The Daily Word of Righteousness

Clearing the Conscience of the Worshiper, #4

Because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death. (Romans 8:2)

Paul was distraught because of the presence of sin in his life. When he turned to Christ he found himself without condemnation, even though the sin was still present.

But something else also was present: "the law of the Spirit of life."

It is true that Paul was forgiven because of the atonement made by the Lord Jesus Christ. But something else was true, something that is an integral part of the new covenant. The law of the Spirit of life, that is, the Holy Spirit, was now dwelling in Paul.

The powerful law of sin was resident in Paul's body. But a more powerful law had now entered, a law able to overcome the law of sin.

We understand, therefore, that the new covenant was providing Paul with something more than forgiveness. He was given a power strong enough to enable Paul to resist the compulsion to sin.

The difference between the two covenants is not that one offers a more perfect forgiveness, it is that the new covenant contains the power of the law of the Spirit of life.

How does the overcoming of sin operate in practical terms?

When the Holy Spirit reveals to us a sin in our personality, we are to:

Confess clearly to the Lord what we have done.

Firmly denounce the sin as being unworthy of the Kingdom of God.

Vigorously renounce the sin, telling the Lord we do not want this sin to be a part of us ever again.

Draw near to God. When we are tempted again, we will discover that now we have the ability to resist the devil.

By following the above four steps you will put the sin to death, and you will begin to notice the difference in your life. The sin is still present in you, but its power has been broken. Be careful to walk in the light of God's will for your life; because the sin, once killed, has the ability to come back to life if you do not live as a disciple.

The dead sins that remain in us are the "kings" of our personality. These vary from believer to believer. Some are of a romantic nature. Others have a great need to be preeminent. Still others are judgmental and critical. Some are covetous of material things.

Usually there is a host of transgressions that are symptoms of the "kings." These transgressions are to be overcome each day by confessing, denouncing, and renouncing them, and then drawing near to God and resisting the devil.

But the "kings," while they have been "put to death" as we cooperate with the Spirit, must be guarded carefully all the days of our discipleship. It is our point of view that the climax of the day of redemption that is to come will occur as the "kings" are removed from our personality and thrown into the Lake of Fire.

To be continued.