The Daily Word of Righteousness

A Basic Concept, #13

Thou hast a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white: for they are worthy. (Revelation 3:4)

The Bride of the Lamb. Of all the purposes of God, the most important, the most holy, may be acquiring a bride, a counterpart and complement, for His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

What will she be like, this Miss Universe? Where will she come from?

Are the churches of the earth the Bride of the Lamb? Not entirely!

Like must marry like, in God's economy. The present churches consist, in the main, of fleshly people seeking by fleshly means to qualify for entrance to a fleshly heaven where they will wear golden slippers, walk on golden streets, and live in palatial mansions. These are not suitable as a bride for the Lamb.

The Lord Jesus is true God and true Man. His Nature is Divine. Yet He has a human soul and body born of a human mother.

Like must marry like. Whoever marries the Lamb must also be of Divinity and human. How is this achieved in us who are dust?

Adam and Eve compose the scriptural picture of the Lamb and His Wife. Adam was fashioned from the dust of the ground. Eve was fashioned from a piece of Adam.

In like manner the Lamb came out from God, was born of God. The Wife of the Lamb is being fashioned from the body and blood of the Lamb.

Adam cannot marry God. Adam must go to the cross. As Adam dies Christ is formed. We eat the Lamb of God and drink His blood. By this means we become the Wife of the Lamb.

We learn to live by the Life of the Lamb. When the Lamb appears, we who live by eating and drinking the Lamb will be drawn up to Him in the air. Until we go to Him He remains incomplete because we are an integral part of Him.

It is impossible for us to comprehend the intensity of the love of the Lamb for His Bride. The Lamb created all people and has authority over all people. But the Bride is special and greatly loved. The Song of Solomon gives us a small notion of the place the Bride has in the heart of the Lamb of God.

It is easy to understand that no individual will be a part of the Bride of the Lamb until he has been transformed from Adam to Christ and is willing to surrender his individuality, his independence, in order to become one with the Lord.

To be continued.