The Daily Word of Righteousness

The "Singles" Group, #4

But if I drive out demons by the finger of God, then the kingdom of God has come to you. (Luke 11:20)

When we come to the Lord Jesus and give ourselves to Him, He forgives our sins. Christ forgives our sins with the intention of delivering us from our sins.

The Kingdom of God comes to us as Christ enters us and the devil is removed from us. We have entered fully into the Kingdom of God when Satan can find nothing of himself in us, and everything in us has been born of Christ and is in union with Christ.

The moment the Lord Jesus receives us to Himself in the initial act of salvation, He gives us of His Spirit. He begins to feed us with His flesh and His blood.

He knows our sinful state. Christ causes His Life to be born in us and then assists us with various gifts and ministries, those given to us and those ministered to us by others, so His wisdom and virtue can be imparted to us. He begins to create His Life in us.

Because it is difficult for us to see the Lord or to hear His voice, He has provided the New Testament writings as a guide for us. The New Testament writings are not the new covenant. The new covenant is the Lord Jesus Christ.

The New Testament writings serve as a guide that controls our behavior until the Day when the Lord has arisen in our heart to such an extent we can observe Him and hear Him. For it is Christ Himself who is our Law. Christ is the Law of God made altogether glorious and wonderful (Isaiah 42:21; Romans 10:4).

Paul discusses the relationship between Moses and Jesus, in the second chapter of the Book of Galatians, verses 16-20. Paul states we are justified (declared righteous) by faith in Jesus apart from the works of the Law.

Then Paul adds, if we continue in sin we are implying that Christ is the "minister of sin." For us to continue to sin, to build again the structure of sinful behavior that was destroyed when we received Jesus, is to make ourselves transgressors of God's righteous and holy ways.

We are dead to the Law of Moses, not so we may trespass against the eternal moral laws of God but so we may live unto God in actual righteousness of behavior.

What is God's provision for our unrighteous nature? It is to crucify us with Christ so Christ, who is the New Covenant, may express His love of righteousness in us and through us.

To interpret the new covenant as a covering of us while we continue to walk in our adamic nature is to destroy all God desires to accomplish by the giving of His Son. Under the new covenant, Adam is to be crucified, not saved.

There are numerous pitfalls along the way of coming to know Christ as our Law (Lord). The New Testament writings serve as our infallible guide and law until the Day of the Lord dawns within us and the Day Star, Christ, arises within us and guides us from the throne of our personality (II Peter 1:19).

To be continued.