The Daily Word of Righteousness

Antichrist—the Worship of Self, continued

When they fall, they will receive a little help, and many who are not sincere will join them. (Daniel 11:34—NIV)

Great numbers of people who are secular at heart will join themselves in those days to the Christian churches insincerely and hypocritically, using flattery, because of the extraordinary power they have seen operating among the Christians. The Christians, who are so anxious to gain members of their religion, will welcome them without perceiving they do not know Jesus.

Antichrist will develop a plan to use religious people as a power base in order to achieve a workable United Nations with himself as the head.

In the beginning his motives will be relatively pure and apparently selfless.

But because Antichrist will be a man in love with himself, Satan will have access to him and begin to direct him.

The majority of believers, having been affected by the powerful revival, will welcome the many opportunities the Christian churches will have to work together with the government to bring relief to the impoverished nations. Antichrist, probably a professing Christian, will subsidize the churches and invite Christian leaders into his cabinet.

But Jesus Christ will speak to a minority of the believers, warning them of the danger of what is taking place. Then the minority will appear as the enemies of the Christian churches as well as of the government. It will not be long after this that the government will institute repressive measures against the remnant of saints, using the excuse they are enemies of society in that they are not cooperating with the huge welfare plans inaugurated by Antichrist.

The majority of professing Christians, enjoying religious freedom and economic abundance, will not have the moral strength to protect their more fervent brothers and sisters.

In the end the Christian churches, for the most part, will take the side of the government. The remnant will be persecuted and hounded from the large cities of the earth, from the centers of civilization.

All this evil will take place because of the pursuit of personal liberty and happiness rather than the pursuit of the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Because of the way our country was founded, the ideals of democratic government and Christianity seem one and the same, or at least compatible. They are not the same. They are anything but compatible. One is of Antichrist. The other is of Jesus Christ.

Democracy is rule from the bottom up (supposedly). The Kingdom of God is rule from the Top down. These two forms of government are totally incompatible. This was not obvious in America two hundred years ago but it certainly is clear now as our democratic government by law protects abortion, an evangelistic homosexuality, pornography in the public school classrooms, and the vilest of moral and anti-Christian filth in various art forms.

Such evidences of the activities of Satan are obvious also in the European democracies, but I write about America because I am an American.

Democracy, the emphasis on personal freedom, while it espouses equal rights for all, human dignity, peace, always moves toward the worship of self, as we see in America. This is because the normal focal point of human beings, which is God, is changed to a focus on the welfare of man.

To be continued.