The Daily Word of Righteousness

The Body of the Anointed One, #4

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. (Matthew 6:33—NIV)

Put your career in the world in second place. Make your service in the Body of Christ your first priority. There is no limit imposed by chronological age. If you are an older person, go to Christ in desperation that you may make the most of your time, even if only a few days remain.

You are a middle-aged person, perhaps bowed down with a "million" responsibilities? Go to God and ask for help in making your service in the Body of first importance in your life.

A young person, a child? Go to the Lord and lay your life before Him. Tell Him your entire career will be dominated by the ministry He gives you, whether at home or in another land. This does not mean you do not work, enter a profession, or whatever. It means all you are and do must be given to the Lord so He can use you without having to wrench you away from your desires and hobbies.

Keep the Lord Jesus central in your desiring and asking for ministries and gifts.

There are tools, such as pliers, that a mechanic uses every day. There are other tools, such as inside-calipers, that are not employed nearly as often. Yet when the workman needs pliers or calipers he wants them clean, oiled, and where he can lay his hands on them.

You may be pliers that the Lord will use all the time. You may be inside-calipers that the Lord will use once in your lifetime. It doesn't matter; it is faithfulness that the Lord rewards. Keep yourself prepared in prayer, holiness, and consecration as though you were the greatest apostle on earth. Then go about your business, watching the Lord always in case He needs you.

This is what it means to be a member of the Body of Christ. Anything the tiniest bit less than this is not at all acceptable. You are serving the Greatest of all kings!

The face of Christianity is changing. The advent of evil will increase rapidly in the coming days. Three points, some anecdotes, and a conclusion addressed to a "lay congregation" will never do the job. The congregations, under the leadership of godly elders, must give themselves to seeking the ministries and gifts the Lord has for them, and then devote themselves to Divine service.

It is the Lord's will that every believer be a fisher of men. This does not mean we are to go out and fish for men. It means we are to follow Jesus. When we follow Jesus He makes us fishers of men. Each one of us is designed to catch a certain kind of fish. We do not know our own destiny. Therefore we are not to go fishing. We are to follow Jesus rather than stumble blindly through life. Then He makes us fishers of men. The distinction between going fishing, and following Jesus so He makes us a fisherman, is awesome. It is the difference between Babylon and the Body of Christ.

To be continued.