The Daily Word of Righteousness

Fifty-two Kingdom Concepts, #50

The nations will walk by its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their splendor into it. (Revelation 21:24—NIV)

The Nations of the Saved

Of the many scriptural doctrines being restored to the churches in our day, one of the most surprising appears to be that of the nations of saved people who are not part of the Church. Yet without an understanding of the saved nations, much of Isaiah, for example, becomes difficult of interpretation.

In fact, the very term church means "called-out." The emphasis on the Church is not on those who are saved, although the members of the Church are saved. Rather the idea is that of an elect who are called out from the ranks of mankind to be a firstfruits to God.

The concept of the firstfruits is very important in the Scriptures. Because God had slain the firstborn of the Egyptians, the firstborn of every creature in the land of Israel, whether human or animal, had to be redeemed with money or by death.

The firstborn, or firstfruits, always belongs to the Lord in a special way. Whatever opens the womb is the Lord's portion.

The Church is not merely mankind but is taken from mankind to belong to God as a representative of mankind. Once the firstfruits has been waved before the Lord the remainder of the harvest can be gathered.

We see, then, a whole new concept, as far as our thinking is concerned. The Church is not the only group of individuals who are to enter eternal life. The "sheep nations" also will enter eternal life, into the kingdom prepared for them from the beginning of the world.

The Church properly is the Kingdom, the government of God. The saved peoples of the earth will be governed and blessed by the Church.

We of the Church are God's elect, having been predestined from the beginning of the world. We are Israel, including those who are Jewish and Gentile by race.

The purpose of the Church Age has been to call out from every nation God's elect, those ordained to eternal life. Because we do not know who the elect are we have been commanded to preach the Gospel to every creature. Then God will draw to the Lord Jesus those whom God has called to be part of His firstfruits.

Remember, the Lord said, "You did not choose me. I chose you and ordained you that you should go and bring forth fruit."

The fruit that we bear is the moral image of Christ in our own personality, and then in the personality of others.

Sometimes we are told we will have precious jewels in Heaven. This is part of our mythical eternal residence in a mansion in the spirit world.

The truth is, our inheritance, since we are co-heirs with Christ, is people. In fact, the only inheritance worth having is first the Lord (always the most important inheritance of the royal priesthood), and then people. All else is nothing more than environment.

As soon as Christ gives you His love for people you will understand what I am talking about.

To be continued.