The Daily Word of Righteousness

The Tail of the Dragon, #35

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. (Luke 21:36)

Let us close with this final reminder.

If you will watch in prayer continually, keeping yourself from the cares of this life, laying up your treasures in Heaven, you will gain the strength to live in victory above the darkness that even now is coming upon us.

If you will be faithful to Christ, abiding in Him at all times, guarding yourself from sin by the power of His Spirit, obeying Him in everything:

You shall be counted worthy to escape being harmed by all these things that will come to pass.

Antichrist will not be able to tear you down from your position in Christ at the right hand of God. Though you may stumble from time to time, God's eye will always be upon you and His hand will save you from destruction and keep you in His Presence. His blood will keep you holy in His sight.

You will be kept all your days under the wings of the Almighty.

You finally shall stand in triumph before the Son of Man.

In time past we have been harassed by the demons as they have used the lusts of our flesh to entice us to sin. But now the wicked lords of darkness are being forced down into the earth and the power of Antichrist is reaching into the heavens. The fallen lords, who at one time occupied positions of authority in the spirit realm, are looking for human beings through whom they may express themselves.

It was true previously that if we took reasonable precautions we were able to prophesy by the Holy Spirit or follow other supernatural guidance without falling into error. Our former precautions are no longer adequate. We now must diligently test every spirit that comes to us. We must watch carefully to see if what we are being told in the spirit realm is actually taking place and if it is in accord with the Scriptures.

If at all possible we must join ourselves to a group of fervent disciples who are able to detect when we are being led astray.

Prominent ministers of our day, people who in time past could be depended on to know the voice of the Lord, are making statements in the name of the Lord that are questionable. It appears they are not being careful enough. They say the Lord told me this and the Lord told me that. But it is clear to the watchful saint that they are being deceived.

One experienced minister of modern times claimed to have been visited by the archangel Michael. No doubt he was totally sincere in describing what he experienced. But what "Michael" told him was not entirely in line with God's written Word.

We must watch and pray! watch and pray! watch and pray! After having taken every precaution we still must constantly test every voice that claims to be of the Lord.

The Lord Jesus will guide us through these treacherous days if we adhere to His Word carefully, deny ourselves, take up our cross, pray without ceasing, and obey God in all He commands us.

It is true that the righteous are saved with difficulty. But we can and we will come forth as more than conquerors if we endure steadfastly to the end. (from The Tail of the Dragon)