The Daily Word of Righteousness

Ready Access to Sin

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. (Matthew 24:12)

The Internet committee met last night. We discussed the problem of seeming to encourage people to go on the Internet. We are not going to encourage Christian people to use the Internet even though we ourselves are using the Internet to convey ideas. We are not going to encourage families to bring something into their home, whether on computer or television, that could cause someone to become addicted to pornography.

We have set up an E-mail system so you can get our essays as part of your E-mail without having to search the Internet.

We are entering an era in America, the era of the personal computer. The technological advances are breathtaking. The improved screen resolution, the advent of the large screen, improved sound, acceleration of computer speed, the compression of data, are just the beginning. Virtual reality is on the way. We soon shall have a nation of zombies—animated corpses.

But we are not going to take your time to play the "ain't it awful" game if we can help it. We are here to change things.

One of our engineers (a senior programmer) said last night there is no practical way to screen pornography from the Internet. So what we are reading in the newspaper is a spin like all the other lies that blanket America.

The possibility for access to pornography due to the technological advances goes far beyond anything that could have been imagined ten years ago.

A recent novel describes a Christian girl being seduced into immorality because of a virtual reality experience in her high school health- education class.

If you could see the horrible demonic creatures behind pornography you would never even glance at it.

Take my word for it. Or, wait until you see your new spiritual companions for yourself when it is too late to do anything about it.

The spirit realm is more real than the physical. For one thing it is eternal. For another it is not mostly space, like the world of molecules, but is totally dense. It is real!

One addict who is dead now told how, after getting "saved" several times and attempting to kick drugs, he felt himself descending into some kind of box. As he sat there he asked the Lord how long he would be confined in the box. The Lord said, "Forever."

With this the man let out a scream so loud the neighbors called the police. He went and flushed his drugs down the toilet and got back to the Lord.

For a few months after this he went around saying, "He said, ‘forever!' "

Then he died.

Listen, there are demonic creatures that get their kicks from rock and roll, drugs, and pornography. They have the fun and you pick up the tab.

Pornography is highly addictive. Glance at it on the Internet and you get hooked. Then you become a victim of your own demon-inspired glands. There you sit, stupidly wasting your time, destroying your nervous system, perhaps building up to commit a crime.

If you think these spiritual creatures are not real, wait until you seem them. I heard (on the television) a man speak who draws pictures of the gods used by Buddhists in Nepal, I think it was. He said, "I wait until I can see them and then I paint them.

Did you ever see the squat, grinning idols along the river banks in India? Is this the company you want for eternity?

Go ahead, laugh. You'll experience the reality of it soon enough and this time it won't be virtual reality.

I have a glorious future ahead of me. I plan to spend part of my time in a recently vacated temple, looking out over the roof of the world, breathing the clear Himalayan air, teaching my students how to become the dwelling place of God, how to enter His rest.

But where will you be?

For God's sake you have better things to do than to sit like a fool in a virtual reality suit, amazed by the chemicals in your body, ruining your personality, a silly grin on your face, your character disintegrating, destroying yourself and doing nothing to help the needy around you, living as a totally selfish, mindless, slobbering slave of the demons of lust.

You are giving your money and soul to the porn merchants. They are getting rich and you are losing your soul. They are going to the bank and you will be going to the hospital, prison, or destruction. Such a deal!

It isn't religion that is the opiate of the people, it's the personal computer and the television if we can't learn how to handle them!