The Daily Word of Righteousness

The Work of Restoration, #26

And had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel: (Revelation 21:12)

We do not say there is not an actual wall around the new Jerusalem. It is not always easy in the Book of Revelation to distinguish between what is factual and what is symbolic. There is no doubt, however, that the wall (whether it is an actual wall or not) has the symbolic meaning we are describing.

When a person is walking in known, willful sin, then we can say with the confidence of Scripture that Christ is not walking in that person. Christ is not a doer of sin. The person in whom Christ has been formed will not walk in sin because Christ will not walk in sin. This is why the saint "cannot" sin. To the extent we are walking in sin we have neither seen nor known the Lord Jesus Christ.

The wall against sin is not Heaven. The wall against sin is Christ formed in the personalities of the saints, the members of the Body of Christ.

The garden of Eden was an unwalled, undefended place of the Glory of God among human beings. Immediately a rebellious cherub of the highest rank entered this paradise, as the Lord God of Heaven knew he would. The inevitable result of a wicked spirit entering an undefended glory is sin, rebellion, death.

How many of us have known of an individual, or a church, or a religious movement, that was filled with the Glory of God, and then Satan managed to deceive that person, or church, or movement? Soon sin and rebellion became manifest and spiritual death resulted.

Sin enters wherever there is an unwalled glory.

What if Adam and Eve had been filled with the Nature of the Lord Jesus Christ? If Adam and Eve had been dwelling in Christ, and Christ in them, would Satan have come up against a wall when he invited them to disobey God?

Let us think again about the individual, or church, or religious movement that Satan was able to deceive. Are we saying many of the churches of Christ are unwalled Edens in that Christ is not dwelling in them? Is this why we are so helpless before the enemy?

It is time now to rebuild the wall and gates of Jerusalem.

The Jews of Nehemiah's day were in trouble. They were suffering because the wall and gates of Jerusalem had been torn down and burned by the enemy.

Today the Body of Christ is "unwalled." It is true that from the time of the Reformers much progress has been made in the restoration of the Church. Such experiences and doctrines as being born again, the personal knowledge of Christ and fellowship with the Father, the concept of the priesthood of the believer and the ministry of each member of the Body of Christ, and holiness of behavior, are emphasized in many fellowships. The doctrine of the second coming of the Lord to the earth is a basic teaching of fundamentalists. The manifestation of the Holy Spirit through the believers, particularly tongues, prophecy, Divine healing, and singing in the Spirit has been added in some instances.

But to this day there has been no wall around the glory. If the Lord does not construct a defense around the glory of the restored Body of Christ, the inevitable will take place. The enemy, Satan, will manage to find many ways of harassing, afflicting, and deceiving the Lord's people until they either become lawless or else cry out to God for help.

To be continued.