The Daily Word of Righteousness

Two Kinds of Works, continued

You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God,

and they will reign on the earth." (Revelation 5:10—NIV)

As for "bifurcating" (why do critics use words nobody understands?) the believers into two groups (our critic said I am teaching heaven will be bifurcated between believers who rule and those who do not rule.) I question the usage here of "bifurcated between." I am not sure one "bifurcates between," I think it should be bifurcated into two groups or branches—correct me if I am wrong. Of course I teach there are those who rule and those who are ruled. How could we "rule and reign" (a common redundancy) with Christ if there is nobody to rule? Do we rule over the lost?

And why bring Heaven into the picture? Of course we do not govern one another in Heaven. It is on the earth that the royal priesthood will govern the nations of the saved. I don't believe the critic has read very much of my writings.

Having done with bifurcating, let us proceed to the issue.

As I said, I went to the Lord with this issue. The modern definition of salvation by grace has been elusive to me. Not only can I not find any such thing in the New Testament, the very concept eludes me. I prayed and asked the Lord to help me see clearly what the Evangelical theorists mean by a "state of grace."

All I can come up with is "Christian Gnosticism."

Gnosticism is a philosophy dating from the first century or earlier, maybe much earlier. I am not an expert on Gnosticism. I have learned that Gnosticism presents salvation as being a formula (our critic's term) that one adopts mentally. The holding of this formula makes it possible for the believer to enter the spirit Paradise, to dwell there forever, presumably.

Now if that isn't what is taught today I will eat the genuine leather cover on my Bible.

To be saved nowadays is to make the right statement concerning Jesus Christ. That's it! No change in behavior is required. Accepting the formula guarantees entrance into Heaven at death. This is about as far from Christianity as one could get. This notion has destroyed the Church of Jesus Christ.

It is as though the righteousness of Christ is transferred to us, upon our statement of belief, and from then on God views us as acceptable to Him. Apparently this "imputed righteousness" lasts forever. No change in personality will ever be required. In fact, any attempt to live righteously is viewed with suspicion as though it is an attempt to improve on the perfect righteousness of Christ.

Can you believe this nonsense is preached as though it is found somewhere in the New Testament?

As I was praying and asking for a clear understanding of this deception and the way its adherents see it, the thought came to me that it is totally man-centered. It makes no provision to meet God's needs. Maybe this is why the "state of grace" position is so popular in self-centered America.

God has needs. Did you ever think about that? God needs living stones for His Temple, brothers for Jesus Christ, a Wife for the Lamb, members for the Body of Christ, judges of men and angels, and so forth. Did you know that?

To be continued.