The Daily Word of Righteousness

Enduring to the End, continued

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? (Romans 8:35—NIV)

The secular American population, which is the majority, is beginning to grow displeased with the idea that one day the "Christian right" might interfere with their rights to practice abortion, homosexuality, and indulgence in pornography and other immoral media.

Already there are some activists who are advocating the legalization of incest and pedophilic activities. Incest and pedophilic practices are held at bay only by the lingering concepts of America's Christian past.

The growing concept that the desire to practice fornication, abortion, and sexual perversions might one day be thwarted by the "Christian right" contains the seeds of the coming hatred of Christ—seeds that one day may germinate and bear the fruit of persecution unprecedented in its violence.

As we understand it, a civil upheaval may take place if the Republican Party attempts to curtail some of the aspects of the vast welfare system in order to balance the national budget.

Whenever any individual, child or adult, has been given whatever he or she desires, and then is thwarted in some manner, that individual becomes a violent tyrant. This is human nature.

The money spent in the welfare system of the United States is often utilized to assist the truly needy—those who apart from the welfare allotment would be without food and shelter. The purpose of the welfare system is to make sure no person starves or freezes to death in our rich country. This is a worthy effort and characteristic of the humanitarian nature of our citizens.

But of the money spent by the several departments of the welfare system, millions—perhaps billions—of dollars go to support those who will not work, who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, who make little or no contribution to the social system.

Americans generally are indulgent toward such excesses. But now, with the national debt amounting to billions of dollars, the leaders of government are looking for ways to bring the budget into balance.

The politicians are aware the majority of productive citizens do not want their taxes increased, which is the only manner in which the budget can be balanced without closing off some of the expenditures of the welfare system. Therefore the Republican members of the House of Representatives and Senate may be able to pass legislation that will curtail the massive outlay for social assistance.

If this should take place, and the millions of nonproductive Americans are denied their money for drugs, alcohol, and food unless they work, they will take to the streets. In every major city there will be civil war. Fires, bombings, shootings, beatings, rape, robbery on a scale never seen before in this country will take place.

A choice then will have to be made. Should the government call in the national guard and the army to put down the insurrection? Should money be spent to build prisons to contain the hundreds of thousands of criminals who are attempting to tear down the cities?

Or should the government relent, continue the welfare allotments, and raise taxes in an attempt to balance the budget?

Whether the government decides to rule by force, or the people choose to install a liberal leadership that will provide "bread and circus" for the masses, the American way of life, as we have known it, will come to an end.

To be continued.