The Daily Word of Righteousness

A Basic Concept, #21

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. (Revelation 12:11)

The overcomers of the accuser. Satan continually accuses the righteous before the Throne of God, as we learn from the story of Job. Satan's access to God is a continuing source of distress to the inhabitants of Heaven.

God has never given Michael and his angels enough power to cast Satan down from Heaven. The reason is, God will not execute judgment on Satan until God has demonstrated to Satan and the rebellious spirit-dignitaries that the Spirit of Christ in human beings is sufficiently righteous to enable them to live in righteousness and holiness on this sin-cursed planet.

God has been vindicated in the eyes of the angelic lords by the behavior of His Son in the earth, and will continue to be vindicated in His righteousness and judgment by the behavior of His sons as their adamic nature is crucified and Christ lives in them.

One of the main roles of the saints is to follow Jesus to the extent that the Father is justified in executing judgment on Satan. Today, as never before perhaps, the call is going forth: "Who is willing to lay hold on the blood of the Lamb, to persevere in his witness of God, and to lay down his own life, until the accuser of the brothers has been fully overcome?"

There have been saints throughout history (and there are some today) who have served God and remained faithful to him while experiencing every conceivable difficulty, pain, and self-denial. They have been tempted in every manner by the fallen lords of Heaven and sometimes have been led astray through deception. Yet, the cry of their heart has been for righteousness. "Lead me in paths of righteousness for Thy Name's sake!"

When they became aware that they were off the track they have returned. They have trusted in the blood of the Lamb to forgive their mistakes, to wash them whiter than the snow.

The Word of God has been proved in them seven times as in a furnace of earth. The Holy Spirit has brought forth the testimony of God in their minds, in their mouths, and in their actions. Every Word of God has been justified and established in them. When they were brought very low they praised God for His unchanging faithfulness. Their hope has burned brightly, knowing that righteousness will triumph at last.

When their moment of truth came they writhed on the cross. Their soul was torn out of them. But they continued to praise God, knowing that in His right hand there are pleasures forevermore.

When the lords of darkness are through playing with the conquerors, God will look at Satan. "What else would you like to try?"

Satan's mouth will shut in that hour. The Spirit of Christ in the elect has overcome every accusation of Satan.

Then the command will issue from the Father. Michael and his legions will be filled with irresistible power. The army of Heaven will rush at Satan and his angels. The armies will clash. Satan and his forces will be hurled from the heaven to the earth.

The princes of darkness never again will have access to the Throne of God—never! never! never!

To be continued.