The Daily Word of Righteousness

A Giant Step Forward, #8

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. (Proverbs 3:5,6)

It takes some practice and experience before we are able to look to the Lord for every decision we make, for every area of life.

We can start off by asking Jesus, at the beginning of each day, to direct us that day. It is inconceivable that any Christian would begin his or her day without looking to the Lord immediately!

Then we can double our effort by looking to Jesus both at morning and at noon.

Next we can add a prayer for direction as we prepare to retire for the night.

As we grow accustomed to the Lord we can add two more prayers for strength and guidance during the day, so now we are trusting in the Lord five times each day.

As we keep this up, keep this up, keep this up, continually adding times when we look to the Lord, the day will come when we are praying without ceasing. This we have been commanded to do by the Apostle.

Finally we will be accustomed to asking the Lord about everything we do.

Here is the point. To not do this is sin. We have never recognized that not looking to the Lord for everything is sin, but it is. It is one of the three branches of sin, and all sorts of mischief proceed from not looking to the Lord for all our decisions.

We are apt to ignore God in small areas, such as putting on our clothes in the morning, or how we do our job, or what we eat, or where we go for a vacation. But whatever is gain for us is loss for Christ.

As we look to the Lord He helps us. He carries us through all our problems. Sometimes circumstances arise that irritate or frustrate us. We are tempted to rage, fuss, fret, swear, hurt someone, manipulate or control others, until we get what we desire.

When we are confronted with an "impossible" or frustrating situation we should stop, take a deep breath, and look to Jesus. Then He will give us wisdom, strength, and peace. Most of us have many problems each day. The Lord will help us solve our problems if we will look to him for the answer instead of just worrying about the difficulties that arise.

If it is an emergency situation we are to pray on the run. All we have to do is cry "Jesus." This is what it means to not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

The Lord Jesus has issued the edict: "Man shall not live by bread alone." To think, speak, or act apart from the Lord Jesus Christ is sin.

To be continued.