The Daily Word of Righteousness

Preparing the Army of God, #10

Then Joshua commanded the officers of the people, saying, Pass through the host, and command the people, saying, prepare you victuals; for within three days ye shall pass over this Jordan, to go in to possess the land, which the Lord your God giveth you to possess it. (Joshua 1:10,11)

God's people had started out as sheep following the shepherd, Moses. Now they were a host, an army, following the general, Joshua.

God did all the fighting when we came out of Egypt, out of the world. We first must believe what God did on the cross of Calvary. Then we have to fight in order to enter the land of promise.

The land of promise is the universe, the works of God's hands. The universe is to be ruled by God in Christ in the saints. Today the earth and its peoples are governed by Satan, but they belong to Christ and His saints by Divine promise. We must take possession of them by spiritual warfare.

Now it is time for Christ to "pass through the host." God's preachers and teachers are beginning to speak to us of the Kingdom of God.

It is a day of command, of discipline. No longer is every believer to be practicing what is right in his own sight. The army of the Lord is being addressed by the Commander in Chief, the Lord Jesus Christ. We are being prepared to drive out Satan and his angels from the creation of God.

"Prepare you victuals." Spiritual food is being given today wherever there are teachers who are waiting on the Lord. This food is not to be wasted. It will have to last us throughout the catastrophes, the days of moral horror that are at hand. Every grain that the Lord is giving is to be stored up carefully by the hearers.

Those who are wasting time in the pursuit of the things of this world, giving themselves to the desires of the flesh and fleshly mind, will perish in the near future. They will be swept away by the gargantuan spiritual forces that are to be unleashed. They did not take advantage of the hour of abundance. They allowed the precious moments of preparation to go by while they occupied themselves with houses and lands, with marrying and giving in marriage. They did not recognize the day of their visitation.

Now is the hour. Now is the day of preparation. Now is the time to lay up spiritual food. Those who are full of the Word of God will stand in the midst of the floods and enable other people to stand.

Prepare yourself carefully now. Only the Word of God will stand throughout the shaking that is coming upon the peoples of the earth.

When the leadership God has appointed becomes strong and courageous, ready to do all the Lord has declared, the Lord's people will follow. Obedience to God is contagious, and rebellion against God also is contagious. When we set our heart to be obedient to God, to give ourselves to God's purposes with all our mind and strength, we save ourselves and those who hear us.

The greatest blessing that can come on any human being is the heartfelt, earnest desire to perform the will of God. The Kingdom of God is the doing of God's will. Redemption works toward this end—that the will of God may be done in earth as it is in Heaven.

To be continued.