The Daily Word of Righteousness

Imputation and Transformation, continued

"Who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning on her beloved?" "Beneath the apple tree I awakened you; there your mother was in labor with you, there she was in labor and gave you birth." (Song of Solomon 8:5—NASB)

How wonderful it is to walk with the meek and lowly of the earth. The waters of Shiloah run softly.

But woe to the individual who is seeking the power of Christ. He wants the horns of the Lamb but his voice is that of the dragon. In back of all his religious talk there is a leviathan. His name is self-seeking. He will murder Christ whenever and wherever He appears, all in Jesus' name of course.

The only way to keep from being deceived, the only way to keep under the shadow of the Almighty, is to humble yourself, to become nothing, to keep running to the Lord for every detail of life.

If we are to be transformed we must keep going to God for every detail of life. We are full of inertia, full of momentum. We can't go and return as a flash of lightning as a chariot of God should because we are so bent on our own way. We are not seeking God in everything. We are not bringing everything to Him in prayer.

We are in a hurry to force our own way on the earth. We must learn to abide. We must come up out of the wilderness of problems leaning on our Beloved. Only then are we in the program of transformation.

We are to be one in Christ in God and one with all others who are one in Christ in God. We are to be part of Christ, part of God.

This is not to say we are God. It is to say that God is making us part of His Person just as Jesus Christ is part of His Person. To deny this is to deny the plain Scripture, to stagger at the promise of God.

To deny the plain Scripture in the name of rejecting blasphemy is a false humility. God will not accept that any more than He will accept presumption. To believe what God has said, no matter how majestic the promise, is righteousness in God's sight. The believer who puts His trust in God's Word will not go away empty. But those who sit in the seat of the scornful, as many do today when faced with the mighty promises of the Scriptures, will inherit a desert of salt and scorpions.

Man was created by the Lord to be the throne of God—nothing less than this, the very throne of God. The creation of man is God's answer to the arrogance of those angels who, becoming puffed up with pride, ambition, and presumption, left their first station. God is showing them He can take the clay of the earth, burn it in the fires of suffering, and make of it a holy nation of ruling priests who then will judge the angels and govern all the works of His hands.

To be continued.