The Daily Word of Righteousness

The Tail of the Dragon, #26

And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. (Revelation 12:17)

The Lord's saints, those who keep God's commandments and have the testimony of Christ, will flee to the wilderness. There they will become one with the devout Jews who have fled from the presence of Antichrist in Jerusalem. Judah (the elect Jews) and Ephraim (the elect Gentiles) will become one in the wilderness, in fulfillment of the type of Jacob and his family being reconciled to Joseph during the days of famine. There in the wilderness the true remnant of God, the elect Jews and Gentiles, will await the appearing of Christ, as we understand the Scriptures.

Meanwhile the forms of Judaism will continue in Jerusalem and the forms of Christianity will continue in the lukewarm Laodicean churches. Both of these groups are ignorant of God today and both will be ignorant of God in the days of Antichrist. The process of separating the remnant of God from the religious hierarchies, both of Judaism and of Christianity, has commenced already.

Note once more that Antichrist will become so powerful he will be able to cast down the spiritual power of the saints. The current silly practices of Christianity will be no match for such satanic authority and power. Let us beware, and seek the Lord in earnest today. If we do not, we will find we cannot do so tomorrow because of the spiritual power of the adversary, a power and authority given to him by our God.

... and it cast down the truth to the ground; and it practised, and prospered. (Daniel 8:12)

The warfare between Antichrist and the saints has to do with truth. Satan himself has no power or authority over a saint who is walking in the truth of Jesus. But Satan is so skilled in deception he causes the saints to believe lies.

This deception is taking place in our own day. We see the Charismatic people believing in the manipulation of the material environment by speaking the so-called "word of faith," by "imaging" their desires—focusing on them mentally, by positive thinking, by visualizing people in their imagination and conversing with them, and by other soulish devices well known to occult practitioners.

The "prosperity message," for example, is obviously unscriptural. Yet numerous Christian believers accept such an abomination as the truth of Christ. This is how skillful Antichrist is and how ignorant, undiscerning, and ineffectual the Lord's people are. The deception is taking place now. The stars of (the) heaven are being cast down to the ground now.

Only God can give us the truth. God gives His truth to those whom He deems worthy. God considers those worthy who read the Words of His Son, Jesus and who then, with the help of the Spirit of God, practice the behavior Jesus taught.

Paul's doctrine of grace has been so perverted that the Christian people are not practicing the behavior Jesus taught. Therefore they are falling into error. Whoever does not take up his personal cross and follow Jesus makes himself vulnerable to the lies of Antichrist.

To be continued.