The Daily Word of Righteousness

I Never Knew You, continued

Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle and set apart for the gospel of God— (Romans 1:1—NIV)

You would be terribly pressured to use your gift for the benefit of mankind just as William Branham was pressured by those who traveled with him.

You probably would give in to the social pressure and try to use your gift apart from the Lord in some socially sensible and defensible manner.

God has lost more than one servant because their gift led them astray. God does not like to lose servants!

Jesus refused, as hungry as He was, to turn the stones into bread. He could have! But apparently the Father said "no."

If you and I are going to escape being drawn into the Antichrist-False Prophet duet we will have to resolve with steel hardness to never, never, never exercise any gift we have been given apart from the direction of the Lord. We must be prepared to resist all pressure no matter who the pressure is coming from, though it be the highest government official or all the Christian leaders in the land.

We are not among those who are trying to save the world. Rather we are trying to please God, to worship Him, to always do His will without complaining, to be the slave of Jesus Christ.

Truly the world has awful needs, physically and spiritually. It is not our responsibility to meet those needs. Our responsibility is to worship and serve God.

If we do we will find that by following God strictly and sternly we have become a greater help to mankind than would have been possible had we attempted to meet the needs of humanity in our own strength and wisdom.

What I am saying here may sound correct and easy to practice but the pressures of Satan and human flesh make such rest in God very difficult to find and keep.

Yes, God wants to entrust awesome gifts to us in these days, and we should be praying for rain in the time of latter rain. But most importantly God is seeking servants who will not move according to human reasoning but will be led by the Spirit of God in all they do.

Now we come to the greatest of the problems facing American Christians. Satan is telling us we shall not surely die if we disobey Christ, if we walk in the flesh, and we are believing this lie. Of all the things I teach the one that meets the most resistance is the scriptural truth that salvation is not a ticket but a process, and that process can be aborted by our unwillingness to keep the commandments of Christ and His Apostles.

Satan has been so successful in blinding the believers and their leaders to what the New Testament states clearly that they absolutely reject the fact that an individual can make a profession of Christ and then fall away from God. They are incorrect in this, as the future will reveal. This is the work of the deceiver.

Satan has been condemned to the Lake of Fire. But Satan knows it is given to the saints to be the judges of men and angels. Therefore Satan is attempting to convince God's judges that no matter what people (or angels) do they should never be severely punished.

To be continued.