The Daily Word of Righteousness

Prepare the Way of the Lord!, #8

The tenth day of this seventh month is the Day of Atonement. Hold a sacred assembly and deny yourselves,  and present an offering made to the LORD by fire. (Leviticus 23:27—NIV)

Since the Spirit is taking us past Pentecost today, these are the three experiences we are facing.

The Blowing of Trumpets means the Lord Jesus Christ is coming to His churches today to declare war against His enemies that dwell in us (worldliness, lust, and self-will) and also to prepare us to ride behind Him when He appears from Heaven to install His Kingdom on the earth.

The Day of Atonement refers to the reconciling of our personality to God as we turn aside, in cooperation with the Spirit of God, from our worldliness, lusts, and self-will. The Day of Atonement is a time of judgment against all that is not of God. It is the removal of the tares from the wheat.

Up to this point we have been sealed by the Spirit, protected from the Lake of Fire. If we are willing to let go of the darkness in our personality, we will emerge unscathed. The Lake of Fire will no longer have any authority over us.

But if we are not willing to let go of the darkness in our personality, clinging to our worldliness, our lusts and passions, and our self-will, then we ourselves will be cast into the Lake of Fire. No spiritual darkness of any kind whatever will be permitted to enter the Kingdom of God, the new Jerusalem.

The final part of the feast of Tabernacles, which is the feast of Tabernacles proper, is telling us of the coming of the Father and the Son to settle down to rest in us. The climax will arrive when we have been filled in our inner nature with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, our flesh and bones have been raised from the dead, and our resurrected body is clothed upon with a glorious house from Heaven. This is the Omega of redemption and the first resurrection from the dead.

Such is the mark that has been set before us. Will we, as Paul, set aside all else that we may attain the first resurrection from the dead? Or is there some relationship or possession that is of greater importance to us? Paul counted everything as garbage that he might arrive at the fullness.

The Spirit of God is ready to prepare the way of the Lord in your personality. Are you ready to please God by offering yourself to Him that He might have a house in which to dwell for eternity? (from Prepare the Way of the Lord!)