The Daily Word of Righteousness

When a Christian Dies, #29

That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death; (Philippians 3:10)

Jesus did not come to support us in our endeavors. Jesus is seeking people who will permit Him to conform them to His death in order that He may live and move and have His Being in them. Jesus died that we may live. Now He is asking us to die in order that He may live.

"Unfair" you say. Then you do not understand your calling as a saint. The Lord is requesting that you die to the temporary that you may receive the eternal.

We have said to mankind has been given rulership over all the works of God's hands. The rulership of the creation is being structured carefully by the Lord God. The Head of all is the Father. Under the Father is the Lord Jesus Christ. The Father dwells in the Lord Jesus. Therefore all Jesus is and does is of and through the Father. Jesus lives in the Sabbath rest of God.

The Father never shall give His Glory to another. Whoever would possess the fullness of God's Glory must become part of God.

Under the Lord Jesus Christ are His firstfruits, His warriors. They do not rule the remainder of the Bride but serve as elder brothers until all Israel knows the Lord, from the least to the greatest member.

No member of the Body of Christ is a king or priest over another member. Only Jesus is the Priest and King over the members of the Body. We serve one another in love until all come to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.

Yet it is God in the Lord Jesus Christ in the firstfruits of the saints who assists in the building up of the other members of the Body. God never will give His Glory to another. It is God in Christ in us who does the work. This is the nature of the Kingdom of God.

Under the Wife of the Lamb are the saved peoples of the earth. It is God in Christ in the Wife of the Lamb who rules and guides the saved peoples of the earth. We can do nothing of ourselves. It is Christ in us who will govern the nations. The government will be on His shoulders. The nations of the earth are His inheritance.

Neither angels nor nature are to rule people. Human beings have been created in God's image and they are not to be ruled by lesser creatures.

Under the saved peoples of the earth is the creation of God. The saved peoples of the earth are not permitted to rule the creation according to their ideas. They themselves will be ruled and guided by the Lord's royal priesthood. They will walk in the light of the new Jerusalem.

The Kingdom that is coming to the earth is well-ordered, every detail of it having been conceived, executed, and supervised by the God of Heaven. When all creatures have been subdued under Christ, then Christ will turn over the Kingdom to His beloved Father in order that the Father may be All in all.

To be continued.