The Daily Word of Righteousness

The Seven Furnishings of the Tabernacle, #46

And let them make me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them. (Exodus 25:8)

Let us offer a final review of the seven holy furnishings of the Tabernacle of the Congregation.

1. The Altar of Burnt Offering represents the blood of the cross of Christ, called to remembrance in the sacrament of Communion. It speaks to us also of our own consecration to the Lord Jesus.

2. The Laver points out the need for separation from the filth of the world on the part of those who would be priests of God. Our baptism in water represents this aspect of the plan of redemption.

3. The Table of Showbread is the continual presentation of the living Word of God, the body and blood of Christ, the eating of which builds Christ in the believer.

4. The Lampstand is the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit who creates the testimony of Christ given through the Church. The Spirit assigns and empowers the gifts of I Corinthians, Chapter 12, and brings forth the moral fruit described in Galatians, Chapter Five. The Spirit enables the Christian to overcome the lusts of the fleshly nature.

5. The Altar of Incense is the next step after the baptism with the Holy Spirit. This represents the prayers and worship of the saints—in particular their bowing down in death to self-will and self-seeking. It is the beginning of the assault by the Church on the kingdom of darkness.

6. The Ark of the Covenant is the coming of the Lord Jesus with thousands of His saints. It speaks to us of the time when we are in the image of Christ, possessing in ourselves the discipline of the Spirit (Aaron's rod); The body and blood of Christ (memorial jar of manna); and a pure moral character (the Ten Commandments). The Ark of the Covenant is David's Tabernacle—Zion, of the Book of Psalms.

7. The Mercy Seat and He who dwells between the Cherubim of Glory represents the rest of God. Our experience of redemption is climaxed by the coming of the Persons of the Godhead to abide in us forever. We are being brought toward perfect oneness, perfect reconciliation to the Lord God of Heaven. (from The Seven Furnishings of the Tabernacle of the Congregation; from The Tabernacle of the Congregation)