The Daily Word of Righteousness

The Rising of the Day Star, continued

He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. (I John 3:4)

Brother, Sister, we have come to a time of profound apostasy due to an erroneous understanding of Divine grace.

We might as well throw out the four Gospels because we can safely ignore the commandments of Christ. This includes discarding the need for being born again because this requirement is found in the Gospel of John.

We should get rid of the Great Commission on two counts. First, it is found in the Gospel of Matthew (which safely can be ignored). Second, the Great Commission commands us to keep Christ's commandments. Since we do not have to keep Christ's commandments we can forget the Great Commission because we are saved by grace and not by keeping Christ's commandments. It doesn't matter anyway because we have corrupted the Great Commission.

I'm having fun writing this. I hope you are enjoying reading it.

My opinion is that we are absolutely bound by all the commandments of Christ and His Apostles and if we do not keep them we do not love the Lord and we have about as much chance of the Day Star rising in our heart as we do of jumping over the moon.

So much for the current Evangelical destruction of the Gospels and the Great Commission. Let's see if we have better luck with the Epistles.

Are there any commandments in the Epistles? Yes, several hundred.

Name one.

"Present your body a living sacrifice to God."

What if I don't do this, will I still go to Heaven? I don't know about Heaven but I think you have about as much chance of having the approval of Christ as a snowball in the Sahara Desert in the summer.

"Well I don't care about the approval of Christ just as long as I get to Heaven."

That's about the attitude today.

What a bunch of stupid fools the Apostles were. Here they gave all of these commandments knowing the believers do not have to keep them because they are saved by grace and not by works of righteousness they have done.

People, we are messed up on the grand scale. Evangelical doctrine is not only not building up the believers into the image of Christ it is steering them in the wrong direction. We have a bunch of silly spiritual babies who know nothing of the severity of God, waiting to be caught up to Heaven in an unscriptural "rapture."

Big trouble is close at hand. There will be no rapture. The Lord impressed me recently to begin to teach the Psalms because they will hold us steady throughout the age of horrors, the Gentile holocaust that is on the horizon.

We all better set our house in order because destruction is on the way.

I don't enjoy raining on the Evangelical parade (you lose fellowship that way) but I have to do it. Jesus has commanded me to feed His sheep and that includes warning them when the wolf is at the door.

To be continued.