The Daily Word of Righteousness

Be Careful How You Drink the Water!, continued

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. (I John 4:1)

He spoke of seducing spirits and cautioned that we should watch for righteousness in the behavior of those who profess to be from God.

He spoke of judgment coming on the churches, the same thing the Lord revealed to us personally in 1948. Brother Frodsham stated that deceivers will come who at first speak words of righteousness and truth. Then when people begin to trust them they will bring forth "insidious doctrines." The idea is that there will be a mixture of truth and error.

He concluded by advising us to be established in the Word of God and not in the personalities of men, to not "hold people's persons in admiration"; for it will be by this method that Satan will destroy many of God's people.

We Pentecostal-Charismatic people are far too vulnerable! We are experience oriented and not Word oriented. This is why we accepted the faith and prosperity messages when they obviously are against the Scriptures.

We seem to be willing to receive anything that speaks the name of Jesus, feels good, and draws the crowds. It reminds us of the False Prophet of Revelation. He has the two horns of the lamb (the power of Christ) but he speaks as a dragon. So it is that the spirits invading the Charismatic movement today seem to be exerting the power of Christ but they have arisen from the earth, from the human soul, and speak as a dragon.

The following are some guidelines gleaned from fifty-two years as a Christian. My prayer is that they will enable you to eat the butter and honey and reject the evil.

When testing the authenticity of any purported move of God the first thing to do is to listen to what is being preached. Is the Bible being preached or is the Bible being used as a kind of reference point to give the proceedings an air of validity?

If the saints had read the New Testament carefully to see what it said about material riches the believers would not have received the apostles of the faith-prosperity message. From Balaam to Judas to Ananias and Sapphira the Bible warns of the love of money.

Of all the gods of the Greeks and Romans the Lord Jesus mentioned only one—Mammon, the god of riches.

The Lord Jesus had the power to turn stones into bread but He did not do this. Neither should we turn stones into bread except at the express command of the Lord. The Father was not directing Jesus to turn stones into bread and so He refused Satan's advice.

Listen carefully to what is being preached. No matter what manifestations there are, or what kind of feelings you have at the time, if what is being preached is not an exposition of the Bible then get up and walk out.

We wouldn't be in the "rapture" or "Jesus did it all" problems if the believers had searched the Scriptures to see if these things are so.

Joshua was warned to meditate in the Word and not depart from it. We Evangelicals have departed from the Scriptures!

To be continued