The Daily Word of Righteousness

The Sons of the Kingdom, #5

But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. (Luke 22:32)

We think of Satan standing before the Lord Jesus and asking Jesus to worship him—Jesus his Creator!

We think of the Pharisees as they had in mind to kill Jesus, and not only Jesus but Lazarus whom the Lord had raised from the dead, and we see the seed of Satan—the one who desires to be exalted above the stars of God.

People who desire to be exalted above their brothers and sisters need to be converted even though for many years they may have professed to believe in Christ.

The "wolves" that attack God's sheep are fairly easily identified if one will keep these four characteristics in mind. But remember, the worshipers of their own belly deceive the naive and unsuspecting with pleasant words and speeches. Those who are not watchful and prayerful will be deceived by them.

If we would be sons of the Kingdom let us purge ourselves from the four characteristics of Satan (prior essay) and pray that the Lord will teach us to wait on Him, being always ready to confess our sins and yet refraining from judging others. Let us pray for a good understanding. Above all, let us be humble of heart, seeking the good of others, having no desire to be exalted above our brothers and sisters in the Lord. If we do these things we will not be removed from the Kingdom when the shaking comes—and it surely shall come!

Three areas of sin. There are three basic areas of sin, as portrayed in the three temptations of Christ in the desert. Every son of God must pass through these same testings.

The first temptation is the bread question—that of material life and survival. It includes covetousness and the desire to acquire the comforts and conveniences of life. The life lived in the pursuit of material riches produces spiritual death. It is difficult for the rich to inherit the Kingdom of God.

The second temptation involves the pursuit of pleasure. This is the area of worship. Satan is the incarnation of physical lust. To live in the lusts of the flesh is to worship Satan. The person who is bound by lust, drugs, alcohol, perversions of the flesh, is in chains. He cannot know the freedom of the Spirit of God. Satan is his master. He will destroy his own body and soul unless he turns to the Lord. He is wallowing in the pen with the hogs.

The third temptation is that of presumption, ambition, a willingness to act apart from the will of God. The present booklet has to do with four aspects of the third temptation. It may be true that personal ambition, which is the mother of envy, is far, far more destructive and evil than the other two areas of sin combined.

Personal ambition in spiritual matters is close to the heart of Satan and provides an entrance in the believer for the deceptions of Satan. One has only to consider the harm done to true believers by those who desired to take away their place in the Kingdom to see how truly wicked spiritual ambition is.

Throughout the Scriptures there are many instances of religious people attacking the leaders God has chosen. We hear of church splits in our day. Why are there church splits? Is it because one or both sides is walking in the flesh and not hearing from the Lord?

To be continued.