The Daily Word of Righteousness

The Basic Story of Life, #5

And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. (Matthew 24:14)

Second, the Gospel of the Kingdom must be preached to every nation on earth for a witness. If the Lord Jesus were to return now He would have to destroy much of the population of the world, including a substantial part of the people who are called by His name. Neither the world nor the Church is ready for the return of Christ to the earth.

From the beginning the holy prophets have told us God is going to restore everything that mankind lost in the garden of Eden, with unbelievably great glory added to it.

All worth saving will be restored completely. The creation will be perfectly restored and brought into the liberty of the glory of the children of God. Everything of value that has been given to us by the Lord, including the image of God, union with God and with one another, universal fruitfulness, dominion over the works of God's hands—all will be restored.

Mankind and the remainder of the creation were redeemed legally on the cross of Calvary. The price of redemption has been paid. The remaining problem is that of disobedience on the part of God's creatures. The Kingdom of God is the solution to the problem of disobedience. That which was lost can be restored only as God's children learn obedience to Himself.

The Presence of God is in the process of being restored to the earth. The curse will be lifted and nature will be filled with life. All rebellion and sin will be destroyed completely out of both the heavens and the earth, resulting in the regaining of Paradise.

All things of worth, of love, of beauty will be made new in Jesus.

The destroyer and adversary, Satan, shall be crushed under the feet of the saints. All of God's creation that he has destroyed will be restored through the Lord Jesus. God shall make all things new in Christ.

We now are moving along in the time and opportunities of restoration. The work is of God. We are not working for God, we are working with God as God works in us.

God knows precisely what He is doing at every moment and in all places. Every creature to the smallest sparrow remains under His constant supervision. God is in control. His authority and power compel all nations to obey Him. Of course, God is not commanding or directing the abominations being practiced by demon-driven people. Nevertheless, God never yields control of the heavens or the earth.

Christ is Lord of Heaven and earth. Christ possesses all authority, all power, in Heaven and on the earth.

Only the Holy Spirit can reveal to us the particular times and opportunities of the present hour. Now the emphasis appears to be on building the Body of Christ and also on bringing the power and Word of the Kingdom of God to every human being on the earth.

To be continued.