a spiritual dwarf whose destiny is eternal misery, let go and let God have His wonderful way.

You are in the rest of God when you are flowing with the Godhead, when God's thoughts, desires, words, and behaviors are your thoughts, desires, words, and behaviors. Does this sound like anything you want?

Then commit your way to the Lord. Pray the prayer of relinquishment, of committal.

Isaac means "laughter" they tell me. Do you know why Isaac was able to laugh? Because when someone wanted his well he gave it to them. He kept doing this until people quit bothering him.

Why don't you commit your way to the Lord. I'll tell you this: When two people get in an argument the more spiritual gives in. This doesn't mean you do what is wrong to please someone, it merely means you do not clutch fiercely what you desire.

When there is an issue go to God. Remain peaceful and teachable. God will bring about the best possible situation.