The Daily Word of Righteousness

Be Careful How You Drink the Water!, continued

For false Christs and false prophets will arise, and will show signs and wonders, in order, if possible, to lead the elect astray. (Mark 13:22—NASB)

When any person or spirit tells you to cease judging and accept whatever spirit is present, don't do it. Always keep your wits about you. Never just empty your mind and seek to be controlled. There are numerous spirits present at every Christian assembly and they are only too happy to accommodate your desire for spiritual phenomena and experiences.

It has become fashionable to fall down when you are prayed for. Never fall down when you are prayed for if you can help it. Are you trying to please the minister, or be like everyone else, or meet the group expectations? You might hit your head on a chair or rearrange your clothing in an undesirable manner.

Watch out for the power of suggestion. It is a form of hypnosis.

If you should howl like a wolf, pretend to deliver a baby, fan people, pretend to drink chocolate, roll on the floor, bang your head on the wall, neigh like a horse, what does it profit? Are you building the Body of Christ in so doing?

Revival is at hand. I am convinced of it. But I want to see revival that produces the fruit of righteous behavior, brings insight into the Word of God, and results in worldwide evangelism.

I want to see Jesus exalted.

I know that people will react when in the Presence of God. There always will be emotional exhibitionism when the Spirit of God touches the flesh of man. No problem with this. But it is the responsibility of the elders to insure that Satan does not take advantage of emotionalism so that the people behave in an uncontrollable manner.

Whenever people say they could not help some manifestation they are deceived. We always can control any gift or manifestation. If we cannot then we need prayer so we can be brought into the peace of the Lord.

As Brother Frodsham said in his prophecy many years ago, spiritual movements will come that at first appear to be of God. Multitudes of people will jump into the water and "eat the flesh with the blood," to use another metaphor, because they are famished for the Presence of the Lord.

Remember that his experiences with prophesying did not make King Saul a better man. Why not? Because his will was not changed. He was self-willed while he prophesied and continued in his self-will after he was through prophesying.

Neither will all sorts of religious experiences change you from self-will to God's will. The required change of will is a change of the mind, the mind that chooses to follow the Lord Jesus.

Today we have pandemonium, in some instances. Charismatic people in particular are gullible. Therefore they are likely candidates for participation in the False Prophet, that supporter of Antichrist.

We want revival not a commotion. We want the Presence of Christ not fleshly manifestations. We want to see people brought to Jesus Christ, not people shaking, jerking, howling like wolves, neighing like horses. What does it profit my brothers?

I'm looking for the spring rain but I do not believe we have seen it as yet. May God grant that our generation will see the double portion promised by the Lord Jesus. I think we shall, but the key is godly elders who will guard the sheep against that which is fleshly and unprofitable, arising from the flesh and soul.

To be continued.