The Daily Word of Righteousness

Preparing the Army of God, #13

And it came to pass about the time of shutting of the gate, when it was dark, that the men went out: whither the men went I wot not: pursue after them quickly; for ye shall overtake them. (Joshua 2:5)

The greatest glory the Church of Christ has known to this time will be given "about the time of shutting of the gate, when it was dark." When darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the people, the Glory of God will arise on the saints. The scriptural types and parables reveal that the Day of the Lord will come at earth's midnight hour.

The army of God is at Jordan today. Tomorrow we shall begin to take possession of the works of God's hands. We shall be given spiritual control over the material creation (Daniel 7:22).

First there must come the earthwide testimony of the nearness of the coming of the Kingdom of God to the earth (the ministry of the "spies"—the two witnesses of Revelation, Chapter 11), and then the period of tribulation during which the wheat and the tares will come to maturity. After the tribulation the Lord Jesus will return from Heaven with His army, destroying all the works of Satan.

But she had brought them up to the roof of the house, and hid them with the stalks of flax, which she had laid in order upon the roof. (Joshua 2:6)

Rahab had heard of the works of the Lord, no doubt from the men of the caravans who stopped at her inn. What she had heard implanted faith in her heart. Many of the Israelites did not believe in the faithfulness and power of their Lord to save them. Rahab, who had never seen one miracle but believed what was told to her, became full of faith toward the God of Israel.

Rahab placed herself in danger by hiding the spies in the stalks of flax. Can you imagine what would have happened to her if the spies had been discovered? Her faith saved her—a faith that caused her to act with courage and boldness. "Likewise also was not Rahab the harlot justified by works, when she had received the messengers, and had sent them out another way" (James 2:25)?

And the men pursued after them the way to Jordan unto the fords: and as soon as they which pursued after them were gone out, they shut the gate. (Joshua 2:7)

The greatest revival of history now is upon us. When it has been concluded, the peoples of the earth will rise up revolt against all authority. They will drive God's "spies" out of the cities of the earth. As soon as that has been accomplished, the "gates" of the present age will be closed.

And before they were laid down, she came up unto them upon the roof; (Joshua 2:8)

A few years ago the churches were ready to "lie down and go to sleep" and allow Satan to inherit the earth.

Then the Spirit of God began to inform us that God has given the earth to us, that the eternal home of the saint is not Heaven but the earth, that the Kingdom of God is not going to be lifted from the earth and installed in Heaven but will return from Heaven and be installed on the earth.

Now we are not seeking to go to Heaven to live for ever. We are striving, rather, to perform God's will in the earth. Our goal is dominion over the earth. If we should die before the Lord returns, He will give us rest in Paradise until it is time to return with Him and set up the rule of God among the nations of saved peoples of the earth.

To be continued.